Daft Punk Unchained (2015) Script

We're always trying new things.

We are so used to having crappy products.

Daft Punk thought about their music before they made it.

That makes a real difference. And weirdly enough, creating those robot personas let them stay human, grounded and completely free.

They bought their freedom by sending the robots to do their dirty work.

They were proud to release an EP on the same label as Stereolab.

That's how it all started.

Guy-Manuel and Thomas were 17 or 18 back then.

They thought everything had been set in motion.

But a critic from Melody Maker called them "daft punky thrash".

That made them stop and wonder.

It changed the optimistic view they had on their music.

It took them six or seven months to send me two other tracks.

I think they just did not want to go that way.

They would say "you'll have the new tracks next week", but what they really meant was "we don't care.

We have other things to think about."

We were 18 when we went to our first rave on the roof of Beaubourg.

We discovered a new kind of music and energy with people dancing to music they had never heard before.

Something new was happening on that scene and it was still alternative and underground at the time.

Not the kind of music you heard on the radio.

We thought there was something to be done with electronic music.

Thomas, Guy-Manuel and I met there and the closer we got, the more we could feel the vibrations.

There's a track from Chicago with a dark voice