Damascus Cover (2017) Script

For most of the past year...

I have been German businessman Hans Hoffman.

My real name is Ari Ben-Sion.

Lying to everyone is difficult... but my life depends on keeping the two worlds separate.

If I could, I would be Hans Hoffman all the time.

Hans Hoffman.

We found him. He's at the Avalon Hotel.

We're a go.


One of our agents has been passing... top secret information to the Syrians.

My partner and I have been assigned to bring him back... to Israel for interrogation.

You are compromised?


Don't worry, I will get you to Syria.

If my people find me, I am dead.

Trust me, my friend.

Did you find who I am looking for?

All I know is his code name.

We call him The Angel.

I need to know...

Hello? Hello?

When missions go bad, there's only one rule.

Protect your partner.

What a fucking mess!

I'll explain everything to Miki.

Negotiations between Israel and Syria... collapsed today over the exchange of prisoners.

Unconfirmed sources blame leaks on both sides.

The East German Government confirmed this afternoon... that all travel restrictions have been lifted.

Large crowds have gathered along the wall... separating East and West Berlin to celebrate.

The Israeli Colonel Benjamin Ehud was found dead... of a heart attack in his Berlin hotel room yesterday.

His body was flown to Israel for a full military funeral.

Ari Ben-Sion, here to see Miki.

Are you armed? Yeah.

I'm sorry, Miki. It all went wrong in Berlin.

We could not bring Ehud back alive.

Yeah, I read your report.

I still feel nauseous about all the lies I told at his funeral.

Of course... the truth... would have hurt more.

Then why did he do it?


I doubt we shall ever know.

So, Miki... why am I here?

Our people in Berlin will help with any clean up... you cannot do from here.

I want you in for a full assessment.

I am good, Miki.

I have no doubt.

Sleeping well?

Like a baby.

How many alcoholic drinks would you say... you consume on an average day?

I moved to Israel from Germany... when I was a child... I did not adjust well.

I was sent to more psychiatrists... than I could count.

I learned how to tell them what they wanted to hear.

So, you and your wife have separated?

We just couldn't recover after our son died.


Ari... it's very easy to get lost in your cover... and neglect the problems in your real life.

It's been less than a year since the accident.

Do you think your son's death affected your last mission?

What do you want me to say?

He would have killed my partner, let's stop wasting time.

You are here to tell Miki if I am okay to be reassigned.

And are you?

Have some tea.

Earlier today, we captured an Israeli spy.

If we act quickly... we may be able to trade him for your sons.


I promise you, I will get our children home.



Good afternoon, General.

I just heard the good news.

Congratulations on arresting the Israeli spy.

Excellent work.

I was told it was urgent.

It is.

Have you begun discussions with the Israelis... regarding a prisoner exchange?

That would be premature.

I doubt our President... would see it that way.

I appreciate the insight.

Timing is everything in these matters.

I could not agree more.

Take very good care of our Israeli guest.

And keep me fully informed.

I will do that.

What are you doing? Hello?

Shabbos! No pictures here. No pictures! Shabbos!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry... agh!

Hey! I told her to stop!

Stop! Stop! She does not understand!

I told her no photos!

Gentlemen, listen to me. It is alright. Good shabbos.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

I am fine.

You are bleeding, let me help you.

These are good.

I got it, thanks.

Come with me.

Let's see what we can do.

How is your equipment?

It is fine, I think.

You are a journalist?

USA Today.

And I guess you are not Jewish.

Well, my mother was.

It's Shabbat.

You're a girl, breaking all their rules.

Even being around you is making them less holy.

You must have kids.

All done.

You will be safe getting to your destination?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

Well, it has been an experience to meet you.

Wait! Wait.

You caught me at a bad moment. That was nice.

Don't mention it.

You are interested.

I really should go.

Where are you from? Germany.

It is amazing what is happening there right now.

Yes, yes...

I am Kim Johnson. Hans Hoffman.

You're lying.

You are interested.

I am only here for a couple more days and then...

I am off to Syria on assignment, but... call me.


Who is The Angel?

Who is stealing my country's secrets?


You can trust me, my friend.

I told you, I do not know.

It doesn't matter how high up your friend is.

It is just you and me.

All I need is just a name and you are free to go.

I really don't know.

Tell General Fuad unfortunately our Israeli guest... was unable to recover from his wounds.

One of our agents has been killed in Damascus... we have to assume everyone has been compromised... we're pulling everyone out.

Because of the traitor? Yes.

Morning, Ari. Morning.

Doctor Hazem Hamra.

A Jewish scientist who was our eyes and ears... inside Syrian's chemical weapons program.

We don't know if he was burned by Ehud... but we're not gonna wait to find out.

We want him and his family out as soon as possible.

Now, they live in the Jewish Quarter... which the Mukhabarat monitor around the clock... and it is too risky to approach him directly.

So we are going... through her.

Rachel Khatib.

Housekeeper to this man, Franz Ludin.


He was a minor player during the war... but we've been watching him.

This is Herr Ludin today with his good friend...

Main Al-Husseini, Syria's Minister for Trade.

He wants to market Syrian carpets in Europe.

So we will tip the minister... that Hans Hoffman is keen to meet Germans of the Old Order.

The minister will introduce you to Ludin, gain his trust... get to his house, get to Rachel.

And she should have no problem in reaching Dr. Hamra.

That's a lot of links.

Shaul will organize your escape route to the coast... meet you in Damascus on Sunday, there will be plenty of time... to get to the girl.

I will have a back-up plan, if we need it.


Prep starts immediately.

Let's review.

We meet there, 6:00pm.

Right. What if Shaul does not show?

Then Plan B.

Which is?

Cafe Teyrouzi, 24 hours later.

Good... and where is the Jewish Quarter?

Over there. Let's go!

Remain dark. No communication... no calls, no messages.

Last time. Password?

Caleb home.

And The Angel's response?

Knock on the door.


I am the only one who knows The Angel's identity... and I am certain he is clean.

Go to him, but only if your life is in danger.

I'm not losing another agent.



Have you ever been to occupied Palestine?


He has been fully checked out... by our people in Germany.

You say his father was SS?

Yes, he served at Dachau.

Among other things, he funds right-wing parties in Germany.

Trust me... he is a friend.

And he wants what?

To buy carpets and sell them in Europe.

And what do you want from me?

Help him to feel at home.

The more comfortable he is, the more he spends.

The more he spends, the more thanks I owe you.

He is here, Herr Hoffman!


Welcome to Damascus.

I am Main Al-Husseini, the Minister of Trade.

My pleasure to meet you.

I hope you don't mind, I invited a friend...

Herr Hans Hoffman... meet Herr Franz Ludin.

Guten Abend. Guten Abend, Herr Ludin.

Hans, bitte.


Ambassador Al-Diri tells me many great things about you.

Don't believe a word!

You are interested in carpets?

Syria has the finest in the world.

That is why I am here.

A drink?

I will have whatever you are having.

So, another arak, please.

First time in Damascus?

Yeah, I'm looking forward to exploring the city.

It's not Germany, but it has some redeeming qualities.

Herr Ludin has lived here many, many years.

He knows the city well.

The oldest inhabited city in the world.

The past looks a lot more appealing... when you get to my age.

You should show him around, Franz.

I'd be happy to.

I wouldn't want to impose.

Friday is a Muslim holiday, hopeless for business.

If you are free? Good.

To exploring the city!

And to new friends. Prost!


It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you, it was a pleasure for me.

Thank you. See you again soon.

See you tomorrow, sir.

Thank you.


Are you following me?

What are you doing here?

I am here on an assignment like I said... or have you forgotten me completely?

I am sorry, I didn't call.

This is crazy! What are you doing here?

Unexpected business opportunity.

Is this your hotel?

You, too? Yeah.

Come on, Kim. Ah, got to go.

Good seeing you. And you.

Muslims, Christians, Jews... it's not going to end well.

So much older than Europe.

Do you miss Germany?

Of course.

But the Germany I knew doesn't exist any more.

They were the greatest country in the world.

United, we would be again.

You remind me... I used to talk like that.

This place is such a maze. Yes.

And sometimes you end up... where you do not want to be.

The Jewish Quarter.

Yes, they can come and go, but never a whole family.


President Assad wants to keep them.

They are a bargaining chip.

Bam! Bam!


Thank you. Are you hurt?

No, no... Allow me to defend you.

Bam! Agh!



It's Hans.

I'm sorry to call you so late. You left your wallet in my car.

Oh, thank goodness. I have been searching everywhere for it.

I can drop it by in the morning.

No need.

Some friends are coming over for drinks tomorrow night.

A few local Germans.

If you are not busy...

What time?

8:00 o'clock.

Sounds good.

You can bring the wallet then.

Good night.

Good night.

Where are you from?

You really do not let up, do you?

Have a drink with me.

Really, no, thank you.

Good evening, sir. Good evening.

Hello. Hello.

Save me! I told him I am waiting for my husband.

What's it worth?

I'll let you buy me dinner.


We have been on the road for two months...

Egypt, Jordan, Israel and now here.

We're just trying to give our readers a little insight.

To be honest, I am just starting to understand... how complicated it is here.

And what about you?

What brings you to Syria?

Cheap carpets.

And here I thought you were just following me!

Would that have been a better answer?

And... apart from work?

What would you like to know?

The thing that you least want to tell me... your deepest, darkest secret.

And if I have nothing to hide?

Well, that would be very disappointing!

All I can tell you is, it involves... a lot of vodka and a strip club!

Oh, booze is in my blood!

Thank you. Cheers! Cheers!

Hans, where are you from?


We were just talking about Berlin.

I have got a couple of friends posted there.

I don't think they have been sober since the wall fell.

Lucky for them!

I can imagine it is crazy there right now.

Makes you wish we were there.

Help me!

Free Syria!


Oh, that's tough, man.

Are you okay?

What the hell was that?

They don't even hide what they do.

Because they want you to know.

Know what?

That they're watching and listening... everybody, all the time.

Sounds like East Germany.

Well, not any more.

Well, things could change here, too.

That's what they said about Berlin... and now the wall is down, so...

If that wall fell, anything is possible.

I'll drink to that.

I... got to get up really early, I have an assignment.

You know where to find me.

It is made with my finest silk.

I'll take 50.

My pleasure.

For you... the traditional Syrian dress.

Hope you like.

It's beautiful.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Guten Abend. Welcome.

Thank you.

Ah... your wallet.

Oh, thanks.

Gentlemen, meet Herr Hans Hoffman.

May I present... Herr Heinrich Wolff.

I prefer Steffen Schmidt.

Ignore him.

A Mossad letter bomb blew off two of his fingers... and it makes him feel more important than he is.

And this gentleman is Colonel Ludwig Streicher... advisor to the Syrian Army.

That was a number of years ago, Franz.

Can I get you something to drink, Berlinerwasser perhaps?

Whisky, if you have it.

Can you get Herr Hoffman a whisky?

Hans, is it true your father served in the camps?

Yeah... Dachau.

What was his position?

He was quite undistinguished.

Easy, gentlemen.

Let's not forget, Herr Hoffman is our guest.

I'm sure he understands our need to be careful.

Heinrich, we have nothing to be scared of.

Thank you.

The Israelis are not interested in us any more.

They have new enemies.

Enemies, that's all they've got.

Where are you staying in Damascus?


Good choice.

So... Hans... with our host's permission.

What can you tell us about your father?

Unfortunately, very little.

He died when I was four.

The world likes to forget the nine million Germans... murdered during the war.

No, it was after the war... car crash.

Oh, I am sorry.

Are you expecting someone?


Excuse me.

I wonder who that is?

Come in, come in.

I believe you know everyone... except our new friend, Herr Hans Hoffman.

Suleiman Sarraj is head of the Mukhabarat... the Syrian intelligence agency.

Pleasure to meet you. The pleasure is all mine.

Please, have a seat. Thank you.

Herr Hoffman is visiting from Berlin... we met through the Trade Minister.

Yes, I know. Of course, you do.

Don't be concerned, Hans.

Lucky for us, Sarraj is a good friend.

You are here purchasing carpets?

Correct. Is it going well?

It is. Good.

Would you like something to drink?

No, thank you. I can stay only for a moment.

I was nearby and I realized it's been too long... since I checked in with you and your friends.

I read in the papers that you arrested an Israeli spy.


I was merely doing my job.

What will happen to him?

Well, unfortunately, the Israeli did not survive his capture.

Did you find out why he was here?

Thank you for your kind hospitality. Excuse me.

You are welcome here any time.

It was very nice to meet you, Hans.

And you.

I hope you find everything you are looking for.

Thank you.

If you need anything, please...

Perhaps we meet again.

I hope so.

Gentlemen... good evening.

Excuse me... too much to drink.

First door before the kitchen.

Thank you.

Suleiman Sarraj has become... one of the most powerful men in Syria.

It was nice of him to stop by.

With all due respect, Franz, we all know the man.

Sarraj did not come here to be nice.

Rachel Khatib?

Shhh! Shhh!

Remind me, how did you meet him?

Calm down, gentlemen.

The Trade Minister assured me he was fully checked out.

You have a brother... his name is Yair.

He lives with his wife and children... in Haroe Street in Haifa.


I've come to get you out of here.

All the Minister cares about... is how much money Hoffman will put in his pocket.

Now, listen, I...

What's going on here?

I think it's time you left.

I'm sorry.

Is it true?

Stop it!

You brought a gun?!

Sit down and be quiet.

How did you find me?

I overheard you at dinner. Is it true?

You could have been followed. I was careful.

You were stupid... and the gun?

Herr Ludin's.

Are you really here to take me to Israel?


I am sorry. I am fine.

I need you to make contact with Dr. Hamra.

Tell him to gather his family.


The police?

Get on the bed.

Hm, nice room.

I'm sorry, I thought you were alone.


Who is that? No one.

You want something?

I want my gun back.

Leave the Jewish Quarter, one at a time.

Tell everyone to meet at the Mariamite Cathedral...

Monday night, 10:00 o'clock.

Ask for Father Vergisa.

If you see me before then... that will be my signal that the escape is off.

Put his gun back before anyone notices.


Is this Sabeen?


I have some information...

I think you'd be very interested in.

Hang on.

Who is this?

It is about Hans Hoffman.

What do you want? $10,000.

Bring the money tomorrow evening, Sunday at 8:00.

Meet me in front of Salim's Food Market.

But... hello?


It's Sabeen, sorry to bother you.

What is the problem?

I just got a call from a man selling information... on an Israeli we are tracking.


Hans Hoffman.

How much does he want?


Go see what he has got.

And ask him about The Angel.

I will.

Be careful. Okay.

General Fuad...


And he agreed?


Okay. Goodbye.

So, we've organized your escape route to the coast.

We'll meet you in Damascus on Sunday and...

We have a back-up plan, if we need it.

Israeli agents are in Syria.

I am shocked. What's that got to do with Hoffman?

Hans Hoffman is a Mossad spy... his real name is Ari Ben-Sion.

Sorry, we know that already.

But do you know why he is in Damascus?

Tell me.

He is leading an exfiltration mission.

Who is escaping?

Their most senior, deep-cover asset.

They call him The Angel.


I know what it must have looked like, but it wasn't.

It's okay, sometimes I create expectations... fantasies of how I want things to be... and then I get disappointed.

I should have called first.

It stopped working.

It's beautiful.

It was my father's.

I wish I had known him better.

This is all that I have left of him.

What do you want?

I don't know.

Me, neither.

Can I get you something?

Coffee, maybe.


How do you take it?

Kim? Kim?

Daddy! Daddy where are you? Daddy!

I will remember...

Did she pick the right one?

Good... promise me to be careful on that thing... and always wear a helmet, Sammy.

Sam, did you hear me? Good, that's our deal, right?

Okay, I'm glad that you had a good party, baby.

I wish I could have been there.

I know you are not a baby.

I love you.

Good morning.

You heard?


It's his birthday.

He lives with his Dad.

How old is he?

Eight... today.

It goes so fast.


He's becoming a stranger.

You could change that.

Someone once told me, that if the Berlin wall can fall... anything is possible.

I am sorry.

I also missed my son's 8th birthday.

He really loved football.

His team was Bayern Munich.

But I was working, I was always working.

He went into my office.

He wanted to inflate a football, or something.

I had a gun. It was usually locked away, but...

I must have left it.

Now I don't sleep so well.

Any chance she suspected your cover?

No. You were right, they already knew about Ari.

Check out Kim Johnson?

I haven't been able to find a thing.

What's worrying you?

We could've told him he is working naked... and he's on his own.


This is the best way to protect The Angel.

Ari will know more... when he needs to.

I hope you're right.

Me, too.

General Fuad.

Where has he been and where is he now?

Mm-hm... mm-hm... good.


I have an appointment. I'll see you tonight.

I'll meet you in the bar?

I may be a little late.

You can wait here, if you like.

Are you sure?


Thank you.


Why are you running?

What's in your pocket?

If you see me again, the escape is off.

It is not open for discussion.

It's very easy to get lost in your cover.

You are interested. Protect your partner.

We've got a back-up plan, if we need it.

Cafe Teyrouzi, 24 hours later.

Save me.

I am the only one who knows The Angel's identity.

Go to him only if your life is in danger.



Sheraton Hotel.

There is someone else following him.


Get in the car.

Follow the white car. Yes, sir.

Stop here! Stop here!

Wait here.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Is Herr Ludin at home?

He is not here.

Could you tell him, Hans Hoffman came by to apologize?

And... the maid...

I'd like to apologize to her, also.

Is she here?

Not here after dinner with you.



What is it you want, Sarraj?

I know the President has assigned you to find a mole... the Israelis refer to as The Angel.

You have spies in my service?

As you have in mine.

We are wasting time bumping into each other.

So now you want to work together?

To capture The Angel? Yes.

Ari Ben-Sion can lead us to him and we can arrest both of them.

Can you stop your men from beating him again... until he meets The Angel?


And you have a plan?

Yes, I do.

What if your plan fails?

I will take full responsibility for it.

Put me through to President Assad... tell him it's urgent.

Hans? I'm back.

Hans? Hans?

He's not here.


Ticket, please.


Caleb home.

Knock on the door at the end of the path.

Beautiful evening.

Follow me.

Nice car.

You must be thirsty.

And you must be The Angel.

Here my name is Sabri Al-Alazar.

My exfiltration partner has vanished.

I'm being watched closely and they sent me a girl.

Why am I not in a cell?

Or dead?

Because your real mission... is to lead the head of the Mukhabarat to me... he is our target.

We are here to kill Sarraj?

In a way, he's promised President Assad... that you are going to lead him to The Angel.

Our escape will end his career.

So I am bait?

Why wasn't I told?

What about Rachel Khatib and Dr. Hamra?

They are no longer your concern.

I will decide what is my concern.

I don't know anything about them.

I am done with this bullshit.

You can take it up with Miki when we get home.

In the meantime, his bullshit protects us.

I don't feel very protected!

Aren't you tired of all of this?

Actually, I was enjoying myself... until that asshole Ehud screwed us.

Now I just want to get out of here alive.

Make Sarraj an ambitious moron, instead of a martyr.

Fuck Miki!

When did you find out about the girl?

How soon can we leave?

Operations needs 24 hours to prep... return to your hotel, hopefully they won't know... that you have broken their girl's cover... so she should buy us some time, if she suspects you, it's over.

They are bugging your room now.

Tomorrow evening, invite the girl to your room.

Once it's dark, slip my name into your conversation...

Sabri Al-Alazar.

Let her know that I am The Angel... and that you are planning to meet me.

They won't touch you until they have me.

Then they better not find you.

They won't.

I'll arrange for my Mercedes to be parked unlocked... at the end of the alley behind your hotel.

The keys and the map will be in the glove compartment.

You are going to need this.

If the girl with you, she'll get you out of the hotel.

And when you are free of shadows... terminate her.

Where were you?

I was working. This late?

A client invited me to a never-ending dinner.

I was worried about you.

Hey... thank you for fixing my watch.

You didn't have to do that.

I wanted to.

What's the matter?

It's been a long day.

I'm tired. What happened?


Front desk.

Good morning.

Could you tell my driver that I won't need him today?

Certainly, Mr Hoffman.

Thank you.

How long should we wait?

I knew you would come back.

Ari didn't stand a chance.

You have your mother's face and your father's eyes.

El kamar helou wa inta ahhal.

Why have you forgotten all your Arabic?

It means... the moon is beautiful, but you are lovelier.

So far you have done a fantastic job. I am proud of you.

Has he mentioned The Angel?


He does trust you?


I hope you haven't forgotten what they did to your father?

The first time is always the hardest.

Remember, you came to me.

Yes... but...

Did son get my birthday present?

I know how important he is to you.

He did.

Thank you.

I'll do my job.

Of course, you will, just remember your training.

Salma, I'm counting on you.


You scared me.

Where did you go?

Rob is doing a story on an orphanage... in the South, he asked me to...

I get it... you missed me.


I know.

I wanted to tell you. I wanted to...

You almost had me fooled.

And now you're going to help me fool your friends.

I know they are listening.

So I am going to ask you to leave with me tonight.

And you are going to refuse until I explain why.

Do you understand?

If you make one false move, I will kill you.

Yes, we have to leave tonight.

Hans, you are scaring me.

You have to trust me.

So trust me and tell me... why we have to leave.

Because I'm not who you think I am... and both our lives are in danger.

Hans, you are not being fair.

I can't tell you everything right now. It is not the time.

How will we get out of the country?

An angel has arranged everything.

Who? Why does it matter?

So I should trust you, but you won't trust me?

Fine. His name is Sabri Al-Alazar.

We have to leave now.


Move in! Move in!

What are you doing? We do not have The Angel.


Come out!

Drop the gun.

It's all right... let's go.

Go to the car.

Get in.

He's killed all of our agents... and taken the girl.

Congratulations, now we lost both of them.

I told you to wait.

I told you that my girl is good.

Get out.

I'm sorry, but...

Get out.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Sarraj is not who I thought he was.

Get out!

Was any of it real?

Tell me!

I wanted it to be.

Please just do it.

Come with me.

I can't... he'll hurt my son.

If we escape with the Angel, Sarraj will be finished.

He will never be able to hurt anyone.

Is that true?

I'm done with lies.

Salma... my real name is Salma.


I know.

Stay behind me.

It's all right.

You're going to get us killed.

She's with them.

We can trust her.

You are a fool to bring her!

She screwed us!


This is not me!

This is not because of me!

I have no idea how they found us.

Ari... no more lies.


Our paratroopers won't wait.

Come on! We've got to move!



Ari! Come on!


I'll cover you! We can make it!

You can make it!


You can't escape.

Come out and you won't be hurt.



Hands on the ground! Get down!

Wait outside.

Where is Sarraj?


I am not like Sarraj.

Can't you see my wings?

You're The Angel.

Life is full of surprises, hm?

Sabri has been a friend of mine for so many years... the whole time, he was an Israeli spy.

Still, you both have my gratitude for protecting me.

In return, I let the Jewish girl and Dr. Hamra... escape with their families.

You work for us.

No, no, we are enemies.

I am just an old soldier... who has seen too many children die for nothing.

Over the years, Miki and I have helped each other... when it was for our... mutual benefit.

Destroying Sarraj?


Men like him, no matter where cannot be allowed to grow.

It would destroy my country.

She didn't betray you...

there was a track on her she wasn't aware of.

Take it.

Thank you.

You weren't supposed to be caught.

It's me. He's alive and sitting in front of me.

Of course...

Do you recognize my voice?


What is the password for The Angel's house?

Caleb... home.

Don't worry... everything is going to be all right.

Now pass the phone back to him.

I want my boys back, all of them.

Of course. Usual rules?


I can't believe we're still doing this.


Goodbye, my friend.