Dangal (2016) Script

Has it come on?







Turn the damn thing properly!

Welcome to the wrestling area at the Seoul Olympics.

Looking forward to an exciting match today.

It's come on.

Shall I come down?


Stand there holding it.

The final match this Olympics... in the 72-kilo category, between wrestlers from Russia and America.

It's really sad that, despite wrestling being such a popular sport in India.

Indian wrestlers have disappointed in the Olympics.

Even our boys can bring home medals.

But where is the support?

Neither money, nor facilities.

How will our boys win a medal?

If a medal could be won with words, you would have won it a long time ago.

Are you new here?

That's what I thought.

Try stepping into a wrestling arena someday, you'll run for your life before the match begins.

Looks like you have done it many times.

Run for your life.

If this were an arena, then we'd see who would run.

Why do we need an arena?

Now, the moment we were all waiting for.

The stage is all set for a big fight.

There's palpable excitement in the air.

Both the wrestlers are walking, for the fight.

You are absolutely right, Tom.

Looks like it's going to be an interesting bout.

The crowd seems excited.

The wrestlers come face to face.

Let's see how it plays out.

The customary handshake.

The referee's whistle... and the match begins!

He's down!

He's down!

An early thrashing for the Russian wrestler.

Overconfidence can often prove fatal.

Bro, you want to try once more?

Now, the wrestlers are gearing up for the next round.

Yes, Tom, this match doesn't look as easy as it had seemed.

Let's see what happens now.

Both wrestlers testing each other.

A great attack! An equally superb defense.

And that was a magnificent move!

What an amazing move!

He didn't know what hit him.

Here's an attack.

And that's a counter-attack!

And it's over!

It's all over.

David has become Goliath, and Goliath has become David here.

Well said, Torn.

No one expected such a quick defeat for the Russian wrestler.

What a match!

This is top class wrestling.

You are good.

You've just defeated a state level champion.

Don't be disheartened buddy, you've just lost to a national level champion.

Meet my uncle.

Mahavir Singh Phogat.

He quit wrestling many years ago, but wrestling hasn't quit on him.

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ From the mother's womb to the cemetery, your life is a wrestling bout. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Your glory may rise and fall, ♪

♪ cause up in the sky your stars are wrestling, too. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ When your heart thumps with fear, ♪

♪ pat your back, ♪

♪ bring back courage, ♪

♪ and you'll be fine. ♪

♪ Every challenge is like a crazed elephant, ♪

♪ standing in front of you, ♪

♪ staring fierce, ♪

♪ threatening you. ♪

♪ So, take it head on, ♪

♪ that's what you are born for! ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Your glory may rise and fall, ♪

♪ cause up in the sky your stars are wrestling, too. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

The smaller kid will win.

There you go!

Merely building a good body does not make a wrestler.

Come here, kid.

Wrestling runs in the blood, you have to be born with it.

Here. Buy yourself some milk.

Bless you.

When there's no food on your plate what will you eat? Medals?

No one gives a damn about wrestling.

Just take up the job you are being offered.

Why did you quit wrestling?

I had no choice.

Wrestling gave me respect, fame, but it couldn't give me money.

So, I took up this job.

Every wrestler dreams, of bringing honor and glory to the country.

But if the country offers no support, how far can a wrestler go?

It's not your fault that you couldn't win a medal for your country.

How long will you let these memories depress you?

What I couldn't do, our son will.

He will win gold for our country.

Our flag will fly the highest.

Mark my words.

That day uncle was as anxious as a student, whose high school results were due.

Don't worry, brother.

It's going to be alright.

It's a girl.

Uncle was hoping for a boy.

But a girl was born.

It's okay.

You have a sister now, Omkar.

I was genuinely happy.

But uncle was faking it.

And then it all started.

Suddenly everyone in the village was an expert, in the art of conceiving a boy.

Feed a black cow sweets made with white sesame seeds, wrapped in maize flatbreads, with your left hand, before sunrise.

A son, for sure!

Mahavir, here's a special prayer... for a son.

Recite it daily.

Here... eat this.

Eat this!

Stop, will you.

Mahavir, make sure you try only on a Sunday.

On all other days, reign in your urges.

Got it?

Neither did people stop giving their advice, Here you go, son.

Nor did uncle and aunt stop acting on them.

The day of the delivery arrived and so did half the village.

To take credit for a son.

Geeta, you are going to have a brother.

You can play with him.

It's a girl.

But neither did uncle get a son, nor the villagers, credit.

But, in all these "unfailing techniques", where did the fault lie?

She must have fed a black buffalo instead of a black cow.

Else, look at my cousin from Rohtak.

She had three healthy boys in three years.

If you say the prayer in reverse, the results will also be reversed.

Self-control is a virtue.

I told him to try only on Sundays.

He must have let the reins free every day.

I couldn't give you a son...

It's not your fault.

And don't get me wrong.

Both, Geeta and Babita are very dear to me.

But only a boy can fulfill my dream.

Years went by.

Uncle remained adamant, he wanted a boy.

But maybe God was adamant too.

The third child was a girl, and so was the fourth.

This time I too was dejected.

Food is ready, papa.

Turn it over or it'll burn.

After that uncle gave up on his desire for a son, and on his dream too.

Hey, Mahavir Singh-ji!

What's wrong with him?

Are you coming to watch the wrestling match this evening?

No. You carry on.

Hey, Mahavir!

I've been blessed with a boy.

Here... have some sweets.

What happened?

Look how badly they've been thrashed.

Say something!

Yes, look how badly they've been thrashed.

They're all swollen and bruised.

Yes, they're all swollen and bruised.

Why did you beat them?

I didn't, uncle.

Geeta and Babita beat them up.

They started it.

He called me a loser and Babita a witch.

So, we gave it to them.

They beat them so badly? For such a trivial reason?

Yes, shouldn't have beaten them so badly.

Please forgive them... they're kids.

We are letting go because they are your girls.


Got thrashed by girls!

Come here.

Come here!

We won't fight again, papa.

First tell me, how did you manage to do it?

First, he called me a loser but I remained quiet.

But then he called Babita a witch.

That was it.

I grabbed him and punched him like this.

Then the other guy attacked.

I caught his hair and shoved him down, and dug my elbow in his back.

They say that a twig is enough to give hope to a drowning man.

Here, uncle had found not one, but two lifeguards!

All along, I was desperate for a son, so he could win a gold for the country.

But what didn't occur to me is that gold is gold.

Whether a boy wins it, or a girl.

From now on, Geeta and Babita will do no household chores.

Wrestling is in their blood.

From now on they will only wrestle.

Wrestling is for boys.

You think our girls are any lesser than boys?

I've never ever seen girls wrestle.

What will the villagers say?

For how long will they talk?

What if the girls break their hands and legs?

We'll fix them.

Where will the money come from?

I don't know.

Don't ruin the girls' lives for your passion.

Let me try for a year.

For this one year, you bury your feelings.

If I'm proven wrong, I'll bury my dream forever.

Be ready at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

Why, papa?

I want to feed you your favourite snack, 'gol gappas'.

5 a.m. Okay?

What did you do now?

I thought you did something.


How is it?

It's a little less spicy, papa.

Alright, make it spicier.

Eat as much as you want right now.

Because from today, you will both lead the life of a wrestler.

And wrestlers are not allowed, pickled, oily and spicy food, in fact, all the food that you most love.

Consider this your last treat.

♪ A messiah for the rest, ♪

♪ a terror for your own. ♪ Come on, faster Babita!

♪ O Papa, don't put us through this torture! ♪

♪ A messiah for the rest, a terror for your own. ♪ Papa, it's difficult to run in these clothes.

♪ O Papa, don't put us through this torture! ♪

♪ Don't torture us! ♪

♪ O Papa! ♪

♪ O Papa! ♪

Don't you dare stop!

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪

♪ Have mercy on us, ♪

♪ we are little children. ♪

♪ Have mercy on us, ♪

♪ we are little children. ♪

♪ So much discipline... ♪

♪ So much discipline makes us want to die. ♪

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪

♪ Have mercy on us, ♪

♪ we are little children. ♪

♪ Have mercy on us, ♪

♪ we are little children. ♪

♪ So much discipline... ♪

♪ So much discipline makes us want to die. ♪

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪ Nobody would've ever been punished so severely, for beating up a couple of boys.

He abused me. Why did you have to beat him?

Now you tell me!

♪ You stopped our picnics and outings. ♪

♪ This is torture, A“

♪ grave torture! ♪

♪ To tell children, not to enjoy their childhood. ♪

♪ This is torture, A“

♪ grave torture! ♪

♪ Toffees, games and toys, ♪

♪ scrumptious foods, ♪

♪ have bid us adieu, ♪

♪ since your scolding. ♪

♪ This is our time for fun and games, ♪

♪ why is it being measured by a stopwatch? ♪

♪ Our luck is like a broken down car. ♪

♪ Our luck is like a broken down car. ♪

♪ And our papa... ♪

♪ And our papa is the driver of that car. ♪

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪

♪ You have forbidden us tasty and spicy food. ♪

♪ This is torture, A“

♪ grave torture! ♪

♪ You ask delicate dolls to toughen up. ♪

♪ This is torture, A“

♪ grave torture! ♪ We'll obey your every command, mummy.

Just save us from this wrestling.

For one year forget that you have a mother.

Hey! Forgot so quickly?

How utterly absurd, Mahavir!

Girls in the wrestling arena?

Will you have me sin at this age?

♪ Our childhood has been thrown away, ♪

♪ the garden has lost its blossoms, ♪

♪ wonder what kind of war we prepare for? ♪

♪ Day and night, we cry cascades of tears, ♪

♪ you are still not happy, O dictator, we are your sacrifice. ♪

♪ Do you think we are so hopeless? ♪

♪ Do you think we are so hopeless? ♪

♪ Better than you, are... ♪

♪ Better than you, are Bollywood movie villains. ♪

♪ O Papa, you are injurious to our health. ♪ Babita...

Will you press my legs please?

I was going to ask you the same thing.

Always respect Mother Earth.

The more you respect it, the more respect you will get in return.

Uncle had managed to bring Geeta and Babita to the wrestling pit, but there was something missing.

In order for Geeta and Babita to train well, they needed to practice with good wrestlers.




Isn't that too much, brother?

It was bad enough that you were making the girls wrestle.

Now you want them to fight boys?

Yes or no?

I don't have the heart to say yes.

And, I don't have the courage to say no.

Okay, then send him over.

Because of you both I'm caught in the crossfire.

Stop complaining!

You are just caught in the crossfire.

We've been pushed into war.

Keep running!

Why has papa got him to train with us?

This pint-sized boy is no challenge.

He looks like a 'TTSS' to me.

What does that mean?

Tall on Talk, Short on Strength.

'TTSS'... is it?

Go easy, I'm your little sister.

Yes... yes!

Don't mind me saying, but your girls are a little weak.

Want to fight me?

I'll be right back.

I don't understand your ways.

At one time, I can either be their coach or their father.

When the coach is at work, the father has to take a backseat.

Sorry for calling you 'TTSS'.

Sorry. My foot!

You think this is a joke?

He is throwing you down and you are letting him?

When he attacks from the left, why don't you stabilize yourself on the left and defend?

Sorry, Papa-

Child, this is wrestling, three sorrys and the game is over.

Come on.

Try again.

Where's the strength in you?

You are training the girls to wrestle, I didn't say anything.

But I will not allow you to cook chicken in my kitchen!

Try and understand.

Wrestlers require protein.

I don't care!

If meat is cooked in my kitchen, I will stop eating.

You want your girls to be weak wrestlers?

I don't know anything.

There's no way chicken will be cooked in my kitchen!

Omkar! Yes.

Do you know how to cook?

No, uncle.

Then learn.

We don't have enough money for their current diet.

How can we afford chicken now?

What? Sell you chicken worth 100 rupees for 20?

And I will benefit from this deal?

Why don't you explain the math?

Look, Geeta and Babita will eventually become famous wrestlers.

And when people will find out that they eat chicken from your shop, where do you think they'll buy chicken from?

That makes sense.

But just 20 rupees?

There are other shops too.

Wait... listen.

Let's make it 40.

I won't give a dime more than 25.

I have browned the onions, and now this pot will not go back in my kitchen.

Now, put the chicken in the pot.

And let it cook on a slow flame.

It's to be eaten with rice.

But... it can also be eaten with bread.

Uncle was fulfilling his duty, and the villagers, theirs.

Girls are best suited for the kitchen, not for wrestling.

Mahavir Singh has gone mad.

Not mad, he's become shameless.

He's getting the girls to wear shorts and fight boys.

Since you all started wrestling, your walk has become very manly.

Wonder what else will happen?

Next, it'll be my fist and your face.

If only you had given birth to a boy!

Their mother doesn't protest either.

The entire village is laughing at us.

Who will marry our girls?

I will make our girls so capable, that boys will not choose them, they will choose boys!

I'm going to tell papa today, this wrestling isn't working out.

Me, too.

B-O-Y... boy.

C-A-T... cat.

Papa, this wrestling isn't working out... for Babita.

Yes, papa... and, Geeta gets so tired that she falls asleep in class.

She can't concentrate on her studies at all.

Babita's body aches terribly.

She keeps tossing and turning all night.

In school, girls tease Geeta by calling her a man.

Sad, isn't it?

None of these seem like a problem.

Tell me if there is a real problem.


E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T Papa, our hair is getting ruined because of wrestling in the mud.

She even has lice.

I killed eight this evening.

Now, that's a real problem.

Okay, be ready tomorrow at 5 a.m.

Papa, please.

We don't have any problem.

In fact, we are enjoying it.

Please don't cut our hair.

We will do as you say.

Ma, say something.

Look what papa is doing.

Please don't cut our hair, papa.

We'll do whatever you say.

We'll wake up in the morning!

Do everything... won't ever complain.

Just don't cut our hair, please.

Please, papa.

Cut it.

Cut it?

Can you grow it?

Then cut it.

Getting them to wrestle was still okay, but it's cruel to chop their hair off!

They are girls, after all.

Whatever I'm doing is for their best.

Anything that distracts them from wrestling, I will get rid of!

"Is that the full moon or the sun!"

I'm confused... today both seem to have risen together.

Let it go, Babita.

Our stars are to blame.

Enough of wrestling, now, it's time for a street-fight!

And then, in a small village of Haryana called Balali, a grand rebellion began.

Revolutionaries Geeta and Babita versus dictator Mahavir Singh.

All of uncle's arsenal were neutralized one by one.

The alarm clock was cleverly misguided.

What happened, papa?

You are late today.

Age is catching up.

No problem.

We've finished today's training.

Come, Babita.

Countless light-bulbs were martyred.

How come the bulb fuses everyday?

Quality... papa, quality!

Injury was made an ally.

In the battlefield, surrender was given without a fight.

Should I give it to you?

And uncle, despite having both hands, felt helpless like the armless character from the film 'Sholay’.

Get out of here!

I couldn't understand how I had suddenly become so strong.

But uncle understood very well why Geeta and Babita, had suddenly become so weak.

Geeta and Babita thought that they had won the war.


Are you going to Sunita's wedding?

M... mummy.

Are you trying to embarrass me?

Choose one.

This one.

Let me see.

Finally, my girls are looking like girls.

Don't tell papa.

Come home before 8 p.m.

♪ I arrive, the blushing bride. ♪

♪ I arrive, the blushing bride. ♪

♪ Shy... nervous. ♪

♪ I arrive, the blushing bride. ♪

♪ I've seen many weird things in my life, ♪

♪ but my groom is the weirdest of the lot. ♪

♪ I've seen many weird things in my life, ♪

♪ but my groom is the weirdest of the lot. ♪

♪ Marrying me to him is like casting pearls before swine. ♪

♪ My groom is such a loser. ♪

♪ My groom is a loser. ♪

♪ My groom is such a loser. ♪

♪ I told my groom, help me freshen up, ♪

♪ get me a toothbrush from the store. ♪

♪ But instead of a toothbrush, ♪

♪ he got me sugarcane from the fields. ♪

♪ What a loser! ♪

♪ Such a loser! ♪

♪ My groom is such a loser. ♪

♪ My groom is a loser. ♪

♪ My groom is such a loser. ♪

Let it go, brother.

He is crazy.

We missed training just for a day.

What was the need to create such a big scene?

What kind of father forces his daughters to become wrestlers?

Makes them wake up at 5 a.m. to run.

Works them like slaves.

Makes them fight boys.

And if they protest, he cuts their hair.

May God never give anyone such a father.

I wish God had given me such a father.

At least your father thinks about you.

Otherwise, our reality is, the moment a girl is born, teach her to cook and clean, make her do all the household chores.

And, once she turns 14, marry her off.

Get rid of the "burden"!

And hand her over to a man, whom she has never seen before.

Make her bear children and raise them.

That's all she's good for.

At least your father considers you his child.

He is fighting against the whole world.

He is silently tolerating their taunts.


So that the two of you can have a future... a life.

What is he doing wrong?

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ When fortune gives you a chance to prove yourself, ♪

♪ You have barely a handful of days to prepare. ♪

♪ It asks in exchange every drop of your sweat. ♪

♪ Know for sure you gain so much more. ♪

♪ Fortune bows before your intense effort. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪ That day, one fact became clear to me.

Don't know about Geeta and Babita, but I sure didn't have wrestling in my blood.

Look at him sulk.

Give him some butter, ma.

He's become so weak.

I lost intentionally to make you happy.

Get lost... 'TTSS'!

"Lost intentionally..."

Don't worry.

It'll remain between us.

After all, you are family.

Your reputation is ours, too.

Don't get so cocky.

Watch me tomorrow.

You won't be able to tomorrow.

No, uncle. Tomorrow, I will definitely put up a tough fight.

We are going to Rohtak tomorrow.

For a wrestling competition.

But, I am not ready for a wrestling competition yet.

Who is talking about you?

She will fight boys?

She won't last two minutes, uncle.


Aren't you a boy?

She thrashed you.

I had seen a lot of wrestling competitions in my life.

But today I was going to witness a bout, the likes of which, had never been seen before in Haryana.

A riot was inevitable.

Mr. Mahavir Singh Phogat... welcome!

It's an honor that you have come to watch the competition.

I've got a wrestler with me too.

Name, please.

Geeta Kumari Phogat.


Geeta Kumari Phogat.

You'll make a girl wrestle?

Yes. So?


Sir, the day I organize a cooking competition, that day get Ms. Geeta along.

This is a wrestling competition!

We have come from very far.

We won't return without a fight.

Either Geeta will fight, or you and I.

First, you utter nonsense, and then you are being stubborn too!

What do you mean?

You want a girl to wrestle with boys?

You may not be bothered about your honor, but we are.

I will have your honor laid out now!

Please... sir.

Please... we really respect you, sir.

But what you ask for, can't happen.

We can't do this, brother.

Let's go.

How dare he...

You are getting a chance to play the game, and you are giving a walkover?


How many years have we been holding wrestling competitions?


How many people come to see?

Just a handful.


Dimwit, think about it.

In a town that has never seen a girl wrestle, when a girl wrestles a boy, how many people will come to watch?

Our competition will go through the roof!

But what if the girl breaks her arms or legs?

Let them break.

You bandage your broken competition.

Even if you charge two rupees per ticket, your wrestlers will eat for months.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

You must have seen a girl walk on fire, eat a snake.

But today, for the first time in the history of Rohtak, see a girl wrestling a boy in a competition, in half-an-hour, at Lal Chowk.

Tickets - two rupees.

A wrestling girl for two rupees!

You have to win!

Even if you were to pit your boys against a lion, there still wouldn't have been such a crowd.

What do you think?

How many seconds will she last?

S... s... s...

Mate, by the time you finish she'll be done and dusted.

Will she fight in trunks like these?

Get lost!

I was just hoping.

Where is she?

She looks hot.

Hope her t-shirt doesn't tear.

I hope it does!

Go, Geeta!

Her father has lost it!

Do you know the rules of mud-wrestling?

Then choose who you want to lose to.

Who do you think she'll pick?

Our Scrawny Spider.

He will win for the first time.

Gosh, Jassi will beat her to pulp!

Three of you, out of here.

Your girl has lost it.

There is still time, stop her.

Or she'll go back on a stretcher.

Before you fight a bout you have to fight fear.

At least, my girl has conquered fear.

Go easy, she's a girl.

Don't make that mistake.

Will you embarrass us?

Geeta, great going!

W... wow!

She's gone.

Wh... wh... what a save!

You fought well.


The committee awards the winning wrestler, Jassi, with a cash prize of 20 rupees.

And from our patron, Kartar Singh, a special prize for Geeta Kumari of 50 rupees!

Sorry, Papa-

It's okay.

Come on.

You got lucky, or you'd have gone home on a stretcher.


When is the next fight?

♪ Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt arrives a cyclone. ♪

♪ Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt arrives a cyclone. ♪

♪ Make the calls, tell everyone, ♪

♪ watch out for the wild cat. ♪

♪ Whether you are from Chandigarh or Delhi, ♪

♪ she will flatten you out. ♪

♪ She will relocate your limbs. ♪

♪ Your attack will be met with a counter-attack. ♪

♪ She will flatten you, flatten you out. ♪

♪ She's a force to reckon with. ♪

♪ A force! ♪

♪ She's a force to reckon with. ♪

♪ A force! ♪ From tomorrow you'll have to bless her as well.

♪ What a girl! ♪

♪ What a girl! ♪

♪ Hark, O Wrestler! Your ego will go up in flames, ♪

♪ her grip has such fire. ♪

♪ She will measure your self-worth, I

♪ in tiny millimeters. ♪

♪ Your breath will run out, ♪

♪ she will slam you so hard. ♪

♪ She will flatten you out. ♪

♪ She will relocate your limbs. ♪

♪ Your attack will be met with a counter-attack. ♪

♪ She will flatten you, flatten you out. ♪

♪ She's a force to reckon with. ♪

♪ A force! ♪

♪ She's a force to reckon with. ♪

♪ A force! ♪

Once again people had started talking about Geeta and Babita.

These two girls come from Balali and thrash boys.

This fellow lost to a girl.

Why don't you fight her?

But this time the heckles were replaced with applause!

Some did not want to wrestle with the girls.

And some didn't allow them to wrestle.

Please leave!

Geeta and Babita were winning not just wrestling competitions, but hearts, too.

14,900... 15,000... 15,150.

You've become a senior wrestler!

By getting selected to the Haryana state team, Geeta Kumari has brought fame not only to our school, but to the entire district of Bhiwani.

And we are sure that, she will make our town proud in the National Sub-Juniors, too.

Leave? For two months?

Is your daughter getting married?

I have to prepare Geeta for the Nationals, sir.

Forget about it.

If she was getting married, I might have considered.

I don't understand your decisions.

I didn't have a choice.

I couldn't let go of my dream, so, I let go of the job.

What will you do now?

I'll start farming on our own plot of land.

It's hard work, but at least I will be able to give the girls time.

Titu... put this in the car.

Wait... go...

Yes, Mahavir Singh-ji, what were you saying?

If I could get some funds, it would help a lot.

My girl has now reached the state level.


What is the big deal in reaching state level?

That too in ladies wrestling?

Your daughter ran alone, and came first.

What do you need the funds for?

Sir, I want to buy a mat for her to train on.

She's playing well.

If you support her today, then one day, she will make the nation proud.

Look, Mahavir Singh-ji, we get this much funding for sports.

Wrestling gets this much.

Keep aside gents wrestling, then remove coaching, dieting, traveling, equipment, etc.

All that remains for ladies wrestling is this much.

And for this much, you bought me a box of sweets.

But you have our complete support.

The reason India doesn't win medals, is because officers like you are warming these seats.

Alright. I'll get up.

Titu, serve me lunch.

Mahavir Singh-ji, care to join me for lunch?

The Federation is a breeding ground for such termites.

They have ruined sports.

There is no support for sports persons, only abuses when you don't win.

Medalists don't grow on trees.

You have to nurture them.

With love, with hard work, with passion.

And here, the scoundrels don't give money for even a mat.

What is a mat, brother?

Synthetic mattresses on which wrestlers fight.

A mattress is a mattress!


Did I say something wrong?

Uncle had already ruined our sleep, figuratively speaking.

Now he was hell bent on doing it literally, too.

Wrestling on a mat is different from mud-wrestling.

Now we have to wrestle on the mat.

And in mat-wrestling you have to score points.

You can score one, two, three or five points.


If you hold the opponent by the waist, and drop him to his knees, then you score one point.

And from the ground position if you roll him on to his back, then you score two points.

There are different ways to do this.


Like this.

Or from the ground position, like this!

If you flip your opponent on his back from a standing position, then you will score three points.

Please, uncle!

Like this... three points.

Like this... from standing position... on to his back.

To score five points is difficult, but it can be done.

If you flip your opponent from a standing position, above your head in a rainbow-like arc, and have him fall on his back, then you score five points!


No... no, please, uncle!

Come here. No, please.

A real wrestling mat is not like this.

It's like this.

We have to fight in the yellow area.

The red zone is a danger area.

If you step out of it, you lose a point.

There are three rounds of two minutes each.

Three rounds of two minutes each.

Whoever wins two out of three rounds, wins the match.

Sir, your daughter is underweight.


Take my advice. Go back.

Feed her, fatten her and come back next year.

If she fights like this, she will break her bones.

You just tell me whether she is allowed to wrestle or not.

Yes... she is.

Sign up.

"Sub-Junior Nationals."

Good move!

Geeta had defeated beefy boys, how long could these girls survive?

Is that a girl or a storm?

"Sub-Junior National Champion."

"Junior Nationals" ls she underweight?

Yes... but how does it matter?

"Junior National Champion."

Time flew by.

Geeta went from junior to senior.

And uncle, from senior to senior-citizen.

Go... Geeta!

Babita and I, went from shorts to full length pants!

Push... push her down!

Side throw!

Victory to Haryana!

"National Champion."

Finally uncle's dream has been achieved.

Now we can all relax.


My dream remains to be fulfilled.

Every year sees a National champion.

My dream will be fulfilled, when you win gold, not for yourself, but for your country.

You can celebrate today.

From tomorrow we start preparing further.


Need to speak to you.

Tell me.


Now that I am a National champion, so...


No, I mean, all National champions need to go to Patiala, for further training.

To the National Sports Academy.

What are you getting at?

Tell me clearly.

I will have to go too, papa.

From now, I'll have to train there,

under the national coach.

Geeta Kumari Phogat.


The place looks good.

Let's hope the coach is good too.

Girls, come on.

You all must be rejoicing, at the thought of advanced training.

Well, forget about learning, first you have to learn to forget!

Forget the wrong training you've received.

Wrong diet, wrong exercise, wrong technique.

And after forgetting all that, your real training will begin, with National Coach, Pramod Kadam.

And you will only learn what I teach you.

Is that clear? Yes, sir!

Is that clear? Yes, sir!


Warm up.

Get me tea!

Come on, girls.

Energy... more energy!

Yes, that's the way.

Keep it up!


Namaste, sir.

Sir, I'm Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Geeta's father.


I'm the one who has trained her.

Yes... good.

She's good.

Very strong, with a lot of stamina.

Where's my tea?

Come on... move it!

Sir... one request.

If Geeta gets the right coaching, she will definitely win an international medal.


There should be a 90 degree angle between your calf and thigh.

Who has taught you?

Is this how you will win an international medal?

You came to drop her, right?

You've done that.

Now leave the rest to me.

Don't waste my time!

Is Geeta happy?

The institute must be very big, isn't it?

Everyone there must be a champion, isn't it?

And the facilities there must be amazing, right?

Have you trained today?

Yes. And the coach must be top notch?

You seem very eager to go there.

Remember, I'm still your coach.

Your first time away from home?

Just you wait... we'll have a blast.

Girls, 'DDLJ' is showing on TV.


Let's watch.

I'm going to sleep.

You can't say no to Shah Rukh Khan.

It's a sin.


"Raj, if this girl loves you, she will turn to look at you."

Please turn.





She turned!

Just grow your hair. You will kill it.

A rhino uses strength, but the tiger uses both strength and technique.

Be a tiger, not a rhino.


♪ These new colours, these sweet sounds, ♪

♪ why do my days suddenly seem different? ♪

♪ I know not. ♪

♪ Why is my heart leaping, ♪

♪ like a squirrel? ♪

♪ I know not. ♪

♪ These new colours, these sweet sounds, ♪

♪ why do my days suddenly seem different? ♪

♪ I know not. ♪

♪ Why is my heart leaping, ♪

♪ like a squirrel? ♪ Shall we go out later tonight?

♪ Is the weather a little wild, ♪

♪ or is my spirit soaring? ♪ Just one won't make a difference.

♪ The taste of free will, ♪

♪ is so juicy. ♪

♪ I know not, ♪

♪ why the branches of my desire, ♪

♪ are suddenly blooming with flaming flowers? ♪

♪ I know not, ♪

♪ why is my heart leaping, ♪

♪ like a squirrel? ♪

♪ I know not. ♪

Yes, that's the way!

Remember one mistake can cost you the medal.

♪ A new friendship is forming, ♪

♪ with the limitless open skies. ♪

♪ That's making the earth jealous, ♪

♪ she's complaining I'm getting spoilt. ♪

♪ Life too, now-a-days, ♪

♪ seems bored of counting, ♪

♪ it's reciting couplets, ♪

♪ among math equations. ♪ Yes papa, training is going well.

I'm going. Coach-sir is waiting.


♪ I've left behind the arguments of right and wrong, ♪

♪ I've moved on. ♪

♪ Why is my heart leaping, ♪

♪ like a squirrel? ♪ Geeta!

Come here.

Forget your papa's technique.

Learn only what I teach you.

Got that?


Sorry, Geeta has gone out.

For years I have been losing to both of you intentionally.

It is the truth!

That's it! You see?

Wrestlers shine only when the technique is right.

Win the Nationals soon.

You too will be sorted.

Yes... when are you coming home?

I'm coming next week.

Need something?

Nothing. You get here.


Did you like it?


You grew out your hair.

It's looking good.

Your papa won't like it.

Now everything can't work the way papa wants.

Coach-sir didn't say anything.

And he is such an accomplished coach.

You do as you please over there.

Just be a little careful here.

Mummy, real training happens with a lot of freedom.

Not with so many restrictions.

We watch movies, television, eat out, too.

My performance hasn't suffered.

I am the topmost wrestler at the NSA.

You home, wrestler?

How are you? I am fine, papa.

How's your training going?

She's going to Sydney for a fight.

How's your training going?

It’s going very well, papa-

You've seen...

I'm learning a lot of new things.

New strategy, moves, technique... very good.

I have thought that I will teach her some things, too.

After all, she too has to win the Nationals.

You've grown your hair.

Papa... No.

It's good.

Don't just attack, you've to defend, too.

Hold me.

Now, how will you free yourself?

Hold this way, break and attack.

Got that?

That's an old technique.

Let me...

Hold me.


Push your thumbs in this way, and move it to the side.

Not in the front... but to the side. Break and attack.

What's wrong with my technique?

What's wrong?

No, papa. It's not wrong.

This is more correct. Coach-sir has taught it.

So now you are an expert?


Papa, I was...

I'd like to know, what is it that your coach-sir has taught you, that your father couldn't.

Not her, show me.

Come on.

Push your thumbs in this way...

So, this is what your coach-sir has taught you!

Is this how you'll win an international medal?

I wasn't ready, papa.

So, get ready.

This is what I was saying, papa.

Isn't there a difference?

What happened today wasn't right.

What wasn't right?

This was bound to happen.

Someone had to tell papa that his techniques are weak.

His techniques aren't weak.

He's become a little weak.

And don't forget that you've won the Nationals, based on his "weak" techniques.

You can win the Nationals with these techniques, Babita, not international matches.

And the sooner you realize this, the better.


You keep faith in your techniques.

I still put my faith in papa.

I pray to God that you fight well at the Nationals.

And I pray that you do well in your international tournament.

♪ This world is a lie. ♪

♪ True is my pain. ♪

♪ Mirage-like, my beloved, ♪

♪ is our bond. ♪

♪ Those eyes, ♪

♪ that dreamt beautiful dreams together, ♪

♪ they tear up in separation now. ♪

♪ Those eyes, ♪

♪ that stayed awake nights together, ♪

♪ refuse to awaken even in the mornings. ♪

♪ Separated are the paths, ♪

♪ of those who pledged, ♪

♪ to walk together always, ♪

♪ now they share only sorrow. ♪

♪ Those misty eyes, ♪

♪ that peered through windows with hope, ♪

♪ are now suffocated with despair. ♪

♪ The breath is unsettled, ♪

♪ with thoughts that torment. ♪

♪ Why is this soul in disarray? ♪

♪ Why this despair? ♪

♪ This disheartenment? ♪

♪ Why is the heart filled with the storm of a million questions? ♪

♪ Those eyes, ♪

♪ that shone brightly like stars in the sky, ♪

♪ have now disappeared in the dark night. ♪

♪ Those eyes, ♪

♪ that used to feast on the warmth of the sun, ♪

♪ tired, now seek the shade. ♪

♪ Separated are the paths, ♪

♪ of those who pledged, ♪

♪ to walk together always, ♪

♪ now they share only sorrow. ♪

♪ Those misty eyes, ♪

♪ that peered through windows with hope, ♪

♪ are now suffocated with despair. ♪

"World Championship, Sydney."

"National Games, New Delhi."

Go... Babita!

Throw her.

What are you doing, Geeta?

What are you doing, Geeta?



Good one!

Is this how you defend?

The next round, too, play attacking.

You don't look happy. Papa-

Didn't I fight properly?

No, my dear.

You fought exactly as I expected.

But, I never imagined Geeta would fight like this.

And now, you too, have won the Nationals.

You too, will go to NSA.

You'll have a new coach.

And your papa once again will become old.

No, papa.

Never forget,

how you got till here.

Hey, champion.

Hello, sis.

Still upset?


What did you fill in the bag? Let me get it.

It's so heavy.

Hi, Jasmeet!

This is my younger sister, Babita.

Whoa! A family of wrestlers!

Here is the mess.

This is where we hog.

This is the lounge.

Here we chill and watch TV.

Where is the training center?

My, aren't you eager!

See it tomorrow. Rest today.

Can I say something?

Don't feel offended.

Tell me.

You've changed a lot.

I remember the first time you lost a match.

You couldn't sleep all night.

And now, in spite of losing an international fight you are...

I mean, it doesn't show at all on your face.

Has papa trained you to say this?

I remember papa's training very well.

It seems you've forgotten.

You focus on your training.

I will manage mine.

And why are you lecturing me?

I've only lost one match.


Geeta Kumari is trailing in the second round as well.

She's fought well, but hasn't managed much.

Geeta tries, but Kasha scores one point.

And that's it!

Geeta Kumari makes an early exit from the world championship.

What a disappointment!

Yet another defeat for India's Geeta Kumari Phogat.

In Jakarta too, Geeta exits in the first round.

A humiliating defeat for Geeta in the Istanbul World Championship!

Geeta, don't lose hope.

We've worked very hard. And you played well.

You just couldn't win.

It doesn't mean you are a bad wrestler.

It happens.

Some people are not made for international victory.

Do you feel too, that I'm not cut out for an international medal?

I don't know about that.

All I know, is that you are the girl, who thrashed boys in mud-wrestling.

You are the girl, who in spite of being underweight, won sub-juniors.

You beat everyone at the Nationals for three straight years.

If you are not cut out for international victory, then I don't know which girl in India is.

I have a lot of faith in you, but it's nothing compared to the faith that papa has in you.

Talk to him once.

How do I face him?

He's our papa.

At worst, what will happen?

He will give you an earful.

Take it.

His reprimands have always helped us, haven't they?

Your medicine.

I spoke to Babita.

She said the training was going well.


Geeta is not okay.

Please talk to her once.



Okay, wait.


Sorry, Papa-

Only six months remain for the 19th Commonwealth Games, the biggest sporting event in India.

What remains to be seen is how the Indian players hold up, against the world's best.

This time in the Commonwealth games, I want three medals.

Now, whether they come from you three, you three or you three!

I don't care.

There are six months left.

Give your best.

Got that?

Get cracking!


Come here.

You will get one medal.

Yes, sir.

Not in the category that you are losing in, but in the category in which you can win.

Got me?

It's difficult for you to survive in the 55-kilo category.

You too must have realised that by now.

In the 51-kilo category, you can hold your own, and maybe win.

Monitor everyone's diet strictly.

No mess ups. Sir!

Sir, I want to fight in the 55-kilo category!

If you fight in the 55-kilo category you'll get nowhere!

She has to lose four kilos.

Change her diet.

From tomorrow we'll start your training for the 51-kilo category.

Come on, girls.

Why won't you win in the 55-kilo category?

No need for you to lose weight!

You will fight in the 55-kilo category, and win!

I'm coming to Patiala.

We don't know anyone in Patiala.

How will you stay for six months?

On rent.

And food?

I'll cook.

I'll cook, uncle!

I was thinking that I too could come along.

What will you do there?

Well, in the past they did well when they trained with me.

So, if they train with me in the future too...

Honestly, I think I am their good luck charm.

I mean... that's what I think.

And, I will buy vegetables for you, chop them for you, run errands for you, press your feet.

I'll make sure you are stress-free.

You see... it's the Commonwealth Games.

We can't take any chances.

Start preparing for gold!


The room is on top.


Is there no other room, in the same budget?

It's nice.


It's nice, indeed.

I have to admit!


Geeta and Babita Kumari's father and close cousin.

Holy cow!

Uncle, doesn't this place seem lovely?

How are you, champ?

And you?

I’m good, papa.

Why are you here?

Uncle insisted that I come.

He said it's the Commonwealth Games. We can't take a chance.

Shut up, 'TTSS'!

Geeta's 51-kilo category training has started, and the diet too.

You continue their diet and training, I'll supplement the rest.

What time does your training start?

7 a.m.


Be ready at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ I'm here to stay. ♪

♪ Beat the best. ♪

♪ Hold on firmly to your dreams. ♪

♪ Don't pay heed to what naysayers and cynics say. ♪

♪ It's their turn today, let them have their say. ♪

♪ Your turn will come too; prove your point then! ♪

♪ One roar of the lion silences the bleating of a thousand sheep. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Your glory may rise and fall, ♪

♪ cause up in the sky your stars are wrestling too. ♪

♪ So, wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

♪ Wrestle, O Wrestler! ♪

Stop... stop.

Straight attacks won't do.

You have to play with the opponent's mind.

Fake a move... but make another.

Sir, I had put her on a diet, but, I don't know why it hasn't reduced.

What have you been up to, Geeta?

Will you say something or just keep crying?

Sir, judging by their actions I feel they don't need NSA.

The rest is up to you.

Do you all have anything to say?

So you admit you are at fault.

Sir, they have just one fault.

That their father is crazy.

He is so crazy about getting a gold for the country, that in their childhood itself he snatched away their toys, and made them wrestle.

When they resisted, he cut their hair off.

In order to prepare them, he made them wrestle boys.

Took the taunts and abuses of the entire village, just so that one day they would make the country proud.

Look, sir.


These 50 rupees she won at Rohtak.

This in Hisar.

This in Chandigarh.

This... this, all this... sir.

These girls have traveled a long way to reach here, sir.

Now don't tell them to turn back.

It's all my fault.

I humbly apologise.

Coach-sir is just concerned with getting three medals.

No matter if they are bronze.

But I want our country to win gold.

And this girl can do it, sir.

All of you, please wait outside.

You've made a mistake by wasting time.

In 55-kilos, Geeta won't even get selected for India.

If she had fought in the 51-kilos she could've won a medal.

She should've won a medal much earlier, in 55-kilos itself.

You are responsible for that!

What did I do wrong?

Geeta's natural game is attacking.

By putting technique above instinct, you've changed her game.

It's like telling a tiger to fight like an elephant.

You'll be left with neither a tiger nor an elephant.

So, why don't you tell me, how to fight to win a medal!

With your permission, I would like to demonstrate it here and now.

They're calling you inside.

What happened was wrong.

But the committee has decided to give them another chance.

Thank you, sir.

But, from today, neither are you allowed to enter the NSA premises, nor are they allowed to step out.

Okay, sir.

Today, make one for me too, uncle.


Thank you.

We had come to play the lead role, NSA made ours a guest appearance.

Let's head back now.

No, Omkar.

They can stop me from going inside, but no one can stop me from coaching Geeta.

Cheers, uncle.

Against three of them I held my own.

But the one who took me to the cleaners... she was smaller than me and not that strong either.

Do you have a recording of this match?

Yes papa, in the library.

Courier me a copy of all.

Only three months remain for the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

And the fervor can be sensed at the National Sports Academy in Patiala.

Where are we going, uncle?

The one thing I disliked about uncle, was his constant air of suspense.

It could kill you!


"The Lustful Aunt."

If you want to watch a movie, let's go to Amar Mahal.

They don't show decent films here.

Get off.

"Wild Daughter."


How much for all the tickets of the next show?

Which film do you want to watch?

We've brought it with us.



Are you done?

Be happy-

Your next show is sold-out too.

What are you guys up to?

I mean, where is the movie from?

Atlanta... Indonesia.

Imported? Yes.

Listen, can I make a copy?

Give me 50 rupees less.

How will she win if she fights like this?


Uncle, you've gathered the knowledge, but how will you pass it on?

NSA has issued a 'shoot-at-sight' order against you.


Again... suspense!

Is this how you fight?

Like a quivering kitten?

If this is how you want to fight, then don't.

What happened, papa?

I saw all your matches.

You weren't wrestling, that's for sure!

Do you have copies of the DVDs that you gave me?

Yes, papa.

Can you arrange to watch them alone?

I'll borrow a laptop.


Be ready at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

It's been a while since papa gave me an earful.

Felt good.

Play the Jakarta fight, round one.

I have, papa.

Go to three minutes 58 seconds.

You have a lead of two points, and you started playing defensive.

Play. Look.

Threw away the lead, didn't you?

When the opponent is trailing, go for the jugular!

How did you do that?

Alternately, when you should be defending, you are attacking and giving away points.

You will gain nothing by desperately chasing after points.

You'll have to apply your mind.

You've lost matches that were yours to win!

Go... Geeta!

"National Trials, Patiala."

Each round consists of two minutes.

However, there are 120 seconds in those two minutes.

Wait for that one second when the opponent makes a mistake.

She's good. Isn't she?

Yes, sir.

Very good!

Now you look ready, sis.

Did you tell papa?

What did he say?

"There's no need to get too happy!"

A grand opening ceremony to the 2010 Commonwealth Games!

Host nation, India, displaying her ancient culture.

A proud moment indeed!

And here comes the Indian contingent!

A huge welcome for them.

Let us remind you that the finest athletes, from 72 countries are participating.

We'll be back tomorrow to start off the events.

Until then... goodnight!

Geeta was quite nervous before her first bout.

And that was expected.

So far her performance in international events had been poor.

However little... the nation still had hope on her.

And this was probably Geeta's last opportunity, to prove herself.

The first match in women's wrestling, 55-kilo category, is between, India's Geeta Kumari and Melissa Anderson from Wales.

Go, Geeta!

Geeta seems quite nervous.

Now, let's see if she can break her jinx, of losing in the first couple of rounds.

We would like to remind our spectators, that there will be three rounds of two minutes each.

Whoever wins two rounds, wins the match.

With that the match begins.

Both the wrestlers are quite alert.

1 point to Melissa.

Melissa - 1; Geeta - 0.

Melissa seems stronger.

3 more points to Melissa!

What are you doing, Geeta?

Melissa - 4; Geeta - 0.

If Geeta gives away 2 more points, Melissa will win this round on technical superiority.

And Melissa gets 2 points!

Exactly as we feared.

Melissa has won the first round on technical superiority; 6-0.

What are you doing, Geeta?

Don't lose so badly!

We now need to see that after losing the first round badly, is Geeta capable of making a comeback in round two.

2 points to Melissa.

1 more point to Melissa.

The match seems to be slipping out of Geeta's hands.

You are not to lose, Geeta!

Come on, Geeta.

Geeta, lagging by 3 points.

She'll have to score real quick.

2 points to Geeta!

Melissa - 3; Geeta - 2.

Geeta tries to score some more, but the referee blows the whistle.

The round is nearing completion.

Geeta is still behind by a point.

Geeta in trouble!

Geeta gets 3 points!

Geeta - 5; Melissa - 3.

Just four seconds to go.

Yes, Geeta!

Geeta's back in the match!

It's one round each.

Geeta has shown that she is not going to accept defeat so easily.

It's the last round.

Play defensive.

Got it?

Play attacking!

And the last round begins.

Geeta on the attack.

1 point for Geeta.

Geeta - 1; Melissa - 0.

2 more points in Geeta's kitty.

Geeta-3; Melissa - 0.

Will she manage to keep her lead?

Very good. Defend now.

3 points for Melissa!

I told you to defend.

No problem. Keep attacking!

The score is equal at 3-3.

Go for it, Geeta!

This match can tilt either way.

Geeta was poised to win but lost her lead.

Geeta's in danger.

Wow! What a move!

3 points to Geeta!

Keep her down, Geeta.

Geeta has won this match!

India's Geeta Kumari Phogat, has proven her critics wrong.

A proud moment for Geeta's father, Mahavir Singh Phogat!

So far India has won, five gold, 13 silver and seven bronze medals.

In women's wrestling, India's Geeta Kumari Phogat, has entered the semi-finals of the 55-kilo category.

Geeta will now face Nigeria's Naomi Edwards, two time world champion.

What do you think?

Naomi is a very strong wrestler.

Extremely aggressive and attacking.

She doesn't give any opportunity to her opponent.

It's not going to be easy for Geeta this time.

Today, you played as per your will.

Now, do as I say.

Or it's impossible to win.

It's a difficult one, but not impossible.

You'll have to play offensive!

You have to play defensive.

Just go for the points!

Don't go for the points.

You'll get a lot of opportunities.

Don't give her any opportunities because she won't give you any.

Force a lock-jam each time.

If she doesn't get to score, she'll get frustrated, and will give you an opportunity.

That's the moment we should grab!

The first semi-final match in the 55-kilo category.

India's Geeta Kumari versus Nigeria's Naomi Edwards.

Naomi attacking from the start.

And against her nature, Geeta playing defensive.

Naomi attacks!

Geeta in trouble.

Geeta putting up a strong defense.

Geeta holding her back.

Naomi made a strong attempt.

But Geeta held her own.

Go on the attack!

Go easy.

Naomi gets rough.

She seems frustrated.

Naomi twisting Geeta's wrist.

Naomi is being given a warning.

Hang in there, Geeta!

That's 3 points for Naomi!

Geeta had been holding her off well.

A really good effort, but Naomi's broken through her defense.

Geeta has to act fast.

Geeta takes Naomi down.

1 point to Geeta!

She's still trying.

And time's up!

Geeta played well, but she's lost this first round.

What are you doing, Geeta?

Why don't you attack?

The second round begins.

Naomi attacks.

Naomi tries to flip Geeta.

But Geeta defends well.

Naomi puts all her strength, but Geeta isn't giving her a chance.

This is an exciting match.

Naomi trying hard, but Geeta not giving her space.

Naomi attacks again.

Geeta defends.

A nice defense by Geeta.

The referee breaks the fight.

Second round is still 0-0.

Naomi must be wondering how to break Geeta's defense.

"If she doesn't get to score, she'll get frustrated, and will give you an opportunity."

Naomi attacks.

"That's the moment we should grab!"

3 Points!

And Geeta wins this round, 3-0.

Naomi, look at me.

That girl, she's smart.

But you are double smart.


Don't allow her to turn you easily.

How are you fighting?

Sir, I am fighting as I have learnt.

The third and final round has started.

It's interesting to see, that Naomi is now playing cautiously.

Naomi trying real hard.

But Geeta holding her back.

It's a lock position again.

Naomi attacks again.

Geeta holds her back.

Will Naomi score?

Hold on, Geeta!

The score stands at 0-0.

Naomi tries harder.

Geeta is exposed here but holds her back.

Geeta hanging on by the skin of her teeth.

Only 12 seconds left.

The score still 0-0.

Geeta attacks!

With that this round is tied at 0-0.

She could have scored.

Now there'll be a toss.

Now there will be a toss.

This is known as a 'clinch’.

The wrestler who wins the toss gets to choose a grip, and gets 30 seconds to score.

If the red side falls up, Naomi gets to attack, if it's blue, Geeta gets to attack.

In 99 percent of the cases the one who wins the toss, wins the match.


Maybe even destiny doesn't want Geeta to win.

It's next to impossible to defend against Naomi for 30 seconds.

- Which leg do you choose? Right.

Naomi has chosen Geeta's right leg.

Geeta takes a defensive position.

Naomi takes her grip of choice.

Now, Geeta has two options.

Not allow Naomi to score for 30 seconds, or score herself, and win the match.

In this position against Naomi, both are almost impossible.

She lifts Geeta!

And Geeta scores a point!

No one expected Geeta to win this match.

She has beaten the number one contender for gold, in this very exciting clinch, and entered the finals!

And let's hope that Geeta Phogat, maintains her wonderful form in the finals too.

Shall we go, uncle?

Let's see the next match.

Let's find out whether Geeta's finals is against the Australian, or the Scottish wrestler.

I'm very proud of Geeta.

She followed my strategy to the T.

The result is in front of you.

Here she comes.

She looks good.

I mean... as a wrestler.

Uncle, isn't she the same one from the DVD?

Angelina Watson.

She's defeated Geeta twice.

She's played well till now.

And she'll play well in the finals too.

I've always had faith in Geeta.

Sooner or later she had to win an international medal.

A silver is guaranteed now!

The final won't be so easy.

Geeta-ji, your game has changed dramatically.

How did this happen?

The entire credit for this, goes to my father.

He never stopped believing in me.


Hello, Mr. Shamim.

Congratulations, Mahavir-ji!

Geeta fought very well.

All of Balali is proud.

And these girls insisted, on watching Geeta's match in the stadium, or they won't eat.

How did you like the match?

Loved it!

Give this to her.

What is this?

I prayed for her.

Tomorrow is the final.

Bless you!

How can we allow this, sir?

Mahavir Singh is shouting instructions to Geeta from the audience.

The poor thing is getting confused whether to listen to him or me.

From her game, it sure doesn't seem like she's confused.

Besides, how can we ask the audience to remain silent?

Aren't you the coach?

She should be listening to you.

No, sir... she is listening to me.

That's why she's winning. Then what's the problem?

You wanted a bronze, right?

It's quite possible that tomorrow she may win gold.


I'm surprised she's made it so far but I am happy for her.

It should be an interesting final tomorrow.

Playing an Indian in front of an Indian crowd.

Beating her, of course!

Angelina, any pressure before the finals?

Yeah, I'm sure she must be under tremendous pressure.

I've beaten her twice.

First round? Yeah.

Yeah, first round.

So, thank you and, Namaste!

What's the strategy for tomorrow, papa?

There is only one strategy for tomorrow, child.

You have to fight in a way that people remember you.

If you win silver, sooner or later you'll be forgotten.

If you win gold, you will become an example.

And examples are given, child... not forgotten.

See those girls?

If you win tomorrow, you will not win alone.

Millions of girls like them will win along with you.

It'll be a victory for every girl who is considered inferior to boys; who is forced into household chores, who is married off to just raise children.

Tomorrow's match is the most important one.

Because tomorrow you won't be fighting just that Australian but all those people who think less of girls.

The finals of the women's wrestling, Commonwealth Games 2010, 55-kilo category, is about to begin.

India's Geeta Kumari versus Australia's Angelina Watson.

We'd like to remind you all, that never before has an Indian female wrestler, ever won gold in the Commonwealth Games.

In this crowd, we see, a lot of hope, enthusiasm and the Indian flag.

Hello, sir!

Aren't you Mahavir Singh-ji?

Geeta's father? Yes.

A moment please.

The chairman of the Wrestling Federation wants to meet you.

Some important matter.

I'll meet him later. It's my daughter's match.

He's a big man. He might get offended.

Just two minutes.

You carry on. I'll be there.

"The entire credit for this goes to my father."

Go... take the credit.

How much further is it?

We are almost there, sir.

Where have you got me?

Hey, brother!

What are you doing, brother?

A thunderous applause for Geeta as she walks in.

Is anyone there?


Anyone there?

This is the final.

Play carefully.

Angelina Watson enters the stadium.

And the final match begins.

Go for gold, Geeta!

Angelina, aggressive from the start.

She attacks.

Geeta defends.

And 3 points for Geeta!

Geeta takes a big lead right from the start.

Geeta - 3; Angelina - 0.

Good... good!

Another point for Geeta.

Geeta - 4; Angelina - 0.

Geeta playing very well.

Angelina will need to act fast.

1 point to Angelina.

Angelina looks for a take-down.

Geeta defends well.

Referee whistles.

Geeta leads, 4-1.

1 point to Geeta. Geeta-5; Angelina -1.

And with this, Geeta Kumari wins the first round quite easily.

Perhaps Angelina is realizing, that this is not the same Geeta, whom she had defeated easily in the past.

And the second round starts.

Will Geeta win this round and create history?

An excellent take-down! 1 point to Geeta.

Geeta - 1; Angelina - 0.

Go... Geeta, go!

2 more points for Geeta!

Geeta - 3; Angelina - 0.

Geeta bearing down on Angelina.

Geeta attacks!

1 point for Geeta.

Two more points, and she'll win this round by technical superiority, and the championship!

Geeta bearing down with all her might.

Will Geeta win?

The referee's whistle saves Angelina!

No problem... Geeta!

Angelina seems furious.

1 point for Angelina. Angelina - 1; Geeta - 4.

Geeta is still in danger.

2 more points for Angelina.

Geeta - 4; Angelina - 3.

No problem... come on!

Geeta still leads by 1 point.

She needs to hold on to it a little longer.

Will Geeta retain this lead?

Time is running out.

Geeta defends well.

Angelina going all out.

3 points to Angelina!

Angelina - 6; Geeta - 4.

And this round comes to an end.

And Angelina has shown what a true champion is made of!

What are you doing? You could've won the match!

Angelina, with renewed enthusiasm.

It's not going to be easy for Geeta.

Angelina aggressive from the start.

3 points for Angelina!

A 3-point lead in the final round!

Angelina - 3; Geeta - 0.

1 point more to Angelina.

Angelina - 4; Geeta - 0.

And this match leaning in favour of Angelina.

If Geeta has to get back, she needs to score fast.

A clever move by Geeta.

1 point to Geeta!

Angelina - 4; Geeta - 1.

Time... running out.

Geeta needs to keep at it.

But carefully, because if Angelina scores again, it'll be impossible to make a comeback.

Geeta attacks, but Angelina scores a point!

Angelina - 5; Geeta - 1.

It's almost impossible now for Geeta to make a comeback!


"Your papa won't be there to save you every time."

"I can only teach you to fight."

"But you have to fight yourself."

"Make the effort... save yourself."

Only 22 seconds left.

And Geeta is trailing by 4 points.

At this level, it's almost impossible to cover this lead in such short time.

"To score five points is difficult, but it can be done."

Geeta trying.

But Angelina stalling for time.

Just a few seconds left.

And India might have to settle for a silver.

"You have to play with the opponent's mind."

"Fake a move, but make another."

And a fantastic move by Geeta.

Will time be on her side?

It's a gold for Geeta!

Geeta has achieved the impossible!

She is the first ever female Indian wrestler, to win gold at the Commonwealth Games!

Who would have thought that a girl from a small village in India, is capable of leaving her mark on the whole world!

Well done, Geeta!

A proud moment for India indeed!


Where's papa?

I don't know.

We came together though.

And now the gold medal, for India's Geeta Kumari Phogat.

And now, as per tradition, the national anthem of the winning country will play.

Victory to India!

Hey! What are you doing here?

Geeta, come... the media is waiting.


Come. Everyone is waiting.

Come... come.

And finally uncle uttered those golden words, that we had been pining to hear for the past 10 years.

I'm proud of you!