Dangerous Partners (1945) Script

"Mexico City calling flight 12."

"Mexico City calling flight 12. Over."

"Mexico City calling flight 12."

"Mexico City calling flight 12. Over."

"Ridgewood calling flight 12. Over."

"Ridgewood calling flight 12 .. over."

That's the last.

There is a village a few miles away. I'm going to see if I can get some help.

I might take a while. Will you be okay, Mrs Ballister?

I'll be alright. Don't worry about me.

If I ever have another plane crash, ma'am.

Be there.



Clyde .. get up.

I don't ..

My head, my head.

The man with the steel case .. is unconscious.

Steel case? Yes, the steel briefcase.

Our chance.

Get it.

But I can't. It's locked to his wrist.

I can't move.

In Lisbon, you kept moving with a bullet in your stomach.

Of course, that was two years ago.

He must have a fortune in there, to guard it like that.

Come on.

I hope he has the key for the briefcase with him.

It's a plane ticket from Mexico City to Cleveland, Ohio.

His name is Albert Richard Kingby.

The key?

Well, it's just papers.

It's a Will.

Leaving Albert Richard Kingby.

Over a million dollars in securities.

Signed by Miles Kempen.

Another Will leaving Kingby a million dollars.

Signed by professor Roland Budlow in New York.

Two more.

Four separate Wills.

Each one leaving at least a million in securities.

To Albert Richard Kingby.

Plum tart, roast beef and split-pea soup.

It's a menu backwards.

Miles Kempen.

Cleveland, Ohio.


Why, that's where Kingby is going.

Mrs Ballister.

Please, ma'am.

That sunshine is powerful strong.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

I found a man who spoke English. He's gone for help.


Do you feel better, now?



I'll get some wood.

Four Wills.

And four million dollars.

Miles Kempen in Cleveland.

Professor Roland Budlow in New York City.

Marie Drumman .. on Bedford's Island.

Ben Albee, Providence.

And each of them leaves a million dollars to the same person.

There must be something slightly illegal about it.

And interesting.

Plum tart, roast beef, split-pea soup.

Miles Kempen in Cleveland.

Mr Kempen's apartment.

I see, sir. Who is calling, please?

It's a Mr Kingby.


Mr Albert Richard Kingby.

I am sorry, sir. Mr Kempen isn't here.

I've left town.

Mr Kempen has left town for a few days.

Any message?

Thank you, sir.

No message.

Are you feeling ill, sir?

I'm quite alright. That will be all, Charles.

Hello. This is Mr Miles Kempen. Connect me with Lily Roegan, please.

Her dressing-room. Thank you.

Lily. Listen carefully.

Tell Farrel to get hold of his lawyer.

The one who defended him in the racket investigation.

"Caighn" I think his name is. Jeff Caighn.

Yeah, I'll be right over.

Yes, Lily.

It's very important.

Good evening, Mr Kempen.

Miss Roegan is in my office. Caighn is on his way over.

He's a tough man to locate at night.


What's wrong?

Just a moment, Farrel.

Miss Roegan will not be singing here after tonight.

Miles .. I can't.

I'll say she can't.

I've got a contract. Yes .. I'm aware of that.

Now is .. is that enough?

I always liked to see people happy.

It's okay with me, Mr Kempen.

Lily .. will you be able to take the noon plane with me to Florida tomorrow?


We'll be married in the morning.


Oh, Miles.

Happy? What do you think?

I follow this number.

See you.

Kempen, here he is. Jeff Caighn.

Good to know you. How do you do.

You can't want a better legal mind.

Especially for something that ain't quite legal.


Mr Caighn.

This is quite legal.


I simply want you to draw up my Will.

Leaving everything I own to my future wife.

The important element is time.

I'm being married in the morning, and taking the noon plane.

I want the new Will signed and notarized before I leave.

Mr Caighn.

Are you listening?

No .. I'm writing an address.

There is a kid who just got out of law school. He draws up beautiful Wills.


Mr Caighn, you're right. I want more than that.

I understood that you were tough.

There is nothing you wouldn't do for money.

And you do protect your clients.

What's in the old Will?

Is that necessary?

Can't we say in the new one that it's been, what do you call it ..?

Abrogated? Yeah, we can do that.

See, if I should die.

They'll attack the new Will. Say I wasn't in my right mind.

You are marrying Lily Roegan?


You're in your right mind.

After you've protected the Will.

You are to see that Lily keeps the money.

And keeps her life.


Sounds ominous.

Then there is the element of danger.

For me?

I understood you weren't easily frightened.

Large fees give me courage.

You can write your own.


Come along. I have a table.


"I'm so glad to be here."

"I just had to be here."

"From the day when he smiled."

"And took my hand."

"It's so grand to be .."

Straight scotch, Mr Caighn? Yeah.

Mr Kempen?

He drinks milk.

"And he knows it, too."

"What it is to be kissed. To be kissed by him."


"When I'm in his arms I'm aware of .."

"The thrill that words alone cannot express."

"And I'm so grateful he allows me a share of .."

"His brand of happiness."

"I guess I'm here .."

"Until he slams the door."

"His kiss is for evermore .."

"Although I know that the spark may die."


"Still I kiss."

"And I like it."

"That way .."

Hello Miles.

Well I am surprised.

The last place in the world I ever expected to see old Miles Kempen.

I'm sorry. I .. I rang you up today.

Several times in fact.

I was told you'd got out of town.

Oh .. oh yes.

Mr Caighn.

Mt Kingby.

Hi. How do you do.

As I finished my business sooner than I expected I came right from the train.

I can see why.

So .. will you have a drink? No. No thanks.

I just ordered dinner at my own table.

Plum tart.

Roast beef.

Split-pea soup.

Why don't you two join me?

No .. no thanks.


Well, I'd better be getting back.

Let's see each other soon, Miles.

Whenever you say. Tomorrow?


Well tomorrow. Tomorrow is fine.

Not in the morning. Any time after twelve.

What about lunch? One o'clock?

My hotel. The Fortney.

Splendid. I'll be there. Good.

Goodnight, Mr Caighn. Goodnight.

If you had a spare room I could draw your Will tonight.

If you had a typewriter.

If you could stand a bigger fee.

You are making too much of my slight intimation of danger.

Just bring the Will to me tomorrow morning and be on hand until I leave.

Do you know Mr Caighn? I've heard of you a number of times.

I've looked at you a number of times.

Oh, congratulations.

You told him?

Is everything settled?

Oh yes, yes. Everything is fine.

I'll see you in the morning. I'm at the Innwood Apartments.

Goodnight. Goodnight.


Okay, Caighn? Yeah, fine.

The man at that table. What happened to him?

He left.

Without eating his dinner? He didn't order any.

Well, have a drink, Farrel.

Thank you. It's on the house.


Hello Mr Kempen?

My name is Ballister.

No, you don't know me. I just arrived in Cleveland.

But I would like to see you.

Well, I'd rather not discuss it on the telephone.

But it is a matter of considerable importance to both of us.

Yes, sir .. I could be there in half an hour.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Well .. that wasn't too difficult, was it?


I don't like it.

Do you like having less than a hundred dollars?

Alright. We've got the appointment.

Now, how do we begin?

How do we go about exploring Mr Kempen's mind.

With so little to work on.


You have done more with much less.

This is the wrong way for us to start in America.


I want this stone to be real again.

I want to forget there was such a thing as a 2-dollar hotel room in Cleveland.

Yes, but it's a safe room.

There is no-one here to bother us. No-one to follow us.

Any two normal people could live here together.

Happy. With some sort of a future to look forward to.

Why must we start the whole thing all over again?


There isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for you.

Stop whining then.

Remember this, Clyde.

When we first met, I lived in a normal safe room.

You opened my eyes to the world outside that room.

And I like it.

I am going on with you. Or without you.

Make up your mind.

Yes, but it's all so vague.

Four Wills .. a menu in reverse.

If we only had some idea what it was all about.

It's about four million dollars.

That's enough for me.

Oh, Mr Kempen?

Come in.

Are you Mr Ballister? Yes.

This is my wife. How do you do, Mr Kempen.

My name is Duffy.

I am a Police Lieutenant. Oh. Has something happened?

Mr Kempen is dead.


I talked to him on the telephone only half an hour ago.


You spoke to me.

Oh, I see.

What did you want to see him about, Mr Ballister?

I don't think that concerns you, Lieutenant.

It might.

Clyde, I ..

I think you had better tell him.

Well, I wanted to ask Mister Kempen's advice on business.

You are an old friend of his?

If it was you that answered the telephone you know perfectly well ..

That Miles Kempen had never even heard of me.

Oh yes.

Do big investors generally live in hotels with a 2-dollar top?

You will pardon my curiosity.

I had your call traced.


As a matter of fact, Lieutenant.

My husband came here because he needed a job.


The cadaver is yours, Duffy. I've finished.

And ..? Just routine.

Is there anything else, Lieutenant?


We don't need you.

Goodbye, Lieutenant. Goodbye.

A suicide, doctor? Very ingenious.

The man hit himself on the head with a 300-pound statue.

Where are you going, Mack?

Hello Caighn. Come on in.

Hiya, Duffy.


He stepped on my toe, Lieutenant. Forget it. Back to the corridor.

What are you doing here, Caighn?

Well, I'm Kempen's lawyer.

What are you doing here?

I'm afraid you've lost a client.


An accident.

I'll show you.

When did it happen?

The doctor said he died sometime in the middle of last night.

Apparently, it toppled over while he was on the telephone.

When we found him, his leg was caught in the telephone cord.

He must have fallen against the statue and upset it.

It used to stand up on the pedestal. Who told you that?

Lily Roegan. Roegan?

Did she find him? This morning, when she came.

Where is she now?

I sent her home. She was pretty badly broken up about it.

I can well imagine.

Why the great big grin?

The corpse had a lot of what it takes.

Ha .. you're a cynical fellow.

Any chance a blackjack was used on him first and then the statue to cover up?

Have you any reason for saying that?


I hope you won't have any objections if we call it an accident.

Forget it, Duffy. You know your business.

Then, why are we trying to make it murder?

I got a nasty mind.

So long.

Yes? "Miss Roegan is here."

Fine. Send her in.

Thank you for coming, Miss Roegan.

I am sure it will be to our mutual advantage.

Please sit down. Thank you.

It's about this item in the Legal Recorder.

The Will of a late Miles Kempen who died two weeks ago, was probated yesterday.

The principal beneficiary is Albert Richard Kingby.

Whose inheritance exceeds a million dollars in stocks and bonds.

What has that got to do with me?

The night I met Mr Kempen, I drew a new Will for him.

Did you know that? No.

He never had a chance to sign it.

He'd left everything to you.

To me?

It's .. quite a piece of cash.

It's a shame you won't get it.

Thank you.

Is that all? Wait a minute.

Mr Kempen was my client.

And I feel a moral obligation to carry out his wishes.

He wanted you to inherit his fortune.

You can't do anything about that now.

I'm not so sure.

What do you mean?

What do you know about Kingby?

What difference does that make?

Did you know that Kempen was mortally afraid of him?

You think he killed Miles? I didn't say that.

But I do think between us ..

We know enough about Kingby to make him part with a few bonds.

You mean blackmail?

Don't even whisper the word.

It's just a settlement out of court.

What they say about you is true.

There is nothing you wouldn't do for money.


You don't have to get nasty about it.

All you have to do is say no. Well, that's the answer.

Can't you leave us alone?

I'm sorry, Miss Roegan.

I didn't understand. No, you wouldn't.

I wish I knew how to apologize. Don't bother.

Miss Day, get me Joe the porter at the Fortney Hotel.


Listen .. you've got a man there named Kingby.

Albert Richard Kingby.

I want to know when he checks out and where he's going.

Mr Kingby.

Why, my very good Samaritan.

What a pleasant surprise.

How do you do. How are you?

I'm fine, Mr Ballister. Thanks to you two.

Are you for New York? Yeah. You?

Where you go, we go.

Oh that's right. I forgot. Congratulations.


Didn't you just inherit a lot of money? Me?

Yes. We read it in the paper.

What was the man's name?

It was "Kempen" wasn't it?

When I saw you beside the wrecked plane in Mexico, I said to myself.

There is a man who looks like a million dollars.

I wish it were true.

It must have been another Kingby.

I've never heard of "Kempen", did you say?

Oh, what a pity.

I thought we were running short of some luck.

Touch pitch and you get black, you know.

I'm afraid you've found the wrong shade of pitch.

Oh, I'm feeling tired.

Bed sounds awfully good to me.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Thank you.

May I?

My husband will be back in a moment.

In that case we don't have long to get acquainted.

I wonder where we are.

The train threw me.

For a minute I thought it was the sight of Mr Kingby that threw you.

Excuse me.

I must have left my lighter in the dining car.

Let's talk this over.

Knifed. Hmm.

Kingby's compartment? Yes.

We'd better call the Conductor. Wait.

I don't want to be tied up with a murder.

He was your husband.

Then you are tied up in a murder. Not necessarily.

Depends on you.

Just as long as I'm not involved.

You have a penknife?



If you ever want a recommendation.

This is mine.

I want to get off the train before they find him.

Why bring suspicion on yourself?

They won't find the body until the train gets in to the yard in New York.

You'd better sit down.

You were following Kingby.


Who are you?

That's not the question I put to the witness.

I'd like an answer.

Alright. I'll answer the question.

I was not following him.

What's that for? You're in a bad spot.

I don't think so.

Concealing evidence. Accessory after the fact of murder.

Exactly the same as you.

Oh no.

After I tell the Conductor about those labels in your purse.

I'll be out of it.

I merely looked on.

I just wanted to see how far you'd go.

So, it's only your word against mine.

And I'm a fairly respectable citizen.

You won't tell the Conductor.

[ Door knocks ]

Don't think I won't use this.

Did you want me, sir?

Sorry, porter.

It was a mistake.

You wanted to know who I am.

I was Kempen's lawyer.

I think Kingby murdered Kempen.

Now I want to prove it.

You're not interested in Mr Kingby's inheritance, of course?

Purely incidental.

So if I told you that together, we might get 3 times as much as Mr Kingby got.

You wouldn't give a listen?

How much?

Just for politeness.


There are three more Wills.

Each one leaving Kingby another million dollars.

Who are the testators?

Oh you know .. sometimes I'm cautious myself.

Did you ever hear of a menu that begins with a .. plum tart?

What does that mean?

What are the names on the Wills?

I'm afraid I'm going to need you in my business.

I think it is about time for us to join forces.

We've got a lot to talk about.

A partnership?

A partnership.

Wait a minute.

How sure are you that Professor Budlow doesn't know Kingby?

Kempen didn't.

Oh, hello.

I suppose you wish to know if I have time to take your child.

I always find that one can make time if one must.

My name is Kingby. Yes, sir.

This is Mrs Kingby. How do you do.

How do you do.

Your child is undoubtedly very young?

And you wish to know what age is best to start.

My name is Albert Richard Kingby.

Oh yes.

Of course.

I you'll excuse me for a moment. My pupil.

Ah no. Stop, stop, stop.

You asked me for a piece.

I gave you a piece.

But you are not ready for a piece my boy.

So we return to the arpeggio and the chromatic scale.

Now, start.

Please come in. I'm sorry to have kept you.

Sit down.

I must say I'm surprised to see you so soon.


Well, the morning paper said ..

That you disappeared from your train last night.

Before it reached New York.


The paper also said.

That an unidentified dead body was found.

In your compartment.

I don't like being questioned, professor.

Please understand that.

I merely thought that New York should be a dangerous place for you.

At this time.

New York can be a dangerous place for anyone.


I think my husband is irritable because he's hungry.

I know I am.

You got a plum tart in your icebox?

Would that satisfy you?

Not completely.

Then maybe some ..

Roast beef?

Split-pea soup?

The fact is.

That I expected you .. unaccompanied.


Why, I .. I suppose I imagined ..

Imagination plays no part in this business.

But still you got off the train.

Before it reached New York.

How did you get here so quickly?

I did it on a magic carpet.

I like magic carpets.

And I like the Will you signed.

I'd even like to put it into operation.

Right now.

I must confess this is a tremendous relief to me.

You will understand, Mr Kingby. I had to make sure.

Naturally. Come along, dear.

Once again I'll be a free man.

Able to put all my attention upon my music.

I am very, very grateful.

No more than we are.

And I'm glad you're both happy.

I am really hungry now.

Good day, professor. Good day. - Bye.

He stinks.

What's in that? Bonds.

How much? A million.

I like your style, Caighn.

For a minute there, I wasn't so sure about it myself.

I didn't know if he would pull the gun or the bonds.


And you stood between the professor and me in case it was a gun.

Somebody had to be left to yell for help.

Wait for me. Yes, sir.

No good?

My fault. You don't like hot dogs?


Well, what do you do at a baseball game?

Never been to a baseball game.


Strange ways, woman.

Well, I guess we're ready for business.


The most private place in the world.

Nobody would believe us if we told them what it was.

Well .. I've never had heart failure before, but ..

Look .. I'll show you.

Excuse me stranger, could I ..

Interest you in a brand new $100,000 bond?

It will cost you exactly a quarter.

Hey, what do you think I am, a sucker?

Excuse me. No offense.

Two coffees. Right.

Like the Rock of Gibraltar every one of them.

Payable to bearer.

One, two, three, four, five.

One two three four five.

A half million dollars for you.

Five hundred thousand for me.

And fifty cents cash for me.


I hear they're putting a ceiling on pipedreams, brother.

Sugar? No thank you.

Let's see.

The next is Marie Drumman on Bedford's Island.

Quite a trip, up there.

Yes, it's about six hours, but ..

Here is to you, Marie Drumman.

You look very fetching when you're puzzled.

Do you think Bedford's Island is worth the risk?

I wouldn't try it alone.

Would you?

Oh, I wouldn't even think about it.

I know you wouldn't. After all, what's money?

All we want is enough for a little log cabin in Maine.

And a black-tiled bathroom for you. And maybe a yacht for me.

And enough money in the bank to spend 50 or 60 thousand any time we want to.

Careful, cautious. Caighn.

You said "we".

You know something? What?

There are some people you do not have to be cautious with.

I know exactly how I stand with you.

How? Facing you.

Both of us know that to turn our back makes an excellent target for a knife.

I would just as soon not hear about the knife.


Caighn. Huh?

Clyde never meant anything to me.

Not really. Will you believe that?


Now, about the lady on Bedford's Island?

I'll think about it.

Alright. Let's forget about the whole thing today.

You know, I feel strangely rich. I want to buy a few things.

Orchids, dinner, a show.

Take you to the best nightclub in town.

I want to step on your feet and feel your hair on my nose.

I was wrong about you. You are a romantic.

A deal? That's a deal.

I have to go to the station to get my clothes.

I haven't worn a long dress for three months.

I'd better get a shave. I'll get our bags.

Fine, I'll get us two rooms at the Cheswick.


You've got the gun.

Here's the check for my trunks. Thank you.


Tried to sell me a $100,000 bond for two bits.

No kidding? Yeah.

Hey, do I look like a dope?


One ticket for Bedford's Island please.

Thank you.

Change at New Bedford for the ferry. Thank you.

Oh, I'm sorry.

We're closed for the season.

I wish to see Miss Drumman.

There is no Miss Drumman.

Marie Drumman?

Mrs Drumman? Yes.



You can save your breath. She ain't buying nothing.

Well ..

Tell her it's about ..

It's about a Will.

Wait here .. hey, Ma.

Ma says you should come in.

Come in, my dear.

Sit here. Thank you.

It was something about a Will? Yes.

In which my husband is a beneficiary.

Albert Richard Kingby.

Why didn't your husband come?

Did you read the paper today?

Yes. Well.

You will understand it is a little uncomfortable for him to show in public.


So I have taken his place.

You've just come all the way from New York?


You must be tired .. and hungry.

Shan't I get you something to eat? Thank you. Very thoughtful of you.

What shall it be?

Plum tart, roast beef and split-pea soup?

Ma, there is a man to see you.


Mrs Kingby, would you mind waiting for a moment in there?

Jonathan will show you.

Jonathan, take good care of Mrs Kingby. Yes, Ma.

Come in, Mr Kingby.

Come in, please.

This lady claims to your wife, Mr Kingby.

I suspected that she was an imposter.

You will see that she gives no trouble, Jonathan.

Get away from her.

Of course she's my wife.

Come here, darling.

You didn't know that she was coming?

Does it matter?


Get the bonds, Mrs Drumman.

Very well.

A very entertaining performance.


Let's be comfortable while we consider the situation.

Sit down, Mrs Ballister.

And Mister ..

Caighn, if I remember correctly.


Extremely energetic of you, Mr Caighn.


You've broken my best lamp.

Stop that, Mrs Drumman.

I don't know whether I'll ever get another glass shade.

Release him.

Well, Mrs Ballister.

It's a long way from Matamoros, Mexico.

No longer than it takes to commit two murders.

My friends, let us be brief.


I should like the bonds you got from professor Budlow.

I'm afraid this isn't going to be brief.

You haven't them with you?

No. Oh ..

I'm afraid I don't trust you, Mr Caighn.

Your reputation is not too savoury.

Did you say that?

You will stand still if you please.


If you don't mind .. your purse, please.

She brought a suitcase, Ma.

Where dear? In the parlor.


You will remain with our friends, Ezra.

If they won't tell us where the bonds are.

We'll let them lead us.

Your key, Mrs Ballister.

Thank you, Mr Kingby.

Well, my friends.

What are we going to do?

You've got me there.

I need those bonds badly.

Very badly.

You know, Mr Kingby.

My heart bleeds for you.

You might just as well give them to me and gain my friendship.

Darling. Yes?

Do we want to be friends with him?

Well, I don't like him as an enemy.

Perhaps a change might help.


That's sensible.

Let's talk it over quietly and simply.

That's the way I like it.

Quick, the gun.

Quiet and get moving.

Don't move.

Run Carola, run.

Not as comfortable as a hotel but a lot safer at the moment.

The first ferry I think leaves about seven o'clock in the morning.

Well, we'd better keep our eyes open.

That's my department.

You get some sleep.


I wonder what kind of business he's in.

Who, Kingby? Yeah.

Miles Kempen wanted to leave his money to Lili Roegan.

But he was scared to death over the idea of doing it.

When Kingby appeared .. Kempen died.

You know, Professor Budlow and Mrs Drumman ..

Certainly don't live like millionaires.

Strange thing is, none of them appear to have anything in common with each other.

Except leaving Kingby a million dollars apiece.

About the fourth Will?

Mr Ben Albee of Providence.


I wonder what he'll turn out to be.

I hope I don't find out.

You are a rather wonderful man, Caighn.


I said you are a rather wonderful man.


Chock full of instinct and self-preservation.


You could have thrown me to the wolves, you know. For coming up here alone.

I like to pick my own wolves.


Well, I don't know why I am apologizing to you.

After all, you didn't go to the hotel just to be kind.


The ferry is up that way.

It could be a bottleneck, you know. Yes, I know.

It was loaded when Kingby took it from my purse.

I'm a brilliant fellow.

He let us escape.

That ferry is going to be a bottleneck.

Well, I looked all over. None of them aboard.

Drink to me only with thine eyes.

That's a corny tune.

You're a hard man, Caighn.

There is something rather symbolic about this.

Symbolic? Uhuh.

About what?

It's the first time I've leaned on anyone, really.

He's quite impressive, if you know what I mean.

He could make a stab at it.

Well, what's next for us?

Yes, I'm asking you. You are the senior partner.

No kidding, now.


Next, we've got to dispose of the bonds. Where?

Mexico. South America.

Sounds really good, doesn't it. Uhuh.

Sounds almost too good for us.

Two to New York. Thank you.

It looks as if we have broken the bottleneck.

We've even got time to celebrate.

The paper I left with you yesterday, please.

Thank you.

Carola. Uhuh.

Now I know what kind of business Kingby is in.

Do you? What?

He's working for the Nazis.

Captain Budlow.

Marie Drumman. Ben Albee.

The money must have been deposited with them somehow before the war.

Then put into good American bonds.


Budlow didn't know us.

Yet he gave us the bonds.

That means.

When the money is needed, an agent appears.

Identifies himself with the name of Mr Kingby at the mansion.

The Wills must have been for protection.

In case any of them died before Kingby got here.

Or didn't want to give up the money like Kempen.

Those bonds are to pay for hideaways for Nazi leaders who escape from Germany.


Not the million dollars we have.

Kingby still has three million. Kingby?

Pah .. you don't want to get involved with him again, do you, do you?


But we've got to tell the police.

The police will take the bonds away from us.

You're right.

We've got to turn them over first.


Really, this is childish.

I'm very surprised at you.

I'm a little bit surprised at myself.

There is only one thing that counts.

You know that as well as I do.

Get what you're after.

Now, we've both got that.




I don't really know much I mean to you.

I think you do know.


Why throw it all away then?

There isn't anything I wouldn't risk just for you.


This isn't even a gamble.

You just want to give up.


This is bigger than money.

Nothing is bigger than a million dollars.


I guess I'm a .. little backward.

Let's forget it.


You see what happens when you argue?

Excuse me.

We were told to kill the lady if you made any trouble.

Alright. Let's go. Stay where you are.

We saw the lady get the bonds in the station and put them in her purse.

It's almost train time, Caighn. We'd better .. oh.

Well, old Howard. Let's keep it quiet.


I have to pay my check. The drinks are on me.

Well, Mr Albee?

They are not in the station wagon.

You wouldn't have thrown the bonds out of the window.

Wouldn't I?

Where are the bonds?

I've had a lapse of memory.


Get up, Mr Caighn.

The stool, Jonathan.

Sit down, Mr Caighn.

I'll take it standing.

Wait a minute, Mr Kingby.

Perhaps we can talk business. Perhaps.

Caighn and I are not exactly greedy.

We might consider a reasonable share.

What do you consider reasonable?

Seventy-five percent. For me?

No. For us.

I'm afraid that terminates the discussion.

Mr Kingby.

I ..

I realize that your arguments are stronger than ours.

What do you consider reasonable? Seventy-five percent for me.



You know.

This place doesn't look exactly healthy.

She doesn't know where the bonds are, Kingby.

And I'm not going to tell her.

Get up, Mr Caighn.

We've plenty of time for this sort of thing.

I know.


Caighn, please tell them. The money isn't worth it.

It's not the money.

I don't understand.

I do, Mrs Ballister.

I understand him very well.


Take care of Mrs Ballister.

She doesn't know anything, Kingby.

I realize that.

I am truly sorry, Mrs Ballister.

I don't know how long you will last through a physical beating.

But then I'm not really interested in that.

I'm solely interested in how long Mr Caighn will allow it to continue.

Listen, Carola.

Tell them, Caighn. Please tell them.

You know what kind of a business they're in.

I won't be able to stand it.


You said that you loved me.

I do.

He means.

He could not love thee dear, so much.

Loved he not honor more.

Mrs Ballister.

It's not sporting to shoot a sitting pigeon.

Mister Albee.

Perhaps you'd better hold her up this time.

Our trade has its blacker moments, Mr Albee.

That's right, Mr Albee.

Hard to take, isn't he.

Maybe it's because you haven't got the cultural background ..

Of your Aryan friend.

It takes a real superman to beat a woman.

No, Mr Caighn.

Not quite clever enough.

You don't think that I will lose my temper and let this gun go off.

Do you want Mrs Ballister spared any further pain?

Because she knows nothing.

No, Mr Caighn.

No. We're not going to shoot you.


Mr Albee.

If you please.


What's the matter with you? You crazy?


Yes, he's crazy.

Crazy enough to die.

And to sacrifice me for something he believes in.

It is beyond me, Caighn.

But if it's that important to you.

It must be worth fighting for.

Just don't tell them.

What's the matter?

Nobody move!

Hold it.

There. That should hold you for a while. Thank you.

Thanks, doctor.

I guess we got everything. Goodnight.


Don't forget the District Attorney wants to see you tomorrow morning.

Eleven o'clock.

We'll be there. Oh.

I almost forgot to give you this.

The girl in the bar says it belongs to you.



It belongs to you.

I'll take care of it until tomorrow morning, then.


What's next, Senior Partner?

0h, no you don't, Junior.

Our business just went out that door.

But ..

I reckon I've got a steady job for you.