Dangshin Geogi Iteojoorraeyo (2016) Script


Dr. HAN! We gotta go!



The next flight will be in 2 weeks 'cuz of the flood!

Let's go.

You're booked up back home.

This is the last helicopter.


Give me the bag!

Go home. I'll call you. What are you doing?

Come back!


Thank you.

Thank you.

You see things better than most.

I trust the things unseen more than the seen.

Is Lunan your granddaughter?

I found her in the forest. Cleft lip babies are thought cursed.

You saved her life.

You gave her a new life. I thank you on behalf of Lunan.

I just did what I should.

Is there anything you dearly wish for in life?

Dearly wish for?

There's someone I'm dying to see.

You don't have much time.

Life is what happens when you can't sleep.


Summer, Autumn, Winter, Mingky! Jump!

The Moonwalk!

Mingky's spiral jump!

Big applause, please!

Seoul Grand Park introduces... the only female trainer of Korea!

CHOI Yeon-a!

Had a nice nap?

Enjoyed it?

So fun. I lost track of time.

I see.


I worked last night. I'll watch it all next time.

When? After I die?

How can you say that?


Are you mad?

CHOI Yeon-a!


Let me see.

It's from before. I'm fine.

When did you get hurt?

I fell 'cuz of you!

Why you!

A doctor shouldn't hurt his hand.


How long were we apart?

1 minute.

That long?

Kiss me.

Why here? 'Cuz of people?

They're watching!

I missed you. Me too.


You're still here!

What about your show?

I forgot to say something important.


Passengers on the 5:30 train to Busan...

Let's talk on the way.

Let's go.

Just tell me?

Is something wrong?

Male dolphins cannot mate on its own.

So other males help him to mate with the female.

I think...

You're like the male dolphin.

What do you mean?

You need help from others.

The train to Busan will soon depart.

I want to have your baby.

I want your baby!

So assertive! I want a baby too!

What are you saying? Have a baby here?

I'll call when I arrive.

Take good care.


Looks like it didn't go well. It did.

He wants to get married?

Of course.


Dept. Of Marine Animals.

Ecological report?

I'll send it.

What's this?

Kids asked to have it raised with its friends.

Kids watch too many cartoons.

So cute.

This is no daycare.


Are you okay?

Are you alright, sir? Yes.

Where am I?

Busan Station. Sure you're okay?

Busan Station?

Who are you?

Just trying to help...

What's your name?

I'm HAN Soo-hyun.

But that's my name...

Hey! Wait!


Are you okay?

Are you alright?



Are you okay, sir?

I need my handkerchief back.


Life is what happens when you can't sleep.



Are you in there?

Are you alright, sir?


Wait, please.

Are you okay, sir?


You were in there long. We were worried.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.



What's up?

Just stopped by to see if you got back okay.

I had a good time.

No trouble without me?

You're one to talk. You caused havoc here!

We were busy covering your surgeries and lectures!

Always thankful.

Then buy me dinner?

Why not?

What is it?

Another surgery?

How much time left?

The tumor is over 5cm.

Looks like it spread to the liver too.

It's terminal lung cancer. I give it 6 months.

If it was a friend, what would you say?

What's to say?

I'd just help prepare him to die well.

I thought so. Who is it?

Your bosom buddy?


He'll outlive us by 50 years.

Oh no! He'll flip!

Sorry! I gotta go.

Running away again? No date, huh?

I promise next time.

Hold on!

Could you get this analyzed?

What is it?

Crazy? What if the blind gramps gave you something bad?

What doctor takes strange pills like that?

It was so real. It's a hallucinogen.

Like the pills people take before bungee jumping.


All you do is work 24/7, you must've gone crazy!

How was it?

Seeing yourself then?

Good looking and young.

Why you!

This beach was hot back then filled with pretty gals!

They loved me! Wonder how they're living.

JOO-Hong was hot.

And Mi-sun.

But not Choon-Nam. You remember their names?

If you meet him again, tell him to get married.

A smelly bachelor your whole life...

If I go back...

Think I can see her?


You serious?

Get over it.

It's been over 30 years.

If you can meet her at will, it'd be a miracle!

Crazy fool.

Lady! I'll get it!

Oh yes!




What's so important to call me out here?


What's this?

I'll move to Jeju to farm this.

Why's a tangerine so big?

Cool, huh?

It's a Japanese Dekopon. A mix of tangerine and orange.

If I import and grow this, I'll hit the jackpot.

I even made a name for it.


Just stick to your job, pal.

Did something happen in Seoul?

Yeon-a wants to have a baby.

All of a sudden?

Lucky fool.

Yeon-a is great!

Rather than wait for you, she'll throw you on the bed first?

Lucky you.

7 years is a long time to wait.

Congratulations man!

I don't plan on having any kids.

I decided that long ago.

If I was a girl, I'd marry you too.

You'll marry me? Sure.

Crazy! Why not!

By the way...

I met someone strange last night. Pretty?

A man. Not interested.

He seemed familiar for some reason.

Probably a patient.

Then I'd remember. His name's the same.

Asked my name then said he's HAN Soo-hyun.

He must be a psycho.

His nose bled badly so I followed him to the bathroom.

And? He disappeared.

Some magician? Really! He vanished!

Must've seen it wrong.

Must've, right?

I'm off. Soo-hyun!


That gal with big boobs keeps looking at me.

She's sending me signals. See her winking?

Then I should wink back!

How do I look? Should I go to her?

Tae-ho? What?

That Orangerine you talked about...

Do it. It'll work.


You're a genius!


- My girl! Hi, Dad!

It's been ages. Where are you?

The library. Is something wrong?

Of course not. Just wanted to talk to you.

About what?

Why you!

Are you eating right?

Of course! And you?

Daddy eats well.

Don't skip meals 'cuz I'm not there!

I hear a man's voice.

Where the hell are you?

What's with you? Hang up if you're going to nag.

Caught a cold?

Something's in my throat.

I'll be home soon after my exams.

Let's talk in person.

See you then.

Nine left.

I'll die soon anyway.

Geeze! Oh my!

Why'd you come? Here.

What's this?

Let's start building one by one.

You came down here for this?

Cute, huh? Our family!

I've never raised a dog.

It's okay.

I gotta catch my train.

You're leaving?

I don't want to, but I got a morning show.

Don't go.

You two get along.

Take care.

I've never raised a puppy!

You're really leaving?

Busan Station, please. I can't raise a dog.

Animals and people are the same.

Watch carefully and you'll know what they want.

Don't go.

POTATOES What now? This is nuts.

Your name's Potato from now on.

Eat this.

Let's sleep.

I made it? I'm here?

Who's there?

There's nothing to take so...

May 30th, 1985?

Exactly 30 years.

You're the man from Busan Station, right?

Clean up! You moved in long ago.

How'd you come to my house?

Cuz it's my house too.

Don't touch anything! Get the hell out now!

You still don't know who I am?

How would I know?

Are you a patient?

Not a patient but a pediatric surgeon.

I'm a pediatric surgery resident.

Must be a psychiatric patient. What's your name?

I told you it's HAN Soo-hyun.

This is insane!

Give me your ID. I'll call to get you help.

HAN SOO-HYUN Haven't seen this TV in so long!



What kind of joke is this?

Come on! Issued in year 2008?

Potato? It's you!

Long time no see Potato!

How do you know its name?

Cuz I named him.

I know it's hard to believe. To be honest, I still don't.

But you're me 30 years ago and I'm you 30 years later.

That makes no sense.

Makes sense I vanished from that bathroom?

What the hell!

Want a taste from the future? No!

If you don't leave, I'll call the cops.

The cops? You mean Tae-ho?

You can't believe this. I understand.

We're all believers in science.

But as you get older, the belief fades.

Please just leave now.

Will you believe if I say a secret only we know?

What secret?

I don't have any secrets, sir.

There's one.

A secret we didn't tell anyone.


We got beaten by Dad a lot.

When he got drunk.

Thought hiding it was helping Mom.

You're scared to get hurt like that again.

Or to hurt others. Shut up!

Why'd you move to Busan as soon as Mom passed away?

You wanted to forget.

But think about who helped you forget it all.

Who are you?

HAN Soo-hyun.

What do you want from me?


Just want to see her once.


What the hell do you mean?

Come back!

Stay the hell away from Yeon-a!

Or I'll kill you!

Tae-ho! Open up!

It's Soo-hyun!

What is it?

Hey, wait!

Listen to me.

Are you sick?

It's totally unimaginable!

Can't you see what I'm doing?


Who is it?

Don't mind him, baby! I'll send him off!

Go home. Busan Station!

That man appeared again!

The psycho? See ya.

He barged into my house.

He says he's me 30 years later!

Okay, man. Let's talk tomorrow!

He even knows...

He knows that you're a cop.

He said he'll meet Yeon-a, then vanished!

12 o'clock...

20 minutes.

I stayed there 20 minutes.

Fingerprint matching is not easy.

TV shows make it look way easier than it is.

Then compare it with my fingerprints.

You don't believe him do you?

It says it was made in 2000.

That's weird.

No, that's the price! 2,000 Won!


It's all filled out.

Thank you.

Worried about your girl, you drag me out at this hour!

But I was with Sun-young!

Things were good.

Did you call Yeon-a?


Can't use the phone here.

Don't worry! It's just a crazy man's scam.

I'll get you some water.

Dr. HAN?


I got the results on the pill. It's just a blend of plants.


It's made of mulberry and quince leaves.

Looks like a placebo.

Of course.

But where'd you get it?

It's nothing. Thanks a lot.

Call me if anything happens. Okay?

- Okay. I'll call you. Bye.

Got the results?

Brace yourself and listen.

This lighter only has your fingerprints.


Of course I am!

What's the chance of two people's fingerprints...

What am I saying?

The chance?

About as much as farting 1,500 times at once.

Watch it!

I'm sorry. Hurry up!

I'm going!

Move it!

Where was it?



Children need batteries replaced more often.

Beware of loose wires as they grow.

Dr. HAN? Why is another doctor doing the surgery tomorrow?

He's a better expert in hearts.

But why? You're her doctor.

Can't you change the dates and do it?

Don't worry. I'll ask him to...

He'll do well.

PLEASE VISIT Please visit?

Pretty clever.




Fool! Get moving!


Damn it.

Forget it.



Hi, Soo-a!

I'm sorry. I'm on my way.

Sorry I'm late again.

Busy as always.

Speed up, Dad. Everyone's passing you.

80km per hour zone.

I'm going the right speed.

Wanna take a trip? It's summer break.

What about work?

Doctors have vacations too.

Could've fooled me.

Why you...

Where should we go? Any ideas?

Anywhere but the zoo.

An aquarium.

No way!

I'm not going.

An aquarium abroad?

We've been to all of them.

A dolphin, please. How much?

800 won.

Your change.

I'll take them all. Thank you!


CHOI Yeon-a!

Wait there!

Soo-hyun? What's that?

Come on over.


Are you okay?


This wasn't it.


Listen carefully.

The Caspian tern gives food to please its mate.

Green frogs, white herons, and zebra finches sing to please.

You know I can't sing.

♪ Nothing I can say... ♪

I'm no better than those animals.

So I brought these.

I swear...

I won't let go of your hand till I die.

You know what?

When elephants find their mates, they go into the forest.

Hi, Mr. KIM! Hello.

Lovely weather! Take care!


Stop! It tickles!

Come on. It tickles.

You're so beautiful.

Trying to tame me?


Many eyes are watching.

They won't attack, right?

Don't worry.

You're with an expert trainer.

Kid! Let's eat.



Let's eat. Okay.


Like it? Yup.

I came for your stew. That's all.

Eat lots.

You too.

Hey, kid.

How about studying in the States?

No! I can't eat without Kimchi.

There are great medical schools.

And your mom's there.

Why suddenly the States?

Soo-a... Something's fishy.

Got a girlfriend now?

Who? Is she pretty?

Not a girlfriend...

But I got something nasty.

The stew's delicious.

Maybe a bit salty.

HAN Soo-a.

Thanks for dinner.

HAN Soo-a!


HAN Soo-a!





Aren't you cold?

You're always late.

I know.

Uncle Tae-ho warns me all the time.

But why...


Keep it. It's yours anyway.

I'll keep this instead. It's mine anyway.

You're me 30 years later?

What's with this?

Can't wear T-shirts now.

How is this possible?

Let's just call it a streak of luck.

What's the world like in 2015?

It's not much better.

How's KIM Hyun-sik?

The singer?

He dies of liver cancer 5 years later.

No cure for cancer even then?

But technology is better.

We can remove tumors without ventrotomy.

Even without cutting the abdomen open?

Still, there are new diseases and illness.

I often think the simple past was better.

Do I become a good doctor?

You already are one.

Insensitive to death and knowing to keep a distance...

I guess I become stronger.

Your sensitivity made you a good doctor.

Hello everyone!

Do I have kids? One daughter.

Welcome to the Dolphin Show!

Yeon-a must be a good mom.

Why so curious? You'll find out as you live.

Korea's first female trainer, Ms. CHOI Yeon-a!

Big applause, please!


A big hand, please!

Are you sick somewhere?

It's just time to go back.

It's my last trip anyway.


Hold on!

Tell me about Yeon-a.

Why'd you come?

What's your real reason for coming?

No reason. Just came to see Yeon-a.

Isn't Yeon-a there in...

Yeon-a isn't there?

You'll find out.

Answer me.

Did something happen to her?

You'll know later.

Know what?

Don't scare me.

Tell me.

Go to Yeon-a.

Be good to her.

Tell me everything.

What happens to Yeon-a?

Yeon-a will die soon.

That's crazy.

Why would Yeon-a die!

She dies because of...

Soo-hyun? Where are you?


What are you doing? Yeon-a...

What am I doing?

Why look at me while driving? Look ahead.

Cuz you're pretty. Give me your hand.

If I was any prettier, we'd be dead.

And... I'll keep the speed limit.

How's the puppy I gave you?


That's his name?

It suits. Can't wait to see him.


Hold on. I gotta make a call.

I brought you something to apologize for before.

Tada! Food!

I made it myself.

I said I'm on a diet.

No, Sun-young! You're as light as a feather.

Open wide!

I'm sorry.

You want this instead?

I'm good at this.

Do it right! Yes!

Mr. KANG Tae-ho? Yes.

2 telegrams for you.

At this hour?

Said to read the top one first.

Thank you very much.


Take the second telegram and go to my house now.

What the hell?

The criminal looks nasty...


If you leave now, we're through!

I know...

Die, you bastard!

Bark! Bark!

Your papa is a bastard.

I could be hot and heavy with Sun-young now.

You know?

You dissing me?

I have a bad friend and you a bad papa.

I did as you asked, pal.

KIM Hyun-sik...

The things I do for him...

Ouch! It's working.

Mom's album?


You get me worried and just vanish like that?

I'm in charge now.

If you don't come, I'll ruin your life!

Watch me!

GEUM-GANG REST STOP A pack of Sol, please.

450 won, please.

450 won.



Is this a joke?


I didn't come 'cuz of your threats but to set things right.

You're lying about Yeon-a dying, right?

I wish, but it's true.

Why would Yeon-a die?

Cuz of you.


You promised to hold on, but let go.

You took her for granted.

Don't talk like you know me. I'm different!

There was an accident at the zoo.

What accident? When?

I can't say.

But you know everything!

You can save her!

I can't.

Then you'll let Yeon-a die?

I never forgot for 30 years.

If only I could go back and save Yeon-a...

I thought a million times.

Then do it.

Save her. We can stop her from dying!


My daughter.

She was born 10 years after Yeon-a died.

She was an unexpected gift.

Forget it.

What does she have to do with saving Yeon-a?

If Yeon-a lives, Soo-a can't be born.


I can save Yeon-a and have a child with her.

She's my daughter.

I raised Soo-a for 20 years. I wouldn't trade her for anyone.

And I can't live in a world without Yeon-a.

The past cannot be changed.

This moment can't be changed either.

It may be the past to you, but it's the future for me.

And I decide my future!

It's no use.

What if I don't have Soo-a?

If we don't save Yeon-a, I won't be with anyone else.

Then Soo-a can't be born.

Can you give up everything to save Yeon-a?

Even my life, if I have to!

Even if it's Yeon-a?

Mommy's here!


How've you been?

You've grown so much.

Leave Yeon-a.

You mean break up with her?

That's my first condition.

But Yeon-a is my everything.

It's the only way to save Yeon-a and Soo-a.

Can you do it?

Forget it then.


Your hands will save lives!

Who cares when I can't even save Yeon-a!

You okay?


Please save her.

Second condition is that you can't tell anyone.

Tae-ho already knows. He can be trusted.

I know.

But it could change Tae-ho's life.

We don't know what can change the future.

It has to be just the two of us.

No, just the one man who knows.


You can't meet Yeon-a again.

She'll be alive somewhere, but we must live like she's gone.

HAN Soo-hyun.

Soo-hyun? Hmm?

How's Soo-a?

Soo-a? Yup.

For our baby's name.

Soo' from Soo-hyun and 'a' from Yeon-a.

Soo-a is a pretty name.

It is. That's it?

What if it's a boy?

It'll be a girl who resembles you.


- Packed your passport? Yes.

Should I meet you at Seoul Station?

No, come to the airport.

Do you miss me?

Of course. It's been 2 months.

In 9 hours and 20 minutes, we can be together for 3 days.



Be careful.

Okay. See you later.


Dr. HAN?

Call from geriatrics.

Dr. HAN speaking.

Go away!

Abandon me here and live it up why don't you!

You're just like your mom. That bitch!

Stop it, will you?

When I get my hands on her, I'll drag her to...

What did Mom do! You tortured her for life!

Don't take her side! She had an affair!

You're the one who cheated! Come to your senses!

She cheated on me with you!

When will you stop?

I've had it!

I'll catch her even if I die!

Bring the bitch to me now!

Bring me the bitch!

Ms. CHOI Yeon-a, please.

It's today.

The day Yeon-a dies.

And Dad passes away too.

How can I tell her about Dad?

I was going to tell her later.

I know.

You pushed it off and didn't tell her till the end.

Then the call... Yes.

I called her 30 years ago.

I have to cancel the trip. Something urgent came up.

You're the only doctor there?

It's my job. I'm sorry.

Then take the next flight.

I still can't go.

Then I'll come to you.

No, don't!

I'll be stuck in the hospital for 3 days.

But it's our vacation! We haven't met in 2 months.

I have to stay with the patient.

What about me? The patient's more important?

Don't say that. I'm a doctor.

How can you only think of yourself?

I'm sorry, Yeon-a. Let's talk later.


Yeon-a! Something's wrong!

What happened?

She's never been like this. What's with her?

Call for help. I'll calm her down.

Somebody help! Anybody there?

Mingky! Good girl.


Come here!

Mingky! Stop!


It's tomorrow's paper.


There's no time.

Now, it's your turn.

We must change that article.

Ms. CHOI Yeon-a, please.



I have to cancel the trip. Something urgent came up.

You're the only doctor there?

I'm sorry. It's my job.

Then take the next flight.

I still can't go.

Then I'll come to you.

I'll be stuck in the hospital for 3 days.

I have to stay with the patient.

But it's our vacation! We haven't met in 2 months!

Then come to me.

You came? Soo-hyun...

Sorry to make you come.

I'm so sorry.

I had no idea.

Let's step out. We need to talk.

Why didn't you tell me? I would've come sooner.

I would've been with him when you're busy.

Why would you see him?

Because he's your dad.

When I was young, he beat Mom all the time.

He was a drunken wife abuser.

Now he's... It's okay.

You don't have to tell me.

Mom left home when I was 14.

She couldn't take the beatings anymore.

Then he started throwing punches at me.

I wanted to run away too.

But I couldn't leave in case Mom came back.

I got a call when I was 18.

Mom died.

She hung herself where she worked.

So listen.

I can't make the family you dream of.

I can't.

But... Don't you get it?

Forget building a family!

I just don't like you.

What? Ever since you wanted a baby...

I think I just got sick of you.

I don't like you.

HAN Soo-hyun.


So let's break up.

Soo-hyun! Let's end it!

Don't you understand?

I don't like you. Let's just break up.

His vitals are dropping!

I'm a bastard like you.


You okay?

Am I okay?

Am I okay?

How can you say that?

Of course I'm not!

Yeon-a was my life!

I know that more than anyone.

I'm the one who lost her!

I lived 30 years without her!

At least we saved her.

She's alive.


Get out!

Get out of my sight!

Get lost!

Get the hell out of my sight!

What's with you?

Get lost!

Get the hell out of my life!

I know how you feel...

I don't need you or Yeon-a!

Get lost, bastard!

Get out.

How many do you need?

Just a handful. Okay.

KANG Tae-ho!

I came to you this time.

I need to have drinks with you.

HAN Soo-hyun?


How'd you know to come? Why you!

Surprised I came without notice?

What are you doing here after 30 years?

What do you mean?

Did you forget what you did to me and Yeon-a?


Think life is that easy?

Think you're God?

If you come smiling after 30 years, think I'd forgive you?

Bastard! Get lost!







I'll wait for you one last time.

We promised not to let go.


Don't be too late.

Here you go. I'll get off.

TAE-HO Tae-ho?


What's taking you so long?

At the airport?

After what you said before...

I didn't say anything! Crazy?

I got the beer and called to check.

You said you'd come today!


Did you miss your flight?

Sorry, pal. Something came up.

Hey! Should've told me!

I'll come down with Soo-a next week.

Who's Soo-a?


Got a girlfriend? Is she hot?

Why didn't you tell me!

I'll call you later.

What happened?


CHOI Yeon-a!

I said to leave Yeon-a!



CHOI Yeon-a!

Be careful!


Dad, I'm home!








CHOI Yeon-a!

Died from a cephalhematoma.

A blood clot?

No CT scan?

If only it was removed sooner...

Time of death 4:40...

It's 00:45 now.

I shouldn't have gone. I'm sorry.

Please don't die.

I broke the promise.

Let's operate now!

For what?

Remove a blood clot.


I saw her records. They missed a blood clot.

Get an operating room now! We can't.

If we don't operate, she'll die.

What if she dies during it?

There's no time! Yeon-a will die!

What if something goes wrong?

I'll never forgive myself.

So do it. Don't regret it like me!

You'll let her die 'cuz you're afraid?

Yeon-a is not dead yet!

Chief won't let me operate on her.

I'll do it! You assist.

We need an anesthesiologist.

Who's on call today?

SONG Hae-won.

Get ready to operate.

How've you been Dr. SONG? Who are you?

A patient needs urgent surgery.

You have to help.

It's HAN Soo-hyun's girlfriend.

Why'd I wake up so soon?

That CT scan was yours?

Why is your name on this?

Oh that...

Let's go into surgery now.

I have to go save someone.

You need to save yourself!

I have no time. Thank you.

Thank me for what!

Come on...



There's no time to wait.

Dr. HAN!


Sorry I'm late.

You lead.

Let's start the surgery.

Everything's ready.

The mastoid.

The mastoid.

Brace drill.

Brace drill.

Suction. Suction.


Yeon-a, hold on for 5 minutes.

Please Yeon-a...

What's going on?

Who ordered this surgery?

Who comes in during a surgery?

Who are you?

HAN Soo-hyun! SONG Hae-won!

Are you insane!

You want to shut down our hospital!

You missed a blood clot.


Come in to help or get out.


You fools.


Lock the door. Yes, sir.

Hurry up! Yes, sir!

SONG Hae-won!

I'm sorry. Let's go!

There. It's done.

Are you okay?

I'll do the rest.

Open the door now!

Open up!

Your first surgery went well.

Take care of the rest.

Thank you.

I should thank you.

My last operation was Yeon-a too.


Hang in there.

Who is that man?

A doctor.

A doctor from afar.



You were out for 3 days.

I was?

I'm sorry.

I was so scared.

Daddy's fine.

Don't worry.

So glad you're okay.


Did you know Ms. CHOI was the first female trainer of Korea?

She's amazing.

Wish I could've seen her in action.

She's over there.

That's her rock.

She trains and sits there to look out to the sea.

Go down this way.

Thank you.

I didn't realize Dad died young. He was my age.

He cursed Mom till the end.

Maybe he missed her.

He didn't know how to apologize.

How's Yeon-a?

She's fine.

Everything will be fine, right?

Of course.

Does she have any side effects?

She's alive.

We saved Yeon-a.

Let's be happy with that.

Things will be okay.

I lost Yeon-a and Tae-ho. How can it be okay?

Does it have to be a happy ending?

The story itself is important.

Just live your life to the fullest.

That's not easy.

This is the last time we meet.

I'll miss you, HAN Soo-hyun.

Young man.

Now, it's your turn.

Excuse me.

You dropped this. Thank you.


This is the complex case of hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

My third and final condition...

9 years from now, you'll meet a woman at a conference.

Spend some time with her.

She'll be Soo-a's mother.

You showed hope for children with heart defects.

You came to the conference?

I'm Elaina Hong, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins.

Nice to meet you. I'm HAN Soo-hyun.

I got curious about you.

Your thesis was interesting.

You must love kids.

I guess I do.

The sea is always so pretty.

So beautiful.



It's Elaina.

Remember me?


Sorry to decide this on my own...

We have a surprise gift in life.

It's a girl. She resembles you.

Soo-a. We're home.

No! Potato! Stay inside.

Daddy was so worried.

That's my book.

Soo-a! Call me.

Bye, Dad.

You hid it well.

Damn old man.



Should we go inside?


The cool air is refreshing.


Sorry I was a clumsy dad.

Don't say that.

I was the stubborn one.


I was so happy to have you as my daughter.

Me too.

I was lucky to have you as my dad.

Dad. Hmm?

If I miss someone I can't meet, what should I do then?

Think of happy times together.

The happiest moment with that person.

The memories will make you live on.

Dad? Are you crying?


I'm not.


I struck rich with it.

After avoiding me for 30 years, how could you...

Are you Tae-ho by chance?

Who's asking?

I'm HAN Soo-a.

He had a daughter?


Dad was right.

He said you'd be the last to leave his funeral.

Your dad said that?


He asked to give you this.

What is it?

Open it.




How's the Zoological Society?

As usual.

How's the farm?


Is something wrong?

Did Sun-young kick you out?

No, she won't do that.


Soo-hyun passed away.

He had lung cancer.

I thought I was over him.

Now, I guess I have to be.

How could he...


Read this.

He went 9 times.

Seven, eight... Ninth was the sea...

There's one left!


There's gotta be one left!

Where is it?

Where'd he leave it?

His favorite song!

Found it!

It really exists!

Hi, Yeon-a.

Tae-ho? What does this mean?

- Time travelling? That's right.

You expect me to believe this?

It's crazy, but it's true.

I tried to forget for 30 years. Why are you doing this?

Yeon-a! I'll bring him back.


I'll bring Soo-hyun back.

What do you mean?

Trust me, Yeon-a!

Take the pill and sleep, huh?

Gotta sleep.

Why can't I sleep?

Am I too anxious?

What the hell!

Son of a bitch!

No jaywalking!

I'm a cop!

He just dissed me!


Who are you?

Why are you here?


This is for real!

Real or fake!

How'd you get in here?


I'm sorry. Let's go to Busan Hospital.

Why there? Hurry up!

Know this is a police car?

I know.

Quit smoking! Damn it!

Who are you?


Who are you to...


I'm KANG Tae-ho!


Your friend KANG Tae-ho! Don't I look the same?

KANG Tae-ho?

Yes, Soo-hyun!


It's really you!


How'd you come here?

I took the last pill to come.

My heart is about to burst.

Then you must know everything.

Yes, I do. I'm sorry.

Stupid fool! Cold, stubborn fool!

Why'd you break ties for 30 years and keep it to yourself?

We don't meet for 30 years? That's right!

I'm sorry, pal. I had no choice.

Why wait to die to tell me everything?


Must be time to go.

It's okay, Soo-hyun.

Let's meet in 30 years. Promise?

Forget the last 30 years! Let's meet again, pal.

30 years is too long.

No, 30 years fly by like a bullet!

I'll be waiting! I'm sorry.

Love you, pal!

Let's meet again!

Thanks pal.

KANG Tae-ho...

What happened?

Stupid fool!

I'm so stupid!

What if it didn't work?



Crazy fool!

I forgot to tell him about lung cancer!

How could I forget to warn him?



Next stop is Seoul Grand Park.

Please get off here for the entrance.

Please remain seated until the train is stopped.

Welcome to Seoul Grand Park, a place of dreams and adventures!

Hello! Welcome to Seoul Grand Park.

How long were we apart?