Darah perawan bulan madu (2009) Script

Where are you going? I need a drink, honey. I'm thirsty.

Don't be long Okay.



Lexy, help!




Honey, today is the happiest day of my life.

Mine as well. Today I marry the most beautiful woman I've ever met.

Mister Sadikin? Miss Mira.

I hope I'm not interrupting You are.

I have calculated the contract for Mister Prapto.

It awaits approval Sorry, Ma'am.

What about the merge deal with Mister Putra's company?

I just married the man.

We are on our way to his island for our honeymoon.

What more could you possibly need?

All I have to do is sign the contract.

Very well, Ma'am. I wish you happiness.

I don't want to see you like this on our honeymoon.

I won't.

By the way, is there any signal for my BB on your island?

We're lucky if we can find a line phone Such insult!

I wonder what it's like Go on, more insult.

Why did you throw it away? What a waste.

You'll just buy me a new one But the data?

Your important contacts? What's important for me now...

...is you.

You try to be romantic, it becomes empty words, not using your brain.

Never empty words.

Did the engine just stop? What is it, man?

I'll check it out.

Be careful.


Can it start?

No, it's okay.

And away we go Away we go.

They have to go before the tide goes down.

Or they'll get stuck in the rocks.

Welcome, Mister Putra. How was the trip?

Mister Ringga, it was smooth. The weather was friendly.

But over there, it was getting cloudy and windy.

Good afternoon. Welcome. Mrs. Amira, I'm sure.

Yes. Thank you.

Mr. Ringga is the head of the island since...

Before the island was even here. Mr. Ringga lived here then.

And this? This is Yanto, our cook.

I have prepared your favorite meal.

Eggplant sauté You hear that?

The crabs are also big. And we also have green clams.

Yumm, delicious!

And this is Deden, the security.

Aye, ma'am! Everything is safe when I'm around.

Even demons are afraid of me.


This is Agus, my son.

He's here to help take care of the garden and clean up.

Where is Lexy?












My God! How mean! I'll get you later!

That's some serious scaring. I'll get you, you know?

Where have you been? Here.

You're vicious.

Damn! You scared me! Caught you, pervert!

And you're not?

A little.

Remember what Mr. Ringga said.

We have to make Mr. Putra's honeymoon flawless.

It has to be smooth. Like the freeway.

No need to add the soup.

Did I?

You're not focused all the time.

Just relax.

I have to give it to Mr. Putra. He got a virgin wife.

Took her straight to a honeymoon.

If it were me, I'd have turned her upside down already.

Upside down. My twin is the excellent one.

Who's your twin?

Mr. Putra. Who else?

Mr. Putra is not your twin. Mr. Ringga is! Or better yet...

A barrel!

That's a different story.


Just go away!

Ruining my fantasy.

I need a secluded spot.

Tonight I'll have new material.

I'm starting to regret throwing my BB to the sea.

I can't update my facebook.

The idea of an island is to get away, not to open facebook.

Just admit that you haven't paid your internet connection bill.

That's company's confidential Whose company?

Mine Yours? Not ours?

Yes, our company Our company.

What if there's an emergency?

There is this thing called the line phone.

The one with the circular dial?

Like when I was in college, with 100 rupiah coin?

And now you have your own island? You're good.

Thank you. So heavy.

We just stay a week, yet you packed like we're moving in.


Feel free to complain. You can marry a man.

I've made some moves towards them, but none of them wanted me.

What a jerk! Thanks for making me your first choice.

What are you doing bringing work here?

Mr. Sadikin asked me to.

He asked me to study it carefully.

It's our honeymoon and you're thinking about the merge?

Did he lnsist? He's a Lawyer.

But this is our company.


I'm not angry at you.

He was just concerned. The merge is important for us both.

But there is a more important merge. And for this merge...

...we don't need a lawyer.

You want to merge a sausage and a donut?

That's eating.

Well, this donut don't want a local sausage.

Imported sausage only!

I'm sorry What are you doing?

Were you jerking off?

What are you doing here? I dropped something.

You're peeping, aren't you? No way. You were.

Yes, I'm honest about it.

Peeping swimming people And what are you doing?

I was... alright, we're the same.

That's it. Fellow peepers aren't allowed to complain.

Okay, I'll unzip you.

But, Den...


Thank you.

I'm sorry I stepped on your hand last night.

It's still swollen Swollen?

I thought all your body is swollen.

But this is different!

That's why you shouldn't peep into other people places.

I wasn't peeping in your place. I was looking for my keys.

I have my own place Liar! No, I'm not!

But you're right. Mrs. Mira is different.

Petite and sexy.

She's just common. Common!

You're a hypocrite! You'd better watch out if you peep again tonight!

But can I have some of your coffee...

Damn it! It's spicy!

Yanto! He put chilli sauce in it! Damn it! So hot!

Mrs. Mira.

Hey, I want in too!

I'm doing my business at the moment! You liar!

I bet you're doing it I just went in, Den!

I don't want to do it here! Oh, no!

Yanto! Just a moment more!

Yanto! Hurry up! Come on!

See, I'm doing my business!

Be patient! Yanto, hurry up!

It's near the end. Oh, no!

Just a little bit more Yanto, hurry up!

Yanto, come on. Hurry up!

What have you been up to? Be patient. I was doing my thing.

Really? Or were you...

I didn't bring it on purpose. I was doing nothing Lend it to me.

This is Mrs. Mira's photo Give it. Hurry up Do your thing!

This is difficult.

What's wrong, Honey?

Do you still remember her? Maybe.

Not any more You were here with her?

Let's move to another place.

It's just right What? The weather is just right to do some peeping.

The show will soon begin.

It's started, Den All right. Let's go to our places.

You look so ugly.

Come on, open it.

Where did she go?

She disappeared.

Why did she disappeared? Maybe... What?

Don't scare me.

Maybe... Let's get out of here.

What did you see?


I had a bad dream. It's hard for me to adapt to a new place.

Did you see anything strange?

Honey, there are no such things as ghosts.

I was tired. Guess who made me tired? It was you.

My poor sweetheart is tired. Come here.

Give me a massage I'll massage you. So you're tired?


I'm sorry, Sir Are you okay, Honey?

Be careful, Gus.

Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Putra.

Are you still shocked?

No I mean about what happened last night.

Nothing happened last night, Honey. Why do you seem shaken by it?

Drink your tea. This is for me I asked for the coffee.

It smells so nice Let's share it No way. You drink that.

So stingy. You're mad.

Mrs. Amira.

Mrs. Amira. What can I cook for you today?

I'll cook you a seafood dish with vegetables.

I'll use large meatballs and sausages, Madame.

Just savor it. I'll prepare it all just for you, Madame.

There'll be some shrimps too. Don't worry, Madame.


It doesn't include worms, Madame! Deden!

Take that!

Damn the rain.

Putra! What are you doing? Now it's your turn to sign it.

You! How can you think of work on our honeymoon?

That's so not romantic Honey. You knew since the first day we met.

I work all the time.

You can't protest against it. Just relax, Honey.

My part of the deal is done. It's your turn now.

It's up to you when you want to sign it.

Thank you, Honey.

Is that all the thanks I get? Don't I get any action? What?

What kind of action do you want?

What do I want? Like last night? Don't you have any other moves?

I have many other actions. Which one?


Deden! This is my place.

Why does Mrs. Amira sound like ghosts mating?

Is that Mrs. Amira or a ghost?

This is my opportunity. I want some, Mrs. Amira.

I'm coming.

Number one here, please help me.

There's a missing person. Number one here.

Where is she?

Where is she? Deden!

Gus! I nearly made a dish out of you!

You surprised me! Help me out.

Here, clean this. I'm making something delicious today.

Clean it well or else...

You startled me again. Gus!

All you need is in here, Sir. Including the wine.

I opened it for you. It'll be easy for you to drink it.

Thank you, Yanto Your favorite dish is in here too, Madame What?

Eggplant sauté It's complete, Yanto.

Of course Can you ride a bike? Don't be mistake, Sir.

All pretty girls are great bike riders See.

You don't only ride them.

Let me check it out Your favorite, Madame. Eggplant.

I don't mind to race with this. Come on, let's race All right.

Let's place a bet.

I will certainly lose It's a race with a bet What's the bet?

The loser must give a full body massage You cheater!

You should give me a massage Of course not.

Be careful, Honey Ready?

Let's go Okay.

Yanto, have you seen Deden? No, Sir.

Do you know where he went to? I don't know.

Come on.

Mrs. Amira...

Let's drink some wine, Mrs. Amira.

This is the best wine in the world.

Mrs. Amira...

It's just like a 7 star hotel, right?

Please drink, Mrs. Amira.

Please, Mrs. Amira.

I'll be honest, Mrs. Amira...

Naughty mouse.

Come on, get out!

My girlfriend!

You're too much!


Honey, I need to find a tree Why? I can't bear it any longer.

Don't pee at a banshee's tree, Honey.

Who's there?

Honey! Stop joking around. Honey?






Oh my gosh! My heart nearly stopped beating.

Honey, your face was so funny! You're so cruel.

It's a pity I didn't bring a camera It's not funny. Don't do this.

It turns out that my husband is a scary cat This isn't funny.

Enough. That was a mean joke.

Your punishment is that you have to drink up this wine.

Drink it all up? I'm not scared. You know I like white wine.

That's not a punishment but a reward Really? Bring it on.

You have to drink the whole bottle I'll do it in one sip. Hurry up.

Honey, why is it water?

That's right.

What's wrong with Yanto? Yanto is troublesome.

Sorry, Honey.





Hey! You startled an old man!

You walk so quietly.

Did you see Yanto?

Is he in the kitchen? I haven't seen him, Sir.

What are you doing here? I'm cleaning this room.

Mr. Ringga, where is Yanto?

Here, take this. Please, take this to Yanto.

Mr. Ringga, where is Yanto? Come here.

I don't believe this!

Madame! Mira!

Mira! Get me something to open this door.

Mira! Open the door, Mir.


Dispose of this, as far away as you can. It brings bad luck.

That necklace belongs to Lydia's great grandmother.

Lydia wore it at our wedding and on our honeymoon.

She suddenly appeared.

And she died on that day.

Why didn't you tell me that Lydia died here?

She must be...

Jealous Honey, this is all because of her great grandmother's necklace.

Lydia isn't the one scaring you but the ghost of her great grandmother.

That banshee.

Help me!

I didn't see a banshee.

Banshee don't wear wedding dresses.

Honey, ghost can wear whatever they want to wear.

Don't worry. I've told Mr. Ringga to bury that necklace far away.

Are you sure that he's brave enough?

I've never met anyone as brave as him.




Honey, if the weather is clear tomorrow, let's go home.

Yes, Honey.


Calm down. It's just because of the storm.

I'll get Mr. Ringga to turn on the generator.

Putra, don't take too long.

Yes, Honey. Just wait a minute.




Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

Mr. Ringga!

That necklace belongs to Lydia's great grandmother.

That necklace was from Putra.


Did you sleep well?

Don't be afraid. You will soon be back to sleep again.

Forever! Putra...

Please let me go, Putra.

Help me! Be quiet!

I'm digging a grave for you, you know! Don't be noisy!

Don't you know what's going on? You said that you were clever.

A career woman.

You are all the same type, you know. For you, business first.

You rarely socialize. You are stupid when it comes to men.

When a man comes along and proposes to you, you accept it right away.

Moreover an offer to merge, then you get all money excited.

How could you! I truly believed in you!

All of this. The company and this island...it all belongs to Lydia.

I loved you, Putra Here, eat your love!

You got your Master degree far away in America.

You still fall for a guy who sends mellow songs to you.

Wise words of flattery. Small perfumed candles.

I don't understand why guys have to look hard for work.

There are many career women who are great at earning money.

Marry them then get rid of them. That's easy, right?

You won't get away with this! Never!

You should have been dead at the beach the other day, you know!

Someone replaced the white wine with water. My plan was ruined!

I wonder who replaced the white wine with water.

Do you know who did it? Cruel!

Mrs. Mira, let's get out of here!

Come on, Madame.

Come on. Hurry up!

Madame, hurry up!

There's a radio here. We can ask for help.

Contact, monitor!

Help! Help!

Come on, Madame.

Be careful!

Close the door!



Step aside, Son! No! This is wrong. Stop it!

Agus! If you don't step aside... Please, Dad!

I'll finish you off like her! No, Dad! Please, stop it!





Dad! Dad, get up!