Dare Me S1E3 Script

Surrender at Discretion (2020)

Previously, on "Dare Me"...

"Colette French"?

Some fancy new coach from across the state thinks she can come and run my squad?

No, I'm captain. This is my squad.

Wrong, it's mine.

Getting to regionals isn't about one girl.

It's about one squad, regardless of who's on top.

That's how it's done.

And now we will do it again with Tacy.

Sweetie, this is Mr. Coach.

Coach isn't married. Four years and counting.

She doesn't give off a big "wife" vibe.

You should go to him. Don't miss your chance.

I can't. I'll watch your kid, go.

Don't you want to peer into the secrets of my black old heart?

I guess I already know all your secrets.

Fetus, you better watch it. Stop.

Dad! Sisters never get along.


Tacy's mom was Mr. Cassidy's side piece.

Lives right across the street.

We could have moved. And let them win?



It's a kind of killing.

Beth used to say that.

I didn't know what she meant then.

I do now.

You fall in love.

You break a heart.

You die for love.

It's awful and beautiful...

And you can't stop.

You don't want to.

What? Stop, stop, stop!

His uncle's in Florida.

Empty house, shit ton of fenny, and weed left behind.

All I know is that Saint Reggie's QB better be there.

Okay, that boy is fire.

And you know those Catholic boys?

They give head for hours.

They're so grateful.

Get it, girl. Is Addy coming?

Or are Mom and Dad fighting again?

You can't fight with someone who's never there.

Yeah, she needs to quit that job.

If that's really where she is.


She likes you.


Kids are easy.

You know, grown-ups are... difficult.

Yeah, well, I never did the babysitting thing.

I didn't even hold a baby till I had one of my own.

Come here.


I really appreciate you doing this for me-- again.

Well, it beats being elbow-deep in Rocky Road.

My other job.

Well, that explains the strong forearms.

No wonder you're such a good tumbler.

We need to make better use of that body.

The real mystery is how you never wound up squad captain.

That would have never happened.

Beth, she's always been so good, and she's just better than all of us.

There's no question who's best.

Right well, there's best, and then there's wanting it the most and having the discipline to get it.

I do.

I mean, I think I do.

That's why I'm working on my exit plan.

A coach can always tell.

There's sheep...

Which is fine-- squads need sheep-- but I don't spend my time on sheep.

There's no payoff.

So, same time tomorrow?


I wouldn't miss it.

She go down okay?

Dead to the world.

To be able to sleep like that again...

You're up late.

Squad drama? Yeah, they're not a squad.

They're a bunch of ponytails, blank eyes, mouth stuffed with gum, and I have five more days to submit this bid video, otherwise regionals isn't gonna happen.

Don't go breaking Bert Cassidy's heart, heart, heart.

Yeah, well... it's just cheer, right?


Hey, no, I-- I didn't mean...

Come on, tell me what's going on.


Well, it's the "Tale of Two Sisters."

There's Tacy, the anemic little sister who's got the bod and the pliancy, but she's way too green.

They have to help her.

Make her strong.

And Beth is just this... hellion.

Yeah, I know, I met her.

She came by the office the other day to see Bert.

What'd she say?

I mean, did she just introduce herself?

Yeah, she-- she is not shy, that one.

You know, it reminds me a little of you, actually.

Come on, Cassidy, stop showing me how scared you are.

You have to want it. Show me that you want it.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One and three-- up.

She made her point with the fetus.

Couldn't she just abort now?

Before tragedy strikes. Can't.

She's not built to admit defeat.

Ali, Mindy, stop being lazy.

Nature gave you those shoulders.

Why do you refuse to use them?

Five, six, seven, eight, one.

She has no idea what she's doing.

Good, good.

How great would it be if Mindy and Ali just let her drop?

Fetus flattened.

Unless, of course, a noble soul were to leap forward and catch her when she falls.

You, maybe?


You like working overtime to support your girl.

Good. Coming down.

Got it? Yeah.


But not good enough. Line up.

This video we're making needs to be flawless.

No filters, no fancy edits...

No place to hide.

It is sweat, muscles, power, perfection.

We're not there yet, but we're close.

I can see it, and I can see regionals.

I see fetus foot-punching a hole in someone's face.

My God, Beth.

It's a nasty virus, weakness.

One of you shows it... next thing, you're all infected.

Laziness lurks in all of you, and it is ugly.

So when you see someone who's weak... do you complain?

Phone it in?

No, you step up.

Adapt, adjust.

If we can't help each other, if we don't support each other, don't teach each other, then we can't get there from here.

We have to be strong for those who are less strong.

That's how we win.

My dad's just really proud of me.

I'm the only freshman in America to make top girl her first year on squad.


At least, in this part of the country.

Someone don't tell Tacy, but that purse makes her look like a 58-year-old alcoholic.

Room for me in the Jeep today?


I can't.

Work. The Dairy Cream?

You were just there last night.

The new guy is out.

He split his thumb open on the big can opener.

I gotta cover.

Call me after, lover.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

[car engine rumbling

Thank you for babysitting again.

I'm meeting Will at 5:00, so I'll be back at 7:00, okay?


Hey, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to work on your aerial.

No, that's totally fine. No, it's not.

You've got the drive, but you've been staying in the shadows too long.

We gotta get you noticed.

Hey-ya. Hey.

Hey-- .

Addy, um, just came over to practice again.

You remember Addy, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How's the-- how's that back tuck coming?

Um, pretty good. Just gotta nail that aerial.

Addy was just on her way out.


Hey, since Mr. Coach is home early, do you wanna go check out the new site for the bid video?

I can show you where it is.


That would be great.


Have fun.

Thank you.

You didn't have to do that.

I wanted to.

You can just drop me off wherever.

I can take the bus.

Fuck the bus.

I owe you a practice.

I wanna see you fly.

Come on.

Are you ready?


One, two, down, up.


Come on, is that the best you guys got?

That was messier than a soup sandwich.


Do it again.

Elbows back, not out, okay?

You're a parachute, okay?

Okay. One, two, down, up.

Do you like my scar?

Yeah, I like all of them.

What's that? It's a hamsa.

The charm is supposed to ward off the evil eye.

You know, they used to believe it would keep people from cursing you. especially if they're jealous of the things you have.

Shit, I'm jealous every second of every day.

What about you, Addy? Are you ever jealous?

Do you ever want things that you can't have?

I know what you want.

You want to be on top of that pyramid just like every other girl.

No, not me.

The hell kind of thinking is that?

You deserve it just as much as anybody else.

Too tall.

Anatomy is destiny.

But Addy is one of the best tumblers I've ever had.

And tumbling can get you a scholarship?

College teams aren't just made of flyers.

You know...

I really didn't think I had a chance before you.

Sounds like bad coaching.

Now you've got the best. Stop.

Doesn't really seem like you had any coach before.

Our coach was a real fuck-up.

So Beth led instead.

We thought that was as good as we were gonna get, but now we know better.

You're both great.

We should probably get going soon.



And, go! Shit.

It's this way, right?

Starting to get used to this route.

As my old man would say, "It's like déjà vu all over again."

Is she doing okay, though?

Beth, I mean.

She's not gonna say anything, if that's what you're worried about.

I'm not.

It's just...

She wasn't playing around with that gun up there.

I know.

She gets like that sometimes.

But don't worry, she's... strong.


Yeah, well, hard things break.

If I was you, I'd keep my eye on something like that.

I've known her forever.


Beth would never hurt anyone.

I wasn't thinking that.

I was thinking she might hurt herself.



That took longer than I thought.


Look at you.

You have this... glow.

Yeah, it's the glow of toxic chemicals.

We, um, stopped by the Dairy Cream.

So where's mine?

I'm sorry, Addy works there.

She get you guys the employee discount?

I was thinking, actually, um, she's such a hard worker-- she might make a really good babysitter for us.


Glad you had fun tonight.

It's my job.

Motivating them, bringing them together--

I-- I get it.

It's fine, you know?

I mean, sometimes I wish I had something like coaching just to not be in an office all day.

Must bring back memories, remind you of hanging out with your friends in high school.

I didn't have friends in high school.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Facials! I am talking all of your teeth.

What are you smiling at?

She's been eating mat for two hours.

Can we please just do it once with Beth?

Chicken Little can't get it up.

Maybe we need to get her some Viagra-- and a crane.

Or a little rub and tug? Try to get her started.

It's not me, it's them. It's Mindy and Ali.

They're twisting me like a corkscrew.

Does anyone have a towel? I'm covered in JV spray tan.

Yeah, don't blame this on us.

Blame it on your limp-dick ankles.


I don't know why I'm hearing that talking.

You-- you said not to stop.



You can back spot this time.

Five, six, seven, eight.


I'm fine.

You okay?

It's fine.

I know how your shoulder gets.

It's fine.

Does that thing where it dislocates easily.

You should ice it.

You know, you're right.


I should ice it.

That's a great idea. Thanks, Hanlon.

Hey, Cottontail.

I'm thinking of taking an ice bath.

Don't you think you should have one too?

That's for boys, the football team.

Wrong, it's a top girl rite of passage.

I can't believe you've never done it.

With all that falling you did today... you should probably take care of your body.

And after all, we're all counting on you.

You are our fearless leader.

Time to play, fetus.


I heard ice baths can be really dangerous.

My brother knows a guy from St. Reggie's who got hypochondria from one.

"Hypothermia," moron. Whatever, he died.

Gonna let that scare you?

Pussy weak.

What kind of top girl are you?

'Cause I don't think Coach would approve of that.

Of weakness.


She said we all have to be strong for the less strong.

Question is, which one are you?


What do you think?

It's good for you.

Yeah, all the pros do it.

LeBron, Serena.

Don't you want to be strong, Tacy?

I am strong.


Hold this.

She's been eating mat for two hours.

Can we please just do it once with Beth?

God, I still miss it.

I switched to cigars.

I'm gonna send some home with Matt, you'll love them.

Yeah, I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Hey, that's what we're gonna smoke at regionals.

Speaking of, how's that bid video coming?

My girls, are they-- they killing it?

Or are they just... killing each other?

It's fine, yeah.

It's not going as quickly as I would have hoped, but I'm not worried.

Come on, Coach, you can't hustle the hustler.

They gotta be giving you hell. It can't be just me.

Not with this pretty face?


I'm not telling you how to... do your job.

You have your process and...

I respect that, but if you can't get them all to fall in line and you need a little extra something to get you through the home stretch...

Editing software today can put... the sizzle in even the saddest steak.

Not that we would ever do such a thing...

But let's be honest, everyone does.

Some say squads are at a disadvantage if they don't.


I'm sure you'll figure it out.

We'll make sure that, our hardworking, inspiring young women... get the chance they deserve.

Ice off, ice off, ice off.

Ice off, ice off, ice off.

Ice off, ice off, ice off!

Ice off, ice off, ice off!

You got this, Beth. It's yours.

ASAP, yo. Man, she's turning blue.

She's never gonna last.

If she dies, I call the purse.

Now might be a good time to get out, fetus.

Those are the rules.

You can quit at any point.


I'm so strong.


S- strong.


I'm s-strong...


S- strong...


This is over. It's over!

This is over.

This is over.



Hey! Tace.

Hey, Tacy?

Hey. Tacy.

Hey, Tacy!

Wake up!


Hey, hey.

You're okay.


You're gonna need it.

What are you all still doing here?

We were just about to head home.

We've been pushing it hard...

And I think it's time for a break.

Why don't you all come over to my house?

Yeah, Coach, that'd be great.


A pizza party with the fetus and her JV groupies.

Maybe Beth was right to bail. That was better.

You want?

No, I'm good.

You guys want something from the kitchen?

A chance to check out the husband.

Cop a feel for me, will ya?

What's up with her? Is she pissed at Beth?

It wasn't all Beth's fault.

Cap'n Beth always goes one step too far and then Bad Lieutenant Addy reels her back in.

Like that night at Lanvers.

With the gun?

At least something happens when Queen B's around.

At least we're not all dying of boredom inside.

Your backdoor man calling.

Welcome to the island of misspent toys.

It'll do.

All by yourself tonight, rich girl?

My mom's upstairs... so, yeah.

No little friend?

I thought girls like you traveled in packs.

There's been a culling of the herd.

I, um...I thought we were going to your place.

Over by the Towers.

No way, walls are too thin.

Yeah, I bet they are.

My dad built that place.

So Sarge Will's right next door?


I didn't want him to hear you.

You look like a screamer.

You ever hear him through those walls?

Maybe with some skanky chick, phlegmy voice?

You wanna waste our precious time talking about my boss?

He catches me with jailbait...

Then I'm ass-fucked.

Who says you're not gonna get ass-fucked anyway?


Why are you cleaning?

Come on, let's kill this by the factory.

You in? No.

I still can't believe she let us eat pizza.

We'll work it off tomorrow, bitches.

Yeah, you're right, we will.

And that too.

Clearly, no one ever taught you girls the importance of manners.

You always bring enough to share.

These past few weeks, something started.

Can you feel it?

You're changing.

You're getting hard, you're getting strong, you're getting tough.

It's not gonna be easy.

There's gonna be times when you feel like it's gonna break you, but it won't.

Your skin is just gonna get thicker, your muscles harder... and those scars are gonna be your badges of honor, your marks of pride.

And then one day... you'll realize... that there is no greater pleasure than pain.

You always wear this?

Yeah, it keeps my head from rolling off.

Aren't you empowered or some shit like that? you want that dick.

I'm not into your dick.

Show me what else you got.

I give and I give... just as long as when the time comes, I get.

Hey! Hey.

This a party or a home invasion?

It's a squad.

It's my squad.

Hey, Addy.

Um, can I give you this?

It's Beth's hoodie.

Also, I wanted to thank you for saving me today.

Beth is, like, psychotic.

I always knew that you were different from her.

You could have fucking got out yourself.


You should have come.

It's not my job to make her feel like she matters.

Where'd you go?

Boring baller party.

East Ridge.

The usual circle-jerk and... puke routine.

I ditched.

Well, you would have had more fun with us.

Is that the point?

Having fun?


Got your hoodie back.

You might have to wash the reek of JV weakness off it.

How's your shoulder?

One time, long ago...

Beth told me something.

"One day, you'll break my heart," she said.

I told her that would never happen.

But part of it felt real and true.

It's a kind of killing.

And none of us get out alive.