Dare Me S1E7 Script

Scorched Earth (2020)

Previously on "Dare Me"...

These girls are going to regionals!

You're going to regionals, and you're going to regionals!

You stole her spot.

You crushed her face.

She has given up everything to get you where you all wanted to go.

You're lucky to have her.

Nobody's asking you to be perfect.

We just want you here with us.

If you care about me, you will do what I ask and leave.

No one's gonna notice you're at regionals.

You know that, right?

Queen B's back on top, and you're still her bottom bitch.

I want those scouts to see you, Addy.

That's why I gave you RiRi's part, more time to shine.

Never feel guilty for wanting things.

People will always make you feel guilty for wanting things.

It's bad, Addy.

It was Coach who told me about the shadow... the part of yourself you never see... can't see.

We spend most of our lives afraid of it...


Afraid of the darkness lurking inside.

It's the shadow that makes us lie about what we want, makes us lie about who we are.

You're ready.

You'll kill 'em.

I got it. I got it.

Should have thrown it under the bus.

Yeah, stuffed her inside it.

Last time we're on this bus, it was to cheer camp last summer.

Still smells like Emily's puke.

Did you ever think then that we'd make it here?

What have we here?

Looks like Coach took a hard pounding from someone.

I always pegged her for a bad driver.

Careless people always are.

I do wonder, though, if Mr. Coach is the one who's here to clean up her mess.

Did poor Will get run off the road?

Love you. Bye.

Eagle it up.

Hey, Eagles, you know what to do.

Eagles in the seats can Eagle it up too.

Let's go! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Everybody!

I'm so excited.

Retro '80s is so 2017.

Well, you know, obviously, they're worried about road safety.

Oh, all right, ladies, four to a room.

Oh, and remember, drinks in the lounge at 7:00.

So you know I'll be there at 6:00.

Margarita bowl happy hour.

And one for you.

Thanks. Mm-hmm.

I... I know this must be tough for RiRi, for her not being able to compete.

But her being here, supporting everyone, it shows a lot of character, and it means something to her squad mates.

You got us this far.

I trust you know how to close it out.

And If I know my girl, she'll be back in time for states.

Oh, hell yeah.

Just as long as these girls don't get foolish tonight and wreck their chances.

You know that age.

Illusions of immortality. Mm.

Uh, non-smoking, by the way. Hope that's all right with you.

Oh, that's fine. I don't smoke.

It's an ugly habit.

I know lots of non-smokers who somehow find their way to a cigarette when they're under pressure.

Oh, well, this isn't pressure.

It's winning.



No, there has to be four of you.

Four girls per room, two to a bed.

Yo, Tania, Sierra...


Let's go, Warriors!

Let's go, Warriors!


Let's go, Warriors!

Let's hear it!

Let's go, Warriors!

Again, let's hear it!

Let's go, Warriors!

Let's go, Warriors!

We're actually here.

I mean, even if we don't qualify, just getting this far is huge.

That's what you're fighting.

You're fighting all the people in this place who will tell you that trying is what matters most and that staying where you are is plenty good enough.

Yeah, well, that's 'cause they've never been on top before.

Once you see how it is from up there, you know you can't go back.

There's no going back.


You know what they say about your first time: you never get it back, and it stays with you forever.

They're incredible.

Well, that's a college squad.

Keep putting in the work, and that could be you.

It's not that far away, not as far as you think it is.

Hey, where do you think the college scouts sit?

Scouts don't come to this.


But you said they did.

That's why you gave me RiRi's spot.

No. You must have misunderstood.

Scouts come to states.

Get to states, and you're gonna knock 'em out.

They'll be eating out of our hands.

Oh, okay.

Hey, don't worry about scouts or the audience or me.

Focus your energy, clear your sight lines, and center yourself for tomorrow.

Everything's gonna fall into place.

Look around.

20,000 wide-eyed folks from every backwater and speed bump across the state will walk through these hallowed halls this weekend.

No, no. Scratch that. 20,000 potential customers. Huh?

And whoever hosts regionals or states takes the lion's share of all of us.

Do you know how easy it'll be for our glorious new stadium to steal the throne from this dusty old convention center that hasn't seen a fresh coat of paint since the Carter administration.

All we need, J.J., all we need is that one key sponsor.

The way I see it, I make the entrée.

I smooth the gears.

I make your little Ohio miracle happen.

Big Ohio miracle.

Wouldn't I be foolish not to wanna be part of such a miracle myself?

Let me have it. I spend most of my waking hours getting it between the eyes from strong women.

I must like it.

I want a seat on the board of directors.

Well, that is a tall ask.

Well, I'm a tall woman who slouches for no one.

Male cheerleaders, there is really nothing worse.

He wants to touch my ass like that, he better come with bottle service.


They think we're all captive prey, stuck in the same hotel.

They're wrong. All we have to do is step outside, prowl the city, hunt some more tender meat.

Or keep it chill tonight, get some sleep.

Is that Coach I hear or one of those chap-e-crones?

I put a party dress in my bag, and I plan to wear it.

Come on, Hanlon, one drink isn't gonna hurt anyone.

Right, Beth?

They say the age of miracles is past.

Don't tell me you actually drove to Cleveland in a car by yourself, 'cause I didn't get a single call from a state trooper.


Yeah, I'm aware of your surprises, except they usually involve a bottle of Percocet, jug of Chablis.

Or the time you tore your retina with a flying champagne cork.

Do you want boring?

I know my daughter doesn't want boring.

And maybe I'm trying to upend expectations for the better.

I got Bert to spring for a five-star place.

Wondering what five-star looks like in Cleveland.

And a five-star restaurant.

Come on, come have dinner with your old, sad mom, and we can get you back to your squad before lights out.

I thought you said sunlight was fatal to her.

Well, she must have summoned some new powers.

Wants me to get dinner with her tonight.


Get out of here. Go hang with your mom.

Are you trying to get rid of me, Hanlon?

You're not missing anything:

RiRi and Bri hustling rum and cokes and potato skins off of horny business travelers.

It's very exciting.

Is that what you're gonna do?

Or are you gonna have a slumber party pow-wow with Coach Colette French?

No pow-wows.

Let's hang out when you get back.

Just you and me?

Just you and me.

We can do all the good-luck stuff we said we'd do if we made it to regionals.

Shave our heads, get prison tattoos.

I still want the teardrop beneath one eye.


Nothing's ever how you think it's gonna be, is it?


I guess not, but maybe it's better, just in a different way.

Hey. It's me.


Any news from the front?

I got a room with a view.

Oh, yeah? Lake Erie?

Hydroelectric plant.

Is she asleep?

Uh, not yet.

I think she knows you're not coming home tonight and isn't happy about it.

Did she do that thing with her plate?


Yeah, yeah. Future champion discus thrower.

Tell her I'll be home tomorrow, that I'll always be home.

Oh, I took your car to Bert's guy.

Um, it's gonna take him a few weeks.

Insurance might wanna total it, though.

We'll have to see.

That's okay. I mean, maybe it's for the best.

They're so impractical.

You love that car.

Remember when we went to the dealership in Miami?

The, um... that salesman with the hair implants.

Oh, my God.

His name was Van.

Van with a V. With a V, yeah.

It's harder than I thought.

What? What'd you say, honey?

Just, uh, being away.

It's hard.

Yeah, I know.

Guess that's what makes home home, isn't it?


That might be a little... is it too soon yet?

There's this lingering...

What fresh hell is this?

This is your loving mother and father laying down their swords for a minute to honor their own.

We wanted to do something for you, Bethie.

I'll be goddamned if we're not gonna fete our beautiful daughter, huh, back where she belongs, top girl, leading her squad to states.

Hear, hear.

Elizabeth Ann, not all surprises are bad.

Sometimes, we get it right.



So what's the most expensive thing in this joint?

'Cause I've never been more hungry in my life.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

This is exactly what we want.


I thought you said drinking was for the weak and pitiful.

It's the way you do it.

This is my weekend as much as anyone's, and I'm not the one with the big moves tomorrow.

Come on, let's go. Come on, come on, come on.

Let's go. Bottoms up, bitches.

Hurry up, bitch. Pee faster.

I'm surprised they wanted their own room after what went down at cheer camp last summer.

Look, there's a lot that you don't know.

Okay, it looks simple.

Beth, the bad girl. Addy, her lieutenant.

There's more to it, a lot more.

I told you I can't.

Come on, night out on the big city. Let's do this.

Paris, Cleveland, whatever.

It's fucking regionals, bitch.

We gotta be locked, cocked, and ready to rock.


Seriously, guys, I'm way too tired and nervous.

I don't wanna take any chances, You guys just go without me.

Have fun.

All right. You're missing out.

You look hot.

I know.

Bloody, as bloody as possible for my real steak and steak tartare for our famished warrior over here.

That's right, our daughter rides at dawn, and she must be sated!

I will drink to that again.

All right. See, I knew this was coming.

Just a sip, just a sip.

Garçon, can I have another glass, please?

You need to be at your best tomorrow, because we are coming for them, right?

Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, watch out!

We see how hard you're working, baby.

Not a quitter, never a quitter.

Tenacity, she's always had it.

First newborn the doctor ever saw who came out with teeth.

It's true.

Our baby's a star. It was meant to be.

You were born under Sagittarius.

And conceived under a haze of Acapulco Gold.


Excuse me, honey. Sweetheart, will... uh... sweetheart, could you ever just, maybe, take a picture of the happy family over here? You got that?

It's the little... that one right there.

Come on, Bethie, like you say:

"Pics or it didn't happen."

See, this is what you need. I knew it.

I can see the tension from here.

Yeah, just a little tight from nerves, maybe.

If you're not nervous, you don't care enough.

Come, sit.

All you have to do tomorrow is what you've been doing all these weeks.

Even if you forget, your body remembers.

You say it like it's easy.

I know what they're looking for.

I built our routine around it.

If our moves our crisp and we nail even 75% of our tumbling runs and tosses, it's ours.

Top five all go to states, where we belong.

Be honest, did you really think that we would make it here?

I never would have taken this job if I didn't think we'd get here.

I only coach winners.

That's why I came to Sutton Grove... to you.

19 years old and the only guy in the dorm who had his own herbal supplement business.

Well, all right.

You mock away, but there once was a young fella, started out as a fire eater, taking change from passersby.

Today, that man is the founder of Cirque du Soleil.

Oh, excuse me just for a sec.

Tacy, I told you I had a family dinner.

I... I can barely understand you.

Have you been drinking?

Sweetie, I can hear it in your voice.

What? You think five more minutes, that'll make the difference?

He's your father, Beth. This was his idea.

I thought he'd... I'm sorry.

For what? What, for tonight?

For that haze of Acapulco Gold that got us all here?

Got you pregnant... him on the hook.

Hey, you have to know this has nothing to do with you.

Excuse me, ladies.

Mr. Cassidy asked me to assure you that he's taken care of your bill.

Saint Bert, never without a glad hand or an empty gesture.

And he instructed me to leave the tab open in case you wanted to order dessert or anything else.

Oh, really?

Well, in that case, a round of drinks for everyone in this fine establishment courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.

Yes, ma'am.

Great, and you've been swell too.

What do you say, Beth? 30... no, 40% tip for you.

Let's hit Pops Cassidy right were his heart is: nestled in that snug little wallet of his.

Hey, honey, wait.

I never asked for this.

I never asked for any of it.

I wasn't sure we'd recover after RiRi.

Sometimes a thing like that is a positive.

Once you know, really know, that you're just an eyelash away from a fall...

You don't forget it. Stakes are real.

Everything matters more.

What if it's just too much?

You mean, what's the secret to not cracking under the pressure?

Yeah. Is there one?

Well, pressure itself isn't bad.

What you have to fight is emotion.

Emotion fucks with your judgement.

What if you just want something and you just want it so bad?

I didn't say it was easy, but when emotion gets in your way, you have to lock it down.

You can't let it win.

But what about the parts in life where emotion is the whole point?

Like with you and Will.


That's different.

How is that different?

There are feelings that last, and then there are feelings that just rip through you.

Matt and I...

We've always been connected.

I was spinning when I met him.

He grounded me.

And now we have Madison, and she needs us.

But then... we moved here, and it was so hard, and... then there was Will.

And my heart caught in my throat.

It was like a movie.

You know, all those things that they say that you'll feel...

I thought that was what I needed.

"Needed"? Like you don't anymore?

I didn't say that.

Maybe what I needed was that feeling, the... the spinning, the wildness.

It makes you see things...

Makes you see what you have.

Sometimes someone comes into your life at just the right moment, you know?

Do you know what I mean?


Fucking AC.

Damn it.


We happy few, we band of bitches.






Rooks, let's go. Come on.

Okay, all right, they're on. We're next up.

Has anyone seen Coach?

Yeah, I need to tell her about a change in our lineup.

Fetus, you know the rules and you broke 'em.

Okay? Now you gotta pay the price.

Even bottom bitches gotta play by the rules.

Who's ready to take Tacy's part?

Huh? Anyone?

Anyone? Anyone?

What are you screeching about?

Your excessive alcohol consumption last night.

Seems like some little fetus really tied one on, had to get her daddy in to help.

Well, he certainly came running, didn't he?

Didn't hesitate.

You think you're so special, don't you?

The perfect princess, apple of his eye, cream of his motherfucking crop.

It goes away.

It all goes away.

One second, you're at the top and the next, you're face down on that mat.

Well, you should know that feeling pretty well, Queen B.

Face down, abandoned, left for dead...

Now that Addy's found a new king bitch to overthrow her queen.

Okay, let's go.

You guys should be out there already.

Beth, you need to focus up.

Forget about everything that is going on.

This is squad time.

Hey, listen up.

You spent the last two months preparing for the next two minutes.

Make it count.

Hands in.

Three, two, one.

Go, Eagles!

Go, Eagles! Let's go, baby!

Come on! Let's go, girls!

Beth? What are you doing?

Let go of me.

Addy, were you with her last night?

This is about regionals, Beth. This isn't about you.

Everything isn't about you.

Look, this isn't about me. This is about you.

The things that you never admit: what you do, what you want.

You just smile and you smile and then you stab me in the fucking heart.

Nothing's ever enough for you, Beth.

Look, it's my fault.

It's my fault for falling for it, for you, again and again and you were never gonna choose me.

We've been waiting for this our whole lives.

How come, Addy... how come you never choose me?

Just tell me the truth for once in your life.

What is it about her?

What does she have that I don't?

She isn't you.

♪ Who that is, hoe, that girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy, that girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ Who that is, hoe ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy, that girl is a tomboy ♪ Let's go, ladies! ♪ With my little titties ♪

♪ And my phat belly, I could take your man ♪

♪ If you finna let me, it's a guarantee ♪

♪ That he won't forget me, my body little ♪

♪ My soul is heavy, my little titties ♪

♪ Be booking cities all around the world ♪

♪ They be [...] wit' me, I'm a Calvin Klein model ♪

♪ Come and get me, set the resy up ♪

♪ Don't be [...] with me ♪

♪ My little titties, my phat belly ♪

♪ My little titties ♪

♪ My phat belly, that girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ Princess Nokia make it clap ♪

♪ She with it to set it back, and give ya the fire track ♪

♪ Now watch what gon' happen next ♪

♪ My little titties, my phat belly ♪

♪ My little titties, that girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy, who that is, hoe ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy, that girl is a tomboy ♪

♪ That girl is a tomboy ♪

Hey! Yes!

Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Top five, we clinched it.

We're in? We're going to states?

Yes, we are. Oh, my God!

I always believed I was a good person.

I thought I knew myself, who I was, what I wanted.

But Coach told me a secret about the shadow.

She said, "The shadow's your heat, your heart, your power."

Don't be afraid of the shadow.

Make the shadow your friend.

And if you look around and don't see the shadow, it's because... the shadow's you.



Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming.

It's bad, Addy.