Dare Me S1E9 Script

Fog of War (2020)

Previously on "Dare Me"...

Do you even see me?

Am I even here?

I had a wife.

I don't have her anymore.

You are my life.

It's bad.


We can never have been here.

You're leaving?

Someone else has to find him.

Your shoes, Addy.

Where are your cheer shoes?

I figured you were mad at me.

Who says I'm not?

Nothing's ever enough for you, Beth.

What is it about her? She isn't you.

Look, can we... Can we talk about Friday?

You're gonna have to live with... I don't remember.

You must have some idea what would make him do something like that.

I was lonely, desperate.

But not as desperate as he was.

Coach, why did you call me?

I couldn't handle it on my own.

I needed a friend.

I needed someone I could trust.

I needed you.

I'm so glad that you're here with me.



She showed me all the places I could go.

The world so big and open.

She showed me all the beauty inside me...

Darkly shimmering.

She gave me things...

Promised me things...

Opened the world to me.

Where the hell have you been?


You scared me. Good.

I woke up, and you weren't here.

And since then, I have been sitting here running all of the horrible things that could have happened to you through my mind.

I'm sorry.

We are way past that, Addy.

We are miles past that.

Beth had a rough day.

I just went over to her house after practice.

No, I called.

I texted.

My phone was dead.

I thought you were dead.

I wasn't.

I'm not.

My phone died, and Beth has a different phone, and so I didn't have a charger.

And I'm sorry.

I swear, Mom. Addy.

Just be plain with me right now.

Is that really where you were?


Where else would I be?

You never talk to me anymore.

I do. No, you don't.

You don't.

Something has changed.

And I get it.

But I don't have to like it.

I've gotta get to work.

I gotta go out there now and see all of the sad, dark things that can happen to young women.

Least the poor guy's out of his misery.

I mean, wherever he is, it's not in Sutton Grove.

First guy you know offed himself?

You knew someone else?

Yeah, my uncle.

Hung himself in the garage.

My aunt found him in the morning.

She went inside, made toaster waffles for her kids.

Then she waited till they were on the school bus to call the cops.

Said she was protecting 'em.

I think she was waiting long enough to make sure he was really dead.

My aunt's been a monster bitch ever since.


It fucks you up.


The people that you've left behind, you have dumped this dark thing on them, you know?

They're left wondering... if they could have stopped it; what they could have done by not being an asshole; by bothering to listen.

We both know who you're talking about.

That wasn't who I was talking about.

I'm not always talking about her.

Does she know?



I don't know.

I mean, yeah, I guess.

Everyone does.

You heard.


Beth texted me break of dawn.

How did you find out?

Somebody at practice just knew.

I didn't believe it, though.

I still don't believe it.

I mean, Will had problems, but to kill yourself?

That's some dark shit.

Darker than I knew.


It's just so tragic.

I... I know.

Yeah, it's tragic, for people who actually knew the guy.

Yeah, lock that down.

Grief vampires.

Once they're sated, they'll move on.

Be like it never happened.

Not for me.

You can come over tonight.

My mom could make you dinner.


Word on the street is that there's gonna be a meet-up at the factory, tonight so that people who actually knew the deceased can start drinking, heavily.

I'm in.


To get destroyed?

In times of great loss, people gotta come together.

Hey, Coach, I have a question about practice.

Okay. Make it quick.

He's still gone?




He doesn't get back until tomorrow.

How are you feeling?

I'm fine.

I just... I... I can't.

Not here.

Everyone knows.

I know.

Everyone's talking about it.

You can't let it get to you.

You just have to shut it out; keep going.

Focus on everyday things: School, practice.

I am. I will. I will.

I know it's scary.

But in a few days, everyone's just gonna move on.

That's how it works.

People talk and talk, and then they forget.


So you want to know if I saw it go down.

No, Ma'am, we're asking if you might have heard anything unusual Monday night.

From down the hall, 13G?

Soldier boy.


So handsome in his uniform, even with hair too long.

What kind of a marine has hair like that?

So you knew him?

Uh, oh, not very well.

Oh, he was very quiet and...

Oh, he'd always help me with my groceries, though, even with that busted hand.

His hand? Knuckles swollen like a prizefighter.

A fight.

Is this what he told you?

I don't like to get involved.

Well, if you think of anything else, please give me a call.


Any luck?


Half the apartments are empty; the other half must have slept through it.

Between the geriatrics and the deadbeats...


Apparently Mosley looked good in his uniform.

He also had, uh, knuckles like a prizefighter.

Maybe a bar fight?

Maybe somebody's been watching too many old movies.

Well, at least we have something to tell the detectives.

We done here?

On to the next floor? Yeah, sure.

I heard it was a drug deal.

No, it was definitely suicide.

Yeah, the war made him go crazy.

What war? It wasn't the war, guys.

He got caught sleeping with a freshman.

I just can't believe I'm never gonna see him again.

How much did you see him before?

At first the guys weren't worried, but then they realized no one had heard from him all day.

He didn't show up at the main office or any of the schools.

Plus, no one saw him over the weekend while we were at regionals.

All the important people in his life must have been busy.

So by Monday, it's been like three days.

He's not answering his phone, and shit's getting weird.

Plus, he lives all alone in that big building by the highway, The Towers.

All night, they're trying to call the super, but the guy's just never there.

Yeah, that guy's been stoned since the '90s.

So those candy-ass marines resorted to Sutton Grove's finest.

Busted down the door early this morning.

How do you know?

I have my sources.

Did Tibbs say anything else?


Just said it was nasty.

Blood everywhere. He, um...

He couldn't really talk about it.



A gun.

That's how he did it.

Tibbs said he never saw anything like it...

The kind of thing you can't unsee.

It stays with you forever.


I can't bear the sight of you doing push-ups for that prison matron again.


Mine are still all beat up from regionals.

You know what works for that?


Works for everything bad you want gone.

You have... you know why.

All right, I... I gotta go.

Cassidy, you over-rotated. Bullshit.

Excuse me? Get your eyes checked.

I stuck that landing.

Ask anyone... Anyone that was watching.

Anyone that wasn't on their phone.

What did you just say to me?

You heard me.

Unless you need to get your ears checked too.

Aging can be a harsh motherfucker.

Fuck it.

Yeah, we're done here.

You're dismissed.

Maybe she's sad about Sarge Will.

Hey, Gummy-Tummy, why would she care?

She barely knew the guy.

Just say it.

Guess she's pretty broken up about it.

Broken up and breaking down.

Can you just give it a rest for a day, Beth?

What happened was very sad.

Look, Addy, I'm sorry, but this grand love story that you have made up in your head is a schoolgirl fantasy.


You want to know what happened?

They fucked like jackrabbits in heat, and then she got bored.

Okay? Those types always do.

Today's jump-off is tomorrow's albatross.

You don't know what you're talking about.

It's the last part that doesn't make sense: the bang-bang part.

I mean, killing yourself over a cheer coach?

Unless her pussy is 14-karat, that shit is far too pathetic, like that summer we all tried cutting.

Everything's so black and white with you.

So basic.

She could love him and love her husband.

Look who's the expert on marital ennui.

You don't think that's possible?

Get your rocks off with the goomah all day then come home every night to the ball and chain and the brat?

You really think I'm unfamiliar with that dynamic?

Um, look.

It's not the same.

Your dad, he...

No. No, you're right. It's not the same.

Because Bert is a man.

And why shouldn't a woman have just as much freedom to be an asshole?

I mean, isn't that what we've all been fighting for?


It's not the same thing. Okay?

Coach, she made a mistake.

That's all.

She was trying to end it.

There was trouble in paradise.

No, not like you think.

She's not the reason Will did it.

So then why?

Who knows?

No one knows.

People go through all sorts of things, bad stuff, and they don't tell anybody.

That they do.

So we'll just have to wait and see what the po-po say.

Your mom will keep us in the loop.

Of course.

We both know once they start digging into Sarge Will's puny little life, they're gonna find something interesting.

It's like turning over a rock and all these ugly things wriggle out.

These things are never as simple as they look.

What are you doing?

I think I lost my cheer shoes.

They were brand-new.

Ugh. Let me look.

No, that's okay.

I looked, and they're not in there.


Michael is here.

Dinner's almost ready, okay?


I wish you both hadn't heard about it like that.

I keep trying Tibbs. He's not answering my texts.

I'm sure he'll get back to you.

He spent most of the day at the station.

Because he found the body?

I'm not sure we should be talking about this.

Was there a note?

I'm just curious. I mean, we were... kind of friends, you know?

No. No note.

There almost never are.

That's all I'm gonna say about it, okay?

Just doesn't feel real, you know?

It's like one day you're tossing a football with a guy, and then gone.

It just feels so big.

But then the last time I saw him...

The night back before regionals?

He just wasn't himself.

I mean, he even told me straight-up not to do it.

Don't sign up.

Why would he say that? Honestly, no clue.

I mean, maybe he was a little drunk or something.

Like I said, he just... He just wasn't himself.

And I guess I just missed the signs.

No. Stop.

This is not on you.

Or anyone.

He was lost.

People get lost.

It's just the way it is.


Mom, why do you have to talk the recruiters and stuff, like, Tibbs?

It was a violent death, Addy.

The police need answers.

Right, but you can't really be sure, right?

Not without a note or anything?

There are pieces to the puzzle.

We talk to folks, track down phone logs.

That kind of thing.

There's another thing that I didn't want to tell you, but... it's probably gonna be in the paper if it's not already.

Tell me.

A few years ago, over in Allanville, there was this terrible thing.

A... drunk driver drove into a pizza place, _ straight through the plate glass window.

A young woman died.

She was 24; five months pregnant.

And that was his wife.

Sarge Will had a wife?


He was overseas when it happened.

They couldn't even find him to tell him.

It's awful.

Yeah. That's awful.

That's how fast life changes, Addy:

In the blink of an eye.

That's what you kids don't know.

That's what you don't think about.





You doing okay?

I guess.

I wish you were here.

Yeah, me too.

Can you come home soon?

No, not quite yet.

Last-minute things.

Couple... couple little things to take care of still.

I love you.

Me too.

Don't worry. I'll... I'll be back soon.


Yeah, bye.


We're toasting to the sarge.

Pick your poison:

Vodka, blackberry brandy, maybe some schnapps floating around.

To our fallen Will.

Only the good die young and beautiful.

Careful, my little Victorian.

Can't have you fainting on me again.

Guys heard the latest, right?

About Will's wife?

His ex-wife.

Mm-mm. No. Wife wife.

It's a real tragic twist.

Car accident.

Full Jayne Mansfield.

Epically sad.

Did you guys see the pictures?

Guess he went for more the demure type.

Guess we never really had a chance.

I wouldn't be so sure.

I mean, I always kind of pictured him with, like, a cool blonde, you know, like icy on the outside but down to fuck.

You know, I think I saw him with one once.

Beth, stop.

He's dead.

Guy's dead.

He was obviously very messed up.

Yeah, there's messed up and then there is...

What does that take to blow your brains out on the wall-to-wall?

I mean, Russian-roulette style.

I mean, there is no going back if you do it that way.

That means you're serious.

That means that you're really trying to get away from something.


You okay?


Don't look fine to me.

Someone get this girl her own bottle.

Aw, look who showed up.

Look who it is.

I loved him, man.

And he taught me how to be a man.

I fucked up.

Sh... my mom, she doesn't know, right?

No. No one knows, okay?

No one... no one saw but me. Okay?

Okay. Come on.

In you get. Okay.

You don't have to protect her anymore, Addy.

You've done your job.

I don't know anything.

Her secret.

It's out.

Or it will be.

All this'll be behind us.


Go to sleep.


I never sleep.

I'm always watching.

Don't you forget that.

I won't.

You know, maybe I was wrong.

Maybe he did off himself because of her.

Poor widower finds love the second time around.

Till she turns femme fatale and breaks his fucking heart.

He puts a gun to his head.

His mouth.


To his mouth.

Addy, what did you say?


Up early and making fresh coffee.

Surely are not my flesh and blood.

She's still dead to the world.

Another sleepover, huh?

That's two nights in a row.

Just seems like old times.

Like when you two used to pitch that old camping tent in the backyard.

Well, you know how teenage girls are.

We just got a-gabbing.

Boy stuff.

Talking 'bout our bodies.

Thank you.

Like a pro.

You should try my martini.

Except day drinking, it's not advised among the armed and dangerous.

Do you just...

Do you just get used to it?

Always having a gun around?

You worry me sometimes, Beth.

Yeah, well, I worry me too.

No one knows how Sarge Will died, right?

I mean, in the papers it just says "possible suicide."

No. That information has not been released yet.

But rumors fly around, right?

Like, gruesome stories?

Not on my watch.

Oh, can you rouse Sleeping Beauty?

I want her to have time for breakfast.


Thank you.

Is she gone?


I covered for you.

Don't worry.

I don't know why I drank so much.

Look, whatever stuff I said, I don't even remember what I said, but, just forget it.

Which part?

Don't worry.

Your secret's safe with me.

And about Monday.



You know how we...

We spent the night together?

The night of Will's tragic demise.

Whatever we did that night, I hope we had fun.

And if not, worst-case scenario, at least now we both have alibis.

What'd I tell you?


I think she knows that I was with you the other night.

Monday night when I slept over.


She thinks that's when Will...

Addy, hey, focus up.

All we did Monday night was hang out at my house.

You give her too much power.

Stop feeding the beast. I can't.

It'll get worse.

Don't you get that? No, I don't.

'Cause I'm not in eighth grade anymore.

She won't stop.

She waits, she stores it all up, and then when the time is right, she springs.

And if she thinks she's right, she will not stop ever.

And it's not just her.

I mean...

I'm sure the recruiters must know about you and Will.

They don't.

Will was really private.

More private than you know.

More private than me.

So you didn't know about the wife?


So did Tibbs say anything else?


But I was mouth open in the chair all morning.

The dude who put my teeth back in.

What do they even call those?

I just call him Dr. Pepper.

That's his for real name.

He's kind of a douche bag, actually.

But get this:

Could not stop bragging to my mom about how the police brought him in to help out on a big case.

Wait. What?

Gunshot death in Sutton Grove.

It's gotta be Sarge Will's case.

Why do they need a teeth doctor?

'Cause maybe Will shot himself in the mouth.

Instead of in the head.


God, you are so gruesome.

Did he happen to mention that?


After all, he's the only one that saw the body.

At least, the only one that we know of.





Hey, buddy.

How was it?

You know, I worked.

I had dinner with work people and drinks with work people.

How were things here?


Hey, Daddy's home.

You want to see Daddy? Yeah.


How you doing?

I missed you.


You and mommy been hanging out?


Hey. Hey.

Did you get yourself something to eat?


Better today, at school?


Find anything new about Sarge Will?

This isn't "CSI: Sutton Grove."


Sunday just seems so long ago.

Did you just say "Sunday"?

I mean, Monday?

Was it Monday?

The papers say that they found him Tuesday morning, so...

Well, it turns out you're right.

The autopsy just came out.

He, uh... died Sunday night sometime.

Oh, you can find out a lot from those things.

If you're looking for the right things.

Are they?


The more they look, the more things seem suspicious.


There's just a lot of facts that don't add up.

Like what?

It's just... It's gruesome stuff, Addy.

You don't want to know. I do want to know.

We all knew him. You don't want to know, Addy.

Mom, tell me.

Be real with me.

You say you want to me to talk to you, then treat me like an adult. Stuff, Addy.

Bullet trajectory.

Gunshot residue. There's damage to his mouth.

What kind of damage? His teeth.

He had caps, and they were knocked out.

From the gunshot?

Or because someone shoved a gun in there.

Coach, she took me straight into the fog of war.

I wanted to be a part of your world.

But I didn't know your world was like this.