Daredevil (2003) Script

Good God.

Matthew. Matthew.


They say your whole life flashes before your eyes... when you die.

And it's true... even for a blind man.

I grew up in Hell's Kitchen.

The politicians and the real estate developers call it Clinton now... but a neighborhood, like everything else, has a soul.

He's about to cry. And souls don't change with the name.

Come on, shrimp. Hit me. I'll give you a free shot.

Hit him again, man.

You fight like your dad. Yeah.

Come on. Hit me. My dad's gonna be champ.

Your dad's a bum. Yeah. A bum.

Come on. Hit me.

He's a punk.

Yeah. He's a punk, man. Can't fight. Sure can run though.


My father was a boxer.

A sportswriter once wrote that he fought like the devil... and the name stuck.

Jack "The Devil" Murdock was a contender.

But that was a long time ago.

Come on, Dad. Get up.

Who won? Cohan.


I beat him, you know. I know, Dad.

T.K.O. That's right, Matty. You remember.

Hey. Hey, what's that? Nothin'.

I told you I didn't want you fightin'.

I tried to walk away like you said... but they kept givin' me shit.

Don't curse.

What kind of shit?

They said that you work for Fallon, that you're one of his guys now.

Get over here. Sit down.

Come on.

You think I'd be pullin' double overtime down at the docks... if I was workin' for Fallon?

What, are you nuts?

You don't hit nothin' but books. Get me?

You be a doctor or a lawyer.

Not like me.


Matt... you can do it.

You can do anything if you're not afraid.

Now you promise me.

I promise, Dad.

Hey, John, pull that line all the way in... then bring the crane around front, all right?

Hey, kid! What are you trying to get yourself killed?

I'm lookin' for my dad, Jack Murdock. You seen him around?

Murdock? Nah, he ain't worked here in months.

Now, beat it, huh?

Jack, I don't want you to hurt me.

I will! Jack, come on. I got obligations.

Dad? Okay, I got it!




Matty, I, uh, I talked to the doctor...

I'm blind. I know.

How could you know? I heard you talking in his office.

I hear everything.

Something's happening to me, Dad. I don't know what it is.

I'm sorry, Matty.

I'm so sorry.

We made each other a silent promise.

To never give up.

To be fearless.

To stick up for the long shots like us.

We were two fighters on the comeback trail.

I had lost my sight, but I got something back in return.

My remaining four senses... functioned with superhuman sharpness.

But most amazing of all... my sense of sound gave off a kind of radar sense.

High above the roar of the streets...

I trained my body and my senses.

An acute sense of touch gave me both strength and balance...

An acute sense of touch gave me both strength and balance...

until the city itself became my playground.

I was the boy without fear.


The winner!

Hey, Murdock! Round two.

What's up, freak? Look at him, man. Look at his eyes.


Kick his ass, man. Go ahead, fight me. I dare ya.

Yeah, Murdock. I dare ya.

That's what I'm sayin', man, kick his ass.

Come on, man. Let's just go.


Jack, it's been a while.

I don't work for you no more, Fallon.

Jack, you never stopped.

Did you really think you won those fights on your own?

You're 42 years old.

Miller, Mack, Bendez?

They're all my fighters... just like you.

And now it's your turn to take a fall.

Think about your boy, Jack.

I'm sure you'll do the right thing.


Stop... Stop clinching.

Let him go. Clean fight.

No! Come on, Dad! Come on, Dad! Get up!

You can do it! Come on!

Come on, Dad! Get up!

Come on!

Let's go! Come on!

Come on, Dad! Get up!

Never give up! Remember?

Yeah! Yeah! Come on, Dad! All right!

You all right? Murdock! You all right?

Okay. Let's fight! Go, Dad! Go!

Ten! He's out! Fight's over!

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner, by way of knock-out...

Jack "The Devil" Murdock!

This one was for you, Matty.

I waited outside of the Olympic for my father.

In some ways, I'm still waiting.

Finish him off!.


I can't see you, Dad.

I can't see you.

No one cared much about the death... of a washed-up prizefighter.

Nobody but me.

I would keep my promise.

I would help those that others wouldn't.

I would seek justice... one way... or another.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're here today... to seek truth... to seek justice.

Mr. Quesada, would you state for the court... the sequence of events leading up to the night of June 30?

I stopped off at Josie's Bar after work.

I had a few drinks. Angela was there.

She was closing up. She asked me if I wanted to stick around... for some fun.

Anything that happened after that was entirely consensual.

Are you aware that perjury is a crime, Mr. Quesada?


My client is a respectable member of the community, where Miss Sutton has a history of drug and alcohol abuse... My client is not on trial.

Which not only makes her testimony suspect... Nor is her testimony suspect.

Gentlemen, that's enough. The truth is...

Mr. Murdock, is that Miss Sutton...

Miss Sutton enjoyed every minute of it.

Mr. Quesada, for your sake...

I hope justice is found here today...

before justice finds you.

Matt? Matt, where are you going?

Man, we knew this was a risk going in.

Why? She's from the Kitchen, she's not from the Upper East Side?

Yeah. Come on, Matt. She has a history of drug abuse.

That was a long time ago.

Juries don't like their victims flawed, you know that.

It's not right.

Yeah? Here's what I don't get.

How can a scumbag like Quesada afford an attorney like Hirsch?

He can't. The Kingpin's gotta be footing the bill.

Come on. Let's go get drunk. Not tonight.

I got work to do.


Line 'em up, Josie, I'm ready to party tonight.

You got a lot of nerve comin' in here after what you did.

Didn't you hear? I'm innocent, baby.

Bikes behind the cage!

No burn-outs, you assholes!

Whoo! Yeah!


Hey, hey, hey! What's happenin'?

Hey, Louie. What's up, goombah?

To the justice system, right? Of course I beat it.

Kingpin's got my back, bro. How ya doin' sweetie?

Boss. What's up?

What's up with that?

Is that guy for real?

Yeah, he's for real.

What do you want? Justice.



Time to give the devil his due.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Hi. How ya doin'?

Didn't you hear?

I was acquitted. Not by me.

Who made you judge?

Wh... You did.

Go to hell... diablo.

Okay, but you'll beat me there.

Hey. That light... at the end of the tunnel?

Guess what? That's not heaven.

I'll kill you! That's the "C" Train.

Oh, my God!

Hey. You can't go past there.

Call Charlie. Right.

You're wastin' your time, Urich.

There's nothin' to see here. Jose Quesada...

and the rest of Jose Quesada.

Whole lotta nothin', huh, Nick?

You keep runnin' those stories, and we're gonna end up with a bunch of copycat vigilantes... who are gonna get themselves killed.

Are you here to confirm that Daredevil is responsible for this, Detective?

Come on, Urich. Stop bustin' my...

There is no proof that your so-called Daredevil was involved... nor that he even exists.

Got it?

Got it.

Can one man make a difference?

There are days when I believe...

...and others when I have lost all faith.

Matt, it's Heather. Are you there?

Of course you're not there. You're never there.

At least not for me.

Look, I didn't wanna do this over the phone... but it's not like you've given me any choice.

I mean, it's been three months now... and I've never even seen your apartment.

Every time we sleep together, I wake up in the morning alone.

I mean, Jesus, where do you go at 3..00 in the morning?

I thought that if I waited, if I was patient enough, you'd let me in...

that we'd take our relationship to the next level.

Then I realized that this is the next level.

Good-bye, Matt. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Please, don't hurt me.

Please, don't do that.

Shh. Sleep now.

Listen to this. "Eyewitnesses say that Quesada was singled out... by the demonic vigilante known as the Daredevil."

I don't know why you read that trash.

I've been hearin' stories about this guy for years.

There's gotta be somethin' to it.

What? Like.. Like the alligators in the sewers?

There are alligators in the sewers. Don't run my ass about the alligators.

I got a friend in Sanitation, OK? He's seen them.

Fine. Just drop it.

You should see this guy. They got this picture...

They have a picture?

Yeah, it's, like, a drawing, an artist's rendering.

It's just... It's grotesque.

I'd hate to see this guy's therapy bills.

Speaking of bills, your client Mr. Lee, he made his first payment.

Oh, that's great. You should be very happy.

Yeah, it's fantastic.

He paid in fluke.

Fluke is a fish, Matt. Did you know that? Because I sure as hell didn't.

Mr. Lee is a good man, and he... doesn't have a lot of money... and he goes fishing on the weekends.

I go salsa dancing weekends, but I don't shake my ass to pay my phone bill. You know what I'm sayin'?

Pass the honey, please.

We need some better clients. I'm tired of these pro bono cases.

What is your problem with our clients? We have good, honorable clients.

Decent people. What's your idea of"better"? Define "better."

What would be a better client? "Better" means rich and guilty. Okay?

Remember when they taught us in law school how to create a moral vacuum... so you could represent people who aren't all necessarily innocent?

That was your best course, as I recall.

You don't have a moral vacuum, Matt.

You are completely vacuumless.

And what happened to your face?

It's nothing. It's a small cut. I walked into a door.

Matt, every time you disappear, we can't get ahold of you on the phone and I'm here working alone, you come in and you all cut up.

I'm in the fight club. The first rule of fight club: Don't talk about fight club. So...

You're not in the fight club, you're out of it.

I didn't see the movie.

I'm sure it's a funny joke, but I didn't see it.

Okay, all I'm sayin' is I'm here for you as a friend.

I mean, I hate to bring it up again, but I spent $3,000 on that Seeing Eye dog.

I didn't ask you for the dog.

I didn't want a dog! Can I say something else?

Seeing Eye dogs bond for life... yours ran away.

What does that tell you about how emotionally available you are?

What? What? Where? Where?

Front door. Not yet. Soon.


Tell me.

You want the truth? Absolutely.

She's hideous. I don't know if it's a fungus... or some sort of congenital birth defect.

But as your attorney in this matter, I advise you... take no further action.

I'm sorry. Excuse me. Sure.

Uh... I was just looking for some honey.

Could you help me out? Right in front of you.

Well... could you be a little bit more specific?

What are you... Blind? Yeah.

I am so sorry. That's okay.

The, uh...

Friend of yours? I've never seen him before.

Matt Murdock.

Nice to meet you, Matt Murdock.

Nice to meet you. Uh...

I didn't get your name.

I didn't give it.

I tell ya, some people have no compassion for the handicapped.

Apparently not.

Where you goin'? Gonna file an appeal.

We have to be in the courthouse by noon.

12:00, Matt. I'll be there.

What do you want? I just wanted to get your name.

I didn't want any trouble. Look...

I don't like being followed, so don't.

Uh, wait a minute.

Wait a second. Take it easy.

And I don't like being touched.

Why don't you tell me what you do like, and we'll start there.

Sure you're blind?

Sure you don't wanna tell me your name?

You're holding back. Yes.


Does every guy have to go through all this to find out your name?

Try asking for my number.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Stop hitting me.


My name's Elektra Natchios.

Thanks. That's all I wanted to know.

I have to go.

Go? Wait a second. Hold on.

D-Don't... I don't wanna get my ass kicked again...

I just want to know why you have to go.

My bodyguard is here.

Your bodyguard?

If you need a bodyguard, I'm in serious trouble.

I thought I lost him at the coffee shop.

Dad can be a little overprotective.

Oh, "Natchios." Right, as in "Nikolas Natchios."

That's Dad.

[Speaking in Greek] Elektra, let's go!

Leave me alone!


How am I going to find you?

You won't.

I'll find you.


What's wrong, Wesley? Have you seen the papers today?

Somebody's been talking.

Somebody always does.

Wesley, did you know, back in ancient times... they would cut the tongues out of their bodyguards their first day on the job?

You think that's horrible, don't you?

'Cause you don't like the physical stuff.

I do.


Wesley, handkerchief.

Your 11:00 is here.

Natchios, my dear old friend.

I'm getting out, Wilson. Uh... I am out.

You think it's funny?

They're writing about the Kingpin.

They're going back to the beginning.

Oh, I'm tired of looking over my shoulder.

I wanna put all that behind me, now. I want you to buy me out.

I think you'll find this a very generous offer.

So, what do you say?

How's your daughter?

I said I was sorry. What do you want?

Details. You owe me that.

Her name's Elektra Natchios.

She sounds like a Mexican appetizer.

It's Greek, genius. Her father's Nikolas Natchios.

The billionaire? Yeah. See? Yes, the billionaire.

Then as your attorney in this matter, I advise you to marry the woman immediately.

I'll take it under consideration.

What do we got? Oh, this one's a real winner.

Daunte Jackson, ex-con from Queens... charged with the August 9th murder of Lisa Tazio... your friendly neighborhood prostitute.

The bad news is Jackson was found passed-out in an alley... holding the murder weapon... and enough THC in his lungs to get Staten Island high.

Jackson says he can't remember what happened on the night of the murder... or, for that matter, most of the '90s.

What's the good news?

The fluke wasn't bad. Could you let us in, please?

Mr. Jackson.

Who are you?

We're your attorneys.

If you're innocent.

So, are you... innocent?


Hell yeah.

I believe you.

Y-You do?

You do? You got yourself a defense.

Thank you. Thank you, sir.

I want you to create a paper trail... one that can be traced to Natchios.

Sir? The press want a kingpin, so I'll give 'em a kingpin.

Get me Bullseye.

Two out of three.

Bloody Irish piece of trash.

What do you think Jackson's gonna pay us with? Chronic?

Foggy. Hey, the guy's a three-time loser.

They found him a block away with the murder weapon in his hand.

Which makes the fact that he's innocent kinda interesting, don't you say?

How can you be so sure?

Have I ever been wrong?

No. Which is really starting to annoy me, by the way...

Hey! Come on, I got a blind guy here!

Use the crosswalk, asshole. I love this city.

Empty your pockets.

Raise your arms.

All right. This is it.

Okay, now what? Take a look around.

Look Matt, I know you have this built-in bullshit detector... but this time it's on the blink.

Let's just say for argument's sake that Jackson is innocent...

He is innocent.

Then why someone going through the trouble to set him up?

Why the big cover-up in the death of a... prostitute?

I don't know. I can't answer that.

I gotta find out more about Lisa Tazio.

Well, you know, too bad we don't have a key.

Matt? Matt, where are you going?

Give me your pen. Right here. Leave a note?

Here. That's my pen.

I must've been sick the day they taught that.

Was that real estate law?

What do you see? What do I see? I see high ceilings...

I see hardwood floors under carpet, I see some good feng shui...

You think they rented this place yet?

What? Did she have a puppy?

Ammonia. So what?

Over blood.

Something else.

Cordite..., gunpowder.

She was shot here and dragged outside... to make it look like a random robbery.

Come on, Matt, there's nothin'over there. Let's go.

Write this down.

She wrote something here in a ballpoint pen.

The imprint is still in the wood.

"M-O-M." "M-O-M."

"6-8." "6-8."

There. I knew it. Her mother did it.

Now can we please go before we need attorneys too?

Miss. Susie is my son Larry's daughter by his first marriage.

She eloped with this semi-colored fella from London.

What's the word for that? Mulatto. Yeah.

Just let's say he had a little cream in his coffee.

But he did very well for himself on the Internet... but don't ask me how, no...

You know, they did get me a computer for Christmas last year.

But I won't use it. I'm afraid it's going to explode.

Oh, but who can afford to fly these days?

But then my sister Marjorie called and said she had these frequent flyer miles... and she couldn't use them because her sciatic nerve was acting up.

So I said...


Oh. She's sleeping.

Oh. She's sleeping.

Can I get you anything before we land? More peanuts, please.

Bill Evert here at the Manhattan Courthouse... where accused killer Daunte Jackson...

Jackson is accused of gunning down...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury...

I am not here to convice you that Daunte Jackson is a model citizen.

He has been in and out of prisons and reform schools since he was 12 years old... but this is not a court of character, however...

This is a court of law.

Isn't he facing the wrong way?

Don't worry, he's got them right where he wants them.

Daunte Jackson is innocent. Yeah.

And that is what it's been like for Mr. Jackson.

Like trying to talk to a wall.

Does this defense come with a two-drink minimum, Mr. Murdock?

I'm sorry, Your Honor, I'm trying to make a point.

You see, justice is blind... but it can be heard... and, today, the truth will come out. Thank you.

Here, r-r-right this way.

He's blind. He can't see anything.

Okay, here's the, uh, the arm.

You got the arm there, Matt?

Just reach down. There you go.

I'm sorry.

Here we go. Right there.

You got it? Okay.

Was that too much? Yeah, it was a little much, you know.

You always want to do the chair thing. It's embarrassing.

We want sympathy, it's not The Gong Show. Okay.

Officer McKensie, you were the arriving officer at the scene, isn't that right?

That's correct. Please tell us what you observed.

I was a block away when I got the call of shots being fired.

When I arrived on the scene, Lisa Tazio's body... was lying dead on the steps of her apartment.

I found Jackson passed out in the alley.

Still holding the murder weapon. What's wrong?

Tazio's wallet in his pocket. McKensie's telling the truth.

Yeah, that happens sometimes in court.

No, no, no, no. Somebody has to be lying.

What's he doing here? Who?

It's Ben Urich, the reporter from the Post.

So does this mean you want a rematch?

I told you I'd find you.

How did you know I wasn't a mugger?

Muggers don't usually wear rose oil or high heels... at least this far from Chelsea.

Come here.

There's something I wanna show you. Wait a second.

Exactly how many women have you brought up here, anyway?

Uh... you're my first.

Good answer. I thought that was the right answer.

Look at this. It's so beautiful.

I know. This was my favorite view of the city when I was a kid.

I really wanted you to see this.

What's this?

Oh, that's from my mother.

For good luck.

It's beautiful. It's a good luck charm, huh?

I could use one of those. They make them in braille?

She gave it to me... right before she died.

What happened?

She was killed...

right in front of me... I was five.

I'm sorry.

No Greek tragedies, okay?


I should go. No, no. Wait. Just wait.

Wait, wait, wait. Because it-it's... It's about to rain.

No, it's not. It is. It's... I'm telling you. I mean...

The temperature dropped two or three degrees. I can smell it.

The moisture in the air. It's gonna rain any second now.

And when it rains, it's like there's a rooftop on the world.

Each raindrop makes a sound the first time it falls on a surface.

Just then it's like I...

It's like I can see again.

And I... I just wanna...

I just wanna see you.


Look. Here it comes.


Oh, my God.

You are so beautiful.

Maybe you remember the Kingpin.

Do you remember me now?

What? Get off me!

Matt, what's wrong?

You think you can hold out on the Kingpin, uh?


I have to go.

You remember me now? I'm sorry.

I have to go.



Oh, no! No, no! Please!

Huh? You remember me now? What are you, stupid?

You think you can hold out on the Kingpin?

Get away from me!

Stay out of Hell's Kitchen.

This ain't your neighborhood no more.

Kitchen belongs to the Kingpin now.


Please don't hurt me.

I'm not the bad guy, kid.

I'm not the bad guy.

I'm not.

You know the great strength of the Church?

Its sense of community.

Good morning, Father. Good morning.

Now, this may come as a bit of a surprise to you, Matthew... but we are open on Sundays.

I like the quiet.

I don't think so, son. I think you like the solitude.

And you find it in here, do you, Matthew?


Sometimes not.

You don't have to go it alone, Matthew.

My confessional is open to you all the time.

There's no keepin' secrets from God, son.

I'll tell you Matthew, I spent 30 years in one of them boxes, there's nothing I haven't heard.

Well, let's keep it that way.

So, we'll be seein' ya Sunday then, huh?

OK, I'll have to call you back because he just came in.

Good morning.

Your ears must have been burning. Why?

This just came by messenger.

It's your invitation to the Black & White Ball at the Grand.

Plus one. Plus one? All right.


Uh, no. No, thank you.

I'd love a cup, Karen. Thank you.

I guess she's making a fresh pot.


They spent some serious money on this invitation.

I mean, you should feel it. It's engraved.

What time you gonna pick me up? I'm not goin'.

What? Are you crazy?

That place is gonna be crawlin' with people... rich people.

People who pay their legal fees with money, not with fish... or with-with-with wheels of cheese or with sports supplies.

I'm gonna fill you in on a little secret, Matt.

This place doesn't look like a law office, okay?

It looks like the set of goddamn Sanford and Son.

Every time I walk in, I'm waiting for Lamont to walk down the stairs.

Then you go.

Look at me, Matt. I'm a "plus one," okay?

Plus ones don't get anywhere by themselves.

They need somebody to bring them. That's why it's "plus one."

Are you finished? We only have an hour to prepare for court.

What's eating you?

I had a... a rough night.

Well, you wanna talk about it?


It's about Elektra, isn't it? No.

Natchios owns the Grand Hotel, and Elektra's the reason you were invited to the ball.

She's outta my league. I'd rather just end it before it starts.

That's gotta be some kind of record.

You just completely bypassed the whole relationship phase.

You went right to the breakup. Tryin' to save some time, huh?

What happens to that lie detector of yours when it detects your own bullshit?

It must really bury the needle, huh?


Look, Matt, seriously, the ball's in your court.

Plus one, huh?

Thank you.

This is what I'm talking about. Aren't you happy you listened to me?

This is gonna be great for business, Matt.

Thank you.

Matt Murdock. Ben Urich, New York Post.

Ben Urich. Nice to meet you. You're the guy...

...who writes the articles about the urban legends, right?

Well, yes, among other things.

Maybe you could settle something for us.

You know the alligators that live in the sewers?

My partner...

I've been following that piece you wrote about the Kingpin.

One man running all the crime in New York City's...

It sounds a little farfetched, doesn't it?

Well, yeah. But then again so's a vigilante who thinks every day is Halloween.

They got to be huge by now, right, the alligators?

It's a myth.

Look, uh, I'd like you to give me a call... Sorry.

Cool color. I wouldn't know.

But do give me a call. There is something I'd like to talk to you about.

Nice to meet you. Enjoy the party.

Uh, uh, uh. Look at that. Wilson Fisk is in the "hizzie."

Come on. We might never get a chance like this again. Come on, let's go. Come on.

We should talk about this... Mr. Fisk.

Mr. Fisk, it's, uh, uh, Franklin Nelson from Nelson & Murdock...

Excuse me. Yeah, you want to talk to Mr. Fisk, you make an appointment. Okay?

Wesley. I know who you are.

You're the blind lawyers from Hell's Kitchen.

Actually... Actually, he's the blind one.

I'm deaf.

Give 'em a card, Wesley.

I'm always on the lookout for new blood.

I'm sorry, Mr. Fisk. My partner is a little overzealous. We can't represent you.

Why is that?

Yes, why is that, Mr. Murdock?

Because we only handle clients who are innocent.

Innocent, he says. That's pretty funny.

You know, I've learned one thing in all my years in this business.

What's that? Nobody's innocent.


Have a great time at the party. Thank you.

I just, you know... Matt, for one night, I just wish...

I just...

Matt, I just wish I could give you my eyes for one night.

It's like that? It's like that.

You want me to take you up there, Matt? Matt?


Now I found you.

Look, I'm really sorry about the other night.

You're here now.

That's all that matters.

Wow. Engraved cufflinks, huh?

Because it's Wesley Owen Welch, it's your...

Let me cut to the chase, OK? If this were up to me... and it is...

Do you really think that for one moment the Fisk Corporation would actually hire... some pro bono, storefront Hell's Kitchen lawyers, let alone a blind one.

Come on. I've already filled... our quota of handicapped employees for the year.

Go back to the Kitchen, Franklin Nelson.

What a dick.


You look beautiful tonight.

Do you mind?

Uh, no. I just... Sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, that's all.

Not me.

But you should know... that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing... was that I wanted to look beautiful for you.

I wish you could see me tonight.

Me too.

Matt. What's wrong?

Uh, it's just...

...good things don't happen to me very often.

When they do, I get scared.

Nothing bad is gonna happen.

I promise.

Hi. Hello.



Oh, doesn't she look beautiful?

I think she's happy.

I haven't seen her smile like that since before her mother was killed.

Poor girl. Right in front of her eyes.

Why do you have to bring that up now?

History has a way of repeating itself.

What are you saying? I'm just saying good-bye, old friend.

I'm just saying good-bye.


Something's happening. What is it?


Go back to the party.

[Speaking in Greek] What's happening?

What's wrong?

[Speaking in Greek] Elektra! Stay with him!

Stavros will take you home.

Papa? Papa?

[Speaking in Greek] We have to...

Tell me where you're going.

[Speaking in Greek] Please, stop it!

You wait... Ooh!

[Speaking in Greek] Kostas, go back and look for Fiss! Do it, fast, now!

I'm sorry.

[Speaking in Greek] You're lying to me..

[Speaking in Greek] Everything's fine...

What is going on? Tell me.

New York is not a safe place tonight, that's all you have to know.

Watch out!

I missed. I never miss.

Drop somethin'?

Bullseye, huh?


Get that over to Forensics right away.

Hey, Nick?

What do you want, Urich? Does all this make you happy?

Looks like you got your story.

Police are still investigating the murder of Greek shipping heir...

...identifying Nikolas Natchios as the so-called Kingpin of crime...

...the self-styled vigilante is wanted for murder.

...to the implication of Daredevil...

Now, how did you get past my security?

Oh, you mean that guy?

Was that really necessary?

Necessary, no. It was fun.

You know, you've exceeded all my expectations.

You even managed to implicate Daredevil in the process.

You should be pleased.

He... made me...


There's an old saying that "too much pride can kill a man."

The Devil is mine.

Really? I've heard that before...

...all too many times.

But answer me this.

How do you kill a man without fear?

By puttin' the fear in him.

Ah. I like that. But first...

...give Elektra all my best.

Is there anything else?


I want a fuckin' costume.

And what happened from there, Mr. Jackson?

Well, let's see, uh...

Man, I was so high, I can't remember everything.

Excuse me one second, Your Honor, I'm working alone here today.

Just a second.

It's braille. It's braille.

It says here, okay...

Mr. Jackson, it says here that you were... at Chumley's Tavern until 10:15... and then you went to meet a friend.


I went to meet Turk because he owed me some money. Yes!

And it was there that you passed out from drinking, is that correct?

Smoking weed, mostly.

Thank you for clarifying that.

Now, Officer McKensie has testified that you were found at that time holding a handgun?

That's a lie!

In fact, you don't even own a handgun, do you?

No, sir.

Have you ever owned a handgun, Mr. Jackson?

No, sir.

Do you have any intention of owning a handgun, Mr. Jackson?

No, sir. Thank you.

Can't hit nothin' with a handgun. Thank you.

But a shotgun, now that's a whole different story.

Shotgun got buckshot...

...just like little pellets. Thank you. That's all.

...and when you shoot 'em, they kinda spray out, like that, so you can just hit everything in front of...

Thank you, Mr. Jackson. I have no further questions, Your Honor.

Court's in recess!

Mr. Nelson.

For your sake, I hope your partner comes back soon.

Me too. Me too.

I know how you feel. You don't know how I feel.

I want revenge.

Revenge won't make the pain go away. Trust me. I know.

There's no place for me now. Yes, there is.

Stay. Stay with me.


Elektra. Elektra, wait.



Matt. Why are you following me?

It's Ben Urich. I know who it is.

What do you want?

Your client's innocent.


I had a source from my Kingpin story named Lisa Tazio.

Lisa Tazio had access to the Kingpin? No.

One of his guys... pillow talk.

She was selling me information bit by bit. I never got a name.

Will you testify to that?

Well, First Amendment and all that, plus the case is still open, as far as I am concerned.

Is there anything that you can tell me that will help my client?

Yeah, I got a cousin over in Hoboken, runs a Mercedes dealership.

He sold a 500 SL... to a Robert McKensie.

Officer McKensie.

That doesn't make sense. He was telling the truth.


That's three years cop's salary. The guy ain't tellin' the truth.

What about our future? Our future... Our children...


Gotta love that new car smell, huh, McKensie?

Murdock, what the fuck...?

Never driven one of these stick-shifts before. How does this work?

Stop it!

Take it easy, McKensie, we'll go for a ride.

This is a nice car. Where'd you get this? Lots of cops got Mercedes, these days!

Yeah? I bet.

Jesus Christ! You're crazy.

Yeah, I'm crazy. Who killed Lisa Tazio?

Daunte Jackson.

Stop the goddamn car!

Here's the hard part... parallel parking. How is it? Like this?

What do you want?

I want to know why your goddamn heart rate hasn't changed!


When'd you get the pacemaker? Three years ago. So what?

You lied in court. That's perjury.

You think I'm the only one?

You take me down, there's a hundred more just like me to take my place.

This is bigger than you, Murdock. It's bigger than all of us.

The Kingpin.

He runs the whole goddamn town.

You cross him, you're gonna end up like Natchios... eighty-sixed by some maniac like Bullseye... and he won't stop there.

What does that mean? Kingpin doesn't just kill you... he kills your whole family.

I have coffee.

Did you get ahold of Matt?

No. He'll call. Don't worry.

You should really get home, Karen. I'm fine.

How are you doing? Oh, me? I'm great.

I'm making.. hum... ridiculously little progress... for the amount of time I've invested in this.

Is your mom coming to town?

My mom? No. What's that note?

Oh, that? That's Matt's big contribution to the Tazio case... which has surprisingly turned out to be completely useless.


What's the date of the murder?

August 9th. Why?

Maybe you're looking at it wrong? August 9th.

"August 9th. WOW." WOW.



Wesley Owen Welch.

Son of a bitch.

Oh, cha-ching.

This better be good, Kirby.

You know me, Urich. It's always good.

Okay. Are you ready to see something really, really cool?

Come on. Okay.


Oh, come on, man. I'm throwin'you gold.

Give me my money. Why?

I've seen it. Come on.

All right. Well, but have you seen this?

And tighty-righty, loosey-lefty.

You said look out for anything weird, yes?

Well, it's some pretty weird shit right here, man, right?

You have no idea.

Yeah. Yeah, this is Franklin Nelson.

Uh, this is not a good time.

It's about Lisa Tazio.

Remember me?

No. Wait.

It wasn't me.

It was a hitman named Bullseye.

I didn't kill your father. Liar.

I'm not going to fight you. Good. Then this will be quick.

I want to look into the eyes of my father's killer as he dies.

Wait. Wait.

Now you know.

Oh, God. I was... just trying to protect you...

...um, Elektra.

I'm sorry.

That's him. That's Bullseye. Listen to me.

You have to run. He has to pay for what he's done.

No. You have to...

I don't want to lose you again.

I'll find you.

Come on, girl!

Hey, orphan. Let's play.

Nice. Come on.



You're good, baby. I'll give you that.

But me?

I'm magic.

Now for my next trick.

No! No!

N.Y.P.D. Aviation.

Police, do not move! Get on your knees and put your hands on your head.

I repeat. Get on your knees and put your hands on your head.

Help me.

Stay... Stay with me.

Everything clear.

Matthew. Matthew.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

This is my confession, Father.

God's mercy is infinite. All ya gotta do is ask.

Everything I had has been taken from me.

Now I'm supposed to ask for mercy.

I don't ask for mercy... people ask me.

Oh, is that a fact?

First one's a warning...


Is there a back door out of here?

Yeah. Take it. Call the police.

What about you?

I have to finish this. But you can't fight like this, son.

Have faith, Father.

Isn't that right?

You. Let's play.

Caine, I want the blueprints and the city grids.

Secure the perimeter. Yes, sir.

Where the hell is my SWAT team?!

The doors are locked from the inside, sir. Break 'em down.

It's a church, sir.

Your point? Yes, sir.

Let's get a battering ram in here now. You got it.

Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Hey, Coyle, keep 'em in your sights. Which one?

Both of'em! I want a man on that roof! Ready?

Man without fear.

Looks like I found somethin'you're afraid of.

Let's bring on the pain.

Let's bring on the noise.

Fisk was right about you. He said you wouldn't go easy.

Fisk? Fisk is the Kingpin?


The whole red rose thing? He loves that shite.

It's not my style.

He hired me to kill Natchios.

And to gut your pretty girlfriend too.

But me, I'm goin' for the hat trick.

I told him I'd do you for free.

The Devil is mine.

Oh, my hands! My hands!

You took away my hands.

Show mercy.



Freeze! Whoa!

Don't move! Don't move!

Stay on him! Stay on him! Stay on him! Detective, look!

Good luck, son.

There's been a problem.

Bullseye failed. Correct.

Then he'll be coming here next.

Why would you say that? Because that's what I would do.

Well, then we'll be ready for him, sir.

Send the guards home.

B-But, sir... I was raised in the Bronx, Wesley.

This is something you wouldn't understand.

Yes, sir.

I have to talk to you. Give me a break, Urich.

Doors are open, Detective. Terrific. Just in time.

Freddy, keep those people back! You're gonna wanna hear this.

I just got an anonymous tip on the Tazio murder.

Phone it into the station. I got much bigger problems tonight.

It leads to Wilson Fisk.

Nick, he's the Kingpin and I can prove it.

Come on. You got nothin' on Fisk.

No, but I got the guy that does.

Would you care for another martini, sir?

No, I come here for the view, asshole.

Wesley Owen Welch? Who wants to know?

Detective Nick Manolis.

I'd like to talk to you about the murder of Lisa Tazio.

I want my lawyer.

I haven't charged you with anything.

I won't talk to you without my lawyer present.

All right, then I'll talk, you listen... and then we can talk about your plea bargain.





It's a shame you came here wounded.

I would have loved to fight you in your prime.

They call you the man without fear.

If that's true, why are you afraid to show your face?

I don't believe it.

No. No. No.

The blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen?

You killed the only two people I ever loved.



It's all it ever is, is business.

I was working for Fallon at the time.

Your father was supposed to throw a fight.

And your girl... was in the wrong family at the wrong time.

It's all business.

I'll find you.

And you've been in my business for too long.

I've been thinking about this day since I was 12 years old.

I don't understand.

I'm not the bad guy.

You hear that, blind man?


They're coming for you.

For me?

Didn't you hear? The word's out on the Kingpin.

They're coming for you. I can hear the police radios from here.

No. No. I swear, I'll tell them who you are.

Yeah? Go ahead.

Tell 'em. Tell the guys at Rikers all about how you got beat by a blind man.

It'll be like blood in the water.

Oh. Don't worry about that. 'Cause I'll get out.

Yeah. I know.

And I'll be waiting.

Justice is served.

I'll get you.

I'll get you.

It's not over with yet.

It's not over with yet.

This is for you, Dad.


Thank you, Mr. Murdock. I appreciate everything, man.

Seriously, congratulations. You the man.

All right. Yeah. Keep it real. All right.

I appreciate everything, man.

I'm feelin' you, man. You know what I'm sayin'?

If you ever need anything, come down to 117th Street...

I'll do that. Thank you.

That's it, dog. You stuck by me.

That's it, dog. You stuck by me.

Nobody wouldn't touch me with a 20,000 foot pole.

Oh. All right.

I could cry right now. You're like a brother to me, man.

You know what I'm sayin'? ...

"Police say that although there were no eyewitnesses... they suspect Daredevil was the one to bring Fisk to justice."

Wait a minute, did you hear that? There were no eyewitnesses.

It's in black and white. How can you be a skeptic?

If there's no eyewitness... I mean, you know, Bigfoot has eyewitnesses.

Oh, please. The alligators in the sewers.

Oh the alligators?! So you're saying there are alligators in the sewers?


So you're changing your position on this one.

I'm explaining to you... Do you or do you not concede that there are alligators in the sewers?

Please answer the question.

No, I don't... How can you not concede? You won't...

Judy, we're over here!

How you doin'?

I'm doin' okay. I'll be all right. You want to talk about it?

No. But thanks.

I'm gonna get some air. I got this.


Good to see you. Oh, you too. How are you?

Nice to see you. Thank you very much.

Bueno. See you next week.

Well, maybe next week, Matt, huh?


Matt. Ben.

Promised my kids I'd quit. Gum's gonna kill me quicker.

How are you? I'm all right. I'm good.

Thank you. Well, don't thank me so quick.

You see, there's this other story I been workin' on.

I wanted to tell you about it before it hit the paper.

I know the truth about Daredevil.

Justice is blind.

Ben, if you run that story...

...I'm finished.

But I'm a reporter, kid.

It's what I do.

Violence doesn't discriminate.

It hits all of us...

rich, poor, healthy, sick.

It comes as cold and bracing as a winter breeze off the Hudson.

Until it sinks into your bones... leaving you with a chill you can't shake.

They say there's no rest for the wicked.

But what about the good?

The battle of good versus evil is never-ending...

because evil always survives...

Bull's-eye. with the help of evil men.


As for Daredevil, well... soon the world will know the truth...

that this is a city born of heroes... that one man can make a difference.

Go get 'em, Matt.

Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood.

I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night... watching from the darkness.

Forever in darkness.

A guardian devil.