Daredevil in the Castle (1961) Script

So they want Hideyori to travel to Kyoto and greet Sir Hidetada to...

...celebrate his appointment as the Great Shogun?

Is that Lord Ieyasu's order?

Well, I've got something to say about that.

Wasn't Lord Ieyasu a sub-ordinate of the Toyotomis?

Though still young, Hideyori is the heir to the legacy of my lord, the late Lord Hideyoshi.

Isn't the proper order for Hidetada as a sub-ordinate to travel here to Osaka if he wants to see us?

What was the promise Lord Ieyasu made and said upon Lord Hideyoshi's passing?

He said he'd stand behind the young heir to... the Toyotomi's legacy for all times to come.

He's forgotten his obligations sworn in front of the gods.

If times were different, Hideyori would have been in the position of the Emperor Regent.

Although we lost to the Eastern army in the battle of Sekigahara...

...it's an extreme insult they should treat our family of no less than 650,000-koku... like an ordinary daimyo lord and tell us to make a trip to Kyoto for greetings.

Send back the messenger now. I, Yodo, cannot accept such order.



The Minister of State, Hideyori Toyotomi built a huge statue of Buddha at Hoko Temple in Kyoto.

It is the day of the inaugural ceremony for the statue.

Yasutatsu Sakakibara, the messenger of the Shogun Tokugawa's family, passing through.

Hold it!

Hold it, please!

We're in the middle of the inaugural ceremony for the statue.

The family of the Shogun sends an order that the ceremony be forbidden.

Hold it, please!

If you were to carry out the ceremony against the order, we shall punish you.

Just a minute.

I order you to cancel today's ceremony with the authority of the Shogun's family.

Just a minute. We've scheduled the date of the ceremony in accordance with...

...the directions given not only by the Shogun's family but also by Lord Ieyasu.

Why forbid it? For what reasons?

Find out the reasons later. Just cancel the ceremony.


They found a phrase that cursed the Tokugawa family in the inscriptions on the statue's bell...

...and that's what started it.

The Shogun family's only picking a fight.

The Toyotomi clan won't stay quiet, will they?

It's war.

War... War would be good.

Our time's come at last.

We'll avenge Sekigahara.

Look where you're going! Out of the way!

Hey, shut the front door and close up the store.

If a war starts, we can raise the price of rice as high as we want.

We'll make more money if we don't sell.

Manager, come over here a minute.

Listen, you guys rush to Shikoku and buy more rice.

If it's cheap, buy as much as you can get your hands on.

Okay? Understand, right?

Hey, boy, put away the dolls and vases in the warehouse.

And mark up their prices by three times.

And line up all the spears and swords in front out here.


What are you doing?

I've heard of an ambush with spears...

...but what are you thinking sticking spears up my face in the broad daylight?

Sorry. We're very sorry.



Is it how you greet people in Osaka? Well, not so.

I'm fresh out of the country-side...

...but your answer could make me smash down a house or two like yours with my fist.

What? Goodness gracious!

Hey! What the hell are you doing?

Did you come to this town to make trouble?

Where are you from? We'll beat you up.

Bastards, are you trying to start a fight with me?

I'm Mohei the demon!

Who cares about a demon?

In Osaka you hear a war's coming, and the rice store closes up...

...and the hardware store takes out armors and swords to sell.

It pisses me off!

You brat! Beat him up!

Come at me, if you can!

We'll let time decide whether we should go into war.

But first we must come up with a strategy advantageous to the Osaka side.

One, we'll gather manpower, arms and food.

Two, we'll discourage the Tokugawas will to fight...

...and prevent war from happening.

Gentlemen, danger!

As I suspected, it's Hayato-no-sho Susukida!

Get them!

Don't be bothered with them. Retreat at once.

Don't let them go! Don't let them go!

Hey! Catch Hayato-no-sho!

Get him!

This isn't good! Let's run!

Don't let them go!

Hey, there's another fight over here!

Oh, Sir Susukida!

You, get out of the way!

Don't block our way. Out of the way!

You have some nerve, scum!

I see now you're chasing after a fragile woman.

This town really pisses me off!

You reckless fool. Get him!

Get me down!

Hey, get me down, will you?

No, we won't.

We're making you pay for making us lose our catch.


Why don't you just get me down? Get me down now!

We can't let you off so easily.

An outlaw like you should be tortured to death to make an example.

Mr. Mountain Samurai, aren't you being too cruel to human life?


Even a frog would come back as a ghost to blame you if you make it suffer slow death.

We're making an example out of him.

Aren't there other ways of making an example?

What would you do then?

I'd do this if I were you.

Damn you!

Remember me. I'm Saizo Kirigakure.

Get him!

What is this place?

Doesn't look like the other world.

You're still alive.

Who saved me?

Who do you think?

You, I guess.

You saved me, didn't you?

You think so?

You were the woman running away on the bridge.

I remember your face.

Or was it Sir Hayato Susukida?


You know Sir Susukida?

You're laughing.

Can't I laugh?

Anyway, give me something to eat.

Do you feel well enough to eat?


Stuff myself and I'll get my stamina back.

What on earth is this place?

Only one exit to this room.

What're they going to do with me?

What are those plaques about?

Don't be alarmed.

I'm not here to kill you but to ask you to do something for me.

You're lying.

Isn't that a gun you're holding?

That's right.

This is a pistol from Portugal which doesn't have a match cord.

I told you!

Are you still trying to say you're not going to kill me?

No, I'm not.

It's for self-defense.

I'm an old man past 70.

I can't beat you without it.


Your response will determine if bullets will fly.

You don't seem to know how powerful this small arm can be.

Mohei, I'm not gonna kill you.

I just want you to do something for me.

But if you refuse, know your body will be shattered like that pot.

What do you say? Will you do it for me?

Are you going to ask me to work as a pirate or something?

Or to help you with the war?

I don't know if you're with the Osaka side or the Eastern side...

...but either way I refuse!

I have no kind of obligation to you whatsoever.

I'm not going to let you say that.


Who saved your life?

You owe your life to that woman.

I see.

So that's your angle.

I can't say I have no obligation then.

You're a smart one.

Just a second.

Before an answer, I have to eat first.

Sister, I appreciate you saving my life but looks like I'm getting into trouble.

Quiet down! It's disgraceful to have a quarrel.

But it's obvious the Eastern side is challenging us for a war after all.

That's why Mr. Ichi-no-kami was sent for as a messenger for the Osaka army, isn't it?

I'm telling you to wait until he returns.

And he hasn't even been able to meet Lord Ieyasu, has he?

Am I right, Goro-ji?

Yes, you're right.

We've even got a letter from Lady Ohkura-kyo to confirm it.

Lord Ieyasu treats the messenger from Osaka as if he's stupid and doesn't even see him.

So you know what his intentions are likely to be.

Even so, it won't be too late to wait for Mr. Ichi-no-kami...

...who represents Osaka Castle to return before we make a decision.

How can you still say that?

Hold it! Hold it!

They don't seem to have come to any decision in the meeting.


I'm lost as to what to do now.

My mind is already made up.


Please be strong.

As your mother, I've made a decision to go to war for your sake.

You mean...

I cannot forgive Ieyasu for acting unreasonably toward you, the Minister of State.



You're what I live for.

Your late father, my lord always looks over you.

Be confident.

So we'll go to war.

We must defend ourselves against what trouble may come our way.

Miss O-sen...

I want to hear your decisions as the wife of the Minister of State Hideyori.

What decisions do you expect from me?

I assume you'd agree with what your husband Hideyori thinks...

...but you're the fond grandchild of Lord Ieyasu...

...and the beloved daughter of the Shogun Hidetada.

Though I try not to doubt you, I can't help it in such a situation.

It saddens me to learn of...

...your doubt.

It's not just with you.

These servants who came here with you, too.

I order all of you not to step outside of this room from this day on.

Lady Yodo is forcing our lord to decide to go to war without waiting for...

...the return of our messenger, Sir Ichi-no-kami...

...but we must prevent the war from happening at all costs.

That's right.

And we must keep the Toyotomi bloodline going by all means necessary.

What shall we do, then?

There's only one way to do it.

We must kidnap Lady Sen.

She is precious to both the Osaka and the Eastern sides.

We'll hold her hostage and send our associates to have a talk with Lord Ieyasu.

I'm sorry to put her through this, but there's no other way to do it.


I heard Lady Yodo locked her up in a room.

So how are we going to take her?

If we used someone they know and he failed, we'd lose our chance completely.

But then we can't really use a ninja, either.

Arrangements have already been made for that.

Being a samurai is uncomfortable, isn't it?

What's your relationship to Sir Susukida anyway?

And what's with the old man with the pistol?

You're laughing again.

We're going to work to serve that castle.


But I don't want to work for Osaka Castle without knowing why.

Are you trying to sneak out of this?


Thanks for waiting.

Please come in.

I'm impressed that they let us through the gate of Osaka Castle easily without being questioned in these unstable times.

What kind of royal status are you of?

Hush up. Don't speak.

It's Ai.

You may come in.

Thank you for your trouble.

Mohei, is it?

I want you to carry out an important job.

Come a little closer.

This tunnel is a secret passage that leads to the garden of the Sasa-no-ma Palace where Lady Sen is.

But no one's ever used it.

There's no men inside the palace but there are samurai stationed around it...

...so be careful not to be noticed.

It's such a big job.

I don't think I can pull it off.

You can't pull out of it now that you've come all the way here.

Better make up your mind.

I could get out of it if I really wanted to.


I'm a man... and you're a woman.

And there are only two of us in the tunnel.

You mean you...

I never forget a kind favor.

But you think differently when your life's at stake.

I refuse to get involved in a war.

No, we're trying to stop the war from happening.

How do I know that's true?

Believe me.

If you accomplish your job, we really can stop the war.

I beg you. Please accomplish the task.

Did you just beg me?

So I'm not obligated for your kindness any longer, am I?

Then, let's make a deal.

How much do you want?

I don't want money.

I want you.

This is an important job. You can't say no, can you?

Do whatever you want.

But in exchange...

So you'd sacrifice your body just to get me to do the job.

I lose.

I'm a man after all. If I succeed with the job, I'll take you.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait!

You aren't a samurai from the castle, are you?

You don't look like someone from the castle, either.

Are you a Ohga man or a Kohga man?

I'm just a man.

Aren't you a ninja?

Are you a ninja?

Oh, I know who you are.

Hold it. I don't have any ninja friends.

When they dangled you from Horai Bridge, I was the one who cut the rope for you.

Don't you remember?

Oh, I see.

So, are you an acquaintance of the woman named Ai?

I don't know any such woman.

I just didn't like how the mountain samurai treated you.

I'm Saizo Kirigakure.

Actually, it's not my real name but it's the name I go by mostly.

Well, but I'm glad it was you.

If you'd been a samurai from the castle, we wouldn't have been talking like this.

One of us would have been dead, you know.

What I don't get is...

What are you doing here?

I can't say it. That's the code of ninja.

I see.

You're after something.

Since you're in this area, I say you came to kidnap Lady Sen, didn't you?

I got it.

You're here to kidnap her, aren't you?


Could you be a Tokugawa spy?

Don't be stupid! I'm not!

What are you doing?

Look at that!

It's my job to kill that kind of people.

Come help! We have intruders!

Intruders! Come help!

Come help! Intruders! Intruders!

Come help! Come help! Intruders!

I failed. What?

Someone beat me to it.

They seemed to be Tokugawa spies but they all got killed.

Oh, and there was a dead woman in the tunnel.

She had this on her.


What is it? Is it someone you know?

It's my sister.

Is that right...

Ai, don't be so down.

You now have the big responsibility of taking over your sister's job, too.


I understand well.

I know it's hard for you but we don't have the time to be grieving now.

I'm sure the late Lord Hideyoshi will be watching over you.

But where has that tumbleweed run away to anyway?

It's all my fault.

I'm sure he's still in the town of Osaka.

We've got to find and kill him, or our secret will be...


It was my mistake to have chosen Mohei for this.

I want you to leave this matter to me.


What are you doing? Hurry up, will you?

2 pounds! 2 pounds! It's 2 pounds per person only!

I need more than 2 pounds.

Doesn't matter how big or small you are. There's a shortage.

Hey old man! This is the third time you came!

What the heck are you saying?

Three times or four times, I get in line and wait for my turn.

You got a problem?

I see you've got so much rice here.

It's not fair you're only selling us 2 pounds.

That's right, isn't it?

I'll take a bonus.

All rice stores have to donate rice to the castle so there's a shortage.

So, what about the people of Osaka?

Are you saying we don't eat?

Hey, old man!

Don't say that unless you can't eat rice.

Why don't you go to the castle if you wanna eat rice?

What is it? Why are you following me? You creep!

Mohei, don't be mad.

I followed you because I wanted to avoid the crowd.

Forgive me.

Oh, you're Sir Hayato Susukida.

Has it been over 10 years since we last saw each other?

But since we shared a nursing mother, I'm glad you remembered me.

Are you going to Osaka Castle to join the army?

5,000-koku gave me a better training than I deserved.

I'm ready to make a name for myself.

You won't know whether you'll make it until the war begins.


I'm your brother.

I'm saying this for your sake.

Don't dream too big.

I accept your advice with gratitude.

But I've got something to say to you, too.

You'd better take this and leave Osaka immediately.


For what?

I came to Osaka to work.

Because we joined in the Battle of Sekigahara, everyone in my family died and I'm the only survivor.

Now that I'm a war orphan, I came to Osaka to find work and start my life from scratch.

It seems the town of Osaka isn't the place for you to live in.

Don't say anything and return to your home right away.

I won't.

I intend to work for Osaka Castle.

For what reason?

I fell in love with how big the castle is.

You learned too much of what you didn't have to.

Are you involved with the blind lady in some way, too?

Stop rambling!

I was going to let you go out of pity because you're a relative to me, but I can't let you live.

Mohei, forgive me.

I don't appreciate it, either.

Stop, this is dangerous!

Then, will you go home? I won't.

You're so stubborn.

Hey, let me join your group.

Not giving up, are you?

I'll kill you if you won't go.

Though we're not blood-related, I'm still your big brother.

Are you going to kill your big brother?

If I won't listen to me, I'll have no choice but to kill you.

Take this!

Wait, wait!

It' not fair for you to say I don't listen when you didn't even told me what it is.

Say you'll shut up and go home.

I don't want to go home.

I won't let you get away today, Hayato-no-sho!

Who on earth are you?

Tell me your name.


Are you an associate of Hayato?


I'm just mediating to stop a fight.

This is not a fight.

Is it a duel? If it is, I wish to stop it all the more.

Shut up. Come on.

Both of you, please leave.

Alright, I'll leave.

But I just want to know your name.


My name is Dohki Itamiya, I'm in the shipping business.


You mean you're the man who Lord Hideyoshi was very fond of?

That was then.

You have clients all over the country when you're in the shipping business.

You're a lucky guy. Hayato-no-sho...

I promise I'll take your life some day.

Follow him!

I like this house. I'm going to stay here for a while.

Stay here...?

Those Portuguese boats claim to be commodity trading ships...

But I'm sure they carry guns and gun powder.

Is there a way to get them?

I've been working on it, getting at it every chance I get.

But the foreign merchants aren't involved with either Toyotomi or Tokugawa.

So, they arrogantly say they want to sell them to whichever party can come up with a better offer.

Is there any way to stop them from being sold to Tokugawa?


Sir Itamiya...

We've worked hard behind the scene trying to prevent the worst from happening.

But there's nothing more we can do in our power to stop the war.

What are you saying?

Then all our efforts up to now would go to waste, wouldn't they?

According to the message from the Sunpu capital that arrived this morning...

...the Shogun's family has given us a cruelly difficult order.

What kind of order?

For one, they want Lady Yodo to be sent to the East as hostage.

Either that or evacuate and hand over Osaka Castle to them.

How merciless!

Did Sir Ichi-no-kami accept the terms?

No. He's still in the capital doing everything he can to appeal the order.

All right.

I, Dohki Itamiya, wish to do everything I can to help Toyotomi legacy continue...

...and repay the favor of the late Lord.

Sir Itamiya, then, will you help us?

Let me try and obtain the guns and...

...gun powder carried in those boats.

We're grateful.

We promise to get the money for them.

There'll be five horses carrying pure gold from Osaka Castle to Port Sakai.

You guys attack them as they enter the port and steal it.

You men locate and capture the woman named Ai, a member of Hayato-no-sho's group.

Where shall we transport the gold once we've stolen it?

The receiver will be waiting at Jinsho Temple in Sakai.

Oh, working hard, aren't you?

I'd feel awkward if I get fed without working.

Is there anything else you want me to do?

Well, when I first met you, I thought you were really scary.

But you're nicer than I thought.

I, too, thought you were greedy at first...

...but you're strong-willed than you seemed.

Don't flatter me so much.

I believe what people say so I get easily happy.

Well, really.

Unlike the rice store owner over there, your greed is a true merchant's spirit.

You're respectable because you don't give trouble to people or make them cry.

You really know how to flatter people.

What do you say, how about a drink or two? Let's go.

I stayed in town because I knew I'd see you again some day.

I wanted to see you and talk to you.

You shouldn't. They're after your life.

You shouldn't come out in a place like this.

Do you know why I didn't leave Osaka?

It would bother me to think you might think I'm clinging to you.

But I've decided I want to work for Osaka Castle honestly.

When I saw how devoted you are to your work, and how you're willing to sacrifice your body for it...

...or rather when I saw you didn't shed a tear when you found out your real sister had been killed...

I felt ashamed as a man.

Mohei, to do this job was my dream.

You have no obligation.

You'll be in danger if you get involved, so please leave Osaka at once.

No. Osaka Castle is my dream.

Let me join your group. You shouldn't.

Come on, kill me if you want to.


We won't kill you.

Do you want me to talk?

No, we don't need to ask you anything.

Then, why did you take me here?

We need your body.

Oh, I thought it was you.

What, you're the ninja from the other day.

Don't talk so loud.

Do you want to hear a useful tip?

I don't want to hear any tip from a ninja.

I see.

Then let me talk without being asked.

I think it was a woman named Ai.

She was captured by masked men and brought to Port Sakai.

The boat must have just passed under this bridge.

Is that true?

You want to hear a tip from a ninja?

Tell me, more in detail.

She saved you, didn't she? It's your turn to save her.

I could help you if you want.

But why are you helping me?

Well, I kind of like you.

You don't trust me, do you?

If what you say is true, I'd give my life to save her.

But who on earth are you? A friend or a foe?

I'm neither a friend or a foe.

I could turn into either depending on the situation.

What are you now?

Look at my eyes.

Do you think my eyes are lying?

Here they come.

They tricked us!


They aren't here yet.

Something must have happened on their way.

As we suspected, there was someone who was after this money.

Could it be Tokugawa spies?

There could be a betrayer in our group.

Master has gone to visit a temple.

Please make yourselves at home while you wait.

The cargo from the European ships was unloaded, wasn't it?

Well, I haven't heard anything about it.


Since you owe the Toyotomi's much favor, I hadn't expected you to accept our proposal so easily.

I'm a merchant.

A favor is a favor, business is business.

The way of business is to sell for a better offer.

Well, I can save face as a messenger.

It would be a different story if a thousand or two of guns could bring victory to the Osaka side.

But I just don't see they have a chance.

Do you really think so?

One needs to have the ability to look into the future to be a merchant.


Here's a check personally signed by the Shogun's family.

So, when will the guns and gun power be unloaded?

How are we going to handle them?

We'll carry them in an ox cart disguised as rice bales being sent to Osaka...

...and send it to Joko Temple in Sumiyoshi.

Please take them over there.

You've got it all figured out, haven't you?

Where's your master?

Well, I haven't the slightest idea.


Where are the others?

They ran toward the shore but they should be alright.

We were concerned about the money, so we came back.

Well, the money is right here, all safe.

I see. I'm glad.

Oh, Sir Itamiya...

There was big trouble here just now.

Leave the bodies here and carry the money.

You pretend as if you've been wounded.

You load the guns on the boat.

And put the woman in a casket and load it with them.

Hey, it's incredibly heavy, isn't it?

Don't talk!

The gold is called Daiho True Gold, and it's completely pure.

This casket looks suspicious.

We'll send a boat to pick up the cargo later.

You go up in there quickly. I'll catch up with you.

He wants the pick up for tomorrow at noon.

No, we need to do it tonight.

We can offer you something.

This is a heart-felt gift to you.

You demon! What are you going to do to me?

Just shut up and be quiet.

You said you swore loyalty to Toyotomi and you bring me to such a place.

Are you going to betray your friends?

Shut up!

Somebody, somebody help me! Somebody!

You can't escape no matter how much noise you make.

Accept your fate.

Ai! Where's Ai?

Don't move, brat!

Sir Itamiya, help the captain!

So, Itamiya plans to sell the guns to Tokugawa, doesn't he?

Otherwise he wouldn't have taken me to such a place.

Then we shouldn't have left him stay alive.

We need to inform Lady Kobue of Itamiya's betrayal.

We must retrieve the guns first.

Then, I'll head to Osaka Castle.

Okay. I'll go back to Sakai.

Hey, you guys, please don't forget I'm here.

Don't act like strangers and send me away after all we've been through.

Will you retrieve the guns?

That's the way to go. You go to Osaka with Ms. Ai.

You summoned us to rush here! How long will you make us wait?

What happened to Sir Ichi-no-kami Katagiri?

Sir Ichi-no-kami is reading his report in the main room.

What kind of report could it be?

We know our decision is to go to war, don't we?

The only solution is to attack Lord Tokugawa!

No matter how praised the Osaka samurai have been...

...there's no chance for us to win a war against Sir Tokugawa today.

I suggest that we swallow our pride...

...and Sir Hideyori himself visit the Shogun's family in Edo to ask for truce.

I, Ichi-no-kami Katagiri humbly and loyally offer you my advice.

Silence, Ichi-no-kami!

With this whole situation, the Shogun's family should be the one to send us an apology.

Why should our lord travel to Edo asking for truce?

The more I think about it, the more upset I get!

My lady...

It's not the time to be losing your temper.

We're in a crisis which could even lead to the fall of the family if we upset things.

I'm not losing my temper.

I've given it much thought.

Rather than sit here and wait for the fall...

...we should rise and have a good fight against the arrogant Tokugawa.

What about the people?

What do you think would happen to the people who've fought in Osaka?

Where the leader is, the people are.

It's their duty to stand by the leader in hard times.

However... Enough!

Ichi-no-kami, are you the servant of Toyotomi or a spy from Tokugawa?

You have the tears to shed now...

So why didn't you cut your own stomach in front of Tokugawa?

Quiet! Quiet!

Where is Sir Ichi-no-kami?

I want to know where he is!

Silence! Our lord will be making an announcement shortly.

Well, I can't leave this to executives any more!

Where is Ichi-no-kami? Bring him out!

Bow down!

How rude of you!

Get Ichi-no-kami! Don't let him get away with it!

I, Naruto-no-kami Kimura, have arrested the unruly element.

Everybody return to your seat.

Hideyori Toyotomi sent letters all over the country.

From Daimyo lords who were old allies of Hideyoshi...

...to those who fought on his side in the Battle of Sekigahara...

...were invited to Osaka Castle.

Sir Morichika Tohto-kami has arrived.


Sir Buzan Sengoku has just arrived.

Sir Tahei Dohga has arrived now with an army of 6,000.

Sir Saemon-no-jo Yukimura has arrived.

Hey, what happened to you?

You suddenly disappeared and out of the blue you're back.

Where have you been?

What's happening down this road?

It's too late. The war is going to happen.

I know that. But are all townsfolk leaving?

Well, there's an order telling us not to.

But it's only trouble once they start popping guns and things in the streets.

Aren't you guys going to leave?

If you aren't, take care of my store while I'm gone.

There's enough food in the back. Thanks!

Go on now! Go!

I can't be wasting time here.

I understand how you feel...

...but no matter how anxious you are, you can't by yourself stop the war that's about to happen.

But to think all my efforts are now going to waste...

No, you did absolutely everything you could for the castle.


Don't be discouraged.

I'm going to visit Lady Kobue.

You're in no shape right now, so you stay here.

Fortunately we have rice here. Let me make you some porridge.

I'll come to the castle, too.

Don't say that.

What could you possibly do in your condition?

I beg you, please stay here, alright?

But it feels as if I'm not going to see you ever again.

Please take me with you, will you?

No, I can't.

You should stay here and get some rest.

If we lose each other, let's wait for each other on a bridge somewhere. Okay?

We first met each other on the bridge.

Your family in Higo are deeply concerned that you're staying here in Osaka Castle.

That's why I was sent to take you home.

It sounds bad to Sir Tokugawa, does it?

Not only that, it could possibly be a crisis for the Kato Family.

I understand.

Gidayu, I'm leaving the castle.

So, are you coming home with us?


I leave the castle and be just a woman, someone with no relation to Kato.

What are you saying?

Send just one message home.

Can the Katos, who serve the Toyotomi.

Prosper under the rule of the Tokugawa just the same?

Is it not Osaka Castle that will really protect the Katos...

...instead of Kumamoto Castle?

Sir Hayato-no-sho...

Until today I've made all the efforts I could to prevent a war between our family and Tokugawa.

But we've come to the end of the road.

All because of my incompetence.

No, I share the blame, too.

Now that we're where we are today...

I intend to fight for the family as long as I'm alive and help lead us to victory.

How courageous of you.

Though I'm a woman, if only I could see, I would have fought for our lord.

My lady, I beg you please to come home with us.

No, I'm not going to.

Hayato-no-sho, please take me to Itamiya in Sakai.


Halt! Halt!


Where are you taking the chest to?

We're regulating the traffic here.

We wish to inspect the contents.

You officials can't seem to read the sign right here.

We're monks from Shiten'no Temple to Port Sakai.

What are the contents?

We don't know. We were simply ordered to carry it.

If you can't tell us, we must inspect it according to the rules. Do it!

Hold it!

This is a chest sealed by the royal Shiten'no Temple.

If you wish to inspect it, first get a permission from the Grand Bishop of the temple.

If you still insist on opening the chest, I shall fight you with my iron staff.

Where's my lady?

Mohei! He's one of us.

Oh, Sir Susukida!

I warned you so much and you're still in town.

Do you think I'm a coward who'd abandon Osaka and go home in such a crucial time?

You know I'm now one of you now.

You're a good, honest soul, but an idiot who can't see beneath the surface.

You're the one who can't see things.


Did you know Itamiya is a traitor?


Itamiya has sold the guns from the European ship to Tokugawa.

He has?

Not only that, he tried to sell Ai to the ship.

Is that true?

I'm not lying.

What's happened with her?

I got her back safely. I came to talk to my lady about it.

Oh, no!

What's wrong?

After them!

You come with me, too. We'll save our lady.

Is it you, Sir Hayato?

Oh, it's you! Where's our lady?

We left her with Itamiya.

He's betrayed us.


Let's go right back there.

Hold it.

The armies of Todo and Ikeda are already advancing along the Kinkai Highway.

It's dangerous to go that way now.

We were rushing back to tell you that.

We're too late.

Not only that, Shogun Hidetada has left Fushimi for Hiragata.

I also heard Lord Ieyasu led a great army which is stationed at Horyu Temple, Nara.

We've got to return to the castle at once.

I'm going to go. I promise to save our lady.

So, what do you want from me?

I won't be greedy and ask for tens of thousands of koku.

Even if it's for 10,000, I want you to recommend me to Sir Tokugawa.

What are you talking about?

I'm a merchant.

And you ask me to recommend you.

You've got clients all over the country.

Pretend ignorant but I know the truth.

You recognize this mask, don't you?

You wore this mask and ordered me to murder others.

You pretend to be loyal to Toyotomi...

...while under this mask you sent me to kill many of their old loyal servants!

On top of it all, you got Hayato-no-sho to pay for the foreign arms...

...and offered them to Tokugawa.

Shoot me if you want.

But before you do, this staff will be buried in your chest!

I agree to getting you 10,000-koku.

I'm sorry to keep you, the next Kato princess if times were different, in such an uncomfortable room.

I came here prepared for what's to come.


You pretended to be on our side and to help us...

...prevent the two families from getting into the war with your money and power.

You took the lives of 50 men and women who worked under my order.

Hey, what's that?

Stop! Stop!

Out of the way!

Even a devil like you cannot think of any more excuses, can you?

I didn't realize you who can't see would be aware of my true identity.

In order to gain more gold and silver, I don't care about samurai's code of obligation and loyalty.

The gold and silver I've stored are covered with blood.

Eventually when the war starts, gold and silver covered with blood will come rolling into my pockets.

Are you sure that's what you really want, sitting in front of the altar of the late Lord Hideyoshi?

I should have taken you out of the picture much earlier.

My lady!

My lady!

Tumbleweed, it's you again.

Mohei, I've got it under control.

My lady!

Oh, Itamiya!

Oh, My lady!

It's Mohei, to your rescue.

Mohei, take me to Kodan-in Temple in Kyoto.

To Kyoto?

I'm going to ask Sir Kodan-in to mediate for truce between Toyotomi and Tokugawa.

Mohei, please help me.

Let me take on that role.

Mohei, isn't this the daughter of Sir Kazue-no-kami Kato?

Don't worry.

Who is this guy?

I'm a servant of Yukimura Saemon-no-jo Sanada, named Shimaru Yokota.

Really, so you're a follower of Sanada?

Mohei, I'll promise to bring my lady safely to Kyoto.

In the meantime, you bring those bullets to Osaka Castle.

You mean the guns...

Yeah. I've stolen and hid them away.

Saizo, take care of our lady.

Don't worry about us.

Just think about how you're going to bring these loads to Osaka through the enemy's camps.

Rack your brains!

Well, I've got no brains.

We're just going to have to force our way through depending on the situation.


Mohei, let's meet again alive.

Yeah. I'm not gonna die. You don't die, either.

So long!

Damn! The enemy's camp again.

Chief, there's no way we can get through it.

What are you saying?

And you call yourself an Osaka Castle labor worker?

But this one's impossible.

We know it's impossible from the beginning. Just watch me.

It's a gamble.

I'm going to go talk to the platoon chief, so get in line with them while I talk to him.

Will it really work?

What army is this, may I ask?

We're with the Hyodo clan. And you?

I'm with Sakakibara.

Aren't we both working hard, you and I?

Halt! Halt!

Which clan are you with?

I'm Hanbei Handa of the Hyodo clan.

Please pass.




Chief, there are more and more camps. It's impossible to enter Osaka.

Just wait and see.

The army that just passed is of Hachisuka.

What, Hachisuka? Yes.


Hurry up everyone. We're moving.

Is it really going to work?

Stop! Stop!

Has the Hachisuka army pass by?

We're with the Hachisukas.

Hachisuka's army have just passed by.

Is that right? We got separated and got lost.

Thank god!

Better hurry up or you'll get lost again!

Well, thank you.

Hey, hurry up!

The Eastern army made great advances in offence








Retreat! Retreat!


We're in the middle of a battlefield.

We can neither advance nor retreat.

I'm truly sorry when we've worked so hard together to get here, but this is it.

You can punch me or kick me or whatever you want, and you can run somewhere safe.

What are you saying?

We're the laborers of Osaka.

Do you think we can turn our back now that we're so close?

He's right.

We're doing this for Osaka Castle.

You said you were working to serve for the castle, too.

Sure, we're just load carrying laborers...

...but we're fighting against the slick old man Tokugawa in spirit.

We can't turn our back now! That's right!

You mean, you want to proceed?

Even if we die, we would.

We can't turn back now.

Chief, come this way.

Come on!

Chief, we could cut through the field on horses.

We've switched from oxen to horses!


Let's go!

I'm Mohei!

Where's Hayato-no-sho?

Hayato-no-sho! Where is Hayato-no-sho?


Oh! Sir Susukida.


We've got guns for you. Fight to your heart's content.

I see! Come on!

Let them pass.

Chief, one cart with gunpowder was left behind!


Hey, everybody, come on!

Hey, wait!

Let go of me!

This is the camp of Hayato-no-sho Susukida.

That kind of conduct is not allowed.

Go now!

I've lost my patience.

Everyone, be careful!

Alright, let's go!


January 22, the first year of Ganja, Truce Agreement signed

You have made a great achievement at Horai Bridge.

Therefore, our lord hires you as a Daimyo lord to serve in the castle for 200-koku.

I'm not the type to be a samurai.

Ai, do you want to come with me?

Where to?

To a quiet country-side.