Dark Blue World (2001) Script




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Directed by It won't take off, will it?

Don't worry, not while I'm around.

Now what?

Take hold of the joystick.

This thing here? - See how it moves.

This is how we turn left, and right...

Look at the wings.

This is how we dive.

And this...

What's it doing?

Hey! It's...

This is how we climb, Hanichka.

Aren't we going too high?

All the way to heaven.

Slama, is that all you've done today?

He's not well, Sir.

Come with me.

Sit down and write:

"Dear Family" comma, "Do not send me any more food parcels"

"as I am not doing my job properly."

Sign it!

Sir, let him be. He has a fever.

Mind your own business, Machaty!

Back to your place!

Back to your place!


Back to your places!

What's your name?

Franta Slama.

Vilda Houf, sign painter.

In here for my appendix.


Locked up for stealing State property!

Some pots of paint.

Why are you here?


I mean, why did they lock you up?

I flew for the RAF. In England.

I see!

Let there be no mistake.

This is a forced-labor camp.

You are educated men so you know what it means.

Our "amnesty" cart.

It has only one route to the cemetery and back.

The only amnesty you're ever going to know...

Lie on your side. Better than on your back.

Did you see that? - What?

The tattoo on his arm.

He's an SS man.

You're kidding!

They're in the kitchen too.

You're in here with SS men?

So are you.

But I didn't fight against them.

There you go.

I did.

You know how you fly, Voytishek?

A bit wild? - No.

Too much throttle? - No.

I give up.

Like a natural.


Where's my dog? Anyone seen my dog?

She ran to the hangar.

Of course, Gregora's stuffing her with salami again.

Give me the hangar.

Line your pants gents Tomorrow you're flying solo.

- Hangar. - You got my dog there?

- Yes, Sir. - Put her on the phone.

What? On the phone?

That's what I said.

Take a look, gentlemen.

Barcha, come here!

She's on the line.

Barcha! Where did I tell you to wait?

That's all, gentlemen.

Dismissed The show's over.

Barcha... Good girl...


My Papa!

Barcha. Her Papa!

Silence! Adolf Hitler speaks.

You're the one we've been waiting for, bastard!

Not you!


You know what my mother said? - What?

I'll end up marrying Kanka.

That lollipop-man down there?

He'll be completely bald soon - But he's set his sights on me.

And you think I haven't?

Quiet! My parents!

Think they don't know? - Know what?

That we're in love - Of course they know, but not that I let you love me so... deeply!

What's that?

That's him - Who?

Kanka, of course.

He serenades me every night to touch my heart.


I'm coming, Papa Just a minute!

Hanichka, please open the door!


Good evening. - Captain!!

Mr. Pechar, let me explain...

They're repeating it over and over.

At six a.m. On March fifteenth the Armed Forces of the German Reich will begin occupying our country.

Any resistance will be met with brutal retaliation.

I'm sorry.

Cry all you want. Who wouldn't?

All units will be disarmed.

No aircraft, military or civilian, are to leave their bases.

Turn it off!

Cut the engine!

I'm taking it to Poland. We can't let them have it!

Pilot Officer, switch off your engine now!

Didn't you hear the order?

Yes, but I didn't like it.

Nobody's asked your opinion. Get out!

Why d'you think the others aren't taking off?

Because it's suicide in this weather!

You'll crash into the first hill!

I know.

Everything is conspiring against us.

England, France, the weather, even my back, everything.

We should tell our men the Poles will need pilots, ground crews too,

because Poland is next in line.

Nothing official.


Preferably, single men.

They're here.

Slama, please take over I can't move.

Let's call it an order.

Yes Sir.

Good morning gentlemen. Ober-Lieutenant Hesse!

It's my duty to take over this airfield.

Our commanding officer, Wing-Commander Skokan is physically indisposed.

I'm in charge.

Lieutenant Slama.

This whole army seems "physically indisposed".

What a lovely map!

So, yesterday we were here.

We had a good look at your famous defenses.

Abandoned without a shot?

As a soldier, I can't understand it.

Sir, kindly do your duty and respect the honor of soldiers who have been forced to do theirs.

Keep your shirt on. Just a little joke.

Now, I'd like to see the planes.


The keys, please.

All right boys, let's go.

I can imagine how you must feel.

A German officer would put a bullet in his head.

But you are... a little different,

aren't you?

Pilot Officer Voytishek!

I've got a spare seat.

Thank you, but I'll stick with the boys.

You're taking it too personally.

How else! I felt like throwing up in the hangar.

We carried out an order.

Now we can go home, take off our uniforms, and take it personally.

How long will it take you to pack?


No time at all.

Don't forget to brush out her ears.

Thistles get stuck in there.

She'll be grateful.

And in winter ice forms on these hairs between her pads.

They hurt her, so you have to cut them out.

But I'll be back well before then.

She'll listen to me?

Of course. She knows you're a part of me.

What's this?

In case you come back at night and the house is locked.

Thank you.

You don't have any documents on you? In case we're searched?

No, Mr. Slama.


And call me Franta.

And you can call me Karel.

I know.

I don't know how to put it...

Sir, I mean Franta... but I do have some documents I'd like to take with me.

What are they?

No, forget it, I'll get rid of them. You'd only laugh at me.

No, I won't. Promise.

Let's see them.


That's only camouflage. There's worse.

She's my only girl.

I'd rather not part with her.

Your only girl?

Then you should keep her. - Thanks.

Sir, I mean Franta! Look!

Oh God!

Barcha, you mustn't do this.

Go home.

Go home!

Back to Hanichka.

Go home!

Go or I'll hit you!

What's she doing?

She keeps turning around but she is going back.

Direction, one-two-zero, speed four-five-zero.

Permission to take off.

Blue Leader, Roger, direction one-two-zero speed two-five-zero.

Three planes, type Messerschmitt at one o'clock.

Do you see them?

I can't see shit.

Shut up!

We don't see them, Sir.

Are you maintaining your speed?

Yes, Sir.

We're pedaling like maniacs.

This is stupid. I'm knackered!

You should see them by now!

We see them. Telly Ho!

What's going on?

Behind you! - Break left!

You bastards. Why don't you let us fly!

We are going to repeat the whole exercise.

OK Roger.

What's he saying? - Get up. We're doing it again.

No! To hell with this! It's not what I came here for!

On your bikes!

Do not inflate it all at once.

That dinghy has been folded flat and you've been sitting on it for a long time and if you inflate it all at once, it doesn't like it and can easily burst, and then you are in the soup... all understood?

Sysel, you try it.

My name is Mrtvy. He is Sysel.

What'd he say?

Murphy? Irish?

No, no Murphy. Mrtvy.

In Czech it means dead man.

Bedrich Deadman.

Didn't you hear what I said? Slowly, slowly!

You are dead, Sysel!

He says you're Myrtvy.

To take off.

To take off.

To take off.

Once again.

To take off.


May I keep her?

One week.

Try it, please.

To take off... to lend.

No, no, my dear. To land.

"To lend."

You must be careful about pronunciation.

To "lend" means something quite different.

Your friend...

your friend "lends" you his notebook.

He doesn't give it to you, because he wants it back, but merely "lends" it to you. Do you understand?


It means le... lend, stupid.

Shut it!

Let's try it again, shall we?

To lend...

To land!!

Open your mouth wider!

To land...


And now this "lend" of yours.

Ask your friend to lend you his notebook.

I lend your notebook, Sysel.

No, no, that's not right.

In that case you would have to use the word "borrow."

If he gives you his notebook then he is lending it to you.

But if you want it from him then you "borrow" it from him.

So if he gives it to me, it's lend and if...

I give it to him, it's "borrow"?



No language! Just madness.

Where do you think you're going, young man?

Out. English, not for me.

Young man, I am fighting the enemy by teaching you English and I will teach you English.

Do not sabotage my war effort!

Stop fooling about, Karel.


Two o'clock.

Twelve o'clock.

Six o'clock.

Ten o'clock.


Excuse me, a fortnight without just isn't healthy.

A little well in an open field...

I'm trying to do your mouth, so shut it!

Why don't we go to the beach sometime.

I've never swum in the sea.

It's freezing - Just to dip our toes.

Hey. Look!

What d'you think he's saying?

He's trying to land them.

I'd just get a slap in the face. - You mustn't frighten them.

Machaty begins by asking the way. Say, to the Officers' Mess.

But doesn't he know where it is?

It's a device.

Women like to help you when you're in trouble when... they don't feel threatened. It's how you break the ice.

Did Machaty tell you that?

It's common knowledge.


I guess English is important after all.

There's no resemblance.

You just shut up Deadman.

With your name you don't belong in a plane but a coffin.

This supposed to be me?

Yes, I'd like you to have it.

Grinning like an idiot for this!

It's only good to scare kids!

Excuse me, Sir.

My boys are wondering when they will have permission to fly.

Sir, we are fully trained pilots of the Czechoslovak Airforce.

Some of us have even seen battle over France.

You are wasting us.

Patience, Slama.

The history of warfare is littered with the graves of the impatient.

Sir, the Nazis have occupied our country.

We don't know if our families are alive or dead.

Slowly, slowly catch your monkey.

What did he say?

Monkey catching.

Us? Makes sense. We've done just about everything else.

Lift up your shirt.

Were you in France, when we invaded?

Yes. - And what did you think?

How you moved! Breathtaking. - Don't breathe.


A short and sweet war.

Take a deep breath.

It was hard to be a German and not be proud.

You can breathe now.

The English returned from their missions with empty magazines, and all we could do was circle the airfield, target-shooting.

There's no way they'll go up today.

We've become the permanent reserve.

I wouldn't bet on it, Sir.

I already had this one.

Lend me another to do the tits.

This one?

No, I need her.

A little well, made of stone, in an open field stands alone...

Would you mind not singing, Sir, I'm afraid I might cut you.

And its water is...

I've just cut you, Sir, because you wouldn't stop singing.

I am afraid you'll have to choose.

Either you sing or I shave you. You can't have it both ways, Sir.

Thank you.

What is your name?


Will you be so kind to show me which way is the officer's mess?

You're not serious. On standby, you can't leave here?

Your tea is well.


My English is good?

The tea is good... not well.

Of course, again wrong.

I need... I need teacher.

Blue section, scramble!

That's us you idiots!


I did try to tell you Sir.

Spearhead Blue Leader, come in please!

Spearhead Blue, receiving you loud and clear, over.

Blue section ready for take off, over.

Permission to take-off granted.

Spearhead Blue Leader.

Plot course one-seven-zero for North Weald, and climb to twelve thousand feet, over.

Blue Leader Roger.

Sperhead Blue Leader. Do you see them?

Not yet Sir.

What's your height?

Twelve thousand.

They should be under you at 11 or 12 o'clock.

I can't see anything, Sir.

Change your direction. Steer one-eight-zero.

Roger, steering one-eight-zero.

Show yourselves, bastards!

I don't understand! Speak English!

Sorry, Sir.

There they are! Two o'clock low!

We have them.

Nine Heinkels. At Angels eight.

Blue Leader! Watch out!

Escort above you. At two o'clock.

Oh shit!

Repeat please. I don't understand!.

Boys, don't jump the gun.

Fire only when they're squarely in your sights.

Hang on a couple of minutes. Spearhead Blue Leader.

I am sending you some help.


Boys! Messerschmitts! A whole swarm of them!

Tom Tom, on your tail!

I can see him.

But he's glued to my arse.

Boys, you noticed, I don't stutter when I'm shit-scared?

Tom Tom can't bail out!

This is Rainbow, calling Spearhead.

Good work boys, we're above you.

We'll take on those Jerries. Go home and refuel.

Sperhead Blue, head for home.

N2, Roger - N3, Roger.

Move yourself, bastard!

N2! Dive to sea level!

I can't hear you.

Dive to sea level.

Too little fuel to follow you!

Flying officer Slama reporting. On our side one plane lost.

Two planes.

We were ambushed by Messerschmitts, Sir.

They took you by surprise, eh? The Messerschmitts...

Completely Sir.

This is an air war, Flying Officer.

What exactly did you expect to find up there?

Flies? Pilot!

What's your plane doing on my grass?

My controls... Sir.

I'm not interested in your controls, young man. This is England.

Keep off the grass.


Bedrich, we're not fighting anymore, it's beddy-byes now.

The Germans are also beddy-byes, they've stopped firing.

Even Hitler is beddy-byes with Eva Braun.

Lying on your heart is no good, it can give you nightmares.

Look at Sysel, sleeping nicely on his back.

Good old Moravian pig...

There's more of them, Wizard.

How many, Blackbird? - At least thirty.

Roger, Blackbird. Group B, at least thirty.

We're sending you reinforcements. - Roger, Wizard.

We have different things in mind.

What do you mean?

I want... you know what... and she just wants to teach me English.

She says after the war... for the other.

The one next to her doesn't look as if she'd need to wait for peace.

Where have you sent us! We're heading into barrage balloons!

She's more than I could handle.

Sorry, change course to one-three-zero.

Roger, Wizard. Changing course.

And her? - She's Machaty's.

She's your date?

You said it!

For God's sake send us some fresh blood where are reinforcements...

It's amazing...

Hang on. Blackbird, hang on.

How calm they are.

And that'll be Hitler's downfall.

Because he's a hot-head like our Voytishek.

Me a hot-head? Just you wait!


You know what's crossed my mind?


Maybe I'm not handling her right.

We go for long walks She doesn't stop talking.

Of course we kiss but...

D'you think she expects me to pounce on her?

I wouldn't know, but shut up for now, okay?

But think about it, will you?


- Franta! - What?

I see him.

One o'clock. Hugging the ground.

Spearhead Blue Leader calling Wizard.

Roger Spearhead Blue.

We have him. I'd say he's headed for Sheffield.

Well done. Get him before he lays his eggs.

Roger, Wizard.

He's yours, Karel.

I'm going in.

Franta, I'm hit!

Can you hear me?


Oh God!

Wizard, this is Spearhead Blue Leader.

One Junkers down.

The crew have bailed out.

Good work. Spearhead Blue!

But I'm afraid I'll have to report your Number Two for using the radio irresponsibly.

And I'm afraid to report my Number Two...

...will not be coming home.

Sorry to hear that.

Fish again, Sir. I'm sorry to say.

I don't mind the fish every day.

But this daily ration of carrots?

Good for the eyes, Sir. So they say.

Any news?

Sorry Sir. Still nothing.

He was such a splendid chap.

Don't say was!

We don't know anything for certain yet.

Maybe he managed to bail out.

He was an excellent pilot.

I mean, he is an excellent pilot!

I'm terribly sorry, Sir.

Disperse the planes! Everything out of the hangar!

Who is it? - I'm a British pilot.

I need to use your telephone.

You don't sound like a British pilot.

I'm not English. But I am a British pilot.


No, Czechoslovak.

What's your capital city? - What?

What is the capital of Czechoslovakia?

Praha. Prague.

Come in. I'll put something on that cut for you.

I have only flown two missions and already destroyed one plane.

Well done!

I mean my own.

But we did shoot down a bomber.

I hope it was one of theirs? - Sure thing.

It was really Franta who shot it down.


I'm not hurting you, am I?


He's my best friend. Taught me how to fly You're going to have a scar. - Scar?

It's to eat?

What is it?

Don't worry about it.

You hungry?

Not really...


Not really... Yes?

I mean yes. Sorry. My English is not well, I mean... good.

They're just lighting up their targets. They'll be here any minute.

Out of the way! I'll start her up.

He's in the navy?

Charles, yes.

He's missing. It's been a year.

I'm sorry.

But often... they are missing for a long time and they come back.

My name is also Charles. Karel means Charles in English.

The Nortons have a telephone.

I'll take you there so you won't have to name your capital city again.

You know what?

I think I'll wait until morning.

Wait till morning?

But won't they be worried? - No.

But they think you're dead.

So far it's not bad... uh, being dead.

It's about to blow, Sir. - There's a pilot on board!

All right. Get him out Slama!

Are you alright?

Your left nostril really is smaller.

So is yours. Come, show me.

No, it's silly.

Please. Otherwise we'll never know.

Come on.

You see? It's as I said.

So you could be my sister.

Slightly older sister.

What nice noses we have!

It's late! I've got some pajamas that belonged to Charles.

I mean... that belong to Charles.

I'll leave the door open to let the heat in.

Anything else you need?

Not still hungry?

Not really. Yes? - Yes.


Not really.

Not to eat.

Well. Good night then.

Oh God, no...

Pilot? - Yes, a pilot.

Now out you go, children.

A pilot. From Czechoslovakia.

From a place called Prague.

Mr. Hitler has invaded his country so... he's come here... to... help us out.

In England... it's normal... to have so many children?


No, Karel. They're not mine.

They're from London. From different families.

They were moved because of the bombing.

We were evacuated.

We're evacuees.

In hospital? - Stitched up his stomach.

Who's that?

Sysel. He was holding his guts It was oozing blood.

He'll be there for a week at least.

Hello, Charles.


Jane would like to dance with you.

But... I can't dance.

Not even a little?

Not even a little. Sorry.

But I can, ladies, and I love dancing.

You land on your head when you bailed out yesterday?

Not on my head, on a woman!

And I fell madly in love with her.

I'm crazy about her.


I'm going mad.

One could...

One could escape from here.

I'd like to know how.

You see that barbed wire over there?

If one got hold of a pair of pliers...

The wall's only five meters.


It's my birthday today.


Your health, doctor!

My father died at fifty.

Also a doctor.

In Reichenberg.

You know how many people came to his funeral?

A hundred and twenty-seven.

My sister counted them all.

They loved him so.

That's life...

How many people did you kill in the war, Mr. Slama?

No idea.

Take a guess.

Maybe ten.

Me, not one.

Have you ever seen an execution?

I did.

In Prague. At Kobylisy.

I had to check that the people were dead.

For a whole month.

Day in day out.

How do I look? - Ravishing.

Really? You're pulling my leg?

Get out, you Romeo.

Wait here. I'll give you a sign.


Excuse me?

Are you uh... are you Susan?

What? Yes. Can I help?

I thought so.

Hang on. How do you know my name?

I am a friend of Karel. He told me about you.

Oh, he did, did he.

So you came to check me out? - Yes.

Tell your young friend that if he think she can send his whole squadron for some recreation he's very much mistaken.


That may be the way it works in Prague, but not here.

Come along Beth.

Tell him he's not welcome here.

Susan! We have the whole afternoon off, so... Franta!

This is Susan.

And this is Franta, my...

I told you all about him.

How... do you do?

How do you do?

Lovely, isn't she?

I prefer bigger tits, but she is pretty.

What's the matter here then?

We went to see the bees and Beth got stung.

Do you have ammonia?

I'll have a look. You wait here.

Susan? - Yes.

I really missed you - Uh-uh...

Did you miss me too? - What?

Oh. Yes...

It's all such a mess in here...

Here we are!


Damn, it's evaporated.

There's none left. - Uh-uh...

Do you have...

How do you say "vinegar" in English?

It's sour... and you use it for pickling.

Vinegar? - Yes. Vinegar.

Children, which of you knows where the vinegar is?

I do! - Wait! Wait!

You'll be OK.

Just remember it's much worse for the bee than for you.

It will never fly again. - It will die, won't it?

That's right. As soon as a bee loses its sting, it dies.

Wasps don't.

No, wasps don't die, they are allowed to sting as much as they like.

But they are not allowed to make honey.

Good smell!

It's awful!

Forgive me. I was such an idiot.

Forget it... you were very angry... it was attractive.

Look at him.

He's very sweet.

He can't stop talking about you.

Oh dear.

He is a good man. You can trust him.

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm doing these days.

It's natural.

The war.

It's not natural. I'm married.

I'm going to marry David.

And you. Married?

No, he's not.

But he has a serious girl-friend back home. Haven't you?

Her name is Hanicka.

That's a pretty name.

I have to prepare some supper for the children.

Shall we go inside?

Well, what do you think? - Beautiful, Karel.

Really beautiful.

Not asleep, Honza?

Jura Sysel died, so I'm scoring his favorite tune for the English to play at his funeral.

There are so many parts, the clarinet, all the brass...

it takes some doing to sound right.

Keep at it...

Know what I'm sad about?

No. What?

I really liked Sysel, but I never told him.

Men don't talk about such things but I'm sure he knew.

He couldn't have, because I didn't know myself.

He got on my nerves.

His Moravian yodeling really pissed me off.

It's only now I know I liked him.

Let's get some sleep.

In war men should tell each other how they feel.

Nothing wrong with him.

Just his face smashed up We'll get him in the morning.


Who messed you up like this?


He hit me... I hit the stove.

Herr Commandant has a hard stove.

He's a snake.

Check my fingers.

God I hope my fingers are all right.

They're okay.

You'll play again.

They are all the same.

The same blows. Nazi interrogations, Communist interrogations, no difference.

Also a pilot? - It's Machaty, the pianist.

So tell me Herr Slama why are you all locked up in here?

I understand why I'm here.

We lost the war and must be punished.

But you? I don't understand.

What did you do to them?



But what were you tried for? - There was no trial.

Well, well, Machaty.

Back in England I bet you never dreamt they'd welcome you home with such a sad song.

You said it.

Had you known, you wouldn't have fought us so?

That's where you're wrong.

"Dear Karel,"

"please don't come and see me anymore. "

"I know this will be hard for you, but I can't help it. "

"I'd like you to think well of me"

"and I'm sorry if I've hurt you."

"But please don't even write to me. "

"Look after yourself. Susan."

Did she say anything about me?

She said you were sweet.

Sweet, sweet...

Something she didn't like about me?

No, nothing. You can't drive in this fog.

Who'd I bump into? No one drives in such fog.

Some other love-sick idiot like you?

I have to see her.

Listen to me.

Maybe she's worried that I'm... too young?

Did she say I was sweet once or twice?

Six times, you fool.

Go on then.

But be careful.

Good afternoon.

He's just left to go and see you.

He must have passed you on the road.

If we hurry we can catch him up.

Do you want me to drive?

You must be tired...

I didn't come to see him.

I don't understand.

I came to see you.

Good day, gentlemen.

The target is the submarine dock at Brest.

You will be escorting the bombers on their return journey.

Rendezvous with them at 16.15 hours in this area, here...

Can you believe it? She wasn't home.

A strange woman was there.

Where did you sleep? - In the car.

She went to see her brother in London.

Red Section will cover the rest of the escort at twenty-two thousand feet.

Why do I have to get the shits before each flight?

Better before than during.

Blue four.

My engine is playing up.

Permission to return to base, Franta?

What's the problem?

It's misfiring, losing power.

Permission granted.

Silence over the air!

Sorry Sir, but it was important.

Set your course to 250. Rendezvous in two minutes.

Blue Leader to Wizard. Taking our position.

You might call them small tits, but you should see them!

Please speak English!

Spearhead Leader to Blue Leader, could you take your section down to baby-sit that straggler?

Spearhead Leader, this is Blue Leader.

I don't understand.

Five o'clock, flying on one engine.

Roger, we'll look after the baby. Blue Section, let's go.

Number Two, Roger. - Number Three, Roger.

Messerschmitts! Franta, watch out!

Please speak English.

Bandits two o'clock high.

We have company Sir.

How many?

Three... no, four Messerschmitts.

Get among them so they can't aim! Tally ho!

Karel, get him!

Great, my boy!

Well done, Karel.

Go lower, Machaty.

Take the one in the back.

Machaty, watch your backside!

Blue Leader, speak to me please.

There are three more, sir.

When Goliath spits in his eye....

David swings his sling...

One was big and one had courage...


My first!

It's my first!

If we ever get home, I'm going to kiss you.

I'm getting to like you chaps, more and more.

Carry on.

Hey, someone promised me a kiss over the radio.

It was me!


There's something I've got to tell you.

No, Franta.

It's important - I need to talk to you.

Karel, listen - No, listen to me!

You listen to me!

It's so nice to be in love.

She may not want me, but I'm still happy.

Maybe a little unhappy too, but still happy.

Are you asleep?

Look, Karel...

Remember when you went to see her in that terrible fog?

Susan... came here to see me.

I told her we were best friends, and sent her away.

I was afraid to tell you then.

But you should know, even if it hurts.

I've a really bad toothache.

You're not going up today? - I must see the dentist.

Know what the mechanics call you? Boomerang.

Takes off and comes right back.

When your engine's...

There's nothing wrong with your engine. They checked it.

I can't help it.

I get diarrhea before each flight and throw up when we land.

I only eat what comes up easily.

Porridge, custard...

You could apply for a transfer to the ground crew.

No one would blame you.

You mean not fly anymore! - I'd be the first to regret it.

I feel safer having you behind me.

I'll see the dentist tomorrow.

And all the way, I kept asking myself: Why was I going there?

The only answer was that I wanted her to write Karel a kinder letter.

To give him some hope.

Yes, that was it.

But I forgot it was Sunday.

Visiting day for the parents of Susan's evacuees.

Good afternoon.

I'm afraid I must have lost my way.

I'm trying to get to London.

London? My dear man, you really need to go back the way you came and turn right onto the main road.

You could also keep going along this road, but please do drive very slowly.

It's full of potholes after the rain.

Thank you.

I will drive slowly.

If they all have such a rotten sense of direction, we'll never win the war.

Where were you?

In London. At the Embassy.

Get into a fight there?

No. Why?

Your button's missing.


I'll ask Pierce to see to it tomorrow.

That's my locker.

I am sorry Karel.

I'm really sorry.

Hitler has only got one ball, Goering has two, but very small, Himmler has something similar and Goebbles has no balls at all.

So Goering has three balls?

No! Two, but small.

So, Hitler has one, Goering two...

But small.

So who has none? - You, Mrtvy, you have none!

Which of you guys put in for the spin to France?

Franta, that's us!

But, that was a week ago...

Whatever, permission's been granted.

Let's go, old man.

Achtung, die Spitfiren!

Come back. It was only me!

You arsehole.

See the train? Shall we give the driver a chance?

And the stoker.

Okay, let's go.

You take out the engine I'll go for the tanker wagons.

Watch out for that ack-ack gun!


Can you hear me?

Can't see.. Belly landing...


You wait here!

We'll check on the peasants.

Where is the pilot?

Do you understand?

Where is the English dog?

Plane kaput.

Dog out.

Plane boom... and dog run... there...

Let's go!


Get up! It's over! They've gone!

Get up!

It's over, they've gone!

Get in! Climb in!

Don't be a fool, Franta, there's no room!

Shut up and get in!

Hang on! You're sitting on my arm!

Can you reach the throttle? I can't.


How's the fuel?

Wouldn't know? I can't see the gauge.

Neither can I!

Stop fidgeting, I think you've dislocated my shoulder!

You're crazy!

Stop moving around!

What's your code name?

And the emergency frequency?

Next time, on the back That'll smudge when you sweat.

Good luck - Thanks.

Be careful!

So, the dentist? - Worse than war.

The man's a maniac - Why?

Just pulls teeth out, good or bad! - Pleased to hear it.


That you don't have toothache anymore.

I see.

You're going to fly in pairs. You'll look after the new chap.

Me? - Yes, you.

Take care!

Can we spit the seeds on the ground?

You must.

And next year you'll have watermelons.

Where are the rest of them?

The children? They've gone home, except the twins.

They've stopped bombing London.

I wanted some of my own but the doctor said there was a problem.

Maybe they'll let me keep these two.

What do you mean?

Their parents were in a shelter which took a direct hit.

Do they know?

Not yet.

I've made the application. There's an aunt.

She has to sign them over.

So we will have children after all.

I hope so.

They were not Germans, were they? They were ours.

They were ours?

Could he have seen you?

I hope not. Sorry.

Germans have got funny crosses on their wings...

It's terrible.

To think that this morning.

I thought... please God, don't let this war end.

I hate myself.

You'll go home and I'll be alone again.

Let's not think about it now.

What's this?

I've joined the Air Force.

And what if he comes back?

I can't go back to the navy now.

Not only is it dark around me, but I cannot see...

I know there is darkness all around but I cannot see it.

That's beautiful.

My God that's beautiful.

It is, but I can't play it forever.

Oh yes, you can.

It's the only one I want to hear.

Will you teach me to play it?

All right.

I wanted a piano.


My Dad said he'd buy me an accordion instead... said it also had keys.

It's true, a piano doesn't really belong on a farm.

You start playing and you get the cows mooing along.

You'll teach it to me?

I will.

But now it's time for bed. - Not yet. Once more.

One last time.

Okay, one last time.

You haven't finished your drink yet.

So... tell me, where's my perfect vision gone?

The dense blue cloud now covers all, the impenetrable dark blue world...

What are you celebrating, you night owls?

Don't I get a drink?

Tell him.

He's not going to fly with you anymore.

You bastard!

I'll kill you.

I was always so afraid I'd lose you.

But this is worse than if you had died on me.

Forgive me, Karel, if you can.

I didn't want this.

Bedrich, bail out! You're on fire!

Bedrich's still inside.

Blue Leader. Roger.

What are you doing!


Karel landed? - Yes, but Bedrich's missing.

Where is he? - I don't know.

What got into you? I'll kill you!

Think I don't know? Firing at me from behind!

Son of a bitch!

Fired at me full on!

Over a woman!

Can you believe it?

What's going on here?

Flying Officer Slama has a problem.

A German soldier could not do this.

To his own comrade.

I've lost a lot of respect for you, Herr Ober Lieutenant.

Very much.

Have you never met a woman who made you lose your senses?

No woman could do that to me.

Then I'm sorry for you.

I'm sorry for you.

For you comradeship is nothing but a bubble.

You blow at it, and it's gone.

We mightn't like each other but we're all in the same boat.

I've searched my instruments and can't find the pliers.

There's only the three of us.

If they find them on someone, know who'll get it? Me.

Shall I report it and have them turn the place over?

I can't do it. But...

Look out!

Commandant, Sir. Three patients and one doctor present!

"X-ray essential..."

So what is this I hear Blaschke?

What X-ray?

I reported that Machaty sustained a head injury.

I was worried about a brain hemorrhage.

You know how he did it?


He fell against the stove.

And that's precisely what you'll write in your report.

Sir, permission to speak?

Speak, if you must.

As Machaty's former superior officer I urge you to permit an X-ray.

Son of a bitch, back at work on Monday.

Tejnsky, run it again, this time, a little slower.

That won't be necessary.

Run it, please, just to make sure.

So, first the Messerschmitt fires at you.

Then Officer Voytishek gives him a burst, which rips off his canopy and no doubt hits the pilot as well.

Voytishek then banks down to the right.

Is that clear?

You could say he saved your life.

Or do you still think otherwise?


"Flying Officer Mrtyv is probably dead?"

You can't say that!

He's "missing in action" and "presumed dead."

That's better.

Perhaps "good" instead of "brave".

Why? - Well, they say he was scared.

Maybe. But he flew all the same That's why he was brave.

I'd like to talk to you, Karel.

There's something I want to say to you.

Your superior officer is addressing you.

Behave accordingly!

I want to apologize to you, in front of all present, for accusing you of firing at me.

I was bloody stupid.

You saved my life when you shot down that Messerschmitt and I'm grateful.

I respect you and regret any pain I've caused you.

I'd be glad

if you could forgive me.

And stop drinking and staying up all night.

You fly exhausted and senselessly risk your life.

Do you accept my apology?

Let it go, Karel.

Shake hands, you clowns.

" To: Captain Otakar Mrtvy of Squadron 311. "

"Dear Captain,"

" We regret to inform you that your brother, Bedrich Mrtvy, "

"is missing in action and presumed dead. "

Sergeant Bedrich Mrtvy is being laid to rest here deep in the soil of this fair island, far from the land of his birth.

But in this war, this just war, there is only one earth, common to us all.

"It happened on 23rd September"

"during combat with the enemy."

"He was a brave pilot"

"He will remain In our hearts forever. "

A little well, made of stone in an open field stands alone.

Keep moving. Keep moving.

Honor guard, attention!

Honor guard, fire!

And then we began to escort the Americans.

Karel moved quarters.

His only words to me In 3 months were "Yes Sir" on the radio.

I wrote begging him to forgive me.

But a wounded soul heals slower than a wounded body.

What's wrong, Franta?

My engine's conking out.

I'm about to take a swim.

See you, boys.

Red Two, stay with him and report your position.

Karel is with him, Sir.


Mayday! Mayday!

Pilot in the water, over!


Take a fix on my signal. Do you read me?

Send out a lifeboat.

Is anyone listening!

His dingy's burst. He's only his life jacket.

Hurry, he'll freeze to death.

Take a fix on my signal, you idiots!


Go home, Karel.

You'll run out of juice.

What are you doing, you fool!


My instruments are in such a mess!

Thank you, gentlemen.

My idea of getting out of here...

They put me up to it.

They wanted to pin something on you so they could beat you up.

What was in it for you?

I'd get out earlier.

The best thing about all this is, you're not such a bastard.

Good afternoon.

Excuse me. I must have lost my way.

Where are you heading, Old Boy?


Ah, yes, London. You need to drive straight on till you reach the main road and then turn left.

Thank you. - My pleasure.

Is the road all right?

Do I need to drive slowly?

No, it's been repaired.

There are no potholes.

Have a safe journey.

Barcha? Don't you know me?

Come here...



They said that...

that you were dead.

So you see, I'm not.

Don't cry.

No one's to blame.

You are beautiful.

Let's go, Barcha.

Thanks for looking after her.


She's our dog!


Baicha, come here!

Baicha, come home.

Stay then, Barcha.

Don't be sad, Franta.

Karel, is that you?


Where are you?

Behind you. Where I've always been.

Please speak English.

Sorry, not this time. Now it's personal.