Dark Crimes (2016) Script








MAN: Come here. WOMAN: No!






What's this?

Just an old case.

MAN: Take him out.

Got him?



Is this Greger? Yes.

GREGER: Do you work at the sex club called The Cage?

WOMAN: The Cage was shut down after Sadowski was killed.

GREGER: Was he there often? WOMAN: He lived in the building.

He came for girls and other things.

GREGER: You mean drugs?

WOMAN: You think we worked there for fun?

GREGER: We found Rohypnol in Sadowski's body.

WOMAN: So? GREGER: Enough to kill him.

I need you to come with me.

MAN: Sure.


MAN: No drag marks were found on Sadowski's body.

The killer must have been strong.

Sorry sir. I can't.


So. We know something.

Why are you still here?

Your shift's over.

You're up to something?

Are you still following Greger?

Don't forget, I fought for you to stay.

Greger wanted you fired last year.

"Tadek is Old Poland," he said.

Shifty bastard.

You find anything, I'll get you your reputation back.



TADEK: It's hot.

Thank you, Tadek.

Promise I won't die alone.

I promise.

Swear on your life.


I swear.

My lovely boy.



The last days of The Cage.


How did you get this?

I was the landlord. I had to empty the club after it was shut down.

They left so suddenly.



Do you recall any of the tenants' names?

People came and went all the time. A lot of artists.

The owner tried to keep the rents low.

I had to fight for money every single month. Fucking artists.

Mmm. Some of them became quite famous.

Marta Zygadlo, Viktor Mentlewicz, Krystof Kozlov.

The writer? Yes.

I like his books.

Not to my taste. Too perverted.

Why did you keep these?

I like to look.


Take the tapes.

WOMAN: Some critics talk about your clinical neutrality.


WOMAN: Is that deliberate?

I don't know. I'm not responsible for what I write.

But as the author... the female torture scenes, are they symbolic?

Maybe. Maybe not. [CHUCKLES]

I think communism did women no favors.

We still have the sexual sophistication of cavemen.

So, in a sense, your writing is a counter-commentary on feminism.

I think my writing's shit.

WOMAN: But that's very bold. Er, thank you for being with us here today.

KOZLOV: Thank you for wasting my time.


WOMAN: Are you hungry?

No no. Thank you.




KOZLOV: Chapter One. Marek understood there were no rules at the sex club.

If he wanted to beat a naked girl, he could beat her.

He could hang her from the ceiling. Really nothing was too much trouble.

As long as he didn't kill the girls.

He could fuck them up, but corpses didn't look so good in makeup.

VICTOR: Alicja. His last book.

Never published. Just to download.

The men who came there, by invitation only, were currently grouped around the naked girl in baying supplication.

One of their number... Okay. Take it out.

...sodomized her. Some of the watching men drank bottled beer. A couple sucked...

Back in the basement of the sex club, Marek observed himself ogling five girls behind The Cage, leashed like dogs on all fours.

It seemed to him then that all the sex he'd had, however depraved, was rendered bizarrely innocuous by financial transaction.

Just look into those girls' eyes; they weren't thinking about sex.

They were thinking about that night's shopping or how their knees hurt.

For what drives most humans, and most humans are unremarkably corrupt, is not the need for self-expression, but the need for money.

If they formulate any thoughts at all, they are driven by the grunt of greed.

They fuck and lick and smack without a trace of irony.

Greed has always taken itself very seriously.


KOZLOV: Hanna.




KOZLOV: Can I play? Okay.



Hi. Come here.


Come on.



KOZLOV: Alicja tried to struggle, but even if someone had heard her screams, rape was just another transaction here.

A girl screaming was like shopping mall Muzak, the sound of buying and selling.

Her hair was matted with blood and semen, her feet and wrists clotted and raw from the metal cuffs nailing her to the bed.

Here, she had no name. Here she was breasts...

Do we have to listen to this over breakfast?

...anonymous as a child's doll. No trace left of anything so human...

It's annoying, switch it off.



KOZLOV: Why do men require their rape victims to simulate desire?

Isn't it enough that they're humiliated beyond words?

For the nuanced sadist, pain is sufficient.

This Marek knew, which may have accounted for why he murdered so pedantically, the way his victim's body had the markings of someone choked to death in a sadomasochistic accident.

The precise way the body had been tied up using a fisherman's knot known as the fly, a particularly painful knot that made the victim look like he was skydiving.


WOMAN: Come in.

TADEK: I want to reopen the case.

I know who killed Daniel Sadowski.

I thought we understood.

You don't investigate anymore. You don't do anything, that's the point.

You type the cases into the database, file the papers, move on. Keep your head down.

I never asked you before.


I worked hard to save your job last year. It wasn't easy. Just tick the boxes.

I want to try.

Who investigated this before?


He's Chief of Police now. Be careful.

And what is your opinion of intellectuals?

Intellectuals are assholes, because being intellectual matters more to them than being entertaining. It's bullshit.

There's only one idea that matters. Nothing is real.

We create the fact, we create the fiction.

Fact, fiction. Fact, fiction. Fact, fiction. The end.

WOMAN INTERVIEWER: Okay. We've time for one more.

You write a lot about Truth. Can you say what Truth means to you?

Truth cannot be separate from us.

It cannot exist independently of the human mind.

Truth is strong and it will prevail.

There's nothing wrong with that, except it isn't true.

Truth is what you make it. Reality is perception.


Krystof Kozlov?


Follow me, please.

And who the fuck are you?





How long can you hold me without charging me?

Forty-eight hours.

Correct. Can we be clear about something? Article 30 of the Constitution?

The inherent and inalienable dignity of each citizen shall constitute a source of freedoms and rights that all public authorities are obliged to respect and protect.

Can we be clear about that?

Yes. Good.

I need a lawyer. I'm allowed a lawyer.


You wish to call someone?

A lawyer?

Yes. No.

You don't wish to call someone?

Do you wish to?

It's up to you.

You think?

You've been detained in connection with the murder of Daniel Sadowski.

Jesus, you're slow. [LAUGHS]

You lived in an apartment on Richter Street. I did?

You were there for over a year. I don't remember.

You were. No.

I do remember. Huh.

Old building. Stank of cum.

Sex club in the basement. No?

Did you ever frequent the club?

Frequent? Jesus. Frequent? Does anybody frequent...


Yeah I fucked some whores. Along with the pigs from your Police Department.


The deceased went out with one of the hostesses.

What was her name? Daria Romanowska.

And you asked her about this? We haven't found her yet.

She'll have changed her name. We thought of that.

You did? [LAUGHS]

You never spoke to her?

The whole year you were living there?

Do you speak to your neighbors?

Yes. Yes. I bet you live in a little house and you wish you could have sex with your wife but she's too old and you're too bored and what the fuck, you can always jerk yourself off in the shower.

Can you remember where you were the night Sadowski vanished?

Can you?

Answer the question. No. [LAUGHS]

Did you know Daniel Sadowski?

Yes. How?

He was a friend. Where did you meet?

In the club. Maybe the apartment.

Blond. Big cock.

How long... had you known him?

A year. Maybe more.

You saw each other regularly?

As regularly as he'd let me.

Let you?

Daniel was... a busy man.


KOZLOV: The body had been tied up using a fisherman's knot known as the fly, a particularly painful knot that made the victim look like he was skydiving.

Free, at last, from the carnal routine of living.

Its long, littleness stopped, like his heart, by Rohypnol, the notorious date rape drug, for Marek would deny his victim even the fractional joy of the cold water meeting his skin.


Your novel.

Same victim. Same location.

Same means of death.

Only a police officer or the killer could know those facts.

The details of the murder were never published. So how do you know about that?

You really want me to tell you I murdered Daniel?

Did you? What do you think?

I think the book is your confession.

Why would I confess to something like that?

Tell me I'm wrong.

You could be right.

You know the truth.

Truth. You really want to go there?

You kill someone, it's a self-evident fact.

Not according to Christ's crucifixion.

I've seen dead bodies. You don't make them up.

You killed Daniel Sadowski and you made it look like a sado-masochistic game that went wrong.

Well that's what you say.

No. That's what you say.

That's what I write. Ah.



Hello. I already told you everything I know.

I published his first books. We divorced many years ago. That's it.

Has he tried to contact you again?

I will never speak to Krystof again.

I will never speak about Krystof again.



VICTOR: Did she ever talk to her neighbor Krystof Kozlov?

MAN: No.

Anything? Mm.

Nothing here.


POLICEMAN ON LOUDSPEAKER: Please move your car.

Move your car, now.

You have no authority to be here. [STARTS CAR]



MARTA: You are never with us.

TADEK: Work's been busy.

MARTA: Work's always busy.

TADEK: I'm on an important case. Piotr wants it solved.

Piotr. Are you serious?

If I land this case, he'll give me my old job back.

You're finished in a year.

Not like this. I don't want to go like this.

Just don't forget who you are.

KOZLOV: Marek thought how fickle memory was.

You murder a man, and the moment it's done you're already retelling the story to yourself, so that the act of killing is not your act of killing, but belongs, instead, to some fictional simulacrum in just the same way the men who murdered so prosaically in Auschwitz made peace with what they did, transmuted their memories like pieces of fiction, to the point where good and evil lost all meaning and the only lights by which they steered were what they tasted, saw, and touched.


WOMAN [CRYING]: Krystof. Mum, it's all right.

Have a seat. Please.


Sir. I found this.

TADEK: Are they yours?

They're planted.

You deny they're yours?

I deny nothing.

Who did they belong to?

Well, you tell me, you fascist bastard.

When you're finished... then it's my turn.


Your boyfriend. Mr. Kozlov.

KASIA: We're not together anymore.

He called you yesterday.

Might I ask why?

To talk to Hanna.

Daniel Sadowski.

Do you know this name?


Did Mr. Kozlov ever give you reason to fear him?

What do you mean?

Did he frighten you? Threaten you?


Sexually? No.

He was never violent toward you?


Come on.

Don't ever talk in front of my daughter like that. Please.

Who paid for your drugs?

It's none of your business.

What kind of work do you do?

I'd like you to leave now.

Sit down.


Is your name Krystof Kozlov? Yes.

Do you drink? Yes.

Is it summer now?


Is it summer now?


Have you ever been violent? Sometimes.

Yes or no. Yes.

Did you strangle Daniel Sadowski?


Did you torture him? No.

Did you pay someone to murder him?







Did you let him have a phone call?

It is his right.

Is he guilty?


Greger will come after you.

I know.

I know it was you.

You're fucked.




I was stripped and tied to a metal chair.

Mentally and physically humiliated and threatened with violence.

Officer Pietzek, the man in charge of the investigation, verbally assaulted me on numerous occasions.

He threatened to beat me, and then he wanted to throw me from the third floor window and say that I'd committed suicide.

His words were: "Two seconds and it's done."

I will be suing the officer in question for violation of Article 30 of the Constitution. Thank you.






Sir? They want to see you upstairs.

WOMAN: Take a seat.

I'm not here to judge, Tadek.

I just need to know if what Kozlov says is true.

Of course not. It's in his book.

"Pawel leaned across the table and stared at him.

Do you know what the police do with people who tell lies?

We take them to that window and we throw them out. Suicide.

Two seconds and it's done."

You memorized that?

How many times have you read his book?

So you never used violence against him?

We all know Greger's dirty.

I warned you not to compete with him for the job.

If you want to beat him, pick your fights, check your facts, and never let emotion cloud your judgment.

PIOTR: Microphone. Transmitter. Receiver.

Officially you don't have this.

Don't screw up.

Discreet, Tadek.




KOZLOV: My parents will bring Hanna tomorrow.

I know, you told me already.

You hungry? No.

There's food in the kitchen. Later.


We were clear, no? You have to stop coming here.

I need to be with you.

But not me.

Come here.

What? You want... you want more stories?

No, no, no, no.

I've got a really good one for you.

Shh. That's not fair. Come here.

[YELLS] Just leave me alone!

Kasia. Kasia. Leave me alone!

[SHRIEKS] How can you hear all this and do nothing?




You promised!

Stop. It will. It will stop.

It will stop.



The war of words between Krystof Kozlov and the Interior Ministry increased today with the author's impending appeal against police brutality.

The original investigation was headed by the current chief of police, Adam Greger.

MAN: Why did you shut the investigation down in the first place?

Insufficient evidence.

Are the accusations true? [DOOR OPENS]

I can't comment on any individual case but what I can say is that our police force is a modern police force, striving to protect its citizens in an increasingly complex and challenging society. Thank you.

WOMAN: Mr. Kozlov asserts that the police have fabricated their evidence against him.

Is it true?


I hope so.

Last time you said the same.


The same car was there yesterday.







Greger wants the case shut down.

He doesn't like your methods with Kozlov's parents.

Planting the dope was a dumb idea, Tadek.

You don't play Greger's game well.

That's why he's the chief and you're not.

Don't disappoint me.

You're the last honest cop in Poland.

The moment you took Greger on, you were fucked.

You're too old school.

Greger's as empty and hard as glass.

You want to fuck Greger over?

Officially, don't work on this anymore. You're history.

Keep the files. Work on it remotely. I know he's guilty.

Just prove it.

Adam. Tadek.

You want to know the worst part of my job?


People see me as a chance to screw over someone more powerful.

Like those whores who drive up to the big houses.

You know the ones?

Big metal gates and those beautiful girls who drive right on through.

I swear they'll do anything for money.

Always the same. Communists, capitalists.

But you get too close...

No ghosts, Tadek.

Stay safe.



I'll go.

What are you doing here? KASIA: Please help me.

Someone's watching our apartment.

TAKEK: Did you see who? No.

Come. Come in.

I'm going to drive them home. Make sure she's safe.

Who is she, Tadek?

She's Kozlov's girlfriend. He's been threatening her.

You take one more step and I'm out.



TADEK: Nobody's here.

You can come.

Krystof doesn't know you were here the other night.

I never feel safe.


Hurt me.

Hurt me.

Hurt me.

Hurt me.


Victor? The door.

You asked to see me? KOZLOV: Yes.

I killed Daniel Sadowski.


I'll need you to sign a statement.


You just told me you killed Daniel Sadowski.

I'll write it down. You can sign it.

I feel sick. I need a doctor.

Sign and I'll get you a doctor.

You put something in the water.

Sign the statement!

You raped her. Hmm.

Let him go.


Don't! Don't!

GREGER: Shut up! Quiet! Quiet, bitch!

No. Don't!

Say it. Say it! Say it. Say it.

Hurt me. Hurt me! Hurt me!





TADEK: Open the door.

Oh. I'm sorry.

I was, er..

You want.. you want some coffee?



What do you want me to say?

How old is Hanna? Eight?

You have an eight year old daughter and you're a drug addict.

I can have her taken away.

Is that all you can do? Threaten me?

Talk to me.

You know Greger. You knew Sadowski. You fucked him.

Yes, I did. I fucked him. He paid me. I fucked him because he paid me.

And Kozlov knew about it.

You're the girl in the inner room.

Alicja is your story. You talked, he wrote it down.

He loved me. He didn't love you.

He did. He loved me.

You drove him mad. He strangled a man and dumped him in the river.

You talk about Sadowski as if he was a saint. He wasn't.

He deserves justice.

You want justice?

You saw the marks. You saw what they did to me every day.

This is what they made me.

In my head is where they rape me. Forever.

Is that part of the show? I can't tell anymore.

You're going to sign a statement. You do that, you keep the girl. Come on.

Sit down.

I've brought it for you. You see?

Here we go. I even brought you a pen.

We'll do it together. Pick up the pen. Pick it up!

You know how to sign your name, don't you? Do it.



KOZLOW: Let me go.

I haven't done anything, you piece of shit.




Kasia said that? Yes.

I love her.

The things he did to her.

How could you let him do those things and get away with it?

Right. Right.

And that's the story.

TADEK: That's the story.

You think?

I know.




[DOOR BELL RINGS] I'll get it.

That's good.

GREGER: You know this changes nothing.

You get rid of me, who cares?

We used to get rid of people from Solidarity.

They still won.

I'll tell you what this is.



I've heard this story.


Obviously I can't comment on any individual officer while investigations are still pending.

Is it true Greger resigned?

Mr. Greger needs time to answer the allegations made against him by Kozlov and other witnesses.

And for the sake of the police force, to which he has devoted his professional life, he has taken the decision to step down.

REPORTER: Are you his permanent replacement?

I'm an ex-Communist, nothing in life is permanent.

You should see this. Sir.




WOMAN: Excuse me sir, where are you going?


Sir, you can't go down there.


I need to talk to you.

PIOTR: What do you want?

We've charged the wrong man.

Kozlov signed the confession.

Koslov is mad.

Did that worry you before?

Kozlov was abroad when Sadowski was murdered.

He came back the day after!

And you didn't check it?

He was a very compelling suspect.


Jesus fucking Christ.

If Kozlov is not guilty...

You think I am going to lose everything I worked for so you can change your mind?

I don't give a shit who you paid, who you fucked, who you lied to.

This is the story now.

Piotr, this is not justice!

Fuck justice! Were you thinking about justice when you screwed Kozlov's girlfriend?

You want me to tell your family about that?

You want me to tell your daughter?

You think that case just landed on your desk by accident?

I gave it to you, you arrogant fuck.

Victor works for me. Oh, and I had you followed.

See, people don't want justice. They want good and evil.

Big, bright stories told with conviction. That's what we do. That's what you did.

You wrote the big, bright story, told with conviction. Well done.

I am the Chief of Police now.

Now fuck off out of my sunshine.

TADEK: When did he leave?

After you were here.

Any idea where he went?


Are you finished?

I'll be home soon.

You be a good girl. I know you will, at school, with mama. Okay?

Time is over.


You lied. About killing Sadowski.


You weren't even there when the murder happened.

What makes you think the murder even happened here?

The river has an end... and a beginning.


It'll be on later tonight.






No. No. No. No.

MAN: The implications of the direction of the euro remain to be seen.

Now, an update on the Kozlov case.

WOMAN: Missing papers given to the press by a source close to the investigation reveal that Krystof Kozlov, the main suspect in the murder of Daniel Sadowski, was actually out of the country on the night of his murder.

The authorities have yet to issue a statement, but Kozlov's lawyer has already recorded a miscarriage of justice.

MAN: The controversy surrounding the brutal murder of Daniel Sadowski has taken a new turn. Documents supplied to...



What do you want?

Let me in. Please.

I have nothing to say to you.

I did what you wanted me to do, now leave me alone.

I was wrong. I made a mistake.

And I was wrong to hurt you. I'm sorry.

Where are the others?

They'll come later.


I've got to know what Sadowski did to you.

You want to hear the truth?

It's all I have left.

You can look into your lover's eyes all your life and never know what they truly think.

The truth is, Sadowski was a sadist. The worst by far.

Sometimes he... he liked me to play dead, then he'd rape me.

I took drugs.

Enough, you know, to just, to numb it.

Sometimes Sadowski wanted me to choke him.

So I did.

This time I... I just...

I didn't stop.

I just... I didn't stop.

I killed him.

I called Krystof as soon as it happened.

He never asked why.

He just did what he had to do.

That kind of love is.. is a rare thing.



I do this for my daughter. And for Krystof.

This is the only... the only family I have.

And nothing is going to get in its way.

Because this is the best I can be.

I'm sorry.