Dark Matter (2007) Script

Dad, Mom, how are you?

The stars are shining down on your son!

Take care of yourself.

As an undergraduate in Beijing, I studied the famous Reiser model.

Don't forget to write, ok?

Now I have the honor to work for the great man himself.

Under his supervision, I will make important discoveries, and bring honor to our family.

Liu Xing? Here!

Oh, come in.

Liu Xing? Am I saying that right? Yes.

This is the highest score we've ever had on the qualifying exam, you know that?


It's a great pleasure to meet you, Professor Reiser.

We don't go for all that formality here. Just call me Jake.

Sit down. Thank you. Thank you.

Have you read my cosmic string theory? I read about it in Beijing. Very good.

Uh huh. Good, good.

So, sit down, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Thank you.

What we're doing here is we're creating a model, a computer model of the early universe based on my theory.

Have you done any computer model work in Beijing?

Uh, yes, but very basic, because computer there is very slow.

Hmm. Well, ours here are very fast. State-of-the-art as a matter of fact.

Until next week.

Yeah, I think so.

So how would you like to join our team?

It would be my great honor. Okay. All right.

Listen, my assistant Hildy will get you set up with all the redshift data and everything you need with the computers. And welcome to the team.

My door is always open. Thank you, Professor Reiser.

Just call me Jake. Thank you, Professor Jake.

Okay. Could you close the door on your way out?

Yes, thank you. Okay. Welcome to the team.

Thank you. Okay.

Ah. Good meeting? Yeah? Yeah.

Redshift data. Reiser Model. Thank you.

Okay. Codes. Thank you.

You know where the lab is? Yes. Thank you.

Down the hall, to the left. Okay, bye.


Are you new? Hello.

Have you eaten? Yes. Hello.

Take the cable. Put it back.

Why? Don't you get it? It's private property!

How can airwaves be private?

You can ask the cops on your way to jail.

They love arguing these technicalities.


I'm coming. Oh, yeah! Keep turning it, just like that.

Picture, picture, Old Wu!

Yes. Oh, I'm coming. Oh, yeah!

Oh my God, I'm gonna come!

Can't we just get a new TV?

You're gonna make me come!

I'm coming! Oh, yeah! Oh, God!

I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming.

Why are they always saying "I'm coming"? Where are they going?

You don't know?

It means "rain clouds gathering about to burst".

I'm coming.

Welcome to Bible Study.

I am Reverend Hollings.

And today, we have food provided by the Auxiliary, which I thought we would have afterwards, but...

Or we can do it this way.

I see we have three new students here. Welcome.

Let's do our study. Yes? Behold...

I hear the church does a lot to help foreign students.

We can get a free ride to the supermarket and buy some cheap stuff.

They also give away furniture.

The King said to the servants...

Oh, here you are. Hey. Hello, Mrs. Silver.

Oh my God, am I interrupting a little prayer?

No, I think I made it... I'm late.

Okay. I thought I was early. Uh, no, it's, it's just, it's just fine.

Let me introduce you.

For those of you who haven't met this lovely lady, this is Joanna Silver, a great patron of Chinese culture at the university.

And one of the most caring members of our community.

Very elaborate introduction for somebody who's just a driver.

I'm here for the field trip. Does anybody want to go?

Yes, the field trip. We should probably take off fairly soon.

Oh, look at how many there are. Yes.

Here he is. I thought you might have forgotten us.

No, no, no, no. My meeting went late. I'm sorry.

Okay. Anyways. So some of you can get in here.

And we'll go... Get in there, three, three in there.

Where are we going? Pioneer Village. You'll love it.

Thank you for doing this. Yes?

What's the name of the car? Oh, it's a Jaguar.

Jaguar. Yes, we should probably all get in.

Uh, could I sit here?

Yes, you could sit there, but let me just open the... Oh!

Thank you. Thank you.

Pile in, fellows. Okay. Very good.

How many miles per gallon? Miles per gallon?

Who would ask me that? I have no idea. Sorry.

So, you'll follow me. Right? Okay. Bye bye.

Oh, God.

Cool sound system! What's the music? it's Bach. Do you like it?

I like it. Bach?

I know him. Bach's harmonies are very mathematical.

Yes, but at times very moving too, I think.

To me, mathematics can be very moving. I am scientist.

You certainly are. All right, seatbelts.


Did the cowboys live here? Cowboys lived here?

Oh, no. Actually, no.

This is all a reproduction. it's a fake.

There should be a cowboy.

Yeah, it would be more fun if there were cowboys.

But, you see, the first people who settled here were homesteaders.

They were farmers, and they had sheep and they had cattle and...

No, they didn't have cattle. They had crops and I don't know what else.

In the shop there are souvenirs.

There are cowboy things like guns and things.

I wonder who the fastest gun in the East is.

I guess we'll never know.


Professor Reiser. Call me Jake.

Now, we're cookin' with gas. Thank you.

Listen. Do you think you could get to the next stage by tomorrow?

'Cause I have a journal deadline.

Of course. No problem. No problem?

No problem. Great.

Thank you, Professor Reiser.

How do you say I love Beijing in Chinese?

I love Beijing students.

Thank you, Professor Reiser. Thank you.

Let's get out of here. Yeah. I'm late for my night job.

Why is he sleeping here? No idea. Let's wake him up.

Comrades! Good morning.

We must strengthen our body to protect our country!

The People's exercise starts now!

What time is it? it's past 8:00.

Liu Xing. Morning. Hi. Morning.

What are you doing so early? You look exhausted.

I have this most urgently for Professor Reiser.

Oh, well, no, you don't need to see him now.

You should be home in bed. He need it for article deadline.

That doesn't need to be in till Thursday afternoon.

Are you sure? Yeah, I'm positive. I'm sure.

Oh. Yeah. You have time.


Do you want to wait for him? Yes.

Okay. He should be here very soon. All right? - Okay.

Professor Reiser!


I have finished. You're done?

Yes. So early?


You see, in second run I adjust the parameter of Omega for a better result.

This is excellent work, Liu Xing. Thank you.

I'm giving a talk at the Early Universe Symposium a little later this summer.

Would you like to join me? Thank you very much.

Yeah? Yes.

Great food, free booze and beautiful, albeit high-strung women.

Strong. Strung.

Hot chicks. Okay? Hot chicks?

Thank you, Professor Reiser. Jake. Call me Jake.

Thank you. Jake.

Dad, Mom , how are you?

I've been very lucky recently.

I am the number one assistant to Professor Reiser.

Also, I met a nice Lady named Joanna who loves Chinese culture.

There's plenty of food here. Please don't send any more.

I read in the papers American kids watch over 30 hours of TV every week.

And at 1 3 they're already doing "it".

Where do they find time? Those Americans are efficient.

Maybe they do homework while watching TV and doing "it" too.

Our Liu Xing knows nothing but studying.

That boy's been putting in a lot of all-nighters.

Come on, these kids are grateful for whatever work I give them.

They come from a place where astrology is considered a science, and indoor plumbing a luxury.

Yeah, they've only got 2000 years of civilization on us.

I imagine they think we are the barbarians.

Your mail. Thank you.

Besides, what do you know about it? You've never even been to China.

I'm a theorist. I don't have to actually go there.

I don't even like Chinese food.


Get dressed right away.

I have to leave in 1 5 minutes and you're taking tickets with Sarah.

No. Oh, Hal.

I just... I'll be glad to pay for more ticket takers.

Oh, no, it's not about writing a check. It's very important that you be there.

You're a patron of the arts. Everybody's expecting you and

it's not how I want to spend my Saturday night.

Taking tickets and being a big patron of the arts.

I have the Monkey King coming all the way from Salt Lake City.

I've seen Monkey Kings from Beijing and Shanghai, so...

I just want to make a connection with these new Chinese students.

Well, I just don't understand the need you have to make a connection.

I'm kind of tired of connecting. I'm kind of connected out.


I would like to propose a toast to our wonderful performers.

Thank you, thank you.

And to our new Chinese students, who have made their own journey west.

We'd like to welcome you to our country.

Cheers. Thank you.

Liu Xing, you should make a toast. Start with "On behalf".

On behalf of Chinese students, so lucky to come to America, the beautiful country.

May we all find our dream here. Hear, hear.

Therefore. Therefore. And therefore...

Therefore, we make this toast to our new American friends.

Cheers. Up the bottoms.

Bottoms up. Yes, yes.

What's so funny?

You working tonight?

Yeah, this is my dinner.

Stuff yourself then. That's what I'm doing.

Looking at the stars?

I'm looking at the Dark Matter.

Oh, you mean space. it isn't all space.

There is stuff we can't see, even with the most powerful telescope.

But we know it is there. Because of gravitational effect.

Picture the universe as a mountain range. Only the highest peaks get snow.

These snowy peaks are stars and the galaxies we can see through our telescope.

But these are just the tiniest part of the universe.

Maybe one percent. The rest of the mountain is Dark Matter.

99 percent of the universe, Dark Matter.

But no one pays attention to it, because they can't see it.

I can see it with mathematics.

I can use mathematics to see the whole dark mountain.

Academics make $50,000 a year, tops.

Private industry pays twice that.

Plus you get royalties, too.

Go get the ball. Put it back quick. Who won?

What industry?

Pharmaceuticals. I'm going to find a cure for AI DS.

Why are you always winning? What about you?

I'll definitely be a millionaire.

I'm going to solve the Dark Matter Problem, win the Nobel Prize, and marry a blond, blue-eyed American girl.

Dark Matter again. You have a one track mind.

Now what can I do for you?

I want a cup of tea.

Any particular kind?

Which one is the best?

Gosh, I don't know. I'm more of a coffee drinker myself, but We have lots to choose from.

Okay, I would like a togo.

Togo? Togo. There?

Oh! To go. To go, to go.

Sure, no problem.

Here. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, sorry. it's okay.

Sorry, sorry.

Are you a student here?

Me? Yes.

No. Not anymore. Are you?

Yes. Cosmology.

Oh, yeah? Yes.

Wow. Hey, maybe you could give me a free makeover.

I think so.

Well, it goes something like this.

A theorist and an experimentalist were on death row.

He's going to tell a joke. Where they belong.

Right. Most of them.

And the guard asked them for their last wish.

So the theorist says, I'd like to give a seminar, to present my latest theoretical breakthrough. - Before they die.

And then the guard asks the experimentalist, who says, I'd like to be executed before the seminar.

He got it.

All right, everybody, we have to all thank Joanna for how well she's taken care of all of our Chinese students.

And I've heard about the high cultural experiences of the Pioneer Village, the Cineplex... High culture.

Oh, everyone had fun, didn't you? Oh, a great time.

I think it's important for everyone to get out of that lab we gave you.

Ah ha. Yeah, yes.

Which we are very grateful to you and Hal for.

And I think we are incubating some truly remarkable scientists here.

Liu Xing? Yes?

We let you out sometimes, don't we? Yes.

And Professor Reiser is very inspire me.

He's a diplomat, too.

To me. Inspiring to me. Inspiring to me.

And Dark Matter is also still very inspiring to you.

What do you know about Dark Matter? I thought science didn't interest you.

Well, no. I mean, I am more interested in the cultural side, but Liu Xing explained it to me very eloquently the other day.

And it made sense.

Maybe I should hire him to do my fundraising.

Speaking of Dark Matter, look at that.

But it is very interesting, Dark Matter. Yes.

Motions of stars and the galaxies, all determined by Dark Matter around it.

Like a dark... Like a dark hollow.

Hollow? Hollow.

Halo, like an angel.

Hon, maybe we should get some after-dinner drinks for everybody.

Liu Xing?

They're going to go smoke. You smoke? I don't.

She's probably gonna kill me for this. I'll survive.

Professor Reiser, are you afraid of your wife?

Uh, no. Just about the cigar smell.

Drinking a problem? No.

Who's that?

Oh. That's my advisor, Dr. Gazda.

Your advisor? Yeah, I was about your age then.

After I graduated I published a critique of his Black Hole Accretion Flows Theory.

I read this paper. Very good.

You did? Yeah.

Well, he didn't seem to think so. But that's how it goes. in China, this would never happen. What?

Student never challenge the teacher.

Have too much respect.

It's a big problem, Because no challenge, no progress.

Well, you feel free to challenge me all you want.

Just remember, I'm always right. I think so.

Oh, drink that slowly. It'll go straight to your head.

Drink it slow. Slow.

I love that song.

You know this? Yes. It's my favorite song.

I love that song. Your favorite?

I don't know what it means.

Something about the Blue sky and white cloud...

No problem. Flowed by...

Beneath the white cloud A sheep as white as snow.

Under the white...

Under the white sheep... No, not under the white sheep.

Cosmic strings continues to be the most elegant explanation of how the galaxies have emerged from the beginning of time.

And with my revised model, we will be able to reproduce any and all of the observed large-scale structures of the entire universe.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Obviously we're not there yet, but... Yes, my old professor, Dr. Gazda?

Yes, I am going to invoke the privilege of an old teacher and chastise my former pupil.

Why am I not surprised? Some things never change, Jake.

Once again, you're in denial about the data.

Have you seen the latest redshift images from the CSA?

Yes, as a matter of fact I have. Would you like to share it with everyone?

By all means. Go ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a model. This is reality.

Now, where are these voids in your model, Jake?

Um, what are these? Daisy chains?

It's insignificant. What?

That's the trouble with you theorists.

You get so caught up in your computer models that you forget to open your eyes and look up and see the truth.

It's staring you in the face.

You're reminding me of the old joke about the theorist and the experimentalist.

These two transparencies are a work in progress, but you are forcing my hand.

Let me show you something here, that I think may give even you pause.

You can see how even a slight temperature change in the Dark Matter could and probably would cause these voids, over time.

Yeah, it's a Band-Aid. Ha!

But an elegant one. Yes?

I said in 1 933 Observe the Coma cluster The redshifts of the galaxies imply some big velocities They're moving so fast They must be missing mass Dark Matter - do we need it? What is it? Where is it?

Thank you. it's very nice.

Oh, maybe he wants some. Barry?

Good to see you.

Come on. Now, Liu Xing, take a look at this woman.

Now, this is America. Try this. Try this drink. Put that away.

Try that, drink it slowly. Take a look.

Liu Xing, I've been looking all over for you.

That was you who saved Jake's derriere this morning, wasn't it?

I thought you did some marvelous work.

We both come from cultures that propose a universe with no beginning and no end.

Yet here we are, discussing the Big Bang, the ultimate beginning.

But maybe there have been many beginnings, many big bangs.

You know, Liu Xing, I really think you should focus on this Dark Matter problem.

I think you could do some serious damage.

Lies, lies, lies. Don't believe a word that this man says.

But we're talking about you, you egomaniac.

I was just telling Liu Xing I think he should focus on this Dark Matter problem.

He has a real passion for it.

He'd better have a real passion for it. He works for me.

You work for me, don't you? Yes. He works for me.

The search is getting popular As many realize That the detector of Dark Matter May well win the Nobel Prize

Dad, Mom , how are you?

Professor Reiser invited me to attend the Early Universe Symposium.

There I learned that Dark Matter is the future of cosmology.

Here in America, I am free to follow my dreams.

I will definitely win the Nobel Prize.


Eat grape not, spit out grape skin.

Not eat grape yet, spit out skin grape.

Oh! Grape skin! Spit out grape kin.

Eat grape not, spit out grape skin.

Not eat grape yet, spit out grape skin.

Sounds kind of like I never left Shanghai.

Oh, hi! Ah, hello!

How you been?

I missed you. I missed you.

Did everything go good? Oh, really good.

We're this close to two million units. Fantastic. What about Mommy?

Oh, it's oolong. it's my favorite. I just made some oolong. You want some?

No, no thanks. You sure?

You want to sit? Yeah.

Tell me the news.

Lots going on. Whole new crop of Chinese students.

And one of them, Laurence Feng, used to be... Liu Xing, you know, my friend?

His rival at Beijing University. Number two at Beijing University.

So that's big news.

I'm taking the new students out to Pioneer Village tomorrow. You want to come?

No, thank you.

Are you gonna dazzle them with your language skills?

Don't make fun of me. I'm just...

It's kind of cool. The greatest thing about trying to learn this language is how it just really forces you to have another whole perspective on the world, because it's so indirect and subtle and they don't have any tenses.

So, they say, "I am."

And "last year I am", and "in the future I am".

You know, be here now, sort of. Now I am.

Feng Gang.

What happened to you?

Why did you change your name to Laurence? What kind of name is that?

Yes, my wife thinks it's easier for Americans to say, to make them feel more comfortable.

Your theory doesn't work.

Galaxies start forming way too late.

You can't explain quasars at redshift four.

I know. We can fix that.

You get much better results with warm Dark Matter, and inflation instead of cosmic strings.

That's not the Reiser Model.

We should have our own ideas and language.

But we're all working for Reiser here.

Why did you come here? To meet you.

No, I mean, to America. Oh, America.

To meet you. Seriously.

Seriously, seriously. I have so much "seriously" all day.

Wait. I will show you the galaxy.

In your cup.

Watch closely.

I figured out that cosmology has nothing to do with skin care.

You must think I'm an idiot.

Of course ... not.

You study the Big Bang. Mm-hmm.

It's supposed to be the beginning of the universe.

I don't believe it.

Because something had to cause the Big Bang, it didn't just come from nothing.

What do you think caused the Big Bang? God.

Then what caused the God? He can't come out of nowhere.

He's eternal. He's always been there.

In my new theory, the universe is eternal.

Big Bang is a major event, but not beginning.

Universe has no beginning, no end, just like God.

So you see, we are really the same. Universe and God is the same.

For my dissertation, I intend to develop new non-equilibrium techniques for the Reiser Model, running from 1 0 to the minus 36 seconds to one second after the Big Bang.

That's what I call a dissertation. impeccable, Laurence. We look forward to the results.

Thank you.

Liu Xing, I believe, is next, who is being very secretive about his proposal.

I'm his advisor and I don't even know what it is.

This kid is quite brilliant. This is your boy, huh?

I'm looking forward to being surprised.

At present, the model doesn't explain large voids seen by observer.

My model?

What if the voids are not empty at all, but full of Dark Matter?

I will use Superstring Theory to find a new Dark Matter particle that su- sur- surpre- Suppresses?

Suppresses galaxy formation.

Well, I think I speak for the Chair and for Professor Small in saying, we're all impressed with your tremendous creativity, but there is no guarantee that Superstring Theory will predict such a particle.

You need to change your dissertation proposal and pick a problem that you know has an answer.


Unless he wants to be a grad student for the rest of his life.

Why don't you try being more practical?

Just find something that Reiser will approve, and graduate first.

That doesn't sound like someone who wants to cure AI DS.

My dissertation is on a molecule invented by my professor ten years ago.

What a waste of brain cells.

And today, I welcome all of you here, as one more child...

We have Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Why do they need Jesus?

Do you Laurence, and you Cindy, promise to raise Noelle in the Christian faith, and to be an active member of our church? We do.

Then through water and through Spirit, I welcome you to the Christian faith, to be one of God's own children.

In the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Liu Xing! Yes?

We're having a party tonight. You're welcome to come.

Yes. Thank you. Say "Uncle Liu Xing".

Feng Gang, congratulations.

All those years in school have paid off.

You've done well for yourself and such a pretty wife from Shanghai too.

Now I have mouths to feed.

Congratulations. Thank you.


I think she's faking it for our sake.

Sounds real to me.

She's trying to excite us.

A true female orgasm builds slowly. Very slowly.

A true female orgasm starts from the bottom of the throat. it sounds like this.

Got it. I've got it. I've got it!

I've got it! Major breakthrough! Old Wu! Old Wu! I have a major breakthrough!

Little Square, Little Square!

Sorry. Little Square, Little Square! Fuck off, I'm busy!

Come here.

Superstring theory predicts shadow particles that interact with ordinary matter only through gravity.

This is a major breakthrough. A major breakthrough!

Dark Matter solves the problems of the Reiser Model.

Dark Matter.

Tell him that it's against the Journal's Policy.

He'll, he's a bit of a bureaucrat. He'll understand that kind of talk.

Right, so basically you want me to do your dirty work for you.

Well No, it's fine.

Listen, there are two more things. Professor Reiser!

Listen, don't forget tonight, six o'clock. At six o'clock is the reception.

Call your sister, it's her birthday, You sent flowers.

Call her, please. I sent flowers? How nice of me.

Professor Reiser, huge breakthrough. Huge breakthrough.

Huge breakthrough?

Huge breakthrough.

Huge breakthrough. Yes, l, yes, I heard that.

Huge implications for cosmology.

You did this? Yes.

Can this be my dissertation?

What are you, out of your mind? This is way over your head.

Way past your capabilities. But I already got a good result.

Liu Xing, let me explain something to you.

This is a marathon. You cannot sprint all the way. All right?

Pick something simpler, and then build on that.

You're going to have to learn that you have to pay your dues first. Okay?

But... I said absolutely not. No. Okay?

Dad, Mom , how are you?

Great news!

I've had a major breakthrough.

Professor Reiser is very pleased.

He says this discovery can be the basis for my Ph. D. thesis.

I will make you proud of me.

I hear American children don't take care of their parents.

They send them to retirement homes and let them die there.

Our son would never do that.


After generating much important research, cosmic strings, first proposed by Jacob Reiser, no longer explain the observed structure of the universe.


By using superstrings, I have discovered a warm Dark Matter particle.

Did you know this was going to happen?

How could I possiblly know? I am not a mind reader.

You do know.

How dare he?

Without my permission. Without even showing it to me.

I believe he tried. He did not.

He showed me some scribbles on a yellow legal pad. Why are you siding with him?

Liu Xing worships you. He wanted your blessing, you didn't give it to him.

That's all that happened. Yeah, he's all so respectful, bowing and obsequious on the outside.

On the inside he's an arrogant little bastard.

Maybe they all are.

Joanna, Reiser think I'm attacking him. Oh.

I'm not attacking him. I know you're not.

This can help improve his model.

I was hoping so much he will publish my article.

I'm sure he will.

And even if he doesn't, we can always send it out to be published someplace.

Oh, my God. That's... Fabulous.

Exactly what I would say. See, I just wanted something strong.

I can't tell which one of these is his... Now, there it is. Sixteen and a half.

I love that, too. I'll take that.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, no, no, no. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

I think you should have this one.

Too expensive.

The lady has impeccable taste. Well, it's only money.

When is your dissertation presentation? Next week.

Next week? And you're going to wear this terrible shirt?

No, no, no, you wear this one.

You walk in, you have confidence, you look good, you feel good.

Hit it out of the park.

I really don't need that shirt.

No, you don't need it, but we're going to get it.

Dress for success.

You just worry. You're worrying too much. You really are.

You know what my mother said?

Worry is interest paid on trouble that has not happened yet.

So don't worry.

Hey, be careful with my new shirt!

Typical American thinking.

To climb a mountain, you need hiking shoes.

To ride a bike, you need a helmet.

You can't just drink tap water. it has to be mineral water.

Even when sleeping, you have to wear sexy underwear.

That shirt isn't so great.

Dress for success. Haven't you heard of that?

Liu Xing?

Therefore, this new warm Dark Matter make a better match to observation, as you can see from final frame of simulation.

Did you use single- or double-precision computation?

Single. But...

But even the slightest computational error, like a round-off error, can significantly alter the results.

Results not caused by a round-off error.

So you say, but you have no way to prove it. Do you?

Professor Reiser, the simulation is accurate.

Double precision is standard procedure, Liu Xing. Standard.

But, Professor Reiser...

Why you never tell this to me?

I do one thousand runs for your model, single precision, and you never tell this to me. Never tell me, do different.

Excuse us for a moment.

You have to admit, it's a highly original piece of work.

Do you really want to sign off on a thesis that may be entirely inaccurate, simply because some of the ideas in it are intriguing?

Come on, Jake. He made a very persuasive argument.

It's pure speculation.

He took the most speculative theory in physics and speculated a little further.

He is in way over his head.

Well, maybe he's way over our heads.

Liu Xing, I'm afraid we can't accept your dissertation until you redo the computations.

What time is it?

Two o'clock.

Liu Xing!

Liu Xing?

Liu Xing, why aren't you answering?

What's going on?

I'm coming in.

Let's go. You need a haircut.

You've had enough of that.

Come on. Let's go.

Liu Xing, come back to China with me.

I'll get you a job at the Chinese Science Academy.

With your abilities and degree you qualify for a nice apartment in central Beijing.

Then find a wife who can cook so you can focus on your research.

Wouldn't that be great?

Get a corporate job like me, and you can research Dark Matter in your spare time.

Even Einstein had a day job. Fuck dark matter!


How are you? Good.

How are you? Fine.

Thank you. Yeah.

Happy birthday.

Liu Xing, who told you it was my birthday?

Oh, you forget, I am a scientist. I just know.

Yeah, well, I see you're a cosmetologist after all.

Then please come to my house after work. I prepare you a birthday feast.

That's so sweet but I already have plans. No problem. Tomorrow.

I don't think so.

I like you, Liu Xing. You're a really nice guy, but I just...

I don't think it's going to work out between us.

I'm sorry. No problem.

Baba, Mama, how are you?

I am proud to report that I graduated with the highest honors.

Soon you'll be living in America with me.

Then you'll be the proud parents of Professor Liu Xing.

Now all the universities are fighting over me.

I'm trying to decide which job offer to accept.

I miss you both very much.

Here we go. Hello. Beer, wine, salad, everything's there.

Everybody, Professor Colby. Professor Colby has the floor.

Thank you, Professor. I wanted to share some good news with you.

For the third year running, the Gelman Prize for best science dissertation has been awarded to one of our own.

Laurence Feng. Oh, that's great.

Take a bow.

You! You! You! You! You! You! You!

My God!

My love, As pure as a rose...

I brought you a present.

Joanna, I didn't even graduate.

I didn't say it was a graduation present.

You like it? Yes.

Very old. Yeah.

Liu Xing, my husband Hal has a business. He does a lot of business in China.

Yeah. Yeah.

Not in your field. But it's import export.

And I know some of the people. So, I thought I might contact them.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

No problem. I can find a job myself.

Hmm. Of course. Thank you.

So I'm not clear on the protocol now.

Liu Xing hasn't passed his dissertation I'm sure he'll get his doctorate someday.

I mean, he's a brilliant guy. But unfortunately he's not a team player.

Oh. Well, you wouldn't put that in a letter of recommendation.

No, I wrote him a very fine recommendation.

You did? Believe me.

Great. Yeah. Because I remember when he first came, you said he was the most brilliant student you'd ever seen.

Yes, and I have no doubt. Yeah.

He'll make a lasting contribution to cosmology someday.

Somewhere. But... Hm.

I wish there were something you could do, because he looks up to you so much.

I don't think he still wants to work for me, Joanna.


My butterfly!

Does he have a girlfriend in America?

He's too busy.

Here you go.

All he knows is studying, like a fool.

Who's going to date him?

Liu Xing, right? I read your article on Dark Matter.

It's really good.

Liu Xing!

Liu Xing, such a surprise.

Joanna. How wonderful to see you.

Oh, my God, I was just thinking about you. Thank you.

Can't even look at the sky without thinking about Dark Matter.

Come in. Can I get you some tea? Yes.


Come in. Sit down. Thank you.

it's so good to see you. I thought you had disappeared completely.

Bach? Yes. Yes.

Do you have some good news? News?

Yes. Oh, have you heard from the other universities yet?

No. No? Oh, I- I'm sorry, I thought No. Mm.

Oh, it's so good to see you. What is Skin Sheen?


This some beauty product I sell.

You sell? Just to kill time.

And it's... it's pretty good stuff. Do you like to try some?

Oh, no, thank you. I have a lot of, God knows, things that I have.


But... No, I didn't mean... I'm sorry.

Of course I'm always looking for something new.

You know, and just love to try it. Love to.

Sure? Sure.

Oh, shoot. Uh-oh. Top came off. it's all right. It's all right.

It's, it's just started. Yes, how did I know?

It's quite a line of products. What do they all do?


Hand cream. Here. Okay. Okay.

And, your hand, the first, you can put it here. Yeah. Mm.

And then...

And the second...


Second, you...

Okay. You put it here, and then...

I'm not, I'm not good at it.

It's okay. This is good. It's nice.

It's nice.


Mm? Yes. And...

That's okay. It really doesn't matter.

Okay. Mm-hmm.

Yes. Good, good smile. Hmm, good smile.

May I? Of course.


It's lovely.

Liu Xing...

I'm sorry.

I sometimes have an allergic reaction to these things.

It's just a temporary job. Yes, it's just for a little while.

Then you'll find something wonderful. I know you will.

I know you will.

Joanna, I have many, many things must to do.

Yes. I'm sure. I'm so busy.

I'm so glad you came to see me though. l...

I ... l...


I must go to the library.

Dad, Mom , how are you?

Here is the money I saved in America, to repay you for all the gentle care you have given me.

Excuse me.

Marvin Gelman believed that science could flourish only where people were free to express their ideas.

The winner of the Gelman Prize came to America from Communist China 3 years ago, and has flourished at this university.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Laurence Feng.

By starting at 1 0 to the minus 36 seconds after the Big Bang, I have derived new initial conditions for the Reiser Model, that generate more accurate predictions of the present-day structure of the universe.

In broad terms, I am providing...

What are you doing here?

Liu Xing? What are you doing here?

Is Laurence finished?

Are you all right?

Yes? Hello. My name is Joanna.