Dark Moon Rising (2009) Script

Somebody get me a beer, please.

You gonna be my girlfriend!

I said... you gonna be my girlfriend! Get off me!

Get off me! You hurting me!

Stop it!


True love. Two words I never quite understood.

Where was this place in the world and how could it be found?

Have faith. That's something I understood even less.

Could you change it, or we just blindly following the natural order of life?

When I was a baby, my mother died in a car crash, leaving my father and I alone.

He never spoke of it, I assumed that he carried the grief... nightly inside himself.

At bedtime, he'd always point out at the night sky, and said...

"there's your moon, Amy", isn't it beautiful?

That's where your dreams come from.

But, as I grew older, the words "true love and faith... seams illusive as my dream.

Until one day, they all collided against my shot to life.

And for me, it all began right about... here.

Someone's in trouble.


I just pull over and look if anyone's inside.

All right.

I don't know, man, I don't see anybody.

Well, I'll go check it out. You stay here.

Holy shit, Earl! What?

You gotta see this. What is that?

Car-load of shit everywhere!

Yeah, what is it?

Viagra I tell you, is the greatest fucking thing in the world.

Yeah, that's if you needed.

If you don't need it, who gives a shit.

I'm gonna tell you something, this... this Viagra is a wonder potion.

You have a great big boner that does the "Deep Down".

Hello, Deb. Two sugars today, yeah.

I need some sweetin' up.

Thanks Deb.

Hey, speakin' of heart, take a look over there.

Leave the lady alone, alright?

John, you sure you don't want some of this Viagra?

No, I told you, that you guys work our asses off.

Alright, you guys finish up here. Somebody's gotta do some work around this town.

Yeah, uh... you'll be working on that.

That's for the sheriffs, uh... coffee. You got it.

Hi, Sam.

Let me take a look at you.

Well, you look the same.

Thank God.

I saw your news this morning, what was that all about?

Yeah, well, there should never been any news at all.

I don't how the media get's a hold of that.

Mh-hm. Hm...

Well, what a surprise. Hm...

Oh, I gotta go back to work. You know, I make my living here.

Good seeing you. Same here, you mind if I walk you out?

Yeah, why not?

How's the ranch going?

Well, we're hanging in there, gettin' by on the skin of our teeth, you know.

You look great, Sam.

You too, John. Thanks.

How's Amy?

She's nearly a woman now.

I can imagin', yeah.

Long time. Yeah, long time.


See you around. See you around.

Keep your other side down. Always do.

Sweetie, my dear...

I miss you so much.

Maybe I'll just join you.


Oh, I could now put this silver bullet in my own head.


Oh, I know, oh, I know.

You think I got parts for all this.

Look at the work, mister.

Guys, you know what I hate, I hate my job.

Hard day at the offfice? Ah, samo, samo. Give me a cigarette.



Never loose it, sister.


Honey alert!

I dare you, to go make contact.

I'm okay. Come on.

Just do it, don't be scared. I don't want to, I'm not scared, I just...

I'm a little more selective then you guys.

So selective, you haven't been laid yet. Yeah.


Come on, chicken-shit.

Just do it. Come on, little lady. Do it, do it.

Come on... Go. Go! Come on, go!

I just talked to him the other day.

Can Amy pick up an ass-hole... you think? I don't think so.


Can I help you with sometin'?

Hey, you live here. Right?

Yeah, I know.

I saw you driving that little car the other day. Is that yours?


Hey! What you think you're doing?


Yeah, you can't smoke here.

Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.

That's a beautiful car.

What is it?

It's a 68 AMX.

Do you do all the work on this... Look, kid... if I sit here and talk you, I never would get any work done.

So, why don't go play somewhere else.

See you around.


See you guys later, I'm gonna go home.

Jesus Christ, mother...

Would you like to ride?

Not today Come on?

Look, I'm sorry.

It's windy out. I like the wind.

Look, I'm sorry about that earlier.

I only been working here a week, kid, the boss is kind of brick.

I guess there's a lotta bricks in that shop.

Yeah, I guess so.

Wait here for one second.

I'm sorry.

It's a fucking cactus!

Well, use your imagination. It could be a flower.


I'm Amy.

Dan. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

I had that thing purring like a chick in an hour.

I swear to God, the old mans' jaw, about hit the ground.

That's why you got the job, huh?




Will I see you again?

I don't know. Maybe.

My dad's real protective.

Well, I can live with maybe.

Why don't you drop by the shop sometime?

I promise I won't be such a brick.

Alright. As long as you promise.

Thank you. Any time.


Don't forget your flowers.

I don't wanna forget that.


Jack on the rocks.

You live around here?

No, man, I'm just visiting. I'm fom L.A.


Heading towards Nevada.

Just slummin' a little.

Drink pioson... take a look at some titties, and see what bites.

Nevada, titties and ass bites.

Yeah, I remember back in the day...

Hey, gorgeous.

I been watching you all night...

What's your sign?

Stop, that's my sign.

Oh, come on...

You don't believe in astrologie? What's your rising sign?

I don't know.

I think it's stupid.

Can I see your hand?

You know what that says?

Rosie Palmer.

You're a fucking ass-hole!

Wasn't that sometin'?

Well, you take it easy now, Rosie.

Have a good night. Likewise.

Bartender. One second, be right with you.

What can I do for you?

Gimlet for one of your fancy girls.

The girl over by the pool table.

Do you want it sweet or dry, - ripe or fruity? Fruity.

You got it, buddy.

- You see that guy over there? I don't know him.

He just bought you a drink.

Who got next game?


So... how'd you know what I like?

I be damned! I know a lot more, we're going out tonight.

Besides... you looked like you needed rescuing from those beers uptown.

"Wankers only".

I like a girl with experience. I'm not a hooker.

Not here. Let's go in my truck outside, alright?

Let me see your ass! You sure are a wild one!

Get outta the truck! you ass-hole!

Come here you fuck you here to fuck us up!

Stop! No! Stop it!

Get the fuck back in the truck, you old whore!

Yeah! You like that?

You want more, huh?

Stay the fuck right there!


See that, huh?

This is your boyfriend!


Give me the shovel, ass-hole! I asked you for the fucking shovel.


Keep the fuck away.

I'm busy right here.

There's so many rich people they're just out there... waiting for the perfect Miss Fabulous to come along.

They're coming here lining up, and all I have to say is please.

Give me a break.

Okay, fine. Then I'll just take 'em off until they're 3 inches longer.

You would.

Quit your smoking.

Hey, ladies.

You wouldn't happen to be Johns daughter?

Hm? Would you?

Yeah, I am.

I... I was just... I was in the neighborhood, and thought I stop by.

Is your dad around?

He actually just left, but he'll be right back.


Is there anything I can do for you, sheriff?

Um... no, no, just, um... just... tell him I... I stopped by, okay?

Who do I tell him?

Sam's the name. Your father and I...

Yeah, my dad, he... he told me about you. Oh, good.

Good things, I would think.


Good, um... I tell you what, just... tell him that I was here. Sure thing.

Been great to... to be hanging out, do nothing.

Sure be nice, to see you again.

You too. Okay... bye you all.


Where are you?

Oh, here you are.

Hi. Hi-ah.

Hey. Hi.

Come on, come on.


How are you?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Cheers. Cheers.

Why walk, when you can ride?

Uh... I'm alright, thank you, though.

I wouldn't feel right, if I was gonna let you walk over there all by yourself.

Relax. I know your dad, big John over at the ranch.

He wouldn't want me to leave you here.

You know my dad?



Get in the car.

It is kind of cold.

Where we going? Rustig aan. This will just take a second.

I wanna go home now.

We have to have some fun first.

Fuckin' bitch.

Get off me! Yeah.

Fuckin' bitch!

Get off me! Yeah, you fucking like that?

Help me!

Get outta the car!

Chicken-shit! Where the fuck did you come for?

You brick. Stay away from her.

Amy, let's go.

Are you okay?

It's alright.

Are you okay? Mh-hm.


Are you? Yeah, I'm fine.

Where are you from originally?


I moved around a lot.

Guess you could say, I am from... everywhere and anywhere.

So, what you doing out here tonight?

I don't wanna freak you out, but...

I've been following you ever since the first day we met.

So, you're a stalker?

No, it's nothin' like that.

You seam different.

Sorta like the outsider like me.

I'm really glad, you were there tonight.

That guy told me he's... friends with my dad.

This... certainly never happened to me before.

It's okay.

Did you have a good night?

Hey, dad. Yeah, it was fun.

You didn't have to wait for up, though.

Evidently I do.

Who drove you home?

Just a friend.

A friend?

He's no friend, Amy.

It's not like that, dad.

I'm going to sleep.

Good night, dad.

Don't give me that face. Good night, dad.

Good night.

Son of a bitch!

What you doing out here, Sam?

Oh, you think you're fast, huh? But I believe, the slowest got it.

You should?

Look at that slicin' moon up there, girl. It's magical.

I like it out here.

Jesus Christ!

My God!

What's wrong?

Amy! Over here!

I love you!

Oh, my God!

Amy, you gotta come in! You're crazy.

You'll enjoy it. You're crazy.

What you waiting for, let's go. Is it cold?

Huh? Is it cold?

Come on, take your clothes off. No...

Come and join me. It's great!

It isn't cold.

Go ahead!

Watch your step.

The water is cold!

I got an idea.

What are you doing?

I'm lettin' you take the wheel. Come on, slide over!

You shift her in first, it's a four speed and let it go.

I know how to drive, Mario.

Let me just see if you got that.

You got your seat-belt on? I'm no dummy.

Are you ready?

If you go a little faster, it's fine. Oooh...


Not bad for a rookie. Wanna see what this car can do?

Oh, I know what this car can do, trust me.

I didn't realize it at the time that this small thing... the memoires I was collectin' would sustain me... now I carry them with me forever.

No, it's not out there yet...

Dear, I know you like this, but this sure gives me the creeps.

Then why come back to that anyway, Linda?

Oh, it's nothing.

Look, Floyd! Oh... oh... oh...

Go get him, Norman!

You son of a bitch!

You mother-fucker!

Shit! What a crazy fuck! I'm gonna kill the fucker!

Get your ass back here, I'll kill you!

Why? Why me?


What did I do?


Hey, what in the world happened to you?

Got the motor runnin' here, get in the truck and I'll take you to town.

It's about fucking time, Sam. What is going on, Louie?

Well, I was hopin' you could tell me.

Come here. Let's see.

Fuckin' pretty, ain't it?

It's some bad shit, I tell you! Mother-fuckers are pissin' me off!

Come over here. Louie, I'm coming.

Come on, over here. Coming, Louie.

Take a look at this shit!

God. Yeah.

I took a shot at the mother-fucker! I don't know if I hit anything.

To fuckin' dark.

I don't know what the fuck's over here? But... that's a dog lying here.

The other half is in there.

What I wanna know is what the fuck you gonna do about this Sam!

Goddamn it, I don't need anymore of your crap Louie!

I'm sick and tired of your bull-shit.

Go down to my truck and bring me my camera...

It's on the seat, I... need to take picture.

I swear to God, I'm getting sick and tired of this shit!

The best fucking dog I ever had!

Some mother-fucker's gonna die, behind this shit, I tell you!

As soon as I can get, this mother-fucker.

I waited for hours last night.

Where were you?

Hell, Amy.

I was in hell.

Those will kill you, you know?

Is this a fucking joke? This it least a choice.

What is it, Dan?

You know you can tell me anything, right?

Anything Amy?

Yeah. Yeah?

Anything? What makes you sure with everything?


What makes you so sure?

Because I'm in love with you.



I've become the wolf, Amy.

I know you are.

Listen to me! I'm a fucking werewolf!

Those slayings at the farm? That was me.

Well, what are you saying?

It's true, Amy.

It's real.

Remember what you promised me...

I scream, you drive away.

You never told me about when you were a kid.

It's not much to tell...

I don't remember much.

Sometime I... see my mother... she's running through a forest, with somethin' chasing her.

I think it's me, but... I never quite remember.

I have this memory, this vision of her... holding me. which is just so real.

When I reach out to touch her, she just fades away.

And your father?

Yeah... good old dad.

I never even knew my father.

Amy, it's happenin'! Get outta here!

Are you okay? Amy, go!

Goddamn it, Amy.

There's this kid... a drifter... he seams to be hangin' around Amy and I thought...

Wait a minute, you're talking about the kid at the auto-shop?

Nice car he's got. Oh, come on, Sam.

There's somthin' creepy about him. He's... he's strange.

I don't want him anywhere near Amy.

Okay, lets... lets get this straight.

You want me to maybe arrest him, because your daughter like him?

No, well I thought...

you know, you could... scare him off. Or shoot him or hang him.

Well I... I don't kow if I can do that, John.

He ain't broken any laws.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Sam! Come on, that's ridicules!

I don't want that son of a bitch around my daughter.

I mean, do I have to beg you to do someting?


that's exatly how my dad...

God rest his soul, felt about us back then.

Didn't make a bid of differnce, did it?

Okay, I get it laud and clear, but I'm telling you, he's trouble.

I mean please, could you just... just check him out?

Why is it people who have never raised kids... always have an opinion of how it should done?

Stop! Woa, wait... wait a minute, you... you're right, I... I have no experience raising kids.

I'm not giving you any advise, on how to do any of if.

I'm not speaking as a parent, I am speaking as a law-man.

As a law-man I'm telling you, Amy needs to learn a few things on her own.

Come on, Sam.

Come on. I see what I can do.


You sure about this?

It costs you dollar.

I got it. He's the man. He's got the money.

Thank you.

Okay... let's begin.

We were wondering if you... knew anything about, um...

people that change in their life?


Things that are... kind of crazy and unimaginable.


Like, uh...

Like vampires?



The werewolves?

Sometimes called "Skin-shifters".



The things our minds can conject can be very real.

The problem we're talking about, is yours, isn't it?


Give me hand.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and focus.

You are... you are c... cursed.

You one of them...

Exuse me...

Exuse me...

Mother in haven! Mother in haven...

Mother in haven...

What's that?

This will... this will protect you from...

From me?

No. From the curse... and its origin.

How did this happen? This was...

It started... with your father.

My father? And was passed on to you.

I don't even know who my father is, not alone know, if he's even alive.

Oh, he's alive...

I can feel him...

Okay, what do you do, when you have problem?

What do mean?

If... if he didn't exist, the curse would not be upon you.

You see this werewolf? Right here?

He got cursed to a sorcery.

His was the first... the first hated blood.

That's your daddy... he brought this down on you...

Your are his descendent. You are his beta.

Is there any... hope?

Can we...

I think there still is hope, because you have not tasted the human blood.

But, look at me. Look at me!

Once you have it, your soul...

your soul...

Not from being within you, except become... that what you already are.

How do you know I haven't killed a human?

Because I feel it. Because I...

I know... I... I feel it.

No lies in your eyes...

You're... you're... you're save with him. You're save with him.

So, it's okay?

It's your father...

He cherishes the curse... and he can kill... anytime, anywhere, that he wants.

And retain human intelligent... clear knowledge and mind of his acts.

He's more dangerous... then you'll ever know.

Is there anything I can do about this?

My guees is...

you gotta kill your daddy.

Good bye.

Thank you. Thank you.

Please don't let out the kiddy.

Thank you.

When everything else fails, you've got your instincts.

It sounds really, really weird... what's going on around guys, I don't know, at this moment.

My instincts are screaming.

Well, what they screaming, Sam? Louie called me a couple of days ago.

And I went over to his house, and looked around, and what I saw, didn't make sence at all.

He thought thatreally was a wolf, and I did too.

Until... Until what?

I went over to the fence line... and on the other side, I discovered these huge deep foot prints.

Foot prints of a man? No.

What? Animal what?

I don't know.

I don't know, it... it... looked like it must've weight about 300 pounds.

I mean, what in the hell could be so big and strong... that is able to kill a 1000 pound horse... and then leaped in to a dog at the same time?

Maybe one big-ass wolf?

You know the wolves hunt in packs.

Besides what... what's a wolf gonna be doing down here at this time of year?

Maybe it's a rabid wolf. I don't know?

A mountain lion?

Walking on two feet?

But, see that's what doesn't make sence here.

I went back to the accident, there's the clinch. The girl.

Same slaughter, same M-O, same mystery.

But... who or whatever killed her, walked on four feet.

And had a taste for human blood. Female human blood.

And the bite was the same? With truckers?

No, the truckers were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How you figure? Well, quite easy... there were no skid marks, no crash.

They were just... passing by. And they pulled over to help.


And the killings were different. Different how?

Well, again, whoever went in to kill this woman, raped her first... sexually... played with her.

When we found her, she only had her nylons and her shoes on.

That's a cold-blooded calculated kill.


I know who you are.

Then you know I gotta kill you.

I'm a good person. You're a fucking sick bitch!

I'm not...

This will fucking do. Oh, Lord, he's coming with some book...

You didn't tell me you had a pussy-cat.

Read a good book lately? No...

Fuck you.

How do you know he's not looking for you?

I don't know.

He's probably out there somewhere.

I'll stay with you.

Amy, it's happenin' here.

Get in the car!

It's happenin'!

Get in the car, Amy!

Hey, Sam. Hey, John.

Long time no see.

Can't get enough of me?

Looks like.

I just wanna tell you, crazy Louie is stirrin' up the embrease... in the Town Hall Casino.

That sure is a problem.

Leave your car here, we go in mine. Sounds good.

The fact is, sheriffs' department ain't doin' shit.

They're fine for eatin' donuts and drinking coffee.

Yeah! No wonder things gettin' all fucked up.

It's time for us to step in! Hell, yeah!

We ain't sittin' around here no more!

No! No!

We're armed to kick some fuckin' ass, right now!

Everybody, listen up! Listen up!

The sheriff department is here for two reasons:

To serve and to protect.

And that is exactly what I've been doing for the past three years.

I don't want... any of you shooting up in the county... with not a brain between you.

You're on my watch be warned. Your watch?

My dog got killed on your watch. My horse.

This whole fuckin' thing is a disaster! What the fuck you gonna do?

Watch your mouth around the lady. Lady?

That just seams to be your fuckin' problem, don't it?

What we need around here is some balls.

Do I count the sheriffs department won't handle that matter.

Now listen to me clearly.

I don't wanna see any of you toting fire-arms in my county... or you'll be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

And that means jail.

Am I clear?

You got it?

And you, Louie...

Any more shit coming out of your mouth, and I will put you in jail, for trying to incite a riot.

Oh, your fly is open, Louie.

Well now, which one is the biggest pussy?

You know... the only reason your ass isn't up around your ears, is I have... respect for the sheriff.

You know what? I might get around to it.

I'll be waiting. How about now?

Hey, hey, hey Hey, stop it! Come on, come on, come on, stop it.

John! Come on.


About to shove this shit up your ass!

John, John! Alright. It's okay, come on.

You were really going to kick his ass, weren't you?

Hell yeah!

Wanna go on a date with me?

Hell yeah!

The view is better now.

Hey guys, what's going on? Hey, you guys copy?

Radio silence means don't talk, unless talking is necessary.

Okay. Sorry, sheriff.


Wake me when it's over.

You're on duty. Lazy.

Sorry, boss, I didn't know I was on the pay-roll.

I have to take a leak.

I have a big wiesel, crab another one.

Yeah, okay. I'll be back in minute.

Go. Here take this.

I don't need no gun. Yes you do.

Go ahead take it. You know I'll be okay, don't be such a baby.


Hang tied.

Come on, you lonely boy.

What shall we do?

I need a good stiff drink.

Hello. Hello, you're looking good.


They call me Mr. Happy.

Well, what can we do for such a handsome fellow, on such sludgy night?

Come on!

Come on.

Oh, yeah.

Well, let's go fuck!

Scream! Scream, scream.

Let's fuck!

Come here, please! I'm coming!

Oh, my God!

Come out from under there, or do I have to drag you out?

That wasn't necessary, now was it?

I'm gonna say this once: I don't wanna see you anywhere near my Amy.

If I do, all hell will break loose.

There must be some sort of misunderstanding, sir.

I wouldn't bring your daughter any harm.

Eerlijk gezegd, kan het me niet schelen wat het is.

Anywhere, I mean anywhere... intends about my daughter, we need to get this.

You would just be like, shit at the bottom of my boot.

You get it?

Stay away from Amy.

I'm sorry if I'm als ik dwars lig, but all I'm trying to tell you...

Ik denk niet dat je me begrijpt.

I don't wanna see you anywhere near Amy.

If I do... you will need medical attention.

Ik weet niet hoe ik moet reageren op je bedreiging.

Consider this a warning, not a threat.

I know a lotta people all over this town... who'll make your life a living hell.

As you lived in hell.

My life already is hell.

We don't like trouble in this town, son.

I'll be watching you.

Don't give me that face, bitch, I'll come back there and kick your ass.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Have we met before?

You see any connection between these two?

Who are you?

Just, uh... somebody which you probably gonna wanna trade any information with.

That is if, you finely figure out what it is you're up against.

What does that mean? And who the hell are you?

Is there any reason for you to be here, Mister...

Thibodeux? Thibodeaux.

So, uh... you give me a call if you feel a need.

Anyway... you will feel a need.

Good bye.

Hello? John, yeah, um...

I need you over here, at my office.

Hey, Paulie.

What's going on, Sam?

I like to tell you exactly, what you saw at the ruins.

Hey what's up?

How we doing? It's a go.

We're all ears.

Well... it all started down in Louisiana.

There was this killing, I mean, ugly and brutal, with no reason.

No... motives and no suspects.

The police had this corpse... it was, uh... in a million pieces.

Was a... female, mid 30's, a mom with a little boy name Dan.

The killing had taken place in the family residence.

The, uh... father James Bender, was the only suspect.

Never once did he deny he hadn't done it.

Never once did he admit he ain't done it.

They arrested him, about 3 days later in some bar.

They had him in custody... for about, oh, 3 weeks, before they called me in to join them.

Then I checked all the evidence they had.

Looked at the coroners report.

I ask around, but, uh... since I saw I was gettin' nowhere...

I decided to... well, I'll check the newspapers, as I kept checking newspapers, hm... to my surprise... murders with the same M-O, had been going on... all over the city, for years and years.

Even the cops don't all believe Bender killed his wife intirely.


I knew there had to be more to it.

There's a written assessment of you're, uh... so called character.

I gotta tell you, it ain't to great.

But, uh... still it is theoretic, all those people missed something, what do you think, am I right?

You can, uh... take that assessment and stick it up your ass!

You ain't got shit me, and, uh... well, let's say you had...


I'd still tell you go fuck yourself!

You listen to me, you little shit!

You wanna be a tough guy, huh?

You be a tough, I don't care.

I'm not gonna kill you if ever talk to me like that again, I will cripple you.

So... Did you kill your wife?

Did I?

Come on, you don't wanna make this hard on me.

Because you're gonna be the one that has to pay.

You know what?

Let's step outside be the only way I'd think of... just for a second...

and there's your answer.

Right... right fuckin' there.

There ain't much else I can tell you.

You enjoy your nice... long... stay here, huh?

See you next weekend.

Maybe I'll, uh... stop by your place, give my regards to your wife.

You thought I forget you could hide here but I never forget.

You're my mama now.


Now you're my mother.



Where are you?

Goddamn! No, damn-it!


Honey, I'm so sorry.

You son of bitch...

Bender did it... oh, I knew it... but, uh... nobody would believe me.

I went down to the jail to check, sure enough...

Bender had, uh... escaped the night before... and the bars were all twisted up.

I mean, no mere human could've done that.

The slayings' that's around here...

Benders M-O exactly. That son of a bitch is here, right now!

This I'm certain.

He gotta be stopped.

Tell him what you saw at the ranch.

He was a wolf.

A big-ass wolf, a huge head.

He walked like, you and me. I looked right in his eyes.

I looked in his eyes... and I thought... it's that kid.

Take care. See you later!

Think abaut what I told. I see you.

Goodbye, John. Bye now.

Drive save.

Listen to me, you cunt.


This is family-shit, yeah?

Stay the fuck out of it.

That shit you cleaned up on the highway was... well, that was child-play.

And the brothel that was my... fucking pleasure.

Drop it, or I will bring this whole fucking town in pain.

And you... I will bring down... on you.

Come to papa, you taste good.

You make me fuckin' hungry!



I wanna let to know, that I wanna be here for you for everything.



Amy, I think you better go.

Don't leave on account me, honey.


I like a company of... beautiful woman.

Amy, wait in the car.

Yeah... I wouldn't mind that fuckin' ass.


How you doin', little man?

Who the fuck are you? The question is: Who the fuck are you?

I'm somebody who doesn't appreciate stranger.

Well... even strangers share secrets, you know that?

Sometimes even if you have same power.

I began sharing with others, only themselves.

Aren't we just, uh... the luckiest bastards you've ever seen?


It's a nightmare.


You're fuckin' kidding me.

Take a look around, look at this cattle.

They're clueless.

Sittin' in front of their TV, and their computer... numbin' themselves to life.

Instead of, uh...

well, denying themselves... exactly what they really wanna do.

And that is doing exactly what you wanna do.

Any time, living outside of all of this.

That's what it's about, and that's liberatin'.

Liberating, huh?

Well, that must've been... liberating, to...

kill your wife... abandon your son...

and hide out from the rest of the world?

I, uh... know my words are hitting home. I know you feel 'em.

Don't fight it. Enjoy it.

Have beautiful women, kill mercilessly. That is your right.

And no doubt pass it on to your loved ones you sick son of a bitch!

You just don't get it, do you?

We, uh... walk the earth, filled with power... walk in our own path.

How did you find me? I just followed distant links.

It's real easy.

You're jung.

You have not realised your full potential yet.

And needs... this... this... is the cattle you feed on.

The taste of human is just so much more sweeter.

You will realise that, sooner or later.


You're a funny guy.

But you know what? I think I get what you're sayin'.

Because I just... I just had a liberating moment myself.

I just realised... that I'm nothing like you.

And I'll never be anything like you.

You're a piece of shit!

Blood is thicker than water.


Fucking listen to me.

You are my son.

And don't you ever forget it.

There's a storm brewing.

And it's coming down heavy.

You gotta reliese, what side of the fence you're on.

Yeah, whats that mean?

Just what it is.

When I go now.

It's people to see and places to go.

Good taste in woman.

There's hope for you yet.

You ever go near her... and I'll fucking kill you.

Remember that.

Now, get the fuck outta here.

Ladies and Gents, I saw a werewolf in Trader Vic's... drinking a pina colada. and his hair was perfect.

Thank you. Thank you.

Where have you been, stranger?

We haven't seen you in like... so long.

Saw any action yet?

Amy? What the fuck you think you're lookin' at?

I'm lookin' at shit. What the fuck did you say?

Why don't you get outta the car, you little fag?

Get outta the fucking car!

Hey, what the fuck was that? Fuck off!

Good, let's go in here lovebird.

Come here. Get the fuck... outta the car!

Hey, don't be like that.

What is going on? Get outta the car!

Some people like it...

Stop! Come on!

Come on, let's fucking do it!

Stop it!

Let's go Get in the car.

Hey. Hey.


I tough I've told you to stay away from that kid.

I like to ask you, did he... did he hurt you?

Dad, you dont understand. No, you dont understand.

He's not what you think he is.

He's dangerous. Sam's been telling me things about him you wouldn't believe.

Dad, I know all about him, he wouldn't hurt me.

What's this?

If he's so dangerous, then why doesn't she arrest him herself?

She will, she will. If somebody doesn't get to him first.

You're wrong, you don't know him the way I do.

I love him.

The way you used to love mom.

I hate you!


Amy! Amy!

Come back!

Hé, gladjanus.

You and me a little chat.

Not here, but in the sheriffs office.

Yeah? Yeah.


Really isn't much to talk about now, is there?

What about this?

I know who you are... and what you are.

I know that you're responsible for what's been going on around here.

I want you to come with me.

By will, or by force. You make the choice.

You listenin' me?

Yeah, I'm listenin'.

I surely don't don't care.

How about this, huh?

You care about it now? I bet you do.

I did my best to run you off, to keep you away from my daugther Amy.

But you kept coming around.

Now here we are.

You gonna kill me for loving you daughter, John?

You about ready to end a world of hurt. For what, John?


I love Amy, I told you that.

And I won't let anyone hurt her, not even you.

I feel sorry for you, John. I really do.

You wanna shoot me, John. Go ahead, fuckin' kill me.

'Cause I really don't care.

The fact is, I wake up most mornings wishing I never did.

Come on, pull the trigger!

The truth is, Amy and I love each other, John.

You can never take that away from me.

Well, John? What're you waitin' for?

That ain't the question. Do it! Do it!

The hell with it!

So, now what?

You're coming with me.

We're gonna talk to a friend of mine.

Hello, girlfriend.

I said: You're gonna be my girlfriend.

I'm here to see Sam.


So, you don't think it's a random incident?

Hey, Sam. Hey.

I see you got your man.

Jesus Christ.

You look just like him.

I have no idea what's going on anymore.

I figured, I bring him in, you'd figure it out.

I think that we have went wrong.

See over here... the red spots are his old man... and this blue ones, are Junior here.

Correct me if I wrong you, kid?

Yeah, I guess so.

Well done. That's my job.

These ones in Mexico though... never been there.

What the hell's she talkin' about?

You see, Sam and I grossed reference to all the unsolved murders with the, uh... strange animal deaths, it gave us a road-map that there were... two differned killers.

He's father did the murders.

Hey, you know, until a couple of days ago, I had no idea... that there were two of you, until you mentioned the kid, then bing... like a light-bulb went off over my head.

What, his father?

You kill the life-stock and... your father's killing the humans?

Looks like it, John. Bender Sr. has been very busy around here and, uh...

Dan too, haven't you Dan?

I know.

Can you control yourself when you're like that, or?

I saw you on the ridge, John. I knew who you were.

The only reason you're still breathing, is 'cause of me.

Yeah? Get your ass from that chair.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on, Come on!

The only thing not to be blunt, is to kill this kids dad.

Bender has got to be stopped.

Sheriff Pantoja.

Let me talk to that stupid ass, Thibodeaux.

I think its for you.


Hey Ribcage, it's been a while. How' everything?

I always knew were here, you big fuck.

You and I got some unfinished business.

Oh, yes, we do.

Grab your girlfriend and let's go.

You just pick the spot.

The ruins. The sheriff will know where that is. Around 10:30 or so.

And tell the pretty-boy: I got your Amy for tonight.

Have yourself a great day.

It's the ruins, 10:30.

John, he's holding your dauhter.

I'm gonna kill that mother-fucker! Sam... we have to talk in private.

I can't loose her, Sam.

You won't.

You won't loose her, I promise.

We're going to bring her home.

Zullen we gaan, guys.

Alright then.

Let's go rotzooi kick some ass right here.

Lets get it over with. Follow me.

Well look who's here.

Brother Louie.

Let's go kill some shit.

Let's get him.

Where is my daughter, you piece of shit?

Is this home?

Look around.

Look at this place. Good friends... family.

What you gonna do with that?

Pea shooter?

You, gonna... you gonna shoot me?

Calm down, John.


This is between you and me! Where is Amy?

Amy who?

Fuck you! Where is she?

Fuck you, back! Harder No more games.


No more games.

That's it, let's go.

It's always been between you and me.

Wanna be a cowboy, ride this!

This where it ends, mother-fucker!


It's okay.

It's okay.


Alright, take it easy. Alright.

Thank you. You can go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Run, don't look back! Run!


Come here.

You remember me. Fuck you!


Get off of her, you son of bitch!

Don't mess with us!

Get outta here girl! So, go!

Alright, you filthy ass mother-fucker!

Take these, bitch!

That's for bringing aan mij gezeten hebt, you mother-fucker!

And this for iedereen you hurt hebt!


is het niet verdomde prachtig?

Het is nog niet voorbij.

This is for my mother... and all of usl. Fuck you.

Jesus Christ! Sam!

Did we win?

Huh? Yeah.

Ik hou van je.

And so I learned about real love.

He has a strange way of connecting all of our lifes.

And faith?

Now, that's another story.

For another time.

You're a good man, John.

I like you, man.

I'd give anything to you be in your shoes.

Don't be so quiet.

Thanks. Come on.


Dan, that's what I'll do.

I'll thank you, you know... No, John.

I should be the one thanking you.


Take care of yourself.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, John?

I'm coming back every once in a while, checkin' on you guys.

I'll be watching you.