Darkest Day (2015) Script


Shit, back!




Please, I have no money! - Stop!

Stop! He is not infected.

What the hell are you doing?!

Are you trying to kill you someone ?! - Shut up.

You're good? - What are you doing?

No, I ... - What's going on?

¡No! ¡Ben! ¡No!

No, no, stop it! - Let go.

Come on!

What's going on?!

Help! Help! Help!

Come on!

Hey, who's here?

Hey, what you got?


What's going on? Where is Ben?

Has Lisa, who's going? !? Lisa, what happened ?!

And who is this idiot ?!

It could be infected. We do not even know who this guy is.

It does not appear infected.

Just wait there.

What the hell is going on?! Where is everybody?!

This is crazy! Tell me!

How can you not know? Where have you been?

I do not know!

I can not remember. I...

I woke up on the beach and ... - Did you wake up on the beach?

Congratulations, this guy is completely psychotic.

Sam, Ben is dead.


Shit. What happened?

A couple of those "things" ... - Honey, everything will be fine.


Why do not you come?

You know, to join us.

We have an empty chair.

Come with me.

Do not worry about them.

We long without meeting someone new.

I did not kill him.

I did not say you did.

Give me the keys, Sam! - What?!

You expect me ...! - See, why do not you sit down?

It is my home! Where is it going to be ?!

Do not stay in my room!

So what really do not know anything?

Okay, let's start with an easy one. What's your name?


Kate I am.

How did this happen?

Look, just sit.

Who is this guy?! Oh?

Everything will be fine.

I mean, it appeared on the beach with no memory!

Can anyone believe it ?! - Sam ...!

Who does he think he is, "Jason Bourne"?

There are some neurological virus.

Everyone thought were exaggerations of the press.

You know? We did not expect extinguished half the country.

When we realized it was too late.


Sorry, while he did not explain this to people.

So is there something that you can remember?

My mother was sick.

She got worse. So, I went to see her.

I was on my way home and ...


That's all I remember.

Look, I'm sorry.

Were followed, you looked ...

... You looked and you detect some soldiers?

Did you see some?

You know that we should not be here!

The whole house is in danger now.

Hey, sorry.


You're good?


How was what spread?

That's the thing No one has knowledge.

Yes survived so long, you should be immune like us.

Are the only ones left?


Most were evacuated to a safe camp.

If they managed to leave the city.

It was in the car with my father and my sister.

We were trying to get out like everyone else People...

He ran down the road, screaming and ...

... They attacked each other and attacked cars.

And so...

One of the infected was in front of the car and then ...

... My dad went out and try to help.

I was screaming with my sister to go back to the car.

They were everywhere.

Then I heard my sister scream ...

..I did not know, I did not know it. I did not do anything There is nothing you could do.

I've seen them.

Sorry, you did not have to hear any of this.

You need to rest.

You can sleep in mine if you want.

By the way...

I've never told anyone this before.

I have a footprint! Possible goal!

Here come more than counted on foot. Keep the source list and send it to UAVs I will go straight to the bay of Elford.



You get ... Are you okay?

I dropped my spoon.

Where is our guest? Have not you left the room?

No, I think he is sleeping.

Come on hurry up.

Why? - I'm hungry!

I should've gained a lot. Even in these times ... You know.

You've done pretty well - Yes.

I still do "pull-ups"

We're just going to have fun this time. - Oh, it's a festival!

Now I'm hungry. - Sit down, just watch.

It was easy.

You're good?



What kind of killer conversations.


Well ... James, to the stairs.

Turn off the music.


Okay let's go.


Hell, run!

'James, get out of here!

'James, everything will be fine!

'James, get out of here!

I can not stand!

Okay, we'll have to let him in! Guys, get a blanket ...

.. And put it in front of me! - The cover with the savannah!

James, you'll be fine! - Here is the savannah!

To the count of three, will clear the way!

Ready ?! 3 .. 2 ... 1 ... Go!

Watch out! - Has Lisa, where the knife is ?!

Where is the knife ?! - Put it down!

Shit! - Dammit!


Anyone want to give me a hand here ?!

Come on.

We have my head full of this girl. - Yeah, you know, Uyyyy!

And it just stood there. - Fuck that.

Adi, do not give me smacking!

Your sister is winning! - Shut up, fat boy!


Beer, anyone else? - Yes, I want one.


I know it's hard to understand, But we have to find a way to defend ourselves.

We are good people, you know.



I came to get this. A coconut.

Do you come then?

I'll be there in a minute.

That's not a beer, James! - No, it's a coconut.

Do not look at me like that.

Adi, do not give me smacking! You're ruining my hair!

I hope to find a shelter, it would be fine. - Eddie, stop it!

This coconut has a face.

Oh, it is equal to it.

Here you go, little boy. - Okay, watch and join.

This takes sweat - Yes, what do you know, ah?

Not this again!

Great! I have an unhappy sister aside ...

... And a damn suffered other!

Do you have any idea how hard it is being a woman?

Well, do you have any idea what bothers be slapped?

So how do you feel?

I've been better.

Do not worry, you accept.

Okay friend...

You know not disappoint us?

That guy is so stupid.

Ayyy, my ass!

My ass!

Someone else?


"Welcome to the end of the world"

That was fun.

James ... I do not mean to be rude, but is this all you do?

Why you stay here?

Why not evacuated with the army?

Is no one safe?

We've talked about it.

My grandmother has a place in the field. But it is quite far ...

This is our home and we're not leaving.

Works here, we have everything we need.

We have food, we have company ...

We have beer.

Okay, you cleanse.

-I? - Yeah right.

Leave it as it is. - Well, I'll help.

You need to relax.


Where did you?

Clothes poop. - Damn slag.

It's time to tuck. - Shut up, dude.

Aww, shit ...! My balls!

So, I realized that ...

... You're getting along with the boy beach Whatever, Sam.

What? Is the jungle's up here?

Hey, where's the bottle of vodka is?

Who do you mencionaras now? - Who mentioned?

Do you want another? - Do not.

Sorry Sorry.


What are you doing?

I think it's a good woman, moron.

Why? You look so calm.

Yes very good.


What the fuck ?!


You're good? - You're bleeding.


James, the towel! - I'm fine, I'm fine.

Please, seriously, I'm fine. - Hold this in your head, okay?

Only hold this, please ... go to hell, okay?

OK, but no one else will help.

You're good?

If I am fine.

That was my last package.

Why did she do that?

She does that a lot.

Well, ever.

I'll tell you what, she's in shock.

He has the guts to do it, but I was surprised that I did.

For the love of God!

Damn, he was whack.

Good morning, guys.


What was it I said to Kate?

You mean you do not remember, "Jason Bourne"?

Watch your head, "boat captain"

It's not funny, Sam.


Do you bet?

10 thousand blocks.

35 million, you win. - Yes, George W, Bush.

I just ... I'm just me.

Very good.

I am sorry.

How will I be free guard was himself the whole damn night?

Fuck, it broke my heart.

Hey, Sam ... Save your nuts.

I broke a tooth - You're an idiot. - What?

You do not bring forth how these muscles. You do not understand.

Where are my cigarettes ?!

I do not hide.

That's my damn box of grass! What the hell?!

Where are my cigarettes? - I do not know!

You ... You were the last thing you had! Where are they?!


My damn cigarettes! - Take it easy!

Sorry about last night.

Why I hit it?

I do not know.

It's okay.

I've never spoken. - Yes I know.

They have! I know you have them!

Calm down, take one half hour ago and put the rest there.

!? And where are they now ?! Not listed!

Come on, what about you ?! Hey, what the hell are you doing ?!

You let me go! What of me! - Give me time.

What the hell you want to try? - Let me go, Sam!

¡Oh! ¡Oh! ¡Adi, basta ya! - ¡Jodete, Tarado!

I know you are my sister, but do not talk to me that way!

Let me!

Please, calm down! I want to let go, but without fuss!

Listen to me! Why are you acting like this?

Give me my cigarettes! Why do you lie to me?!

Nobody's lying to you!

Release ... - Stop the fuss.

Leave the fuss.

Thanks for that...

I thought I would start the ball for a second.

She is fine! It's just a little tense.

Something is definitely wrong.

She's taking the point. - What point is Kate ?!

I did not say anything. - No, you did not, right?

I'm sorry, okay? - You did not say anything.

Maybe she needs ... Have someone talk or something.


Like you...? How are you?

I'm fine.


You really do not look good.

Your performance was very ...

Violent at the moment.

I mean, you will cringe, and you're angry all the time.

I'm just worried.

If you feel you're trapped behind doors, what happens?

I really think you should go, Sam.

Your eyes...

Can I see them?

Go away. Please.

How the hell did this happen? - Go away!

You think you already transformed? - Do not.

It is not enduring change.

She'll be fine, just needs rest.

I hope so.


Let me see them. Let me see.


Boys! Guys, come here!

He's infected!

Take the tape. - If.

Adi, calm down, please.

Keep going. - Do not! Fuck!

Do not! Fuck!

Now you can not move.


Help me carry it.

Is she going to stop?


Let's help her.

What can we do?

There is only one way to help, is not it?

If any of us ...

We know you would do the same.

And I had done.

Where are you going?

I go to the bathroom.

Come on! Grab it!

Is closed! - Open the window!

Súbanla! Get ready!




Let her go.

Good book?

Yes very good.

Yes, really good. Really good.

"Treasure Island", huh?

It is right.

Oh, almost.

What's up, man?

How are you, Steven?

Here they are, guys.

What do they do? - Tumbando the snail.

That there? - If.

What are you doing?

That sounds like suicide.

Come on, you can not get out.

You stay, I'll kill them.

Just give it some time, okay? Wait...


Where are you going?

Only a walk.


Where is the food?

We ate it, James.

We do not have anything.

Let's look a little.

There is a house near the village.

Look how far this, guys. We are here...

... Then we have to go "Queens Park" coming from the other side. - Great, okay.

I think I'll stay home caring.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Let's do it. - Well, come on.

Okay, come on. - If.

I stay here. I do not ... I do not ... I'm staying here.

Why are you so quiet?

Great. And now that? James, shut up.

Come on, guys, this is not the way. There must be another way in.

Unidentified targets within the building.

Care when shot. Eyes and ears, guys.

This is the support, okay?

"Harburts" is here.


What are we going to do?

We have to go around here.

Where do we meet?

In the House.



Shirts Team Delta, over there!

Reveiw corners!

The output side this! Downstairs!

Do they returned and Lisa?

No .. Dan ... they Are your things.

The need. - How do you think ...?

White located with a woman, permission to fire, change.

Proceed with the order. - Copying, over and out.


I'm not assuming! I tell you they are alive!

You're asking me to risk all who are here ...

For them.

We have to find them. They are our friends.

Well, they're probably dead.

Ok, let's go.

Is that what you want.

Guys, pick up your stuff! We have to go!

Where we go? - Jason's grandmother!

We're going to need weapons!



Where are the knives ?!


The back door! The back door!

Let's go now!

Steve, "Treasure Island". - Thank you.

Go Go. Come on, quick.

Go Go.

Come on!



What was that?

I'll see, come on.

The aim is neutralized.

I would not count on that.

I take that back! Aim moving!

Fuck, shit.

RESTRICTED: OBJECTIVE LEVEL 5 A to be located and arrested immediately.

Bravo 6, what is your position ?, change.

Bravo 6 need to copy us. What is your position ?, change.

Fallen soldier, all units lists, change.

Repeat the last transmission, change.

Again, Bravo 6 has fallen. All units lists, change.

Roger, over and out.

Fourth generation, three for transportation, remain silent.

Keep the channel 7. International Frequency, over and out.

Copying. - Sorry honey.

Get me 0-9, 1 alert.

We lost visibility from the helicopter.

Anyone in West Fox to the entrance of Enterprise Point.

Is there anyone on earth ?, change.

Let me see the 9 and continue with the search.

From the main objectives are priority.

Why are we chasing?

We have to wait until it passes.

Only then we continue on foot.

Back, back.



The helicopter is following.

What...? Has Lisa ...?

Not around.

Come on, follow me.

Guys, take that.

I got this one.


That's if you want to run. - Yes, we will do it.

Fall back.

These are posted.

When you try this, we run.

What was that?

Go, go, go.

Did you hear that?

Those damned seagulls


My feet hurt me a lot.

Go ... whole city looks from here.

I can not believe I lost my glasses.


Those are our homes. - Where?

They are there.

They are there.

Do you have any food?

No, we leave nothing, remember?

I have something.

Good, Dan.

Where did you get it?

These peas have artificial colors.

Why do you need artificial colors? They are peas.

All units lists. Activate the generator radar.

I hope the damn thing work.

Can anyone hear that?


What? What are we listening?


It's nothing, come on. Keep walking.

Are you sure it's around here? - No, this is not safe, back.

In addition, we are here and we directly ...

... To climb that hill where the trees are.

Really? Are you sure?


What hill? - Right...

We came up here to settle. - No, not entirely.

We can leave this direction. It will be for that.

At any cost. - This will be complicated.

No no no! It must be this way!

Come to the North-East, that's the point!

We started by this and we must continue to the north the rest of the trip!

Trust me! 'James, we've done this before!

True. He is right.


Yes, well ... - Fuck.


Run! They Go fast! Shit!


Stop the fire!



Open fire!


Stay down! Ask yourself the dead!

Stay hidden, but get moving now!

Shit! Where the hell came ?!

Withdrawal! There are too many!

Shirts Team Alpha, stand back! Run!

Fall back all behind me! Now!

¡Stovich, John..!

Withdrawal! Go in the forest, dammit!

Hell, they do not pay me enough for this shit!

Where the hell are ?! - It does not matter anymore!

Get back! Move!

Help me! Help me!


Can we go drink now ?, ah?

Come on.


Get back! Get back!

The situation is engaged! Get back!


Come on! Let's move on!

This is not safe.

What more do you want to do? What we freeze us to death?

How slow you are reading that?

Do we have food?

Hey, Dan ...


Yes, I have something.


You want?


Probably an animal.

Come on...

Go to sleep.

You know, he does not respond as others.

I'll be here in 20 minutes.

It's starting to respond.

Keep your mind on observation.

Watch out! He escaped!

Boy! Stay still, now!

Get on your knees!

We're out to 150 feet. - Covering the entire area.

The units have been activated.

Good Morning. Hello?

Only other thing than beans. - Yeah, you tell me?

You know, it used to be a chef.

A chef! - You used to be a chef!

Yes, good...

Come on, Dan. Faster.

Yes, hurry.

You're good?

If I am fine.



I dont know...

Just I do not know how to say it.


Look, let me know. I will not judge you.

I found a picture of me in the body of one of the soldiers.

What? - I think they're looking.

Are you being followed?

You are following, motherfucker?

Sam... ¿Ah?


Who the hell are you ?! - Sam, do not do this!


Come on! Who are you?! - Sam, do not do this!

What the fuck know ?! - Calm down!

Sam, let him speak!

Sam, let me talk.

No. Sam...

Come on Sam, leave. This does not help.

Stay out, moron. I'm going to do shit.

Go to hell! - Sam!

Dan, let it! Whatever you're going to kill you!


What the hell?! Leave it alone!


Dan! - Let me!


Let it go.

Take off!

Well, not going anywhere anyway.


It is not enough enough, dammit!

I told you. I told you, dammit.

I told you all this time, there is something wrong with him ...

...And it is...

It is the reason why Adi died.

He is the one they want the military.

And I told you.

And he told you from day one!

It is not like this? It is not like this?!

So what do you know? Will you be honest and we'll tell?

I do not know anything. - You know nothing?


I've heard that before.

I do not know anything...

Not because I are looking for.

Never again will we not ever hide things.





You will be fine.


You will be fine. Everything will be fine.

I'm sorry, guys. - No, you do not have to apologize.

You'll be fine.

It came out of nowhere. I am sorry.

Are you sure it's around here?

Do you want the map?

Hey ... Be careful.

Give me the gun.

Amárralo, James.

We have confirmation of target location ....

... And secondary objectives. They are five.

You have probably had contact with the boy ...

... And they are on their side.

Yes they see the first, Shoot to kill!

"Double 3" this is "Tango 2" We are approaching the area.

Arrival time, 4 minutes.

Why do we seek?

Why look for him?

I do not think I will not fuck!

He was infected, okay?

What were infected?

We gave a prototype of the vaccine.

It worked.

And then I escaped from the research center.


And what is the problem?

Well, another patient we gave the same cure.

The virus, mutated only.

Now it's 10 times worse.

Even the immune can be infected now.

And you ... you still infected with that.

And you can kill what's left of this damned country.

How do we know we are not infected?

Give two weeks, friend.

Do not make a sound.


If I give myself ...

... The let him go?

Come on.


What, Dan?

I'm going back down that road. I will alienate some.

Then what?

We'll meet later, okay?


You can not lie to me.

I'll see you later.

Do what you have to do, "Jason Bourne".

Good luck.



Come closer now!

Get on your knees!

It's not your lucky day, "Cielito".

Many people died looking for you today.

I will enjoy ... When you fly the damn head!