Darr (1993) Script

My beloved..

I'm far away from you but you're right in front of me.

I feel as if I'm watching you-

You must be reading this letter lying down in solitude.

Everything around you must've blended with you-

The clouds must've spread all over just like the kohl in your eyes.

You must be gazing all around you-

-having shifted your eyes from the letter.

The entire earth must be resembling your face.

Who is it?

Sunil was supposed to have come to pick you up.

Why didn't he come as yet? I don't know.

Wow! Sunil has a wonderful style to announce his arrival!

"Your eyes.. they're sheer magic"

"Your body's sheer perfume"

"Your eyes.. they're sheer magic"

"Say yes.."

"or no-"

"whether you say yes or no you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

"The distances between us are vanishing.."

"we're getting closer to each other"

"The distances between us are vanishing.."

"we're getting closer to each other"

"From the skies I will seek you"

"From this world I shall snatch you away"

"Say yes.."

"or say no.."

"whether you say yes or no you're mine Kiran-"

"you're mine Kiran"

"Your eyes are sheer magic"

"Yours is an enchanting scent"

"Say yes.."

"or say no.."

"whether you agree or disagree you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

What are you thinking? I know Sunil is somewhere around-

But he isn't revealing himself. Why could he be hiding himself?

He enjoys harassing me a lot. I know where Sunil is.

You know? Then tell me!

Come on!

Over here! His image is hidden here in the heart!

When love crosses limits it becomes devotion.

And when devotion goes astray it becomes an obsession.

This story too is about the obsession of love.

It has the truth which was present in the love of Laila and Majnu.

It also has the intensity-

-that was present in the hearts of Romeo and Juliet-

It also has the emotions like in the songs of Heer and Ranjha.

But it also has one more element..

-something which has not featured in any love story so far-


"You are the picture of my dreams"

"You are my destiny itself O ignorant one"

"You are the picture of my dreams"

"You are my destiny itself O ignorant one"

"Don't ever belong to someone else.."

"or I could go to any lengths that's how crazy I am"


"or disagree-"

"whether you agree or disagree you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

"Your eyes cast a spell"

"Yours is an enchanting scent"


"or decline-"

"whether you acquiesce or decline you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

Terrorists have kidnapped the little daughter of our Minister-

And they've put forth the condition that..

-if their leader is not released they'll shoot the child dead.

We've to save the girl- And only you can carry out this task.

Where is the child Sir?

Their boat is anchored in the middle of the ocean.

The child is there.

Sunil we are all proud of the task executed by you and your unit.

As long as we have brave men like you..

-the enemies of peace can never succeed in our country.

I thank you all on behalf of the government-

-the minister and myself.

In view of the success of the mission-

-all of you is being granted a holiday for a period of one month-

We will meet again after a month-

Jai Hind.

This is the final day of this match.

India needs just 2 wickets to win- The pressure is mounting on England.

Azhar's team is under pressure. And he has tightened the fielding.

Let's go. We're getting late. India's bowlers-

-are bowling cautiously because this win is very crucial to them.

We should win. Come on!

We're getting late. Kiran's train must've already arrived.

To hell with the train. I will return only after ensuring India's win.

There comes Kumble! Come on!

You are the least worried. Shall I go on my own?

Vijay just look at the time.

All right. I am leaving.

We have seen enough-

There is a delay but no denial.

My countrymen have been wonderful!


Let's go now at least!

Kapil Dev was so insistent that I should’ve had a cup of tea with him.

But you're always in a hurry.

Come on-get down now.

Mr. Sunil had telephoned for you.

Don't take his name in my presence-

Why is she so enraged? She isn't-

The fire of love is flaring since Sunil didn't come to receive her.

Not everyone is a hen-pecked husband like I am-

Yes yes- I know.

He didn't even come to the station.

I won't spare him when he meets me.

You shameless fellow! You are always scaring me!

I felt as if some dead body fell on me-

You're mad!

Don't you know that in a girl's cupboard-

-one gets nothing except old letters old lovers or new sarees.

What if my heart had failed?

How could it have failed? It's in my possession.

I won't speak to you- You're a bad man.

Just look how my heart is beating.

Yes it indeed is beating. Don't fool around now- Tell me..

-why didn't you meet me when you came to SimIa?

Why did you have to harass me so much?

It would've been so much fun if we had returned together!

Which fool said that I'd come to SimIa?

You didn't? No!

Really? Darling-

Someone who dreams of always being by your side..

-how can he not appear before you if he is close to you?

Then who was that person?

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

She isn't mine.

She is mine!

Kiran! You are mine!

It's a nice place.

Whose house are we going to?

A house belongs to those who live in it.

That's what I want to know. Who is living here?

Right now it's some hopes and some dreams that live there-

Come on! Tell me! I will tell you- Come on!

Why're you harassing me? Why don't you tell me who is living here?

As you wish!

What is this?

This is our home.

After our marriage this small world will be ours.

"It's a small house but..

"it's a small house but.."

"I hope you will like it"

"Shut the doors first"

"Whether I say yes or not.."

"you must bring me around"

"Shut the door first"

"This isn't just a house. It's a dream"

"No dream our love is for true"

"This isn't just a house. It's a dream"

"No dream our love is for true"

"So let's give each other a loving hug.."

"so let's give each other a loving hug.."

"and make the best of our meeting"

"After you have shut the door"

"Whether I say yes or not.."

"you must bring me around"

"Shut the door first"

"Do not touch me lover boy-"

"it'll soil my fair body"

"Do not touch me lover boy-"

"it'll soil my fair body"

"Of this coIour and beauty.."

"Don't let your complexion and your beauty.."

"make you so vain"

"Let's shut the door first"

"Whether I say yes or not.."

"you must bring me around"

"Shut the door first"

"So let’s shut the door"

"Must I bring the Sun and the stars? Or must I bring flowers?"

"How am I to decorate this house?"

"With flowers I'll do up the house.."

"tell me what things have I to bring then?"

"It's your heart I'm going to live in"

"Just you make arrangements for that"

"Let's shut the door first"

"It's a small house"

"it's a small house.."

"I hope you will like it"

"Shut the doors first"

"Whether I say yes or not.."

"you must bring me around"

"After you have shut the door"

What's the hurry?

The mischief in your eyes and the smile on your lips..

-indicates that you don't have honourable intentions.

Intentions are good but I've evil plans.

Hey! Brother!

Where's the key?

Who is it?

What's this nonsense?

Who is it?

Open the door!

Open the door Brother!

Brother! Brother!


Hurry up!

Hey! Where is he?

Who is it? It's you Kiran?

That man.. What happened? Which man?

The one who had sung a song was here just now.

He was pointing the torch at me-

Do you want to play night cricket? What a strange player you are!

You want to play and yet aren't coming out into the open-

Are you bowling in the dark? Come out into the open.

He ran away. Oh God I got scared.

He ran away when he saw my team!

If you return again I will run you out.

There's nobody. You've just been imagining things.

I'm feeling scared. Why are you scared?

We are there with you.

And who could it be who is harassing Kiran?

It must be a 12th player. He must be wanting to play in Sunil's place.

But as long as I am the captain nobody can play.

Come on-let's go to sleep. Yes let's go.

Everything will be fine-

Hey! Open the door! Don't throw me out of the team!

Open the door!

Who are you?

Girl's pictures? But I've been married haven't I?

You're at it in the mornings too?

Put on your spectacles- They are Kiran's pictures.

Where did they come from? In the morning post-

Some of your photographs have arrived.

My photographs?

Who has clicked them? What do you mean?

Let us know if there is anybody else besides Sunil.

I don't want to be caught out on the wrong ball.

These photographs are from Shimla- But I never got them clicked-

Then somebody else must've clicked them to show it to his mother.

She's beautiful Mother- She's really beautiful-

She's so beautiful that one is scared to even..

-look at her to the heart's content.

Really Mother. You too would be surprised to see her beauty.

There's a strange magic in her eyes-

When she looks it feels like..

-as if time will come to a standstill..

-the earth will stop rotating..

-and her smile..

Mother you should see her smiling at least once.

You will feel as if all the miseries in the world have suddenly ended.

As if the whole of earth is filled with flowers.

Mother! Mother! She's not a mere girl but a blessing from you..

-a blessing which has landed on the earth.

Mother you should only pray that I can make her your daughter-in-law.

You will pray for your son won't you? For his son's happiness?

With whom are you talking?

I'm talking to Mother.

What's the problem if he speaks to his mother sometimes?

The problem is that it has been 18 years since his mother died.

How did she die? In a car accident.

Who was driving the car? I was.

And you were saved? Yes- With the Lord's grace.

How are your relations with Rahul? What do you mean?

Does he consider you a criminal? What do you mean?

Does he feel that you are his mother's killer?

None of his statements seem to indicate that!

Does he speak to you? On very few occasions.

Actually he has been a lonely and shy kid since childhood.

He has very few friends. He is most of the time lost in his own world-

It means that he has many other problems too.

"Your eyes are sheer magic"

"Yours is an enchanting scent"

"Your eyes are sheer magic"

"Yours is an enchanting scent"

"Say yes.."

"or no-"

"whether you agree or disagree you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

"You're mine Kiran"

"You're the picture of my dreams"

"You're my destiny itself"

"You're the picture of my dreams"

"You're my destiny itself"

So you've finally come!

I was held up in the traffic. I see-

Shall we go? Where to?

Let's go. Not there. Here-

Stop meeting Sunil- Who are you?

Only a lover can have such a forceful voice and a heavy breath.

Why do you telephone me? Don't disconnect the line.

Listen to me. It's very urgent.

Sunil doesn't deserve you.

He wants to win you over by gifting you a flat-

The fool doesn't even understand that you won't be happy in..

-a concrete flat.

You've to stay in a house where-

-the dream-like doors are decorated with cloud-like curtains.

-where there's coolness of wet grass under one's feet-

-where there would be no walls but layers of brightness and darkness.

-where creeper-plants have stars growing on them-

-where the waves sound like the small bells on the ankle-

Why have you been chasing me? What do you desire?

I love you. I love you a lot.

Whoever you are you had better understand this clearly-

Nothing will happen by your telephoning me or threatening me.

I will do whatever I want to do. I will live just like I want to.

You may try whatever you like. I too want that-

-you should live just like you should.

Close to me with me in my arms..

How strange! You didn't lift the telephone though you were at home?

I had been telephoning you for a long time.

Brother and sister-in-law have gone out-

And I was feeling scared of lifting the phone.

Why? Why does he telephone me?

What's there to be scared about? All that the rascal does is telephone-

And it's up to oneself to disconnect the phone whenever one wants.

It's good that you came. I was feeling so scared.

There is nobody at home.

There's nobody at home? No.

Nobody? Yes nobody.

In that case shut the door.

I suggest that both of you get married immediately.

After the marriage such phone calls will discontinue-

I've been very glad at your special comment Lala Amarnath.

Before my marriage I too used to receive a lot of phone calls-

You know that Kiran. Don't you? But we never had a telephone!

But there was a telephone in our neighbour's place. You idiot!

I used to get a lot of phone calls.

In fact an entire team of girls had been chasing me.

My condition was like that of a lone player..

-who was being hounded by 11 players.

I decided against scoring singles. And so I hit a sixer!

And thus I got married to Poonam. Yes of course!

Then what! An entire team had been chasing you?

You were in greater demand than even Imran Khan?

What's Imran Khan in comparison? By the way..

-have you ever seen your face in the mirror with the lights on?

Of course I've seen.

It's difficult to make out which is the face and which is the head-

What nonsense is this? An entire team was chasing him?

You're making a fool of your husband?

How can you join hands with her? Your brother is being insulted!

Come to Chandigarh with me if you don't believe me-

Ask the girls there. Then you will know what my situation was!

I will surely ask them what they saw in you-

-that I couldn't see in 10 long years!

You never looked at me lovingly in the 10 years-

You're getting emotional. What's your problem?

The issue was about us. And you started your Mahabharat in between!

This Mahabharat is a part of every Indian home-

Once you get married you too will have a similar experience.

But how will we get married? Why?

Only when you remain quiet can we arrive at a decision!

You have You keep quiet. What is he saying! - Keep quiet.

We've accepted your appeal.

You may go extend your leave-

-and start the second innings of your life.

How are you Sunil?

Do I know you? No. But I know everything about you.

I don't even know your name.

My name is Rahul. And we're heading for the same destination.

What is the destination?

Yes. Captain Mehra is my Daddy-

I'm glad to meet you.

Daddy often talks about you. About me?

Yes. He says that if I were in the Navy..

-I would've become as famous as you are.

But what do you do?

I love. Love?

Is it a profession or a hobby? Neither profession nor a hobby.

Love is life. You're right.

If there is no love a human being does breathe..

-but he isn't living-

Have you ever fallen in love?

I'm in love and I'm going to marry her too.

No Mother- I've no objection to Sunil's marriage-

Neither do I've any enmity with him. In fact he is a very nice person.

But how can he marry Kiran?

Because Kiran is mine. Only mine.

How can he steal Kiran from me?

He's mad!

Sunil is completely mad.

He doesn't even realise that it's a big sin to separate true lovers.

Isn't it Mother?

Even Kiran has been taken in by his sweet talk.

She has forgotten where she belongs.

Kiran is very innocent.

She doesn't listen to me. She doesn't understand.

That's because I explain to her lovingly.

But now-I will have to explain to her in some other way-

Sunil it was you-

I was only joking.

Your joke will kill me some day.

You will realise it when I die.

It's not possible. How can a naval officer's girlfriend drown to death?

Never repeat such a joke again- Otherwise I will truly die-

Do you know..when you were pulling me into the water-

-I was feeling as if he was throttling me to death.

I feel very scared..

-not of my death but of separating from you.

I cannot live away from you.

Darling who can separate us?

There isn't enough space between the two of us-

-that some third person could creep in.

Greetings to all of you from Vijay Awasthi-

All the preparations have been completed- The team is all ready.

But besides the players there's nobody in the stadium.

The batting will be opened by Kiran who has a knife in her hand..

-and she is heading for the cake- But let me inform all of you..

-that the commentator has himself paid the 1600 rupees for the cake.

I feel that you must've been born on the cricket ground. Weren't you?

A lot of thanks for the special comments Lala Amarnath!

The candles have been lit. Kiran has made her preparations.

She has filled her mouth with air. She's heading towards the candles.

Umpire Sunil's signal is being awaited.

Umpire Sunil has signaled. And the candles are being extinguished!

And most of the candles have already been extinguished!

She hasn't fed the cake to her brother but perhaps she will do so soon.

And Sunil inserted the cake in her mouth and the lights have gone off.

And I now request the commentator to take me towards the fuse.

Sure. Kiran take care we will be back-

And here I have fallen hard-

And we both are going towards the fuse.

No problem I will do first aid.

What're you doing?

He is somewhere here.

He was here just a while ago-

"You are the picture of my dreams"

He's singing.

"You are my destiny itself O ignorant one"

"You are the picture of my dreams"

"You are my destiny itself O ignorant one"

"Don't ever belong to someone else.."

"or I could go to any lengths that's how crazy I am"

The bastard has reached here too!

But how did he enter inside?

I think the matter has gone out of hand.

We should inform the police.

Go carefully.

My gift?

Hey! I forgot!

It doesn't matter. Give it to me now.

Shut your eyes-

Today I've placed my heart on your heart-

I didn't know that you've a heart of diamond.

Whether made of stone or a diamond a heart is a heart.

It starts beating as soon as it receives a little warmth of love.

And what if I attach your real heart with my heart?

Then you will hear nothing..

-except for your name.

Let me speak to Kiran. Who are you speaking?

Tell her she will receive her birthday present in a short while.

But who are you speaking?

I've written my name on her cheeks.

Scoundrel! Whose phone was it?

That same person. What was he saying?

He was saying that she will get her birthday present shortly.

If I find him anywhere I'll kill him.

If it is his phone speak what I've instructed you.

Come on-lift the phone.

Lift the phone-

I'm feeling very scared.

If you continue to be so scared-

-you will have to live with this fear all your life.

Come on lift the phone.

You took a long time to lift the phone.

Didn't I tell you to stop meeting Sunil?

But you didn't listen to me-

Now look..if anything happens to him I won't be responsible-

You will be responsible. I will be responsible?

I won't meet Sunil. I will do as you say.

And what if you meet him?

I will not meet him- Never.

But I want to meet you.

You intend to trap me? No. I want to see you.

I know it is dangerous.

But I accept it for your sake.

Let's meet tomorrow at the pool-side restaurant in Holiday Inn.

But how will I recognise you? How will you recognise me?

To recognise true love one doesn't need eyes but the heart.

When I will appear before you..

-your heart beats will recognise who has come.

Moreover I recognise you.

That scoundrel didn't reveal his identity.

But I'm convinced that he will surely come.

I feel we shouldn't deal with this matter all by ourselves-

We should take the police with us.

Yes. If not the police at least take a few men along.

One doesn't need an army to kill a rat-

I'll be able to handle that scared scoundrel!

Did you recognise me? I'm RahuI. Look at me attentively.

In the college crowd the boy who stood in the back-

-who never had the courage to appear before you-

-who never dared to tell you how much you mean to him.

The lips opened several times to speak out to you..

-but the voice was never supportive-

And today the atmosphere smells of the days gone by.

There's a glimmer of dreams in the eyes.

Today both of us are face to face.

And I want to tell you everything.

Try to make him speak for a longer period..

-because it takes 3 to 4 minutes to tap the phone number.

Carry on Kiran.

Finally you did what I was scared of.

What did I do? You've cheated me!

Did you think that I didn't know that Sunil is hiding up there?

So that when I come I would be caught-

I didn't know that Sunil was there.

Perhaps you must not even be knowing that..

-right now a policeman is standing next to you.

On their instructions the telephone exchange is tracing the number.

But don't worry-don't worry-

Because it is not so easy to reach me.

But I can reach you whenever I like.

I will come to meet you tomorrow-

Tomorrow is Holi. I'll play Holi with you.

I will see how the red colour looks on your cheeks.

He was acting smart with Inspector Ajgaonkar!

We will soon know where he was speaking from-

What did you say?

This is our bedroom number-

Why didn't you tell me that you've another number too?

But he always telephoned on this number!

It's of no use- The scoundrel must've slipped away.

What will happen now? I've invited so many people to celebrate Holi.

How will we handle them? We will. We will.

He won't dare to come in the presence of so many people.

Like always we will celebrate Holi with great fanfare this year too.

You are never serious about anything. I am serious.

How will we keep an eye with so many people around?

What if anything happens to Kiran?

Let the scoundrel come!

"That which you feel like.."

"that which you feel like.."

"you may do today"

"Take into your arms the one you wish to hug"

"Make sure you hug me.."

"when you douse the colours on me my love"

"Hug me my love when you douse the colours on me"

"Cheek to cheek"

"Eyeball to eyeball"

"That's how the festival of colours ought to be today-"

"so make sure you sprinkle the colours on me my love"

"Hug me my love when you douse the colours on me"

"Apply the colour only on the exterior do not go beyond that"

"Say nothing my love. Just stand here with your eyes closed"

"Don't let this woman from the neighbourhood get away"

"She mustn't return if she goes away"

"He was so wicked when he squeezed my arm!"

"My kohl the flowers in my hair.. he spared nothing"

"So report it-"

"So report it to the police-"

"I'll pay a penalty"

"Hug me my love when you douse the colours on me"

"The colours rain Upon the veiled maiden"

"Hold me in your arms-"

"Hold me in your arms when you douse the colours on me my love"

"From your drenched figure.."

"flames appear to leap"

"Go your way traveller-"

"your eyes are straying"

"I've lost my way! You'd better find it"

"May I take your arm. Don't tease me lover boy"

"Don't break my heart! Let go of my scarf"

"What makes you angry? You broke my bangle"

"I'm heart-broken too"

"You're a liar!"

"If you dance I'll sing"

"Sit here I'm leaving"

"It's difficult to go away- You're a madcap"

"Hold me in your arms"

"If only you apply some colour"

"Blue or yellow? Neither blue not yellow"

"Red or pink-? You tell him sis-in-law"

"With a pinch of vermillion-"

"take her for your bride"

"Hold me in your arms when you douse colours on me my love"

Didn't I tell you that he wouldn't come?

And you even celebrated Holi merrily- So shall we leave now?

All right then. Thanks a lot.

Where are you going? To take a bath-

It's very enjoyable to bathe together after playing Holi.

Enough of it! In that case let's play cricket.

Stop talking nonsense. Only one over-

Why're you accompanying me? To take a bath-

Have you gone mad?

It's fun to bathe together after playing Holi!

You shameless fellow!

They haven't been rewarded! Do you have money?

I will take it back!

I'm waiting for you in the tub!

Wish you a happy Holi!

Happy Holi!

Happy Holi Kiran!

Which way did he go?

Take it easy Sunil.

Whom are you searching for?

You didn't do the right thing-

You shouldn’t have hit me.

But now you will have to pay for every drop of blood-

For every drop of blood.

A parcel has arrived for you. How nice! So early in the morning!

Who has brought it? I'm not aware who brought it-

When I reached the door I found this packet lying by the door.

I'm leaving. I've a lot of work to do.

I have to serve breakfast for sir.

Don't be afraid.

This is not Sunil's blood but mine..

-which flowed when Sunil's stone hit me.

Now my stones are waiting for Sunil.

Tell him that every drop of blood will be accounted for-

Let me speak to Sunil. Where has he gone? Which friend's house?

Remember to attend the wedding.

How can you say that? Of course I will attend your wedding-

What happened?

What difference would it make if we are married a few days later.

You've lost faith in me because-

-I haven't been able to catch that scoundrel!

I could not get him punished-

So you're scared that I won't be able to protect you-

Yes I am scared. But not for myself.

I'm not bothered even if he kills me.

But if something were to happen to my beloved..

-what will happen of me?

Darling one who has you your love your trust..

-nobody can harm such a person.

Tell me something Kiran.

Even though the girls spread their nets in the whole of the ocean..

-to catch the fish and yet the fish remained elusive-

How could you catch the fish?

Answer him-

That is how it is. Fishes who break through biggest of nets-

-happen to get trapped in a small hook.

You don't have a sister do you? No why?

If you had I would’ve got RahuI married to her.

All right Sir. We are leaving. A lot of cards have to be distributed-

But do attend the marriage. And bring along Rahul too-

Was someone here? Yes Sunil had come.

Who was accompanying him? His fiancée Kiran.

Kiran had come here? You know her?

She's a very nice girl.

If you ask me you should find a girl like Kiran for yourself.

The journey of life will become easy.

There can be no girl like Kiran-

You're absolutely right. That's why she has got such a good boy!

This is Sunil's marriage invitation. And he insists that you must attend.

I'm pressurising you for marriage because..

-how long would you live alone?

Every ship needs an anchor at some point of time.


This marriage cannot take place.


You cannot belong to anybody else. Never!

Because if it happens nobody will love anybody else-

People will begin to hate love-

No Kiran!

Don't do this!

Don't do it please!

Don't punish me so severely!

I'm living today on the strength of your love and your pictures.

If you take away even one thing from me what will happen of me?

I've nothing except your love.

What will I do?


This is not the time to weep.

Kiran's life is in danger-

You will have to rescue her.

You will have to do something.

Look at this sister-in-law!

Look at this one. I find this attractive-

It looks beautiful- Yes-

Let's buy this.

How about a gold one too? Let's see a longer one.

How about that? Show us that one.

Look at this one. Yes-

How about this one?

Couldn’t you have sat quietly? How do I know it'd get stuck?

You stick things wherever you can. You've started it again here too?

The ring has got stuck. Why did you wear it?

I didn't know that it would get stuck-

What should we do now? Don't worry.

We will cut it and remove it- The finger?!

Madam how can we cut the customer's fingers?

Pack these two sets.

And deliver this to our home-

Thanks. I will get the car.

Hold on. We're coming. Let me make the payment.

Meanwhile you may try some other ring-

Here it is. Shall we leave?

But one thing is for sure. You looked lovey wearing the ladies ring.

All right. I made a mistake.

Doctor how is Sunil?

Nothing can be said for at least 24 hours-

Can I meet him? You can only see him.

Because he is still unconscious.

Your life has been threatened because of me.

I cannot bear to see it.

I'm going far away from you- For good-

Lord please protect my Sunil’s life.

His life is my life.

Make him recover at the earliest.

It's not that I am happy at being saved or grief at being injured.

But I'm furious that though the scoundrel was so close to me..

-still he slipped out of my hands-

I feel your unseen enemy is somewhat insane-

He doesn't even understand the simple thing that..

-to win over a girl it's important to win over her heart-

Murdering the fiancé won't get him the girl-

Good Morning Sir.

How are you? I'm fine.

You are fine?

You've been amazing. You got saved despite being hit by a bullet.

I'm glad about that.

Otherwise if someone is murdered on a road, things get difficult for us.

Then we have to take testimony of everybody in the market.

Ah that reminds me.. I've to take your statement.

Go ahead!

Did you see anybody firing at you? No.

You chased him for such a long stretch and still didn't see a thing?

Just his jacket and jeans-

Nothing else..

What about his height?

He must be of Rahul's height. 5 feet 10 inches-


My height.

Anyhow we are leaving.

Let's go Rahul-

Beware of your unknown enemy's next attack.

The next attack will be mine not his.

All right Sir. I'm leaving.

Where are you going?

Tell me-

In this manner-quietly.. ..without informing anybody..

-without meeting.. ..why're you going away?

Tell me-what's the matter?

I'm not leaving. Where am I leaving?

I can never leave this city.

The breeze which contains the fragrance of your breath-

-the land which has been walked all over by you-

-how can I leave that place?

Kiran is a threat for your well-being.

You've been attacked twice because of me.

A third one is also possible.

And I cannot tolerate any harm being caused to you.

That's why Kiran will have to go away from here.

Kiran cannot live here.

Lift your head.. ..look into my eyes.

What do you see in these eyes?

Do these eyes belong to a weak man-

-who would close his eyes upon coming face-to-face with death?

Look at these eyes.. are they not strong enough that..

-they can throttle some coward to death?

Look at these wounds.. they are proof of the fact that-

-a body which contains love in the form of blood..

-such a body cannot be severed into pieces.

Before giving up hope in the face of unseen fear..

-you had better check out the strength of these arms-

You should have checked out whether the shoulders which you lean upon..

-can they bear the burden of your protection or not?

No Sunil. Don't stop me. Please let me go.

I can die but I cannot see you dying.

I beg of you. Please let me go.

All right. You may go. I won't stop you.

But wherever you go you will go after becoming mine.

You will go as Mrs. Sunil Malhotra.

Go! Go wherever you like!

In the name of my flowing blood..

-in the name of the person which is written on my heart..

-You are mine-only mine-

These rituals round the fire the hymns-they are all a fraud-

Sunil has cheated you-

The vermilion that he has put on your hair- will be washed away with his own blood.

That's a promise!

"My mother-"

"my mother has sewn sixteen buttons on my blouse"

"Dear father.."

"Father hurry up and see me off in a bridal palanquin soon"

"my mother has sewn sixteen buttons on my blouse"

"Dear father.."

"Father hurry up and see me off in a bridal palanquin soon"

"Seventeen bells in my anklets.."

"for I've turned seventeen"

"This is the age-"

"This was the age when Sohni fell in love with Mahiwal"

"My hands-"

"I wear eighteen bangles.."

"and I keep dancing"

"I've abandoned my modesty to dance with gay abandon"

"In a fake beard and moustache.."

"the wicked one really deceived me"

"He came in the disguise of a tailor and took my measurements"

"How do I give? How do I give?"

"How will I give away my heart to you my love?"

"My heart isn't trivia"

"How am I to accept your bangles? It could be a ploy you're using"

"I didn't approve of any suitor-"

"I refused to get married"

"But when his name came up.. I agreed immediately"

"From my piercing eyes-"

"he has stolen what they possessed"

"I stepped out of the lake after a bath-"

"and he took away a picture of mine"

"Give him something- What?"

"Give him something and ask him to return your picture to you"

"Do it before he hangs your picture at the square"

Ravi Shastri was awarded an Audi for 'Man Of The Series'.

I'm not giving you an Audi..

-but someone who is dearer to me than my life.

Take care of her. Brother..

You take care of me-

From this point commences a new story.

These two constables will remain with you for your safety-

They are not necessary. I can protect Kiran and myself on my own.

One should always remain on the guard from the unseen enemy.

As it is they will stay outside-

You may take the lift. Yes-

And us?

It's a custom among us that when the bride comes home for the first time..

-the bridegroom lifts her and takes her inside the home.

Think it over. Our home is on the 7th floor..

-and I am quite heavy.

If you are prepared to give me the labour charges-

-I am prepared to lift this weight right upto the 50th floor.

What labour charge do you desire?

Love on every step!

You're tired aren't you? You forgot.

What? My labour charge.

Just a minute-just a minute- What happened?

My sandal!

Hey! This is cheating.

You've already taken the labour charge for this step.

This is overtime. It was not within the contract to pick up the sandal-

I see.. I see-

If I could have my way I would never have allowed you to..

-take a home at such a height. If I could have my way..

I would've bought a home on the sky. Then I would've- continued to climb the stairs all my life with you close to my heart.

Go upstairs!

Congratulations on the marriage-

I suppose you are all right!

Congratulations on the marriage-

Congratulations on the marriage-


"it's a small house but.."

"I hope you will like it"

"You're mine Kiran"

"Don't ever belong to someone else.."

"or I could go to any lengths that's how crazy I am"

"From the skies I will seek you"

"From this world I shall snatch you away"

"Say yes.."

"or say no.."

"whether you say yes or no you're mine Kiran-"

"you're mine Kiran"

What happened?

Look there! He is telephoning me again!

Nobody is telephoning. Nobody is telephoning.


Come on-rise!

You didn't hear any bell? No I heard nothing.

Come on-be seated-

Look! The phone is ringing again. Are you hearing the bell?

Don't lift the phone.

I know whose phone it is. Don't lift the phone.

I had disconnected the line-

I didn't want anybody to disturb you.

Darling nobody is telephoning-

No one-

Nobody is telephoning? No.


Save me. I don't want to turn mad-

Please save me. I don't want to become mad.

I don't want to become mad.

Please save me.

I want to resign.

You are a marine Commando.

And it is our tradition that when the ship is sinking-

-even then the captain doesn't leave the ship.

There's an ordinary storm in your life and..

-you want to give up everything? What kind of an officer are you?

Face the storm and bring your ship to the shore-

But Sir..

I will try and get your leave extended.

You will do me such a big obligation?

It's not an obligation.

I don't want to lose a good officer like you.

I will come back as soon as Kiran recovers.

Where are you taking her?

I haven't decided. But I want to take her somewhere far away-

Just remember this thing.

As long as the fruit is on the tree it looks good Once it is in one's hands it's right place is between the teeth.

When a lover becomes a husband he changes colours.

No! My Sunil will never change- Is it?

What happened? Why're you weeping?

By seeing both of you leaving for a honeymoon-

-I've been reminded of my honeymoon.

You had been to a honeymoon? Yes-

Where? To Brabourne Stadium-

Nobody must've celebrated his honeymoon the way I did-

Shameless fellow. Does one tell people about one's honeymoon?

I had celebrated my honeymoon in public. Do you know how?

You had even celebrated-? What did you do?

It was night time. The flood-lights were on.

The invitees were on the pitch. And then..

In the presence of everybody? He's lying. An absolute lie!

One speaks the truth only during a cricket commentary.

Because there's no chance of lying!

We're leaving. Carry on. You've my best wishes.

May the Lord make you successful in this test match itself-

Bless you. Brother..


You'll receive a beating! I too will touch her feet!

How could you start talking about our honeymoon night?

You just can't keep your tongue under check!

Please tell me on which flight are Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra traveling-

It's difficult to give out information about passengers.

I've to give a very important message to them.

I cannot reveal about them.

All right Madam. You perform your duty.

But remember-an innocent child who has just been orphaned..

-a young girl who has been widowed just an hour ago-

-they will never pardon you-

What are you saying? Yes Madam-

Your passengers Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra will curse you-

Because they will be celebrating their honeymoon there..

-and his brother will be cremated by strangers.

Has Mr. Malhotra's brother passed away?

Yes Madam. That's why I've come rushing here.

It's very important to convey this message to Sunil-

I will just check.

Yes. But the flight has already taken off.

The message cannot be conveyed. It doesn't matter.

I will personally go to Goa. Yes-

I'm coming Kiran.

Tell me something-we came till here. But we didn't go to Goa- Why?

We're not going to Goa but to Switzerland.

Really? Yes-

Our flight will take off from the International Airport in 2 hours.

Then why did you purchase these tickets to Goa?

Because now I have started thinking like that scoundrel!

By now he must have checked that we've gone to Goa-

And he must be preparing to leave for Goa.

He will reach Goa and we will reach Switzerland.

I like you a lot when you speak so intelligently-

Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra aren't staying in our hotel.

Are Mr. and Mrs.- Malhotra staying in your hotel?

Why're you asking?

I'm their friend- I've come to meet them.

Did your friend not give you the right address?

He did give the address. But I've lost it.

That's why I'm searching in every hotel.

What's the need to search for them in every hotel?

Do you intend to collect your dues?

Just check and tell me if Sunil Malhotra is staying here!

You're screaming at me? Now I will never tell you.

Please don't be angry.

Please check and tell me if Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra are staying here.

There's no Malhotra here.

From where do such people come and harass me?

Who are you to stop me? Pour four glasses into it-

It will spill over Sir. So be it. It's my liquor.

What do have you got to do with it? I'm paying for it. Come on- Pour!

Come on!

How come you are here?

We never met after college! Yes-

How are you? I'm fine. How are you?

I'm fine-

After meeting you I am reminded of our college days.

Jokes fun mischief all day long!

Get it get it!

What are you doing?

Forget it.

If this intoxication were not there..

-it would be difficult to live life.

You tell me! What happened of that girl of whom you were crazy about?

Did you get her or not? I will get her.

Make sure you call me.

The letters written by you which you deposited with me..

-all her belongings which you had deposited with me..

-even today all those things are with me.

I will present it to her.

And if I pass away give it to her as a gift from me.

Come on now! Don't speak of death!

You've to live for a long time.

It's tough.

The liver is not efficient.

The heart too is in a delicate state.

There's a cat-and-mouse game going on between me and life.

God knows when the rat will catch the mouse.

What was the name of your girlfriend?

"It's etched on the winds"

"It's inscribed on the mountains"

"You and I were made for each other"

"It's etched on the winds"

"It's inscribed on the mountains"

"You and I are made for each other"

"For this beautiful legend of love.."

"you and I have descended from the skies"

"These moments and the stories of love.."

"bring two youngsters together"

"Together we tread the path of love"

"It's etched on the winds"

"It's inscribed on the mountains"

"You and I are made for each other"

"Keep smiling just like this.."

"biting the end of your scarf in shyness"

"Do away with the veil of your tresses-"

"let me see your pretty face"

"Proud lithesome.."

"walk up to me-"

"for these are the traits I so dearly love"

"It's all over the winds"

"The mountains bear testimony"

"You and I are made for each other"

"Let's tell the world today.."

"we love each other more than our own lives"

"In the victory and defeat of love.."

"of what consequence is my heart.."

"I've laid my life at your feet"

"It's all over the winds"

"The mountains bear testimony"

"You and I.. Are made for each other"

"It's etched on the winds"

"It's inscribed on the mountains"

"You and I are made for each other"

It's a sixer!

I'm Rahul!

Fool! You've dropped a simple catch!

Captain Mehra is my father- I see-Sunil's boss!

Looks like you are very fond of cricket.

You're also playing? I don't play now-

I used to play in Chandigarh on behalf of Punjab University.

How is Sunil? Where is he playing?

Not Gavaskar- Your Sunil- You didn't attend the wedding?

No I wasn't in town. Where is he these days?

Where does a man go after marriage? In the heaven of dreams.

He has gone on a honeymoon? Yes-


You were asking something?

You were telling me where Sunil has gone-

He must've gone-Hey! This wicket is very important.

Whatever you say..

-but if any of their player had struck a four in the final overs..

-their team was sure to win. That's what I was telling you.

If I was a part of the team we would’ve surely won the match.

You always say that if you played we would have won.

Don't you interfere! It's because of you that-

-I'm not a part of the Indian team along with Gavaskar and Kapil Dev-

Why? She put forth a condition..

-that either I should marry her or join the Indian team-

What proof did you have whether you know how to play cricket?

The proof is that I got married to you. And another problem was that-

-there had to be someone to look after my sister Kiran.

Now you've come to the point! What's the need to say that?

Sunil too appeared worried before marriage.

Daddy was saying that some boy telephones-

-your sister and harasses her Dog! Rascal! Scoundrel! He's not a boy he's a ghost!

He had made life difficult for us. Whenever the phone bell rang.. we used to get panicky- Kiran had even become half-mad.

Just see he will die such a death-

-that even dogs wouldn’t touch his dead body.

He has been cursed by me.

She had cursed me too. And I became her husband!

What? Is it a curse to become my husband?

It's a curse to be a husband. It's a greater curse to be a wife-

Everything is fine after marriage isn't it?

Yes. Everything is fine so far.

But who can trust a scoundrel and a blackmailer like him?

He can come any time- And who knows he might throttle Poonam to death!

What nonsense! Why would he throttle me to death?

To know the whereabouts of Sunil and Kiran.

They've gone away hidden from him. He must be trying to find out..

-where his victims have escaped from his clutches.

Isn't it Rahul? Yes-

He must be trying his best to find out where they must've gone away.

But I'm convinced that they must have gone to a place-

-which is not known to anybody besides you-

Absolutely right- And we won't tell anybody where they've gone.

Sunil has made me take an oath.

Sunil proved to be smarter than I had thought.

I should be leaving now- Do visit again.

Sure. And convey my regards to Mr. Mehra-

He's a nice boy- Beware!

Don't ever praise another boy in my presence. Am I dead?

If you had loved me I would've been playing cricket in the Indian team.

You've started it again! What else should I talk about?

You just talk about cricket!

Don't you scold me like Lala Amarnath! - Now that's enough!

Sir a Mr. Vicky had telephoned 5 to 6 times. He was asking for you-

He said it is urgent. He has called you home-

Vicky? Yes-

Your condition is very critical. I will send for an ambulance.


Pick up that box.

You had kept it with me during the college days.

It contains letters which you wrote to Kiran-

-but you never posted them.

The college days were such good days..

It was lively enjoyable..

No fear no pains nor any hassles..

Tell everybody that the smoke that comes out of a narcotic cigarette-

-it is not smoke-

-it is a swaying snake..

-which has engulfed my body.

But now the poison has spread-

What have I done in life?

Nothing.. I could do nothing.

Neither could I be a good son nor a good brother-

Neither could I love anybody nor could I belong to anyone-

And now-when I..

Do something.. death-

Throttle me to death. Let me go.

No.. your life will not go waste.

My Kiran-for whom I was living till today.. she married somebody else. So there is no point in staying alive-

Kiran I tried to convince you about my love in every possible way.

But you didn't agree. Perhaps my death might convince you.

Yours and only yours- ..Vicky-

The scoundrel is dead!

He has hit a four!

Can I ask you something? Go ahead.

Why do you dress up and watch cricket matches?

Considering our team's condition these days-

-I feel that they can need me any time.

That's why I always keep myself ready-

Congratulations Sir. What for? It's a matter of shame.

They've scored just 102 runs in 40 overs.

If I had been in their place I would've committed suicide.

Come on More-Hit! Gosh! More is out! They're all out!

I don't understand the ways of cricket.

I've brought news about someone else's suicide.

Suicide? Who committed suicide?

Last night your fear committed suicide.

Suicide? You mean.. a hit wicket?

The boy who used to telephone Kiran and frighten her-he is dead?


Are you fully convinced that the person who died is the one?

We have got all the evidences.

Kiran's photographs letters telephone numbers-

-and the last letter written by him.

He has written that he is committing suicide since Kiran married Sunil.

What was his name? Vikram Oberoi.

Didn't I say that my curse wouldn't go waste?

Her curse is like Kapil's ball- It hit the wicket and he died!

This is very good news. Sunil will be glad to hear it.

Yes. Rahul is right- You had better telephone Switzerland right away.

Okay just a minute.

All right then. I'm leaving.

Excuse me-

What's the matter? You're looking at me very attentively-

I've seen you somewhere before.

5 feet 10. Hospital!

Absolutely right- You are Mr. Sunil's friend.

Yes. You're Kiran's friend too?

No. I've never met her.

Do you know Vikram?

All right. You may go.

Lost.. the match!

I suppose you won't forget me now- Not at all.

Tell me-what's the phone number of Sunil?

Is this right? Yes-

But move a little this way.

This is nice. But move a little further this way.

I should move away further? ..all right how's this?

Now it is looking good. But a little this way.

My hair is fine isn't it? You're looking very beautiful.

Move a little away and you will look even more beautiful-

Wow! You're looking very beautiful-

You were never more beautiful.

Gosh! You're looking so beautiful.

I never knew that you looked so beautiful in camera!


You're looking very beautiful!

I'm looking very beautiful is it? Yes- You're looking very beautiful.

Are you coming closer to me? Yes I'm coming closer.

So you are zooming in on me?

What do you think about this pose? Shall I lift my legs?

Yes. Lift your legs. I'll remove the shoes too.

Yes remove the shoes. They don't look good.

What do you think of this pose?

This pose is also nice. But move away your shoes a bit.

I will give you a beating. You were taking my pictures!

You were watching those girls! And you asked me to move further huh!

You know my camera was on them what can I do?

Don't lift the phone.

Brother! It's brother on the phone!

Your brother has good timing.

You proceed- I'll join you.


There's good news.

The boy who used to harass you has been out hit-wicket.

Tell her clearly. He has committed suicide-

Hey that's what I am trying to tell her! He has committed suicide?

He has committed suicide?

When did all this happen? Last night.

But who was he?

Who Vicky? I don't know any-

I see.. in Shimla! That must be one!

There couldn't have been better news.

Just a minute-speak here.

How are you? I'm fine. How are you?

Everybody is fine here. Whatever your brother has said is true.

Don't take any tension- And how is Sunil?

Give him a lot of love.

And when are you returning? We will be back soon-

I'll convey the good news to Sunil.

The phone has been disconnected.

I just told you to hold it for me!

You keep on talking rubbish. You never speak the real thing.

He's dead!

Who's dead? The one who telephoned.

Yes. Brother just telephoned- He is dead-

I doubt it- About what?

Such a scoundrel such a rascal he harassed so much-

He died so easily?

Don't talk like this. Don't scare e.

Will you eat so much?

You begin.

Who has sent it? It's addressed to me.

This is the scoundrel who used to harass us.

He was sitting behind you at the Holiday Inn that day.

I know him. He was in my college-

He used to telephone?

But he never even spoke to me at college.

I could never have imagined that he was such a mad person.

He's dead!

He's dead. You're at fault.


You're so beautiful that people go mad-

I fear that there must be others who must be dreaming about you-

What would happen if they start telephoning you?

Here comes the phone.

Who is it? It got disconnected.

Didn't I tell you that some new lover wants to hear your voice?

You're joking again? You know that I'm scared of such things-

Let's go sight-seeing.

"The distances between us are vanishing.."

"we're being drawn closer to each other"

"From the skies I will seek you"

"From this world I shall snatch you away"

"Say yes.."

"or say no.."

"whether you say yes or no you're mine Kiran-"

"you're mine Kiran"

"Your eyes are sheer magic"

"Yours is an enchanting scent"

"Say yes.."

"or say no.."

"whether you agree or disagree you're mine Kiran"

"you're mine Kiran"

Shut your eyes-

Move forward your hand.

You're tying rakhi?

Look now. How do you find it? It's fine.

But it beats like your heart. Now look at its marvel.

Hey! Where is this signal coming from?

I'm giving you the signal. I've a similar watch with me.

You press the red button. I will receive the signal.

I understand. You've given me this watch-

-so that I don't run away from you-

No no. I gave it to you so that when you are alone-

-and you remember me just push this button.

I will come rushing to you.

I was only joking with you. And you broke my teeth!

I thought that..

Anyway how come you are here?

I had come here on Daddy's work- What're you doing here?

You must've come here to celebrate your honeymoon haven't you?

You didn't attend the wedding. Come I'll introduce you to my wife.

Take it easy!

This is Rahul Captain Mehra's son-

I haven't changed so much that you couldn't recognise me.

Do you know each other? We've studied in the same college.

You haven't changed any bit. You continue to blush like ever-

I've enjoyed meeting you.

If one meets someone from your own country..

-one begins to feel at home even in a foreign country.

There's nothing like your own country or a foreign country.

If one's own people are there in a foreign country..

-it becomes your own country.

Otherwise even our own country feels like a foreign country.

Then why didn't you marry? Not everyone is lucky like you are.

That's not the case. You are hiding the truth.

Do you know what the truth is?

The whole of college knew that Rahul is crazy about some girl.

But nobody knew who that girl was. All of us tried a lot.

But the secret was never revealed- Come on tell us now-

Even that girl doesn't know. How can she?

You must have never told her.

Tell us now who she is.

She has got married.

It means the story comes to an end.

The story has yet come to an end- What do you mean?

I'm thinking of killing her husband.

That's like a brave man!

You aren't coming for a swim?

No you may proceed. Why? Are you scared of drowning?

No. I'm scared of drowning alone.

You're in front of me. I'm in front of you.

Should I gaze at you or make love to you?

"We're here face to face with each other"

"Should I gaze at you or make love to you?"

"How did this come to be? You now belong to me-"

"how am I to believe it?"

You're in front of me. I'm in front of you.

Should I gaze at you or make love to you?

"How did this come to be? You now belong to me-"

"how am I to believe it?"

You're in front of me. I'm in front of you.

"I'm shattered I've gone to pieces-"

"it's your persistence that has been my undoing"

"I'm shattered I've gone to pieces-"

"it's your persistence that has been my undoing"

"Your spell has worked O magician"

"I'm shattered I've gone to pieces-"

"it's your persistence that has been my undoing"

"We're here face to face with each other"

"Should I gaze at you or make love to you?"

"How did this come to be? You now belong to me-"

"how am I to believe my luck?"

"Your tresses I will play with"

"I'll gather you in my arms"

"Your tresses I will play with"

"I'll gather you in my arms"

"Every lover gives away his heart-"

"but I will lay down my life for you"

"Take the redness of my lips.."

"or the wine that flows from my eyes"

"Take the redness of my lips.."

"or the wine that flows from my eyes"

"Your spell has worked on me O magician"

"My arrogance lies shattered"

"Your insistence makes me helpless"

"Here we are face to face with each other"

"Should I just watch you or make love to you?"

"How did this come to be? That you now belong to me-"

"how am I to believe my luck?"

"This story is a hundred years old-"

"your youth gets better with time"

"This story is a hundred years old-"

"your youth gets better with time"

"A few moments spent in your love.."

"are like a hundred years of my life"

"Not once make love to me a hundred times"

"Your spell has worked on me O magician"

"I am shattered"

"Against your insistence I am defenseless"

"We stand here face to face-"

"should I just admire you or make love to you?"

"How did this come to be? That you now belong to me-"

"how am I to believe my luck?"

Look behind! Two boys are escorting a beauty!

How wonderful! One heroine and two heroes!

We are all prepared to accompany you. Take us along- It'll be fun!

What were you saying?

Tell me! What were you saying?

What were you saying? Repeat it again!

Why get so angry? You had become mad! What if that man had died?

In my opinion people who cross the limits have no right to live.

But who are we to set the limits?

Every human being is free. He can do what he likes.

Nobody can misbehave with a girl in my presence.

Did you never feel angry?

I did. I used to be so furious that-

-I felt like smashing that person to bits-

Stop all this now- I will get something to cool down tempers.

Be seated. I will get it.

What will you bring?

And bring Coke for me!

It's such a lovely climate today. Yes-

I'm Vijay speaking. It's you?

How are you? I'm fine. How are you?

I'm fine- How about sister-in-law?

She is fine too- We had quarreled just this morning.

It means we are still in love. How is it at your end?

It's great fun. Ever since Rahul has come we roam about all day long-

Who? Rahul? Who's Rahul?

Captain Mehra's son.

He reached there too? You know Rahul?

Yes. He had come home several times after you had left.

But he didn't tell me that he's going to Switzerland.

How strange?

Anyhow take care.

You're really crazy!

Men have decided that we will drink liquor till late.

Ladies may think what they want to do-

Ladies have decided that they will go to sleep-

Ladies are feeling very tired.

What's the name of that girl whom you loved during college days?

Didn't I tell you that she has been married?

Why wasn't she married to you?

Only she can answer that question. Where does she live?

Earlier she lived in my heart. I don't know where she is now.

Did she study in the same college where you and Kiran studied?


What's her name?

What name should I tell you?

They ask who Ghalib is!

Somebody should tell me what I should answer.

What's her name?

If I take her name she will be disgraced.

Don't ask me the story of my heart.

The pain of the heart doesn't get reduced..

-if it is concealed in liquor or poetry. In fact it increases-

One feels comforted when the issue is spoken out-

There are some things which if spoken out..

-there would be disaster.

Disaster has to come some day- Let it come today.

Forget it. Talk about something else. I want to forget her.

I'm feeling suspicious about you-

Suspicious? Looks like-

-you're hiding because perhaps I know that girl.

You're a very dangerous person. Why did you join the navy?

You should have been in the C.B.I.?

You corner a person in such a way that..

-if there were somebody else he would've revealed everything.

That's what I want. That you reveal everything-

There shouldn't be any burden on your soul.


Her memory is not a burden.

Her memory is a possession.

Something very beautiful pleasant and precious.

It's there with me. And it will go with me.

How can I make you a part of this possession?

I can't even share it with the person to whom this possession belongs.

The punishment for the heartbeat..

-stretches for a long distance.

I'm also leaving.

Your hotel is very far. Spend the night here itself-

All right. It makes no difference to me.

I just have to spend the night.

Everybody has heard the melody which comes out of the instrument.

Which heart knows what has passed through the breath?

Everybody has heard the melody which comes out of the instrument..

Do you know each other? We've studied in the same college.

I'm thinking of killing her husband.

Don't feel scared- And don't ask any questions.

Get ready quietly and reach the boat.

I'll meet you there.

What happened? Nobody is answering the phone.

Where could they have gone so early in the morning?

I'm feeling worried.

You played this tune didn't you?

Didn't you play this tune?


You telephoned my Kiran?


You had tampered with the brakes of my car.

It was you who made the elevator crash.


You've made my Kiran weep a lot-

You've made my Kiran suffer so much-

You've made her weep a lot.

That's enough.

Don't hit me anymore.

I know that I'm a bad man-

I've harassed you and your innocent wife.

I have harassed her a lot- Please forgive me.

But what could I do? I was helpless.

You're a very nice man.

How can you kill someone who is already dead?

I've received several wounds.

Forgive me. Pardon me Sunil.

Please forgive me.

Please pardon me.

Your biggest problem is that you're a nice human being-


Nobody can come between Kiran and me.

You will remember won't you?

The manly thing!

The husband is..

You here?

How did you get wounded?

The wounds are very old.

Earlier they were on the heart. Now they have come out into the open.

Where's Sunil?

He cannot come now. Why can't he come?

He is dead. What nonsense? Have you gone mad?

I'm mad since years-

You're my madness- You're my obsession.


You're looking so beautiful.

Just like you were on the first day to college..

-a little scared..

-a little coy-

-you were wearing the yellow salwar-kameez..

Books in one hand..

-and silver bangles on your other arm..

You looked just like this-

The hair curled just like this..

Don't be scared of me. Don't run away from me.

I've come to tell you that you're no longer in danger-

You're free.. absolutely free-

The one who misled you troubled you the one who held you captive..

He is dead. No! No!

Sunil cannot die! You're lying! Sunil cannot die!

I've killed him!

Do you know how many have died because of you?

First those policemen then my friend Vicky and now Sunil!

He was a very nice human being-

Look-don't be insistent.

If you don't want more people to die then do as I say.

But Sunil..?

Sunil is dead. I've killed him-

Please pardon me.

Don't weep.. don't weep. I cannot see your tears.

Don't weep. I beg of you-

Please leave me.

I'm prepared to offer you anything else but this.

I can even offer you my life- But don't say this.

I've done so many things to possess you.

I've changed even the lines of destiny.

I'm made the impossible possible. I've done so much for you. And you..

Why don't you understand?

Come on-come on.. get up!

Hurry up Kiran. It is too late.

Now get ready quickly-

Wear this saree.

It is my mother's saree. She wore it on her wedding.

Now her daughter-in-law will wear it-

Take it.

Hold it!

Come on!

Be careful!

You- you will look very beautiful in this.

Come on-go!

Mother.. how are you?

I had promised you that I'll make Kiran your daughter-in-law-

I'm fulfilling my promise today-

We're coming to you after the marriage.

To seek your blessings.

Open the door-

Why did she shut the door?

What's the meaning of taking away the key?

She must be feeling shy.

She must be scared of me-

She doesn't realise how much I love her.

How silly of her!

She will come. She will come.

You are my Kiran.

Kiran! Come on!

You are my Kiran.

Come out!

Come out- The auspicious time for marriage is passing away.


Come on- Leave me.

No! Don't!

Try to understand. This marriage is not possible.

Never say again that this marriage is not possible.

This marriage will surely take place.

That's the destiny.

I've written this destiny-

-that you will be married to me-

But what's the hurry?

We can get married when we get back to India.

Your family members will be there. My family members will be there too.

There will be lot of fanfare. You'll bring the marriage procession.

There will be rituals.. No!

The marriage will take place right now.. here itself.

Right now. All right.

As you wish.. but let the storm calm down-

We will get married thereafter.

Let this storm see how lovers like us are united-

Such a climate such a time such a place..

Nobody must have got married in such a way.

Get ready quickly. My mother cannot wait for too long.

Mother? Mother!

Mother! Mother!

Mother! We are coming!

Come on Kiran. Wear the saree quickly.

No.. Come on..

Don't come forward.

Don't come forward.. beware!

Don't come forward!

No! No!

Kill him! Kill him!

My life began with your love-

-and ended with your love.

I know that I've done wrong to you.


But don't hate me-

"Your eyes are sheer magic"

"Your scent is enchanting"

"Acquiesce or turn me down.."

"Acquiesce or turn me down you do belong to me Kiran-"

"you're mine Kiran"

Hello Brother. How are both of you?


Now I'm feeling scared. Why? What happened?

When Vicky died we had become happy. But then came Rahul-

Now we're happy following Rahul's death. But what if we receive-

-a phone call at home? Whose phone?