DAU. Natasha (2020) Script

"Whose are these meadows? Whose is this rye?"

"Whose is this maid with loosened braid I spy?"

"She loosened her braid, but walked all alone"

Fucking hell, the bucket is gone too.

One rouble by

53 roubles


1 by 53 equals 53

3 roubles

by 10

Hello, canteen.

It's a way of discharging a weapon, without the means of discharging it.

So you can drop on your enemy's head

a million-tonne TNT equivalent.

Without any missiles.

So you're not talking about nuclear weapons?

No, electromagnetic weapons.

Because missiles can be located and destroyed.

Why should he align to us?

It's good he's free, elegant, easy-going and fearless.

Buy a toffee for fifty kopecks.


And I'll owe you five kopecks.

Olya, give him a small toffee.

Olya, put a bit of butter on here.


Yes, on here.

Blinov, here you go.

We've agreed to give him three days to realise his mistake.

Where are the glass holders?


Only three here.

What's the panic?

You're in big trouble.

Natasha, will it take much longer?

No, we'll have it with you soon.

Are you hungry?

Here you go, enjoy your meal.

Who taught you to walk backwards?

They must be serving cheese only with tea.

Is there definitely no butter?

They've gone out to the shop for some.

Olya, some butter for them.

Here's some courgette.

Careful, you're slipping down.

Don't mess around.

This carp is good.

Fancy some?

Boys and girls, would you like some tasty salad?

No, thanks, Natasha.

But I would like to try the tempting fried cheese.

Olya, clear this away.

Natasha, please hold this.

I need to sort this out.

Let me take this.

Sorry, our portions are quite big.

Watch what you're doing.

May I?

Olya, take his plate straight away.


Has everyone got a glass?

Denis, darling.

Are you holding Mummy's bag?

Will you come visit Natasha again?

Will you visit me again?

What a good little boy Denis is.


What is it, darling?

Want an orange.

You want an orange?

What did you say?

Did you say "please"?

Say, "Natasha, please give me an orange"

Of course she will, sunshine.

There we go now.

Here is your orange.

Denis, sunshine, here you go.

We'll peel it before bed.

Wash it and peel it.

I'll peel it.

Yes, only you.

Natasha, have you got our bill?


Olya, dear.

Did you write it on the back?

Say, "Goodbye".

Thank you.

Goodbye, thanks.

Bye, come and see us again.

Wash the cloths and do the floor.

Tomorrow morning.

The floors need to be washed.

No, you do it.

Do it.

You do it.

I told you to slice it.

Want some?

Not that it fucking matters.

You'll have it anyway.

Put the cheese back in the fridge.

Can't drink that.

What's wrong?

You didn't drink much last night.


I just don't feel like it.

I've had a headache all day as it is.

Why? Did you mix your drinks yesterday?

A little bit.

You mixed things up a bit yesterday too.

No, I didn't at all.


I only drank wine yesterday.

I would like to know, Olya, have you ever been in love?



Why are you so sure?

What do you even know about me to talk like that?

If you'd loved, you'd still have those feelings.

Love can never pass.

It happens once and for all.

Who do you love?

I love Pasha.

The only man I've ever loved.

It happened late, but nevertheless.

Why too late?

Because of my age.

What's up with your age?

What do you mean?

You're clinging on to him because you love each other.

Actually, I'm not clinging on to him.

Is he clinging on to you then?

We've parted, but I still love him.

I don't have any right to keep him to myself.


He has a wife and two boys.

So you're taking a man from his family.

Actually, I'm stepping aside.

But you still love him.

How unfortunate.

Why unfortunate?

Why unfortunate?

You're the unfortunate one.

Why so?

You are neither love nor do you love.

My whole life's ahead of me.

I'm young and beautiful.

You're doing everything to make me angry.

Am I making you angry now?



Well, we're sitting here together, chatting, meanwhile you could've mopped the floor.

Why are you nagging me about that floor?

I'll do it in the morning.

You're not going anywhere now.

You won't let me out?


I'm telling you, you're not going anywhere.



Why is that?

Just how it is.

We're going to tidy up the canteen.

That's all.

And now's the time for that?

It is.

I'll go get changed.


I stink of kitchen, it's disgusting.

I'm telling you, you're not going anywhere.

I am.

No, you're not.

I am.

Go on then.

Go on. Go ahead.

I'm going.

Let me go.

After tidying up.

You are going to tidy up, and then you can go.

Got that?

Let me go.


Tidy up, then you can go.

Still not enough?

What do you think you're doing?

What do you think you're doing?

Let go, child.

Let go.


I'm telling you to let go.

I'm asking you nicely.

Please let go.

You let go of me.

Stupid old cow.

You've hurt my finger.

Did I hurt it? Does it hurt a lot?

Yes, it really does.

You don't say.

Hands off.

Get your hands off me.

Get your hands off me.

I said to get your hands off me, you old slut.

You little whore.

Pulling my hair, are you?

Pull my hair once more and I'll strangle you, get it?

Fuck off.

There we go.

Get out.

Stupid old cow.

I said get out.

Stupid old cow.

Get out of here.

Clumsy fucking midget.

What did I do to make you so angry?

You haven't done a fucking thing, that's the problem.

Do you feel better for that?

For what?

After ruining your own life, you want to fuck mine up too.


You're fucking it up on your own.

You're a bitch, a real bitch.

You're scum.

Come off it.

You're trying to make me the same.

You were born like that.

No, that's not true.

You were born like that.

Being here with you has changed me.

I used to be happy.

Because of you, I'm constantly wound up.

Wound up how?


You? Wound up?

Wound up how?

Wound up.

You're wound up?


You sleep as long as you like.

Eat what you like.

You do what you like.

How are you wound up?

You keep harassing me.

I do? How?

Always saying I'm doing things wrong.

But you are.

So what?

Get out.

No, I'm going to stay and annoy you.

You? Annoy me?

Oh, baby.

You won't manage.

I will annoy you more.

How exactly?

I'll just stay here.

That annoys you, doesn't it?

Fine, stay.

I will.

Tell me how you became a prostitute at sixteen Me?

At sixteen, I was still a virgin.

When you were seventeen then.

What were you lacking in life?

Your parents are doctors.

Great upbringing.

Everything for their little girl, on demand.

What were you lacking?

What are you talking about?

I don't get it.

What don't you get?

What you're talking about.

You don't love anyone.

Alright then, teach me to love.

You know it all.

How are you so sure that you love?

How do you know?

Anyone who loved knows.

So you think you've loved?

I have, dear.

And will you love again?

I will.

That feeling never goes away.

He does horrible shitty things to me, but I carry on loving him, and wanting to see him.

And so you love me too?

Do you love me?

No, Olya.

Take a seat.

First, you need to understand, what this device is used for and why we are researching this device.

The device is intended to be used, to train intelligence officers, pilots, tank and machine operators to perform tasks for as long as possible and endure very heavy workloads, so that they are able to tirelessly attend to the security of our Motherland.

Let's go.

That's why

we have invited

our colleague,

who has been conducting such research for a long time.

Mister Luc.

You're familiar with his work.

Do you want to have a few words?


I'd like to thank you for having the courage,

to participate in this experiment.

I'd like to thank you for the bravery you've shown by agreeing to participate in this experiment.

This is an entirely experimental device.

Because this is an experimental instrument.

The real effects of which we do not comprehend.

And we don't fully know what effect it produces.

There's an energy within it which is active.

Go in and sit down on the stool.

Give us the time, please, Blinov.


Time's up.

Now open it.

Thank you, you can get dressed.

The intensification comes mainly into their head, then there's a prickling almost all over their body.

That was the shortest participant.

Between 1.80 and 1.84 will be interesting.

There's no sensation beneath a metre.

What was it like?

Like being in a shower that gradually wraps you in warmth.

Starts with the head and moves further and further down.

A hot shower.

Did it flow around?

Did the warmth stay there or did it circulate?

Did the warmth flow around or was it in one place?

Most of the warmth remained in my head.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's interesting because you see the Orgone.

Pretty much.

Exactly, it's exactly the description of Orgone.

But they all exactly say the same, as the first trial.

They have different parts, but exactly the same.

So, maybe it works?

It works.

It actually does, altough it's the weakest possible configuration.

Hello, Luc.

How are you?

Are you hungry?

When I get home, I recall all the words.

Of course.

But it's too late.

Now it's your turn.

No, he's not my type.

I'd rather drink with you.

Luc's not your type? Go on.

No, he doesn't turn me on.

I want you to drink with all these men.

No, don't do that.

He doesn't like men, he likes women.

Why? You drink with Blinov.

Olya, can I drink to brotherhood with you?

I will be completely drunk.

Okay, let's go.

Monsieur Luc, I am very glad to have met you.

And to have taken part in your experiment.

I hope that it will be of use to your work.

He is very glad to to be on your experiment and he...

He's offered to lay himself on the altar of the science. and to sacrfice his liver to the human good.

Oh, wonderful.

That's worthwhile drinking.

I am pleased to have met you.

Who ordered booze?

You came at last.

Come on, come on.

Hold this.

The reinforcements have arrived.

And it's not only booze.

Girls as well?

Of course.

Let's rise to welcome the girls.

Come on in.

I'll just take off my boots.

Go ahead.

Need a hand getting your things off?

Careful, don't pull.

Yes, the fish at the head of the table.

Nothing to sharpen it with.

We need a sabre.

Olya, let me help you.

I asked the guys to prepare the fish.

First we served you at work, and now it's your turn.

We're nearly done.

Go on, get cutting.

I need a translation.


I asked why he was sighing so heavily.

Why are you so...

So what?

She won't teach me English.

I don't know it myself.

She doesn't want to.

Not true.

And you don't want to learn Russian.

"Russki"? What is "Russki"?

How do you say "you don't want"?

You don't want.

You don't want no Russian.

I don't want to learn Russian?

Yes, she said this.

I want to learn Russian.

But my memory's full of holes.


What is "oles"?


I lost my memory.

His memory is taken up by something else.

I don't know what.

Is it with me?


I try "thank you"...

So, I can learn Russian.

Would you like to teach me Russian?

Do you want to teach him?

She will be learning you.

I'll teach you Russian, and you teach me French.

She wants you to learn her French.

Yeah, okay, with pleasure, great pleasure.

And I will learn Russian, you will teach me Russian.

Yes, he agrees.

I agree too.

To save us the walk, let's have the fish on the table.

It's good.

I understand "good".

I'll drink this from the bottle, I don't give a shit.

"Khorosho" it's "everything is good".

Good. Having guests is good.

"Having guests is good"?


What is "gost"?

A guest is when people come to visit you.

I come to yours.

A guest. To your house.

You drink cognac.

Champagne, Vodka.

You eat fish, have fun, you laugh.

This is good.

Blinov is causing chaos.

I'm not going to throw the glasses.

He takes out his dagger.

He take a knife, a big knife.

The captain take a knife?

A naval dagger.

And he gets ready to stab it.

And she speaks to him in human language.

He decided to kill? The Shark?

And she said, the shark said.

The shark said?

"Captain, you don't cut fish with a knife".

Translate it for Luc.

What can I do with that?


Eat? Like that?


I'd like to toast the mistress of the house.

That's to me.

No, it's to Olya.

Now everyone needs to kiss Olya.

Thank you for inviting me over.

Natasha, we break it together.

Good, very good.

Kiss français.

Long live naval brotherhood.

Say it in English.

I can't. That's impossible.

Everything is possible.

Olya, darling.

Tell me.

Tell me.

Luc, here's to...

Let's get in tune.

Olya, lift your foot.



Down in one?

Olya, translate please.

Drink all of this.

Is it possible?

To... How to name?

To the bottom of the drink.

To the bottom of the glass.

Drink to brotherhood.

On the "Bruderschaft".

On the what?

I think it's impossible.

Possible, possible.

He's saying it's not possible.

I'm telling him it is.

He thinks he can't drink this.

I will do it for you.

He'll do it for you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Everything is possible.

Not so good, but it doesn't matter.

You understand "it doesn't matter"?

Olya, we won't manage without you.

He's saying that it doesn't matter.

That this doesn't matter.

What does then?

And what is the matter?

Yes, what is the most thing?

It doesn't matter.

And what is the most thing?

The most what?

Yes, the most what.

I don't understand.

The most thing?

It doesn't matter.

And what is matter?

What is matter? Love.

Love is matter.

What is this love?

Which love is matter?

It is, it is.

Don't you think?

Do you agree with that?

Do you agree that love is what matters most?


It's so difficult.

A brooch.

You do it.

Can't do it, can you?

I see. Well, I can.

You have what?

I can do it.

And you can't.

Now your turn.

Natasha, come.

You sleep, and I will go to the toilet.

Olya, dear.

Please come here.

Tell him I'm going to the toilet.

He won't let me go.

He won't let you go?

She's going to the toilet.

She's going to the toilet? Okay.

I'll be back right away.

She will come, when she made.

He says okay, okay.


Let's go.

Put some slippers on, there's glass on the floor.

Get your glass and sit with me.

Hair pins, bobby pins, here is everything.

Olya, pin my hair up.

Keep still.

"Budmo" as they say in Ukraine.

How do you like it at mine? Having fun?

It's great.

Sure is.

I'll come round more often.

Watch it doesn't run cold.

Is it hot?

It's still warm.

Ukrainian girls love a bath, right?

Is that it?

Didn't you say...

Luc's tender and gentle.

I want to have him sober.


You think it's because he was drunk?

I think so.

Because he was drunk?

Well, I mean, he was drunk.

We should have got more booze in then.

No, he's always flirting when he's sober too.

But not like that.

So maybe it comes out when...

When he's drunk?

I don't know.

The way Blinov touches me is different.

The way Blinov touches me is different.

I want Blinov more than I want Luc.

Next time, we'll set you up with Blinov.

I don't sleep around.

I don't change men.

So that's it now?

You won't cheat on Luc, but you want Blinov?

I do.

You need to get what you want.

I do want him.

Luke is tender, gentle and loving.

While Blinov is demanding. and beyond control.

Blinov is the complete opposite to Luc.

But you had a nice time with Luc.

Which is what scares me.

It scares me a lot.

I don't want to become attached to someone.

And you can't become attached to someone in an intimate... in sex.

You can't get attached to someone in bed.

In bed is in bed, a relationship is a relationship.

And now it's Luc.

He isn't only persistent, but tender.

And he desired me.

That's enough.

I'm giving you my glass so that...

I top it up?


An empty glass means you need to have a drink.

Shall we have a drink or not?

We drink. Definitely.

Live your life like no one ever has.

Don't just live through it.

Do you mean - feel it?

Go through it like the land going out into the Black Sea.

May it burn you, may it beat you Just a little bit.

Let it burn you a little, beat you a little.

And just as the sun warms and burns you from above may love do that too That's what I wish for you.

Thank you.

Let's drink to you, my little one.

The wine's alright, isn't it?

It's good.

I'm going to go home now.

I really just want to get home.

I don't know why, but I want to.

I think Pasha is waiting for me there.

But what do I know.

Life has its sorrows.

Can't you find your dress?

He's asleep, let him sleep.

Let's go smoke, drink some wine. and you'll see me off, right?

Luc, I need to go to work, let me go.

And you'll come in and have breakfast.



Lunch. Canteen.

He wouldn't let me go.


Hello, lovely to see you.

What have you got today?


What will you treat us to today?

Pearl barley and fish.

Do you want some food?

I would like some food very much.

Do you want some fish?

No. No fish.

No more fish.

Two barleys, please.

Without fish.

I hope there's butter with it.

Or just sauce.

With the fish.

"Barley and bread, on that we're fed".

Still fancy some.

Well, barley is good.

So, that's the barley.

How's the barley?

What? "Kak kasha"?

Is it tasty?


Do you like it?

I like it very much, yes.

Would you like some tomatoes?

Can I have some?

It's a long day.

Tomorrow, we do it again?

We do it again tomorrow?


Enjoy your meal.

Thank you.

The fish looks good.

Serious portions.

Thank you, it's beautiful.

You should destroy this beauty.

Lovely woman.

The younger one is more attractive.

Tasty fish.

Is there such nice fish in any other country?

Or a woman who could cook it so well?


We've got two remaining vessels ready, prepared and placed.

We've got the control circuit under control.

So it's safe.

And are there women in any other country with such graceful hands and such lovely legs?

All at the same time.

Her hands I can see, but not her legs, sadly.

Something's got to be hidden behind the counter.

Lovely shapely legs.

Is it tasty?

From the river.

Very, very tasty.

Small glass things.

Some of them not all of them.

I thought they were leaking as well.

Yes, but less than the big one.

Ideally, they should be polished and not so soft.

Women don't like men that are too clever.

They don't like a smartass.

If I eat the head, I'll become smarter.

The fish head? I doubt it.

Carp is the stupidest fish.

It bites on an empty hook.

The carp was swimming by and saw our women.

Olya and Natasha.

It fell for them and jumped out onto the shore.

I don't eat fish, I think it is certainly very good.

It is the symbol of Christianity, of love, compassion.

The ocean is the symbol of compassion.

It's a symbol of early Christianity in the first place.

Yes, exactly.

Nothing wrong with the occasional male tear.

But only one.

I've run out of tears.

Soldiers don't cry.

You will if I put pepper in your eye.

Or his feelings will pour out now.

We're military men.

We must keep our feelings to ourselves.

And deep down in the depths of our souls a volcano is bubbling.

If you must hide your feelings, then hide them, if you don't want to, then let them out.

Take some.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Don't hold ill against us, goodbye.

He doesn't eat fish.

That's that then.

Canteen. Yes?

We are locking up.

It's finished.

The day is finished.

It's good news.

See you later.

We look forward to tomorrow.

Thank you.

Yes, see you later.

Olya, where's the ashtray from this table?

Over there.

There're only two.

Someone asked for one of them.

Right away?

Let's fucking knock it back.

To me and you and fuck the rest.

Why aren't you drinking?

It's disgusting.

It's fine.

Go on.


Go on.

It never works on the first try.

Seriously, flipping heck.

Are we out of napkins?



You manage your drink with others just fine.

Why not with me?

It just keeps going down the wrong way.

Does it?

I'll top us up.

Will you sing me a song?

Which one?

"I've drunk too much, I'm plastered"

"Can't crawl back to the sofa"

Will you sing it?

I'll sing "I'll go outside".

"I've drunk too much, I'm plastered"

"and I won't make it home"

Fucking hell.

Not getting any more shit done now.

We've gobbled that bastard down.

Now we'll gobble down...

The beluga.

And we'll start howling like it.

Because you really fucking piss me off.

Oh, come on.

With all your fucking messing around.

You know what you'll be like at my age?

Like this.

Why would I?


My mum is forty-six and she looks great.

Show me your knees.

Show me them, go on.

Show me your knees.

I'll show you mine.

Well, well.

Now show me yours.

Fucking great knees .

Yours are much bonier.

My knees?

They are just thinner.

They're bonier.

They're just thinner.

Yours are pointy, mine are lovely and smooth.

How the fuck can you compare them? Good God.

You look fucking gobsmacked.

Who does?


How the fuck can you compare your thin knees to my fat legs?

What fat legs?

My legs are fat like fucking turkey legs.

If you weren't wearing a skirt everybody would see how bowlegged you are.

Not fucking true.

Bandy legs.

Followed by beer.

Do you know the best way?

You don't.

I'll show you.

Take a little sip.

And you don't swallow it.

You swallow it with your vodka.

Then you wash it down.

That's called fucking it up.

What a waste of expensive fish.

What the fuck?

This advice of yours...

And again.

I cut myself earlier because of your lemon, and now again because of your vodka.

Again, I'm to blame for everything.

You've been to blame ever since you were born.

Go on, go on.

Beer, beer, beer.


"I've drunk too much, I'm plastered"

She's fucking mental.

"And I won't make it home"

What a fucking mess.

Didn't you ask for a song?


At this rate, we could finish three bottles.

We've already finished one.

Look, first you take off the shell.

You take off the side and throw it away.

See? Then with your finger.

Take your finger and go like this.

Then the whole arse comes out, which is what you eat.

I've fucking had enough of you.

Let's drink to happiness.

Look out.

A man had three sons.

Vanka and his two older brothers.

Vanka was a fool.

But his older brothers were clever and rich.

The father says to them, "fuck off lads."

"Get the fuck out of here and find happiness."

So they leave.

They walk and they come across a huge hole, full of mud.

And there in the middle of it stands Happiness.

It's stood waist-deep in mud.

The oldest asks, "Who are you?"


"Can you fulfill wishes?"


"Go on then."

"What do you want?"

He says, "I want a pile of money."

"Here, now go."

And the oldest son goes on his way.

The middle son says, "I want something too."


"Here, now go."

Then Vanka comes, looks, and says:

"What is it that you want?"

Happiness replies, "Pull me out of here, please."

"I'm so fucking fed up of sitting here."

And Vanka pulled him out of the mud.

"And what is it you want, Vanka?"

"Nothing", said Vanka and went on his way.

But Happiness ran after him wherever he went.

Fucking great toast.

So let us drink to that happiness, that follows us around.

Go on then.

That's a proper toast.

To that I'll drink.

I fucking hate you so much.

But at the same time, you love me.

Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.

But at the same time, you love me.

Go fuck yourself, you fucking piece of shit.

"I've drunk too much, I'm plastered"

Taken a fucking tumble?

Let's drink some more.

Let's drink to...

What are we drinking to?

Lets go.

What are we drinking to?

To our mutual dislike of one another.

Yes, that's good.

I fucking hate you with all my heart and soul.

Let's drink to that.

Down in one.

Olya, that wasn't downed in one.

Foaming at the mouth now.

Fuck and you wanted to keep drinking.

Does that mean you love me, bitch?

You fucking respect me?

Feeling sick, are you?

Don't you dare fuck with me, bitch.

Yes, chuck your fucking guts up.

Sober me up.

Give me water, just normal water.

No, this is what you'll have.

Go on. For you.

And for me.

We'll have the water afterwards.

Come on.

It's getting late.

And I'm off home.

Let's tidy up.


Let's get going right away.

Let's get going right away.

Don't fucking step on my feet.

I'm fucking fed up with you.

I need a piss.

Give me the bag and fuck off out of here.

No fucking need to take the bag.

I want to wipe myself properly.

Give it to me.

There's toilet paper.

No, give it to me.

Let me go to the toilet, there's no toilet paper.

Give it to me... Fuck.

Let me go to the fucking toilet.

Damn, take it then.

I'm off.


The director comes tomorrow and we'll be fucked.

Are you in there?


Are you pissing or pooing?

How should I bust the lock?

With my foot or with my shoulder?

I see.

A stranger in my own home...

Let me piss in peace for flip's sake.

I asked you and you said no.

You kept quiet.

I can't undo it.

I've fucking had enough.

Stupid fuckwit.

Why the fuck do you need this?

Get the fuck out of here, don't you get it?

Get the fuck out of here.

I don't wanna fucking see you.

My fucking pleasure.

With pleasure.

Get the fuck out of here.

I never want to fucking see you ever again.

Oh, fuck.

What, are you wasted?

Get out of here.

With pleasure.

Hopeless alcoholic.

Leave, leave.

With pleasure.

Don't want another drink with me?


Get lost then.

I'm out of here.

Get lost.

I'm off.

What for? For fuck's sake.

Fucking hell, every fucking day.

Damn you, all of you.

I wish you every fucking happiness and success and loads of money too.

Why me?

What for?

What for, Mommy?

I know why.

Come, get up.

Now I'm talking to myself like a fucking fool.

One item.

I'm fucking sick of this director, fuck him.

I'm just fucking sick of it.

I've just fucking had enough.

I'm fucking sick of everyone.

I want tea.

Tea with lemon.

I'm strong. I'll cope.

Pressure here, pressure there, I can't bear it.

You can all fuck off, just fuck off.

Why is this happening to me?

Why is this happening to me?

They say there is no God.

But he exists.

Hands, hands. What fucking hands?

I'm strong, I'm an adult, but it won't work out.

My legs...

My legs. That's good.

Whatever. I don't give a fuck.

That can't be healthy.


Well, Natasha, no more tears.

All those tears made you lose your fucking mind.

Tears in the morning, in the evening, tears at night.

Fuck that.

Home in the morning, work in the day, in the evening personal life.

What personal life?

No personal life whatsoever.

An ordinary whore.

Cash up and go home.

Now tell us, what happened to you?

Tell us.

Blinov, let me lie here in peace.

What happened to you?

Have a wash.

Have a wash.

I'm cold. Turn it off.



Who got you so drunk?


That bitch.

And what did she do to you?

She made me drink vodka.


She got you to drink it?


And you took it and got drunk?


She just kept pouring and pouring it.

And you just kept drinking and drinking it?

And got yourself drunk.

"I've had too much to drink"

"And I found my way home"

And where did you leave her?

She's there, and I'm home.

Comrade major?

Yes, let her in.

Go through.


Hello, take a seat.


My name is Vladimir Azhippo.

I'm the senior officer of the Special Unit by the Ministry of State Security of the USSR.

Remember my name.

Can't quite.

Remember it.

Vladimir Azhippo.

Or if you like, you can address me as "officer", but I think it's a bit soon for that.

Let's pray we don't have to go down that route.

I hope not.

Me too, so let's get down to business.

You've been working at the Institute for a while.

In your post, you don't really come into contact with science.

But you do come into contact with all the people who work here.

It's part of the job.

Sorry, what?

It's part of the job.

So you get to see both their good and bad sides.

Both the black and the white.

You can draw certain conclusions about these people.

Am I correct?

I can't always judge them as they are scientists.

And scientists can be...

Nevertheless, you have an opinion.


You aren't indifferent to them.

Of course, I want them to be well-fed and happy.

One more thing, Natasha I'm going to ask you questions, which could have a dual nature.

The first is a question I want you to answer.

The second is a question that I know the answer to, but I want to hear your answer.

Keep that in mind when I start asking questions.

Please don't make any mistakes.

You're a mature, serious woman.

Of course.

You understand full well where it is that you work.

You know what we expect of you.

Help in establishing the security of the state.

Are you prepared to help?

In any way I can.

Would you like some vodka or cognac? Tea?

I wouldn't say no to tea.

Can I smoke in here?

Please do. I don't smoke myself.

But you go ahead.

I liked your question.

Which one? I asked a couple .

If I'm prepared to help.

Things are spartan here, not like your canteen.

Will this little kettle do?

Doesn't bother me.


What is the atmosphere among Institute staff?

It really varies.

A lot of negativity.

What negativity?

Do they pick each other's pockets?


What is it then?

Contempt for each other.

That's quite normal for scientists.

Each thinks they're smarter than their neighbour.

The canteen staff may be more modest.

But even they can be quite competetive.

That said, how are you getting on with your friend?

With Olya?




You know...

Just a second.

Let's change the setting for this conversation.

It will have a different effect on you.

Come with me.

Take a seat.

How do you like this room?

That looks like a sink.


That looks like a sink.

Yes, that's a sink and this is called the piss bucket.

That's prison slang.

It's a toilet, a water closet, call it what you like.

I see.

This is where you'll stay for the next three days.

What for?


What did I do?

We're not going to let you sleep.

In three days, I think, you will go mad.

Every time you fall on the floor, you will be forced up with a kick.

Every night, you'll be interrogated, asked the same questions over and over.

In the day, you won't sleep.

In three days you will go mad.

You'll be lucky to make it to the toilet.

Get it?

Not quite.

Do you get what's in store for you?

Not really.


What for?

You slept with a foreigner.

Not a foreigner, a physicist.

What physicist?

An ordinary one.

You fool.

Don't you get where you are?

I'm on the site of the Institute.

Here, people are killed for sleeping with foreigners.

Without trial or investigation.

But I'm talking to you.

Get it?

And you're fluttering your eyelashes at me.

Look at me.

You'll straighten yourself up later.

This is neither the time nor place.

A woman must always try to look her best.

Are we going to be friends?

This isn't how you make friends.

This isn't how you make friends.

You are asking questions that I can't...

Girl, are you out of your mind?

Do you know who you're talking to?

Don't you get that your life is worthless?

Absolutely worthless. Like this dust.

Are we going to be friends?

I said I would help you in any way I can.

No, that's not good enough.

They would miss me in the canteen.

You've been stealing from it.


Along with your assistant.

You both steal from the canteen.

That's not true.

The reason we're here today is not to discuss who steals from the canteen.

Shall we repeat that experiment?

Can I have a glass of cognac?

Pardon me?

Can I have a single cognac?

Will we reach an understanding after that?

You can have a triple, the amount is irrelevant.

Look at me.

That's instead of cognac.

So you don't think of trying to fool me.

Sit, pull yourself together.

How much do you want, darling?

Tell me, I'm in not gready.

You'll pull yourself together, have a bite to eat, then we'll write a document.

It will be the foundation of our strong and long friendship.

Eat something.

At least eat some greens.

May I smoke?

Yes, smoke, sure.

Don't rush.

Let's agree that the bad dream will remain a bad dream.

Life is much more wonderful.

"I" followed by your full name.

Don't go into the margins.

"I" then your full name, comma,


"voluntarily express my desire"

"to cooperate"

I already said I would cooperate.

"to cooperate"

"with the organs"

"of state security"

"of state security of the USSR"

New line.

New line... "USSR"

"I hereby pledge"

"to inform"

"I hereby pledge to inform"

"about all"

"facts that become known to me"


"that become known to me"

"relating to counter-revolutionary"

comma, "spying"

"and subversive activity"

"against the Soviet state"



"against the Soviet state"

Full stop, new line.

There's a little something I must say here.

This relationship is to remain completely secret.

So you need to write another sentence:

"I will sign my messages"

Pick any word from this newspaper.

Any word you like.

A noun.

From the headlines, it doesn't matter.

Don't look for a meaning, just pick a word.


Great, in speech marks.

"I will sign with the pseudonym"



Signature, and full name. Don't write the date.

I'll do that myself later.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I just don't usually pry into the scientists' personal lives.

But what I do hear, I tell.

Well, you're going to pry.

I'll pry. I signed, after all.

Eat some.

Thank you, I don't want to.

We don't take "no" for an answer.

Obviously I'm trying to poison you.

How primitive.

I could simply beat you to death .

Poison me?

Yes, so eat up.

Poisoned I wouldn't be of any use to you.

Eat up.

You need me alive.

Yes, I do.

I need you healthy and capable of work.

And yet you say, it's poison.

I understand everything perfectly.

I'm not a child.

Is there something else you want me to write?

Of course.

There's quite a lot.

I'll write it then.

You will. Come on, hurry up.

I'm not hurrying your eating, just the talking.

Do you have anything hidden in your clothes?


Anything, maybe a pen?

I have a pen, in my purse.

Not in your purse, just on you.

No, why would I?

Take a good look.

Why would I? I have a purse.

Come with me, I'll explain.

Take off your clothes.

Sorry, what?

I speak clearly enough, take off your clothes.

I can give you a hand if you wish.

Go on.

Hurry up.

Go on Is this the start of the cooperation?

There's only one way this could end.

You won't have anything else to take off.

Take it all off.


Go on.

Go on.

Get out of your shoes.

Please, take a seat, madam.

So, are we going to be friends?

Or are we going to ask questions?

We're not going to ask questions.

I'm suprised your hair's still intact.

We can't have these pins.

Shall I take them out?

It's dangerous, I don't want to get a pin in my eye.

That's something I really do not want.

Please give me all the pins that you have.

I don't want one in my eye.

And you will want to do that.

I wouldn't like that.

I might not turn away in time.

Though I do have some experience in that.

God knows...

Apologies if it hurts.

Remember this. You and me will have a little chat.

And then you will simply answer my questions.

Without rolling your eyes.

No oohing or aahing or thinking up answers.

You're just going to answer, because you want to.

Do you agree?

Get up.

Your place is here, this is where you'll live.

Get it? That's where you're going to live.

Get down.


Sergeant, bring me the cognac bottle.

Here, drink.


I said drink.

I can't.

You'll soon learn how to in these circumstances.


Don't pour the Cognac into your eyes.

Drink, open your mouth.

Get up.

Shove this up your cunt, quickly.

Sit on it.

Sit. I said, sit on it.

Don't get it?

Shall I do it for you?


I'd rather sit on another one.

No, you'll sit on another one later.

Sit on the bench.

I said sit on the bench.

God, now I need to wrestle with you.

Do it yourself, put it in.

Put it in, quickly.

No, I'm not putting it in.

Put it in.

Go on.

Should I call my assistant?

Want even more humiliation?

Move your hands.

Hold the bottleneck.

Do what I tell you.

Do what I tell you.

Do it.

Are you too chicken to?

No, I just don't feel like it.


More. In and out.

Will you tell your lovers about this later?

Remember this moment.

You'll come to like it, by the way.

In your dreams.

Put something on.

Pick something that isn't torn.

Pick something, I'm not bending down.

Put your coat on at least.

I don't have all day.

No, don't put all that on, just your coat.

I don't have a coat.

Coat, jacket, skirt, hell knows what.

Quickly. Quickly. Quickly.

Hurry up, why is this taking so long?

It's not like you're going to the theatre.

Put your shoes on, you might cut your feet.

Come on, it turns out you're drunk already.

You drank a lot, my love.

"Luc Bigé"

"considers Soviet scientists"

"to be ignorant charlatans."

"Soviet scientists, ignorant charlatans"

No need to rush, we have time.

"On multiple occasions I engaged in sexual contact"

Don't stumble.

"On multiple occasions I engaged in sexual contact"

"with Luc Bigé"

"with Luc Bigé", full stop.

"Sexual contact", right?

Yes, "with Luc Bigé".

There's another pen.

No, it's fine.

"sexual contact with Luc Bige." Full stop.

"Luc Bigé is a pervert."

"He inserted a salt-cured fish into my vagina"

Full stop.

"It came to my attention"


"that the physical pain that this brought me"

"that this brought me"

"brought Luc Bigé pleasure"

Full stop... pleasure.

Right here, in speech marks, "Renaissance".

What a beautiful word.

So that's that.

How strong our friendship will be, I don't know.

Sadly, I poured all the cognac away, when you misbehaved.

Shall I pour you some vodka instead?

Just eat something.

Let it be vodka.

How much shall I pour?

Just a bit.

I think our next meeting...

Please, forgive me.

Forgive me.

I do.

I understand everything.

Let's drink to understanding.

Eat, Natasha.

You must eat something.

You must have something.

Your bruise has swollen a bit.

It's not so much a bruise as a swelling.

That's alright.

Tomorrow I'll explain at work that I fell.

Down the steps, they are very steep.

And slippery.

I think, it will be fine.

You can always say it was your boyfriend.

He got jealous.

Yes, he did.

You are right.

As always, you are right.

As always, you are right.

It hurts a bit.

For me, that was very cruel.

No doubt.

We're all human.

I think we understand that perfectly.

Can I ask something?

Yes, sure.

Off the record.

I beg your pardon?

Off the record. unlike other questions.

I won't write it down.

And I won't be killed. for this question?

You could be killed for lots of things.

Like just not liking your face.

But for this question, now, you certainly won't be killed.

What's the point of killing for a question, if you can kill for anything at all?

You won't be killed for asking questions Do you like me as woman?

Of course.

I didn't even finish.

But of course, without a doubt.

Who suffered more is up for debate.

There's that.

But you and I will definitely meet again.

Now there is no other way.

I agree.

I wouldn't have signed these documents. if it was anyone else in your place.

Don't try to flatter me.

That's ridiculous.

It's not, it's true.

And what was it you felt that you liked?

Your eyes.


Your eyes.

Come again?

Your eyes.

Good God, what eyes?

In this darkness?

They are wonderful.

Maybe after some more vodka everything else will seem wonderful too?

It happens.

No, and it's not the vodka.

Let's leave this subject, it's not relevant.

Our reality is much more harsh, than our dreams and fantasies.

The most astonishing thing is that, we can't see each other.

If we did, it would have to be discrete.

We'll discuss that.


Of course.

I hope so.


I hope so.


You have a quality that's interesting in a woman, but bad for interrogations.

You give vague answers, phrases that are hard to get.

I said, "I hope so."

You hope so? Well, isn't that great.

Hope is the mother of fools, as they say.

But nevertheless it exists.

Let it even be the mother of imbeciles.



Time is up, we need to say goodbye.

This heat's killing me.

It's unbelievable, your lipstick is stil intact.

How did you managed that?

Do you want it off?

Alright, bye now.

The tables are clean.

Glad to hear it.

Wash the cloth and mop the floor.

Tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning.

No, today.

But why?


Because I said so.


And right now.

We do it in the morning anyway...

And I'm telling you, today and right now.

You'll be late tomorrow morning, as usual.




But the working day is over.

I'll do it all tomorrow.

For the last time.

Olya, you have to mop the floor.