Daughter of Shanghai (1937) Script

It's a government plane.

Are you sure it's a government plane?

I am, Mr Lang.

Are they going to catch us? It looks like it.

These government planes are getting faster all the time.

Do something! They're on us.

Did we lose them?


We can't play hide and seek much longer.

There's only one thing to do. Well, do it.


There goes six thousand dollars.

Hello, Barden.

Did you see this?


How many did you have to dump? Six.

We landed ninety-four.

Say, that's not bad. I'll say it's not.

At a thousand per, that's 94,000 dollars.

I see that the Department of Justice is sending Kim Lee, one of their crack men.


Let me see that.

This is what he said.

"The smuggling of aliens has become one of the most highly organized rackets."

"That the department has to cope with today."

"That the ring is a large one, is indicated by the fact .."

"That last year, Department operatives arrested over 400 people .."

"Engaged in smuggling aliens."

"If this is so."

"There must be at least 10 now operating for every one we did not catch."

Including us.

"We estimate that 50,000 aliens make illegal entry in the country each year."

We brought in over 10,000 ourselves. Yep.

"At this figure, the revenue to the smugglers runs into many millions."

Why don't you phone Mr Lee and correct his figures?

Don't get too cocky. I heard about this fellow Lee. He knows his way around.

So do we.

Now he's here, I suppose the boss will cultivate his acquaintance ..

To see what we can find in the way of department plans.

The boss is plenty smart. Maybe.

But the more we stay away from this fellow Lee, the more I'll be satisfied.

Oh, what a celestial aroma.

I'm pleased that you like my tea.

I wish your daughter were here.

She wouldn't let you flatter me into a mood.

Where I'll spend more money than I should.

Lan Ying will be here in a moment.

In the meantime, let me show you a great treasure.

I've been reserving them for a connoisseur like you, Mrs Hunt.


Perfectly exquisite.

And the figure .. is that also antique?

Only a modern copy, Mrs Hunt.

Lan Ying.

Simply exquisite.

You would make a perfect Princess.

I'd rather be Lan Ying Quan, thank you.

Until the right young man comes along?

How much is, Quan Lin?

One must set a price upon that which is beyond price.

Lan Ying, stop him.

When he becomes poetic the price goes up.

Then if we must be prosaic .. Yes?

It's two thousand dollars.

Two thousand dollars?

If we must be prosaic.


What can I do for you?

We want to see Quan Lin.

I am Mr Lin's secretary. We want to see him personally.

Mr Lin is engaged just now.

But if you wish to make an appointment ..

I see.

Will you give him that, please? At the first opportunity, gentlemen.

I beg your pardon.

Two gentlemen are waiting, sir. They insist on seeing you.

Business intrudes. You will excuse me.

Of course.

Where did you get it? It came from Beijing.

I am Quan Lin.


A nice place you have here. Thank you.

Mr Lin.

You employ a lot of people don't you in your stores, warehouses ..

And factories along the coast? Yes.

Well, we think you ought to hire more people.

Sort of, spread the jobs around.

We're in position to offer you good labor cheap.

I've heard similar propositions before.

And my answer has always been 'No'.

You are smugglers, aren't you? Importers.

Yeah, we're selling.

And you're buying. I do not wish to buy.

You will.

You will use about fifty men and pay us a thousand dollars apiece for them.

For the first year you only have to give them a place to sleep and their meals.

If anybody comes round asking questions, we'll take care of it.

That's fair enough, ain't it?

Besides, the authorities won't question one of the city's most famous merchants.

Is everything clear?

Painfully clear.

We'll deliver your men tonight.

At one of your warehouses. About nine o'clock.

You will deliver no men to me.

I want none.

From murderers.

I said we will deliver them. You will accept them.


A hatched-man, eh?

No, sir. Razor man.

From the deep, deep south, huh?

Yes, sir.

And I is all muscle and instincts.

You want me to throw them out, sir?

No, Sam. Don't throw them out.

Show them out.

Father. Who were those men?


Candy, mister?

Go on, beat it.

Man, that was sure a Lulu.


When I engaged him, Kelly assured me his pugilistic days were over.

It was accidental, ma'am. Another accident?

My foot slipped.

You needn't apologize. I saw the man hit that boy.

Mr Kelly. Yes, sir.

May I present you with some candy ginger?

Well, gee ..

Take it, Kelly. It's very good.

And go and get my parcel.

Thanks, Mr Lin.

They'll have it ready in a second.

Yes, ma'am.

What do those men import?

Discarded human beings.

Among them, men of my own blood.

You mean they are smugglers?

Smugglers and murderers.

They find their victims from all parts of the world.

They are eager and helpless who have heard of America.

And when these people are finally landed here.

They are sold like slaves.

They are trying to force me to take fifty men.

And threaten to wreck my store, and kill me.

Oh, do be careful.

You are going to report them, aren't you?

I've been gathering information for some time.

I know just the man for you to see.

Lloyd Burkett of the Immigration Bureau.

I'll have him at my house tonight.

Do come, will you? And tell him about this.

You are very kind. I will do it, Mrs Hunt.

And you come too, won't you dear?

Thank you. Well.

I'll expect you both then. Say, about 8:30?

For you, Quan Lin. Come along, Kelly. We're late.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Thanks for the ginger.

Have you called a taxicab for us, Sam?

Yes. I've done it, boss.

Why do you always use taxis?

Couldn't you ride in a nice, long, shiny red car?

With a foxtail on the radiator cap.

And me sitting at the wheel in a coat with brass buttons.

I could, Sam. But I prefer a taxicab.

Have I kept my honorable father waiting?

Your honorable father would be surprised if you hadn't.

You make me very proud tonight.

I wished we weren't going.

Suppose those men find out that you told on them?

Suppose we lose no more time.

Please let me call Mrs Hunt and make some excuse.

But there is nothing to fear.

This Mr Burkett is just the man I've been waiting to talk to.

I will turn all this over to him.

And then it will be out of my hands.

Those two men. Were they the heads of the smuggling ring?

They are only tools of those the head.

Who is the head?

No-one knows. But someone very powerful.

Whose name is never spoken.

But there is a man called Hartman.

That much I have discovered.


He is next to the head.

Hartman operates a sort of .. This is not the way to Mrs Hunt's.

Come on, hurry up. Let's go.


Father .. father!


You've known Quan Lin for some time have you, Mrs Hunt?

About eleven years it must be now.

And he is to be trusted? I'm positive of that.

If we can only get someone of his standing to work with us.

That's the trouble with nearly everyone.

They are afraid to talk.

You'll be on the case too, Mr Lee?

I asked the department in Washington to send him out.

This alien situation is his speciality.

You have no idea what proportions the smuggling of aliens has reached.

It's one of the biggest rackets in the country.

We get a lead .. run it down.

Arrest a few people.

And a dozen new ones spring up to carry on where they left off.

It's the people at the head we must get.

It's hard to believe such people exist.

Oh, it's past ten o'clock.

I wonder what's delaying our friends.

Oh, someone is coming with Mr Lin?

His daughter.

Miss Lin.

Mrs Hunt .. Mrs Hunt!

Oh, Mrs Hunt .. I .. my father.

I want to tell Mr Burkett.

You can identify two of those men? Yes.

And so can Mrs Hunt.

She was in the shop when they came to see my father this afternoon.

You poor child. Such a dreadful experience.

What about this taxi, Miss Lin? Where did you take it?

Sam called it. Sam?

A faithful servant.

He always takes the one at the corner.

Did your father tell anyone he was coming here tonight?

No, I don't think so. I'm sure he didn't.

Did he tell you what information he was going to give to Mr Burkett?

No, nothing in detail.

Please, please. I'm sorry.

Don't question her anymore. You will stay here with me.

No .. I must go home.

Our clerks are in the household.

I want to be with them.

Don't think I'm ungrateful.

Miss Lin should be at home.

Very well, my dear. I'll send you with Kelly.

I think she'd better go with one of us.

But it will only take a moment for Kelly to ..

Please .. if you don't mind.

Phone Schwartz. Tell him to report what happened as an accident.

An accident?

The less we seem to know about it the better it will be for everyone.

Oh, I see. You don't mind?

Whatever you think best.

You are all very kind.

Goodnight, my dear.

If I can help in any way don't hesitate to call upon me.

Thank you.

Are they here? They're in your study.

A fine mess you've made of things.

I've never seen such stupid, bungling inefficiency.

Take a look at this. What's in it?

Quan Lin's evidence .. it's dynamite.

A Department man from Washington arrived here today.

I read about him.

I've seen him and I don't like the way he talks.

You know, your idea of mixing with those Feds will get us in a jam one day.

Talking to them tells me how much they know.

It's saved our skin a dozen times.

Go through all this.

See who has been talking. And then burn it.

It would surprise you wouldn't it if I told you Lan Ying has just left here.


She was in the taxi when it hit the water.

Did you see her in it?

No. But, well we thought .. You don't think.

If you did, you'd make certain. Now, she may be able to identify you.

Well, I don't think she got a good look at us.

You know my rules. You know the way I operate.

I won't stand for mistakes.

We should've delivered those fifty men and collected if you ask me.

I didn't ask you.

How do we know Quan Lin had all the evidence in this thing?

I thought of that, too. So, you're smart at times.

At times, yes. Take a look at this.

Where did that come from? Quan Lin's safe.

You opened it? Sleete did. We got everything.

Everything but the girl.

I'll call headquarters and have them send over a couple of men.

How long have you known Mrs Hunt?

Mrs Hunt?

Hello .. Martin?

This is Kim Lee.

Put me through to Captain Schwartz.

Yes, Mrs Hunt. Do you know her well?

Why, she's been coming to our shop for years.

Why do you ask?

No particular reason.

Only your father had confided some of this information to you.

He said there was a man named Hartman.


We ran across Hartman's trail recently.

He operates a clearing house for aliens somewhere.

I'm sure my father knew.

Only they didn't let him live to tell me.

In your prayers tonight.

Say a prayer for me, Lu Chung.

To give me courage.

To make me fearless.

To prove myself my father's daughter.

[ Chinese language ]

[ Chinese language ]

I hope that you will continue in my service.

As long and as faithfully as in my father's.

May our days be filled with unrest.

If we do not serve you well.

Thank you.

Hello? Oh Mrs Hunt, yes.

Thank you, I'm quite alright.

The divers located the taxi earlier this morning.

They're raising it now.

That's very kind of you.

But Mr Lee and my lawyer are taking care of everything.

I think the funeral will be tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. Mr Burkett called.

He wondered if your father had all the information with him when ..

He thought your father might have left a report to help speed the investigation.

I couldn't say.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Mrs Hunt was wondering if father had all his evidence with him last evening.

I've been wondering the same thing.

Do you know?

If my father had any other evidence.

He would have kept it in his safe I think.

Could we have a look? Of course.

And the last one right here, Miss Quan.

These are all the signatures I'll need to probate the will.

Will you want these bank books? Oh, yes. I forgot.

My father left this letter for me.

It is his wish that you handle all the business affairs.

I am to trust no-one else.

Could you manage some way to take total charge of everything for a few months?

Why, you're not going away? Yes, for a while.

[ Buzzer ]

Pardon me.

Hello. Oh good morning, Mr Lee.

Don't let him know I'm here.

I'm sure the people at the store gave you the correct information.

Well, I imagine she'll be away for a month or two.

Where can you be reached?


I'll be glad to have Miss Quan get in touch with you if I hear from her.

Thank you. Goodbye.

There is no need for you to avoid Mr Lee.

There is nothing to be gained by seeing him.

Did my father ever discuss a man named Hartman with you?

Yes he did. Some time ago.

Have you any idea where he is?

He runs a kind of clearing house where aliens are smuggled into this country.

Around here?

No, to the best we could ever find out, it's ..

It's some place around the Clifforden islands.

Off the coast of Central America.

If I could only find Hartman.

Let the authorities handle this, Miss Quan.

I've seen how the authorities handle things.

First, there is great excitement.

An arrest is expected in a few days.

And then in a few days, everything is forgotten.

Until someone else is murdered.

But Miss Quan, this is a case for the government.

It's in Mr Lee's hands.

It's possible, isn't it ..

That I can get information that Mr Lee can't get?

Let him handle things his own way. I'm not interfering with him.

You're acting on impulse. Alright then, I am.

But you'll help me, won't you? You've got to do it.

It shouldn't be difficult for you to understand my feelings.

I understand.

Hartman? I seem to have heard of him.

But on which of the islands I don't remember.

Why, he's got a place on the island of Port O'Juan.

Qu'est ce que vous voulez, mademoiselle?

Rum. Straight. Très bien.

I don't speak Chinese.

I speak English.

What do you want?

I'm a dancer. I want a job.

See the boss. Where is he?

Mr Hartman is in his office.


The esteemed, stalking love.

The well-dressed young lady when she goes a-calling.

I want to see the boss.

He's not in my department, honey.

You had better see Olga. Olga?

What do you want with Hartman? A job.

He don't need anyone. He told me so.

Don't believe her. She tells that to all the girls.

The music in this dump won't go around for seven of us.

Hartman is out anyway.

You'll find Hartman down the hall.

Good luck, kid. Thanks.

[ French language. Shouting ]

Is that so? The scum.

Start something.

[ French language ]

He says that his money is gone and he can't pay for his lodging after today.

Tell him to get out. Let him sleep on the beach.

He said he's paid his passage to San Francisco.

I'll provide passage when the boat gets here.

In the meantime, if he wants our deluxe service, he's got to pay for it.

You understand?

[ French language ]

He says he wouldn't go.

Is that so?

The nerve of the swine.

Holding out on me.

Start something.

Just start something.

You're scum.

Who are you? Lila Chen.

Lila Chen, eh?

You been waiting long? No.

Are you Mr Hartman?

What do you want with Hartman? A job .. I'm a dancer.

Stand up. Let's have a look at you.

Where did you come from? Who sent you here?

I closed in Trinidad three weeks ago.

I'm just cruising about the islands.

Are you any good? Give me a chance, and I'll show you.

Okay, but you don't get any salary you understand.

You get board and lodging and the pickings.


Sure. I give my girls 15% of the money they get the customers to spend.

I see.

Your pickings might be pretty good if you and me hit it off alright.

What do you say?

I told her we didn't need any more girls.

I told her different.

You hired her?

Sure. We need something new around here.

Olga here will show you where to sleep.

Tomorrow, we'll see what you can do.

Hello. Hello.

Prowling, huh?

What do you want?

You asked me to have a drink with you.

At this hour of the night?

Shall we make it tomorrow then? No. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

You got the right idea.

Help yourself. Thank you.

Lila Chen, huh?

Are you American born?

San Francisco. Have you ever been there?

Greatest spot in the world.

I wish I was there now.

What's keeping you away?

The boss. I'm too useful here.

I've been slaving my life away on this island for ten years.

And what for? What for?

Money, of course.

You're doing a good business.


You think that running this joint is my real business?

Isn't it?


Listen, baby.

People from all over the world try to sneak in through Uncle Sam's back door.

And helping them do it, is my business.

And believe me sister, it's some business.

Then what are you kicking about?

Because I don't get a cut enough.

It's the boss that makes the real dough.

Well, why don't you make him give you more?


Ha-ha. That's a hard one.

What do you want?

Come in.

Hello. Hello, Captain.

How do you like being Supercargo? Alright, sir.

Pretty good with your lingo, ain't you. I ought to be.

How many other languages do you speak?

Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Let's hear some Russian.

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon.

Is that Russian?


You know, you could be useful to me.

How'd you like to be my interpreter?

Instead of Supercargo? Yeah.

What's my cut?

Your cousin told you what I'm running?


A smooth racket if it's played right.


I might cut you in .. if you know how to keep your mouth buttoned.

I wasn't born yesterday.

So I noticed.

Come on, we're going ashore.

Plenty for you this time, Captain.

Yeah .. I'll check them with you, later.

Alright .. alright.

Tell them I'll be back.

You took long enough getting here.

Who is your friend?

Supercargo and interpreter.

What's your name? Tang Li.

Ling got sick just before we sailed. This is his cousin.

When do you sail?

On the top of the high tide, if we can. Well, you got about an hour.

Wait until I see this new number.

How is the show? Worse than usual?

I'll tell you better after I see this new girl.

He's changing his luck.

Get out of here before I crack your neck.

Quiet .. please!

Sailors, ladies and gents.

The boss is about to offer you .. a real treat.

Miss Lila Chen!

Daughter of Shanghai.

Not bad, eh.

She'd do alright in Frisco.

She'll do alright right here.

Let's get down to business.

We won't need you anymore until we check them out.

Have one on the house, huh? Thanks.


A four-star performance, kid.

You sure kept the home fires burning. Thank you.

Any chance of making it a sister act?

I bet the boss ties you up.

You'll still be out of luck.

Girls on the stage!

Come in.

What are you doing here? You should know.

I looked everywhere in San Francisco for you.

Why didn't you let me know your plans?

Wouldn't you have stopped me? Yes.

You are in danger every second.

What are you doing here?

After you left .. your attorney and I dug up new evidence about Hartman.

This boat I came over on, the Jenny Hawks.

Is one of the smugglers' ships.

What time does the Jenny Hawks sail?

In about an hour.

Why? What are you up to now?

There is a little book in Hartman's desk I'm after.

It isn't worth your life.

Please get away from here.

Take the first boat you can .. I'll get the book.

Alright. We'll meet in San Francisco.

You will leave then? On the first boat.

You had better go now. Someone is liable to see us.

A thousand.

Nine hundred.

Two thousand. Right?

A little enough, if you ask me. I'm the one that's got to squawk.

You dumped half that last bunch.

Yeah, that coastguard is getting tougher and tougher all the time.

They'll pay for their passage just the same.

Here. Sign on the dotted line.

I get the jitters every time I sign this thing.

If I didn't account for every cent the boss would chisel my cut to ribbons.

We've just got time to catch the tide. Let's get that cattle out of here.

Tang Li is still downstairs I guess.

He's kinda keen on that new dancer of yours.

I'll see about that.

Come on, let's get going.

Get up, men.

Come on, let's be having you.

What are you doing snooping around here?

[ Gunshot! ]

Georgio Cocento.

Where the devil have you been? Downstairs.

Did Hartman find his girl? Uhuh.

He sort of messed you up, didn't he.

You ought to see him.


Here, check the rest of this bunch through. I'm going aboard.

I've passed 13.

Wan Lu. 14.

Paquie. 15.

Li Quan.

You are not Li Quan.

[ Chinese language ]

I didn't get it.

He says he's substituting for his brother.

These birds are always swapping places with a brother, an uncle or a cousin.

You'd better check up on Hartman.

What's the difference. We've got the right number: 16.


If there is a squawk you take the rap. Not me.


A lady.


[ Female screams! ]

What's going on here?

What started this?

The girl. Screaming for help, sir.

What girl?

That one. She was yelling when I came down here.

Well if it ain't Hartman's dancer.

If you wanted to come, why not say so? But.

You wouldn't have to do this. There's a cabin all ready for you.

From now on, you're going to travel in style.

So, Hartman was with his new girl, was he?

Is he in this with you? Don't know what you're talking about.

Take him aft.

We're going to have a little talk.

Thirty miles south-west of Brayer Light.

We should be sighting the Jenny Hawks pretty soon.

How many we going to land this time? 20.

That's 4 trips.

And an extra one for those two snoopers.

Got a call on the radio from the old lady about them.

I wonder who they are.

The sharks won't be particular.

There is the Jenny Hawks.

Here we go.

And I was just ready to dump them overboard.

When the old lady answered the radio and gave orders to hold them for you.

There's enough in this to hang us all. You're telling me.

You need more brains than to hire anybody without checking on them.

His papers was alright. Come on, let's take a look at them.


Well, I'll be .. Seen him before?

Let's have a look at the girl.

Why, you're the men who .. Yeah.

I thought so. You know her?

Yeah, I know her.

Come on.

What are you trying to do?

Brace yourself .. push against it.

Like this.


There is a wireless. We could call the Police.

No such luck.

But I'll fix it so they can't make a getaway.

Can you swim? Yes.

From the light, somebody is throwing a party.

Anyway, they'll have a telephone there. Let's go.

This place is pretty close to where the plane landed.

Do you think it's their hideout? It might be.

Let's get away from here. On foot?

Certainly not.

Put this on.

Tickle the ceiling, you mugs.

Why, it's Mrs Hunt's chauffeur. It's Kelly.

But I want to know all about these two spies.

Well, they're spying on the sharks, now. How did they find out about Hartman?

What did they dig up beside this book?

Who were they?

Lan Ying.

And your Federal pal, Kim Lee.

Lan Ying? But we got her this time.

She's at the bottom of the ocean. You bet your life she is.

Mrs Hunt .. Mrs Hunt .. Mrs Hunt!

At the bottom of the ocean!

Can I see you, ma'am?

Ah. Just a moment, Kelly.

Go into the library. I'll talk to you two later.

Oh, Mrs Hunt. My dear child.

Well, where have you been?

And such clothes. Isn't that my coat?

We got it in the garage. Kelly thought we were trying to steal a car.

We were trying to steal a car.

But, why? You're welcome to a car if you want it.

May I use your phone? Miles.

Yes, madam? Show Mr Lee the telephone room.

And see that he's well taken care of.

Kelly. Put down that gun. Get some brandy and hot water and lemons.

Sure thing, Mrs Hunt. Come on, child.

Hello? Hello, operator.

Now, now, now.

Don't try to tell me tonight.

You must be completely exhausted.

I'll mix you a hot drink and ..

So that's it.

You are the boss!

My dear.

I'm a businesswoman.

You killed my father. Sleete, Barden.

Kim, Kim, Kim.

Hey, what's the big idea? Shut up, you.

Lock her up. Send Morgan here.

A swell racket like this going on right under my nose and me dumb to it.

Say, why didn't she cut me in?

Maybe she didn't think you had any brains.

I passed one of them intelligence things .. a hundred percent.

Moron? Sure, that was it.

Do you think Mrs Hunt will take me in? Maybe.

If she thinks she can trust you. Trust me?

Say, I've done time for everything from burglary to arson.

Why, in Chicago .. say ..

See them fists? Yes.

May my mother forgive me. All them lies.

Are you listening to me? It's dangerous to keep them here.

We should get rid of them tonight. Of course I'll get rid of them.

What do you think I was going to do? Let's get it over with.

There will be plenty of time for that.

After I find out how much they know.

Hello. Hello.

Operator. Hello. Operator.

"Number, please?"

Operator, I'm a Federal Officer.

Do exactly as I tell you. Understand?

Yes, sir.

First, trace this line. Get its location.

Then call the Federal Building. And ask for Captain Schwartz.

Get it? Yes, sir.

Tell them Kim Lee and Lan Ying Quan.

Are at this place and need help Immediately.

Yes, sir.

After you've talked to Schwartz.

Ring this number three times.

No matter who answers.

All you are to say is: 'Excuse it, please'.

Understand? "Yes, sir."

Okay .. thanks.

Hurry it along.

Yes, sir. I will.


Mrs Mary Hunt.

Beach Road.

Right away.


Squad call. Ten men. Get Jackson. We'll go in my car.

It's alright, buddy. I got wise to myself and joined up.

Who is the coffee for? Now who do you think?

The old lady said to give her some coffee and I'm doing it, see.

Look, don't get tough, big boy.

Imagine all this going on and me not getting any cut.

Are you alright, Miss? What are you up to now?

I don't blame you for being suspicious of me.

I've been in bad company.

My old man was a cop.

I wanted to be one too, but ..

I was a little weak on my ballistics.

Where is Mr Lee? What have they done with him?

In the telephone room, I guess.

[ Telephone ]

Who calls here at this time of night? Santa Claus.


Is this Beach 1079?

"No .. this is Beach 1097."

"Excuse it, please."

Are you alright? Yes.

Help me, help me.

I got a message through to the department.

Get Kim Lee in here. Work him over.

I want to find out what he knows.

Okay. But remember it's your funeral.

Yours too, if anything goes wrong.

[ Police sirens ]

You stay here. While Kelly and I ..

A dozen cops coming up the beach road. Let's get out now. The car is ready.

That's what you think.

We got here just in time.

Thanks, Kelly.

0h, Kim.

How many are in the house, Kim? There's two in the telephone room.

You'd better look for Mrs Hunt. Alright. Search the house.

How would you like to live in Washington?

Perhaps the change of climate is just what I need.

Then it's settled.

Does that mean you are asking me to marry you?

[ Chinese language ]

[ Chinese language ]

How long do you think I'll be a guest of the government, sweetheart?

Can you count up to a hundred, dolly?

As you leave jail, my grandchildren will be enjoying my Social Security check.

‘ ..r0s.. ’