Dawn of the Dead (1978) Script

Are you all right? Shit really hit the fan.

[Man talking on TV] That's a whole different study.

But if we knew that, we could...

We don't know that!

We gotta operate with what we do know!

I'm still dreaming. No, you're not.

[Everybody talking hysterically]

My turn with the coat.

[Man on TV] I'm trying to explain exclusively the facts...

The guys on the crew are going crazy. A couple of 'em flown the coop already.

I don't know how long we can stay on the air!

[Technicians arguing indistinctly]

Ok, check that camera! Who has camera two?

Who the hell's on camera 2, a blind man?

Roll the rescue... Roll the rescue stations!

Got a report that half those stations have been knocked out.

Get me another list! Sure, I'll just pull it outta my ass, right?

[Host on TV] I don't believe that, doctor.

Do you believe the dead are returning to life? I'm not so...

Do you believe the dead are returning to life and attacking the living?

I'm not so sure what to believe, doctor All we get is what you people tell us. And it's hard enough to believe...

It's fact...! It's fact...!

It's hard enough to believe without you coming in here...

You're not running a talk-show here, Mr. Berman!

You can forget pitching an audience the moral bullshit they wanna hear!

You're talking about abandoning any human code of behaviour...

Frannie, get on the new list of rescue stations. Charlie's receiving it on the emergency room.

Rescue stations list? Half of those are inoperative as of now.

Charlie, these are rescue stations. We can't send people to inoperative rescue stations.

We've had old information on the air for the last 12 hours.

[People arguing hysterically]

[People still arguing]

Kill the old ones. Givens wants to!

Kill’ em Dick! Tell Givens to see me!

[Doctor on TV] ... public figures like yourself that this situation is been...

[Host on TV] ... you're not telling me...

[Doctor] ... by the public

[Host] You're not listening!

[Host] You're not listening! We've this situation for the last 3 weeks...

[Doctor] What does it take?

What does it take to make people see?

People aren't willing to accept your solutions, doctor.

And I don't blame them!

Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them.

It gets up and kills.

The people it kills get up and kill!


Sit down and type that up.

You're dropping my question. I think Foster is right. We're loosen it.

Yeah, we're blowing it ourselves.

[Doctor] A dead body must be exterminated.

Either by destroying the brain or severing the brain from the rest of the body.

You must be out of your mind! This situation must be controlled before is too late.

...multiplying too rapidly!

What the hell is going on? Who kill those supers?

Frannie, who told you to kill those supers?

Nobody. I killed it. They are outdated.

Do you know you're on air?

What the hell is going on?

I want those supers on the air all the time.

Without those rescues stations on screen... every minute people won't watch us. So they'll tune out!

Are you willing to murder people by sending them out to stations that have closed down I want that list up on the screen every minute that we're on the air!

Anybody need a ride? What the hell are you doing?

Get back on this console!

What is this? A news show or a football game?

Get that idiot off the air!

Officer, stop those men!

Lucas, get back on this console!


Get somebody in here that can run this thing.

Get that fucking idiot off the air!

Get that fucking idiot off the air!

Triple pay! We're staying on the air!

Fuck off! Fuck off!

Now, Doctor Foster. The public needs facts. What do you have to give us?

They kill for one reason. They kill for food.

They eat their victims. You understand that, Mr. Berman?

That's what keeps them going.

If we listened... If we dealt with this phenomenon properly without emotion.

Without emotion!

It wouldn't have come to this!

There is a martial law state in Philadelphia, as in all major cities in the country.

Where's your badge?

Take it easy...

It's just crazy! It's just completely insane!

[Everybody talking indistinctly]

Shit! I ain't... Yeah, here's my badge.

OK, you can go.

Should we be unable to check the spread.

Because of the emotional attitude of the citizens because these issues of morality.

Jim, you take it!

It is the order of the O.E.P... by command of the federal government... the president of the United States Citizens may no longer occupy private residences no matter how safely protected... or well stocked.

Citizens will be moved into central areas of the city.

The bodies of the dead... will be delivered over to special squads of the national guard... for organised disposition.

[People shouting angrily]

Frannie, meet me on the roof at 9 o'clock. We're getting out.

I don't believe it...

We're gonna get out! In the chopper.

Stephen, we can't. We got... Careful!

Nine p.m., all right. Stephen, we can't. We got...

We got to nothing, Fran. We've got to survive.

Somebody's got to survive.

Now you'd be up stairs at 9. Don't make me come lookin' for ya.

Go ahead. We'll be off the air by midnight. Emergency networks are taking over.

Our responsibility is finished.


You've been watching. You know we got this building surrounded.

The bastard's got them moved into one building. Dumb little bastard!

Looks like they're really gonna try to fight us.

C'mon! Martinez.

People in this project are your responsibility.

We don't want any of them hurt and neither do you!

I'm giving you 3 minutes, Martinez.

[Commander] I'm giving you 3 minutes, Martinez.

Turn over your weapons and surrender.

There're no charges against you.

[Commander] There are no charges against you or any of your people.


C'mon, Martinez.

Yeah, C'mon Martinez. Show your greasy little Puerto Rican ass... so I can blow it right off.

I'll blow all their asses off.

Low life bastards. Blow all their little low life Puerto Rican and nigger asses right off!

You're right? I'm right Roger.

[Wooley] How the hell come we stick with these low lives in these big ass fancy hotels anyway?

Shit man! This' better than I got. You ain't gonna talk 'em outta here. You gotta blow’ em out!

Just stay cool, ok? When you go in there just don't pop off, all right?

I'll be ok. [Wooley] - C'mon!

Let's get on with it! This is a waste of my time!

Let's go! Let's go!

[Commander] Move it! Move it!


C'mon, you dumb bastards! Come and get 'em!

Bishop, try to kill a thousand pigs!

Get 'em out of the road!

People, look out!

Hold it!

Don't go out there!

[Commander] Masks!

Masks for the gas! Masks for the gas!

Work your way down. C'mon, work your way down!

One floor at a time. Keep going!

Hold 'em in the halls. Hold 'em in the halls!

Stay there! Damn!

[Everybody shouting at once]

James, slow down! No, let me go!

C'mon, you little bastards!

[Screaming and confusion]

Wooley's gone ape shit, man!

Wooley! Hey, hey, hey!

Gimme a hand!

Gimme a hand! Leave me alone, man!

What the hell! Leave me alone!

Gimme a hand... Somebody...!

Step away from him!

Goddammit!... Help me. He's crazy!

Step away from him.

Not that room! Don't enter that room!

[People shouting indistinctly]

Holy Christ!

C'mon, for chrissake!

Shoot him, man.

Shoot him, man. Shoot him in the head!

It's one of them!

[Black Woman] Miguelito! [SWAT man] Shoot him!

[Black Woman] Dios mío... Miguel! [Cop] Hold it!

[SWAT officer] Watch the girl! [Black woman] Miguel!

Mi vida... Miguelito...

Stand clear, for chrissake, stand clear!

You're in still one piece in body and soul, boy

You were in Woley's unit. Wasn't you?

I didn't see nothing. I didn't see how he died.

You running?

I don't mean because of Woley. I mean 'cause of all this...

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Man, there's a lot of people runnin' out.

I could run.

I could run right tonight.

Friend of mine got this helicopter. He ask me to come with him.

You think it's right to run?

Señores, please to let me pass.

Let's get him to the medics.

No, no please.

Just let me pass. I go up to seven floor to find my sister.

Just let me pass.

The people of 107 will do what you wish now.

Many have died on the streets last week. In the basement of this building you find them.

I have given them the last rites. Now... You do what you will.

You're stronger than us. But sooner I think they'll be stronger than you.

When the dead walk, señores, we must stop the killing... Or lose the war.

[SWAT troopers] C'mon open up! Get in! Get in!

Jesus Christ!

Hey, you ok down there? Yeah This must be where they dumped 'em in. Huh?

You need more men? No is all done, man.

Is all been done.

Jesus Christ.

Why did these people keep 'em here?

'Cause they still believe there's respect in dying.

C'mon, I need you.

I don't see Roger. We'll give him ten minutes.


I know.

Just wait right here.

Just like that. Like in the car. Just hold her 'til she spits out right at you.

[Man on radio] Dispatch come in.

[Radio transmitting indistinctly]

[Man on radio] Emergency call to Police Stop.

Hello HQ, this is Police Stop.

Operator's dead. Post abandon.


I hope is Roger. What are you doing?

I'll be right there.

Just stay cool.


C'mon skipper. They got friends coming.

Who are you?

We're with J.A.S. We... About a minute and a half on the car.

Now wait a minute. We're just here to refuel.

Those men were already dead. You were here... You know that.

Hey, you're J.A.S. Traffic Watch. Steve Andrews.

Right. That's me. I'm Steve Andrews.

Yep, no shit. We got a lot further in this bird, Skipper.

Can't all fit.

How many will that thing hold?

Hey man, I ain't nowhere in nothin' I can't drive myself!

That's true! Somethin' happens to him and we'll be stuck!

Stick with the boat!

We get a lot further in this bird! Hey that's a squad car!

It's okay, we're police.

Bullshit, man! Let's get to the boat!

You're runnin', ain't it?

You and your friends are runnin' in the J.A.S. Traffic bird.

What's the problem, officer? Caught your friends here stealin' company gasoline.

What do you mean friends?

They know, Rog... They runnin' to.

Now, it'd be crazy to start shootin' one at another. Wouldn't it?

Sure would.

You guys are ok?

Who's he?

His name is Peter. He's alright. C'mon let's hustle.

Hey, you guys. You better move out. There's a report on the dock bein' knocked out.

Right. Good luck squad!

You sure this'll carry us all?

Little harder on the fuel, but we'll be ok.

Hey, you got any cigarettes?

Any of you got cigarettes?

No, sorry.

Where do you headed?

Down river... We got an idea maybe we can make it to the islands.

What islands?

Any islands.

What about you? Where you headed?

Straight up.

Didn't have any cigarettes!

[Officer] How do I have a cigarette? [Peter] I don't know Hey, any of you got cigarettes?

How I gonna go to the islands if I don't have cigarettes?

Any of you leavin' people behind?

An ex-husband.

An ex-wife.

You Peter?

Some brothers.

Those... real brothers?

You know... real brothers or street brothers?


How many real ones?



One's in jail... The other's a pro ball player.

But we catch up to each other once in a while.

Is he your man?

Most of the time, yes.

Just like to know who everybody is.

Yeah, me too.

Any more water?

You know where we are?

Yeah, I know exactly where we are.

[Peter] Harrisburg?

We passed it about an hour ago.

Jesus. It's everywhere.

Still pretty close to Johnston.

Those rednecks are probably enjoying the whole thing.

[Indistinct voices]

[Guardsman] Is that you again? [Guardsman 2] My boy...!

[Guardsman] Keep movin'! Keep movin'! [Guardsman 2] Hey ya, check it out!

[Indistinct voices]

[Man passing by] I heard that by 10 o'clock we've briefing.

[Men talking indistinctly]

[Man] I got a couple extra watches...

[Man 2] Didn't they say when?

[Radio transmitting indistinctly]

[Cops] Great job. You did a great job!

[Cop] Keep going, keep going.

Look out! Behind you!

Down! Get out of the way!

There! Behind the white car!

Get the gas tank.

Shit! Yeah!

Hey, I got him!

Fuck, I missed it!


Shit! Damn near empty!

I got this one.

There's a lot of private planes in farm country like this.

I guess they all hit the pumps and they took off.

Yeah, to where?

Got some here.

Can you handle that? Yeah, I got it.

I'm gonna see what's left in the hangars.

Bunch of junk!


Fran, Run!




It's all right...


Right... Fuck!

You never aim a gun at anyone, Mr.

Peter, my god! What are you doin'?

Scary... Isn't it?

Isn't it?


We gotta find fuel. Maybe closer to Cleveland.

No, we've gotta stay out of the big cities.

If it's anything like Philly we might never get out alive.

We might never get out of any place alive.

We didn't almost get out of there. We're gettin' outta here fine!

As long as there's not too many of those things we can handle 'em easy.

It wasn't one of "those things" that nearly blew me away.

We gotta stay in the sticks.

There's bound to be more little private airports upstate.

There's the locks along the Allegheny.

Fuel stations there. State. Private.

Those are probably still manned. We don't need those hassles either.

They're just out after scavengers and looters.

Oh, you got the papers for this limousine?

I got J.A.S id. And so does Fran.

Right! And we're out here doin' traffic reports.

Wake up, sucker!

We're thieves and we're bad guys! That's exactly what we are.

We gotta find our own way.

Jesus Christ! We don't even know where we going We don't have food. We don't have water. We don't even have a radio.

Stephen you need to get some sleep.

[Peter] What the hell is it?

[Roger] Looks like a... shopping center. One of those big indoor lots.

[Fran] Oh my God!

No chance. Forget it. Let's get out of here!

Wait a minute. They can't get up here.

[Steve] Yeah, I we can't go down there!

[Roger] Let's check it out.

Most of the gates are down. I don't think they can get into the stores.

I haven't seen any of then up on the second floor.

The big departments stores usually use both floors.

If we can get it up top...


Guess the power's not off in this area. Could be nuclear.

[Fran] What are they doing? Why do they come here?

Some kind of instinct.

Memory... Of what they used to do.

This was an important place in their lives.

Hey... Look at this!

These don't go down to the mall.

What the hell is this?

How do we get down there?

Ok, c'mon Fran, let go.

Well, it's done.

Looks like a free lunch.


Do you bring a can opener?

No, I guess I didn't.

Then don't knock it. It got its own key.

What do you think?

This is the only way up here. What do you think?

You better get some sleep too, buddy.

There's an awful lot of stuff down there that we could use.

I know it.

Big place. But they're pretty spread down there.

I think we can out-run 'em Hit and run?

Hit and run.

Are you crazy?

This place could be a gold mine. We gotta a least check it out.

This is exactly what we're trying to go away from... Look what...


Leave him be. We're going ourselves.

That's ready to shoot. Be careful.

The trigger squeezes really easy... but the weapon'll kick you good when it fires. Be ready for that!

Anyone but us comes up the stairs, you guys take off in the machine.

You'll probably hear some shooting. Just don't panic, ok?


Keys to the kingdom.

Grab the walkie talkies.

It's Christmas time down there, buddy.

Fat city, brother. How we gonna work it?

We get into one of the stores up here. They'll probably have their own escalators.

Let's check those keys.

Fifteen upper and lower.

Right here.

How about a little music?


Might cover the noise we make.

Hit 'em all. Might as well have power in everything.

We might need it.



What do you think? Bag it or try for it?

You game? I need lighter fuel.

You got it.

Jesus Christ! They're maniacs!




Stephen, don't go down there!

Bastard! What happen?

Don't open!

Not working!


Don't open the door! C'mon!

Let her go! Take care of the other one!

Stephen, for God sake!

We can't leave those guys down there.

[Roger] Well... We're in. Now how the hell we're gonna get back?

[Peter] Who the hell cares? Let's go shopping first!

[Roger] Watch it! Watch it!

[Peter] Just let's get the stuff we need! I'm gonna get us a television and a radio!

[Roger] Ok, find the goods. I got them! I got them!

[Peter] Ok.

[Roger] I'm gonna need at least a couple!

[Peter] Why not?

Hey man, we can't carry all that shit.

Oh, I see. We're just gonna wheel right by 'em.

We gonna try brother. We ain't doin' this for the exercise. We might try to get what we can.

Alright. Let's go brother! The old okey dokey!

Hey, Ugly! Let's raise some hell... Hey... Hey...!

Come here champ! Come here! Over here... Hey... Hey...!

C'mon, over here! Over here! That's right!

C'mon, C'mon... C'mon, C'mon...!

Alright, c'mon!

C'mon... Over here...

Just give it time... give it time.

Ok. They're coming.

Go on up. Stay outta sight but lemme know when is clear enough.

Ok. Ok.

Come to papa! That's it. Keep coming... Keep coming.

Peter, it's good. Let's do it.

Is it clear?

Not altogether... But they spread out pretty good.

I think we can move the wagon. [Peter on radio] - I'm comin'

What the hell was that? I don't know... Fuzz maybe?

Or maybe flyboy. Where's it comin' from?

I don't know. I can't tell.

C'mon. Open up.

Maybe I'd go with you. Open up so I can get the wagon over!

If it's flyboy, let's get him on our side. Ok.

You just cover me good. You hear? You got it!

[Peter] Hold it flyboy!

Don't go into the stairway!

Don't open that door, baby. You'll lead 'em right up with you.

Run for it. Run this way.

That's it. C'mon! Run... Run... Run... C'mon!

Now... Head for the department store. Go!

Ok, downstairs again... Same trick... Let's go!

What do we do? Let them know we're here.

Whoooo Hoooo! C'mon. Let's go... Over here!

You did alright this time, flyboy. How about it?

Whooooo peeeee! Over here.

[Distorted Voice in P.A.] Now is the time to make savers in our weekend sales department.

Jesus Christ!

[Voice in P.A.] ...dining room fest with a 40 by 60 burlap table...

[Voice in P.A. keep talking]

[Voice in P.A.] Why pay more when the sales are open right here!

We just gotta wait longer before we move.

There's always the chance of some of 'em stayin' up on the balcony.

We can handle that. We can break through 'em.

If any of 'em see or hear us. They'll just follow us up. It's not good.

We can sure outrun 'em. Load up what we can and get the hell outta here.

I've been thinking...

Maybe we got a good thing going here...

Maybe we shouldn't be in such a hurry to leave. Oh, man!

If we could get back up there without them catchin' on...

We could hold up for a while. At least long enough to catch a breath.

Check out the radio. See what's happening'

Oh, man! There's some kind of passageway over the top of the stores.

I don't know if it's just heating ducts or some kind of access.

I saw 'em on a map.

Upstairs... Let's go!

Ceiling is just lighting grids!

Is gotta be in this area.

It's on the map!

Elevator shaft...

Hold the doors!

It's here. You gonna need a screwdriver or somethin' to stand on for down there.

I know where the tools are. Why don't you grab the stool over there?

It's alright. We can get it off. You found it, flyboy.

One stop shopping. Anything you need right at your fingertips.

Phillips? Here you go.



[Roger] Jesus!

I seen it. C'mon.

Don't shoot! They'll hear it downstairs!

Looks like we're gonna be ok.

You should see all the great stuff we got, Frannie.

All kinds of stuff... This place is terrific!

It's really easy to pick the profit. All kinds of things...

We really got it made in here... Frannie!


What the hell time is it, anyway?

Not quite nine.

And nothing?

As long as we're getting the pattern that's means they're sending the signal.

[Voice over radio static] No longer seek occupancy in private residences...

... no matter how safe or well protected they may be.

... the president today is at the congress ...

[The voice of radio fades out]

[Peter] Is she alright? She looks blunt.

What do you expect? I mean, she really looks sick.


She's pregnant.

[Voice on radio] ... the communications with Detroit had been knocked out ...

[Roger] How long?

Three and half, maybe four months.


Steve, maybe we should try to get movin'

We can deal with it.

Yeah, but maybe she needs a doctor or somethin'

We can deal with it! Doesn't change a thing.

[Peter] Do you wanna get rid of it?

Huh? Do you want to abort?

It's not too late. And I know how.

[Voice on radio keep talking]

How your decisions were made?

Do you want to abort it?

Do you?

Somebody better sit watch all the time.

They'll never get through there.

Enough of 'em will. And ain't just them things we got to worry about.

That chopper up there could give us away if somebody comes messin' around.

What are gonna do? Land another pilot to fly it out.

They're not gonna mess with a little bird like that. They got enough in their hands.

So, I guess we forget about Canada, right?

Nobody cares about my vote.

Oh, c'mon, Frannie don't you sleeping.

You know... I'm afraid... You're hypnotized by this place... All of you!

It's all so bright and neatly wrapped that you don't see is a prison too!

Stephen, just let's take what we need and keep going.

Do you know how many times do we have to land for fuel on our way up north?

Those things out there are everywhere.

The authorities will give us just a hard time... Maybe worse!


We've got everything we need right here.

Let's get some sleep.

[Voice on radio] ... on other side, these creatures function on a subconscious instinctual level ...

You were the one that want to set up a house.

[Voice on radio] ... develops a chemical spray from crop dusting airplanes ...

... that doesn't have effects on human population ...

[Voice on TV] ... normal question. The first question is always ...

... are these cannibals? No, they're not cannibals ...

... Cannibalism in the true sense of the word implies an intraspecies activity ...

... these creatures cannot be consider human ...

... they prey on humans. they do not prey on each other! ...

... that's the difference. They attack... They feed only on warm human flesh ...

... Intelligence? Seemingly little or no reasoning power ...

... What basic skills remain are more like remembered behaviours from normal life ...

... There are reports of these creatures using tools ...

... but even these actions are the most primitive ...

... the use of external articles as bludgeons and so forth ...

... I might point out that even animals could adopt the basic use of tools in this manner ...

... These creatures are nothing but pure motorised instinct ...

... We must not be lulled by the concept that these are our family members or our friends ...

... They are not. They would not respond to such emotions ...

... They must be destroy on sight! ...

[Host on TV] That was Dr. Miller Rush from the O.E.P. ...

... and... later on... hopefully today we're not exactly sure yet ...

... I'm waiting for word on this from some people ...

... we expected get him here for a live show. An actual live interview ...

... so we can discuss things with him ...

[Roger] The semis are big enough to block the entrances.

[Stephen] You sure we can start 'em?

[Roger] You haven't spent enough time on the street.

[Host on TV] This report says they're working on an analysis ...

... of this whole phenomenon ...

... from the point of view of a virus disease. They've been doing various lab tests ...

... to see if they can deal with it in that way ...

... and perhaps come up with some kind of a workable vaccine ...

Hey Fran.

[Host on TV] According to this report, the problem they run into Atlanta...

... is that there not are specimens available ...

... it seems in that area there aren't intact ...

... We have a film report shot in Atlanta but it's not arrived ...

I would have made you coffee and breakfast, but I don't have my pots and pans.

[Host on TV] Also... Wait a minute... There is another report...

May I say something?

Shoot I'm sorry you found out I'm pregnant, because I don't wanna be treated differently than you'd treat each other Hey, Frannie, c'mon!

And I'm not gonna be den mother for you guys And I want to know what's going on...

...And I want something to say about the plans. There's four of us, ok?

Jesus, Fran...

[Peter] Fair enough!

Ok. Now what's goin' on?

We're goin' out. And you're not coming with us!

And you won't come with us until you'll learn how to handle yourself

[Fran] Something else...

I don't know about you two, but I wanna learn how to fly that helicopter

If anything happens to you, we have to be able to fly out of here She's right, man

C'mon. Let's go.

[Fran] And I don't want to believe you're leaving me without a gun again

I just might be able to figure how to use it

I'm sorry, Stephen It's alright. It's alright Stephen?


Be careful Yeah, we'll be alright

[Host on TV] In spite of everything you hear here there's still some people with a sense of humour

How about it?

Gettin' it

I'm not too sure of this thing. I'll just ride pick up I grew up on one of these. C'mon, let's go!


Hey, your tail is to slow too? Come in.

You look my size when you're sitting in that truck

Well, I wanna know is how if we've both have the same force together...

...yours be so enlarge?, You know Well, they told me it was a midget force...

They needed somebody to look out you Hey, where's flyboy? What's his twenty?

I just hope he'll fly off that roof or we fly zero!

Ok, let's go! C'mon!

C'mon, Roger, Come on!

C'mon, c'mon, man!

Like a charm, uh? A Fucking charm! C'mon, man. Three more, baby!


C'mon, look, man!


Get its head up...

Get its head up!

Roger, get its head up, man!

Get down! Stay down... I got it!

[Peter] Roger, move!

Bastards You bastards Roger?

We got 'em, buddy. Didn't we?

We got this, man. We got this by the ass!

[Peter] Roger?!

C'mon, man! Get your head together! We got a lot to do!

Let's go, baby. Number two...

You alright?

Perfect, baby. Perfect!

Come on, here!

Let finish this. C'mon man!

Roger, c'mon. C'mon man!

Leave him, motherfuckers! Son of bitches!

Oh, God! Oh, Jesus! What?

My bag. I left my goddam bag in the other truck!

Alright. You better screw your head on.

Yeah! C'mon, c'mon! Let's go!

I mean it, man! Now you're not just playin' with your life, your playin' with mine!

Now are you straight?


Go, go, go!

C'mon, Roger, come on!

Watch it, man!

Watch out, watch out!

Roger watch it! Damn!

That's it, man

That's it Bullshit!

We gotta deal with that leg!

I'm dealin' with it... I'm just dealin' with it fine! Don't you worry, buddy!

There's a lot to get done before you can afford to lose me

It all depends on how many of them are still inside There's one hell of a run we gotta make

[Steven] If we have more flares, or maybe some of those propane jobs Guns are first. Guns and ammunition

You sure you gonna make it?

Just hurry up with that!

[Peter] Don't try to shoot through those gates Openings are too small. Bullet will wind up chasin' us around in here Don't worry. They can't get through

Ain't it a crime What?

The only person who could ever miss with gun...

... is the sucker with the bread to buy it.

[Peter] You just wait out there, sissies...

... we comin' And we ready!

OK, let's go!

OK, the door is open. Push, push!

That's it! Push! That's it!

We're inside. C'mon, let's go!

Hardware Look here, man... I'm ...

I know, shut up. Will you

[Peter] Alright. The toughest part will be gettin' by these right here It's too far There's no backing up now We gotta lock those main doors We'll never make all four entrances. It's too risky We'll make it. You just be ready to open up for us

[Fran] Wait a minute! The car!


One of those car? Why don't you use the car over there?

[Peter] You OK to start it?

OK, let's go

Close the door. Close the door!

The keys, Stephen... The keys!

C'mon, man. Get out of there!

God dammit!

Keep 'em! Just keep 'em!

Lock yourself in there!

Jump in the back!

You alright? Yeah

Keep 'em at large and I'll do the lock Gotcha!

That's not 100%, but I don't think they'll get through Can't they smash the glass?

Safety stuff. Pretty indestructible They got no leverage under the truck I hopin' they'll just go away after they find they can't get in I'll get the alarms. You get in the car

We're OK. We got it made. It's gonna work

How many you figure are already in?

I don't know. Not too many We'll get 'em easy We get it all locked off. Then we're goin' on a hunt!

We put up the wall here This way we can still get to the plumbing Why can't we just board up the stairway?

Sooner or later, it might be a patrol through here Looters maybe...

I don't want anybody to even know that stairway exists

I don't know what else to do?

You're doin' fine His leg is awful. The infection is spreading quickly Can't we do somethin'? Can't we take him to a Med Unit?

[Peter] I've seen half a dozen guys get bitten by those things...

None of 'em lasted more than three days

[Roger] Peter where are you?

Right here, trooper

We did it, didn't we?

We whip 'em, didn't we?

That's right Rog Didn't we? Didn't we whip 'em?

We sure did, buddy We whipped 'em. We whipped 'em good.

We whipped 'em! We got it all!

Leave me alone. It's alright It's my problem Just get out of here. I don't want you here!

I just don't want you to see me like this Stephen get out. Please!

This place is gonna be rotten We gotta cleaning up, brother

You never know

What do you think?

Watch this!

They're still here They're after us. They know we're still in here They're after the place...

They don't know why. They just remember Remember that they wanna be in here What the hell are they?

They're us, that's all. There's no more room in Hell What?

Something' my granddad used to tell us You know Macumba? Voodoo...

Granddaddy was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us...

When there's no more room in Hell...

The dead will walk the Earth

Got him! Hurry up! C'mon!

Go on... I'll stay with him

You'll take care of me, wouldn't you, Peter?

You'll take care of me... when I go Try to get some sleep. Save your strength

I don't wanna be walkin' around like that



Yeah, I'm here man!

Don't do it, till you're sure I am comin' back

I'm gonna try not to...

I'm gonna try not to... come back I'm gonna try...

... not to.

[Scientist] They use... maybe... five percent of the food available on the human body

[TV Host] ... the kind of things...

...with that food amount, the body is usually intact enough

...to be mobile when it revives

[TV Host] What are you saying? I mean... You scientists...

Dummies, dummies! What are you suggesting?

[TV Host] Excuse me. Listen, quiet! Quiet!

[Scientist] One wonders what is worth saving...

...which is I do

[Scientist] For all I know... The brain is already dead...

....is the idiots who still alive Can I speak it up how to stay alive too?

And I'm tryin' to help you gentlemen

[TV Host] And you can help. But what you do take...

[Scientist] - In a logical way...! [TV Host] - ...is illogical!

[Scientist] Illogical hell!

Illogical hell! I'm showing you a way that we can opt...

... to pull supplies twenty times!

To pull supplies for whom?

For a whole specimen that is walking around there...

-... in increasing numbers. [TV Host] - We should feed 'em?

[Scientist] What else we should with 'em?

Gimme an alternative!

[TV Host] I thought you scientists can come up with that?

... actually, that way solve the problem of growing. Feeding the opposition doesn't make any sense!

Well I can think on one alternative I can think on another one, yes.

Since they seem to congregate in heavily populated areas... and since we haven`t touch upon our nuclear resources why don't we drop a bomb in all the big cities?

[TV host] - You probably can't be serious? [Scientist] - I'm deadly serious! What are the choices?

What if they run out of food? They don't run out of food. That's the problem!

And they won't run out of food while we still alive This kind of things, you know, things that we're talking about here...

...sounds like just a bunch of people talking crazy This is not fighting...! ... without actually picture it out!

[Scientist] This is not the republic against the democrats...

...that got us in a hole economically. Or lead us to another war!

... is more crucial that we go down to the line, folks

...we're down to the line. There are no divisions upon 'em and the living...

[TV host] At least... At least let him finish, please!

It`s really all over, isn't it?

[Scientist] ...unemotional!

...we got to remain rational Logical... logical Scientist always think in those kinda turns...

...if it doesn't work that way that's not how people really are

[Scientist] You've got to remain logical. We've got to.

There's no choice. It has to be.

It's gonna be that!

[Peter] Here it comes!

Oh nice! Wow!

Bon appétit! thank you!

Stephen? Thank you very much!

Peter, what about you? Where you goin'?

This is just for the two of you


We can't Stephen. Not now

But we will...

Hey, when you finish the rove, we wrapped it up the drugstore

[P.A. Voice] Attention, all shoppers...

...if you have a 32, we have a special treat for you...

...if your purchase is in the next half an hour

...with an amount of five dollars or more

...we'll give you a bag of Hard Candy free!

There hasn't been a broadcast for three days. Why don't you give it up?

They might come back on

What have we done to ourselves?

OK, now easy... easy

Stabilise it. That's right!

Bring 'er down. Down, down.

That's it! You got it!

Hon, you got it! Yeah, I did it!

Wow! They must get in through the roof Son of a bitch!

They have trucks blockin' all the entrances Yeah, trucks!

No sweat!

What do you think?

Hit 'em now or tonight?


[Voice on radio] Hey, we know you in there? seen the helicopter on the roof...

... how many of you in there?

We know you're up there. We seen the whirlybird on the roof Hey you guys shut up. Cut it! Shut up!

[Peter] Raiders Could ya use some company up there?

They know we're here, maybe we should... No chance Oh, change your mind... Do you wanna try?

Alright, cut. Cut, cut!

Listen... How many of you in there, anyway... there's three of us What if... Quiet!

I think we should... Jesus Christ! Shut up and listen We don't like people who don't share. You just fucked up real bad!

Let's go

[Biker] It's time. Let's go

[Peter] Just three, huh?

Holy shit!

They'll get in. They'll move the trucks There's hundreds of those creatures down there C'mon man, that's a professional army Looks like they been survivin' on the road all through this thing Well let's not make it easy for 'em. Come on!

What's happening?

There's fifteen or twenty of 'em. We're gonna shut off the gates Stephen We're just gonna shut the gates They'll never know we're here

Downstairs first. Got your talk box?

Yeah Keep it handy

Shit... It's all taped up. It's all ready for us What the hell are they doing? There's a whole fucking glass latch and won't open!

Yeah, everyone fucking thinks like, Joe Hey, the whole damn gate locks won't open Let's go blow the goddamned gate locks!

Watch that guy with the machine gun, you won't believe it!

Watch out, dude!

They're in, flyboy. They're opening the outer locks

When those doors will open, there's gonna be a thousand zombies in here They're gonna have their hands full

Just let 'em fire it up!

Get up on the balcony. Stay out of sight.

I'll meet you... at the Information room

Alright guys, look out for yourselves. It's good for us. Let's go!

Hey you there!




Flyboy, where the hell are you?

C'mon man, you're too slow!

It's ours. We took it It's ours.

What the hell are you doing playin' around, let's go upstairs and doin' him Goddammit Flyboy, what the hell are you doing?

[Peter] Just stay out of sight!

They're after the place, they don't care about us!

Alright, dammit! Now we got a war!

Say goodbye creep

Where the hell are you gonna watch that thing?

You alright, man

He's upstairs. Let's go!

C'mon, mother...

Where he go? I don't know. Come on!

I see you!

Peter? Peter?!


I know he's in there! Come on!

Hey you! I see you up there!

C'mon, let's go! Let's get out of here

Son of a bitch!

C'mon man. Let's get the hell out of here

Peter? Peter are you there?

Where the hell are you?

The elevator Those things are all over the place. Climb up top...

I'll get you out the grid on the shaft I'm coming

Flyboy? Flyboy!


I heard his gun... may he's alright

We'll just wait... We'll just wait a while

It's almost light. Let's go He doesn't answer the radio for hours

For God sake!

What is it? Stephen...

They're coming up

Go on... get out of here

Peter? I said... get out of here

Oh, Jesus Christ, Peter... I don't want to go

I really don't

Come on!

Get there! Move woman!

How much fuel do we have?

Not much