Day knight (2020) Script

Hey, came so early ?

There is money in this bag.. Can you please keep it safe ?

How did you get this much money ?

Friend gave me to start business.

With whom you are going to do business ?

Hello, Buddy, I am coming.

You are going without answering my question.

I will come back and explain you in detail.

Ok, Can you order pizza for dinner ?

Ok, will do it.

Come soon.

Hi, are you waiting for a long ?

It’s ok.

Shall we go ? -Yes

What happened ?

Why are you sad ?

I feel bad as I absconded from marriage.

Why don’t you marry and come ?

No hubby It’s a big shame for my father, right?

That's why Ok ok, come.. let’s go home and talk further.

Wow, thanks.

Annam , It’s not a big palace.. it’s just a small home.

You will be alone after I go for job.

Look at these later.


Is this the room ? -Yes This is our room where we sleep .

I believed you and came with you.

You cheat me like this?

I came for this for?

Oh my God -Don’t cry .

To whom I can say these.

I deserve this as I absconded from my marriage.

Hey...Why do you create a scene now ?

Look, This is two rooms from now on.. Is that ok ?


Get up.

Ok? happy ?

From now onwards ,this is my room and this is yours..ok ?


I won’t come to your room without your permission Is that ok ? Happy ? -Huh

Have to change my dress..Please go out.

Hmm... Hope I’m in my room.

Get out of your room .

People concern Bhagavadgita, bible and Quran are noble books.

As per my concern this is my noble book.

Baby,you know why ?

This is going to change our life.

Ya Ya, we have stuffs to do in our life.

I was worried before.

Hannah,You know one thing, The life is going to be changed.

We have abandoned money in our hand.

I’m glad now.

We are going to marry , we are going to have kids.

Ok You know The hard phase is going to over. -Hmm

Aah shit -Who are you ?

What do you want?

Honey, why are they holding a gun?

What’s happening ?


What do you want ? what’s going on ? -Silence Silence -What’s happening ?

What's going on? -Silence

Sometimes we have to take violence to make silence.

A person having 10 rupees give one rupee for beggar.

A person having 100 rupees give 10 rupees for beggar.

A person having 1000 rupees spend in hundreds just like that.

A person having one lakh rupees spends for parties in thousands.

But a person having crores of money doesn’t give even a penny for anyone.

Like that, we stolen those money from them ..

But you stolen it from me.

See it..

Where you hide?

Where is the money ?

Tell me.

Will tell you boss.. Will tell you where the money is.

Where is it?

Tell me Catch him man, catch him.

Boss, get up.

Catch him.

Hey, stop man...

Hey I am following him Follow me Come this side soon.

Will kill you if you didn’t catch him.

Hey, come on.

Where have you all been lost ?

Made me to search of them..


Hey, you seem to be talking in phone always.

Need half day off ?

Just you came here..

Not even one customer arrived since.

But you are asking for day off ?

When did customer came here ?

Please. buddy Ok go.

Thanks. buddy bye.

Oh sh*t.

Who is it ? OMG!

No one seen

Hello brother ?

Oh my God...

Nothing to worry brother.. Let’s go to hospital.

Nothing to worry. Brother

Sit down.

Each and every thing is seen by satellite and CCTV cameras rather than God..

You can’t escape from that.

A car comes now.. Follow it and come


Go man Go go Move forward.

Where is he ?

Gone. sir Where he gone?

I admitted him in hospital that day.

Next day when I went to see him, he was not there.

Don’t know where he went .

We can’t eat while talking, likewise We shouldn’t eat while talking.

Which hospital ?

A hospital in sideways of National Highway..

Don’t remember the name.

Have a drink.

Not used to.

It isn’t fair not to offer drink for guest.

No sir. -Why?

Don’t you have a habit of drinking ?

No Have drunk with my friends.

We are friends too..So have a drink.

Sir, why are you in search of him ?


If a guy takes away all the food prepared for five persons before everyone have it ?

One man only take and runaway all the food How will it feel,?

Huh,will feel more hungry sir.

Ha ha ha... Hunger.


Go Hey -Come here.

Throw it away.

Thank god , She’s slept.

Had food ?

Shit... Are you drunk ?

Because of work pressure had some.

Every alcoholic says a reason.. But your reason seems to be very old.

Sorry Annam.

I made a mistake..

I left my father and mother and friends came with you..What to do now ?

I believe and come with you What to do say now ?

Where’s Joseph ?

You ?


Ok, come in.

Sit down , He is taking bath.. Will ask him to come.

Not allowing to love for sometime .

Baby, did my mind voice reached him ?

She mentioned as friends.. But why are they here.

Sit down.

I went to hospital..

But he is not there.

Where is he ?

He gone out sir.

Where did he go ?

Huh friends. hmm.

We have to take headache tablet if it’s a headache.

What happened? if we take stomach pain tablet for a head ache ?

Stomach hurts too.

Have a coffee..Headache will be vanished.

Have it.

Take it

How is coffee ?

Filter coffee ?


This coffee is nice.. It's saved her life.

Let’s talk outside..please sir.. let’s talk outside.

Ok, let’s talk outside. -Please sir Come on boys.

You made to drink coffee in car instead of having it in your home.

But coffee was good.

Hey, stop the car.

Hey stop the car

It’s good if you say the truth.

Where is he ?

I don’t know sir.

Where did he go ?

Won't you say anything?

Sir, really I don’t know. -Where he gone?

Where is he?

He went sir.

Will shoot you, if you don’t say.

Will shoot you for sure.

Our boys get scared if I scare him.

Looks like you Tamil guys..

I’m fan of Thala and Thalapathy..

It’s been two days since I had food.

Please give me some money.

Thank you.

Head ?

Head, wow it’s a head.

Yes -Now you are dead.

What do you look at ?

He was saying frequently hungry.. Will he feel hungry now ?

No he don't get hungry Don’t get scared..

Tell me...

Will tell you everything.. Will tell you whatever I know.

Hmm, tell me.

Sir sir I'll tell you everything Without hiding anything I'll tell you everything


Give it.

Go and dig.. Dig using your hands..

Go man dig it -Yes sir

Dig it.

Hey hey...

Oh my god....

Hey, tell me..

Where you keep money ?

Tell me Where you keep my money ?

Tell me, openly tell me I will give your share for sure.

Tell me..

Tell me, Where you keep my money?

Tell it man.... tell...

Sir, he has bullet wound in his body.

I didn’t do anything

I don’t know whether he died because of my gun shot or because of your car.

Don’t worry boss, I will find it.

Let’s go.

Go....everything gone

Boss, keeping him with us is good until we find our money.


Need courage to do a murder..

But need to be clever to hide a dead body.

I don’t know whatever you were doing till now and to whom you were working , But from tomorrow you are working for me.

Ok ?

Ok sir.

Hey, stop the car.

Hey, Office time is sharp 10.30 morning.. Office time Ok ?

Ok sir.

I’m not doing the murder.. You are going to do.

Boss water Throw it out. -Ok

Aaha....Holding a lollipop.

Can I have some of that you had ?


Hmm... -Thanks baby.

Good morning Sir.

Did he see it ?

Thanks god, he didn’t see it.

Hope he saw it.

He may torture me Don’t know whatever he is gonna question me.

What did you see ?

He is looking again and again which I saw.

I saw what you saw?

What did you see ?

Will you leave me? if I say nothing Nothing.

I know there’s nothing..

But tell me what did you see ?


Come...He is also...

Hello. -tell me ..I’m free now.

Hey,call him.

Huh ?

Call him.

For it? Can’t you say it ? Ok. boss

What to do with these guys ?

One can’t hear when he can speak and one can’t speak when he can hear.

What do I do now ?

Boss, don’t worry..I will handle it.

Come early today.

Why ?

Shall I do bajji or bonda for snack ?

Boss is calling you.


Tell me , which snack to do ?

Who is on call ?


What did you talk about ?

Asked what to do for evening snacks ?

What did you say ?

I instruct her to do both.

Bonda or bajji ?

Both will be good to eat along with coconut chutney isn’t it ?

Shall I come and prepare coconut chutney for you ?

What did he say to him ? why is he angry too much ?

It’s better to die instead of working with these guys.

Open the door.

I’m scared to sleep in my room.

Can I sleep in your room ?




What will you do if I die ?

Will go home sir.

What will you do if I die?

Don’t worry boss, you won’t die.

What will you do if I’m die ?

I’m still not dead.. stop you crying If I dead? I am still alive

What will you do if I’m die ?

Huh ?

How to make him understand ?

What will you do if I’m die ?

Don’t worry boss, we will find the money.

Why do I need money after my death.

Money money money.

Can’t live in this world without money.

Hey, did you guys sleep ?

Everyone go and sleep..Go.

Go and sleep.

Let me read this book until I sleep sir.

Sir, I found it..I found where the money is.

All got your deserved money for the hard work you did this much days..

For this hard work you get good return Not necessary for you all to sleep at day time further.

No more work for you here. -Ok sir Terminated you from the job from now on.

Happy ?

Happy sir.

But that coffee was very nice.

Tell your girl.

Yes I tell her sir.

Hey, why joined both rooms together.

Just did.

Are we ready for it ?

That’s after marriage only. huh, then why these arrangements.

It’s because I miss you so much.

I don’t like to be alone without you.

Even when you are here, we are being separated only.

That’s why.

Oh ok.


Shall we get married ?



What you want ? why are you stalking me ?

I want to tell you something.

I love you.

Can’t you understand what I said already.. try to understand.

Huh ?

I hate you.. Don’t stalk me further..ok ?

Riya ?

I hate my life.

When the girl we love is not with us.

Whatever money we have is waste

She hates me.

Leave me..You go.

Hey, will she return back if he keeps on crying ?

We have to move on.

Tell him.

How did she die ? who killed her ? why killed her ?

It’s wrong that we disposed her body without knowing anything.

Yes, it’s wrong..We know it..

But what to do now ?

We should have gone to police.

We may go to police, If we go to police They inquired who is she? and relatives At last we don't know they find the killer or not Before that we are all caught by police

Where is her share of money ?

Before her death I gave the money to her where it is?

I searched for it..But couldn’t find it.

That means, Murderer has killed her for money.

From now on ,our job is to find that murderer.

Come on boys.

Hey... Get up..get up.

How come these things are in your room ?

How come Riya’s things are in your room ?

Tell me.

How Riya’s money is in your room ?

Tell me

What ?

Will you kill me ?

Come and kill me..come.

Tell me I am asking you know tell me Tell me.

Are you tell me or not?

Her money how came to your room ?

Tell me

How it comes to your room Ria's money? Tell me

What happened ? Why do you cry ?

I am asking you know Tell me.

Tell me and then cry.

Who is dead ?

Hey...I’m the boss.. Your boss.


Hey... Give me my gun.

I am not doing anything

Don’t shoot.

It'll fire I will obey you..Don't shoot I’m your servant from now.

Don’t shoot.

Don't trigger the gun Don't shoot leave me

Don't do anything

What have you done ?

I came to take my bag.

My bag.

No no..Please listen to me..please.

Leave it..leave it.

Hey, came so early ?

There is money in this bag..

Can you please keep it safe ?

How did you get this much money ?

Friend gave me to start business.

With whom you are going to do business ?

Hello, coming.

You are going without answering my question.

I will come back and explain you in detail.

Ok, Can you order pizza for dinner ?

Ok, will do it.

Come soon.

Hey, let’s go in my car itself.


To bar , right ?

Go to asian beer cafe

Ordered pizza..Till what you need ?

Bar has closed, shall we go? I'll come you go.

I didn’t park the car this way ..I feel confused..

Forgot my keys too.

Door is open.

What’s she doing ?


What’s she doing.


Annam.. Annam.. Annam..

Annam what are you doing ?


We didn’t hold the work.. We are still searching for a year.

But this case is too challenging.

This murder has been done at 11:11 PM without any clue.

The girl has been seen dead in bathtub..

But as per post- martem reports the water in her stomach was sea water.

So, murder has not done in home.

What do you say sir ?

Murder is not done in home ?

Don’t know.

We can know about murderer only if that girl comes alive and tell us.

So please understand..We will find the murderer..

We will get them soon.

Ok sir, thank you.

Annam, why did you leave me.

I’m all alone in the home where we lived together.

Still I couldn’t find the murderer who killed you.

When I ask police, they say that, they can find only if you come and tell them.

Why should you tell them ? You tell me.

I will search for him and kill him and place him in front of your graveyard.

Hello Joseph.

Joseph , can you hear me ?

Hello, talk to me.

Talk to me..Is there no signal ?

Hello, what happened? Hello.

Annam, I’m not looking or talking to any other girl.


Till now I’m in your thoughts..

Do you hear me ?

But why do you scare me ?

Hello Joseph.

I swear that, I didn’t do any mistake.

Do your hear me ?

I know you have come. Are you here ?

What happened Joseph.. I’m talking here..But you keep on blabbering.

I’m so hungry.. Told you to order pizza ..Did you ?

Try to come home soon..Bye.


Who might be in the phone ?

What’s this ?

Pizza came.. Did you order both as vegetarian ?

Hey, why don’t you answer ?

Where are you Annam ?

In home.

In home ?

At this night time where will I go ? I’m in home only.

Night ?

It’s night 9:30.

I’m waiting for you without eating pizza.

I’m coming home.

Hello Annam.

I feel so hungry.. Where are you now ?

Annam,listen to me.. I’m in home.

You are dead since a year.

Are you drunk ?

No Annam, listen to me.

At 17th May 2018,thursday you were dead.

Don’t blabber.

Today is 17th MAY 2018.

No, now it’s 17th MAY 2019 Friday morning.

I’m not blabbering..

There can’t be same date and day in upcoming years.

Annam, please understand.. You are dead.

Why are you crying ?

What happened ? I don’t understand what you say ?

No Annam, they killed you.

Who killed me, why and when they killed me ?

I don’t understand whatever you say .

I don’t know who and why they killed you .

Post-mortem report says that, you are dead at 11:11 PM.

I’m not dead Joseph.

I’m talking to you.. I left all behind me just to live with you.

I’m alive.

I love you Joseph.

Pizza came.. Don’t know who has come now.

Don’t know who is it ?

Don’t open..Annam, don’t get scared..Be bold.

He is coming around the home.

Going behind .

Behind ?

Annam, I’m behind the home.

Don’t know who is it .. But he is trying to come in.

Close all the doors.

He came in by breaking the glass door.

He is the room next door.

Annam, where are you ?

Can’t I catch you if you run ?

Are you playing chasing game with me ?

All girls are running good.

Run now.

Hey get up.

Don’t harm me.

You need money, right ?

I will give it.

Where is it ?

It’s in room. Where?




Wow, Money makes even the dead body to open it’s mouth.

You made me to shut by giving me money.


Do you think , why I stopped ?

Most of them will give money after doing it..

But you gave me money for not to do it.

But I wish to do it.

Yes, shall we do it ?

Joseph, where are you ?

Annam, be bold.

Joseph, save me.

I’m coming. Don't scare.

Save me..I’m scared.


I’m scared.

Coming..Don't be scare Tell me where is the car going now ?

It’s dark here.. I don’t know.

But I’m in boot of the car.

Is there GPS in phone? Check and tell me where is the car moving now ?

In city..Crossing the queen street.

I’m also near it.

Annam, right or left ?


Now it’s in lion street.

Coming..I’m nearing .

Be bold.

Annam, right or left ?

Didn’t move yet.

Straight..come straight.

Where are you ?

Are you coming. yes, coming.

Come soon Joseph.

Charge is getting down in mobile Joseph.

Came near.

Straight ?

Yes, straight.

Which side ?

Turning left ,Joseph.

Going straight in same road.

I came near..Be bold.

Joseph,nearing the beach.

I’m scared ,Joseph.

Don’t cry Annam, be bold.

Car has stopped.. Where are you coming ?

Car has been stopped.. Come soon.

Annam, I’m at beach.. Where are you ?

I’m coming..Don’t cry. Come soon.

Is anything is there in boot?

The money bag you brought is here.

Money bag ?

In that..

Annam ?


Hand me your phone.. Give it.

Will give. Give it.


Did you shoot me ?

You have to target while shooting..Sit down.

Sit down.

Sorry, understand me..

I kidnapped you as I wish to talk to you frankly.

Look at this beautiful beach.. No one is here.

We are only two here.

If so it’s the beach in our country, There will be disturbance by boys who sells snacks.

Look at here..

Instead of enjoying the nature you keep on crying.

I was to talk about your and my likes and dislikes.

But you are not talking at all.

Please talk some.

Don’t run..stop.

Stop..Why do you run even for touching you ?


Who are you ? What do you need ? tell me.

I’m telling as you ask me.

First,have food..You didn’t have food for a long time..Have it.

Tell me who are you ?

It seems like you will eat only if I say about me.

Will tell you everything.

Who are you ?

Who are you?

Don’t you know me ?

I saw you and engaged you properly..

But you absconded at the time of marriage.

Now, you ask about me ?

What to do ?

That’s why I came in search of you.

They are arranging a marriage with a girl like a parrot to a boy like a monkey.

I thought about it Yes, I’m a monkey.

But even a monkey has a good heart, right ?

You too said that you like me.

So i too liked you.

Did you like me or not ?

Tell me.

Did you like me or not ?

Hmm hmm.

Like me ?

Please tell me, I love you.

Tell me.. tell me.. tell me I Love You.

Do you know one thing, I love you is a decent version of saying that I’m ready to sleep with you.

Now a days many say it like that only.. Calling to sleep with them.

He has asked you sleep with him and you have accepted to sleep with him .

Why ? why did you ?

You have to tell I love you ,only to me..Ok ?

Will you say it to any other ? will you ? You shouldn’t .

Don’t cry..don’t cry.

Don’t cry..don’t cry.


Why did you leave me ?

Because of I’m bald ?


Many are bald here.. yes, many are bald.

Do you know that, in this world there is ratio of 1: 5 women for men..

But I didn’t get even one girl.

You were there..But you too left me.

Why you left me ? why ?

Because I love Joseph.

Because I love Joseph.

You know one thing, all girls wish to marry heroes.

But all heroes are married.

Yes ,Vijay,Ajith, Surya, Karthi, Sivakarthigeyan, Dhanush , G.V.Prakash all are married.

Vishal is committed.

Arya is searching for bride.

Only simbu is in confusion.. Whether Simbu will get married or not ?

Tell me whether Simbu will get married or not ?

Don’t know.

Don’t know ?

Even I don’t know.

Ok, leave it.

When is our marriage ?

Marriage broker said to me that you sing well.

Sing one song.


You sang well.

Marriage broker told me that you dance well too. so dance now.

Ok are tired by dancing..sit down.

You danced well.

Saw you singing and dancing..

I wish to go for an interval.

I will go and come.

Will you run ?

You won’t run.


Open the door.. Open the door.

You wish to be with your lover..

Likewise I wish to be with my lover.

Is that wrong ?

Ok, don’t cry.

You love him itself.

Let him be your first lover..

I won’t mistake you.. I will be your second lover.

Go and be with him.

I sacrifice you.. Have a good life.

Don’t get scared..It’s me.. Your second lover.

Do you think that I will sacrifice like some heroes in old films ?

Do you want me sacrifice ?

I’m not a hero.. I’m villain..A big villain.

Annam, move aside..It may hurt you.. Move aside.

Peek a boo..I see you.

I’m in.

Leave it.

Shall we get married ?

No. yes.

Instead of living together , lets die together.

Dreams come for all..But don’t know for how many it happens in real.

I’m looking at a man now whom I saw in my dreams.

I haven’t seen him before..

But now I can feel the presence of him whenever me and Annam where together.

I don’t know any details about him.

But it’s him whom I have to kill..It’s him.

Only him

Do you know one thing, It’s easy to do a murder in this world, but suiciding is so hard.

I can't, can't..

Each day I attempted for a suicide..

I tried very hard to reach you but I failed.

When all people in the world wish to live, I’m a dead body who lives here wishing to die.

Yes, I’m a dead body living here.

This dead body speaks, roams , eats and sleeps.

Always thinking about you.

Thanks , as you made me to be together with Annam.

I'm In.