Dayu haitang (2016) Script

Some fish aren't meant to be caged because they belong to the sky.



Who we are?

Where do we come from?

And where are we going?

Nobody cares about these questions.

Every day, people just go to work, smile at each other, bicker, buy things, eat and sleep.

One hundred years have passed.

I am already 117 years old.

Many times I have told them that each living human being is a giant fish in the sea, and that human life is just like swimming across the sea.

But they never listened to me, saying that I've gone senile.

However, every time I dream, I can see very clearly many big fish falling from the sky and hear them calling to each other.

Their beautiful voices remind me of my past.

Four and a half billion years ago, on this planet, there was nothing but water and some big old fish that were the souls of human beings.

In fact, since their birth, they have never forgotten their origins.

My name is Chun.

I come from the undersea world.

The sky of my abode is connected to the sea of the human world.

Human souls wander in their world for a long time before they reach the end of the sea and the sky of this world.

We are guardians of human souls and the laws of nature in the world.

We are neither human beings nor gods, but the Others.

What a beautiful starry night!

The rite of passage is about to start. Hurry up.

Thank you, Brother Songzi.

Sister Leizu!

We are attending the rite of passage. Can we borrow two horses?

Of course.

I'll pick you.

How awesome, you're taller than me.


Wait for me!


Qiu, is the human world fun?

Of course. Last year I almost decided to stay there.

Then you should've!

If I did, who would see you off this year?

You don't need to. I didn't ask you to follow me.

It's starting. Hurry, hurry!

It's all your fault!

Tingmu, take care of yourself in the human world.

Don't worry, Grandma.

Chun! Get over here!

Sure. Coming!

Give it to me!


Grandma, good luck!

When you reach the human world, you will be by yourself.

Here. Have some more.

Ma, I'm full now.

Brother, brother, when will you come back?

Be a good girl. I'll be back in seven days.

Watching over all living souls is the bright heaven.

Heed my prayer, and bestow blessings upon thee!

You shall explore the human world for seven days to observe the laws of nature that are under our control.

But you must avoid all contact with humans.

That is the absolute rule of the heavens.

The Gate of Sea and Sky, open!

By the time you return safely, you will be an adult You must be cautious of the humans. I know.

Remember, stay far away from them. Relax.

Chun is smart. She'll be fine. Nonsense.

Jin's daughter didn't return last year.

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time!

Remember, only the maelstrom links the two worlds.

You must get back to it by the seventh day, Ma, I already know that.

Or you won't return. I know.

Soup's here! Soup's here!

My daughter is an adult now.

I'm going.

Chun... take care of yourself!

Yes, I will.

We will wait for your safe return.

Leave us. Just go.

Don't worry. I'm leaving.


Come here.

Remember, it's dangerous out there.

Don't let the humans come close to you.

Chun, have a safe journey!

I'll be waiting for you!

Every child that reaches the age of 16 is sent to the human world for their rite of passage... to get a closer look at the functioning of the laws of nature.

That was the first time that we saw the scenery of the human world, which was completely unlike what we had been told.

We had never been happier.

The human world was a spectacular place.

Brother, look!

The red dolphins have come back like every year!

Here, let's give our greetings.


You all come again!

Traveling in the human world alone, I came across giant ships, I saw lights that looked like stars, and also, many paper boats with burning candles that carried the souls of the deceased on rivers to the great sea.

On the sixth day, together with the floating lanterns, I returned to the sea along a waterfall.

Watch closely!

Is it fun? Yeah!

I'll show you something even more fun.

What are you doing, big brother?

Here, help me.

Smear it on my back.

Naughty girl.

Stay right here. OK.

So many fish!

What took you so long, big brother?

I was chasing a red dolphin.

Look, it's here.

Wow. It's been following us.

It is different from the other dolphins.

Much smarter.

I think it likes you.

Where's it from? Near the maelstrom.

A dolphin.

It's the red one.

It's trapped.

Bring me the dagger.

I'll help it.

But there's a maelstrom down there. Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Now go.

Brother, take care!


I'm here to help you.

Brother! Come back!

Gimme my brother! Gimme my brother!

Brother, come back!



You've returned!

What's wrong?

Are you alright? I'm fine.

No more questions. Let's go home.

I'll make you delicious food for your return.

Morning, Grandma.

Is Grandpa awake?

Grandpa, where do humans go when they die?

Their body will turn into dirt.

What about their soul?

Their soul will swim to the northernmost House of Rusheng, where it is transformed into small fish and watched over by the Soul Keeper.

Will we die, too? Of course.

Where there's life, there's death.

My own destiny is drawing near, too.

Grandpa, I don't want you to die.

Silly girl. But it is the law of nature.

For us, death is nothing but the gate to eternity.

What troubles you, little girl?

I don't think the flute belongs to this world.

It is not mine.

Yet lovely.

Who is its owner?

A boy from the human world, but he is already dead now.

I killed him.

A human boy.

If we are talking about deceased human beings, perhaps I can help you.

Today at midnight, bring the bell back here.

Ring it, and somebody will pick you up.

If you dare to come, I will be waiting for you.




Sorry. Clumsy me.

Where are you going so late?

Some things can be foreseen in life.

The moment I stepped on the boat, I knew that my fate would be greatly changed.



Are you alone?

Follow me.


Thanks, but I'd rather stand.

What's the date of his death?

Two days before Grain Rain. April 18th.

I hope your date is correct, because we get more dead people than the fleas on my cats every day.

It is.

That day was my birthday.

The heavens have their own rules, which you are now publicly violating.

I don't care.

I must revive him.

You don't care?

Disobeying the heavens will incur the harshest of punishments, no matter who you are.

I owe him my life, and I must pay him back.

Who do you think you are?

I've been plodding in this place for 800 years, and yet it is still not enough to pay back what I owe.

That's because you are not... Quiet!

I'll tell you what the most pathetic thing in the world is.

You meet someone, you make a mistake, you wish you can make up for it, pay them back, only to find out in the end that there is nothing you can do.

Sins of the past have no remedy.

We will never be able to pay for what we have done.

But you said you could help. I felt sorry for you.

To bring a dead man back to life, do you know what the price is?

What is it?

In exchange for his life, you must give me the most beautiful part of your body.

Your eyes.


You would never give away your precious little eyes.

Alright. You can give me half of your life instead.

If that's what it takes, I'm willing.


You pooped here again! My dearest darling.

Why do you keep so many cats?

Because they are the only living things here that an old thing like me can keep.

Every living human being is a giant fish in the sea.

When they are born, their journey in the sea starts.

Human life is just like swimming across the sea.

Sometimes they meet, and sometimes they depart.

LIFE - DEATH When they die, they arrive at the shore, and head for their respective worlds.

This is the Chamber of Heaven.

The souls of the dead are all kept here.

Countless souls are kept here.

Can you find him?

I remember his face.

I remembered his face, but I didn't know his name.

I could recall his eyes, and the scar on his forehead.

I searched for six hours, the entire night.

I will give his soul to you, and transfuse your soul into his to revive him.

Henceforth, your lives will be directly linked.

You have to protect him through all kinds of suffering until he grows into a big fish and returns to the human world.

That's the process of resurrection.

Once it begins, there's no way to turn back.

Otherwise his soul will be dispersed for eternity.

Are we clear?

Still oversleeping. What did he do last night?

Do you remember me?

I was the red dolphin at the shore.

Do you still recall your name?

How about I pick one for you?

My mom named me after "Chun" in hope that I can inherit her job in the future, mastering the growth of begonias.

I wish you...

I wish you will grow up to be larger than this glass jar, this mirror, this desk and this bed, until you feel this room is too small for you, and this castle is just a cage.

What's all the noise about?

You should be named after the most enormous fish in history.

You can't raise a fish in your room.

None of your business. Why are you here?

I will keep this a secret.

Why so angry?

I just thought of a great name. What is it?

Open the window first.

In the Northern Ocean there is a fish that goes by the name of Kun.

Kun's size is too large to measure.

When Kun takes flight, its wings block the sky like clouds.

All quoted from an ancient book.

It says that there's this fish named Kun.

It is so large that it can cover the sky.

And it can also fly, with wings the size of clouds.

Are you done?

See you.

From today on, You will be called...



It's strange to see such a fierce storm in this season.

The rain is turning salty.

You are getting bigger.

Kun, do you want to play with me?


In the sea, there was a red dolphin playing with you in the same way.

You do remember me!

Come here. Let's go.

You can fly?

You can fly in the rain!

How amazing!

They are calling you. Your family is expecting you home.

Kun, please grow up quickly.

Then I will send you back.

I will.


Ma, were you in my room?

I was. And what of it?

Where did you hide him?

I threw it away.

You haven't the faintest idea what you are doing.

Mom, it is a fresh life!

What? Come back here!

Explain yourself!

Stop following me. Why are you walking so fast?

What happened?

My mom threw Kun away.

Don't worry. I know exactly where to find him.


Don't worry. We will find him.


It's Kun.

Get a rope. I will go down.

What? You?

I don't think so. It should be me.

If you and Kun are both lost, it would be a disaster.

Qiu, be careful.

This is definitely the stinkiest place in the world.

Qiu, thank you.

So many rats!

What do we do? Kun will be eaten by them!

Of course... and only in a blink of an eye.

What a fascinating smell. It stinks like hell.

It is the smell of love.

Is there anything I can do for you, little handsome?

I am looking for a fish.

A fish? I think I've seen one.

Really? Can you help me find him?

That's no ordinary fish.

It came from the Soul Keeper, didn't it?

Good people turn into fish after death and belong to her.

Bad people turn into mice after death and belong to me.

My little mice are much lovelier than her fish.

Can you really help me find Kun?

Not unless... this handsome boy has a dance with me.


Come here, be a good boy.




Not only do boys need to learn how to dance, they also need to learn how to control their own mouse.

The human world is a fantastic place.

You've been there?

There. Isn't it him?


Are you alright?


Are you all back?

How is he?

He is not responding.

He woke up.

What a pure soul.

He will grow into a big fish in the future.

Got ya!

Where are you hiding?

Where's everybody?

Where are you this time?

Grandpa Houtu, Grandpa Houtu, there's a fish. A fish. Fish.

Right here. In the well.

Where did it go?

I clearly saw a fish down there.

The seawater has been rising due to the recent rain, which is an ill omen.

We must be fully prepared.

Lucky we moved fast, or we would be in trouble.

Kun, you have a new home now.

Chun, look here!

How interesting!


Stay, stay away!

It has two heads!

Watch out!


Chun, I feel drowsy.

I'm going to sleep.

Don't sleep. Don't sleep now.

I'll sing a song for you.

The moon and stars shed light over the sea And the rains dance in the gentle wind That is a terrible song.

You will fall asleep if it is a good one.

Why the lingering?

- Chun... Floating clouds...

Where are we now?

We're almost there.

Don't sleep.

Grandpa, save Qiu!

Qiu's life is being endangered by the Dual-head Snake Poison, to which there is no antidote.

Grandpa, please save him!

Chun, this is for you.

Perhaps there's a last resort.

Chun, leave us. I will have a go.

What are you doing? You are splattering water all over me.

Qiu, you got better!

Yeah. Your grandpa is really awesome. I'm totally fine now.

My grandfather is in charge of herbs. He's skilled.

Darling, do you still remember the place where we first met?


Chun, come over here.


Your grandpa is leaving.

It's all my fault.

Don't blame yourself, child.

Laws of nature dominate the world.

No one can escape from death.

I understand that you are doing something extremely dangerous and everyone is against you.

But as long as you have a kind heart, their judgment will have nothing to do with you.

Just follow your heart.

I shall turn into a begonia tree and support you together with your grandma.

My grandmother was in charge of all birds when she was alive.

She turned into a phoenix after death and lived with my grandpa ever since.

Two days later, Grandpa passed away.

That day all the birds gathered around the tree, just like my grandma had come back again.

Frost in summer. The seasons are in complete disarray.

A catastrophe is coming.

How strange. It's snowing in this season!

Boy, do I love snow!

Do you believe in the existence of gods? No, I don't.

Well, I do.

I've never seen one.

The humans never seen us, yet here we are.

Were there gods, I would most certainly be punished.

Qiu, when my father and mother grow old, I'm afraid I won't be able to look after them.

Why this all of a sudden?

I have only half my life left now.

What? Why?

Half of my life was exchanged for Kun. Chun, where are you?

Chun, get down!

Coming! My daughter won't do anything like that.

Regardless, please let her explain everything.

The Elders are starting to doubt Chun.

Kun is in a dangerous situation.

Who are you?

Forgotten me already, little handsome?

Hide Kun in the river by the hill in the back.

Chun will be sentenced if he is discovered.


Chun will be blamed because of you.

Come with me.

You will be a burden if you stay with her.

If you don't want her harmed, just go away.

Where's Kun?

I released him.

Released him where? I released him in the river.

Chun, it was all for your sake!

My precious, finally you are in my hands.

With your help, I will be able to go to the human world.


I thought I would never see you again.

We must find a way out.

Let's follow them.


My parents died when I was very young.

Grandma brought me up by herself.

Nobody supervised me, and I'm afraid of nothing.

But there is one thing I can't bear.

Your suffering.

I never thought this would happen.

I didn't know he was so important to you.

I'm scared that they might hurt you.

Would you please wake up?



Kun, it must be you who woke me up.

You've grown much bigger.

I don't want to be separated from you.

It's your turn.

What bad tiles.

Come on in now that you're here.

Sorry to bother you.


I would like to ask a question.

What is it?

Why did you hand over a human soul to Chun?

That's the deal between us.

With a high enough price...

...there's nothing in the world that can't be exchanged.

Is it half of her life?

Why are you asking when you already know?

If I may ask, can I exchange my life for her life?

Of course you can.

But the price has gone up.

You must exchange your whole life for hers.

All right.

But I must remind you...

...she is not saved even if you give up your life.

Half of the girl's life is intertwined with the big fish.

She dies the minute the fish dies.

What if the fish is sent away?

If the fish is sent away...

The day when the fish is sent away...

Is the day of her death.

Is there any way I can save her?

Self-draw win. Flush!

Come play mahjong with me. I'll tell you if you win.

But there are already four of you.

No, there aren't.

Seat available now.

Lucky me. I win.

Let me see.

There is no such thing as luck.

Good luck or bad luck, it's nothing but fate.

The way to save her rests within your hands.

Within my hands?

The way to save her rests within your hands.

Within your hands.

Thank you for your advice.

You youngsters treat life as if it were rocks on the roadside, while we old people try everything we can to live one more day.

Without happiness, what's the meaning of longevity?

I tried to forget something, but I couldn't.

If you can't, then don't.

Real forgetting requires no efforts.

But I am miserable.

Misery is sometimes a good thing.

Is there any medicine that can make me forget my miseries?

I have but one sort of medicine, which can relieve you of all your miseries as well as your happiness.

It's called the Mengpo potion.

In that case, I prefer a kettle of wine.

Do you have antidotes for hangovers? I have never drunk before.

Whose love do you think you've been receiving?

It is the love of a god!

He betrayed all gods out of love for you.

He suffered countless pains and brought you happiness.

The seawater is rising. The heavens are in a fury.

Things of ill omen must be removed.

I can tell you where the big fish is as long as you break the spell on me so that I can see the sunlight again.

Dirty things are prevalent down there.

Might as well have some cleaning.

Are you ready, precious darlings?

The big fish has come And it's time to move my home Towards the mountain top Where my new home will reside Bitter wind and fierce storms Blow thousands of homes away Gone the old home comes the new Where exactly is my home?

Where exactly is my home?

Grandma Qiu, Grandma Qiu, emergency! The Mask of the Dragon was stolen!


Chun, do you know how long I've been looking for you?

Listen to me. Let go of this monster.

He is no monster. You will not harm him.

What a disobedient girl!

I'm sorry, Mom.

Feng, why do you stop?

Go get them!

Let me.

Step aside.

Kun, let's get out of here.

Don't let them run away!

Kun, faster!

Chun, go now!

I'll help you send Kun home.

Good heavens.

Chun, you must go with Kun, now!

Qiu. Qiu, you don't know what you are doing!

Your magical capability is not enough to open the sky.

Not good. Somebody find Grandma Qiu!

Go, now! I'm losing it!

Kun, faster!

Kun, speed UP!

Finally I'm back, human world!

Thanks to your help, little handsome.

I'll miss you in the human world.

This is a disaster.

Without a token from the human world, you won't be able to go through the Gate.

Grandpa saved us.


Kun. It's going to hurt.

Ever since I met you and our fates entwined, I have never once regretted it.

Brother Songzi, why isn't Brother Zhurong with you?

We're going to find him.


Someone's down there. Let's go get them.

Help! Somebody help us!

Save my sister first!

Little sister! Brother.

Has anyone seen Qiu?

Tingmu is still in the water. I'll get him.

I'm going with you.


Kun, we can't give up.

You must fly through the Gate of Sea and Sky.

Don't worry. I'll be fine. Grandpa is here for me.

You idiot. Leave now.


There's the monster!

It won't get away this time!

Lives are more important. Let's find Tingmu first.

We can't let it run loose. It will only invite more catastrophe.




Grandpa. What should I do?

What should I do?





Let him go. He's innocent.

Why would you do that?

He died saving me, and I'm giving him life in return.

His sister is still waiting for him.

Do you know that Tingmu has been swallowed by the flood and his sister is also waiting for him?

Everybody, run!

Build a bridge! To the top of the highest mountain!

Feng, help me!

Not good. It's an emergency. We need to go back.

I can't accompany you on your final trip.

I need to help my family.

Tingmu Brother!

Did you find Tingmu?

We didn't.

What? I'm sorry.

I want my brother back!


Mom, let me help.

We don't need you!


Give me my Tingmu.

Hurry up! Follow the lead!


This is all my fault.

I can't bear everybody suffering because of me.

But Kun, you must fly higher in every effort.

You will leave this place.

I want to see you live a wonderful life as you used to.

I have faith in you.

Grandpa, I'm coming to you.


Mom, I'm here!

Brother! Tingmu!

I've been waiting for you for a long time.

Why didn't you leave?

These are some clothes made by Leizu.

Try them on and see if they fit.

Thank you.

Why am I here?

Shouldn't I be dead?

I saved you.

But you've lost your capacity for magic and no longer belong in this place.

What about the others?

Rest assured. You saved everyone.

This apocalypse has connected the water and the land.

If you go south, you will reach the Southernmost Heaven's Lake where you can accompany him for the last time.

However, when he returns to the human world, he will have no memory of you.

That's fine.

Please tell my mother that I'm still alive.

Go now.

Thank you.

There's no need.

I'm a businessman.

You should thank the one who traded your life back.


Chun! Wait for me!

I'm going with you!

Help! I can't swim!

What's on your mind?

So many stars.

Every time I look up at the sky, I feel I'm being summoned.

If one dies, he won't be able to see the beauty of the sky.

Do you believe in eternal love?

Just like stars?

I do.

After Kun is back, let's go home together.

I've lost my magic.

I can't go back.

The human world is a spectacular place.

Do you want to live there?

Together with Kun?

That's impossible. We are from different worlds.

I wasn't asking about the possibility.

I was asking if you would like to.

I like to watch you having food.

You look beautiful when you are eating.

I've seen all kinds of you.

Naughty you, angry you, sad you, embarrassed you, are all charming.

For me, you are like a big brother.

All right then.

Are you asleep?


Are you cold?

No. Then sleep tight.



Thank you for being with me the whole time.

No one treats me better than you in the world.

Will we ever meet again?

Will we get to know each other again?

We will reunite.

No matter what we may look like, we will recognize one another.



Go home now.


Come here. Take my hands.

Hurry. We're running out of time!

What's the matter, Qiu?

I'm going to send you... to Kun's world.

I thought we were going home together.

I traded back your life from the Soul Keeper, and I will send you to the human world.


Chun... listen.

Chun, promise me that you will hold onto my hands and never let go.

I have to send you away.

We will meet again, believe me.

My deepest regret is that I didn't hold you in my arms during our last night together.

You will live a happy life.

Follow me.

On the count of three, jump with me.

You have to trust me!

One, two, three!

I will be the wind and rain with you in the human world.




Do you believe in miracles?

Life is a journey that we have to wait for countless reincarnations before we get the privilege to enjoy it.

At the end of our short life, we will eventually lose everything.

Therefore you might just as well embolden yourself to love someone, to climb a mountain, or to pursue a dream.

Yes, you might just as well embolden yourself.

There are many things that I don't understand, and there are many questions that carry no answers.

But I do believe that the very reason why the heavens bless us with lives is to let us make miracles.

It's time.

From now on, you will be my successor.

In ancient history there was a tree called Ta-khun, whose spring (Chun) was 8000 years, and its autumn (Qiu) the same.