DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year (2016) Script

Intruder located in sector d.

Thanks, oracle.

Come on, girls. It's hero time.


Where's the snooze button on this thing?


S... supergirls, up! Up and away!

Time to save the day.

Or night.

Drones, swarm.

Your hood, miss batgirl.

Pow! Action on!

Oracle shows the intruder is close.

-He must be hiding. -I'll look in the classrooms.

And I'll check the lockers.


Any sign of the criminal, Bumblebee?

No. But an old pumpernickel sandwich in beast boy's locker just committed a crime against my nose.

In there!


Mr. bones, aren't you looking trim?

This way.

Big barda.

How'd you get back here?

Wonder woman? I...



You mess with the bee, you're gonna get stung.


Big barda, you're going back to belle reve juvenile detention.


Oh! Sorry. I...

--Ha! Got her!

What's going on here?

Principal waller.

We captured known criminal, big barda.

Girls, this is new student, big barda.


She tricked you, principal waller.

Her plans to take over the school are right here.

"Ap weaponomics, 8:30, "intro to super suits, 9:30."

My class schedule.

I was making sure i knew where all my classes were so I wouldn't be tardy on my first day.

You let her into super hero high?

But this is a school for superheroes, not supervillains.

Maybe big barda erased your memory when she helped brainwash everyone.

I trust big barda has reformed just like vice principal graw did.

So, please, make her feel at home.

At my home, this would call for an olive branch, but...

Would this do?

Yeah. Thanks.

This is your dorm room.


You can trick it out with whatever decorations you brought from home.

Home? This is all I got from apokolips, but that's not my home anymore.

Darkseid's got a zero tolerance policy for girls gone good.

I guess that makes me a stray.

-Like blondie. -Me?

Uh, granted getting ousted from apokolips is less dramatic than your whole planet going kablooey like...

Krypton kaboom, right?

Oh, sorry, I'm not good with small talk.

I just never had much time for it between combat practice, avoiding the abyss of anguish, and working on my evil laugh.

That last one was a joke.

I guess I'm not good with jokes either.

We better get some rest.

There's lots to do tomorrow for the big hero of the year celebration this weekend.

I thought I was the only night owl here.

-What're you doing up? -Couldn't go back to sleep.

Wow. Who were they? My parents.

I don't want to forget what they looked like.

But art's not my thing.

I can't get it right.

Come on.

State-of-the-art police sketch program.

But it'll work for this, too.

It looks just like them.

-Hi, commissioner Gordon. -What's up, comish?

-Morning. -Babs, I saved you a seat up here.

Dad, I'll be fine in the back.

But, babsy bugs, you might miss something in my lecture about the three aspects of a crime that must be established to determine guilt.

Means, motive and opportunity.

I have the means and motive to sit by my friends.

So, I'll take this opportunity to use this desk.

Besides, dad, we'll have plenty of time together this weekend, since you're my date to the hero of the year ceremony.


All right, students, for today's forensics assignment everyone needs a partner.


--Oh, yeah!

Cyborg, do you want to be partners?

Sorry, hawkgirl, me and katana make a mean team.

-Starfire? -I'm enjoying the dynamic duosity of being the partners with miss martian.



Supergirl? Wonder woman!

Oh, no.

What up, partner?

Beast boy.

Let's get forensicin', mama.

I gots it!

You solved the assignment?

Nah, I finally got that itch i couldn't reach.

Oh, yeah. That's the spot.

We have an assignment to do.

-Stop monkeying around. -I wasn't monkeyin' around.

This is monkeyin' around.

I can juggle like that.

Beast boy, get down from there.

Aw, man.

Everybody's always gripin' at me.

It's, "stop that! Don't go there!

"Get your tail out of my soup, beast boy."

If you want people to take you seriously as a proper hero, you can't be so wild.

Could you teach me?

Me? No way.

You need a lion tamer, or a horse-whisperer, or something.


I'll think about it.

Yeah, mama!

Oh, fabulous work, Ivy. -Thanks, Mr. crazy quilt.

They say you shouldn't gild the Lily, but they didn't say anything about roses.

Oh, spectacular sparkling, sapphire.

Thanks. I love sparkles.

Cheetah! Put that trophy back where you found it.

"Put that trophy back where you found it."

This is Lois Lane, live at super hero high where everyone is busy

preparing for the annual hero of the year ceremony.

There are two of the nominees now, hawkgirl and cyborg.

Good morning, Lois.

Hey! Shout-out to all my fans out there.

Can I get a "boo-yah?"

And there's another hero of the year nominee, katana.

And here's lady Shiva.

Lady Shiva, what's it feel like to be nominated for hero of the year?

The joy I find in this honor is nearly as great as the pride

that swelled inside of me, when I defeated the army of rampaging boogey beasts, using nothing but my left pinky toe.


Ooh, there's flash.

Uh, is that camera on?

Got to go!

And this year's final nominees, wonder woman and Bumblebee.

What will you do if you win?

I never really thought about it.

I mean, I got a sweet suit that lets me fly, shrink and Bumblebee blast.

But this isn't the "best dress awards."

As far as hero-ing goes, my fellow nominee and bestie, wonder woman, here, is straight up on fleek.

Aw, thanks, Bumblebee.

Supergirl and batgirl, as new students, you didn't meet the minimum time to qualify this year.

So, who do you think should win?

-Well, uh... -Harley Quinn here.

I first dreamed of being a hero when I was a babbling baby!

And I saw a superhero on the telly.

Suspicious activity detected at the amethyst.

Come on!

Ew. It looks infected.

Mmm. No trace of trespassers.

I saw the alert. What's the status?

Breaking news, something's going on with the amethyst.

Thank you, Lois. But we have top secret matters to discuss.

I'm here for the top secret meeting.

-How did you know? -Lois' report.

I've never seen the amethyst do this before.

It could be natural. A gem fungus or parasite.

But until we know what's going on, we'll post a guard around the clock.

I call dibs on the first shifts.

Excellent, hawkgirl.

Wonder woman, coordinate the guard schedule.

You got it, principal waller.

We don't know what's behind this change with the amethyst, but we need to be extra vigilant.


I guess my invite to the party got lost in the mail?

Big barda!

Lead warrior in the female furies and active in the attempt to conquer super hero high.

Stand down, lady Shiva.

Big barda is a student here now.

Where's the hidden camera? Huh?

Is this another prank, Harley?

I wish.

That would have been a doozy!

Seriously? Principal waller let her in?


Don't mind lady Shiva.

She's still smarting from that time when you brainwashed her father and, generally, threatened everything she loves.

Yeah. Sorry.

But whatever you need now, I'm up for it.

Thanks, barda.

You can relieve hawkgirl after her shift guarding the amethyst.

-Cool. -Really?

She wants to help, and we need help.

Just in case, everyone needs to be prepared.

-Swords sharpened! -Hmm!

Electric stings charged.

Nunchuks, uh...


Batgirl, could you fix my shield?

It got cracked last night.


This is beyond my expertise.

You need someone who knows metal.

Hmm. Sounds like a job for the master alchemist of Themyscira.

Who's up for a field trip?

-Right on! -Me.

Can we take the batjet?

You know how freaked out my dad gets about me flying halfway around the world.

Technically, Themyscira isn't halfway around the world.

It's more like a third of the way.

Your dad won't even have time to worry.

We'll be back by lunchtime tomorrow.

I'll fuel up the batjet!

I call shotgun!

-All right! -Yeah, honey!

Hiya, newbie!

Name's Harley Quinn.

You probably heard of me.

-Um... -Of course you have.

As our newest student, you have qualified for the spectacular, amazing, undeniably unique Harley Quinn tour.

Can I get a whoopie-whoopie?

-Whoopie? -Perfect.

I'd like to thank my parents for being the wind beneath my wings.

Or rather, for passing down the family heirloom, my nth metal belt from thanagar that enables me to fly.

I couldn't have won this award without it.


Who are...

Attacking a student, two demerits.

Only two? That will never do for an overachiever like myself.

How about 200?

Nth metal from the planet thanagar.

What a wonderful start.

Aunt Martha, it's just a quick trip to Themyscira.

As long as you're all still coming to the farm for dinner

after the big awards ceremony.

Wouldn't miss it. Your mashed potatoes are the bomb!

Thank you, Bumblebee.

Supergirl will get plenty of those while she's here over school break.

Oh, I don't know, aunt Martha.

Are you sure you want me there? I don't want to put you out.

Of course.

Supergirl, you know you can make yourself at home with us.

We love you, dear.

I, uh... I appreciate it.

Bye, aunt Martha.

Talking to the kents again?

You know the drill. A call every day.

Speed delivery for supergirl!

And a cookie care package every week.

Lucky! I call the snickerdoodles.

You may have just met the kents a few months ago, but points to Martha for already having all your favorite foods down.

Yeah. My mom still insists that I love olives, just like she does.

But olives...

The texture. Ugh!

To Themyscira!

-The Princess has returned! -Oh, she came back! Yes!

-Welcome home, Princess. -This is wonderful.

-Mother. -Diana.

I can't stay long. I just need my shield repaired.

The only one who can repair such damage to themysciran ore is the master alchemist.

It will be my honor, Princess.

Come on, I want to show you guys my home.



Welcome home, Kara. How was your ride?

Amazing. We found this.

A mnemosyne crystal.

Once we get this polished, it will be very powerful.

Hurry up, supergirl!

I hear the ambrosia here is delish.

Um, coming.

And that's the royal spa.


Is that a pedicure chair?

My toes are tots in need of some tlc.

Hey, batgirl, I think there's something weird with my necklace.

I touched the mnemosyne crystal and saw something.



I can do some tests when we get home.

Supergirl, over here!

If you stay here during school break, this will be your room.

Oh, yeah. Nice.

I thought you'd stay at the kents over the holiday.

I haven't decided.

I mean they say I'm welcome, but maybe they're just being nice.

I don't want to be a charity project.

Come on, the throne room is this way.

Diana, you're skipping over the best room.

Mom, they don't want to see that.

It's embarrassing.


Well, now we have to see it.

Lead the way, miss queen hippolyta.

Whoa. This room is gleamin'.

Are all these awards yours?

-Well, you know... -These are just from the past year.

We had to build a whole wing on the other side of the palace for Diana's elementary school honors.

Come, look at this.

It's the key to the city of Metropolis.


And I thought that my dad driving around with that

"my daughter is hero of the month

"at super hero high" bumper sticker was bad.

Shh. Don't let my mom know those exist.

She'll plaster her chariot with them.

Diana, I want to show you something.


An invisible trophy?

No. This is where we'll put the hero of the year trophy.

But I haven't won yet.

The competition is really fierce.

I think Bumblebee has a good chance.

Girl, look around you.

You got the hero of the year prize in the bag.

Precisely. And to celebrate, we feast.

Come along, girls.

Aw, mom.

Who wants olives? Diana?

Mom, I don't like olives.

Since when? It's in our blood to like olives.

More for me.


Your shield, Princess.

It's perfect.

Thank you.

I wish it serves you well in your quest to win the hero of the year award.

Of course, she'll win.

I was going to give you a gift after tomorrow's ceremony but why wait? Come.

The tiara of triumph.

Oh, hello.

Oh, my hera! The Ruby!



It's gone!

Down there!

What is that thing?

We'll find out when we catch it.



--Thanks for breaking my fall, guys.

What just happened?

I don't know. I think my power cut out.

Talk about a major buzzkill.

Anybody see which way that thing went?

No, it's gone.

The Amazons will find that creature and reclaim your Ruby for the ceremony tomorrow.

Thanks, mom.

My heart is filled with pride for your hero of the year triumph.

I'll do my best.

-Bye, mom. -Goodbye, darling.

Godspeed, sweet Princess.


There you are.

What took you so long?

For Peter Pan's sake, i was worried sick.

Your third period forensics teacher told me you missed class.

Dad, you're my third period forensics teacher.

You knew I had an off-campus pass from principal waller.

Well, I approved that before the hullabaloo with that supervillain attacking students.

A supervillain? What happened?

Big barda found hawkgirl unconscious.

Apparently, someone came out of the amethyst and stole her nth metal belt.

What? -Oh, no!

The emergency meeting of the junior detective society is now starting.

So, someone came out of the amethyst and stole hawkgirl's belt.

Plus something stole wonder woman's Ruby.

That makes two cases of grand larceny.

Hawkgirl! Principal waller said you were resting in the nurse's office.

Heroes never rest.

Write that down, that's important.

You got it, mama.

Don't call me, "mama."

Write that down.

You got it, not-mama.

Whatchu doin', beast boy?

Hero of the year rule 10.1.234.

Nominees may receive hero of the year points for helping other heroes succeed.

I'm training him to be a proper rule abiding hero like me.

Whatever you say, teach.

That villain may have stolen my nth metal belt but he will not steal my chance at hero of the year.

Now, I've done some research.

Show them, beast boy.

Aw, man, I must've left this in my pants last week!



Oh, yeah.

Uh, the research.

Get this, our amethyst is an old portal to gemworld.

It's been inactive for decades.

But that changed this morning.

That's our fugitive.

-Dark opal. -Dark opal?

Sounds more like a jewelry store than a villain.

Yo, dark opal's a legit wickedy-wack wicked dude.

He has some mean magic stored in that gem on his chest.

Gemworld? Gems?

Supergirl's crystal.

Maybe that has something to do with all this.

And this is capes & cowls cafe.

Home to all your favorite superfoods from awesome acai bowls to...

Large double spinach, sardine, and pickleberry smoothie.


Yucko, bucko.

Mmm! Tastes just like my favorite Kryptonian dessert.

We need to check your crystal.


Where did you get the crystal?

From my mom.

Go, Kara, hurry!

Mom, dad, come on!

-Sorry, Kara. -This way, I'll always be with you.

What do you mean?

No! You have to come with me!

The spaceship can only hold enough supplies for one.

-I love you, Kara. -I wish it didn't have to be this way.

Goodbye, my dearest girl.

Supergirl, you okay?

Your crystal got all glowy and you went to la-la land.

Not la-la land. Krypton. My home.

Strange. There's this repeating pattern.

It's almost like morse code.

Could be signaling someone.

My mom said she gave me the crystal so she could always be with me.

Maybe she programmed it so when she got off Krypton she could find me.

But weren't your parents on Krypton when the planet, you know, exploded?

Maybe not.

They were really smart scientists.

Maybe they built another ship.

Supergirl, we should wait until we can learn more before jumping to conclusions.

I have to tell Martha and Jonathan!

My parents are coming for me!

And it's a signal!

If it just started doing this, that means someone is looking for it. Right?

Well, I don't know much about those frequency things.

Yeah, of course, uncle Jonathan.

But my parents were scientists!

I'm gonna have a family again.

It's always good to have hope.

Well, we'll see you tomorrow.

I'd love to see that hologram-brain-video whatchamacallit

now with your crystal.

I haven't figured out how to make it turn on, yet.

Hello? Power on.

Open sesame.

As soon as my parents get here, they could teach me how to do it.

Oh, calamity, look at the time!

We better be getting to bed.

We love you, dear.

Um, sure. Thanks.


I'm waiting for you.

Mom and dad.

A hero is always polite.

A hero is vigilant and prepared.

A hero greets his fans with a firm but not too firm handshake.

Excellent progress, beast boy.

Our guarding shift is complete.

But training shall resume at sunrise.

Sunrise? On a Saturday?

Uh, it will be my pleasure to experience this interesting time of day with you.

Bumblebee, you left your hero history homework in my room.


Bumblebee? Um, okay. It's... it's a movie.

Uh, three words.

Uh, if we're gonna play charades, pop back into regular size, okay?

Argh! Batgirl, help!

My suit's busted, I'm stuck!

Can you see why my suit went kaput?

Looks like there's something wrong with your battery.

That shadow creeper must've damaged it when he knocked me over.

So we just need to get you a new battery.

I've got aas, 9 volts, an old watch battery.

Not so easy.

Of all my powers, growing takes the most energy and I don't have enough power left in my suit to get big.

But when I'm this size, there's no battery small enough to fit in my pack.

Yet powerful enough to make me big.

It's impossible!

I'm gonna be small forever!

Before you built your super suit, did anyone think it was possible to have a suit that enabled someone to shrink?

No, I guess not.

You did the impossible once and we'll do it again.

Yeah, honey!


They should have returned with the artifacts by now.

Patience, dark opal.

We have waited many moons for the crystal key to reveal itself.

Soon, darkness will rule.

They're ready.

Earthen steel.

Mega metal of apokolips.

Sapphire of zamaron.

Plus the nth metal of thanagar and the Ruby of Themyscira.

Where's the key?

Where's the crystal of Krypton?

The crystal is guarded by a powerful protection aura.

It cannot be stolen.

It must be freely given by the girl.

But I'll find a way, eclipso.

Of course, you will, dark opal.

You're the Jewel sorcerer of gemworld.

I upheld my end of the bargain and I trust you will uphold yours.

You will get the crystal.

Now, bring the alchemist.

You will combine these treasures from across the cosmos into a scepter which will let us rule the universe.

Never! I will not betray my home.

Mmm. My black diamond says otherwise.

Yes, master.

Now get the crystal, dark opal.

Give the girl whatever she wants in return.

Opal, show me what she wants.

Yes, of course!

Whatever she wants.

Hey, who took my mega-rod!

Someone stole my throwing star!

My ring! I've been burgled!

It's chasse, chasse and pirouette, then we leap like graceful gazelle galloping through a field on her way to meet her gal pals for lunch.

Cheetah, please. I said gazelle in field.

You're doing more of a wildebeest trumping through a sticky swamp.

Start again, from the top.

--Five, six, seven, eight.


Feel the dance in your feet.

Stick it in your socks, let it seep between your toes.

The detective club discovered that all the stolen objects were precious metals or gems from the supers' homes.

Principal waller!

I found big barda trying to leave school grounds.

She must be the one behind this.

I was just out for a walk.

Lady Shiva, do you have evidence for your accusations?

The amethyst was infiltrated the night of her arrival and she's the one that so conveniently found hawkgirl after she was attacked.

Hard evidence, lady Shiva?

Not yet. But I won't stand by and let my school, my friends, be invaded again.

Heroes must take preemptive measures.

Barda, you may go.


Heroes serve justice, not hunches.

And then you throw your hands in the air like your armpits are on fire.

Crazy quilt.

No, don't say it.

If you cancel the show because of one villain, the criminals win!

I'm not canceling the ceremony.

But we're on high alert.

And must increase security.

We need extra bodies for sentry duty.

Oh, but each dancer is a unique snowflake in the blizzard of my production.

You can have cheetah.


Has batgirl learned anything more about supergirl's crystal.

Nothing yet.

In light of the recent supervillain activity, the normally festive lead up to the hero of the year

-has been subdued.

Who are you?

Vice principal grodd, it's me, Lois Lane, intrepid reporter.

You've denied my request for interviews about a million times.

Hmm. How do I know you're not some villain disguised as Lois Lane?

Can you confirm the identity of the villain?

Is it true that the villain came out of the amethyst?

Did you have any run-ins with this villain during your time as a criminal?

Yeah, you're Lois Lane, all right.

Wait, tell me more about how principal waller got you out of prison.

Official paperwork says it was part of some work release squad.

Mom, is that you?

Oh, it's just starfire.

I have examined the airspace but have not witnessed any suspicious activity.

I did however have a run-in with a gull of the sea.

Oh, sorry.

Hey, alphabet soupie!

We's doin' the overs and unders on the big award. You in?

No thanks, Harley.

I'm supposed to take over for katana. Have you seen her?

I think she's guarding the park.

Thank you.




Mom, it's me.

Your crystal.

Give it to me.

Is something wrong? Are you okay?

Just hand it over, supergirl.


My mom never...

You're not my mom.

No! That's mine!

Oh, fine...

Magic disguises are so hard to maintain when the fighting begins.

You're the one they're looking for.

The downside of fame. You get recognized everywhere you go!

Give me the crystal.


Supers! Help!


He's here! Help!

You're surrounded.

No, you are.



I see you swipin' and I raise you a left jab right in the kisser.

You gonna be a Thorn in my side.

Oh, poor sapling...

Oh! For the love of goose grass!

The sun. It destroys them.

I always liked sunlight.

Retreat! To the palace!

Ugh! I hate hit and runs.

You failed!

Well, as evil partners in this venture, it's more like we failed.

We made a deal!

Oh, but the adrenaline was pumping, my heart was racing.

Who remembers the exact terms?

I do.

After them!


What's the point? They'll find us.

My magic is weakened in this forest. We can't fight them.

--They have us surrounded.

-We're going to be banished. -Hide.

Eclipso, dark opal, by order of the Princess, show yourselves!

Everything is ruined. We'll never rule gemworld.

It's over.

It's not over.

There has to be another way.

No, nothing. Not unless we...

Oh, no. That will never work.

What? Tell me.

There's a gem more powerful than anything in gemworld.

The prophecy says, "when the last gem of an extinct planet

"is bound with treasure from across the universe, "ultimate power shall reign."

Ultimate power. How do we find this gem?

There must be clues in the ancient texts.

I will need to remain here as the royal sorcerer.

I could study the ancient text and locate the gem.

Then, with its power, we can rule not just gemworld, but the universe.

But I can only do that if I weren't banished because Princess amethyst found me blameless in the coup.

I will claim that you were under the spell of my black diamond.

When you find the gem of ultimate power, use the amethyst portal to find me.

Together we will rule.

You take the blame, I'll get us the gem. Deal?


Where is dark opal?

Uh, where am I?

What happened?

I feel woozy.

Your little sorcerer has been under my spell.

Oh, Princess amethyst?

Is that you?

What's going on here?

So you acted alone in this treason?


Then, by the power of the 12 houses of gemworld, I banish you.

You gave me your word and you didn't deliver.

I tried.

"A" for effort, right?

We will get that crystal.

Even if I have to go to earth myself.

You're leaving your nook?

But you can't! There's light out there!

Darkness will overcome the light.

Shadows to me.

See anything?

Nothing suspicious.

Sorry, I haven't seen him.

Thanks for taking a look, Steve.

Batgirl, wait!

What is it? Do you have an idea about how to fix your battery?

Um, no.

I just wanted some grub.

Detective work makes me hungry.

Now, back to the hero of the year pre-show.

I'm all about the classic thinkers.

Plato, Aristotle and my main man, socrates.

But when we get into 19th century idealism, I'm like, I immanuel kant even.

Ew! Enough with the highbrow humors.

Back to me!

Shouldn't you be heading to the hero of the year ceremony?

That villain tried to steal your crystal.

I won't rest or party until we get him.

Another dead end.

Well, what now?

Should we go back to school and check batgirl's surveillance?

We don't have to go back to school for that anymore.

What's this have to do with surve...



A super hero is always prepared.

I have a few batcaves around town.

Where are you, dark opal?


That's centennial park. Come on!


My suit's losing more power.

When you're feeling rundown, you always got a shoulder to sit on.

-Thanks, batgirl. -Come on!

You're mine, dark opal.

That's what you get for messing with my friends.

I didn't do anything, please!

Why were you running?

I'm late for my steampunk cosplay group.

Is that a crime?

No, sorry.

-What now? -We keep searching.

If we split up, we can cover more territory.

Bumblebee and i will take downtown.

Anyone seen wonder woman, batgirl, supergirl or Bumblebee?

-Nope. -Did you check the garden?

I have not seen the girls you are looking for.

Last I saw, they were still looking for dark opal.

Thank you, hawkgirl.

We can't start the ceremony without two of our nominees.

Lois, you have to stall.

A mission from principal waller. Yes!

Miss martian!

I've been wanting to get a few words from you, but I can never find you.

Um... um... eek!

I got a few words for ya.

Harley Quinn. Superstar.

I told ya. I don't know anything about a dark opal or dark topaz or even a dark cubic zirconia.

She's telling the truth.

Now, I gotta get back to my community service.

Hey! That's my car!

Shouldn't have parked in front of the fire hydrant.

Pick it up at impound.

What do you see?

Nothing. No sign of dark opal.

Find anything?

Yeah. A "buy one, get one" free smoothie coupon at capes & cowls cafe.

But no intel on dark opal.

Bumblebee how's the suit?

My battery's draining fast.

Every flutter of my wings takes the power further into the red.

And once the battery dies, bye-bye super powers.

There's gotta be a better battery out there, somewhere.

Supergirl, your crystal.

Kara, my brave and courageous girl.


We are sending you to earth and I'm sorry we cannot go with you.

I have programed this crystal, so that you may remember us.

But, mom, why...

The crystal's powers will activate when you're old enough to understand.

When you need to hear from us, our love, family...

A merry good evening

to my favorite hero trio.

It's dark opal.

He hacked into my comm-bracelet.

Well, that's hardly the greeting anyone wants to hear.

But, nonetheless, I'm calling

because I've found something of yours.

-Don't listen to him, babs. -It's a trap.

Supergirl, stay where you are.

-Dad! -Mom!

I thought about keeping them as pets.

But I can't deal with the maintenance.

The feeding, the walking. It's just not for me.

So you can have them back. I want supergirl's crystal.

But I couldn't be sure if she'd give it up for the kents alone.

So, wonder woman and batgirl, I had to drag you into this.

As her besties, I bet you'll be very persuasive.

You three meet me at booster's gold mine.

Come alone and tell no one.

Come on, girls.

Sorry, Bumblebee.

He said only the three of us.

And with your battery running low, you should conserve your energy.

You guys. I'm not letting you go meet a super villain alone.

Batgirl's right. Our parent's lives are at risk.

We have to do exactly what he says.

Okay, not much i can do small anyway.

I may not have a lot of power left, but I'm still...

A hero.

Your plan won't work.

Supergirl won't give you her crystal. Argh!


Bring me the scepter.

Master alchemist?

But you're an Amazon. We're sisters.

Not anymore.

I serve darkness now.

No! Argh!

Once the crystal of Krypton is set upon the scepter, ultimate power will be yours.

Long live eclipso.

And dark opal, too!

Long live us!

Aunt Martha. Dad.

Uncle Jonathan. Mom!


No parents for you, until I get my crystal.

-Who are you? -This is eclipso, my business partner.

Now that we're properly introduced, it's gift time.

No, supergirl, if you give them the crystal, they'll use it against you.

But if you don't hand the crystal over, they get it.


Leave us, supergirl. Save yourself.

You can still make it out.

Take it.

Now release them.

Diamond vanish.

-Dad. -Mom.

Are you okay?

And reappear.

I call it the eclipso rule of relativity.

"Whatever the black diamond vanishes must reappear."

Another one of my diamond's tricks.

The eclipso explosive.

No! Don't do it.

Stop! -I won't let you hurt my daughter!

Try that again and I'll make it even worse for them.

Now, for the last and favorite trick of my black diamond, I'll need a volunteer or four.

Mom! No.

Dad! No, stop it!

What are you doing to him?

Meet your new, improved, evilified league of guardians.

Hail darkness.

-No! -What's happening?


Oh, no!

I gotta get that diamond.

Excellent. You'll be coming with us.

Our first minions.

Welcome to the eclipso family.

I said you're coming with us!

-Mom. -Uncle Jonathan.

-Daddy. -Aunt Martha.


Stop! Get out of my head!

What happened? My diamond has never failed me.

-Supergirl. -Oh, dear.

I'd never leave you.

Oh, fine. If you love them so much, stay here with your babies to meet your doom.

Hurry, eclipso. Before we meet our doom, too!


Whoa. Are you getting this?

Now, to bring these supers into my Minion fold.

With an army of evil heroes at my disposal, no one will dare protest my power.

My diamond. What?

Doesn't matter now. You have the scepter.


The scepter.

Darkness, fall!

Hey. -Who is that?

What happened? -Whoa! What happened?

What is going on?

Greetings, supers.

Eclipso and dark opal.

I should have known you two were working together...

Not another step from any of you.

I can't deactivate it.

I'll get you out of there.

-Hippolyta! -I got ya.

-We have to save them! -How can we get past it?

I'm on it.


If the diamond can create it, it can break it.

Bumblebee sting.


Oh, mom. Dad.

Barbara. My wonderful daughter.

You're okay.

-You did it. -You set us free.

Hey, are you all right?

Battery's dead.

Can I catch a ride with you?

All aboard the batgirl express.

What have I done?

It's all right, my sister.

Come on, we have to get out of here.

That gem will never hurt anyone again.

Thank you all, for making this such easy one stop shopping.

The artifacts from your distant planets will allow me to control every sector of the universe.

Get them while they're blabbing.

You're proper hero, yo. Just like hawkgirl taught you.

Uh, excuse me.

But we prefer if you left, so, good day to you, sir and madam.

Oh, please.


Nice catch.

-No! -Stop him.

-You can't. -We will not let you do this.

Get them!

Batgirl, get them to safety.

We'll meet you back at school.

Now, I will be ruler of all.

You mean we. Partners in darkness? Co-rulers? Remember?

For my first act as queen of everything, I will make that fiddling Princess pay for banishing me.

I will destroy the detestable land of gemworld.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey now.

Gemworld wasn't all bad.

The citizens of gemworld mocked me.

In their insolence, they dare banish me.

And you, you let me take the fall.


Put down that scepter.

I thought I took care of you already.

Darkness, attack.

What's happening?

What are these things?

They're everywhere!

Ugh! Shadows again.

Oh, did you come to play?

Who else wants to play?

We were just getting started.

And you should have a front row seat.


Oh! You are malleable like the gum of the bubble.


You say it's your birthday?

I've got a present for you.

Don't crowd! There's plenty for everybody.

Who's next?




Beautiful darkness.

--Give me the scepter.

You promised we'd share.

Eyes on the prize.

Sorry, mom.

You're not getting away.

Whoo-hoo! That's our girl.

Kicking some villain keister.

Martha. Language.

Sorry. I'm still mad as a cow over that evil diamond thing.


Freezer burn.

Frost passes it off to Harley.

And it's Harley for the win!

That's how we do it old school.

Where did eclipso go?

Palace. The home.

Do I look like the Internet to you? Details.

It's... It's on the moon! -Anything else?

I shouldn't have become a super villain.

I should have followed my heart and been a theater major!


No! My power!

My magic!

You go after supergirl. I got this one.

Thanks, batgirl.

--Look what the bat dragged in.

Dad, call in the special crimes unit.

I got one up here for ya.

Careful, babs!

You could...

...pull a muscle!

-Dad! -I mean, that is some mighty fine police work.

Batgirl, light destroys the shadows.

You need to fix the electricity!

-I can do that. -Hey, wait.

Could you put me down first?

The batgirl express is on a one-way trip to motion-sickness-ville.

Oops. Sorry. You'll be safe here.

Terra firma. What a day.

My belt.

Beast boy, can you get it?

Well, certainly, madam.

I'm back in action.

Um, this is truly a terrible predicament.

What is a gentleman to do?

Beast boy, your way was better.

You gotta go wild.

Well, really?

Well, your wish is my command, my lady.

-Yeah. -High eight, momma!

My ring.

Ooh, love hurts.


You wanna play games? How about whack-a-shadow?


I'm coming, shivs!

Nice. I owe you one.

Nah, it wasn't a favor.

It's what friends do.

You really have changed.

Shh. Don't tell anyone.

If people start believing I've gone good, I'll have to show up to birthday parties, hand out Valentine's, and help people move. No.

It's gross.

They're scared of the spotlights.

You're looking succulent.

Ha! Right in the keister.

Come out, eclipso. It's over.

The crystal's gone.

Lucky you.

I wanted to destroy my home world.

But you've already had that done for you.

Get up! I'm taking you in.


You okay?

-Yeah. Now that you're here. -Where is she?


Watch out!


-Where is she? -There!

23 degrees on your left.

--Oh, yeah. We won.

A piece of supergirl's crystal.

She's going to want this.

Let me out of this lasso.

I'm scared of going to prison.

Those fluorescent lights so bright! I hate bright.

I'll take it from here.

Let me out of here!

-I don't want to share a ride with her! -Ugh!

I don't want to share a ride with you, more.

You let children defeat us again!


I found a piece of your crystal.

Thanks, Bumblebee.

Goodbye, mom.

I miss you.

Nothing can destroy this crystal.

Because nothing can destroy my love for you.

Take that love into your new world.

When you share our love with others, you'll create a new family.

Thanks, mom.

Are you all right, dear?

I am now. It's good to be home.

Ooh! I love you guys.

What is it, oracle?

Group hug detected in sector j.

--You okay?

Yeah, I was just thinking, if that crystal had enough power to charge the scepter, i bet it could power my suit.

Maybe we can make a battery that replicates it.

Hold that thought.

I couldn't help but overhear. You really think my crystal could fix your suit?

Maybe. If we could study it more and see how it generates power, maybe we can make a synthetic version.

Why wait? One sliver of crystal coming up.

But it's your crystal.

Mom did say to share.

Thanks, supergirl.

Let me help.

Beast boy, can I borrow your monocle?

Keep it. I don't needs it anymore.


Welcome to the hero of the year gala!

Hold for applause. Hold for applause.


Hey, yo, blanket dude!

We gots to get you to the party!

Whoo! What a week!

Isn't this lovely?

You're all heroes of the year in my book.

Now dig in before it gets cold.

Tell me when.


I brought macaroons!

Wonderful! Oh, thank you, Mr. quilt!

And this, young lady, is for you!

You all did some magnificent hero-ing this year.

But we have considered what happened today, and Bumblebee tipped the scales with her sacrifice.

Congratulations on winning hero of the year!

Me? -Go, Bumblebee!

--Right on, Bumblebee!

Good job!

-You're the girl, Bumblebee! -Congrats.

Great hero-ing, Bumblebee.

-Way to go, honey. -Up top, baby girl!

-Thanks, mom and dad. -Well deserved.

Even when you had problems with your suit, you persevered and your heroic heart stayed true.

I had a whole speech about the smallest hero making the biggest difference, but I guess everybody's rumbly tummies couldn't wait.

You're not mad I didn't win?

It's just a trophy. You will always be my hero.

Ah! There's an olive in your salad.

-You don't like olives. -Aw. You remembered!

Aw. No pumpernickel?

Good thing I brought my own!


Armpit pumpernickel's my jam!

So good!

If you like this, you should be here for the holidays when Martha really goes all out.

That's a great idea!

Barda, why don't you stay with us over the holiday break?

You're invited, too, lady Shiva.

Yeah! I'll be here and there's an extra bunk bed in the attic.

So, wanna stay with me and my family?

-Uh, all right. -Okay.

Hey, shivs. I'll rock paper scissors you for top bunk.

One, two, three.

-Paper! -Uh, what?

On what planet does paper beat rock?