Dead Again in Tombstone (2017) Script

Now, who do I have to skull-fuck to get a drink in this town?

I know, you're the Johnson Gang.

He looks for guys like us.

Thieves. Killers.


Get him whiskey.

What's your name and where you come from, anyhow?


Name's Jeremiah.

I was ridin' with the Hudson Gang, out of Santa Fe.

We'd just hit a bank and was holed up outside of town.

Then, he showed up.

He came in outta nowhere, like a phantom in the night.

Had skin tough as buffalo leather.

Eyes black as coal.

A big ol' buffalo did his bidding, gorin' and stompin' two of the gang to death.

He came in, both guns blazin', like Billy the Kid.


Said he was shot stone-cold dead by his brother Red.

Right here in Tombstone.

And then he came back from beyond the grave to get his revenge.

They say he did a deal with the Devil...

Collecting souls from Oregon all the way down to San Miguel.

They say he's sent over 50 men down to hell.

One man did all this?

His name was...


Who's next?

Is he coming for me?

Is he?

Welcome to my hell.

Who are you? Are you Guerrero?

Join me for a drink, old buddy?

You already killed me once.

It's not like I can be dead again.

What do you want?

The man downstairs wants you to pick up the pace.

I can't do this forever. I'm done.

You're never done, Guerrero.

He owns you.

Guess you can be dead again.

This is hell!


I'll deliver all souls in exchange for my own soul.

Their souls will feed the fires of hell higher, and give you great pleasure right now.

Well, look what the wind blew in.

Long time no see, Sheriff.

Yeah, not long enough.

You here to turn yourself in?

I'm here to pay my respects to my old man and visit my family one last time.

Then I'll be moving on.

$5,000 bounty ain't nothin' to sneeze at.

No. Nothin' to die for, either.

You always were a scoundrel, thief and a drunk old fool.

At least we got one thing in common, Sheriff.

Well, there was a band of Confederate bad men, showed up here this morning.

Pokin' around, askin' about you.

They haven't pegged your family yet, but you can bet they will.

Then they'll die, Sheriff.

I don't want my streets running red.

I'm just passin' through.

Let me give it to you with the bark on.

Your mama's family in these parts, though she was nothin' but a saloon whore when your papa died and she had to feed you and little Red, but she finally found the Lord.

She's made a good life for herself.

Get to the point, Sheriff.

This is a peaceful town.

If you're lookin' for action, move on to Dodge City or Tombstone.

Pay your respects, put some steak on the table, and get the hell out.

Or I'll collect that bounty.

I can live with that.


Here's to never seeing you again.

Guerrero de la Cruz.

Notorious bank robber.

Cold-blooded assassin.

I've been lookin' for you.

Have you now? Yes.

I seem to find a trail of dead bodies strewn across the country, and I keep missing you.

Why don't you say your piece before you lose another war.

You sure do sound just like your brother, Red.

Oh, yes. I surprised you with that one.

Red Cavanaugh and I used to ride together.

We were highwaymen back in Tennessee before the war.

Jackson Boomer.

In the flesh.

What do you want with me?

Well, Red bestowed a confidence in me.

He told me that when he was a child, he had witnessed your mama putting a family heirloom into a box made of bone.


I will pay for that box.

Or I will make you pay.

Are you threatening me?

Yes, sir.

I am not a man accustomed to being gentle.

If you don't turn over that box, I will kill you.

I will kill your family and your family's family and the people you hate and those who hate you!

Well, Jackson Boomer, you're shit out of luck, 'cause I have no livin' family.

Everybody that hates me is dead.

And I've never heard of no bone box.

And this being hallowed ground, I'm not gonna kill you.

But you fuck with me again, and you'll end up just like Red, in a pine box.

Silver River sure does look like a cozy place to stay.

We'll be there for the next couple of days.

You can let me know when you change your mind about the box.

Por ahí vamos.

Hello, everyone.

Here are your sausages and your stew. Enjoy.

Hey, Bob.

Shelby, can I get those beers up?

All right, gentlemen.

So, who's winning, Ray?

Take it easy, Charley. He's just... Hey.

Get outta here! Get outta here! Come on.

You're gonna get some fresh air, Charley. Come on.

Get over here! Come on!

Cool off, Charley.

And go home.

What'll it be?

Act like you don't know me.

I don't know you.

It's me, your father.

Oh, I know who you are.

I'm just saying, I don't know you.

Is there someplace we can talk that's not here?

There's an alley out back.

Passin' through or here to stay?

Just passin' through. Hmm.

Well, I hope you have an easy pass.

That's an ugly habit.

Now you wanna be my dad?

Well, I don't need one, 'cause I'm all grown up and I can handle my own business.

I saw that inside.


How's your grandma?



Don't you "Mamacita" me.

You haven't visited in years.

You trying to break my heart? Hmm?

I got off trail.

Off trail?

You look like you been to hell and back.

I see the "wanted" posters.

You're still running from the law? Hmm?

I got customers.

If anybody asks if you know me, you don't.

That won't be hard.

Never thought I'd see you again.

Hello, ladies.

It's so nice to meet you.

You're beautiful.

Well, thank you kindly, ma'am.


Oh, my. Oh, my.

Mmm. You are beautiful.

I've got a naked girl...

I need to know about a special bone box, Mama.

This is not a stick that you want to pick up, son.

You know where it is?

It should never be found.

Whoever possesses it holds the key to conjuring immense evil power.

Now Jackson wants it.

He's threatened me and my whole family.

Darkness always followed you, Guerrero.

I'm an old woman, son.

Not long for this world.

So now is the time to tell you.

But you must promise me one thing.

Name it, Mama.

You must pledge to protect the contents at all costs.

This has nothin' to do with me.

Oh, but it does.

Your father fought the Devil to make sure that this thing didn't get into the wrong hands.

You're a pawn in a bigger game.

Lucifer chose you as a servant to get back at your father, but you can change that.

You must choose the path of redemption, mijo.

I can't.

I made a deal.

The Devil owns me.

I can change nothin', Mama.


No, not true, mijo.

You are the one who can.

And you can't let Jackson Boomer win.

Promise me.

I can't.

Then just leave.

We don't need you here.

Come on, boy. What's wrong, huh?

What's wrong? What's the matter?

Come on now. Cut it out.

You tried to kill me.

No, of course not. Just your horse.

That's just the beginning of the many ways in which I will hurt you to get what I want.

And I want that box, Guerrero, and I want it now!

Hey, hey, hey! Let's just calm down, fellers.

Take it easy, partner. Let's take this inside.

Get inside. Get inside!

Let's not.

You sure you want this fight?

I surely do not.

But to get that book, if I have to, I'll roll out the drums of war.

Goddamn, Guerrero.

I hate to break up this little party you got goin' on out here, but you sure are a spectacle to observe while you're in action.

But my patience grows thin.

Give me what I want now, or I will burn down this town and everyone in it.

I'll take you where the box is buried.


Now we're talkin'.

Cravens, take away his guns and prepare to move out.

You two, be safe.

And bury my horse next to Papi's grave.

Where is it?

Buried right over there.

We will have all of our guns trained on you.

You pull any funny business, and we will fill you full of so much lead, you will sink like a stone.

Now, go dig up that box.

Posthaste, Guerrero.

Bring it over here.

Yeah. Got it! Yeah!

Ho! Guerrero!

You ain't gettin' away!

Stop it!

Cease fire!

Hold it!

What are you, crazy? Get over here.

You said we'd fill him full of lead if he tried to escape.

I was bluffin' to keep him in line.

Now, go get his body.

He's dead, Colonel.

Nobody could take that much lead and survive.

Yeah. Well, I wanna see it for myself.

Now, go find his body.

That lyin' sack of shit!

Now we're gonna have to find out who knows where the real box is.

I've seen you.

Easy. Hey. Take it easy, son. Take it easy.

Do you work for the Devil?

You always assume people are bad?

Aren't they?


I'm a white hat kind of guy myself.

I'm Dr. Goldsworthy.

Are you a real doc...

Son of a bitch.

This Guerrero has a... A daughter, you say?

Not bad to look at.

But not a high-class lady.

Not like the girls I employ here.

Would you like a viewing?

As is your custom, Madame Du Vere.

Alicia is her name.

Poor thing. She's rough around the edges.

And she knows nothing about fashion or perfumes.

Or how to please a man.

She serves greasy plates over at Pinky's Saloon to the unwashed trash.

My, you are a devil.

Which body type do you prefer?





How about you?

Me? Yes, you.

You prefer me to these younger girls?

Well, you're like the diamond to their silver settings.

I'm top of the ticket, Mr. Boomer.

The hours, they go fast, and don't come cheap.

Well, giddyap.

Shall we continue this discussion in my chamber room?

Yes, ma'am.


Give me some good news.

He's alive.

Are you sure?

Yeah. It was a long way off, but I saw him through my binoculars.

A man drug him out of the river, put him in a wagon.

Where'd he take him?

A house in town.

A nice bath. It will help.


Dr. Goldsworthy.

Didn't expect to see you here.

I've been following your life for a very long time now, Guerrero.

You're a good man, despite yourself.

I've done a lot of things I'm not too proud of.

No man's perfect.

I believe every man deserves a second chance.

I was born a sinner. I'll probably die a sinner.

You're more than just a sinner.

You're a son, a father.

You can find redemption.

Think the Lord would be hard-pressed trying to forgive me.

Yet here you are.

So why not forgive yourself for your sins?

There's more at stake than you realize.

Stake? What's at stake?

Your soul, for one.

Your daughter.


She's the future.

Your legacy.

Where I go, Doc, Devil follows me.

I don't see him here, do you?

You can choose a righteous path.

Now's your chance.

I pulled you from that river for one reason, son.

To stop ridin' with the Devil and get yourself right!

Thank you.

Thank you for your hospitality this fine mornin'.

This coffee's on the house, Mr. Boomer.

And it's to go, because you're not wanted here.

Is that so, Ms. Alicia de la Cruz?

It seems the apple don't fall too far from the tree.

Although, you're a mite easier on the eyes than your old man.

What do you want?

Mmm. Ah.

Eggs, please.

Sunny-side up.



Ah, now, Mr. Cravens, manners.

Jackson Boomer's out there with his gang, wanting breakfast.

He knows.

Knows what?

He knows Guerrero's my father.

What'd he order?

Eggs, sunny-side up.

Let's give him what he ordered and then some.


What's that?


Will it kill him?

Kills the rats.

He's a rat, right?

What about me?

She don't like you.

Have a seat.

Anything else?

Your company.

I have work to do.

I am your work, Alicia.

Now, please...


What do you want with me?

I don't even know my father.

Shame on him for leaving such a beautiful young thing to fend for herself.

I'm doing okay.

You'd be doin' a lot better if you worked down the street for Madame Du Vere.

I like to do my work standing up.

Do you have any idea where your grandfather might have hidden a bone box?

I've no clue.

Bull Dog.

You smell somethin'?

You're gonna love this.

We don't call him Bull Dog on account of his pugilistic prowess.

Stale beer.


Cheap perfume.

And whiskey breath on about 30 men on a refried bean diet.


Somebody puked over in the corner. It's about a week old.

Somebody scrubbed it, but the odor lingers a little bit too much for my taste.

Impressive, huh?

Yeah. Some parlor trick.

Now, if you'll excuse me... Eh.

No, I will not excuse you.

Bull Dog.

Are these eggs fresh?

I wouldn't, boss.

Fresh eggs have a particular aroma.

Are these eggs fresh, Alicia?

Got yourself a sickness there, Mr. Boomer?


Nice tactic.

To answer your question, yes.

This little mixture of morphine and alcohol helps me get through the day.

And I expect when this container is empty and gone, I shall be gone with it.

Hence, the urgency for finding the location of the bone box.

And this will magically heal all that ails you?

It will heal, yes.


Back to business.

Are these eggs fresh?

Fresh as a daisy.

Goddamn, Guerrero!

That is one hell of an entrance.

And might I say, your timing is impeccable.

Get the hell outta here, Alicia.

Not so fast, young lady.

Keep my family out of this.

She's in the tall cotton now, Guerrero.

And I have you to thank for leadin' me to this shit-hole town so rich in family history.

You know, the funny thing is, your father stole this thing.

It's not yours to protect or to own.

My family and me got nothin' to do with it.

Red was spinning you a tale.

And if my father did steal something, he took that secret to the grave with him.

Give me what I want, Guerrero, or I will fill the next coffin with the carcass of your gorgeous daughter.


I don't think so.


Goddamn, Guerrero. You got one hell of a family.

You'd better let her go, or I'm going to blow your brains out your ass.


We don't have to go and start killin' each other now.


I'd do what she says, Jackson.

Mama don't play.




You got me.

Cover me. Cover me!

Go. Cover me.


Mamacita. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama.

Dr. Goldsworthy knows.

Do the right thing, mijo.

I'm counting on you.

Oh, no.


Don't leave me.


Jackson, what are you trying to find?

It's a goddamn book.

Tell me more about this book.

It is everything.

It'll awaken me from this death spiral.

I'll... I'll be able to control the world, raise the dead.

I will be able to exact my revenge.

And you have no doubt?


Long time ago, way down south in Mexico, there was a Day of the Dead like no other, and that was before this book was secreted away.

And if I find this book?


If you find this book, then I will take you to hell and back.

That sounds wonderful.

You brought this evil here, Guerrero.

I'm sorry, Alicia.


The road to hell is paved with regret and reproach.

But you know that.

You've been traveling that road.

You have to leave this town.

And go where?

This is my home.


I can't have your blood on my hands.

God damn you.

God damn you, Guerrero.

When your mother died, I was so full of anger that I knew I had to leave or... or... Or ruin both of us, you and me.

I'm so sorry, mi hijita. Give me another chance.

Give me...

I can take care of myself.

Maybe I need you.

That's hard to imagine.

So what's this all about, Doc?

Follow me.

Let's go.

Now, watch yourself.

Oh, my God.

It's the bone box.




This is what everybody's dyin' over?

It's called the Codex Dameonium.

Latin for "the Devil's Book."

It reveals the most powerful rituals and practices for Devil worshippers.

Now, if Jackson Boomer were to possess this tome...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. Some bad shit would happen.

So why don't we just destroy it?

Believe me, people have tried. I've tried.

But just as the Devil himself can't be completely eradicated, these pages are indestructible.

Hmm. Oh, yeah?


This book is a blueprint on how to unleash hell on earth.

How'd it end up here?

Conquistadors brought it to the Americas.

It was in Oaxaca with the church officials for centuries.

Then it fell into the wrong hands.


What's this?


To add to our corps.


All we need is the book.

Come on. Let's go, boys.


This sure looks like the hell I know.

Well, now, we thought that this would be a good place to keep it hidden, but now...

It's only a matter of time before Jackson finds this chamber and the book.

We need to get it someplace safe.

Back to Mexico.

Back to Oaxaca, with the church officials.

They'll know what to do with it.

Ten feet away.

She's dead.

Kind people of Silver River, behold your possible future, should we not acquire what it is we pursue.

I sure hope you assist us in the matter.

Let this be the final declaration on the issue.

Ladies and gentlemen, good day.

This here's the package we discussed.

You want it taken to Mexico?

Yes, sir.

Doesn't look like too much trouble.

We'll do it.

Good luck, son.

Ha! Ha! Ho! Yah!

Hey! Ho! Yah! Yah!

Guerrero's daughter's leaving town.

Stagecoach has the book, heading south.

That coward's trying to keep his daughter out of harm's way.

Rouse the men and catch up with that coach.

I want the book.

Yes, Colonel.

Boys, let's go.

Stop right there!

You wouldn't kill an unarmed man, would ya?

Oh, I would.


Oh, shit!

Is anyone in there?

Give me the strongbox.

Get the strongbox.

It's stuck! We need some dynamite, Colonel.

Open it.

Leave it to me.

Come on.

You placed this dynamite.

I would be lying if I said I was not concerned over the amount of dynamite with which you have used on this day.


I hope there's a strongbox left.

I question your sanity from time to time, Mr. Cravens.

Here it is, right here.

Can I get some help here?

There it is. It's still intact.

Easy. Easy, fellas. Easy, easy.

Oh, and there it is. Oh, yes.


There it is.

It's a decoy.

Why, that sneaky son of a bitch.

His daughter, Alicia.

She's riding alone, southbound.

Go track her down. Yes, sir.

Bring her and everything she has with her to Silver River.

We'll get it.

So it takes a little longer.

We'll get it.


Bad girl.

Put him here.

Come on now.

Doc, he's dead. Get out.

Go on.


Colonel, we... What?

You better come take a look.



Who are you really?


Look what I found.

Take her to Pinky's. Yes, sir.


Oh, Mr. Cravens, if this is what I think it is...

Oh, it is.

It's the book.

And it's written in Latin.

Like I suspected.

We must read this at once.

Let us go. Let us go.

You are more than just an outlaw, Guerrero.

You inherited your father's strength the Devil tried to subvert.

And we need you here, now, to save us all.

What's in that magic potion, Doc?

Holy water.

Holy water?

Well, that and a bit of morphine.

May cause some hallucinations.

A lot more than just holy water and some elixirs in your healing, Doc.

Well, now, many doctors will agree that faith plays a large part in all healing, Guerrero.

More the choices you make to get further from the Devil...

Well, now, they'll make you more human.

The more human I get, the more vulnerable I get.

Doc, Jackson's got Alicia.

This book has the secret knowledge of the mystical.

You got what you want.

Now, get on your horse and go.

The Horn of Lucifer.

"Those who possess this relic

"shall be capable of unleashing the power of hell on earth."

A magnificent prophecy.

What's it mean, Colonel?

It means that this book is nothing more than a set of instructions for a relic!

Where is this Horn of Lucifer?

Far from here.

I don't believe you.

Hell, no.

Now, I'm gonna ask you one last time before I take your hand as a personal keepsake.

Where is the Horn?

I really don't know.

She doesn't know.


I can see more than most.

I can see what the truth is and what's lies.

May I?

Easy. Easy.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


Where was the book hidden?

The church. Why?

Well, then we start at the church.

Well, now.

Tear this place apart!

I want to find where the book was.

We're gonna find this relic.

Do you have a plan?


I'm gonna walk in there, kill everybody, get my daughter out.

That's not a plan.

That sounds like some wrath-of-God Old Testament thinkin'.

Goddamn right.

You got anything goes "bang"?


Here. You might need this.

I don't kill.

Why'd I bring you, Doc?

Well, you didn't have much of a choice now.

I'm here to have your back, just like I did your mother and father.

You're too young to know my father.

I'm not as young as I look.

There's something you should know.

I didn't tell you 'cause I didn't think you'd make the right choice.

I didn't tell you everything.

Well, have to wait. We got other business to take care of now.

It's impossible. He was dead. Twice.

Well, some men are more dead than others.

You have more lives than a cat, Guerrero.

And you're gonna die like a dog in a ditch if you don't release my daughter.

Why would I do that when you still have what I need?

You... You already got the book. What are you talking about?

Well, you knew all along.

You knew the whole time that book was worthless all by itself.

I do now.

Now, you can keep the book. Send my daughter out.

Not so fast.

The book isn't worthless by itself if I have one more thing.

And then one more thing and one more thing and then another.

When does it end, Jackson?

Bring her out here.

He really doesn't know, does he?

He needs a relic.

A what?

The Devil's Horn!

Hey! You stop movin' or you're gonna die.

Aren't you tired of killin'?

I'm just gettin' started, sir.

Good. Then kill me.

Because I'm tired of this life.

Oh, I will.

But you harm one strand of hair on her head, and there'll be hell to pay.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Now, where is the Horn, Guerrero?


Jackson! You got a mean streak in you!

Runs right down the center of my back.

Now where is this Horn?

I think I know.

You're standing right under it.

Come on.

Let's go. There it is.

Right on time.

Colonel, should I go after 'em?

Oh, no. Forget about Guerrero. We'll get him in due time.

We have an army to mobilize.

This room is not gonna be large enough for our corps of men.

Where can we go?

Any suggestions?

Town Hall.

Why didn't I think of that?

Now, get the Horn.

Okay, we're gonna need a couple of horses and a few days' supplies.


Because we're getting outta here.

We're not.

Yes, we are. Now, come on. Let's go.

Jackson has the relic.

Yeah, and if he brings the power of the relic to life, we'd better be far away from here.

You afraid?

Alicia, I've seen the Devil.

You should be afraid.

Some things are bigger than you.

This is bigger than all of us.

We've got to go.

You've been cutting and running your whole life.

Forgive yourself for the past, Guerrero.

Be a new man.

It's too late.

I'm too old to be new.

Then I guess we're better off without you.


I don't need evil in front and behind me.

I'd say it's time we go raise the dead.

In fact, I won't be needing this anymore.

What the hell you get us into now, old man?

Dr. Goldsworthy.

I had a feeling.

We're all sinners, Guerrero.

That's what makes us human.

It's what we do in this human form that echoes through the ages.

¿Qué harás, mijo?

What will you do now?

Good boy.

Hey. Yeah.

Good boy.

Good boy.

Good boy.

Well, boy, go that way, might live a little longer.

Go back to town, liable to die again.

What do you wanna do, fella?

Fuck it. Let's go die again.

Jackson Boomer and his gang murdered my nana, Sheriff Judkins, Dr. Goldsworthy and Squeeze Benteen.

Hell, I know some of you are on edge.

I am, too.

But it's up to us.

This is our home, our town.

Let's bring the fight to 'em.

Who's gonna fight with me?

No, there's no way.

I'll be your deputy.

In the name of the archangel Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, and by the power of this relic, a part of his very own immortal body, I release these purgatory soldiers so that they may serve under my command, and bring the wrath of hell upon the earth!


Prepare to arm these men.

Is no one else going to bring the fight to those murderers?


No way.

Joseph, what about you?

We're farmers, not fighters.

I will!

Yeah! Let's go!

Load your guns, and let's get ready to fight.


I'm proud of you, daughter.


Didn't we bury this horse?


Jackson! Come on out! You messed with the wrong town!

You again.

It's about time.

Jackson Boomer, you and your men are under arrest.

Put your weapons down and give yourselves up.

I have what I came for.

We're fixin' to blow outta this town.

We got a world to conquer.

We don't have time to mess around in your no-count town.

There is a need for justice, and you're gonna hang for what you've done.

Shut that scrawny, little bitch up.

Well, I've already killed you twice, but I suppose the third time is the charm.

Me and you, Jackson, mano a mano.

Stand your ground, deputies.

Those guns won't hurt me.

These guns aren't for you.

Well, I was about to leave.

But you made me mad.


You ain't seen mad.

With the rage of hellfire and damnation, I come at thee!

Behind the post!

Get back. Come on!

No, no, no!



We can't defeat them like this!

We have to find another way!

I'll keep 'em busy!

Go inside and get the book!

See if you can reverse this spell!

I'm going in! Cover me!

You deserve to hang.

I didn't kill anybody. Same as.

Can't take that to court.

Don't see no court here.

You're fucked now, bitch.

I'm used to getting fucked.

Mr. Cravens, follow me.

Get the book.

It's time to leave.

It's amazing how much destruction this book can do!

Jackson Boomer, you can't win this one.

I stand against everything you stand for.

That's your problem, Guerrero.

That's why you haven't got a chance.

The moment you relinquished and abandoned Satan, you relinquished all the power he bestowed upon you, and now it belongs to me.

I don't need Satan's power to ram that Horn up your ass.

Well, you see, the man downstairs has a better plan than that.

You could just walk away right now, and this way, you'd be saving her.

Why should he release me?

Well, you're not the man you once were, and now he has me.

Ah. Just like you. It's a trick.

Oh, no, no.

He's pleased with all the evil that you've unleashed on the earth.

He wants to express his gratitude and his forgiveness.

I don't need his appreciation...

Or his forgiveness.


Never bring a knife to a gunfight!


Hand it over, Alicia.

Don't do it!

Goddamn, Guerrero!

Why don't you just die already?

Dying's not in my future, asshole!


You want that Horn? Here it is!

Are you okay?

You were willing to risk your life to save mine.

Isn't that what a father's supposed to do?

No, no, no. Don't die on me now.

No, Papa.

Boy, I'm getting too old for this dyin' shit.

You ain't that easy to kill after all, are you, old man?

You don't know the half of it, girl.