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May there be peace for all!

May there be holiness for all!

May there be happiness for all!

One Week Earlier

May there be prosperity for all. May there be peace for all.

May there be holiness for all. May there be happiness for all.

What if I join to make dog style love?

How is your work?

The Chevelry Belt of '71 ... Very troublesome.

Very nice.

Is that how you spend the day?

That's one of a series of new things that I started.

It looks like an exploding object.

I need new paint.

Yes, these shorts always make me excited.

You better clean up and get ready for the party.

No, I want to stay dirty.

I want to take a bath.

We have plenty of time before the party.

No, this is not the right time. / This is the right time for me.

Do you want to take a shower first?

Yes, whatever.

If we go faster to my uncle's party, we can say hello to my cousin then leave.

He will even reimburse our travel costs.

Up to you.

Shane, please don't be like ... / Whatever!

Go take a shower!

If you want to take a bath with me, I'll make sure you become clean.

Of course.


I found this.

You're back in school?

I want to finish my education. / For what? Draw?

To get more options. - Who will pay for it?

My scholarship is still valid. Nothing is free!

This is bullshit that you hid from me.

I did not hide it.

You think you're smarter than me, huh?

The world is just Candy Land.

Let's talk about this later.

No, we don't go to your uncle's party.

Your poor family ...

You should run away from them, not from me!

I'm not trying ... No!

Son of a bitch!

Rascal, rascal, rascal!

See what you're forcing me to do!


I live here. I'm not going anywhere!

L ...

Trick or treat?

I'm a Kart driver. I came here for Lulu?

Are you Lulu?

Off we go

Nice costume. Thank you.

What have you become?

The Red Headscarf.

Food for grandma's house. I understand.

Good, good.

You might go to a party, right?

Yes, if only me.

I had to drive all night.

So ...

Where are your teeth?

There are no wolves.


Too bad.

You look sad, all right?

I'm fine Are you sure?

I haven't done my job if you don't smile.

Why don't you give me a little smile ...

Just a little?

Come on Just a little smile.

Change the frowning face.


You have charming lips.


I will blow, sigh, and blow your house.


Yes, there he is.

That is right.

So ...

There's something your daughter wants to ask you.

You know, my daughter is clearly your daughter.

True, but I have never had this honor.

Honey, did your mom say you have something to ask?

Do you remember how I suggested we build a tree house?

Yes, Yes, Yes.

What if you replace the underground bunker?

Nuclear Shelters.

That ... Why do we need a nuclear shelter?

That's far better than a tree house ...

... if a terrorist attacks a suburb with nuclear weapons.

Or what if bacteria enter the Earth's meteorite ...

... and that triggers a zombie pandemic?

Yes, honey, think about it.

Bunker sounds like a very good idea.

Pan ... / Pandemic.


It gives us preparation to endure every possibility.

Real or fantasy.

As he said.

I don't think you need a nuclear shelter.

I think we're fine.

I drew the blue print for dad to see.

See that? He doesn't even ...

It's not really ... - No, no.

She just ignored me, and just ...

That's your daughter. - Really?

No, your daughter.

Okay, okay, listen. Let's talk about that.

Let's see what your plans are. How is it?

Help! Help me, anyone!

Please, please, anyone!

Help! Everyone, please!

Look ...

You need help.

You obviously need help.

Listen, I'll help you ...

I'll help you.

Hey, hey.

Listen, I'll call the police. Tell me what's going on.

They ...


You should lie down ... lie down.

It's fine.

No, no, no!

It's okay, I'll do it. Quiet.


Is there anything I can help?

Yes, we had an accident at the end of the road, and my sister ... She has autism, her head hit and she left injured.

From the end of the road ... He headed ...

I thought he might go this way, did you see him? - You called the cops

. They say it might take time, I can't just wait.

Do you have a cabin around here?

Yes, our friend's cottage.

Do I know him?

That's far enough.

You know, you guys look good to people who have had accidents.

It's strange how that can sometimes happen.

Can we come in? - You know, I'll call the police for you.

I also have friends in the forest ranger, They can be very helpful here.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

Yes yes I'm so thirsty, do you mind if I go in and ask for a drink?

Listen, I'll bring it out for you.

Wait here.

No problem.

I called the police. They are on their way.

No offense, but I want you to get out of my property.

You can wait at the end of the entrance.

Can I have my glass of water?

He has a weapon.

That's very careful.

I'm also black, with a nice cabin in the woods.

We won't take up your time any longer, okay?

Come on, dear.

Please don't shoot us.

I tried not to do that.

Hey, if you are in the bathroom, you can go out.

I will meet the police.

They are chasing you?

I took Kart to my uncle's house for a Halloween party, and ...

You mean a golf cart? No, it's a cellphone app.

You call someone, then they pick you up in their car, like a taxi. Wait, are they taxi drivers?

No, the driver ... He felt himself.

Feeling yourself? He is one of them?

I don't know, he was wearing a clown costume. He picked me up, then said we would pick up another passenger.

It was already night when we got there.

That's when they attacked me. / You're bleeding.

He hurt my whole body.



And you are limping.

I sprained my ankle while running.

Alright, can I see that?

You can sit on the bed.

Look, don't worry, I won't hurt you.

I don't want to make a mess.

No, it's fine. Come on

Let me help

Forgive me.



Look, I can treat your feet, but we have to hurry.

I'll get you a wet cloth.

You might as well not take a shower if there is evidence.

This is not my shirt. I do not want it.

Alright, I'll come here, okay?

I think you and my wife are the same size.

We have to get out of here.


We must leave.

You deliberately let him go, right?


You have a crazy imagination, about the two of you running away and living happily ever after, right?

You pervert

Maybe he is right.

Maybe we should go.

Go? Where do we go, Snack?

You want me to go back to prison?


This is not part of our agreement.

Not. The deal is you finish what you started, and we fix the proof, that's the deal.

Come on ... We don't even know if he's there.

He is there.

He said he had called the police.

He cut the telephone cord.

He cut the telephone cord ...

Maybe he contacted another way.

There is still time to settle this.

No, no, this is too risky.

Did you use a condom when you fondled her, Chad?

Honey ... Honey ...

Take my gun out from the back of the car.

We see how tough this person is.

You may enter.

Keep your eyes open and close your mouth.

They will come out soon.

When they finally come out, don't shoot Lu!

Just make sure I don't shoot you.

Damn I hear something.

I did not see them. This is our chance.

Stay behind, okay?

Fast, fast, fast, fast!

Are you okay? - They are shooting at us!

You have weapons. You're ex-military.

You can fight them. / I do have weapons, this is relatively new, and has no military background.

I'm the production manager at the brick factory!

Brick factory? We mostly make bricks!

I retire early! Okay.

I'm Dylan Troyson. / Lulu.

Lulu, okay. So, Lulu, the journey is quite far into the city.

They cut the only telephone line in this house, and I ran out of bullets in this gun.

Okay, what are we going to do? I'm trying not to faint.

I don't feel better. - No, listen, it's not over yet.

I still have bullets in the room, understand?

Come on. Okay.

I think I got shot.

What? - It's burning.

Let me see Damn Honey, it's only a scratch.

Its bad. He should go to the hospital.

I like women with scars.

You are crazy. You're getting further away from this.

You disgust me, coward.

I think I saw the first aid kit in Chad's car.

I can attach this bandage.

It starts to feel numb.

I'll watch over the cottage.

Go with him Yes, go away And bring back the gasoline jerry cans.

I will give diplomacy one more chance.

We should think of ways to take you to the city.

I don't think that's the last time we'll see them.

I woke up today and did not listen to the news.

I don't want to know about any news of cancer, chemical traces, or human lizard conspiracies.

Damn I left my cellphone.

But I find peace.

And this is starting to be like one of the best days ...

... I've come across after a long time.

Forgive me.

I only have cold bakon. Please. Eat it.

No, I'm vegetarian.

You need power.

And other animals ... They eat meat, so ...

I think humans have a responsibility

... to a higher spiritual awareness, and to make animals food is unnecessary.

Yes. Yes.

You know what I hear?

I heard plants communicate with each other, When they hear danger.

You know, like ...

I won't judge you for eating a bakon, if you don't judge me for eating plants.

Okay, fair enough. This.

Bread is vegetarian.

We shouldn't be here if he calls the police.

He wouldn't try to run away if he contacted the police.

This is not what I want.

I thought it would be like a double date.

What is your wife's opinion about this?

Maybe you should invite him and the children.

Neil doesn't know how to treat women.

Gosh, he calls you Snack. (Snack)

Yes, I'm the candy candy, and he's my bear candy.

He is wrong.

You got shot You should see a doctor.

So you think if you and I ...

We should get in the car and go?

You can convince him, Snack. You can convince him.

Neil protected you in prison.

I pay it.

You might be able to betray your family, Chaddy Chad, but you won't convince me to betray my family.

Got it? Yes.

Now, the good thing about living in a fantasy world in your head ...

... is to make room for something new.

Let's play.

Hey, cottage boy!

Let me know if you can hear me!

Hey, look, I'm not armed ...

Nobody's coming for you.

There is no telephone here.

Nobody can hear you.

You won't be able to get out of this place.

You understand?

What do you want?

Why did you protect that bitch? He is ours.

We are both men, right? Let's finish this manly.

What if 10% of the cost found?

You find him fairly, I understand.

I will even give more money to the car.

Look, you don't know me, and vice versa, okay?

I know you don't know what we are capable of.

Just let the girl go. Give him to us.

You can stay here, and everything will be fine.

Final warning!

You're closing in again, I'll shoot you!

I'm going to burn this place to the ground!

Son of a bitch!

Is that what you want? Okay.

Then you will die here!

Nobody can get out!

Do you hear me? There is no!

God damn it

Son of a bitch

How do you know he won't shoot you?

Normal people don't shoot people in cold blood, honey.

What makes you think he's a normal person?

He did not shoot me.

He might do that if we keep pushing him.

We wait until he comes out. Let him feel stressed and depressed.

How long?

We wait until dark. Then we will go in and approach him.

No, it's still a long time before it gets dark.

You only gave him time to strengthen his defenses.

I don't want to give him another shooting room.

You want Snack to take another bullet for you, fat boy?

No need to offend, Neil.

I'm just stressed. I maintain water.

Sorry I didn't shoot him while I had the chance.

This is all my fault. Don't say that.

We need a plan.

We have to make sure the windows and doors are locked.

Listen, do you know how to use a weapon?

No. Okay, let me show you.

You know, the bullet in this gun is the only thing left.

I can not.

It's simple.

No, I can't use weapons. Listen, they have weapons.

This is our answer to that. Please don't force me.

You might have to!

Look, it's like my daughter said, okay?

He said, "Father, I'm not always here to protect you."

"So you have to use bullets ..."


Lulu, what do you know about zombie chaos?

I do not know.

It's the living dead, and they roam the Earth, and they eat the brains of living things.

OK. So, my daughter, she made it her hobby ...

... to prepare for zombie chaos.

So if zombies attack this hut, he will have defense measures.

All right, listen, we should all go crazy, understand?

Maybe you should be totally total.

Let's start by locking the doors. Come on

Hey, are you ok?

Lulu? I'm fine.

If you need Aspirin, it's there ...

I will stay out here, if you need me.

Once there was a girl with the eyes of a dream I cut her throat to stop her screaming Morbidity due to death, he begged tongue to lick between her legs to taste the pulse of memory to make it into me Come in, come into me

Come in, come into me

You know what what I'll do when you invite me to the party.

Why are you still frowning?

It's useless, that's all.

You're going to move him to your cabin?

Visit on a weekend?

I cultivated its trust for a long time.

He should be my little pet.

You don't want a pet. You want a snack.

You eat it, then throw away the wrapper.

That's what you do with Snack?

There is only one woman I allow to hold my knife.

He is my life and death. It's different.

Does she have a sister?

I'll let you fondle the girl one more time.

Then you get rid of him.

If not, will you kill me?

I will kill you if not.

What if I ask for a barter?


You made my wife and child disappear.

How much is it worth?

My wife has a lot of savings.

We can talk about it on the road.

You can get him out of the way, make it look like an accident.

Come on Fire ... Boat accident ...

You're creative. You can do it Hey, honey, what do you think?

Do you want to kill women and children?

Night comes to steal day Let the monsters out to play

Sing it for me, baby.

I do not understand. Does that mean yes or no?

Hey. This is my daughter's toy box.

And inside, there is his planning notebook.

Around here.


Here, he made this because I didn't buy him an ax.


The photo that is all over the house, is that your daughter?

Yes, that's Sofia.

You actually really remind me of him.

You are very brave.

That is not true.

I will try my best to bring you back to your family.

There's not much left of that.

Me and my mother are not close. My father died in prison.

He and my uncle did some kind of fraud scheme or something.

When my uncle was free, he promised to take care of me.

I spent a lot of time with him and my cousin.

Look, family isn't always perfect, but you have to keep what you have.

My uncle, ...

... Chad, he ...

He's one of the people out there.

I should have come to her Halloween party.

He must have sent the driver.

They keep tying me up, and closing my eyes in most of the time, but ...

I can hear their voices. And I'm sure that's him.

He raped me.

Down, down!

Okay, let's move. There. Hurry up.

Now they know we are still out here.

That will continue to make them nervous.

That makes me excited. Yes, honey.

I like you with weapons.

They are playing with us.

I should go out and hunt them!

No, please don't leave me.

Zombie Defense.

That looks so silly now.

You try your best.

Maybe we can wait for them to come out.

The only problem is they are not zombies.

They are vampires. You have to invite him in.

We have to make him think this is their idea ...

... to go inside. Trusted Online Gambling Agent

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I will pee.

If you shake it more than twice, you're the same thing as masturbating.

Get lost

You know, if you want to cut me once in a while, you can do that.

Some are crazy.

You stupid bastard.

I have other things to do better than standing in this forest.

Why are you smiling?

Where is that lewd man?



Where did the pervert go?

You gonna cry now?

You're gonna cry, little baby?

Then stay here and watch the house.

Where are you going? Hey, Neil.

Where are you going?

Where do you want to go?

Hey, Neil.

Glad to see you.

I'm lost. I thought you might be hungry.

We can buy hot dogs and eat them.

Yes, go back to your cabin and your car, then take my money away? No, no, no, no!

Why you ...

That's what you do?

You're thinking of running, and leaving me to take care of it?

Where are you going now?

Yes, do you like it?

You think you're smarter than me?

Neil, Neil, Neil, listen!

That's what you think?

Yes, this is where you will die. Here.

Neil, listen ...

I don't want to kill him.

I don't want to kill ...

What? / I don't want to kill him.

You have to kill him. He's family!

What do you mean? - She's family!

What do you mean, family?

What do you mean, he's family?

She's my niece. - What?

She's my niece. / She's your niece ?!

Right. - He knows who you are?

She's my niece. What are you talking about?

You dirty pervert.

You don't love anyone ... You bastard!

Get up quickly! / I have a plan!

Empty your pocket. - I have a plan.

What are you talking about?

Remove the gun from my face. I'm telling you, I have a plan.

What? What?

These are your last words. So say it well.


Shane Who is Shane? / His girlfriend.

He does everything his girlfriend says.

He will come out of the hut for her, I guarantee.

I hope. I really begged.

Stop pointing weapons at me!

I'm begging you please.

No, you're lying again. / No, no, no, no, I won't lie to you. / You're lying again. Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch! Stop hitting! Please ...

Please, please ... Please. / Come on. Hurry up and stand up.

I'll be your man ... - Empty your pocket.

Empty your pocket. Take out your ID.

Sit on the ground.

Open your suit.

Open your clothes!

I don't want to undress ...

Take off your clothes now!

Neil, this is unnecessary. I will always help you.

Son of a bitch!

For God's sake, okay ... Alright ... Okay.

Okay, bastard! OK. I will do it. Okay.

Open your pants.

No. - Open your pants.

No. Not now.

Alright, I'll open it. I will open it.

We have to finish what we started, right?

We can do it.

Open your pants now.

Okay, okay.

Lower your weapon.

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

I'll do it ... Gosh.

You want to act annoying? / No, no, no, no!

That's what you want to do?

You want to act like a little bitch?

Because I said that! That is why.

Are you going to lie to me? / No ...

Do you think you will fool me again?

I will never ... That's what you think?

I will never lie to you.

That's what you will do?

No, no, no, wait!

You will get the child ... / No!

And you will get my money. Okay.

You understand? Do you understand now?

You like that, motherfucker? Do you like to be played with?

Do you like to be played with?

A little bit more!

Okay, this rug is to cover the pressure plate.

Sofia's mother was an engineer, then she became a teacher ... Nadine.

He ...

I will go back to college to finish my art degree.

I don't know what career I might be in, I just ...

I know I've been in a dead end for quite a long time.

What kind of art?

I paint. Most abstract.

I'm proud of you.

You don't even know me Yes, I know something.

I know you were dragged to Hell, and made it out on your own.

I have a goal, I guess.


All ready.

Did you get a signal?

One bar. He will use GPS to get here.

He won't be able to disappear anywhere anymore.

Let's tell Snack our plan.

If this doesn't work, then the stick on your butt ...

... will be the highlight of your day.

Let's go. Come on, come on

Who is it?

I already told you. He owns the cottage.

Explain everything once more.

Boy, whatever your fight with my nephew, it makes him lose control.

I told him he could live with us.

Not a problem ...

But the next thing I know, he unpacks the medicine cabinet.

Take whatever comes to home delivery.

You don't use drugs.

Pill. Everyone take pills.

I know about you You might give him an anesthetic.

Son, this is no time to joke.

He stole a car. He crashed it, Then he broke into the man's cabin.

Now he is hiding there with a man ...

They are acting crazy and like they are going to kill themselves.

A man?

Yeah, I don't know, maybe the drug dealer.

We want you to make him come out to meet us.

Take me to him.

Continue forward. I'm right behind you.

Okay, we have a guest. Do you recognize him?

I am not sure.

He will appear. You go with her.


Just ... Come on.


This is your uncle!

I'm here with Shane!

We heard you were in trouble. We want to help.

You! This is Shane!

Listen, they tell me about crazy stories here.

If you are there, talk to me!

Who is it? That's my girlfriend, Shane.

Wait a minute, does he work with your uncle? That is not true!

Honey, I love you!

I was so screwed up this time. I know.

Can you talk to me?

We talked to the police ...

I'll make things better, baby.

He can get us out of here. No, it's a trap.

I hurt you.

I didn't mean to hurt you, but that's what I did.

The way I act ... I can fix everything.

You should be respected.

If you give me a chance, I'll take you home safely!

Look, I don't like this. Very dislike.

Come back to the house. Come on, come on!

This is stupid.

I will try going to see him.


Do not!

Son of a bitch!

What is your problem?!

Get them out of the hut!

Or I shoot his girlfriend!

Lu, they will shoot me!

Hey, kid, come here!

Who are you?

You move, you die!

Move, you will die.

I will go out.

No, no, no! They will kill you both!

You have 5 seconds until I shoot this kid!

You have 5 seconds before they shoot the kid!

Please, we have to do something!

Okay, okay.

Shane Shane, run towards me!

Hurry up!

I didn't get a shooting room!

Shane, run!


They will kill me because of you.

You useless selfish bastards!

Don't hurt Lu.

It is too late.

You hear him.

How long have you known him?

I loved him since he was little.

Remove your hand!

You shouldn't live with him!

Destroy his life! Ruin everyone's life!

God damn it God damn it God damn it

"Hurry up to the back seat, Chad."

"Take the key, Chad."

"Open your pants, Chad!"

Good, good.

Hooray for Chad.

Hooray for Chad.

They will come soon.

Hey, hey, hey, listen ... Calm down, okay?

You're here, you're safe. I'm here with you Let me go back and check on Shane's condition.

Okay, we have four bodies ...

We burn them all with cars and huts.

Can we leave one of the huts?

No. Everything the pervert touches is a dead burden. Same as him.

We should go buy gas. - I'm asking you to refuel.

Hey, everyone. Where's the girlfriend?

I already took care of it.

Yes, we will see about that.

The three of us will enter the cabin now.

Complete this work.

Come on Come on

Is he dead?


I'm sorry, I'm trying to ...

Hey, breathe ... Please, breathe ...

Stay with me, please ... Lulu, stay with me.

We will be sad for him after we survive this.

I want you to stay calm, okay?

What do you think?

Lower your voice, idiot!

Look, I can hear better from outside, understand?

So I'll be right in front of the door.

No, listen, you stay here until I say it's all safe.

Shout out. Shout if you need me, understand?

I was outside.

This is too good to be true.

I need a flashlight.

Shut up!

Look, I'm fine, okay?

Stay right there!

You keep going forward. I will find another way.


Are you ok?

I'm fine

We have to go!

We messed up.

I have to go to the hospital.

Where is Neil? / He's inside.

We will re-enter.

There is an arrow in your hand.

No ... Really?

Wait, I have an idea.

This is it.


What are you doing?

I will cut it.

You stupid!

No, no, no, no! That will hurt.

I can accept it! I gave birth to two children!

Now stop acting like a coward, Chad, and act manly!

My bullets are gone. So get ready to run away.

Do as I say, or cut your neck!

I got this girl!

Let him go, or I'll cut his neck!

Goddamn it! You will pay for it.

Sit on the sofa!

Hurry up and go there! Sit!

Let me kill him No, no, no, don't, listen ...

Listen, you let him go, I'll pay you.

He already talked about that. But I'll hear your offer.

Where is Uncle Chad? / Outside.

I like this song. Reminds me of good times.

I see you! Come here quickly!

What makes you so special?

Why does everyone care so much?

Why do they love you so much?

Why are you so special that they want to pay?

How many?

How much? / 100,000!


Are you some kind of Wall Street mountain people?

Are you a rap singer?


Lu ...

My little strawberry.

I ...

I am your Uncle Chad. You will now.

Sit him on the sofa. Tell him to sit.

Come here quickly!


Give the knife.

This is my knife.

Give it to me.

Look, whatever happens they will kill us, understand?

Shut up!

His offer is better than your offer.

So I'll make a deal.

You two, you fight to the death.

The one who wins can kiss the girl one last time!

Yes yes

There is no longer a boy's game.

I will get a scar.

If I have to remember this, then I want a part!

Come quickly!

Yes dear. Yes.


Come here quickly!


He came to his uncle's party.

"That man ... He tried to show me his sex."

"I do not know what to do."

"Genital monsters will catch me."

You're just another victim who can't stop opening his legs!

You are so devastated.

I will cut off your stupid, dull head.

I'm not broken!

May there be prosperity for all! May there be peace for all!

May there be holiness for all! And may there be happiness for all!




After everything I did for you ...

Take care of your attitude!

I told you, right?

It is not like that? Son of a bitch!

Come on

No, no, no!

Come on Come on, you have to wake up, okay?

You have to wake up!

You have to wake up.

I have nothing ... Okay, wait ...

No, no, no ... You can't use card 8 for card 10.

You can use it for 7. No, that's card 8.

Nadine, my wife, he died of a brain aneurysm.

Last I spoke with him ...

Mother, Mother!

We had a big fight because I didn't want a work permit, to come here the same day.


They are alone

. / Mother ... Sofia ... / Mother! Mother! Mother ...

Mother ...

Sofia, she doesn't want to wait for help.

He brought his mother out of the hut.

He tried to drive her to the hospital by car.

My son ...

He was in an accident ...

And overturned ...

They died because of me.

Because of the hard attitude of my head.

I walked into this hallway ... Nothing.

I walked into this house, nothing.

I put the gun in my mouth ...


What is my reason for living?

I can survive because of you.

No, no. No.

You're the same as my child.

You are like my daughter. He's a warrior ...

You're a warrior.

You are a good father. And you're a good person.

We are warriors ...

You and I, we must live today, so you must wake up, because we must go, understand ?!

You have to stand up! Okay.

We have to go to the hospital.

I do not want to die.

I don't want to die, I don't want to die.

Is the wound severe?

That is severe.

I might as well not pull it out.

Please help me up.

We will help you.

Does that help?

Do not!

He might still be alive. I'll take care of him.

My sweet Lulu.

You're always there for me, Uncle Chad.

I ...

Always watch over me.

You ... You have to help me.

You will never hurt me again.

You will be safe, son.

Hold on! I'll take you to the hospital, okay? Come on

We are fighters.

We are warriors, and you are very brave.

You're so brave, Sofia. You are so brave ...

You are so ...

Wake up, Dylan. You have to stay with me!

Dylan, wake up! Dylan, stay with me!

Dylan, wake up! Dylan, stay with me!

Dylan, wake up!

Stay with me!

The first time someone ordered ...

... a vegetarian bakon sandwich when I was on duty.

Is that good?

I do not know. This is the first time I ordered it.

I like meat and potatoes more, I like bloody and oily ones.

I tried something new.

Step by step.

Hey, Gina? Gina?

The coffee is cold.

Are you going to sit there and talk all day, or are you going to come here and add to my drink?

What, do you have something to say?


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