Dead of Night (1974) Script


Darren! Jesus Christ! Darren!





You can't die, Andy.

You can't die.

You promised, Andy.

You promised you'd come back.

You promised, Andy.

You promised.


For that which we are about to receive make God make us truly thankful Come home to me.

...and bless us. Amen. Do come back. I know you are all right.

Come home, Andy.

Come home to me. You promised that you would, you promised you're alive.

I hope you're all right.

Well, I'm starving. You carve the roast beef.

I think a man should always do the carving. Is it too well?

No, it's just right, honey. Pass the salad please.

Cathy, don't ever marry a man who can't carve a roast beef or a turkey.

It's traditional. Charlie's father taught him to carve and he taught Andy to carve. It's something that's passed down from generation to generation.

Looks delicious, honey. Glad you like it.

Andy likes it medium. There's a fine line that satisfies everybody.

When Andy comes home... Joanne's mother has a great recipe for a vegetarian cutlet or something. She says it tastes just like meat.

Oh, that reminds me. Joanne called today.

She wanted to ask about Andy. We had a lovely conversation.

I promised her that once he came home we'd all have a lovely dinner together.

She was full of questions. Question after question.

She wanted to know what we heard from him, when he was coming home.

She... she still wears his ring. She's just mad about him.

Oh, please, I hope nobody will give me away.

I indulged in a little white lie.

Well, it wasn't exactly a lie, just...

I just told her that we had a letter.

A more recent letter than it actually was. I mean she was so concerned.

Good evening, Christine.

George. May I come in?

What is it, George? Good evening, George.

What can I do for you?


I'm afraid I have some sad news for you, Charlie.

What is it Daddy?

I'm sorry, Charlie.

If there's anything I can do.

What is it, Charlie? What does he want?

Give me a call, Charlie, if. Thanks George.

What does it say, Daddy?

It's Andy...



Oh, God...

No, it's a lie.

It's a lie, it's a lie!

It's a lie!

No, Daddy.


You've promised.

You've promised.

You're all right.

I can tell.

You're alive, I know it.

I can feel it.

They lied.

They lied.

You'll come back.

You're alive.

Hey, soldier, where're you headed?

Come on, hop aboard.

Hey, Eddy, three with hash on the side.

What kind of language is that?

Whatever kind it is it don't apply to you.

Well, you could do worse.

I have, honey, I have.

Yes, sir. Can I see a menu?

On the wall, sweetheart.

Hey, Ed, here comes Howie.

Hi, Rosalie, what do you know? Why don't you shut off you engine and stay a couple of seconds? No, I'm on later in Heldeneck.

I just stopped by for a pack of smokes.

Hey, Ed, give me two black coffees to go, will you?


Say, who's riding with you? Hey, don't tell the boss.

Just a soldier I picked up. Bad boy, Howie.

You're not supposed to pick up hitch-hikers. I needed the company.

Turns out I should've left him on the road. How come?

Mh, he's a real weirdo. He hasn't said two words since I picked him up.

Not even a thank you.

What kind of a soldier is he?

Theirs or ours?



Well, I thought we were being invaded.

Here's your coffee, buster. Come back and see me some time.

Thanks Rosalie. I'll see you on Friday, okay?

There you go, pal, I bought you a cup of coffee.


Daddy, I heard something downstairs.

What is it Charlie, what's the matter?

It's probably nothing.

Go back to sleep.

Butchie, bad dog.

Butch, how did you get in here?

Charlie, the door is open.

How can it get open? I thought I locked.

Nothing there.

Come, Butch.

Come on, Butch, outside.




Andy! I can't believe it.

Oh, come on in, son.

Come on in, son. Let's get a look at you.

Andy, did you where you wanted? You didn't write to us.

I was getting so worried. I can't believe you're really here.

Did you know they sent us a telegram?

Imagine those idiots in the State department. They had you in the grave.

Yes, they did.

How did you get here? Give him a cup of tea.

Cathy, make him a cup of tea.

I'll go and get you some tea. Joanne called, she wants to see you.

Everyone's been calling. Everyone's been asking about you.

The kids across the street, they want to play football with you.

I've got an idea. I know what I'm going to do.

I'm going to call everyone up and we're going to have a big celebration.

Oh, that's a great idea, hon.

Let's wait a while, Mom.

Well, I didn't mean tonight. I meant not until you've had rested up for a couple of days.

Here's your tea, Andy. Nothing for me, thanks.

But, but Andy, you have to have something. I mean you're so thin.

I mean you must've had a terrible time.

Pretty rough over there, eh son?

Over where?

Andy, look, I'm not going to dwell on this but do you know that they sent us a telegram tonight?

I mean they actually sent us a telegram telling us that you were killed.

They actually said that my son was dead.

I was.

Two miles east and you're right there.

You all have a lovely picnic and I'm going to go inside and clean up the kitchen.

Mother, join us. No. No. You know I can't stand the mess.

Well, you go ahead and if there's anything you need just call me.

Oh, Andy, she's so happy since you got back.

Well, sometimes I feel I ought to get down on my knees and pray.

Every five minutes, pray all day long.

It's a miracle, Andy.

A real miracle.

A miracle.

Poor guy.

Any idea yet what happened? Truck driver, wasn't he?

Well, what do you make of that, Doc?

I don't know. Looks like a needle mark.

Could be.

Well, you think he was on dope? Ted, don't speculate.

Wait till I've finished with the autopsy.

Boy, they really ripped him up, don't they, Doc?



Yeah, they really do.

Here, Butch, here you are, there it is.

What's the matter with you?

Well, that's a heck of a way to treat an old enemy.

Just as well. I'll eat it myself. Good morning, Ben.

Good morning, Mr. B. Say, what's the matter with that dog of yours?

He didn't bark or nothing, he just ignored me.

He's got more important things on his mind.

I don't know. Maybe he's got an upset stomach.

Had me a dog once ate a pickle. Can you imagine it?

A great big pickle. It was yeah long and he got sick and he threw up all over Marilyn's caspius bed.

I said don't blame me. Ben. Ben.

Take a look over there.

Who's that? You got a visitor?

Marilyn took in some boarders once. Gee, what a mess.

They loused up the whole plumbing system. Ben.

Andy's home.

Andy? Yes.

Is that Andy? Well, I'll just be damned.

Come on over and say hello, eh? Andy, I'll just be double dog damned.

There he is. Andy.

Andy, when did you get back?

Well, I'm just going to shake that hand, boy.

Tell me, Andy, what time did you get in, huh?

Got in Wednesday night, Ben. Yeah?

Oh, is that an egg salad sandwich?


Ah, thank you.

Tell me, Andy, what do you do, just walk in and scare the pants off your old man?

We came downstairs, Ben, and there he was.

I done the same thing when I come back from Okinawa.

I pinned a note on my jacket that said

"Will you please take care of this poor little orphan soldier boy", and I rang the door bell, my Dad's eyebrows shot clear up to the top of his head.

Cathy, could I have a sip of that ice tea?

Yeah, that was quite a war, that World War Two.

You remember that war, Mr. B? Well, it's not hard to remember.

Yeah. We lost a lot of good boys in that war and we kept some we should have lost.

You remember old Dale Harrison?

His folks still live over there in Pine.

I was with him the day he got hit.

That was a sad thing. 'Cause you know his folks, his wife and all, they wanted to know how he got it, all the details.

Well, it was up to me to clean it up for public consumption.

Then there's old Fred Nelson.

He was always boasting about his war wounds.

You know how he got his war wounds and him going on around bragging like some damn war hero.

You know what it was?

Some Kraut shot him in the ass.

Right plum in the old buttock.

Hey, Andy, you was over there with old Darren Wilson, wasn't you?

How is old Darren?

You know, he hasn't gotten off a note to his folk in two months now.

Now that ain't right, don't you know.

What's the matter? Did I say something?

Been through a lot, Ben.

What time did you say he came into the diner?

Oh, about...

It was ten thirty. He was running late.

Yeah. Oh. Will you let me.

He ordered two coffees and bought a pack of cigarettes.

He had... a... That's right.

He said he had a hitch-hiker with him. What did he look like?

Oh. I don't know, I never saw him. He never got out of the truck.

He say anything about the hitch-hiker? Any description?

He... he... he said he was a s... s... s Oh, that's right. He said he was a soldier. A real weirdo.

Howie said he didn't thank him for the ride or anything.

You know of anyone recently discharged or home on leave?

Not off hand. This wouldn't necessarily be a local.

Could be somebody passing through.

Okay folks, can you think of anything else that might help us, anything at all?

If you do, would you give us a call? Oh, sure.

I can't believe a soldier would do a thing like that.

...and there were severe wounds in the abdominal region.

Police report the presence of puncture wounds in the victim's right arm.

Police spokesman refused to speculate about the significance of these wounds.

Witnesses report that Mr. Stuart, a resident of Waynesville, had picked up a hitch-hiker, and first reports from the scene indicate that the hitch-hiker...

Why did you turn that off? I wanted to hear the news.

What's the difference. You can't hear anything anyway.

That noise going on up there.

Doesn't bother me. Well, it bothers me.

It drives me nuts.

Charlie, you can't expect everything to snap back to normal in just a couple of days.

It takes patience and time. Is that what it takes, Christine?

Well, I'm certainly glad to know that's what it takes.

Everything is going to be all right, Charlie. I won't have it any other way.

Why is he so different?


He won't talk with us, he won't eat with us...

He sits out in the yard all day long or up in his room.

Why won't he let us tell anyone he's home?

What did he do, take a vow? Celibacy or something?

It's only impulse.

I know that. I know that.

Whose side are you on?

It isn't a question of that. Isn't it?

If you cared anything about him, you'd be patient with him.

You'd give him some time to adjust.

With what he's been through I can't even imagine the terrible things he must've seen.

Well, I went through it too, but when I came back I didn't act like that.

Well, you're not Andy. You don't have the same kind of sensitivity.

Well, he's my son too, you know.

He gets that precious sensitivity just from you, you know.

Well, he didn't get it from you.

All you've ever done is criticise him and pick on him and ride him.

If it hadn't been for you he wouldn't have enlisted in the first place.

He enlisted because he didn't want you to turn him into a goddamn Mother's boy.

And he was right. But I happen to love my son, even if you don't.



Where are you going?

Out. Out? I just made supper, you're favorite. Cathy will be home pretty soon.

Well, the least you can do is answer your mother!

Quiet, Charlie.

I have to go out.

You won't be late, will you, Andy?

Don't you growl at Andy.

Leave him alone, Christine. It's not his fault that Andy went out.

No, it's your fault. He's been home two days and you've made him feel unwelcome.

You didn't want him to come home, did you?

You never wanted him to come home.

Come on, Butch. Come on. That's it.

I've got some visitors, Andy. Not now.

I think you'd change your mind when you see who they are.

We'll not bother you, Andy.

Now listen, what can I get you fellows to drink?

Coke. Root beer.

Five Cokes, right? Yeah.

Andy, how come you ain't in uniform?

Come on, Dumb Dumb, he's out now.

Hey, Andy, see a lot of action over there? Kill any guys?

Remember me, Andy? Fergie Anderson.

I grew two inches since the last time I saw you.

You know karate Andy? They teach you karate?

I'm learning it. Yeah, sure.

You know my dad got a purple heart in Korea.

Yeah, to go along with his yellow streak. You're stupid.

I'm going to be a brown belt before I'm fifteen.

You're going to be a brown nose too.

Watch this, Andy.

Let go, Andy!

So the dog bit you. Why did you do it?


Let go of me. Look, he killed Butch for no reason.

He's crazy. Listen, something is the matter with him.

Take your hands off of me!

You get out of my house.

Hey, Mr. B. What?

Look at this, look what they're putting in the paper.

Miss Sandra Pitt West and Mr. Montgomery Hunt have announced their forthcoming nuptials.

Too right. I mean ain't that a bitch, Mr. B, putting a thing like that in the paper? Might.

Anyway, ten to one says they already got their nuptials in the back seat of his car.


Another shot, Mr. B?

The way you keep hitting it like that it's going to start hitting back on you.

Good evening, Doc. Hello, Mac.

Hello, Charlie. What'll it be tonight, Doc?

Oh, just coffee, Mac. Black coffee.

Could I treat you to a cup of coffee, Charlie?

No, Doc.

Here you go, Doc. On the house.

Oh, thanks. Say, Doc, did you ever have any nuptials?

Well, just once, Mac, long time ago.

I'm sure you were too decent a guy to go round announcing it in the newspaper.

How's everything, Charlie?

Great, Doc.

Just great.

What's the matter?

I lost my dog.

Best dog I ever had.

He used to love him, Doc.


I'm sorry to hear that, Charlie. What happened?

He killed him.

Strangled him, one hand.

Jesus Christ, Doc, my heart stopped beating.

Who killed him? Andy.


I just can't understand it, Doc.

He used to love that dog ever since he was a little kid.

I didn't know Andy was home.

He didn't want anybody to know that he was here.


I don't know, Doc.

He's crazy.

Why do you say that? You ought to see him, Doc.

Maybe I should.

Is he home now?

Well, yeah, yeah.

Well, I'd like to talk to him, Charlie, if it's all right with you.

Sure, Doc, if you want to come.

Mother, you haven't been listening to anything I've said.

I said we're going to double date tomorrow night.

Bob and I, Joanne and Andy.

Joanne doesn't even know he's home yet.

She'll be so surprised. Have you asked Andy?

You don't think I'm mind, do you?


Here, Butch. Butch.

Where is that dumb dog?

It's gone. Oh, Mother, that's not like him.

You know Butch is too greedy to miss dinner.

Give me that, he is gone!

And that's all there is to it.

Now I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Besides... we've got more important things to talk about.

I'm very happy that the four of you are going to be going out.

I think it's wonderful, I'm delighted.

Catherine, you're really a very thoughtful person.

A kind and thoughtful person.

Mother, what's wrong?


Did you and Daddy have a quarrel?

Don't believe anything your father has to say.

Don't believe anything he says about me or Andy.

Hello. Well, I brought Doc Allman over to see Andy.

Leave him, Christine. Hi, Doc.

Catherine, I hope I'm not intruding. What do you want, Doc?

Mother! I asked Doc to come over to see Andy.

Andy is resting.

Yeah, I bet he is. I just want to say hello to him, Christine.

Charlie says he's not feeling too well. You don't pay any attention to her, Doc.

This is my house.


I've brought someone to see you.

Welcome home, Andy.

Is this a personal call, Doc, or a professional one?

Either one.

Depends on what's needed. Neither one is needed.

Well, your Dad tells me you got home...

What, Wednesday night? Yes.

Did you come in with friends?


Well, I mean did friends pick you up or did you come in on a bus or...

No friends.

But you did get a ride?


Got a ride.


That's right, Doc.

About what time was that, Andy?

I don't keep very good track of the time, Doc.

Well, it was late, Doc, it was real late. It was about... about three, four o'clock in the morning.

Do you remember who it was that picked you up, Andy?



Do you remember what kind of car they were driving?

Or... truck?

Oh, why do you ask that, Doc?

What difference does that make?

Just curious, Charlie.


Well, good to have you back with us, Andy.

Charlie, I'd better be going.

Well, come in and see me, Andy, if you like. Shoot the breeze.

Give you a check up, no charge.

Hey, that's real nice of you, Doc.

Don't you think so, Andy?

What is it, Doc?

It's not good, Charlie. At least it doesn't look good.

A truck driver was murdered out on the highway Wednesday night.

Some witnesses are saying that he was carrying a hitch-hiker.

A soldier.

Well, you don't think that... I don't think anything, Charlie.

I don't make any accusations, that's up to the police but...

Charlie, I've got to report this.

But what is there to report, Doc?

Andy came in Wednesday night, hitch-hiking.

Hopefully it's just a coincidence, but the facts do tally, and what you told me about Butch.

But Andy wouldn't kill anybody.

Look Charlie, I'm only telling you this because I'm your friend.

I really am, whether you believe it or not.

I don't want you to think that I'm going to the Police behind your back.

But I have to report this, that's simply my duty.

Well, I understand that, Doc, but...

Look, Doc, I want you to let me talk to Andy and...

Well... if you give me until tomorrow I'll... I'll... All right.

All right, Charlie, I'll wait until tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night, Doc.

Thank you.

Daddy, are you all right? Leave me alone.




Was that Andy? Yes, Daddy, he went out the back door.

Mother gave him the keys.


Christine! You let him go!

Why not? I'd leave too if my father came home drunk.

You know why I'm drunk.

You know.

Daddy what's the matter? Well, mind your own goddamn business!

Say, is that Sheryl? Oh.

This... this is Charlie Brooks and... and I want to talk to Doc.


He went to the hospital.

Well, be back late?


Tell him to call me please when he gets back 'cause it's...

I want to talk to him.



Yes, Daddy.

Catherine, I'm expecting a very important call.

You tell me.

Okay, Daddy.

This is the Police Department.

Hello. This is the Police Department. Please identify yourself.

Hello. Police Department.

If you are unable to speak please signal by tapping the phone.

Hello, this is the Police Department.



I came for my check-up.

I'm expected at the hospital right now, Andy.

How about tomorrow?

Now. In your office.

Sit down.

I just came by to shoot the breeze.

You invited me, Doc, remember?

Well, Andy, if you need someone to talk to I'm more than willing to help.

I want you to know, Doc, that I'm in perfect health.

There's not a living soul in better health than I am.

Don't have to worry about getting sick or old... or tired... or hungry...

or anything.

Well, maybe one thing.

What do you mean, Andy?

Feel my pulse, Doc.

Andy, I... Feel it.

I don't understand.

Open it.

What do you... Open it!

Listen to my heart, Doc.

Andy, there isn't any... Heartbeat, Doc?

No heartbeat.

You killed that truck driver.

I died for you, Doc.

Why shouldn't you return the favor?

Andy, hold, hold on.

You owe me something, Doc.

You owe me this!

I don't know why your father does the thing he does.

Why don't you ask him if you want to know?

He wouldn't even talk to me.

When he finally turns against you, you come to me and expect me all of a sudden to just open up and tell you everything.

You haven't come to me since you were five years old.

Andy came to me, not you.

What is wrong with everybody around here?

For God's sake, just the other day we were so happy and now...

And now nothing.

Good morning. Andy.

Oh, you look wonderful.

You must have had a good night sleep. Yes, very good.

I'm glad. I wouldn't want Joanne to think I wasn't taking proper care of you.


Tonight, when you all go out.

Was that supposed to be a surprise? I'm sorry.

What surprise?

Bob and I we thought maybe the four of us could go out tonight.

I didn't tell Joanne yet. I mean that you're home.

I thought we could surprise her.

You don't have to go if you don't want to, Andy.

I just keep thinking about the good times we used to have, the four of us.

Seems like so long ago.

Oh, Andy, go.

It'll be like the old times.

Old times.

That was a long time ago.

All right.


Joanne will be so surprised.

All right, breakfast in ten minutes.

Joanne, will you quit being so stubborn.

No. Uh-uh. I've had it with blind dates.

This is a special blind date.

Oh. Oh, a special blind date. He's blind, right?

Joanne, you're just being silly. You always have a good time and you know it.

Oh, right. But the last time!

Well, that was an exception.

Oh, he was an exception all right.

Not only was he 400 pounds, with a head like an avocado, but his mother followed us to the drive-in, parked right next to us, and kept giving me her popcorn all night.

My God, I could never live it down, never.

Now seriously, you can keep your blind dates.

I mean I'm very happy sitting at home watching the late show.

And the late, late show. And the integrational message and the test patterns. Alright, I'll go. Who is it?

It's a surprise.

You can tell me his name.

I mean I'm awful at names anyway. I'll forget.


Listen, he is from this planet, isn't he?

I mean he does have the right number of eyes, hands, feet, other assorted essentials?

Well, let's not get vulgar now.

Listen, at least give me a hint.

Just take our word for it. You'll be glad you came.

Yeah, if I can live through the suspense.

What time is it, time to go yet?

You are really weird.

You know that, don't you? Thanks.

No but seriously, about tonight, I really think I'd better bow out.

Joanne, why?

I've got a paper to write.

Cathy, I get depressed when I go out, you know that.

I just keep thinking of...

You know.

I think it's time to unveil the secret weapon.

Joanne, you have to come with us.

It's Andy.

He's home.

I don't believe it. He came home Wednesday night.

Why didn't he call me? Why didn't you tell me?

Now listen, son.

Doc mentioned something to me last night.

There was a man, a truck driver was killed last Wednesday night, and the witnesses said they saw a soldier.

Not that Doc was making any accusations or anything like that but he just felt that it was his duty to go to the Police and tell them what he'd seen.

Now son, because I'm your father, and I would do anything in the world for you, God knows I would...

You wouldn't be mixed up in any kind of trouble like that, would you?

I don't have any troubles at all, Dad.

I didn't think you could but Doc said something about a soldier.

There are millions of soldiers, Dad.

Well, I told him that.

But the police might be investigating and might be asking questions, son.

And... would that guy or whoever it was who gave you that ride...

If we're able to find him and verify your story it would keep to that, couldn't it?

It won't come to that, Dad.

Well, that's... that's good, son.


Well, I'm...

I'm going to call the Doc and I'll get this whole thing straightened out.

And if he wants me to go to the Police with him I'll... go.

Made me feel much better, son.

Much better.

What happened?

Some maniac killed Doc Allman last night.

I think it might be the same one killed that truck driver on Wednesday night.

Did you hear about that one?

Some people down the County house said they saw a soldier or something.

No. Hm?


Cathy, I'm so nervous. He's going to be mad, I know he is.

He won't be mad at you, Joanne. Do I look alright?

You look terrible. I don't look too old or anything?

Just a few wrinkles. You look fine.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let's just call him.

Call him first from somewhere and just check to see if it's all right.

Mrs. Brooks. Hi. Do you know why we're here?

How are you, Joanne? She's aged considerably, quite a few wrinkles.

Get acquainted with it. Bob! Is Andy?

He's upstairs. I'll get him.

He's really home. I don't believe it. Joanne, will you cool it, dummy.

Oh, Cathy, can't stand it.

Sit down. I'll sit.


Joanne's here.


Can I see?

Hello, Joanne.


Hi, Andy.

How's everything? Everything is fine, Bob.

Let's go.

Have a good time.

Sheriff's department.

Yes, sir.

Brooksville 73.

Excuse me.

Be with you in a minute, sir.

Brooksville 73

Remember this place, Andy?

Yeah, it was the first time the four of us went out together, remember?

It was on New Year's Eve.

Okay, Mr. Brooks.


Go ahead.


I understand you're looking for the soldier...

killed Doc Allman and the other fellow the truck driver.


Well, I...

I saw Doc Allman last night.

And then when I heard about Doc Allman this morning I remembered something.

Something Doc said.

And I thought... I... I...

I didn't know...

I thought...

I thought it was important.

Don! What the hell are you doing?

What did he say?

He said...

He said he thought he knew who the soldier was.

Okay, that's two baby burgers, two cokes and one coffee.

Sure you don't want anything, Andy? Nothing.

That's all then. Thank you.

May I have the menus please?

What's the matter?

And then we talked about this and that, nothing important, and then I remember the doc said something about having an appointment with the soldier at his office.

After he left the bar. And what time was that, Mr. Brooks?

About eight-thirty, nine o'clock... I don't remember.

He said he was going to meet this soldier in his office at eight-thirty or nine o'clock at night?

That would explain why he didn't show up at the hospital.

Did he say anything else about this soldier? Did he mention any names and if the soldier come from around here?

It was nobody local. And how do you know that?

Well, the Doc said he was from Paris.

Parisienne? Yeah.

But that's why the appointment was so late you see.

He had to come from Paris. It's so far away.

He probably hitch-hiked.

I guess he was afraid to see his local doctor.

You know, it's funny Doc didn't say, call us or mentioned anything.

Sit down, Don.

Mr. Brooks, I'm a little bit confused.

Did he say anything else?

Anything at all?


Not that I can remember.

Can I go now?

Sure. And thanks for your cooperation.

Everyone finished? You still want to go to the Drive-in?

What's playing? Who watches?

Right, Andy? Right, Bob.

That's the Andy I used to know.


The State Legislator met for the 9th straight day in special session in an attempt to come up with a re-apportionment plan acceptable to the Courts.

Senate leader Melvin Porter says "No solution is in sight."

On the local scene tonight, Brooksville loses one of its most beloved citizens, the victim of a bizarre homicide.

Here's Ray Benton with that story.

Dr. Philip J. Allman is dead.

Stabbed to death in his office late last night or early this morning according to Brooksville Police Chief, George Logan.

The slaying is Everett County's second in three days and the presence of small needle like puncture wounds in the arms of both victims have led police to theorize that the crimes were committed by the same person.

Perhaps raising the ominous possibility of a drug-bent crime spree.

The first victim, Howard Stuart, the truck driver, was found on Thursday morning of this week.

Witnesses said that Stuart had picked up a hitch-hiker, a soldier, and that shortly after picking him up went down the road to buy a cup of coffee.

Andy! Andy!

Where's Andy? Where's Andy? I've got to talk to him.

It's very important. It's your fault, your fault, your fault!

Your fault! Listen, Andy's in trouble!

He killed Doc.

And the truck driver. It's your fault, Charlie.

It's your fault! Listen, I went to the police!

Police? Yeah.

But I didn't tell them anything. I lied to them.

I made up a story to throw them off the track.

But they're sure to find out, Christine.

And they're going to come here.

Jesus, I couldn't bring myself to turn him in.

Christine, I just couldn't.

You know what we're going to have to do, Charlie.

We're going to have to take Andy away.

Far, far away.

But... how are we going to do that, Christine?

Nothing else we can do.

You lied to them too.

They'll be after you.

And if we stay here they're going to be after all of us.

There's nothing else we can do.

Now, I'll go upstairs and I'll pack some clothes.

He can't take very much.

And what about Cathy?


Cathy's a lovely person.

And kind, thoughtful.

They looked... They looked so adorable tonight, just like when they were in High School.


It's like old times, seeing them, the four of them going out.

Four of them?

Andy's with them?

Where did they go?

Where did they go?

Goddamn it, tell me where did they go!

Da... Dancing.


The Lion House.

You've changed.

Everyone changes eventually.

...and now event number five on your program is a death defying...

Let's go get some popcorn.

We just ate.

I'm neurotic. I can't watch a movie without popcorn.

Oh! All right.

You two want anything?

Oh, just something to drink I guess.


I hope you're not mad or anything. I mean that we barged in on you like that.

I'm not mad.

Or anything.

I just really wanted to see you.

I missed you a lot you know.

When you stopped writing for a couple of months I used to call your Mother every day. I know she thinks I'm crazy, but...

But I want you to understand that if there is somebody else I understand.

No one else.

Well, maybe we can pick up where we left off.


Andy, I...

A... Andy...

Hey, lovebirds, open up.

I hope we're not disturbing anybody.

Hey, you two all right back there?

Get out!



Okay, go away, the show is over.

Call a doctor.

Andy, please. Please come on, we've got to leave right now, Andy.

No, Charlie.

Where's Cathy? No.


Stand up, Andy. I don't care about Catherine.

No, Charlie.

Stand up, Andy, and face me.

No. Andy, no.

God, please no.

No. No.

No, Charlie.

Charlie, you can't.

The suspect is Andy Brooks, 3 Tall, Brooksville.

All right, hold it right there.

Go, Andy, go. Get in.


What have you done?

Where, Andy, where?

We will be dead!


Oh, God no.

Get out. Hurry.

Hurry, Andy.




Andy... Andy, please, please no.

Andy, no, no, no...

Andy's home.

Some boys never come home.