Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead (2018) Script

What the hell is this?



No, what are you doin'?


Let go.


So, my childs, today I make history.

Let me outta here, I'm an American!

You look especially pretty today.

Tonight you will celebrate with me.

Dr. Herman Baumgartner, 31st of October, 1958.

Alpha X-Ray Series, human trial, zero set.

Subject 13 will be injected with the updated virus, Alpha X-Ray Zebra.

We should have nuked all you Nazi bastards!

Keep the specimen quiet. Specimen?

What the hell's that supposed to mean, you Nazi?

Maybe you are the one.


Stop this immediately, shut this operation down right now.

Ah, General, just in time to celebrate my victory.

Your victory?

I said shut it down, this is no longer a sanctioned project.

General, the importance of my work is indisputable.

You of all should know that.

You've got your orders, Baumgartner.


Orders are for mindless sheep.

Enough of your Third Reich delusions, arrest him!

You overstepped for the last time.

Go ahead and smile, Herman.

One word from me and you won't see daylight for 20 years.

Haven't you heard, my general?

I work for the CIA now.

May I?

It's over.

The hell it is!

I should never have allowed this.

Isn't it a bit late to be developing morals, General?

I'm gettin' you outta here, soldier.

It's gonna be okay.

We're damned!

Not again!

Help me!

What did I say, gentlemen?


Oh, yeah.

I could totally get down with this.

Welcome, welcome, you must be--

Ethan, and these are my mates, John and Daniel.

I reckon we might wanna get us some trouble, lads.

In that case, you won't want to miss our cocktail brunch.

My kind of place.

Hello, ladies.

Three princesses all alone?

This will not do.

Who's ready to start with a drink?

Me! Alright, bring it on!

Cheers. Cheers!

Final round.

I call this Death in the Jungle.

Sounds final.

Down the hatch!

That settles it, you're coming with us.

Coming where? Down the river, on a raft.

We're goin' tomorrow. Yay!

Cheers to that.

I need more coffee. Where is she?

It usually takes her a little while to get ready.

We're going into the jungle.

Oh, my god.

Well, hello, gorgeous.

What are you waiting for?

Steer to the left, everybody.

No, to the right.

The guy told us to follow the route on the map.

So what, man?

He told us not to drink, too.

And what do ya know?

Dude, could you ever be, like, not a dick?

It'll be an adventure!

Think about it.

Everybody follows the route on the map, right?

This way, we'll have the river all to ourselves.

Oh, our very own river!

I mean, it's not like these are raging waters.

And it looks like they'll join again in a few miles.

I think it's a bad idea. I agree.

Dude, think of it as a navigational challenge!

Get us through uncharted waters, oh wise one.

You're an idiot.

It should be fine if we're careful.

It could be fun.

See? She's up for it.

I guess. It's decided!

Nothing dangerous, though.

Admit it, you're loving it.



What did I say, guys?

Our own private sanctuary.


Everybody glad we came this way?

I can't believe they blocked this place off.


What the hell are you doin'?

They told us to keep our life vests on!

Chill, does this look dangerous to you?

Yeah, no danger of goin' overboard.


You idiot!

The water's awesome!

I wanna get in!

Oh, yes!

God bless you, waterfall.

Where's the boat?

Where's the boat?

What? How? I, uh-- No!

That's great. How did it get loose?

You didn't tie it up right. Yes, I did!

You think this is his fault?

There's no signal. We are so screwed.

What are we gonna do now?

Somebody will come and find us.

They'll send a search party.

Um, that may help, if we hadn't taken the wrong fork.

Oh, no!

We're lost?

Oh, we can make our way back to the other river arm.

Yeah, yeah, it looks like it, but that's at least a mile back.

We'll have to walk. What, through the jungle?

Oh, are you nuts?

It's, it's impossible!

Do you have another idea, Mr. Two Rules Down?

Let's move, we do wanna make it back before it gets dark.

I'll protect you.

Oh, shit!

That frickin' hurts, what's wrong with you?

She doesn't like guys touching her.

You should get your clothes on.

Stupid jungle!

Ow, ow!

Tiffany you've got to lose those ridiculous shoes.

I can't walk barefoot through the jungle.

You're going to break your neck before we make it outta here.

She's right, Tiff, you could probably walk faster, too.


Wait up, guys.

Ew, ew.

I don't wanna walk anymore!

Are we there yet?

A path!

Dudes, dudes, a path!

A path, woo-hoo!

Oh, yeah!

Holy shit.

How did it get all the way out here?

Let's check it out. If we can climb to the top, we might be able to see where we are.

She makes a good point.

Let's go, then.

This isn't like anything I've ever seen.

It looks kinda creepy.

Like Jungle Dracula's castle.

Well, we're not moving in.

Let's go, Mr. Adventure.

I'm gonna go check it out. Back off, Ethan.

We don't need any more trouble, understand?

You're the boss.

What are you waitin' for?

Hey, babe.

We got our orders.

Let's get drunk. Yay, finally something fun!

Rise and shine!

Scream, if you must.

No one can hear you!


Nobody around to help.

I tweaked the formula just for you.

You have to be the one.

You might feel a little prick.

Hold still!

Oh, bugger!


Just what I wanna do.

Get wasted while we're lost in the jungle.

Come on, it's good for you!

What do you think that says?

We're not makin' it out of here by nightfall.

There's gotta be a way.

In the dark?

We're lucky if we have two hours of daylight left.

That's enough.

It took us three hours to get this far.

Hey, guys, check this out.

Oh, yay!

Good, you brought some disinfectant along!

We'll need it when you burn your face off.

Why doesn't it work!

Yes, I did.

I do!

It's her fault, god damnit!

I'll show you, you'll see.

I can do it!

I do have it in me, I will make you proud!

The world will know our name.

You useless piece of meat!

What did you do?

It's all your fucking fault!


I guess you'll join the others.

What did you guys see?

We're havin' a sleepover! Ha ha ha, very funny.

Unfortunately, it's no joke. No, there's gotta be a path.

Only jungle as far as the eye can see.

We need to take shelter in the ruins.


I saw it on Man Versus Wild once.

Sheltering for the night is the most important survival skill.

I guess we better check it out, then.

Hurry up, guys!


This is is lit! No way.

This is lit.

See? I told you guys this was a good idea.

Good call, babe.

I wonder what this looked like before.

I hear they used to do human sacrifice in places like this. What?

Yeah, every 13th day of every 13th year.

Which is tonight!

Leave her alone, guys.

Nobody died here, probably.

I'll be totally missing my flight 'cause of you guys.


What are you doing?

There's somethin' in here. What something?

You see it? What is it?

Get your hand outta there!

What are you doing, dude?




Oh, sweet!

Whoa, dude! What is that doing here?


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let's see if it works.

Don't, if the barrel is damaged, it could misfire and tear your hand off.

I'll give it a try.

Stay back.

Geez! It works!


Let me have a shot.

Maybe we should save the bullets, being stuck out here all night?

I'll take this.


A secret room!

Holy crap.

What's this doing in these ruins?

Let's go down.

I'm not going down there.

There's some type of old facility down there.

No, not going!

I wanna check it out.

Even Pussiana Jones is up for it.

Yes, baby bro!

Oh, come on, I'll look after you.

Let's do it.

Okay, fine, but you're not leaving my side.

Step aside.

Oh, another secret room!

Here we go.

What was going on down here?

And who was doing it?

I've got this.

Step back, Tinkerbell.

You gonna help me or what?

So strong.

You did it!

Oh, wow.

This is amazing.


It's so big.

I'm so glad we lost the boat.

This is ancient.

It's kinda like they built one structure, on top of another one.

Like Rome, a city on top of a city.

So, why the Fort Knox door?

Yeah, there's nothing in here.

Let's check it out.

Look at the eyes.

Maybe some type of warrior temple?

It's closing!

Wow, that was great!

Nice reflexes.

It's just a door.

I always say you should go out for track.

But he was more into his books.

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.

That is disgusting.

What is that?

It looks like blood. Oh, shut up.

I can't believe this shit, I need some water.

Oi, guys!

Come over here.

Watch out.

This isn't so scary, is it?

Alright, check it out.

What is that? It's an old generator.

A really old one. Don't touch it!

You don't know what that does.

Get out of my way.

Chill out, guys.

This looks military to me.

CIA was doing stuff out here in the 50s.

CIA? Yeah, during the Cold War.

Trying to overthrow the communists.

A lot of people disappeared.

Well, there better not be any skeletons down here.

Or ghosts.

Shut up, Ethan.

Oh, shit. What the fuck?

Oh, no! What happened?

Well, I'm glad we didn't split up.

Wouldn't wanna get lost down here.

Oh, this is not good, not good.

I'm scared.

Let's get out of here. Wait.

I might be able to get her going.

Why? Lights.


There we go.

Oh, finally! Yay, lights!

Nice work, bro! Yes!

Pretty cool, huh?

My hero. It's a furnace.

Hey, guys, come on.

My feet hurt! This is incredible.

Like, really hurt. Careful.

Check it out. Hello?


What do we have here?

It's some kind of control room.

Check it out.


Shut it off! What did you do?

How do you turn it off? I'm trying!

I'm practically deaf!

There's no picture. Patience, it's CRT.

It takes a while for the tubes to warm up.

Someone wanted to keep an eye on things down here.

Maybe we can see what they were trying to keep an eye on.


Ew. Oh, my god.

What is that?

We're gonna do some exploring.

You've got to be kidding me. Don't catch anything.

You're gonna get it working? Just give me a few.

Come on, let's look around.

Okay, let's see if our superior 21st century digital knowledge can crack this analog puzzle.

It's kinda creepy.

I'll show you creepy.



Where'd you go?




Where are you?


Tiffany, where are you?




We did it!

We are officially awesome.

What do you think they were doin' down here?

No idea.

This could have been a Cold War command center.

Looks like there was some fighting going on down here.

What about secret experiments?

You have a vivid imagination.


Did you hear that?



Little Brother is watching you.

We can see you, but we can't hear you.

We got the cameras working, come check it out.

Oh, shit.

There you are.

You scared me.

All for me?

Oh, I could just eat you up.


Right there.

Don't stop.

Good job, little bro. Where's Tiffany and Ethan?

They haven't come back yet. Let me try to find them.

Oh, hell no, turn it off, turn it off.

Go, Ethan!

Tiffany, whatever it is you're doing you might wanna stop.

The cameras are rolling.

Guys, guys.

They can't hear me. I'll go find them.

I need those final notes.

I could get around all those undead freaks down there, if it wasn't for him.

He has all the secrets.

The key to immortality.


What should I do?

Please tell me, what should I do?

They found it.


I will take care of it.

Yes, I know how important.

I'll go right now!





You guys find anything interesting?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Not really!

Did you change?


Come on, we got the monitors working.


See anything cool?

You could say that.

Holy shit!

Oh my god, oh my god!

Oh my god, Ethan!

Where is she?

I don't give a shit, run!

We can't just leave her here!

Then you go back for her!

Something took Aneesha! What?

Something grabbed her and dragged her off!

How much did you guys drink? We saw it!

Saw what, Tiffany?

I don't know, it was disgusting.

We're getting the fuck out of here, now.

Ethan, stop.

What happened?

There is something down here with us.

It's gonna kill us all. What?

Where's Aneesha? She's fuckin' dead, man!

Come on.

Where are we?

It all looks the same down here!

You're supposed to know which way we're going.

I can't find her anywhere.

I'm gonna go look for her.

I'll go with you. No.

You two stay here.

Let's go this way!

We just came from that way, you idiot.

I'm just trying to help. Well, stop trying!



Don't worry.

I'll look after you.

What is this?

They were experimenting on people.

"Integrated power viral genetic, transform the weakling

"of the battlefield into a veritable sup..."

They were trying to create super soldiers.




Here we are, darling.

Isn't it beautiful?

I've been waiting to find you, my angel.

And here you are at last, sharing my heart, my home.

When I'm with you, I really feel like I can be myself.

The stars are aligned.

We will dance amongst them for eternity.

We gotta go.

Did you find her?

No, there is something really bad going on.


I don't know, but I found this.

Shit! We gotta get outta here.

There's Ethan, he made it to the exit!

Who's there?


Who's there?

Open up the bloody door!

You can't go, you have to help me with my pest problem.

Open up!


Oh, shit. What is that?

It's freakin' huge.

I think it's headed toward Ethan.

Ethan, Ethan, can you hear me?

There's something coming your way.

You've gotta find another way out.

Run, bro!

No shit!





Oh, fuck me.

Stay back!

You stay the fuck away from me!

Stay back!

Get out of there!


You want people.

I've got lots of people for ya.

They're back that way.

Come on.

What's he doing?

Come on.

That's it.

I can help you.

He's leading it somewhere.

I'm gonna hook you up.

I'm your man.


You need me, come on.

This way.




I can help you!


We gotta get out of this place.


I, I can track it.

There it is.

Where'd it go? It went into a dead zone.

This is really messed up.

We are so screwed, how are we gettin' out of here?


There's gotta be another god damn way outta here.

The generator. What?

Remember the generator?

There has to be an exhaust vent, right?

Wouldn't that lead to the top?

Maybe we could climb through it.

Good idea.

Let's go.

Is this the way? I don't know.

None of this was on the cameras.

Let's go this way.

Look out, look out, go, go!

Help me, help me!

It's a door, get it open.

I don't know how, I can't!

Guys, in here, in here, come on!

I can't get it! Forget about it.

In here, guys, in here.


We can climb out.

Come on.


It's really slippery. I can do it.

Oh, god!

Fuck. Damn.


What are we gonna do?

Oh my god, they're coming.

What? Oh, shit!

I'm gonna distract them. How, with that?

Don't worry about it, just go!

I'm not leaving you.

There's no way, I'm not going to!

I'll be right behind you, I promise.

Oh my god, oh my god. Leave him alone!


Get off me, man!

Oh, shit.

Daniel, come on!

Try in here!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Look at this.

What is it?

I don't know.

I believe I have finally done it.

The animal subjects are showing promising results.

Some of them have lived for up to five minutes after the injection.

The possibilities I can see now are endless.

And with the funding of the Americans I can finish the work.

Das Reich will rise again.

It really was the Nazis.

Working with Americans?

Yeah, it happened a lot.

We took their top scientists after the war.

So, they created a virus that reanimates the dead?

I don't think that's what they meant to do.


How are we gonna get outta here?


What are you thinking?

It's highly flammable.



No, no, no!


You guys wanna split? Yes.


Are you alright? I'm okay.

Where is everybody else?

Ethan's dead.

And we don't know about the others.


I think this belongs to you.


What's that?

I've been here six months now.

I'm the only one left.

They took George this morning.

What the hell's happenin' here?

Let me out!


What have they done to ya?

George, no.

Don't you recognize me?

Look at me!

You know me!

We were cellmates.


We've got to escape!

That's it.

This place is a labyrinth.

Not again!

Damn it!




How did you get down here?

Are we interrupting something?

No, all done here.

Look for the air vent.


I can see the sky.

I can see the sky.

Do you think I can do it? Are you sure?


I'll let you know when I'm at the top.

Take this, then.

We'll try to find John and Tiffany.

It's all clear, you guys can go!

This must be where it started.

I did it.

I finally succeeded!

Oh, don't be afraid.

I'm your father.

And you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

You and me, we are going to change the world.

The spark of life.


I command you.


No, no!

You can't!





Why aren't they like the others?

Maybe you have to get infected before you die.


Sorry, Tiffany.

Got ya, bitch.

That isn't yours.

Jennifer, Jennifer, are you there?

You're gonna bring more of those things down on us.

How'd you get to be so bad-ass?

My little sister, Keena.

The carnival came to town.

Mom and Dad let us go on our own 'cause I was responsible.

I decided to walk, 'cause I didn't wanna wait for the bus.

A car pulled up.

It was someone we knew.

I got away.

But Keena didn't.

I still visit her.

Praying for her to wake.

I told myself I'd never be that helpless again.



Jennifer, you made it!

Oh, thank god.


We made it.

Oh, my god.

Hurry, go!

No, we're not leaving you.


Get out, get her out of here, go save yourself!

Close it, close it, close it!


Are you okay?

Quick, we gotta go!

Oh, my god.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

Shh, it's alright.

Seems we have fallen on hard times, my friend.

You can say that, mister.

Have you served?

Yes, sir, sounds like you were on the other side.

But now we are on the same side.

Why don't you come with me and have a proper dinner?

Would you like that?

Well, that's mighty kind of you, mister--

Baumgartner, Dr. Baumgartner.


Screw you!

Wait. What?


Stop it!


You're hurt. Oh, I'm okay.


Where is he?



What is he doing here?

I'll find him.

Did you get it?

Well, did you?

Yeah, I got it.

Did you know those things were in there?

You son of a bitch.

You seem to have managed.

My friends are dead!

And so will you be, if you don't hand those over.

Give them to me!


Put them down there.

What's going on?

Ah, right on time!

Go to your friends.

What are you doing?

That serum is for my sister, we had a deal.

A deal, what kind of deal? Nothing.

You know each other?

Go on, tell them.

She's been a very naughty girl.

You brought us in here on purpose!



To save my sister, but he lied.

You lied.

Oh, well, when you say it like that.

I had to be sure you'd go in, didn't I?

And then I had to be sure you'd stay in, when you saw the monsters!

What the fuck is going on, Aneesha?

What does this have to do with your sister?

I've been looking for a cure for her all over the world.

I found a guy in Bangkok who knew someone, who knew someone else, and eventually, it led me to him!

Touching story, and I thank you all very much.

And now I have what I need and your job is finished!


I just wanted to save my sister.

Bring her back.

Wouldn't you do the same for John, if you could?



You guys coming?

♪ Call it tragedy, annihilation's what you're scheduled for ♪

♪ And it's absolute terror that we're talkin' a monster ♪

♪ And one that was created viscously ♪

♪ Now he's awake, enraged at humanity, he's back ♪

♪ His killer's mind's gone free, it was only to see ♪

♪ All this death, chaos and tragedy ♪

♪ It was secretly hidden so deep down ♪

♪ They weren't supposed to find out ♪

♪ But decided to be the apocalypse, the dead's all around ♪

♪ And it's only the psycho one who wears the crown ♪

♪ His name is Z13 and death is what he's hungry for ♪

♪ Now welcome to hell's front door ♪

♪ There's no easy way out of this death show ♪

♪ You thought the coast was clear, now feel the sorrow ♪

♪ Hungry for flesh and blood, but not to borrow ♪

♪ Fight for your life, you might just see tomorrow ♪

♪ Now he's awake and he's pissed ♪

♪ And as you're running out of fear ♪

♪ Your hopeless last of friends is dead ♪

♪ He's made it very clear ♪

♪ The sound of ripping and tearing of human flesh ♪

♪ It's all around ♪

♪ You close your eyes and pray for the best, hear a sound ♪

♪ Now it is your turn ♪

♪ The only thing left is try to make this motherfucker burn ♪

♪ Don't hold your tongue ♪

♪ They are scared of you, 'cause you are young ♪

♪ You have a power and you have a choice ♪

♪ Now tell me, will you use your voice ♪

♪ And let me hear you say ♪

♪ You don't ♪

♪ Own me ♪

♪ You don't ♪

♪ Control me ♪

♪ You don't ♪

♪ Own me ♪

♪ You don't control ♪

♪ Open your eyes to this disguise ♪

♪ Tell them that you know you're being played ♪

♪ And use your words, let yourself be heard ♪

♪ And let them know that ♪

♪ We are not afraid ♪

♪ Take a stand ♪

♪ Against these people who once held your hand ♪

♪ 'Cause down the line they're leaving you for dead ♪

♪ They'll have their money then they'll have your head ♪

♪ So let me hear you say ♪

♪ We are not afraid ♪