Dead Trigger (2017) Script

Walker was called. They finally understand what it is:

A pandemic. Many people died ... or not.

Units were created to kill infected. Special smittoenhet the CSU.

Blood, throat and had ambitions of murder.

Walker was a long Terminal City police officer ... until everything went to hell.

But it had its own problems.

My family.

Early it became infected.

It was a shitty world for me. For years ago.

I lost everything because of the outbreak.


crusade Speed, keeping reptiles!

JOIN NOW CYGLOBES CENTER Since the beginning of the epidemic, our company has become the largest provider of private weapons.

Every home has at least 12 of our weapons.

And the TV-Our company is the best in the world.

There is really a globe. Cyglob United.

Are you proud? - Of course, we're there.

Yes, we are. But we need to expand. sell weapons at all times.

Therefore, the treatment is very important. - Treatment? Is Epidemic?

If we do not treat control, let's set price and output.

Can we really find the cure? - There's Laboratory Terminal City.

It is true.

Learn about high increase our share price. This therefore I have a reward. - What happened?

Terminal City e-mail. Tara Conlan in the laboratory.

OK, that's enough, gentlemen.

Thank you.

What happened? Direct call.

It has everything? - they may have found Arrays.

Why do you go first? - I'm sorry.

General Download.

Chris Norton?

What can I do for you?

CSU, smittoenheten biz.

Is not it? Here are infected, I promise!

Chris, you are offering a unique opportunity. - Do you know that Dead Trigger initiative?

I saw the ad.

Only the best choice. And Chris, you.

Good money. Did you go to Hawaii? - What did he say? Want to be a hero?

Yeah. Good money. Now, tell me more about Hawaii.

The winner of this evening Samantha Atkins.

So win a fight!

Where's the money? - As I said before... we are giving a lifetime membership instead. - No, coins.

There were very few spectators. The plug or not. Select.

Otherwise, maybe there are other ways for you to earn some extra money ...

He robbed me!

Is not Little Miss Atkins? We stopped to look forward to.

The station had a comfortable bed for you.

Samantha Atkins? Or Sam? CSI is coming.

There are an impressive track record. Robbery and assault.

Blocked, three police officers to perform the job - Wow!

Four. Did I win something? - Maybe. You can clean the registry.

Do you like it?

Com, we will do so as well.

Let's! Let's!

Do you hear...! Wait me!

No, wait! Sp.

So there, yes. Yeah! It is a great type ...

We are looking forward Daniel Chan. - Daniel? What did he do now?

There is no danger. CSI us. an elite group of soldiers was selected stepson.

You? Lazy! Not doing anything other than playing computer games in the room! he had been killed by his mother ... - I was with.

With. I will kill them all individually.

Calm down, buddy. Otherwise, you'll get a heart attack.

I do not want to do here. - Why not?

I'm doing the training.

Do you want the title shot?

I'm a very funny man. I will shoot you, but we're not in the same weight.

Absolutely correct, petty thieves.

But just where the play exercise games.

Look at this! LV-420 glasses, and you stole from me? Do you know what this costs?

Mom needs it! shit I'm in.

Do you want us to try?

What both of you? - It looks like a new best friend.

I do not need your help! - Gerald We are looking forward Jefferson.

What have I done? - Nothing.

You want the opportunity of a lifetime?


How do the trick, Walker would you do? - It has no number. Only one round.

Hell, Walker. It is not fun.

Soldiers, stand up!

Good Morning. My name is generally Conlan.

This is my CSI-base Commander.

Five years after the outbreak of the first war still continues.

Two important person stands in contrast - Rockstock captain and captain Kyle Walker.

From now on the trainers.

So, baby.

Time to get going.

Chan! Food dödingarnas you want to be? - No, sir!

Then Add less time exercising and more games.

How long should we continue? as long as necessary.

What does it mean?

This new best friends. Get to know them well.

His life depends on it. - I've never fired a gun before.

You. I won the gevärsskyttetävling in Desoto Texas.

I was 16 years old.

to do something here. kill the dead.

Teach our job to kill before they kill you dead.

This is Lieutenant Marchetti. One more to tell this man.

A bite, a bleeding wound, - and it works.

But a small period of time.

Directly after the patient bites are cut section.

God, how disgusting.

Today a lot of practice. with real weapons ...

... and a real döding.

After the task, select weapons. Probably 911 or a Colt M4 carbine.

Somebody hit you?

You must be a good shooter.

It impressed me.

A good weapons, captain.



Shika, I want to see what you can do with a sword.

CSA Standards is not, but here to prove you are.


Go straight. It became aggressive.

Or he was dead.

I know how you lost your family. Use this pain.

One day could save your life.

In you, Eric.

until the next one. Animals not a real soldier for nothing.


No! - Hold steady.

Silently lie.

What is it, Walker? - a stallion.

Mad. Sleep with one eye open.

No, a suffering soul. - What do you mean?

Famous. Zombies killed more than others.

How do you know that? - CS system let myself in.

I've seen, including all files. - Why are you staring at me?

I stole shit, my cousin!


This is Lieutenant Martynov. - This is a Russian grenade launchers, GM-94.

Unfortunately, there is only one CSI per unit.

Termobarisk uses a hand grenade.

Sprängradi 3 meters, 3300 degrees Celsius.

Be sure to use very well.

Leave them alone!

Lieutenant going to show some special talent Martynov we learn our time here was short.

Soldiers! or weapons, must be one.

Soldiers, let's go take a look.

Is there anything breathing?

Come to yourself, soldier.

There is so. And I'm going to relax me. You with it - you smell the zombiearsl. major developments of the day. Big work!

Musin, Daniel? - No, I wear it.

Are you an expert yet? - I'm doing good.

I need to take a break here is crazy.

No, quiet. Go.

You might miss something awesome. We insist.

Well, of course. Oh my God!

Hello there.

Everything like it should be?

Tequila time!

Mittenfick the flat.

Stylish shock ... for a girl.

The next shot will be better ...

Chen is our city. - Probably the first barkväll.

Back should stand. Right now I do not need sleep?

Excuse me, sir, but not 1800 anymore.

There are two empty tables. - There is enough place for everyone.

Really? This is a bar for real soldiers.

We are soldiers, just like you.

You're not a soldier, belonging Dead Trigger.

Where do you think the name comes from? Dead Trigger is called already dead for you.

What do you mean?

Young people will not stand a chance. "Dead Trigger".

All units have the worst luck in life. Dead meat.

Our elite team. - the work of employees självmordspatrull.

And more just.


Come on, Bobby. to kick him.

Soldiers! back to the base!

Yes, the bed, walker, take it. Particularly wherein a.

It's not your world.

This is similar to any other enemy.

Our friends, our neighbors, our families ...

The only chance to survive the country's young people.

give them credit for it.


They all died. Professor Adler missing. Also team.

They have left behind outside this room.

I have no way out, I was soon one of them without a doubt.

Thank you for having me.

Soldiers, education should be discontinued.

We've lost contact with some investigators and crime scene investigation unit.

It has opened an investigation on Terminal Island.

You're the only person available for this task:

Search and rescue team lost. - Walker.

Ground Zero site as you know, where the virus first emerged.

The island is cut off. - People expect a lot.

There are thousands of infected in the city.

Unable to use nuclear weapons or the brandvap. The survivors did not. the fact that people there? - An unknown number.

Who could not or did not save the PES.

There is more reason to clear the island.

Secrets is located at the zero point, it can lead to a cure.

A large research experiment gone awry Terminal City.

Zero're going to a place that night. Are you ready to save his brother CSI?

Sir, yes, sir.

My daughter Tara is part of the team.

He worked for Dr. Adler in the past year.

Find my daughter and for her safety.

Yes sir.

Listen to me.

We're goin ', I'm looking after the team and from them to us.

Always focused on the mission.

We are trying to avoid contact, so only shoot on my orders.

I do not want to see some wild fire. Is that clear?

This is real. If you were me, and Lieutenant Rockstock Martynov and follows the orders. After all we get out of there unharmed.


No push forget. We do not want to bring this to the infected town.

Chan direction? - I do not know, no captain.

Take a deep breath and concentrate.

Okay, I got it. It would be a 800 meters away from the building.



What pushes against you? - I thought I saw something.

What did I say? No pushing! - Thank you for that, Daniel.

Captain! We have company.

They are everywhere! - Movement!

Chris, wait!


Left. - Turn right.

Barricade the door. Quickly, hold the door!

Is Missing signal the team? The above - will be.

What happened here? - we seem to have found Team ...

Captain, they're coming!

Fire data!

Follow me, up the stairs!


Let's! Now!

Help! - I get.

I might need some help.

A nice flight!

Good timing, captain! When the next generation.

A few bad? He asked for some?

A suicide mission. We have to be here.

You can download.

I have a mission to complete.

Sorry. A signal. There are labs on this floor.

The signal will pass.

There may be survivors. Are you ready?

You show me.

Fast Way!

More ... Dödingarsl kick skjutövning time.

Are we close? - There's guess.

I think or you know? - Yes there.


OK. - Go.

Sorry? - Hello? Friend?

It was the doctor we seek. What will we do now?



I'm glad to see you. Hi, Kyle!

Hello, Tara. thankful that he was alive. Someone else?

No. We need this information for my father.

What happened? - A complete DNA sequence of Asclepius.

What is it?

Cyglob gave his name to cancerbotemedel after drug Asclepius, god.

There may also be dead. To say the least ... is the treatment? - a start.

It indicates how it all started and mutated.

How to get out of here? You're gonna need it.

But where?

Can I use? Reluctantly since I was seven.

There may be a general, as a father advantages.

Chen, safe and gave me a short way out of the building.

It looks like a resort. - Where? behind the wall.

Damn, here! - What?

Patient zero. - What patient?

Chen is back!

Atkins, no!

Martynov - the wall!

Now come on!


Atkins, come here! - I can not do! Broken bones.

Leave me! I can not go!

Go! Go!

Use it well.

Come and for you, honey.


Gone. Go soldiers.

Samantha! - Captain Walker! This way!

Jefferson, come back!

Are you okay? - What was it?

First människoexperimentet with mutated DNA.

Cancer-expensive treatments there. - Were you involved?

It was just a Cyglob. - Man playing God and creating a monster.

Male - Cyglobe.

We need protection. A remote place.

No lapdance him.

Base Walker, do you hear me? report on the state, Walker said.

Most of the team died. And Tara?

Live. The only survivor.

Thank god!

Thank you, Walker. Security let him in.

Send our coordinates for the helicopter. - The answer is no. Follow Utvägspl B.

Get us out of here! - The answer is no!

Now I can not explain. Follow Plan B. understood. - Walker ...

... Take care of my daughter. Home for him.

Roger that, sir. I'll do my best.

Where do you see. It was not so difficult. - It's bad, it ends for Russo.

I do not think so. - you harm my daughter ... if you give!

So what is going to happen? Touching an emotional father playing You took my money granted for years.

You will not find him here. - I get away I want.

As usual.

He asked for some?

What did they say? US downloading?

No, they're sending a helicopter. - Is that so?

This is madness! - Behave yourself.

We take us outside the city. Do not forget to review.

Yeah. Plan B. - We are a follow-up.

Why is that, Dad?

I have no idea.

Do you see?

Not Empowerment?

It is not close to the edge.


What do you think, Lieutenant?

Yes, you can survive.

More have more chances.

I agree.

It has a long way to go before dawn.

You spread, look for ammo and other useful. - Norton.

Captain, watch out!

Cease fire! This truce.

I'm not going anywhere. Who is this?

The idea must be sick of each other. Torture.

This is our place.

Curious! Go!

Wait, I know. - It says "Gemini". Zombiejägar to. it does not look like twins. - It's a nickname.

Terminal City girls are legends. They probably kill more zombies than you.

Only zombies. To stand out the way you came to have 10 seconds.

Otherwise, what happens? There supremacy.

You sure about that?

If you are so fond of killing zombies, it allows us to leave this island.

Or you will die here.

To save his life seems to be my new job.

I can take care of myself. - Oh, you say you love me?

Smittoenhet the CSI! He sent a nödraket. Hungry!

Come hury up!


Welcome to the new prospects Church. I'm Father Julian.

Please, put the guns down. A holy place.

I'm sorry, Dad, if these mutants DIFFERENCE DOES NOT EVEN a church.

Here people have to uncover. Can you help us?

I wanted to be there.

Behind a truck. But we find there to defend ourselves.

Please ... - My wife, Loretta.

You gotta help us.

Tools allow you to use, we'll come and get you.

OK. - Thank you.


What are you looking for? - The most direct route.

Gemini can help? Conlans think the girl.


I'm getting the truck.

Prepared to go all out to make sure other.


Norton, will manage me. Can you remove this? - Yes, Captain.

Martynov, you're in charge.


Be careful.

I ran to the front here. It was ready to come out.

MI begins? - We'll see.

I'm sorry, Captain. How did it happen to be a cop in Terminal City?

How was that before the explosion here?

Skip only.

Do you hear?

Try now.

I think we can handle it. - Door-away.

Far! This.

Lower your weapons.

Good. Slowly and safely.


Good good...

You come here.

I want something from you. DNA sequence.

The antidote, yes.

Good girl ...

Do you know what this is? An island paradise with my new life infected with a virus without any impurities.

I live like a king with children.

Do not do it. You will not be successful.


It will be an order out of chaos.

The Cyglob order will bring you back to the world!

With my help.

Try again.



Do you think Walker would let you live?

Captain! We have company.

Keep the engine running condition.

Svidanij to do, captain.

Enough, captain!

If he moves, kill him.

I'm sorry, Captain. Bad luck.

What is your son? Now you shot?

everything like it should be? - Yes of course.


LV-420? Prototype-reading?

Dose stayed.

All the more reason for us to stop. You mean you get bitten?


for three months.

I know LV -420. Many times he injected.

That's not to develop.

Do you know something temporary?

Therefore, we should go out of Asclepius what happened.

If the DNA sequence do not care.

You're gonna do. It transformed.

It will not.

However the head. could you do this to me. Not to mention there gave me.

I promise. And I expect the same thing.


Cyglob to - have paid how much? - Open your eyes, Walker.

All you have to do business with Cyglob treatment when infection.

And with you.

Therefore, no helicopter arrived. Cyglobes was insurance.

It was another fuse.

If you do not hear from me, send more mercenaries.

How, they're all dead! - Be near me.

More and more it is becoming.

A thoroughly bad.

A mutation that controls the bodies. They are not bad.

Look into his eyes, you see the devil.

Each obsession.

I'm sorry, Dad. Adam was created.

He says it is a resort. Is it correct?

We found a DNA sequence that can help us to find a cure.

We need to bring back. - us now.

I'd like to. - Father Julian, you know, he's gone.

We have to get off the city! And botemedet delivery. let him be quiet. Take it from there.

I'll be back, I promise. - Thank you, God bless you.

Dad, you can shoot? against all violence, but not now anymore.

How do you think there is life here so long?

I thought to ask ...

That day the Lord with his sword, tough, big, sharp sword ...

All enemies ... revenge ...

... and current fighters against evil.

1 27 Isa.

So, if you say, Dad.

I thought it would end this war.

My father would have liked me to be a soldier, but I wanted to be a scientist.

War is not for everyone.

Do not shoot, I know at least.

It is not enough to know how to kill. You have to think about it.

Are you doing?

We're going to take us over the bridge, the bridge Obama.

Take me there. Dad could not take us.

Captain ... we have to fight us?

It is true.

I miss a bottle of Irish. whiskey. It was long ago.

This is our home. God's house.

It can not go further until I intend to protect her.

It says in the Bible that the dead will be resurrected.

This is the purpose of my life. I thought it was something with you.

I'm sorry, I do not understand what you are saying.

I'm not judging you.

I just do not love you.

You're right, Father. You're right.

It's a trap.

Only a matter of all of us come into the massacre.

People deserve another chance. They deserve a chance to live.

You do not stop to fill up your mouth again.

You're right, Father.

Record and save yourself assembly.

The highest priority, we do not.

Why do you say that? - Because I want to help you.

I want to help! I agree with you! Help me please.

Father, help himself and ward.

The highest priority, we do not.

And why should I trust you?

Am I the only one to You can get out of Terminal City.

Dad, I'm just trying to help. I do not know how it happened.

This is my church and no one said it would be easy.

You're right.

Amen, Father.

Colonel, I gave authority for an air attack against the City Terminal. The city will be destroyed.

There's a squad. - I do not care about the problem.

Not to stop him. We are losing the war.

As I said, there's staff. - Staff me.

You work for me! or are you lost? - No, ma'am. Is it official?

Allows you to give a damn. Apply. - Yes, ma'am.

What happened to the world? - Nature can surprise you.

We are deprived of our right to die Death. - Is Nothing was left of people?

Human consciousness flow of billions of neurons but zombies are just brain activity to meet the body functions.

What is happening to people? - We do not know. Maybe like a coma.

We will be freer by öldürdükçe. something in this direction.

What could be left up to the bridge Obama?

Three kilometers.

We did it. - Not yet.

You heard him. three kilometers to go.

How much should behave like maverick?

At least three kilometers.

Come time for a drink, for this offer ...

Fans also ...

Did we stayed for almost an empty tank priest? - Get your stuff.

The rest will go.

Came again.

Tara here.

Marchetti, behind me. Behind me, thank you.

Protect your place.

Even now. - Look!


Behind you, captain!

Drag it back.

We have to help them! - I will keep my promise.


We can not leave them! - You heard the Captain.

Okay, girls. Within five minute break at home. I just backwards.

What treatment are you gonna do when we go out?

I'm still trying to Cyglob. but it will change after today.

What do you mean?

My father did not leave us here never without a good reason.

I do not want to end Cyglob War. - Battle expensive.

And they buy all the weapons. - Exactly.

Father help us prevent it, I think.

The base com Walker. Base Walker.

This Walker. Reply.

Damn it...



There are only a stick. Asclepius.

I gave Walker.

OK. - kill him.

One last chance.

He must be killed. At least not by us.

Nothing will happen to him.

They worked for Cyglob.

Keep close. We will find them.


Did anyone ever tell you that you talk too much? - My parents. Prior to...

I used to tease my little sister always used to tell me stories.

Stories - What kind? - It's all possible.

I thought I was in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland and I went down the rabbit hole.

I close my eyes and I saw him he told me everything. Really?

But then it was a different ...

Do you miss them?


It will be different.

What? Do you think they give you a medal?

I would like Hawaii. Does being together?

You put a shock, huh? - Maybe.

No! - Go away! Too late!

You can do it! I will not leave you!

This is for my family!

Comparison Walker did you feel? - Before CSI? No.

Did he talk about his family? - he made first.

He began to tell after a mission.

Here came home and discovered that his wife and son changed.

They attacked him and he had to shoot them. On the kitchen floor.

Very scary! - Yeah.

Absolutely the worst thing would be thousands of similar stories.

The base com Walker. Do you hear me?

Walker, do you hear me? Com.


Dad why do not respond Do you have any idea?

It must be due to Russo and Cyglob.

Marchetti ...


Wait here. Permission to hold back.


Damn it.

Now you really must hate me. - Yeah.

I do not fight Walker.

Soon you will meet your wife and children.

It never was a waste of time.

Especially as you Who bullet in their heads.

Do not fight.

I said there is a general could be useful as a father.

This nonsense might be enough.

LV-420? - This is the last.

When I start to save you us out of here.

I got nothing out of this city. - Walker, had no other choice.

It was my family. My responsibility.

Outbreak was a surprise to everyone. You should not blame yourself.

This is not my job to crime. - Repentance should not be there.

You've sacrificed enough. Most humans.

I lost everything she started. My family. My city.

My soul.

Now your mission is to save what's left of humanity.

I belong here.


Where Marchetti?




Okay, here we go.

Pick it up, soldier. Com.

Is that so? - Now it is not far away.

I do not want to avoid that here.

So what is going to happen? One remedy?

Did you hear Gatloppet? - Yes, of course.

Nobody Wanna tell me? our last chance to leave town. - No, there is no way out.

Why is it called?

When the epidemic started, he tried to get all the way through.

While she was turned into a bloodbath. Easy hunt for zombies.

Zombies How can we take this road waiting for us?

Our army sat down to make a stand. They lost.

Many civilians also died there.

Now wait for more victims to come to the location.

Did anyone go? - I know what it is.

Check the ammo.

4 Kartal, this base. Estimated Time Attack for 90 seconds.

This 4-Eagle. Positive.

Damn it!

Eagle 4 base, com. wherein the base.

Luftangreppet canceled! - I repeat.

I saw three people attacking. they are people.

Apparently people. Confirm. - Approved. I see them.


Perceived. Luftangreppet was interrupted. - Poor sells.

Damn it!

This is a chance for us! Spring!

For what? - Captain Kyle Walker, CSI. general Conlan sent to you? - No. You're lucky.

Last spaningsenhet that. - We've lost contact with Conlan.

Did you ever hear of him? - No, sir.

Captain, is being torn apart three seconds.

Plan B,...

What is discovery? - I was looking for living people.

I found a few days ago tasks. They lost the middle.

We want to get them. Did they say anything about us? - No.

Scheduled tasks are in the field.

It was a trap. - Cyglob to. Russo.

We can discuss this later. Evac now.

You heard him. Skip.

Are not you supposed to obey?

I made a promise to those in the church. I need to download them.

The main priority. Wars can end.

Yes sir.

What is the difference had our humanity.

People who we fight.

Despite everything that happened, we still care.

Tara, all tombstone probably not a place.


Now we have to go.


Chris !!! Come and eat! - I will make.

The morning continues, we hear you.

OK. Next time. - Thanks, Chris. You ruined it all.

See you later. Patient zero - I thank you.

Chris !!! The food is getting cold. - I'm going!

I did not know then but it was the Last Supper with his family.

The real epidemic broke out two weeks later.

Many dogs. most of the army was crushed.

Cities have disappeared.

He began to look at us, the power of it. young people with skills.

Anyone who has played the game.

We have a new army.

We have ...

... Dead Trigger.


Speed, keeping reptiles!

Speed, keeping reptiles!