Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) Script

What is the weight on your heart?

Sometimes I feel my work isn't good enough.

It's not helping.

And why do you say this?

I say all the words, follow all the rituals.

But there's something in the way, a force too strong for me.

If you do not believe in what you do then your work is pointless.

You must believe.

There is nothing more to say.

Stay where you are! Ah!

What a pleasant surprise to see you. Get the hell away from me.

Come on, I'm just trying to be a good neighbor.

Let me go.

Especially since this isn't such a great neighborhood. Please.

Let me go. You know, there's a gang war going on?

Goose won't know please.

And you know that, I wouldn't feel safe here.

You never know when someone will pull a knife.


Now get in the fuck in the car.

I wanna take you some place where it's safe.

Okay! Okay!

Get in there. Okay.

No! No!

What Danny wants, Danny gets.

You be a good girl and everything's cool

'til Goose is dead.

Your punk boyfriend stays alive as long as I let him. Remember that.

No! No! No!

What's going on here?

Just giving the wife a little kiss, officer.

You get out of the car, sir.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Now look here.

Looks fine to me.


do you love me?


I said, "Do you love me?"

Well, what do you think?

Well, sometimes I don't know.


If you ever do that again, I'm gonna pull your eyeballs out of your head and eat 'em.

Hey Goose.

Danny and the Spiders are moving on us.

We can cut them off at the cemetery if we hurry.

I'll go tell the rest of the Ravens.

Let's kick his fucking ass.

Hey Goose!

Hey Goose!

Yeah, you pussy, let's go.

This is my fight.

I'm gonna take this motherfucker out!

Break his fucking nose! Kick his ass!

[All cheering on]

You're on our turf, scumfuck.

Come on, Goose. You're not stupid.

You fire that and you've got the man here.

Is that how you deal with us on your turf?

You deal with the Spiders by calling the man in?

[All cheering]

Come on, man. Get up.

Get up, man.

Fuck your nose.

Get him, man!

Get him!

You son of a bitch!



Goose, come on! Run! Run!

Pick him up!

Ninnghizhidda remove the jewels, the jewels around her neck he took away and Ishtar asked, "Why, Gatekeeper, dost thou remove my Third Jewel?"

And the Gatekeeper answered, "Thus it is, the Covenant of Old, set down before Time,"

"the Decrees of the Lady of Kutu. Enter the Third Gate."

At the fourth gate, Ninnghizhidda removed the jewels.

The jewels on her breasts, he took away and Ishtar asked.

What are you doing?

Good morning.

How's your hand?

It's okay.

What's all this stuff?

Something for you to keep you safe.

Come on, Christy, Goose, will you wear this for me?

I'm not wearing any of your voodoo magic around my neck. Alright?

I don't need any witch routine to take care of Danny.

Goose, why don't you just give it up?

All it's gonna do is get you killed.

And where that's gonna leave me?

The gangs are gonna go on with or without you.

They don't need you as much as you need them.


I'm the leader of the Ravens, it's my gang.

They're nothing without me.

When are you gonna learn?

Goose, will you wear this?


For me, please.

Jesus, I said, "No".

Where you going?

I don't know, out.

Come on, Goose.

Stay here with me for awhile.

Got to go out.

I gotta find out what the word on the street is.

Come on, Goose. Don't go out.

Stay here with me, please.

I said, I'm going out, I'm going out.

I don't need some crank headed chick telling me what to do.

So that's what I am to you?

Just another cranked up chick!

Oh you know. Well, you're wrong, god damn you.

And if you leave, don't bother coming back.

You're no good to me then.


Goose, wait. You need to wear this.

Goose, put this on.

Put it on. Will you knock it off!

If you leave, don't bother coming back.

See you later. I don't want to ever see you again.

God dammit, you bastard!

You motherfuckers!

Hey fuck.

Ah, Jesus.


Aren't you even gonna say, "Hello"?

I don't believe you.


Did you think that you can come and go as you please?

Disappearing for days at a time, expecting me to be here with open arms and dinner on the table.

Well, I'm sorry, Goose, but those days are over.

You don't mean that.

Look, I've got us a motorcycle.

I want you grab some crank and...

Oh, that beautiful.

Why don't you just break all of em'?

Why are you such a fuck up?

Who you callin' a "fuck up"?

You, god damn it.

Well, what do you want?

I mean, you want me to start acting different or something?

You want me to start being something I'm not?

I mean, a "fuck up" is just about my old man.

I don't think I'm doing too bad for us, Chris.

Sure, sometimes I wish things were different, you know.

But they ain't, and we can't change anything.

You can change if you really wanted to.

Well, that's really easy to say, you know, but...

If you don't Goose, you can forget about me.

You really mean that?

I really mean that.


Okay, what?

Okay, I'll try to change.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

Well, you're gonna have to help me.

You're gonna have to help yourself.

Well, what do you want?

I want you here with me, Goose.

Not out on some alley bleeding to death.

Okay, fuck it. I'll quit the Ravens.

Is that what you want? I'll quit.

Just like that?

Yeah, just like that.

I love you, Chris. Come here.

Goose, you love me, don't you?

Come on, Christy, you know I do.

I know, I'm sorry, I just worry sometimes.

You're all I got left.

Well, what about your sister?

I haven't seen Sandy since Mom died.

It's weird.



Tell me we'll be together forever.

Christy, we're gonna be together forever.


What did you say?

What, are you high?

You heard me.

I know what I think I heard.

I think I heard you said, that you were quitting.

Is that what you think? You heard right because I am quitting. I'm out, for good.

You're just pussy-whipped.

You oughta get laid more often Keith.

You'd be less of a fuck head.

Shit, I fuck like a bunny.

Yeah, quick.

So what do you think you're gonna do?

I don't think nothing.

I know I'm gonna move in with Christy.

We're gonna become a full time thing.

I really love her.

Oh, well, that's cute. You love her, Aw, that's real cute. What? Do you think that's funny?

Yeah, I think it's funny.

I know you man. You belong in the streets.

You can think whatever you want.

Well, you know, Danny stopped by with the Spiders.


That's right.

What the fuck you talkin' to him for, man?

Because we have joined the two gangs together.

See what happens under my leadership?

That's right, we joined the gangs together and we're gonna be like one big scab on the city.

We're gonna rule it.

I can't even believe what I'm fucking hearing. No, we got big plans, man.

We've got big plans in the works.

Big plans? What's all this "we" shit, man?

You know Carmody. He's a fucking snake.

He's setting you up for a screw.

You listen to two words he says, you're gonna be sorry.

Well, I sure as hell ain't gonna listen to you.

You ain't nobody no more.

You ain't in charge of the gang, I am.

You motherfucker!

Take the Ravens and shove it up your ass.

Fuck you, man, fuck you.

Bone crusher, Stubby.

You boys want some exercise?

There's something I want done.

Pay attention.

Wanna play a little golf, Stubby?

Goose quit the Ravens.

He fucking quit.

That's where he hangs out now.

He's fair game.

I want him.

Find him, hurt him, and kill him.


What are you doing? I'm doing business.

But Dan, I just heard, for sure.

What is it?

I'm pregnant.

Oh, you are, are you?


Hmm, gee. How about that.

Danny, you're happy, aren't you?

Ah, happy, hmm let me see.

Be careful.


I said, "Be careful".

Oh, come on. I've got your magic cross.

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not.

I'll be okay.

This boy can take care of himself.

Besides, after I sell this, we'll have some money.

I don't care about that.

I love you.

Hey, come on Chris.

I'll lock the door.


Whoa, Bone Crusher.

Give me that rush.

Man, that ain't nothing compared to the rush you can get when you're killing somebody, man.

You know what I mean?


When you're looking in their eyes and you're seeing all that life just go right out of them.

It's power.

I hate people, man. I don't care.

I don't give a shit.

I don't give a shit about nothing.

Man, all my life people have fucked with me.

Don't you fuck with me, man.

I just fucking hate people.

I hate people and I don't care.

I just don't fucking care.

I don't care.

I'm the best motherfucker you ever saw, man.

Will Goose die today?


What about me?


Oh, help.

Help us, we've been hit by a car.

Oh, shit. Help us.

But fear is mine, help.

Come on, open up.

Fucking open up!

Open the door!

Come on, open it up! Ah!

Fuckin' open up, damn it!

Oh shit!

Oh my god!

Shit, what happened to the bullets?





Ah, you shit!


You're dangerous.


Get out of here! Now! Get out!

I've seen things without eyes.

I hate everything.

I bet you're sorry you ever met Goose, you bloody little wishbone.

I get the wishbone!

The wishbone.

I'll jump out that window before I let you touch me!

You're gonna love me.

Cause first I'm going to break every fucking bone in your legs.

Then, I'm gonna break every fucking bone in your arms. Ha, ha.

And then, I'm gonna break every fucking bone in your...

Well, here you go, man, as ordered.

Hey, I said that was one was pure.

You don't have to have your monkey test it.

Okay. Pay him.

Let's make a wish.


What do you want with crank?

Look, I can sell it to kids, I can sell it on the street.

What the fuck difference does it make to you anyway?


I can't even help myself.


Look! Snakes!

Oh no!

Oh god, don't die!

Don't die!

Don't die. Don't die!

Don't die. Don't die.

Don't die.


God damn.

I'm gonna kill the fucking bastard!

Who the fuck is that?

What's out there?

I got a gun!

You better get out of here!

You better get out of here.

I'm warning you, I got a gun.

I'm gonna come in there and use it if you don't get out of here.

You better listen to me.

What the hell are you doing here, boy?

You better get out of here.

You ain't welcome here.

I told you I got a gun.

You don't believe, do ya?

Well, you're gonna believe me now!

Shut up man.

Shut up.

Who told you you could take my beer?

That's my beer, and my refrigerator.

I don't remember inviting any punk kid in here to drink my beer!

That's my last beer. Oh shit!

What am I gonna do?

You got my last fucking beer!

What's the matter with you anyway!

Now I ain't got no beer left! That's my last beer!

You can go out and buy some more? I'll split it with you Dad.

I don't wanna go out on the street.

I don't wanna go out on the street unless I get my gun.

I'll take my gun with me. Split the beer with me.

You can't go out there without protection.

You need protection.

I've gotta protect my self.


Get outta there!

You're a fuckin' big guy!

Hey, did you notice anybody outside when you came in?

I don't think I saw anybody.

You didn't see anybody? You didn't see anybody?

Come on! There's a war going on out there.

God damn it, we're in the war, we're getting killed!

We've lost a dozen men the other night.

Good goddamn men, just the other night.

It was terrible.

Well, I didn't see anybody!

There's nobody out there, Dad.


Hey, wait a minute.

If you didn't see anybody, means just one thing.

Okay Dad, what does it mean? You're on their side now.

They said, you're gonna snuff me.

I knew that you would come back, whites against whites, blacks against blacks.

Some say it's their own fault. There's nothing sadder than that!

Wait a minute! What?

I'm not here to kill you.

You're not?


Are you sure?


What are you here for?

I just need a place to crash for awhile.

I got... never mind.

What are you saying?

What are you trying to tell me?

You're moving something back? What are you saying?

You wanna hear? You're god damn right, I do.

You really wanna hear? Yeah.

I had this girlfriend. Her name was Christy.

Last night, I went back to her place after doing some business.

Just expecting to have a nice, quiet evening with her, the girl I love.

And I found her on the living room floor dead.

Her guts were ripped out.

Her face was eaten so bloody, I couldn't even recognize it.

They killed my girlfriend, Dad.

Those motherfuckers in Spider gang tried to get back at me by killing Christy.

They killed my girl.

And now she's gone and I don't know how to go on without her.

That's the worse part of it. I don't know how...

How do you keep going on after something like this happens?

You got any money?

God damn it, I ain't got no money for beer.

Hey, I know you got money.

You owe me, you little punk. You fucking owe me.

I don't owe you shit.

Can you at least buy some better beer?


Bang, bang, bang!


Bang, bang!

I thought you said you were gonna buy some beer?

It's better than beer, much better.

Heaven on earth, my boy.


Oh, Nirvana.

Wake up.

Wake up, I gotta talk to you.

What do you want?

Hey, I need so me money. I gotta have some money.

Don't ask me what it's for, just give it to me.

Get out of here.

No, no, you can't go back to sleep.

You gotta get up and give me all your money.

There's a crisis! I need some money!


I told you not to ask questions.

You ain't got the proper clearance to know about such things.

Someday you can read about it in my memoirs.

I'm not gonna give you anymore money to stick in your arm.

You won't?


I never would have believed it.

I never would have believed it.

I never would have believed it.


My own son. One of them.

Gone over to the other side!

Aw, say it isn't true. Say, "It isn't true".

It isn't true.


You're the enemy now!

You're the leader of the Pig Murder gang!

I've got the power.

I am the power.

It has been given to me!

To see that this destiny gets the ultimate opportunity!

Give me your money to protect your life.

Snap out of it, Dad!

Snap out of it, Dad.

Come on hand over your trick, scum! Now wait.

Hand over the cash!

Go ahead and kill yourself.

It's been nice knowing you, Dad.

You got a dollar, Bob?

I got a dollar.

You ain't worth a fuck, Jeremy.

You guys gonna bet again, Jeremy?

Well, I am.

Yeah, I got a dollar, Jeremy.

You're mine.

I'll bid one more time.

I've got one more.

Hi, Goose. How you doing?




Oh, yeah.

Oh, you remember me, don't you?

We met at Keith's party.

I remember you, Iris. How you doing?

I'm just fine, but um, I'm awfully thirsty.

Oh, which drink?

Think you can buy me a drink?

Yeah, I'll buy you a drink, Iris.

What do you think, I'm some cheapskate or something?

Ah, you want some beer?

Is that all the money you got?

Sure, this is it.

And I got some more beer back at my place.

No, I'm kind of tired of beer.

I'm supposed to meet some friends.

Well, listen, fuck your friends.

Let's just go right now. Go back to my apartment.

No, no. I'd rather stay here.

No, really, I gotta... man, calm.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Cool it, cool it.


Will you just give me a kiss, Iris?

Aw, wait.

Come on, just give me a kiss.

You're pawing me like an animal.

Why don't you give me a kiss, Iris?

I gotta go.


Oh, hi.

How you doing?

Oh, just fine. How are you tonight?

Oh, I'm alright. What's your name?

Oh, Tom. What's yours?

Iris. Would you like to buy me a drink?

Oh, hell yeah, sure.

Oh man, get the fuck away from me! Leave her alone.

Hit him, Tom.

Go back to your own god damn...

Hit him in the face, man.

Leave him alone, man.



Give me that booze.

Fuck you, punk.

If you ain't give me that bottle.

You don't listen.

You don't listen! Do you?

I said give me the fuckin'... bottle.


Fuck you!

Knock it off.

Why are you such a fuck-up?

I love you, Goose.

Come on, Goose.

What are you gonna do with that gun?

I'm gonna shoot myself.

Hurry up, Goose.

Oh, alright, yeah. Cool with me. Yeah.

Alright, yeah.


Mm mmm.

Okay, yeah okay, alright.


Yeah, alright.

Give me that, fool.

You are a sorry son of a bitch.


Turn it off, Keith!

Turn it off, god damn it!

Turn it off yourself, you sorry fuck!

Come on, Keith.

Keith! Turn it off.

You don't get me wrong.

I didn't save you because I care.

It's just that we might need your help.

You know, we might need you for the job.

What are you talking about?

Hello, Goose.

What's the fuck wrong with you?

I'm gonna rip your fucking throat out!


Give it to him! You asshole!

[All yelling]

Are we cool?

Shut up!

I'm cool. I'm cool.

Waste him!

I'm cool. I'm cool.

Shut up!


Just be cool, man. Keith!

Shut the fuck up. Why'd you do Keith?

Shut up. Why'd you humiliate me?

Just shut up!

We were friends, Keith.

This is business. Bullshit!

We don't have time for that bullshit.

Are we cool?

Now if you just shut up, I'll tell you about this plan me and Danny Boy got here.

You fucking son of a bitch!



You little fuck.

I know you killed my girl, you motherfucker!

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, man.

Make him the offer.

Go on, make him the offer.

Alright, here's the deal.

We got a job at the end of the month. A robbery, armored car.

We're gonna take you back because we can use you.


You will come back and you will take orders from me!


Here I am, Danny.

Where's Stubby?

Well, uh, he and Axle ate a bunch of Seconal and took off about an hour ago.

Where to?

Ah, ah, I know where, ah, I know where it is. I know where it is, ah.

Ah, I don't know. I can't remember where it was.

I wanted Goose dead, but he's still alive.

When are you gonna hit him?

Tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah, that's where Stubby went.

He went to go check out where Goose is gonna make this deal so he can hit him tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah, that's where he went.

That's where we're gonna hit him tomorrow afternoon when they're doing the deal.

I promise, man.

Bone Crusher, do you know where your solar plexus is?

Ah, yeah, yeah.

Well you should! Oh!

It's too late.

You and Stub fucked up.

Keith took Goose back into the Ravens.

We can't touch him now.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, man.

Shut up! Oh!

Stand up.

It's not as bad as it sounds.

You and Stub fucked him up. You fucked his bitch.

Now it's good, you took the wind out him.

Goose is just a loser.

He's not running the Ravens anymore, Keith is.

And Keith believes in me.

Bone Crusher.

You just brought Goose back into the Ravens to help with this Second National Bank heist.

Which is good.

More men, the better, both gangs.

Then after, after the heist, Goose goes down along with the rest of the fucking Ravens.

We've caused him some pain, boy.

Do you remember, you remember the moment she died?


Christy, Goose's girl.

Do you remember the moment, the look her eyes, her pupils when she died?

I wasn't looking at her eyes.

Stubby had her face, I had her stomach.

They looked like snakes.


What do you mean, snakes? What looked like snakes?

Huh, her intestines looked like snakes, little snakes coming out of her skin.

Come on out, little snakes.

Come on out, little snakes.

Oh, snakes, coming out of her stomach, ah.

The key thing here is speed.

We'll strike quick and hard and split back fast to our separate bases.

At 10:30, we'll regroup at Tiller's boiler room to split up the cash.

So I'm gonna ask one last time: is everyone square on their particular jobs?

Bone Crusher?

Hey, man, no sweat.



Yeah, what?

Yeah, we'll be in and out so fast they won't have time to come.

What about the wheels?

I'll be ready with them.

On time?

On time.



You miss, you're fucked.

I won't miss.

I don't think it's me you gotta worry about.

You don't have a clear head, you ain't going.

One fucked up move could bring us all down.

We'll party after the job.

Asphalt, what time you got?

10 'til 4:00, Dave.

Alright, get some rest.

Hey, Goose.

Talking to your mama?

Goose's mama.


Come on, but don't you wanna give your mommy a kiss?

Come on, Goose. Give her a kiss.

Come on, Goose.

Look everybody, Goose is afraid of his own flesh and blood.


Knock it off, okay?!

Save it for the job!

You motherfucker! Shut up!

Alright! Get the fuck away from me!

Hey! Hey, Mark! Get out here.


Guys are right there.


Get in the car! Get in the car!

This hour's top story concerns the violent robbery of an armored car at the Dayton Second National Bank this morning.

A large teenage gang fought by...

This morning at approximately 6:40 a large teenaged gang attacked and robbed security guards transporting over $100,000.00 in cash from an armored truck to the Second National Bank of Dayton.


Come here.

Why don't you get out of here.


Man, we is so god damn rich.

A hundred grand, we is rich guys, damn it.

We've got so much money coming to us.

Oh, yes.

We should split up on our own turf.

You know there was no fucking time for that.

Man, you know there was no god damn time for that shit.

You'd all be in jail right now if we hadn't hauled ass.

Maybe you think they're gonna double cross us, huh?

I didn't say that.

Okay, just imagine.

You are invisible.

You're there, but no one can see you, okay.

And then you drop acid.

You seem to forget, you ain't the leader no more.


You stupid son of a bitch, you just keep your mouth shut.

You don't fuck it up by shooting your god damn mouth off.

You just keep clean. You understand?

You keep clean.

Listen to me.

Okay, just imagine, okay.

You are invisible.

You're invisible.

And then you drop acid.

Who do you know that has acid?

No man, look.

Hey, shut up!

Shut up!

Everybody get your shit together.

It is time.

Remember, we're going on their turf for business.

Nobody packs anything. Nothing!


Try some of this, man.


What do you think?

Ah, excellent weed, man. Excellent.

I can get you some of this if you want.

Well, Keith,

your men do good work.

I know it.

I hope this job will bring us closer together.

This morning, we saw the power we were capable of.


And together we can do great things, brothers.

You know it.

This is just the start of something very fucking big, my friends.

The force of the gangs, our two gangs, working together is gonna seize this shitty little city in a fucking, icy grip of fear.

Dig it?


I hope all you fuckers can dig that.

We have god damn a 100 G's in this bag.

That's some major league green.

Now with the force of the two gangs, with all this fucking money, man, I see nothing but great things ahead of us.

Yeah, yeah that's right.

Well, there's just one thing I wanted to say.

What's that, Danny man?

What's on your mind, man?

Fuck you, black boy.

Smoke that, you motherfucker!

Scrap 'em!

Get fucked, you sons of bitches!

God damn your asses.

Get up, man!

Get the fuck up!

He's out there somewhere.

Take the wheels.

Search the Southeast side.

The rest of us will spread out.

Find him!


Flatten him.


My car! My car!



You gotta pay for that up here before you drink it.

C'mon! Tell him we're waiting!

Sir, would you like to pay for that now?

Give me the money!

Look, it's a robbery!

Give me your gun, Grandma.

Shoot him!

Shoot him through the head!


We found the car.

It was in the Mad River.

Joe, Touche and Bastard are dead.


What about Goose?

We don't know yet.

I love you, Goose.

Hey look, Goose, the boys did a good job, didn't they?

Yeah, they sure did.


Do you wanna see her guts? They look like snakes.


Here you are sir, here's your breakfast this morning.

Here you go. Sunny side up eggs, right?

Some toast and here's your juice.

Any thing else I can get for you today, sir?

May be a little bit more coffee?

That's just one of them.

Well, how many breakfasts did you order?

Just one for myself. I'm not very hungry.

Who's the other one for?



I said, the Lord, damn you.

Go to the kitchen and make him some breakfast, you heathen bitch.

It's required by many laws of different types, both state and federal, to deal with transactions involving the Lord.

I suppose if you had breakfast with the Lord, you'd make him pay?


Is Sandy King there?

Who is this?

You got an older sister?

Sister ran away about a year and a half ago?

I just wanna make sure I had the right person.

Who is this?

She told me she had a sister.

Do you know Christy?

Well, look, my name is Goose.

I've got something that Christy wants you to have.

Something I'm supposed to give you.

Where she's at? She's okay?

She's alright, um.

She wants you to have this thing.

I've gotta give it to you pretty soon.

Do you know where the train station is in downtown Dayton?


Can you meet me there in an hour?


Alright, I'll see you in an hour.

Let's get that motherfucker.

Let's take him out and get that fucking bag.


You take him over there.

Come on, Mr. Kung Fu.

You're gonna fuck with us now.

You're gonna take us all out, you cock sucker.

Fuck you, man.

Alright! Alright!

Come on!

Get that mother.

Come on, fucker. Get up!

I'm gonna kill you, you son of a bitch!

What is this?

That's $100,000.00 of stolen money.

Take it before the cops get here.

But where is Christy?


Did you kill her?

I loved her.