Deadly Sibling Rivalry (2011) Script

[Man] Okay. Now step up and reach at the same time.

I know it's steep. Good job. You can do it.

Just like I told you.

[Girl muttering]

Doing good, Janna. Nice.

Call, you ready? Coming up after Janna reaches the next point.

Great. Sure. Can't wait.

Almost there. Don't depend on that jam in the crust there.

It's okay. You've still got three points of contact.

[sighs] That's it! You're almost there!

Way to go, babe. All right!

Callie, you ready? Let's go!

I'm good. Go ahead.

You're missing quite a view.

Okay. Man, it's hard to believe you two are twins.

Okay, Dad, on the way!

Jan, I'm coming up! Be careful, Dad.

Janna's no good at this. Remember last year when she fell?

Callie, Janna's doing great. You're doing real good.


Daddy! Daddy! Oh, my God! [yells]


Daddy! [yells]

No! Daddy, I got it! I can hold you!

Hold him, you idiot! Hold on to him!

Janna, let go! Daddy, hold on!

It's okay! I can go get help! Dad, the cam's slipping!

Janna, please, let go!

No, I got it! I got it! It's okay!

No, I got it! Daddy, hold on!

I love both of you. Aah! Daddy!

Daddy, no!


[girls screaming]

What did you do, Janna?

What did you do?


Janna, I know you're on vacation, but we need that cover.

Vacation. Like I ever get one of those.


I'm gonna be late. I'm just catching a ride.

With whom? Do you know if Aunt Callie's gonna be there?

That'll be great. It'll be just like a reunion.

Yeah. Terrific.

[phone ringing]

It's Callie. Maybe I'm screening your calls and maybe not.

Leave a message and you just might find out. [beeps]

Hey, Callie, it's Tricia. A detective was just here asking questions, and he's headed to your place right now.

I cannot believe Malcolm called the cops.




What are you doing here? I'm working.

What are you doing here?

I needed a break.


Great. Another job down the tubes?

Well, I'm really surprised that you dared to leave your office.

so I thought it'd be fun to spend some time here.


Can I help you with that? No. Just leave it.

Wow. Budapest, huh?

I met this hot guy, and he took me on his yacht.

And his personal chef was making a four‐course meal while we were in the other room...


Wow. What a dream job.

It's also a lot of hard work.

Yeah, sure. Sure.

Well, I just write about it, but you actually do it.

Yeah. Funny how writing about it pays more.

Maybe I should look into that.


Act like you're having fun.


Please? Cheese.

Say, "Kayden is awesome."

And mean it.

[both laughing]


You pick up on all your girls by promising to take their pictures?

[chuckles] Wow.

This is great. The camera loves you, Fiona.

Helmet hair and all?

Helmet hair and all.

You should show my mom your pictures.

She'd be impressed.

I think I'd have to cure cancer to impress her.

Oh, she's tightly wound, but she's‐‐ Yeah, by tightly wound, you mean psychotically overprotective.

I know. You're right.

Armor up.

Hey, I'm here. Hola, chica. Hi!

Aunt Callie! This is awesome!

My baby. So good to see you. [Fiona laughing]

Wow. Mm. Mm.

Wow. You grew out your hair. You can almost pass for Aunt Callie now.

[chuckles] Well, it has been a long time.

Yeah, well, it is college, Mom.

You're doing so well.

Kayden, is that a new tattoo?

The motorcycle come with that?

[chuckles] Right.

Um, I'm gonna get going.

[door opens]

Wow. You've really turned into the Harper Valley PTA.

I think we're gonna need to go get some margaritas.

♪ [rock]

Mmm, sweet.

What the hell? We're twins.

Identical in every way.

Callie, over here.

Hey, Trish. Come on, Janna.

How are you? Good.

This is Janna. Hi.


Trish and I met at my former loathsome job.

And, as is obvious, Janna is my mom. [chuckles]

Yes. And Callie is trying to set a world job‐loss speed record.

Actually, I know exactly where that job is.

It's just a good thing they don't know where to find you.

♪ [continues]

Ladies, what can I get for you?

Well, hello, blue eyes. Hi.

I have a whole list of things you could get for me tonight.

[Tricia chuckling]

[both chuckle]

You know what? We'll just take a round of margaritas.

Pardon my sister. She's in cougar training.


♪ I'm takin' it once ♪

♪ I'm takin' it twice ♪ What? [Janna] Nothing.

I just‐‐ I love this song.

So, Outdoor Fitness.

That's awesome, Janna.

Oh, thank you. We have a lot of fun.

No, okay?

Bad for the nails, ugly shoes, and I get vertigo.

Why didn't you ever tell me that your sister was such a big shot?

Owning your own magazine‐‐ that's‐‐ Part owner.

Majority shareholder.

Like I said, part owner.

You know, Callie actually had some pretty good ideas.

Don't bother, Tricia. She would never hire me.

That's not true. I would hire you, but...

Never mind.

No. Please continue. I wanna hear this.

Well, I would hire you if I wasn't so absolutely certain and add another item to your list of ways I've wronged you.

You know, you can't say that I haven't helped you.

With your credit cards, the nursing job, the job at Blau Comm.

Oh, see? You have a list, too.

[camera whirring]

[shutter clicks]

Oh, my God, I can't believe it.


She was barely even civilized.

It wasn't too awful.

Had worse.

Okay, but she couldn't even say thanks for...

Wait. How many were worse? [chuckling]

I'm not falling into that trap.

I haven't even been gone two years.

I bet.

Are you gonna stay in France all through college?

Do you want me to?

I'm considering my options.

Do you really have that much trouble with your mom?

She hovers, you know?

With Grandpa dying and...

[sighs] What?

I don't know.

I guess I just sort of like to know what it'd feel like to have someone hover.

I had a great time.

Me, too.

It saves me locking it onto my bike.

Let's give her something to talk about.

You're drinking coffee already?

How do you think I'm surviving college?

Looked like you had fun tonight.

You know, you could at least try to be nice to him.

I'm sorry, Fiona.

A boy drives my daughter around on the back of a death machine, I'm gonna have some concerns about that.

How serious is this, anyway?

I studied for a year and a half in France, came back, saw him again, and everything was as it was.

You really think a boy like that is gonna save himself for you?

Doesn't matter. We both agreed to see other people.

It's healthy.

How do you know if it's right unless you've tested the waters?

You can't just marry the first man you meet.

That's how things end up screwed up.

All right.

[clears throat] Maybe you have a point.

Okay, you definitely have a point.


Kayden seems polite.


All the words in the dictionary to describe someone, and you choose "polite."

All right. I don't wanna go there.

Then why'd you bring it up?


Kayden does really seem to care about you.

Yeah, I know.

They, uh‐‐ [clears throat]

They played your song tonight at the roadhouse.

Yeah. It was great.

Oh, God.

♪ Beginning to eat ♪ [laughing]

Uh, uh...

♪ Scrap‐‐ ♪ Wait.

♪ Justin Scrappy‐Doo ♪

♪ Can make my life complete ♪ [laughing continues]

This is why I can't take you anywhere.

Get over here. You're gonna help me sing that song.

♪ Justin Scrappy‐Doo ♪

♪ Stole my heart and then ♪

[phone chimes] [laughter]

♪ [singing continues, faint]

It's too soon. I know.

I'll be back for Easter, though.

You better. Okay?

I love you, Mom.

I love you, too, baby. Be safe.

I will. [sighs]

Bye, Mom.


[engine cranking]

[cranking continues]

What the...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not today.

What's wrong?


Why don't you deal with your own little issues and keep your nose out of mine?

I'm doing fine.

I have a great job, a great kid‐‐ Oh, is that right?

Fiona just needs some space, that's all.

Yeah, she needs her space, from you.

What do you know about raising a child? Maybe nothing.

But I know I'd do a hell of a lot better of a job than you.

What have you ever done right? What in your life have you not screwed up?

Everything just falls into your lap. Everything.

You always say that. It's a perfect excuse for you.

You take no responsibility for anything. Oh, like you did?

[tires screeching] Whoa!

Watch the road. [scoffs]

You took responsibility, didn't you?

Yes, I take responsibility. I take responsibility for my job.

Did you take responsibility for Dad?

Dad's death was an accident.

Dad would still be alive.

I can't believe you. Callie!

[tires screeching]

Slow down.

Callie. What?

Take it easy. Slow down. You're scaring me.

Watch out! [yelling]


[both screaming]




Up here.

My sister‐‐ Yeah. Where is she?

She's been hurt. I got her.

I think she might be dying. Back here.

Check her vitals. Oh, my God.


Pretty shaken up. That's natural.

Good. Good.

You had a couple scrapes from the accident.

Nothing too serious.

Thank God for modern cars, huh?

Yeah. Even cheap ones like Callie's.

Is Callie gonna be okay?

I'll be honest with you.

Callie's condition is critical.

She suffered some serious blood loss in the accident.

You need to prepare yourself for the possibility she might not come out of this.

I think it can make a real difference.



I'd like to do that, Mom.

Your mom is good to go.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'm here for you, sis.

I know I can be an overbearing bitch sometimes, but I've always really cared about you.

And I was thinking

I'm gonna put Aunt Callie's suitcases in the guestroom.


What are you looking for?

Oh, I can't remember where anything is.

It'll come back to you.

[exhales] Are you okay?

Yeah‐‐ No, it's just I'm a little dizzy.

It's like after the accident, I don't know where anything is.

Everything's all new again.

and I can do all my work here until you're 100%.

Oh, no, honey. You don't need to do that.

Go back to school. Hang with your friends. Not a chance.

You need someone, and I plan on being here for you.

That's sweet.

Did I really buy this?

I mean, it's like somebody came into my house and planted all this stuff.

Who is this? Who buys this?

The seaweed is totally you, Mom.

Really? Not anymore.

Go, Mom.

That's right. "Go, Mom."

A fresh start. Mm‐hmm.

You in?

I'm in.

Good. pick up her mail, do some cleaning, make it ready for her for when she comes home.


She's genetically identical to my mom?

Well, at least it's conveniently located to a variety of crack and meth dealers.

She's had a tough life. Come on.

She brought a lot of that on herself. You've always been soft on her.

I'm just trying to give her the benefit of a doubt.

I don't wanna butt my nose in too far,

I guess, but right now, she's being totally awesome.




[Tricia] Hey. [glass shatters]

Who are you?

Oh, I'm, uh‐‐ What are you doing here?

We used to work together. Nice earrings.

Oh, yeah. I was just trying them on. She has cool things.

Well, you try anything else on? No.

I was just here cleaning her apartment for when she comes home.

Uh‐huh. Hey, did you take anything outta here?

No. And I don't think Callie would appreciate you poking around her apartment.

She's holding something for me.

You know anything about that?

I think you should leave.

[motorcycle approaching]

Hey, uh, no problem.

I'll just talk to her when she's better.

[door opens, closes] [sighs]

[doorbell rings]


I forgot my keys.


Well, I thought you'd be home anyway, so thank you.

♪ [pop rock]



I got a new lease on life, and we're gonna celebrate it.

Here's to the future.

Sounds good to me.

♪ [continues]

You know, we should, uh, invite your boyfriend... Kayden.

We should invite your boyfriend Kayden over for dinner sometime.

That'd be good.

You know, if you ever want him to stay, it's okay with me.

I don't know about that.

I just figure if you're gonna do it, honey, it's best if you do it here.

Oh, God, Mom.

Go to your room.


What are you doing here?

You need to pay me what your sister owes me, or else.

You're blackmailing me?

She is in some serious trouble, okay?

Unless you want the cops there when she wakes up, you need to pay me.

Okay. Well, I think you have grossly misunderstood the relationship I have with my sister.

She hates me. I'm not so fond of her.

So go ahead. Call the police.

Oh, you can't, 'cause then you'd have to explain to them your part in all this, right?


Get out of my house.

Stay away from my family, or I will call the police myself, okay?

You know, Callie always told me that you were a fool that could be taken for a little money.

I guess you've wised up.

Good day.

Do you know her?

No. I met her with Callie at the cabin.

I thought I told you to go to your room. Is everything okay?

Yeah. Just a rough couple of days.

I'm gonna go lay down. Okay.

Okay, Mom.


Nosy, nosy, nosy.

She's gonna grow up to be an uptight little snob just like her mom.

It's no fun.

We should call the police on her.

You never know what a woman like that can do.

She was looking for some kind of box or suitcase at Callie's apartment.

She said something about that.

And then Callie had this locked suitcase.

I put it in the guestroom, and then it was gone.



Yeah. Fine.

I, uh‐‐ I gave it to Trish to keep her out of our hair.


I guess that makes sense.

[Man] This is no joke.

It has a street value of over a quarter‐million dollars.

[Doctor] For now, she's my patient, Call me when she wakes up.

Accused of taking it. Yeah, well, it's very dangerous, and I've seen too many people hurt by it.

[chuckles] Looks like you were waiting for them to leave, too.

Wow. Total déjà vu.

What? Oh, the whole bitchy, Cosmo girl, hand‐on‐the‐hip thing.



Bravo. [chuckles]

You know, I have seen all kinds of schemes and all kinds of cons, but this is fricking inspiring.

You've got some big brass ovaries, Callie. You're crazy.

I was wondering why, last night, you've become such a hard‐ass.

And I don't need this. Now it all makes sense.

Maybe I should bring that investigator back in here.

Do it, girlfriend.

I can give you Callie's suitcase.

Isn't that what you really want?

What is this, the Actors Studio?

I caught you.

None of this is fooling me.

All right. So you know who I really am.

I'll give you the suitcase. Everything I took is still in it.

How am I gonna sell it? No.

Look, you hit the lottery, and I want cash.

Get a buyer. Do something yourself for a change.

Oh, please. Like you haven't sponged off everyone your entire life.

You have a good thing going here, Callie.

Think of it like a commission.

Oh‐‐ Watch it.

Is Aunt Callie awake?

No, honey. She's still out.


What's going on?

I think we've had enough of Tricia.

She likes to play games.

Play big, win big.

Everybody loses.

Well, you call me when you're ready, Janna.

And, uh, why don't you bring that suitcase?

I thought you already gave her the suitcase.

[sighs] I don't know. She's confused.

I always felt like I could talk to you, Aunt Callie.

Maybe because you knew what it's like to not be perfect.

Mom's all different now.

I thought it was better.

Like she was finally waking up and living life.

But it's getting weird.

She's changed, but I'm beginning to think it's not for the better.

I wish you could tell me about this Tricia person, 'cause I think she's gonna get my mom in trouble.

♪ I take it once ♪

♪ What else can I do ♪ ♪ [humming along weakly]

♪ [humming continues]

Oh, my God.


That's what I like about you, Callie.

You're reliable. Thanks.

I can always rely on you to take the easy way out.


Empty it.

I wanna make sure our retirement fund stays nice and fresh.

Oh, my gosh. You still drink that sewage?

No. I've always been too good for it.

Yeah, right.

You were born for this place, baby.

You'll be back before you know it.

She doesn't know anything.

Believe me, she's figuring it out.

Even if she does, she's always liked me better.

Yeah, right.

You know, you might be right about one thing.

She knows, and she's not saying anything because she's happy.

[scoffs] Are you serious?


Janna's her mom.

Fiona has always liked me better.

And I'm a way better mom than Janna ever was.

You're fricking nuts.

I should've had that. Listen to you.

You sound like every loser I've ever met.

Loser! What are you doing? Callie!


I'm not a loser! I'm not a loser! Callie!

Deserve this! Open the door!


Oh, my God! Callie, I'm gonna suffocate in here!

Oh, my God, Callie, stop! Help!

Open the door! [pounding]

Oh, my God. Are you really doing this?

You know, Tricia, you really should've gone away when I told you to.

Callie, we're friends. [kicking]

You only have a little over two and a half hours of oxygen in there, so use it wisely.

Oh, my God. You're crazy. Help! Help!

Help! Help! [kicking continues]

No one can hear you.

No one can hear you in there, okay?

You are sealed in a freezer, and the more you yell, the less oxygen you have.

You were never good enough for me.

You've been holding me back this whole time.

I knew‐‐ I just didn't know until right now.

[muttering continues] [sighs]

You know, that nature versus nurture thing.

Janna and I have got that same nature, so I guess it was the nurturer that dragged me down. Help me.

Callie, I don't wanna die. Please.

Tricia, I guess you weren't nurturing enough!

Don't worry, honey. I'll stay with you until the end.

Hey, maybe I'll even tell you a story.

What if I tell you the true story of Callie Chalmers, the fall and rise?

Once upon a time...

Tricia, you dead yet?

So mean.

She's dead.


That'll do.

There are signs of improvement, but there's also been swelling of the brain.

The next 24 hours are gonna be crucial.

She hummed along to our song.

She knew the next verse.

Uh, that's not surprising.

Music has a very powerful, deep association for us.

You don't understand. She knew our song.

It only meant something to me and my mom.

Have you ever wanted your aunt to be your mom?

[scoffs] I'm taking Psych 101, Doc.

I know about projection.

All right.

Going off her humming a pop tune isn't much.

It wasn't just the humming. It was the way she felt.

Just sitting in that room felt like I was sitting with Mom.

Could someone really do that? Take over her sister's life?

For most of my life, she was my entire world.

I know the way she breathes, the way the hair stands up on her arms, the way her forehead crinkles when she's mad.

That means you need to stay outta the way.

Uh, you know I believe you,

Callie's gonna be pissed and dangerous if she finds us sneaking around in her room.

Right. You stay here and keep watch, and call me if she comes, okay?

Okay. Be careful.

Okay. I'm in.

Um, it should be around here somewhere.


I found it. Yeah, then hurry up and search it.

I need the keys.

Fiona, she's coming. You have to get outta there.

Fiona, can you hear me?

Fiona, please, answer me.

Fiona, can you hear me?


You have to leave right now. Oh, my God.

It's filled with all kinds of, like, prescription bottles.

Fiona, you have to get outta there.

"Oxycodone, hydrocodone"...

Fiona. Fiona!

And say what?

They think your mom is Callie.

That'll just get your mom in more trouble.

I'm gonna confront her. We have to get this out in the open.

She stole your mother's life.

You have no idea what she's capable of.

Your one edge is that she doesn't know that you know.

You're right.

[alarm blaring]

[alarm chirps]


[phone ringing]



Okay. Thank you.

Hey, where were you? I was shouting for you.

I was listening to music. I had my headphones on.


Callie's had seizures.

Oh, no.

Why don't you come with me? I'll give you a ride.

Oh, that's okay. Kayden's on his way over.

Okay. I'm gonna go.

Hi. Hi. Your daughter and the doc are already inside, ma'am.

What are you doing here? Detective Park wants to question Callie if she wakes up.

What do you wanna question Callie about?

This and that.

Can I go?

Sure. Thank you.

She's experiencing seizures which has put a strain on her heart. Oh, no.

It's not all bad news.

Seizures actually show brain activity.

So she could wake up?

It could go either way.

Right now is a real critical period, so it's good you're here to talk to her.

I'll give you a minute. Oh. Thank you.

I'll stay with you as long as it takes.

That's good, honey.

I'll keep you company, Fi.

[Fiona] You need to hang in there, Mom.

Hang in there and come back to me.

I promise I'll always be here for you.

I'll never leave you.

I need you, Mom.

You can hear me. You're gonna wake up.

You have to wake up. Keep talking to her, Fi.

I should tell you that I'm sorry, too, Mom.

I knew you were always just doing your best, and, really, I mean, you always supported me.

Even when I was an ocean away, you were there for me, and I couldn't have done it without you.

I remember when you bought the magazine.

We had to eat instant noodles and frozen vegetables for, like, a year, but it worked.

And I've never said this, but you are my inspiration.

Honestly, I thought the instant noodles were hot.


It's all right. It's all right.

I imagine you're really close with your sister.

This must be so hard on you. Oh, yeah.

I'm just trying to keep my mind off things.

Well, things are looking good.

Thank you.

[alarm beeping]

[long, sustained beep]

[beep continues]

[lock clicks]

[Fiona] Kayden's here, too.

He can barely keep his eyes open, but he's here.

And we are drinking so much coffee Another fine cup of brew from Blatt's automatic coffee dispensary.

Her eyes moved.

There it is again.

Her hands are moving. She's waking up, Kayden.

Yeah. Keep going, Fi. You're doing great.

You can hear me. You have to wake up.

Looks like we're out of juice.

How's our Callie doing? Better, I think.

Just keep doing what you're doing, Fiona.

I think it's working.

Thank you. Okay.


[monitor alarm beeping]

What's going on?

[alarm continues]

What's happening?

Fiona, there's nothing wrong.

What's wrong? What's going on? Fiona, you're overreacting.

Everything is fine, okay? It is not fine!

You always overreact.

What is wrong with you? Nurse! Nurse!

[Man] ...five, six, seven. [defibrillator humming]

Switch. One, two, three, four, five.

Clear. Clear.

[alarm beeping]


Nurse, prepare some adrenaline.

[Nurse] Yes, Doctor.



[alarm stops, monitor beeping]

Mom, you're okay.


Oh. Sorry.

Uh, that was close, huh? What? Oh. Yeah.

Listen, I let Detective Park know about your sister's condition, so he should be on his way.

What happened?

You were in a serious accident, Callie.

You've been in a coma for several days.

You lost a lot of blood due to a deep laceration on your leg.

What's going on?

Callie's suffering amnesia.

Seriously, she thinks that's gonna work with a jury?

Tell me, Detective, explain it to me with all your extensive experience in neuroscience.

I have extensive experience with pathological liars.

She's suffering from cerebral edema for approximately 12 hours.

Would you like to see the scans? Actually, I would, yes.

Look, when this happens, memory loss can occur.

It's usually just temporary.

Why do you wanna question me?

I know why.

They think you're Callie, and they want Callie, because she stole prescription drugs from her old work.

How do you know this?

But you're not Callie, you are.

[chuckles] Honey, what are you doing?

How can you do this to my mom?

How can you say that? And to your sister?

I'm not doing anything. This is your doing.

No, you've always been jealous.

But I'm your mom, not her.

You can't just go around making things up. Please, can we stop?


I can prove it.

It's right in here.

It was here. It was just here. Fiona‐‐ Fiona told me that she found it. But you didn't see it yourself?

No, but Fiona doesn't make stuff up.

So you're listening to him now, too? This is his fault.

What? He's giving Fiona drugs, turning her against me.

All these paranoid fantasies come from him.

I don't touch drugs and Fiona doesn't either. He is a bad influence.

And you're an evil bitch. Get out of my house!

[Detective Park] All right, all right, all right. That's enough. he said‐she said‐ she said she don't remember, which is a whole lot of nothing.

Better get moving, hotshot. She doesn't own the street.

Stop being a hard‐ass. The truth will come out.

I hope so.

And I'm just waiting for Fiona.

She's not gonna wanna stay here.

That's fair enough.

Hey, there's someone you might wanna talk to.

This woman, Tricia. Dark hair, kind of skeevy.

Tricia Staunton. I interviewed her at Blau Comm.

She's been hanging around.

I'll look into it.

[door closes, engine starts]

That was pretty tough, huh?

I can't believe you're doing this to us.

It doesn't have to be this way. I don't wanna fight with you.

Then come clean. Tell the truth.

Fi, we don't have to tell anybody anything.


Well, think about it, you know? We have all of this money.

We can go travel, together.

I can't believe what you're asking me to do. Oh, my God!

Fiona, sweetie, listen to me.

I could be your mom. Your real mom.

We could have so much fun together.

You really think this?

Janna didn't know how to treat a daughter.

I do. You want me to betray my own mother?

But you've always liked me better.

What is wrong with you?

You stole my mom's life.

You should've been my daughter.

Get out! What?

Get out! But I love you.

You need serious help, Callie.

[Callie stammers]

[phone buttons beeping]

Hello. Yes, Officer?

I just saw a young woman selling drugs.

Prescription of some kind. I'm not sure.

She just got on the back of a motorcycle with a young man.

Well, actually, I have the license plate number right here.

Yes. Uh, "9‐Z"‐‐

[siren blares]

Got a prescription for these, ma'am? What?

No. I've never seen those before in my life.

They were in your purse.

They're mine, Officer.

I put them in there without her knowing.

You sure?

Kayden, no.

I'm sure.

All right. Let's go.

Get up.

Kayden, you don't have to do this.

You know who's trying to frame you.

You're the only one that can prove it.

All right? It'll be fine.

How we feeling?


I keep having flashes of memory, but they're here and then they're gone, and I don't know if it's things that I've seen in a movie.

Time for a new transmission?

Sounds like you're feeling better already.

I'd feel a lot better if I wasn't stuck in this bed.

You'll walk soon enough. Really?

Yeah. Callie Chalmers, what do you know about the murder of Tricia Staunton?

I found Tricia Staunton dead in her apartment.

What happened? We'll get to that.

When's the last time you saw her, Callie?

I‐‐ I don't know.

I don't remember. This is getting old.

Look, she just got out of a coma yesterday.

The vic's body was frozen solid. Coroner said she could've been dead for weeks.

That's why you ran, right? No.

She knew too much. Maybe she was leaning on you‐‐ I wouldn't‐‐ ...and you figured this was an easier way to deal with the problem.

I don't remember anything. I‐‐ And you knew eventually we'd find the corpse.

I'm not a killer. Cool it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't remember anything.

Maybe you can't remember.

The mind has a powerful way of forgetting things it doesn't like.

That's not gonna protect you.

Don't let her out of your sight.

Could I have done something like that?

Am I that kind of person?

I'm sure there's an explanation for everything.

You're a good person, Callie.

Get some rest. Okay?


That can't be.

I saw Tricia two days ago, right here.

Then someone else must've seen her in the hospital.

I'll check the security footage.

I think she's involved in the kind of stuff that makes her avoid cops and security cameras.

Oh, God. What?

Callie murdered her, didn't she?

I'm not a detective.

That means she's a killer.

She's killing to protect herself.

Mom's not safe here.

You're jumping to conclusions.

Callie was a nurse.

She knows these places inside and out.

I've got to get Mom outta here. The woman in that room says she's Callie.

She doesn't really know.

Doesn't matter.

How are you gonna convince anybody else that that is your mother if you can't convince her?

[Man] I sure appreciate the due diligence, Janna, but you don't need to show me that.

I've been wanting to get involved with Outdoor Fitness for years.

It's a terrific magazine, but it won't be as terrific without you running it.

If you don't mind me asking, why you selling your shares?

Well, I've been writing about adventure for so long that I think I've forgotten how to live it.

Ah. A scare can sure put a change in you, huh?

It sure can.

But it's time for this cowgirl to get back on her horse.

Well, there we go. I'll tell you what.

I'll pay your asking price and throw in a pair of boots, handpicked by me.


[Fiona] You need to try to remember, Mom.

Don't. Well, you are my mom.

It just confuses me when you say that.

I'm not gonna call you Callie.

I told you, I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

Kayden is going to jail because he was trying to help me.

What? Callie planted drugs in my purse, called the police on us, and Kayden took the fall.

He sounds very special.

Like your granddad.

He would do anything to protect his family.

You remember Granddad?

I do.

I do.

I remember he used to drink this beer and I used to love to try to figure those out.

years later, trying that beer, and it tasted awful.

I bet you he just drank those for us.

Is he still...


You don't remember?


I feel the loss, but I don't remember anything.

And I'm not going to. Not here.

It's like you could be anyone here. I know.

There's nothing here to provoke your memories.

You need smells and sounds...

I know. You need to go to the cabin.

I‐‐ I think I remember trees.

Beautiful, tall pine trees. The smell will bring your memory back.

We need to get you out of here.

I'm under arrest, Fiona.

For something you didn't do.

I saw Tricia here after your accident.

You couldn't have killed her, which means somebody else did.

But the police aren't looking for the real killer.

Think about it.

This will help them.

It'll help me, too.

I need to know the truth just as much as you do.

She what?

She's losing it, Janna.

She's saying that you're me and telling me that I just think I'm me.

You know, she's always had troubles with you, Janna. That's true.

You two have always gotten along better. I think she's projecting.

And what's worse is she keeps talking He doesn't believer her, right? I don't know.

Okay. Well, don't tell her anything.

I'm coming over right now.

She's on her way.

Good. You'll need to get ready.


[elevator bell dings]

Oh, my God, she's gone. What?

No, no, no, no.

Were you ready the paper? She was sleeping. No.

She couldn't have gone far.

There she is.

Callie Chalmers, stop!

Stop right there. I'm not Callie Chalmers.


Look, I am not Callie. Mom.

We are in serious trouble.

See? You are you. Callie would never worry about trouble.

I'm not Callie Chalmers, you idiot.

You've seen me every day.

[Officer] I'm sorry. It doesn't matter.

I'm Janna.

Armor up.

Well, I told you that Fiona was getting in trouble.

Callie's probably helping her get drugs.

Do you know where they would've gone?

No. No idea.

Do you remember anything?

[tires screech, crash]

The accident...


[breathing heavily]

Here. Let me help you with this.

My leg was really badly hurt. I bled a lot.

Dr. Ortiz said the coma was caused by blood loss.

I was married here.

That's right.

I guess it didn't stick?

Dad has issues.

And sometimes, um...

Well, you can be so hard on yourself.

I mean, look at you.

Look at you, Mom.

It's almost as if you think you don't deserve to be happy.

Why would I think that?

Good job, Janna. Way to go, babe.


[grunts] Dad, the cam's slipping!

[Janna] I can't hold it!

[Dad] I love you, Janna.

I love both of you. No!

[Janna] No, Daddy, don't!

Oh, God. I watched him die.

No, Mom. You have to stop blaming yourself.

God, I loved him so much.

And he would want you to stop torturing yourself. [crying]

He would want you to live.

Callie is completely screwed up.

How do you expect me to act when somebody's been ruining your life over and over again?

What are you supposed to do, huh? Callie, don't.

Fiona, run!


It's‐‐ Run!



Mom! [screams]

Fiona! Mom!

Okay. Hold on, baby, okay?

I'm scared, Mom. I know, baby. Hold on, okay?

I'm gonna go back and get some rope. Don't leave me!

I'm not gonna leave you. I'll be right back.

Hurry, Mom!

[Janna] Hang on, Fiona.

I'll be right back.

[Callie] It shouldn't have been him.

It should've been you.


I sabotaged your harness, not his.

I hate you!

Oh, God, Callie.

Jenna, it's all your fault. [gasps]

[both yelling]

Mine! Everything should've been mine! Callie!

Fiona should've been mine! I hate you!

The hell she should!

[both grunt]

Ugh! Ugh!

Fiona. Hi, baby.

I want you to take the rope, okay?

Tie it around your waist as backup, okay?

Okay, Mom. Listen, I'm gonna go tie on.

I'm gonna rappel down right next to you,

Here I come, Fiona.


How you doing?

It's a sterling day.

All right.

I'm gonna put this harness on you, okay?


Okay. How's that feel, babe?

You put your weight into it. Put your left hand above your head.

Take your right hand on the excess rope below you.

And this is your brake, okay?

Put your feet in front of you, and I want you to rappel down.

Keep your feet in front of you so you don't smack your face in the cliff.

When you get to the bottom of the base, I want you to run, okay?


All right. Let's go.

[screams] Damn it!

You should've died 20 years ago!

Callie, stop!

Go. Hurry.

Callie, I know it was your fault.


I know you sabotaged the gear.

Your gear! Your gear!

You killed Dad!

No! You were supposed to die!

Aah! [screaming]


Callie, hold still. Stop moving around.

[Fiona] Mom, hang on! [grunts]

[Fiona] Callie, stop! You're both going to fall!

Stay calm, Callie.

[Fiona] Callie, please stop!

[Janna] Daddy, no! Daddy, hold on!

I can hold you! Janna, baby, please listen to me!

Hold on!

Janna, you gotta let go! [Janna] No!

Callie, despite everything, I've always loved you.

[Dad] Janna, you gotta let go! [echoing]


After all she's done?


Mom, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, too, honey.

I should've known right away.

You know, I am so proud of you‐‐ your courage and conviction.

I want you to teach me how to climb, Mom, for real.

I'd love to.

Let's do it.

Okay. Come on.

Why don't we call Kayden over for dinner tonight?

Yeah. That'd be great.