Death Note (2017) Script

[suspenseful music playing]

[Australian Crawl's "Reckless" playing]

? Meet me down by the jetty landing ?

? Where the pontoons bump and spray ?

? All the others reading, standing ?

? As the Manly ferry ?

? Cuts its way to Circular Quay ?

? Hear the captain blow his whistle ?

? So long she's been away ?

? I miss our early-morning wrestle ?

? Not a very happy ?

? Way to start the day ?

? She don't like ?

? That kind of behavior ?

? She don't like That kind of behavior ?

[wind howling]

[thunder rumbles]

[people screaming]

[thunder rumbles]

-[boy] Little bitch! -[laughter]

Give me that bag. Oopsy-daisy.

[boy 2] Ow!

-Knock it off! Get off, Kenny! -What do we got here? I'm gonna take that.

-Get off him! -What the fuck?

-You're such a stupid fuck! -What'd you just call me?

[girl] I called you a stupid fuck, you stupid fuck.

Hey, don't touch her!


Hey, I don't need your help, okay?

That's all you're gonna do? Out here by yourself, teach me a lesson?

You got held back, didn't you, Kenny? Twice, I think.

You think that's funny?

No, I think it's very sad, actually.

I only mention it because that would make you over 18.

If you were to beat me up, which I'm sure you could, it would be child abuse.

So if you don't want to wind up on some registry, I suggest you back the fuck--

Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

I'm looking at homework here for at least 15 different students.

Are we really not gonna discuss that I have an ice pack on my face?

Nurse says you'll be fine.

So no interest in why a teacher found me sprawled out on the ground?

Mia Sutton says she saw you walk into a beam out back.

How do you think we found you?

All right. I get it. I'm in trouble. All I'm trying to say is, you have the chance to stop the people who make things hard for everybody.

You gotta see the big picture here.

Light... some people might look at you, a kid in your situation, losing your mom the way you did, and they'd cut you a little slack when it comes to these behavioral issues.

Well, I don't believe in that.

Detention. Two weeks. Get out of here.

[school bell rings]


Oh! Hi. I'm awake.

I was just like a tree or a plant or something.

I'm heading out for a moment. Don't fall asleep or it adds another day.

[door opens, then closes]

"Rule one: The human whose name is written in this note shall die."


"Rule two: This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his or her name."

[thunder rumbles]

-[glass shatters] -Ah!




Help! Help me! Help! Help!

[loud crashing]


Holy shit! Holy shit!


What the fuck?! [whimpering]

[male voice] Shall we begin?




Relax, Light.

You're asleep.

You're asleep and you're dreaming of some eight-foot-tall, demon-looking motherfucker.

[creature] Oh, yes.

A dream. I like that.

Dreams are places you can have fun, right?

It's all in your mind, so why not enjoy it?

-[girl shrieks outside] -Shh.


[girl] Get off of me!

Go, check it out.

[girl shouts, whimpers]

[boys chatter indistinctly, laughing]

-[girl] No! -[Kenny] Come on! Come on!

[boy] What?

[girl]Kenny, no! Let me go! Get off me!

You're so disgusting! Get the fuck off of me!

-Ooh! While you're down there... -Aw, it sucks to be you.

[creature] Now we could, in this dream of yours, take care of a situation like this.

We just put Kenny's name down... and see what happens.

[whispers] Yeah.

[purring hiss]

-Nah. -[girl] Get off! You're such assholes!

[creature] I know you want to.

Go on.

Help her.

I don't have a pen.

It's a good thing you have a pen.

[creature inhales] Ah...

Good. Now as long as we're playing, let's do it right.

There's no need to stop at "who."

I'm sorry. What else is there?


For a beginner, not bad at all.

Now... watch.

[creature chuckles]

[creature's laughter echoes]

Give it back!

[speaking indistinctly]

[Kenny laughs]

-[tires squeal] -[Kenny shouts]

[man shouts]




[creature cackles]

Now listen. I need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I think you might be capable of great things, but if you don't think you can handle it, that's fine.

Just put the note somewhere, leave it alone for seven days, and I'll find it a new home.

How can this be possible?

It happened. Just like that.

And if this is possible, imagine what else you could do.

[thunder rumbles]

[police sirens approaching]

[crossing bell dinging]

[dishes and furniture rattling]

-He a friend of yours? -Who?

Kid in the accident.

Oh. No, I don't think he was a friend of anyone.

Want to talk about it?


We should talk about why you were still at school.

Oh, yeah, that wasn't a big deal.

I just wrote a couple papers and then got detention.

You don't think cheating's a big deal? That who you are?

No, um...

Actually, I only got caught because I was trying to break up a...

Know what? Doesn't matter. You wouldn't understand anyway.

Because you're just that smart or I'm just that dumb?

Because this is what you do. Instead of trying to solve real problems, you look over people's shoulders so you can bust them for bullshit, like not turning in their reports or whatever.

A gun is only good as its aim, son.

I make sure people can trust our aim.

Just once, it would be nice to think that you actually...

I mean, you're a cop. How do you sleep at night knowing you watched while a guy like Antony Skomal walked away?

You think I just watched?

If I was a cop and some guy ran over my wife, I'd be pretty pissed off if his dad paid his way out of jail.

He killed my mom, he nearly beat his girlfriend to death, and you just sit there saying the same bullshit

-about how people better trust your aim-- -I'm gonna assume you're still raw by what you saw today at school, and that's keeping you from thinking before you speak.

I suggest you stop talking.

[thunder rumbles]

"Rule 64: Each page of the note contains the power of the whole note."

"Rule 95: Anyone may write names in the note, but only the keeper can possess it for more than seven days." Jesus!

How many rules does it take to...

"Don't trust Ryuk.

He is not your pet. He is not your friend."

-[thunder rumbles] -[train whistle blows]



-[Ryuk] Hey, kid. -Ah!

It's pronounced Ree-yook.


Oh. Hi.

Sorry for the mispronunciation.

Ryuk, what exactly can I do with thisDeath Note?

What exactly did you have in mind?

Well, it says that I can specify the manner of death.

If I can choose how they die, does that mean I can actually control them?

Every human spends the last moments of his life in the shadow of a death god.

If we so desire, we can influence those moments.

There are, of course, limitations.

"Rule 20:

A subject can be influenced for no more than two days leading up to his death."

Two days? Your fingers are huge.

"Rule 28: Each death must be physically possible," so no shark attacks while someone's on the toilet.


As much as I love that idea.

Uh, where did it come from?

[sighs] The history of the note is as long as history itself.

But who gave it to me? I mean, did you give it to me?

The last keeper of the note passed away. It fell to me to find a new one.

-What if I didn't want it? -You may pass it on.

Or better yet, I will.

-How would you do that? -I told you!

When the note is separated from the keeper for seven days, I find a new one.

Who wrote those warnings about you in the margins?

Oh, is that what we're gonna do with the note, Light? Rules and warnings?

[thunder rumbles]

The name and the face is all you have to have.

[Ryuk's laugh echoes]


[Ryuk cackling]

[cell phone ringing]

[cell phone beeps]

[Light's father] Turner.

Yeah, no, it's fine. What's going on?

Say that again.

You gotta be kidding me.


All right, yeah. I'll see you in a bit.

All right.

-[knock on door] -Hey.

[Light] Hey, uh, one second.

Come in.

Hey, what you up to?

Uh, just fell asleep on my desk.

I just got a call.

Our friend Antony Skomal is no more.

Impaled himself on a steak knife in the middle of a restaurant.

-Holy shit. -[chuckles] Yeah.

You seem happy.

Probably shouldn't be, but yeah, I am.

Your mom... she always was kind of a hippy.

And we didn't see eye to eye on everything.

She was damn sure right about one thing.

Karma's a bitch.

Sorry about what I said... you know.

Love you, son.

I love you, too.


-[whistle trills] -[low chatter on court]

-[man 1] Go, go! -[man 2] Yeah! Watch your feet!

[girl] You in mourning?

In... Uh, what?

Our friend Kenny.

Oh, yeah. It's terrible what happened to Kenny.

You don't have to lie to me. Kenny was a sociopath, and just because he's dead does not make it a tragedy.

-Right. -I just wish I'd seen it.

I heard his head spun all the way around.

Actually, his head exploded into a million pieces.

-In case you're wondering. -You saw it?


-I'm Mia. -Oh, hi.

I know that you're Mia, actually. I already knew that.

I know that you're Light Turner. I already knew that.


You knew that I'm... You know my name?

So are you gonna tell me what you saw, Light Turner?

Why did you get me put into detention?

I'm sorry.

I, uh... thought you could use some medical attention and I wasn't aware of the fact that you were carrying around a stockpile of illegal papers in your backpack.

Is that one of them?

Hmm? Oh, no.

"Death Note"? What is it?

-What is what? -Your book.

Uh, I can't tell you.

-Okay. -Do you really want to know?

-Sure. -Okay, then I'll tell you. I just...

Follow me.

Please tell me this isn't your poetry journal.

When you see him, try not to freak out. I freaked out a little.

See... who?

Behind you.

It's okay.

What are you talking about?

[Ryuk] Only the keeper of the note can see me.

"The human whose name is written in this note... shall die."

-Your poetry sucks. -It's not poetry.

Um, will you just read the last entry?

"Kenny Doyle decapitation"?

I have, and...

I'm gonna sound crazy, but I have a death god.


-I'm gonna get out of here. -No. No, don't go. Trust me.

You of all people are gonna want to see this.

[female reporter] Authorities received a 911 call...

[Light] Okay, we can work with that.

...overheard a violent argument between Mr. Brode and his ex-wife earlier today.

[male reporter] Things escalated, as several gunshots were also heard, and the situation is still unfolding.

Authorities are standing by.

Seattle police and Seattle SWAT trying to de-escalate the situation.

[female reporter] This is live coverage of the hostage situation.

-Okay. Watch. -Police are now confirming the hostages

-are Brode's ex-wife and children. -[Ryuk] Hope you know what you're doing.

[male reporter] With his violent history, police are hesitant about moving in on this situation.

[sirens wailing]

You stupid bitch! You fucking stay there, you snot-nose little douchebag!

[male reporter] It appears that James Brode is exiting the storefront.

[female reporter] It looks like he has released her.

That's definitely a good sign.

-[gasps] Holy shit. -[male reporter] Oh, my goodness.

[female reporter] Uh, folks, we are trying to get more information.

I hope no children were watching this.

This is obviously very upsetting footage.

In case you're just tuning in, the man holding his family hostage just saluted to cameras before being run over by a rogue SWAT truck.

We apologize for these disturbing images...

I killed him.

[Light] I guess I should feel guilty, but I don't.

[Mia] That woman and her kids are only alive right now because of what you did.

What is there to feel guilty about?

Thing is, I know what it's like to get fucked over.

Some asshole killed my mom and... got away with it until I got this book.

I just keep thinking, I mean, why should it just be for me?

I mean, all the people that make life miserable, make life dangerous...

I can reach them now.

Do you think that I'm crazy?

If anything, I think you're not crazy enough.

-We could change the world. -"We"?


Like "we" as... as in us?


[male reporter] We're getting an update live...

The police are extremely hesitant...

Can I kiss you?

You're not supposed to ask.

What am I supposed to do?

[teacher's voice distant, echoing]

[Light] The note was filled with names when I got it.

Whoever had it before us, what did they accomplish?

Just small-time killings, revenge, petty crimes?

I think we can do a lot more than just settle some random scores.

How about this guy?

I don't want people to say they're scared of it or horrified.

[Mia] What do you want them to say?

[Light] I want them to say... "Thank you."


Look at those people.

-[Mia] They're a bunch of sheep. -[Light] No, they're not.

They're looking for someone who's not gonna let them down the way cops do and politicians.

And that's why they have you.

[Light] It's bigger than me. It's bigger than us.

What they want... is a god.

So let's give it to them.

Let's give them a god, let's make a name for him.

A god that never lets anybody down.

It's not gonna solve a few crimes, it's gonna solve all crime.

[Mia] A god that scares the shit out of the bad guys until they don't want to be bad anymore?

[Light] A god who inspires hope that things can actually change.


Kira? What does that mean?

It means "light" in Russian and Celtic.

Wouldn't you be worried they could trace it back to you?

No. How could they?

It also sort of means "killer" in Japanese, so if they're looking, it's gonna be on the wrong continent.

[female reporter] Who or what is Kira?

That's the question facing baffled investigators today as death row inmates in six different continents were found dead in their cells.

Each victim left behind the same message written in perfect Japanese.

[in Mandarin] It reads, "Lord Kira has returned to punish the wicked."

None of the victims actually spoke Japanese...

[Mia] I think I got one.

[reporter in German] Reports are that the previously elusive leader of the terrorist movement blew himself up in front of his men.

Kira is apparently behind the bizarre deaths.

[reporter in Spanish] Five members of the cartel apparently threw themselves in front of an oncoming train.

Kira is responsible for all of these acts that are happening right now.

[man in English] The globalists will have you believe that Kira's the New World Messiah here to right the wrongs of our time.

This is another bid by the super elites to sweep the rug from under us and shape our reality by what can only be described as one of the greatest false flag operations in the history of covert ops.

[female reporter] Fear they will be punished by Kira has led to a series of wanted criminals literally turning themselves in.

Kira's had a bigger impact on crime than anything I've seen.

I don't wanna say our job's gotten easier, but look around you.

[static humming]

[female reporter] News out of Japan tonight where Kira has apparently struck again.

More than a dozen were found dead in a Tokyo nightclub, a scene authorities described as "incredibly gruesome."

What can anyone tell us about Kira?

And perhaps, more importantly, can anyone stop it?

And should they?

[in Japanese] It makes no sense.

The Nakamuras and the Inagawas have had a truce for over ten years.

How would Kira even know about them?

-[L] Because I tipped him off. -What?

I've had access to law enforcement databases for some time.

I've been seeding the names of obscure criminals, waiting for a hit.

And now... we know who we're looking for.

[man in English] How long since you've slept?

Forty-one hours.

And you're certain of your conclusions?

Yes. [hums softly]

The insulin spike from the candies will focus your mind for final consideration.

When it fades, you will sleep for one hour.

Wear these to properly prepare your body clock.

I've been contemplating several different strategies.

I honestly don't know that I'll be able to sleep.

-Sleep is key to strong thought. -Yes.

Would you mind singing a song for me?

Of course.

? You're out of the woods You're out of the dark ?

? You're out of the night ?

? Step into the sun, step into the light ?

? Keep straight ahead For the most glorious place ?

[voice fades, echoing] ? On the face of the Earth and the sky ?

? Hold onto your breath Hold onto your heart ?

? Hold onto your hope ?

? Walk up to the gate and let it open ?

Investigation, since when? And why are you just telling me this now?

Because I just got added last week.

Knowing you'd have this sort of calm and thoughtful response, I can't imagine why I didn't bring it up sooner.

What part of terrorists killing each other and criminals turning themselves in bothers you, Dad?

Why exactly are they doing that, son?

-They're doing it because of Kira. -Right, and who is that?

How does Kira get to decide who lives and dies, who's guilty and innocent?

Is there a complaints department if I don't like one of Kira's decisions?

Or would complaining get me put on Kira's list?

Is that what everybody at the station thinks?

Well, it's safe to say I'm ahead of the curve on that one.

Hey, how do I look?

-Good. -All right. See you this afternoon.

[cell phone ringing]

-Turner. -[man] Just got a call from the FBI.

Apparently, they got someone who wants to speak with you.

-Oh, yeah? And who is that? -They're not really saying.

Just said he helped them out before and he's got a theory on the Kira situation.

-I just got the case. What does he want? -I have no idea.

They said he's a little different.

In fact, they'll probably send a representative...

[man] Detective Turner?

I am to meet with Detective Turner, local head of the Kira investigation, in his office at 9:00 a.m.

Call you back.

-What can I do for you? -I am Watari.

Your fellow officers did that?

Cops don't like it when you go after other cops, but, apparently, they hate it when you go after their god.

They support Kira?

Kira's doing away with the "Most Wanted" list.

These guys wanna throw him a parade.

But now that rumor has it Kira's a cop, it's in my world.

The idea that Kira is associated with law enforcement is not a rumor.

It is a fact, uncovered by the individual I work with.

-Oh, yeah, and who's that? -He goes by the letter "L."

L is real?

You're familiar?

Yeah, I hear things.

That giant smuggling ring in Eastern Europe, practically handed to police on a platter.

L would like to speak with you regarding the Kira investigation.

-Okay. When? -Right now.

-[L] Hmm, Detective Turner. -What is this?

A one-time offer.

I'd like to assist you in the capture of Kira.

Why me? The FBI, CIA have hundreds of men on this.

I've been in communication with Interpol and the FBI, but I believe you have something they do not.

What's that?

An in-depth understanding of potential suspects.

Why would I have a better understanding?

The FBI thinks the killer is operating out of Japan.

Because of the name Kira.

Ah, but the name is an intentional misdirection.

He wants us to believe that he's Japanese, operating a half a world away.

He's not.

Kira's in Seattle.

Shall we help one another?

-[students chattering] -[indistinct announcement over PA]

"Justice for the Wicked." What is this?

It's a site for Kira worshipers.

They put up names of people that deserve to die.

[Light] Holy shit.

[Mia] Rapists, pedophiles, human trafficking, murder.

This guy killed four people in a house fire.

I don't know. How do we know that it's real?

What do you mean?

What if somebody fucked your girlfriend and you put him on the list to kill him?

What would you do if some guy fucked me?

-[stammers] Oh, I'd kill him. -Yeah?

-Yeah. -You'd kill him?

-Yeah. -You'd kill him?

But that is the reason why we can't kill people based on website rumors.

It's not like that.

These are real people with real problems, and they've been ignored.

They need our help.

[L humming]

[Light's father] Figured you'd be older.

And that I'd be able to see more of your face.

Yes, well, I find I'm not in a very trusting mood these days.

I took the liberty of moving your evidence to a more secure location.

Oh, I can see that. Were you gonna let me know or...?

Wow, this is very, very impressive, James. Your men must be proud.

Ask your partner how my men think about me these days.

So you did all of this yourself?

Even more impressive.

Please, James, have a seat. Rest your glutes.

Mm-mmm. You've made two mistakes.

This is zero day, Kira's first recorded murders.

But previously, on April 15th, convicted felon James W. Brode had taken his wife and children hostage.

I remember that. You think that was Kira?

[L] Initial speculation was that his behavior was drug-related, but lost in the ensuing crush of Kira activities was the fact that Brode's toxicology had come back clean.

The stand-off had never made national news, and it was only broadcast on local Seattle stations.

-So that's how you knew he was here. -I infiltrated your network in order to ensure that there hadn't been a data breach.

Prior to my access, the network was intact.

Did you just hand me evidence you hacked the Seattle P.D.?

I handed you evidence that whoever Kira is, they have access to the database from the inside.

Kira's one of ours.

Here's a cross-reference list of officers and their access as well as the dates of Kira activities.

The Federal Administration has agreed to make resources available to us.

We can begin seeing who was where when.

-What are you gonna do? -I'd like to start by speaking with Kira.

Sure you are. [low chuckle]

[cameras clicking]

[reporters chattering]

[taps echo over speakers]

[cell phone ringing]

-Hey. -Light, turn on the news.

The individual known as Kira, as I'm sure you're aware, has taken credit for over 400 deaths.

Oh, shit.

While we don't know how he kills his victims, we do know how he chooses them.

Prior to these deaths, all of the victims have had their identities released to the media.

This would suggest that Kira is not some omnipotent force.

He's a person... like you or me.

He is also a coward.

A child wielding power he does not understand, mistakenly believing in doing so, he's at no risk to himself.

He's wrong.

Kira, if you're watching this, know that I am coming for you.

Unless, of course, you'd like to kill me right now.

[cameras clicking]


Now I'm rooting for this guy.

Would you shut the fuck up?


Well, in that case, Kira, I shall be meeting you face-to-face very shortly.

Who does this guy think he is?


What the fuck was that?

I have a theory.

Kira cannot kill by simply sight alone.

He needs a name and a face.

Every victim we've seen so far fits this pattern.

So you antagonize him on purpose?

While withholding my identity from the record.

Now, we know that he wants to kill me but is unable.

And what if you're wrong?

Then, James, I'd be dead.

Either way, we'll have gained valuable information.

He always pull this kind of stuff?

[thunder rumbles]

[Light] You guys getting close to catching Kira?

Oh, I'd say the haystack's down to a hay pile. Still a lot of hay.

I saw the press conference today.

Who's that guy on TV with the turtleneck?

You like that look? I'm thinking of taking it myself.


Goes by L. He's an independent investigator.

Wow, so you don't even know his real name.

About the only thing I know is he's got some handler named Watari.

Really likes ice cream.

He's connected an awful lot of dots.

Do you think he's connected the dots because he's Kira?

I don't think so.

He has a history of cracking big cases.

Besides, I think you can tell when you're sitting across from a killer like Kira.

Right. Of course.

What happens when they catch Kira?

Well... he's murdered over 400 people, so, my guess... it's probably gonna be a fight between those who want to hang him and those who want to dissect him and figure out how he did it.

-You okay? -Yeah.

[Ryuk cackles]

You put someone on my kid?

We agreed that everyone with access needed to be thoroughly vetted.

I did not see it prudent to have you investigate yourself.

What? We're not talking about investigating me.

We're talking about having my son followed!

I investigated you prior to offering my assistance and concluded you are not Kira.

As for your son, he may have access to databases around which we have centered our search.

Therefore, deserves the same scrutiny as anyone else that fits that criteria.

-No, he's a kid! -Yes.

-A particularly bright kid. -You know what?

If you had any questions about my son, you should've come to me.

[woman] Here you go.

[Light] Even if they're suspicious, I don't see how they can prove it.

I think we just go quiet until they stop following us.

-What do you mean "go quiet"? -Stop fucking around with theDeath Note.

Is that what you think we're doing?

Come on, Light. Just get rid of them. All we need is a name.

-I'm not gonna do that. -Not gonna do what?

-I was talking to Ryuk. -I like this one, Light.

-She has wonderful ideas. -What'd he say?

Ryuk? Not much.

-We're good. They're trying to stop us. -We don't kill innocent people, Mia.

Even if I wanted to, which I don't, taking out the guy following us will only indicate that it's me.

You'd have to get rid of all the agents, regardless of who they're following.

They wouldn't know who it was, but they'd know what happens when you fuck with Kira.

-Can't believe you're saying this. -Cant believe you're not.

Then I guess we're really fucking lucky that it's my book.

[female reporter] Kira has been strangely inactive of late, something authorities are eager to point to as evidence their investigation is gaining momentum.

However, Kira supporters have begun to criticize police for suppressing its activities, as a small but noticeable spike in global crime has become apparent in the absence of recent activities from the phenomena.

[Light] Are you leaving?

Yeah, I've got some work to do.

There's a guy on the news who killed a couple kids.

I thought maybe we could make some popcorn, take some names down for later.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[door opens, then closes]

Director Pearl. These just came in from the field offices.

Tell them to keep surveillance on all the potential--


Assistant Director Pearl is dead. Heart attack, just now.

We need to contact every FBI agent on their team.

[cell phone ringing]

This is Franks.

Agent Franks, your team has been compromised.

Drop what you're doing and get to the nearest hospital. Right now.

Agent Franks?

Agent Franks, can you hear me?

[Trentemoller's "Deceive" playing]

? I'll tell you ?

? Why I love you ?

? How I deceive you ?

? How I trick you ?

[female reporter] Twelve FBI agents mysteriously commit suicide.

Some sources say it was the work of Kira.

This is the first time Kira has attacked law enforcement.

-[Mia] Slow down for one second? -He did it! Son of a bitch killed them.

-Ryuk? -There's so many rules in that thing!

There must be some kind of loophole.

What's he gonna do if you go after him?

Maybe you just need to take a minute and relax and see if this was the best thing that could've happened.


[Light] Ryuk!

[Ryuk] You think I'm some dog, Light?

You can just snap your fingers and I'll come running? [chewing]

-Did you kill those FBI agents? -What do you think?

I decide who dies, you obey me. Those are the rules.

-Who do you think wrote the rules? -Whose side are you on?

There are no sides, only the game.

And I knew eventually you wouldn't be able to handle playing.

I asked politely, but you didn't hear me.

Let the note go.

Look at the strife it's causing you and your little girlfriend.

Let me find it a new home. We'll be free of each other.

I'm not gonna give the note to you or anybody else, and if you fuck with me again, I'm gonna put your name in it.

[Ryuk laughs]

You could try. [laughs]

But I warn you, there are four letters in my name.

Most anyone's ever gotten were two.

Mm. [chewing]

[man shouting on TV]

[male reporter] We interrupt this to take you live to an announcement...

-What the fuck is he doing? James Turner, local head of the Kira investigation.

Oh, shit.

Those of you that harbored any illusions about what Kira really is, the cold-blooded murder of a dozen FBI agents should lay bare his true nature.

Kira is a cowardly criminal thug concerned only with self-preservation.

Not only is he unworthy of the veneration and celebration he's received in certain circles, as of today, he's not even worthy of our fear.

Understand this, Kira.

You may strike me down, but another one will stand up and take my place.

Why would he do that? He's forcing Kira to retaliate.

...and another for as long as need be.

We will not waiver.

-Because he's not afraid. -We will not submit.

And we will not fail.


Where is it?

What? Are you out of your mind? That's my fucking dad!

Yeah, and he just dared us to kill him on live television.

Think people are gonna be on their knees if he can talk to Kira like that?

We're not killing my dad! This is over! Ryuk fucked us!

We're not the good guys anymore.

[Mia] What happened to the boy that wanted the world to get what he got?

Think about your mom, Light.

Either Kira stands up or they hunt us down.

If you want out, then just get the fuck out!

So you just want to quit?

I don't know.

[reporters chattering]

Well said, James. Tell me, are you truly ready to give your life?

If that's what it takes.

How long will it take him to decide, I wonder?

[door opens and closes]

[James] What's going on?

[cell phone ringing]

[sighs] Let me take this.

-Turner. -This is L.

Just making sure you hadn't died.

[sighs] Still here.

Excellent. Carry on.

I'm really proud of you.

[James on TV] Understand this, Kira.

-You may strike me down... -Sir?

-...but another will take my place. -Light Turner is Kira.

-And another and another... -How long since you've slept?

-...for as long as need be. -Thirty-one hours.

-We will not waiver. We will not submit. -Sleep is key to strong thought.

-Trust me. -And we will not fail.

Nothing's gonna change once I wake up.

Hello, Light.

Oh, um...

You're the guy. You're L.

Yeah, well, it's not my real name.

But I'm sure you're painfully aware of that.

What are you doing here?

Following a lead. You?

Um... I was just... I'm leaving.

I wonder if it was a difficult decision.

If what was a difficult decision?

Sparing your father's life.

Sorry, what are you talking about?

You must've known it would implicate you, yet you couldn't bring yourself to do it.

I'll admit, I always wondered if you had a line.

I guess it's fortunate for us, the line you finally decided to draw points so clearly in your direction.

-So you really think I'm Kira. -No, I know it.

If you're so sure, why haven't you just arrested me?

Because I don't do check, Light. Only checkmate.

-But we'll be there soon enough. -Great. Until then, enjoy the gelato.

Assuming you can eat through that thing. And I'll just, uh...

Can I ask you something?


How do you think he does it? Kira.

I was hoping you could shed some light on that for me.

I have a theory.

I think that it's some form of remote viewing coupled with maybe some latent psychic ability of some sort. Am I close?

So you really have no idea, do you?

Well, I have several ideas.

Eventually, you'll tell me which is correct.

What if it turned out that all arresting Kira did was give that power to someone else, someone potentially much worse.

You're suggesting the ability is somehow transferable.

I'm suggesting maybe what you and the person you're after want isn't so different.

Maybe they're as ready to see the killing end as you are.

And if that were true, perhaps now would be a good time to start helping them instead of hunting them.



You know what I think, Light? I think you want to make a deal.

Good deals are made by those in a position of strength.

Criminals, such as yourself, never make those deals.

What they do is wait until they're caught and then they beg.

I'm not begging. I'm telling you that you don't understand.

Let me put this in terms you're more familiar with.

A man kills 400 people.

[loud clattering]

He tells us that it's complicated, that he's misunderstood.

Do you think that Kira would hear his excuses or walk him off a bridge?

Think you're better than me, but you're trying to kill Kira!

-Kira, Kira, Kira! -I do not kill, Light!

I don't even carry a gun, it's distracting.

What I do is bring people to justice.

But the form it takes is their own making. A consequence of their actions, not mine.

You're the one who flew into the sun.

I'm just here to make sure you actually burn.

-Well, if that's how it has to be. -It is, Light!

You know that as well as I do. There are no draws in this game.

-Please, you have to forgive me. -It was my dad, Mia.

If I could take it back, I would. I promise. I was just scared.

Do you think I'm not scared?

I'm a fucking cheerleader, Light.

Nothing I do has ever mattered until I met you.

I made a mistake. If I could take it back, I would. I just...

I wasn't ready to lose you.

I love you.

I love you.

L showed me his face.

I'm gonna get his name, and I'm gonna stop him.

That's Watari. He's L's right-hand man.

If anybody's gonna give us L's real name, it's gonna be him.

All right.

[Light] "Watari becomes obsessed with revealing the true identity of the detective known as 'L.'

For the next 48 hours, he will cease all communication with the outside world, except to update what he learns to the number 206-555-0166.

At 7:00 p.m., on October 12th, he dies."

[Ryuk] You didn't say how he dies.

-It doesn't matter, it's dealer's choice. -What?

Huh? Oh, I was talking to Ryuk. Sorry.

-So kill his friend to get his name? -No, I'm not gonna kill Watari.

That's the best part.

Rule 89 says:

"If the person who writes a name destroys its page prior to the death being carried out, the target will be spared."

So if I burn Watari's page before October 12th at 7:00 p.m... then nothing bad happens, right, Ryuk?

Only one name can be removed from the Death Note by burning it.

Get this one wrong, you won't get another chance.

I only get one page to burn.

[cell phone ringing]


-Hello? -My name is Watari.

-This information is not known to me. -I'm sorry. What do you mean?

I took responsibility for L only after he left the St. Martin's orphanage in Montauk where he was one of the Rochester wards.

One of the... Sorry, what is a Rochester ward?

They were orphans trained since childhood to become the greatest detectives the world had ever seen.

-You've gotta be kidding me. -I am not.

For their first test, the wards were placed in a conditioning vault.

Those who retained their sanity after seven months were initiated into the program.

L joined at six, the youngest candidate ever.

Okay, but what was his name before the vault or whatever?

That name exists now only in their records.

Okay. Okay. Watari, you need to go there right now.

I should like to rest first.

Sleep is key to strong thought.

No. You don't have any time to sleep. You have 48 hours to get a name.

What happens in 48 hours?

-You just need to go right now. -I will go.

-Leave him alive, it's a loose end. -You don't need to help, Mia.

Of course I do.

I'm not gonna leave you alone in this.

[woman over PA] Continental America from Seattle to New York will be departing from track three.

[Mia laughs]

[James] I'm telling you, I wore an actual top hat.

-And was that with your wife or...? -No.

Frankly, she wouldn't have been caught within ten miles of me.

I didn't get this cool until much later.

Hello. Nice to meet you. Leave.

What are you doing here?

We have a critical issue that requires discussion immediately.

-Kids, give us a couple minutes. -Sure.

No, wait, wait, wait.

Not you, Light.

The discussion concerns you.


Watari has disappeared.

I've known him my entire life.

He has not, would not, could not leave without me being sure of his plans.

-Okay, let me make a call. -What is it that you want?

-Sorry, I don't have any idea. -I get that this has got you upset.

Your son is Kira, James!


Don't know why you haven't been able to put one and one together, even despite him having spared your life, but it does not speak well to your deductive abilities at all.

It's time to leave.

-I'm not going anywhere. -Wanna fucking bet?

I have a search warrant and a team of men outside.

So, as I said, I will be staying. You? You have managed a strong move.

Now, provided that you return Watari to me safely, I'm willing to put your position of strength into account.

I'm sorry about your friend. I'm sure he'll be fine.

-Damn it! You don't have-- -[both grunting]

You have crossed the line!

Force me to do the same and I assure you you will not survive!

You threaten my son again, I'll fucking kill you!

Get the fuck out of here!

Tear this place apart! Tear it apart!

-You okay? -Mm-hmm.


-[sirens wailing] -[police radio chatter]

Has nothing to do with you, son.

I knew he was off the minute I met him.

[Ryuk] You know what happens when they find it.

It ends up my book again, Light.

And guess what name I'm gonna suggest we start with when I find it a new home?


Is there... anything I need to know?

How do you do it?

-How you handle all this? -What do you mean?

How do you handle having everybody against you? You're screwed either way.

Yeah, one way or another, we're all in the middle.

Things are never black and white.

Sometimes you just... you just have to choose the lesser of two evils.

[Watari] ? And the sky ?

? Hold onto your breath Hold onto your heart ?

? Hold onto your heart ?

? Walk up to the gate ?

? Walk up to the gate ?

? And look up ?

He's coming out of the house right now. I want a car on him. Every move.

[cell phone vibrating]

-Hello. -Where are you? What's taking so long?

-I'm on my way to St. Martin's. -Well, how much longer?

I hope to find it within the next few hours.

Find it? You don't know where it is?

It was never intended to be a place that was easily accessed.

Okay, just hurry.

[camera clicking]

[woman over PA] This is a reminder.

Time is running out to purchase your Winter Dance tickets.

-Hey. -This is for tonight.

Also comes with this. You're really gonna stand out.

You really think I give a shit about Homecoming?

[whispers] Look in the hat.


They're never gonna stop following you.

We're gonna end this once and for all, but I need you to trust me.

-Can you do that? -Yeah.

[child's laughter echoes, distant]

[ghostly panting, echoing]


[Ryuk's laughter echoes]

What do you want, Light?

You're not some sadist.

There's always some flimsy justification, some reason that...

Get me the New York field office. Now!

[INXS's "Don't Change" playing]

? I'm standing here on the ground ?

? The sky above won't fall down ?

? See no evil in all directions ?

[Io Echo's "Stalemate" plays]

? Flash ?

? Light ?

? Polaroid and one cheap glass of wine ?

I've asked Brandon here to dance with me for one. Is that cool with you?

? I think the moon is full I've come undone ?

? Pieces fall This game has just begun ?

? Oh, play me ?

? The next move is you ?

Hey. Where are you?

I've located the records room, but need more time.

Only got a few minutes. Is it there or not?

I am confident it is here, but I cannot yet say where.

Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Forget it. Just forget it.

No! Mia, what did you do? Where's the page?

-Watari, you have to run right now! Okay? -[man] Watari!

You have to run away as quick as you can!

-Someone's here. -Okay...

Just go to them right now and ask for their help.

I am obsessed with revealing the true identity of...

Yes. It's here.

-What does it say that it is? -L's true name...

-What does it say? What is L's real name? -[officer] Sir! Answer me!

Are you Watari?

-I am Watari. -Watari.

[gunfire continues over line]

Fuck! Fuck!

[Ryuk] Ah, you said dealer's choice.


Why didn't you tell me the page was missing?

But then what would you and Mia have to talk about?

I told you I like her a lot, Light.


[Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" playing]

? Finally lovers know no shame ?

? Turning and returning ?

? To some secret place inside ?

? Watching in slow motion ?

? As you turn around and say ?

? Take my breath away ?

? Take my breath away ?

? Watching, I keep waiting ?

? Still anticipating love... ?

I know you're probably upset... but if you freak out, they're gonna be all over us, -and that's not gonna end well. -You killed him.

[Mia] No, Light.

I saved you... from yourself again.

Because every time things get hard, you leave me to do the real stuff.

Oh, my God, it was all you.

Ryuk never found a loophole. You were the loophole.

You don't get to feel superior for being a pussy.

I did what I had to do... to protect us.

"Agent Raymond Young... will write the names of all the other agents of the Kira task force in the Death Note, placing each of their faces in his mind as he goes.

When he's done, he will join them in climbing to a rooftop and leaping to his death."

If you want out, you're out. All I need is for you to give me the book.

Are you insane? Do you think that I'd ever let you near that thing again?

You didn't read it.

What did you do?

"Light Turner's heart stops beating at midnight."

No... you're trying to kill me?

You're going to officially pass the book to me.

Then once I'm the keeper...

I'll burn your page.

That's why I couldn't let you save Watari. You can only burn one name and...

I wanted it to be yours.

There are so many fucking rules.

Now go get my goddamn book.

[cell phone ringing]

Did you find Watari?

[no audio]

[engine starts]

[siren wailing]

This is Detective Turner.

I want every unit looking for the individual known as L.

He should be considered armed and dangerous.

And I want my son put in protective custody until he's located. Now!

[Jordan F and Quails' "Feel My Love" playing]

? Can you feel my love? ?

? Feel my love, baby ?

? Can you feel my love? ?

? Feel my love, baby ?

[sirens wail outside]

Let's go! This way! Move, move!

[cell phone vibrating]

-Fuck! -[officers chattering]

[cell phone beeps]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[Light] Agh!

[officer over radio] Be on the lookout for Light Turner, last seen in the vicinity of North Seattle High.

[tires screeching]


[horn honks]


[people screaming]





-[grunts] -[man] Hey, man!

-Ah! -[horn honks]


[horn honks]

[horn honks]

[man] Hey, asshole!

Move! Move! Move! Move!

[jackhammer pounding]

-[siren chirps] -[officer over PA] Hey!

Hold it right there! Stop! Repeat...

[man] Hey!


-[grunts] -[woman yells]

[man] Whoa! Hey!



Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!


[baby crying]

-[L] Light! -Ah!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Didn't I clearly explain what would happen if Watari wasn't safely returned to me?

Wait! You need to understand how it works, okay? Or you can't stop it!

I couldn't stop it!

Death can be handed out through a fucking calculus book!

-You're stalling! -No, I'm not! I swear I'm not, okay?

I'm just gonna turn around really slowly.

Okay. I'm gonna reach into my bag.

Don't move! Do not move!

This man is Kira. I'm working with law enforcement.

-In order to capture and eliminate-- -[man grunts]

Lord Kira.

Yeah. Yeah.

[sirens wailing]

Out of my way!

Come on! Let's go! Come with me!

Where the fuck is the book, Light?

-Come on! -We're actually closed, guys.

Take us to the top! Nobody else gets on, hear me?

Here. Want the book? Get in!

-What the fuck is your problem? -Take us to the top! Now!

Hit the button!

[Mia gasps]

[Light] We gotta stop doing this. We gotta stop doing all of this.

It's already done!

Let's run away together and never use the Death Note again.

[Mia] I don't want to run away!

Now give me my fucking book, okay?

Take it! But... just remember what it's done. Not just out there, but to us.

If you love me...

If you love me, then you gotta trust me.

Don't take the book.

Because if you do... you'll never see me again.

I love you so much.

You do?

-Light! -Dad?






What did you do?

You put my name in it, didn't you?

It was if you took the book. I thought I could convince you not to.

Are you kidding me, Light?

-You put my name in the book! I got mad. -Are you kidding me?!

You said you love me! I thought you wouldn't take the book!



[both scream]

[Mia screams]

Light! Light!

-[Mia screams] -[Light] Oh, shit!

Ryuk! I take it back! I take it back!

[Mia screaming]

Here, just hold on! Don't let go!

Please don't let me go! Don't let me fall!


[Mia shrieks, panting]

[no audible dialogue]

[Chicago's "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" plays]

? Thought it wouldn't matter ?

? If we didn't stay together ?

? And if it was over ?

? Maybe it was for the better ?

? I was thinking I'd be all right ?

? Till I thought it all through ?

? Now I know that I ain't really living If I have to live without you ?

? I don't want to live without your love ?

? I don't want to face a night alone ?

? I could never make it through my life ?

? If I had to make it on my own ?

? I don't want to love nobody else ?

? I don't want to find somebody new ?

? I don't want to live without your love ?

? I just want to live my life with you ?

? With you ?

[helicopter hovering nearby]

Four new killings.

And every one of them identified by the news media in the last 48 hours.

I understand you think this means Light cannot be Kira.

You think he's knocking people off while in a coma?

I'm not exactly sure how it is--

Apparently, you have enough highly-placed allies to keep you out of jail.

But none of that's gonna help you if we see you around.

[machines beeping]

[thunder rumbles]

[Light] Wait, you need to understand how it works, okay, or you can't stop it!

I couldn't! Death can be handed out through a fucking calculus book!

Was there a calculus book seized at Light Turner's house?

Did he even take Calculus?

Okay, what about his, uh... his girlfriend?

Don't take off!

[thunder rumbles]

[knock on door]

Come in.

[door opens]

Hey, Dad.

What's wrong?

It was you.

All along.

What are you talking about?

In your room.

At first, I couldn't figure out how or why it'd gotten out of my safe.

Then it hit me.

James Brode wasn't the first victim.

It was Antony Skomal.

[Air Supply's "The Power of Love" plays]

? The whispers in the morning ?


? Of lovers sleeping tight ?

Do you really want to know?

? Are rolling by like thunder now ?

[Light] Dr. Norman Ludlam, known for sexually assaulting female patients under sedation.

On the night of October 12th, Norman Ludlam is present at the pier when two individuals fall from the Northwest Ferris Wheel.

He rescues the male suspect from the water and manages to revive him, saving his life.

Using his connections at the hospital, Ludlam keeps the suspect in a medically-induced coma for two days.

At the end of this period, he leaps to his death from the roof of the hospital.

Aaron Peltz. Mailman, retired.

Molested nearly a dozen children over the span of 20 years.

Peltz retrieves the Death Note from the river on October 12th.

Each night, Peltz fills in the blanks with the name of criminals who appear on the news.

On day two, he returns the Death Note to the Kira suspect, and then commits suicide.

? Lost is how I'm feeling ?

? Lying in your arms ?

? When the world outside's Too much to take ?

Mia Sutton is killed when she accepts the Death Note from her boyfriend.

As the Northwest Ferris Wheel mysteriously collapses... she pulls the page with my name on it from the note.

And it is ultimately consumed by fire.

Although her boyfriend lands safely in the water...

Mia strikes the shoreline... dying instantly.

? Never wonder where I am ?

? 'Cause I am always ?

? By your side ?

? 'Cause you are my lady ?

I made a lot of mistakes.

And then I tried to fix them, but it didn't work.

I thought it was simple at first: I was just gonna kill all the bad guys and the good guys would win, but it wasn't like that.

? Whenever you reach for me ?

? I'll do all that I can ?

-? We're heading for something ? -[grunts]

? Somewhere I've never been ?

? Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn ?

? Of the power of love ?

It's like you said... sometimes you gotta choose the lesser of the two evils.

Which one are you, son?

[Ryuk cackling]

? The feeling that I can't go on ?

[laughter continues]

? Is light-years away ?


You humans are so interesting.

? We're heading for something ?

? Somewhere I've never been ?

? Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn ?

? Of the power of love ?

? We're heading for something ?

? Somewhere I've never been ?

? Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn ?

? Of the power of love ?

? We're heading for something ?

? Somewhere I've never been ?

? Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn ?

? Of the power of love ?

[Ryuk cackles]