Death Smiles on a Murderer (1973) Script


Poor little sister.

They've taken you away from me.

They've killed you.

My one true love. So sweet.

So helpless.

Take this! Take this!

Let me go! Let me go!

Franz, when are you going to take me away from this horrible place?

I want to go far away from here, be around people, see the world.

I want to live.

Let's see if you can catch me.

If you do, you'll be my master for a month.

And I'll do everything you want. Everything.

Catch me! Run!

They've killed you.

And I've done nothing to stop them.

I'm guilty, too.

It looks like someone's in a hurry.

Indeed. How strange.

Come, Simeon.

There's a woman, she's unconscious.

Give me a hand, Simeon.

Sorry for insisting, Inspector Dannick, but questioning her now would've been useless.

She's in a state of confusion.

You'll see her when she's better.

Dr. Sturges will be here soon, I've called him.

Fine, but I have to complete the accident report soon and that girl is the only person who knows what happened.

For tonight, the coachman will stay in your chapel.

They'll come to pick him up tomorrow.

Tell Sturges to write the death certificate.

As for the girl, I want to see her when she's better.

Don't doubt, Inspector. Goodbye.

Dr. Sturges.

Doctor, you may know this from the man who called you, it was a terrible accident, the woman was unconscious.

Relax, I won't hurt you.

Since she recovered consciousness, she can't remember anything.

She's simply shocked. Give her ten drops of this medicine.

It'll take some time before it starts working.

Let's go next door and have a drink, Doctor.

I presume you know about the coachman.

Poor man, it was terrible.

The pole of the coach perforated his chest.

The police will take him away tomorrow.

For now, he's in our family's chapel.

Inspector Dannick asked if you can write the death certificate.


But first I want to examine the girl. Please wait here.

Has she taken the drops? Yes, ten as you said, Doctor.

Please wait next door, I won't be long.


Take your clothes off, please.


What are you doing? Are you spying through the door?

No, I...

I... I'm sorry.



I'm ready, Doctor.

Do you remember anything about your past?

Greta, 1906. Three years ago. Your name may be Greta.

Does it ring a bell?


It sounds familiar.

The date must mark something important.

We need to give her time, her memory will come back.

Physically, there's nothing. It's only psychological.

Don't let her out, for now.

It could be dangerous in her current state.

Call me if you need me.

Can I see the coachman's body, so I can write the death certificate?

Simeon will accompany you.

I don't think I can stand seeing that poor man again.

Simeon, please accompany the doctor to the chapel.

Good evening, Dr. Sturges.

Good evening.

The body's in the coffin. You'll have to do this on your own.

I'm too scared, I'll wait here.

Have you called Inspector Dannick to tell him that Dr. Sturges has written the death certificate?

Yes, and he said thank you.

He'll send someone over tomorrow. Very good.

I'd like to thank you for your help on this eventful day.

I don't know what I would've done without you. Thank you.

No worries.

By the way, what happened to Gertrude?

She's resigned and wants to leave tomorrow morning.

I've never seen her like this. I don't know. She's on edge.

But she doesn't want to talk to me about it.


In three years she never said she was unhappy.

That's true.

Good night, Simeon. Good night.

No! I won't say anything.

Please, don't.

I'm leaving.

I haven't said anything to anyone.

I'm sorry, dear, but we can't let you go.

It's out of the question. We care about you. A lot.

You would leave a great void in this house.

You've been very kind to me but I can't stay.

It's time I make my mind up.

I can't stay with you forever.

You haven't got your memory back yet, you can't leave.

You'll stay here and tomorrow we'll throw a party for you.

You'll have some fun and meet new people.

Walter and I aren't the kind of company you want.

We are very boring.

My name's Greta.

My name's Greta.



How funny.

Are you making fun of me? There, eat.

It's you, Walter. You scared me. Sorry. What were you doing?

Nothing, I was just thinking.

About what, if I may ask?

I was looking at all these caged birds.

Seeing them so joyous, fluttery and chirpy,

they seem happy, but are they really?

For a moment, I felt a bit like them.

Imprisoned by someone who's oppressing me, who's keeping me chained.

At times I feel like I have a master. My name's Greta.

You taught him your name, but his name is Rodolfo and he's a male.

Right, Rodolfo? What's your name? My name's Greta.

Let's go.

The countryside is beautiful.

Who wouldn't like to live there? No one.

Do you like it, Greta? Of course.

I wouldn't live in the city for the whole world.

I come here as often as I can, with the excuse of hunting.

Do you hunt often? Almost every day.

It's in my blood. Do you like hunting?

I've never tried. You're missing out.

Really? I'll have to change that.

In this case then, I'll organise a hunt in your honor.

So you can be introduced to it.

To you. Thank you.

It'll be exciting.

Come with me for a moment.

Greta, may I introduce to you a friend of ours, Frederick Maier, he's a fantastic dancer.

An irresistible Don Juan.

Frederick, dance with Greta. With pleasure.

You're beautiful.


You'll do better next time. It was flying too high.

I love you, Greta.


I'm madly in love with you.

And I can't do without you.

Red Hood got lost in the woods.

How come you couldn't keep up with us?

I don't pick up.

You'll have to be grateful to me, my friend, because you'll come back to life.

You'll come back to life because I want you to.

Now, I know the secret of life too.


After years of studies and attempts, at last it's mine.

The pendant.

The girl's pendant.

That was the key to everything.

The key to life.

And the state of the coachman's body confirms this.

Who has interpreted that symbol before me?

No one can steal it from me. It's mine.

It's mine. It's only mine.

I'm in love with you too.

It's a horrible thing.

You scared me, Eva.

I'm sorry I woke you up, but I need your help.

I want to surprise Walter.

I don't understand. Come.

I'll show you, come.

Where are we going? Be patient.

You'll find out shortly.


Go in, take a look.

I can't see anything.

You shouldn't have done that.

You made fun of me.

I was in love with you. It was the first time that...

I'd felt... like that.

You've ruined everything.

Farewell. No!

Eva, what are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Eva, please!


I didn't know.

I couldn't imagine that.


I'll leave!

I promise I'll leave!

I'll disappear if that's what you want.

I'll do anything you ask me to do.


No! Let me out!

Please! Please, Eva!


What's happened?

Why are you crying?

She's left. Greta?


Explain. Talk to me. I don't know.

Tell me, why did Greta leave? I don't know. I only know that she's left.

Hello? Hello, Inspector Dannick?


Inspector, she's left.

Who's this? This is Walter van Ravensbruck.

Greta, the girl who was staying with me, has disappeared.

What do you mean? / came home and she was gone.

My wife said she left without saying anything.

I'll get a search underway. Don't worry.

We'll find her.

I'll keep you posted.

What's happened, dear? Another headache.

The girl who was staying with the von Ravensbrucks has disappeared.

I hope to be back for lunch. I'll wait for you.

After 15 days, I don't think we'll manage to find her.

At least not in this county.

The fact that we don't know who she was doesn't help us.

She can't have disappeared like that.

We must continue looking for her.

You are the last person who saw her.

Try to recall any details that may have escaped you.

I've already told you everything I know.

It's certainly a strange disappearance.

It's as if she's evaporated.

Aside from the fact that she was only in her nightgown.

I even had part of the river dredged.


I'll let you know if I have any news.

Thank you, Inspector.

Do all you can. Don't worry, Mr. von Ravensbruck.

Well, good night.

Good night, Inspector, and thank you.

Excuse me, can you stop for a moment?

Play something cheerful, we're about to play a game.

Stand in a circle, hold hands, this is mask roulette.

I'll close my eyes, count to ten and guess who's in front of me.

One, two, three,

four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten, stop.

You're Elga Weiss.

Look, I've never seen my wife so happy like tonight.

Come on, keep going round!

One, two, three, four. Come on, keep going, enjoy yourselves.

Five, six, six and a quarter, six and a half, seven, eight.

I've said eight, eight and a quarter. Come on, people!

Enjoy yourselves. Nine, nine and a half, and ten!

You are... You are Olga Klimek.

One more time, come on! Go round.

She's having so much fun.

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and careful, we're almost at ten.


Ladies and gentlemen, come on, quick, I won't repeat it.

Nine and...


You are Cristina.

Or maybe you could be Karen Fetter.

You only have one more chance.

I've no idea, I give up.

What's happened?

Why did she run away? We were playing mask roulette.

She couldn't guess one. Where's the mask?

She was here a moment ago. She had a red cape.

Don't worry, maybe she got tired.

Carry on. Music, please.

Dance, dance!


This is the mask.

We need to find out who was wearing it.

Some of the guests said that they recognized Greta, the girl who was staying with you and suddenly disappeared.

This is quite a mystery.

React, for God's sake!

Your help would be very helpful.

That bricked up door in the basement.


How come you don't know anything about it?

I've already told you everything I know, Inspector.

I can assure you.

This is a mystery for me, too.

I'm sorry.

I'll see you tomorrow evening at the funeral.

I'm sorry, Walter.

I left as soon as I found out. Thank you, Dad. Thanks for coming.

It's a shame that we meet again in such tragic circumstances.

Excuse me, I need to take care of the formalities.

I'm glad to see you again. It's been three years since you left.

Dannick, my friend, I've missed you.

As they will have told you, Eva's death is very strange.

We could call it a suicide, but many clues make this an unlikely theory.

I should've never left.

If I'd stayed close to my son, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

But you don't know, I could no longer stay here.

One clay I'll tell you what pushed me to leave.



Let's go home, Dad.

I hope you'll stay for a few days, we haven't seen each other in years. My condolences.

Go ahead, Walter. I'll take a walk.

See you later.

Don't be afraid. I'm not dead, unlike what they told you.

My brother made sure you believed that.

The child, on the other hand... Our child died before he was even born.

Now, hug me. I've been waiting for you for so long.

Don't run away!

Don't you believe me?

Oh my God, no!

I'm sorry, but Mr. Herbert is not at the Kurstenbergs'.

They didn't see him after the ceremony.

Do you want me to look for him? Don't worry, Simeon.

He's probably staying with another old friend of his.

You can go to bed.

Good night, Mr. Walter.

Good night, Simeon.


As you can see, I'm back.

I've come back for you.

You have nothing more to fear.

No one will love you like I do.

You shouldn't be afraid.

You should no longer be afraid.

I'm not afraid. I love you, Greta.

You're wonderful.

You're wonderful.

Come out.

You don't need to hide, I know you're here.

I know you've always spied on me and you know everything about me.

But you haven't betrayed me, so I want to reward you.

What would you like from me?

Money? Is that what you want from me?

I don't believe it.

No, this isn't what you expect from me.


This time I've guessed it, right?

Yes, this is what you want.

I can give you lots of it.

All for you.

And you deserve it.

Come and get your reward, Simeon.

Inspector, come. Quickly! It's Ravensbruck.

There, in the hall.

Everything is very strange.

The mysterious girl I never managed to see.

I wonder what this symbol means.

There's also a name, Greta.

Maybe Professor Kempte...

I'm familiar with that symbol.

The Incas thought it had a divine power, but it hasn't been deciphered yet.


Apparently that symbol represents a formula used by the Incas to bring their kings back to life.

Of course, if we could decipher it, it would be amazing.

A former pupil of mine, Franz von Holstein, about ten years ago was getting close to deciphering that formula.

But then, after the tragic death of his sister, which occurred about three years ago, he never showed up again.

To think that we were very good friends.

He must have been very shocked by that loss.

If you want, I can tell you where he lives.

Thank you, Professor Kempte.

You've been very helpful.

Three years ago, you said.

1906, your new date of birth.

Greta, today you've been born again for me.

For me alone.

I... brought you back to life.

And here is engraved the formula of life.

We'll leave this damn place.

We'll go far away and start a new life.

Together. I love you Greta.

Take these flowers, Franz, as a sign of my love.


Inspector, the tomb is empty.

Can we close it back? Yes.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to solve this case.

What is it I'm missing?

It's a strange and difficult case.

Very difficult. There's something supernatural about it.

All these bodies, for example.

These people killed in mysterious circumstances.

These deaths inexplicably linked to one another.

And then, just to complicate things, there's that girl's tomb. We opened it earlier.