Death Wish 3 (1985) Script

Go around back. Look out.

You sons of bitches!

Your lucky day, man!

Give me the money, home boy. Give me the money now.

It's collection time, Charley. Collection time.


Get up, you motherfucker!

You old piece of shit!

Stay awake while we're killing this guy.

I pulled out and you went straight into my car.

Cabbie, 20 bucks, you get us outta here.


I'm gonna call the police.


Hey, Charley. Jeez, Charley, what happened?

Paul... take care of my things, will you?

Till I get... back.

Move and you're dead, asshole!

He's dead. The son of a bitch killed him.

Get him outta here! Come on, let's go.

Come on. Move it!

Get in there.

Come on, you did it. We know you did it. You know we know.

No bruises, see.

You want a glass of water? Huh? You can't have it.

Not till you tell us what we wanna know.

Chief. Who's this dude?

Mr. Kimble doesn't wanna talk.


Kimble, is it?

Son of a bitch.

I'll be a son of a bitch.

It's not Kimble.

I know you. Kersey.

It's Paul Kersey.

I was with the New York PD when they brought a vigilante in with a bullet in his leg.

You were out like a light.

It's been ten years. Mr. Vigilante.

Last damn thing I need is a vigilante.

You're in big trouble.

What were you doing in East New York on Belmont?

I was visiting a friend.

Maybe you did it.

Probably not. I found him that way.

And I'm no more Mr. Vigilante.

What do I do with you, dude?

I don't know, but I want a lawyer. No, you don't.

Roaches. I hate 'em.

Maybe I should have you killed. Who's gonna complain?

Do you always violate people's constitutional rights?

This is my jail, Kersey, and I'm the law.

So I get to violate your constitutional rights.

Son of a bitch! Cooler!

Come on! Watch it.

And forget bail!

Watch him! Make sure he doesn't get comfortable!

Hey, Chief, you all right?

Get in there.

Looking for trouble, man?

You fucker!

I tore it out.

You bastard! Fucker! Look at him sitting between two bars.

That fat motherfucker deserved what he got!

Talk about getting shit-faced!

It's great. Look at that.

Hey, Vito, coffee.

I wanna move on that one in the corner.

Kill the fucker!

Hey, man, I always win.

Come on!

Come on, you! Come on!

Get in there!

Fraker, you're being released. Five minutes.

See? I got a lawyer.

But I gotta tell you... if they hadn't broken us up, I would've killed you.

Next time... you won't even see me coming.

Tell you what, I'm gonna kill a little old lady. Just for you.

Catch it on the six o'clock news.

You got some free time, come up to Sutter and Belmont. That's my turf.

So long, asshole.

It's gonna take them a couple of hours to put the papers through.

Two more hours in this fucking pit!

Sure. Whatever you say.

Shriker! Inspector Shriker, what are you doing with this prisoner, Kimble?

Keeping him in jail What's the bail?

There is no bail. What are the charges?

There are no charges. Are you out of your mind?

You're violating all his rights. What the hell do you think you're doing?

He'll sue. He's got a case, you know. Not likely.

Who is Kimble? You're gonna have to let him out.

Stay out of this one, Miss Davis.

Three murders. Four rapes. Eight muggings. Nine acts of random violence.

The most orderly drug traffic. More robberies than I care to mention.

Broken store windows. Fire bombings.

All within a six-square-block area of Sutter and Belmont.

I could qualify that as a riot. This isn't a neighborhood, it's a war.

What are we doing about that, Captain Sterns?

We know it's gang-related.

We put more uniformed officers out, more cars on patrol.

We increased our real effort 15 percent.

Tell us the results.

Reported crime is up 11 percent.

Let's you and I have a talk.

Leave him with me.

So, how you feeling, Kersey? Smoke?

Where have you been recently?

In the country, having a rest.

You see, Kersey... I admire you.

I'm a real fan. Even kept a folder on you.

Truth is, I hate creeps, too.

But I can't do much about it. I'm a cop.

But you... You shoot 'em, right?

I have a theory.

If I'm right, you turned pro after LA.

Six creeps shot in 36 hours.

Then four gang members in Kansas City. Two mugger-rapists in Chicago.

Like I said, I'm through with all that.

Really? Then why are you here?

Well, it's a great city. I missed it.

All right. You want something in this burg, have it.

It's on me.

You want outta here, you got it.

I'll minimize the vigilante stuff with the press, say it's creeps killing creeps.

Nobody cares anyway.

It'll be just like before, Mr. Vigilante.

With one important difference. You're gonna work for me.

Do your thing. But report to me, tell me what's going on.

Tell me everything you're even thinking of doing. Let us get some busts.

It's that or I'll keep you here till hell freezes over.

Do we understand each other?

You in?

Cross me and I'll bury you so deep they'll never find the bones.

You're letting me loose? I'm letting you loose.

What about the gun?

I didn't see any report of a gun. Did you?

If there was a gun, I'd have to charge you with possessing a firearm.

They're illegal.

He's free to go. He's gotta see the public defender.

Davis, the public defender, is arranging your release.

It's gonna take a while. Sit out there and wait.

Kimble... Watch it, there's a new breed on the streets.

Quiet now. I'm not here.

Is this the night's haul, Chaco? Pretty good. Very good.

Good, Chaco. Hector, are you allowed...?

I'll tell you what to do and when.

We didn't think we'd see you out so soon.

Hey, man, it's good to see you! Just been taking care of a little business.

I can see that. You said I should...

Did I?

This is a sticker, Hector.

And you're the stickee. No!

Aren't you gonna welcome me back?

Mr. Kimble? Kathryn Davis, Public Defender's Office.

You're being released now. Thanks, Miss Davis.

You're just going to walk away? Yup.

You have cause to press charges. Sue. Miss Davis, it's all right.

You don't wanna do anything? No.

I don't understand. Goodbye.

Here's my number, just in case. Thanks.

Is there someplace I can get hold of you?

I need something for the release form.

Bitch, come here, I wanna eat you. I wanna lick you all over.

I'm coming for you, bitch. Come here, I wanna eat you.

Come on, bitch.

Come on! Come on, bitch! Come on.

Come on, stop the car. Come on, bitch!

Stop the car.

Bitch, I'm gonna fucking kill you!


Be right down.

Who are you? I was Charley's friend.

Me, too.

You must be Paul. Yeah.

I'm Bennett. Charley spoke about you all the time.

Oh, yeah? Yeah. Come on up.

They broke that yesterday. Well, it's the neighborhood.

And you missed the funeral. It was nice, as far as funerals go.

That's Charley and me in World War ll.

I knew Charley 40 years.

He met you during the Korean War?

Yeah. I was a conscientious objector.

He didn't agree with that. But we got along all right.

In fact, we got to be very good friends.

Kept in touch with one another over the years.

We lived a few blocks from here. When my wife died, I moved over here.

This was a good neighborhood until it changed.

I got a letter from Charley a few days ago. He was really scared.

They didn't like him, so they killed him.

Who killed Charley?

The creeps on the street. He wouldn't take their lip or pay them.

He said he was gonna do something about it.

Pay? Like in protection?

Protection, robbery, theft. Your money or your life.

They hit the old people up here.

What goes on out there is a disgrace.

Now wait a minute. Who killed Charley?

I'll show you.

Those three. I saw them running away when Charley got killed.

Their faces are painted. They belong to the same gang.

We got hell here. You see, it's their turf.

See him? Yeah.

What about him?

He runs the gang. He's the worst.

He's been away. I don't know where.

Looks like you could just go up and smash him in the face, doesn't it?

Well, it can't be done.

What do you mean?

He's got guys watching him. I saw a guy try to reach him once.

They chopped him to pieces before he got six feet.

Is it worth living here like this?

You mean move?

Everybody who can, has.

Me, I got nowhere to go.

I fix clocks, meters for the cab company.

I got a little place down the street.

It's what I do.

I'm not gonna get run outta here.

Are you going back where you came from?

Bennett... when I got to Charley's apartment, he was still alive.

Did he say anything? Yeah, he said, "Take care of my things until I get back."

I've got the keys to his apartment.

The rent is paid till the end of the month.

They've cleaned up and are through with their investigation.

Cops don't care.

Well? Like you said, the rent's paid.

Good night. See you in the morning.

Lock your door.

Bitch, get over here now!


The Giggler, that's his name.

He laughs when he runs. Nobody catches him.

Jesus. He really moves. Yeah.

Tell me about him.

Well, he killed a girl last month.

Put a knife in her skull doing that.

How do you know it was him? It was him.

Bennett said we can ask. Were you downstairs last night in the garage?

Yeah. Thank you.

For what? My wife, Maria.

She was in the car. You helped her? Yeah.

I'm Rodriguez. We live downstairs. You were a friend of Charley's?

Yeah. You're a man who doesn't run.

If there's anything I can do to help, huh?

What about the cops? They do anything?

Yeah. They enforce the parking laws.

Yes. Thank you.

Well, my friend Wildey's coming. He'll help out.

Who's Wildey? You'll see.

Where are you going?

You just take it easy, Bennett. This is my problem.

I'd like to rent a box for a month.


OK, this is all right.

How are you gonna pay for it? Cash.

What's that for? The new car. That's bait.

Coming through the lobby, I smelled something cooking. It smelled great.

It was probably coming from the Kaprovs' apartment.

Kaprovs? Yeah. I'll introduce you. Come on.

These are the Kaprovs. This is Eli, Erica.

This is Mr. Kersey. He's now in apartment 2C.

He was admiring your dinner.

Stuffed cabbage. Smells wonderful.

Would you like to join us? Sure.

Can I have a few minutes to clean up? Certainly.

I'll be right back.

Nice man.

My sister said, "Know him? I married him in 1931."

Come on! Let's get the fucking car open!

Excuse me, please.

Hey. What's the problem? What?

With the car. What's the problem? Get outta my fucking face.

Who are you? We're stealing a fucking car.

What's it to you?

It's my car.

Now you gonna die.


We heard shots. What happened? I sent them a message.

' '

You're outta your area. This is our turf!

Hurt him.


Kill him.

Gentlemen, the streets are full of degenerates killing each other.

Arrest them.

Your guys aren't pussies, are they? Chief?

I want some arrests. And bodies on slabs in the morgue.

They can be your guys' bodies or some of that trash. Get that?

Hey. What the fuck are you looking at?

Hey, lend me five dollars, man.

Hey, I said lend me five dollars! Sucker!

' No! Hey!

Yeah! Right on, man!

You all right? Yeah. Thanks, huh? You all right?

Who is this man? We need him.

Emil, Mr. Kersey. Our new neighbor in 2C.

I'm very pleased to meet you. Oh, this is my wife, Magda.

Nice to meet you. That's him. The man in black.

He's on my turf. I'll take care of him.

Yes? You Charley's friend? Guy in 2C?


What are you doing in there? I'm taking care of Charley's things.

Charley don't need no help. He's dead. Just like you're gonna be.

I'm watching you.

What do you think of the neighborhood?

You said I was to be here on my own.

You're right. I think I said that.

Look... I'd like something.

For the papers. You give me a bust.

I'll send in a tactical squad, they'll grab a headline.

What do you say? Can't help you.

Nothing happening, huh? I don't know anything.

Look, Kersey... Oh, I do know one thing.

Fraker is the chief creep here. Why don't you bust him?

He's got a cleaner arrest record than you. Perfect citizen.

When he does something, he does it privately.

Like I said, I can't help you.

Somebody's gonna get him.

Shit, man, I'm hurt. Son of a bitch!

What is this, man?

We gotta turn the screws on the motherfuckers.

Give me some money. What for?

Protection from the creeps. You're the creep!

Hey, you! Get out of my way! I've had enough.

What are you doing up here? Looking for you.

How did you find me up here?

I decided if I waited to hear from you I never would. Shriker was no help.

I read the arrest report and made a calculated guess.

I was right. You live there, don't you?

Yeah. Miss... Davis, I told you, I'm not gonna file any charges.

Would you like to have dinner? What?

Well, I'm not usually this bold, taking a taxi to someplace someone might not be, to ask them out, but...

...why not? How many people do I meet in my job who I can ask out to dinner?

You shouldn't be up here. It's not safe.

Nonsense, I'm a city girl.

Do me a favor. Say yes.

So I can get out of here without being mugged.

OK, all right. When?

Friday? Friday? Friday's good for me.

MY place.

I live in a basement. It's a nice basement.

What are you doing up here? Friend of mine was killed.

Trying to find out what happened. Why? There's nothing you can do.

I'll put it in a book I'm writing.

Look, your meter's running. I'll see you Friday.

Friday. Thank you.

You were brandishing a gun. What do you mean, "brandishing"?

Some kids tried to come in my back window. I waved it.

The complaints said you brandished it.

Complaints? Who? That's none of your concern, sir.

Can we have the gun? Possession is a felony in the city limits.

If you surrender the weapon, we'll forget it happened.

Otherwise, you go to jail.

Eli, give him the gun.

Erica, it's our protection. Please.

Thanks, mister.

Listen, we'll come in here any time we like.

You got that... Pops?

Any time!

The first floor is the worst.

But they come in wherever they want from the fire escapes.

It's 90 degrees outside. And I've had my windows nailed shut.

I'll take care of it. But I'll need some things first.

This is how it works.

I've put a nail in the window.

Anybody opening the window raises the nail...

What are you doing? Thinning the herd.

Hey... I wanna make a house call, man.

I'm a little short on cash.

For 20 minutes you play. Then you all go out to work.

All right! Get up! Go! Come on!

Mr. Bennett, I know you like a lot. Yes, I do.

What are those? Teeth.

APB, theft at 121 Sutter.

Suspect is described as Latino, five foot six. Missing two front teeth.

You thief! Stop!

This Wildey friend of yours, can he catch this guy?

Well, who's Wildey? You'll see.

Wildey's here.

Fires a .475 Wildey Magnum. Real stopping power.

Is that like a .44 Magnum?

No, a .44 Magnum is a pistol cartridge.

A .475 Wildey Magnum is a shorter version of the African big-game cartridge.

Makes a real mess.


What are you two looking at? What are you, perverts? Get the fuck outta here!

Open the door!

All right, open the door! OK.

No! No! ' Let's go! Come on!

Raped her. They raped her!

Bennett, get a taxi.

Oh, Maria... Thanks.

They say she'll be all right.

Just a broken arm. I'll take you to the hospital.

It'll all be all right.

Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Applebaum to the Emergency Room.

The doctor is in here.

Mr. Rodriguez? How's my wife? Can I see her?

Mrs. Rodriguez has expired.

Jesus. Over the phone they told me she had just a broken arm.

The arm was badly injured. There were broken blood vessels.

Some clots came free and, we think, lodged in the heart.

I'm sorry.

The light's no good. No ID you make is gonna stand up in a court.

You load the shells yourself? Nothing's too good for our friends.

The action of this weapon is adjustable.

Depending on the charge and the cartridge.

Think I'll go down the street and get myself some ice cream.

This is America, isn't it?


What do I owe you?

Look at that fucker with the ice cream.

Somebody got shot. Who was that man?

Oh, my... It's the creep that stole my pocketbook!

All right! All right! He's dead! Hey!

Right on! Right on!

They killed The Giggler, man.

They killed The Giggler!

They had no business doing that. None.

It's the new man, the one from the jail.

That wasn't smart. No, not too smart.

Come on, you all, let's move it back. Make way.

Where you been? It's about time. I'm glad he's dead!

He took my pocketbook three weeks ago! I'm glad he's dead!

Cops never get here on time!

Hi, team. Hello, Chief.

What have you got here?

There's not much left of the sucker, is there?

How are things around here? Better. It's getting quiet.

Our efforts must be having a positive effect.

We're getting fewer complaints. Don't let it go to your head.

Looked like a rifle bullet. The shot came from over there.

He was a good shot. Better than anyone in our department.

Hello. Hello.

The guy at the store said this wine is good.

Great. I'll open it.

I hope you like chicken. It's the only thing I can make.

Chicken's good. I like chicken.

I have one sister. She lives in Binghamton, New York.

And I hate her.

But I love sports. Basketball and football on TV.

What do you like? I like opera.

Opera? It's restful.

I don't know anything about you.

Married? Children?

I was married, but my wife died. I'm sorry.

It's all right. That was years ago. What about you?

Am I right? I guess that you're afraid to be close to someone again.

Oh... maybe.

Do you like the kind of work you do?

Most of the time.

No. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the wrong side.

Defending... creeps.

Don't take that personally.

You're gentle.

But I've seen a lot of gentle people get hurt.

People have got to fight back, and hard! The whole thing is just out of balance.

Some people would say that was an extreme position.

I don't care! I bet you never get mad.

I'm sorry. Why am I angry at you?

Tell me. You don't really like opera, do you?


It's late. I gotta go. No, it's early.

Even an unemployed writer has to work. I really gotta go.

Well, see you again? Yup.

Cuban's gonna get high.

Go ahead, it's speed.

Yeah, Cuban's gonna get high! High! High!

No needles, man. Just snort it.

I don't want you flat on your ass.

Cuban's gonna kill tonight.

Head him off. Get round back.


He's all yours. Go get him.

Police car to Control. Request ambulance to 763 Belmont.

We have a dead body at the premises.

Send the meat wagon to 673 Belmont.

Let's talk.

Try and take it easy for a couple of days, will you?

Coroner's shop is going out and hiring extra help.

People are starting to get a line on you.

He isn't finished. It isn't finished.

It's like killing roaches. You have to kill them all.

Hi. Is this Mr. Emil? Yes. Yes.

I think your wife needs your help. She's sick or something.

Who is this? What do you mean? Hey, you be nice now.

You better be here, at home. Who is this?

You threw one of my boys outta your store last week.

It's your wife. She's dying.

Hello? See what you've done?

You got me mad. Fuck it.

It's me he wants, you know. How's Emil?

Forget Emil. Emil's done for.

He'll never be the same again.

20 years, nobody ever did a thing like that to me.

Breaking my windows.

Well, I say fuck 'em. I've had it.

Charley said the same thing and he was right.

He was afraid he was gonna use them. He should have.

Instead, he gave them to me to keep.

Next time they come, I've got something for them.

What? I'll show you.

A .30-caliber Browning machine gun.

Charley brought them home from the war. They still work.


This ammunition any good? Damn right.

You shoot some nice, big holes in the sons of bitches.

They call us the old people. We were running the world 20 years ago.

What do you say? No. A lot of people could get hurt.

It's me he wants.

This is his turf. If I leave, he wins You want that?

Maybe it'll save people from getting killed.

Do me a favor, Bennett. Name it.

Don't use those guns.

Give me a day to get Fraker.

Whatever you say. I was just trying to help.

Hi. Well, you said it was important.

Thanks for coming. Come on in.

I'm leaving the city. What?

A couple of weeks with my sister.

And I'll do whatever I have to not to be here.

Oh, it's everything. This place, my job, people I deal with.

I just wanted to see you one more time.

I didn't think you wanted to leave this city.

Do you still think you don't want to get close to someone?

You know, my wife didn't just die she was murdered.

They never caught the people that did it.

And my daughter.

Anyway, something in me changed.

Does it have to be that way forever?


Why don't you come with me? At least visit. You don't have to be here.

I could do that. I bet you want to leave.

All you need is an excuse. I'll bet you're right.

I'm hungry. How about you?

I'm starved. I know a good restaurant.

Is it open late? They sure are.

Here he is. They're going.

Don't lose them.

Be right back. I'm gonna pick up my mail.

I'll be right here.

Come on!

Somebody call the ambulance!

People are looking for you up there, where you shot the punk.

They have a description. You were eating an ice cream.

So you better take it easy for a few days, for your own damn good.

I have places I'm supposed to be. That's why you're not gonna be there.

When he comes out, take him into protective custody.

Come on, pal, you're coming with us. Come on, mister, let's move it.

Come on, mister, get in the car.

That's my shop!

My shop! My shop!

Come on, stay back! Stay back!

My shop!

My shop!

Kersey! Kersey!

I'll give you something to screech about, you sons of bitches!

Kersey, goddamn you! Goddamn you.

Where is he? He's not where he should be.

He's got a gun!

It's not working! Kill the motherfucker! Kill him!


Man, can you hear me? Oh, my God!

You wanna tell Shriker I'd like to talk to him?

Well, he don't wanna talk to you. He told me so. Personally.

A man's been beaten.

He'll identify his assailants, but only if he talks to you.

Bennett Cross. He was armed with a machine gun.

Dr. Hernandez, please call your office.

Thank you, nurse.

How is he? Well, he's a tough bird.

A couple of bad fractures but I think he'll make it.

Can I go in and see him?


I screwed up. I'm sorry. It's all right.

Listen, Kersey... I only lost one gun for you there.

The other one's still there, in the same place.

Blow the scum away.

Dr. Davies, telephone please.

He had to go someplace.


You wanna take this? I saw you come in.

Used to be Charley's.

He's back. He picked up some packages and he's back at the apartment.


Manny Fraker. I need some more guys. As many as you can spare.

Yeah. Thanks.

What is it? It's a LARS missile launcher.

Anti-tank, anti-personnel weapon.

And these rounds are self-propelled, armor-piercing.

The arm is three feet out of the barrel.

Won't do me much good, unless I can get 'em bunched.

All I got is a zip gun.

We should get a few of them.

All right!

Eli! It's Mr. Kersey! He just shot some of the creeps!

Who the hell's firing, man? You told someone to fire?

Come on!

Come on, you guys. We're gonna get those motherfuckers!

We're out of ammo!

Air unit six to base. Around Sutter and Belmont, I've sighted buildings burning. Shots fired in the street.

Looks like we have a riot.

We need every backup unit available.

There! There!

...more money, said the mayor.

News is coming in of riots in East New York.

I can't see anything. Come here. Watch it on television.

Police are converging there. Our helicopter is overhead with Roy Baxter to bring you an on-the-spot report.

Have you seen the man? I haven't seen shit, man!

Throughout this vast area of derelict buildings...

We're on TV, man! groups run and hide in alleys and apartment buildings.

There are great sheets of flames rising from burning buildings.

The buildings are collapsing. I can see fires over 20 blocks.

Police cars are fighting a hail of bullets as they try to get into the area.

There are gangs of motorcyclists down there, flanked by gunfire and flames and smoke. It's a hell of a mess here.

We'll be back with news as soon as we can find out what caused this.

Oh, boy!

Get him!

Kersey, look out!

I'm out of shells. I'll go get some.

I owed you that one, dude!


Well, now I owe you. How bad is it?

It's just a nick.

I'll call an ambulance.


Bulletproof, asshole.

Just like yours. Stay like that.

You can't have both of us. Bet me.

Jesus Christ! What did that?


Over at Belmont and Sutter the crowd is breaking up.

You better get going.

I'll buy you a few minutes.

Get outta here. They'll be after you.

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