Deception (2008) Script

10:53 pm.

Sorry for scaring you like that. I was just heading home and uh... we met before in the can. Oh, you're Wyatt, right?

Yeah. So, you working late or you downloading a multitude of porn?

I have to be out of here by tomorrow so I'm just trying to finish up, what about you? You kidding? This is an early night.

Hard to believe once upon a time... it was a measure of a man's success on how little he worked.

What's the deal? Our firm hires you to bless our books they send you?

I'm the audit manager, yeah. I handle the same 7 or 8 clients every year.

I must've done Stern for something like four years now.

Wow. So you like this work? I do. The order of it appeals to me... the symmetry.

It's alright, I guess, if you like workin' with numbers.

Do you like being a lawyer?

Yeah, it's alright, I guess, if you like workin' with assholes.

I'm probably disturbing you, so... Hey, no, it's alright. I'm almost done.

Really. Oh.


Worth and Berman, huh? Did they headhunt you?

Yeah, my senior year of college. They subsidized my graduate degree.

Ah, I see. So you were... you were poor, right?

I guess I was. I was brought up by my mom on her own and she died when I was 19 and so it was kind of like a lifeline.

Wow. Sounds like you needed it. I'm sure there's a lot of people that had it worse. Not here.

Practically every suit I know is Harvard by way of Andover.

Are you? Oh, hell no. No, no.

I'm Princeton by way of Exeter. But that's like the same. Oh yeah.

So, Jonathan...

I think I have something here which might help you to focus.

You smoke? Not for a long time.

Good. This'll give you a real buzz, then.

I don't know... I just sometimes feel so, uh...

you know... removed.

I work for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world and there's not so much as a desk there to prove it.

My new senior manager I haven't even met him in person yet.

I try to meet people at work but it's always the same.

To the accounting staff I'm a pain because for two weeks they have to hold their breath.

They hope I don't pick up any of their screw-ups.

To everyone else I'm just a temporary fixture so why bother.


I sit and I look through the glass, and I see life...

literally passing me by. Jonathan.


By the clock on that wall there you have been talking for thirty-seven minutes straight.

I don't remember a word I said.

So, God says to Jesus...

I haven't felt this good since I saw Van Halen in '97.


Stand clear of the closing doors, please.


Is this the train to Canal Street? Yes, this is the right train.




So, I guess that's it. This is my report for Mr. Cross.

Could you point me towards Wyatt Bose's office, please?

Who? Wyatt Bose. He's one of your...

Hey, quit looking down Daphne's shirt.

So, get in, get out, huh? So where's next?

Clancey Funds on Friday and then Clute-Nichols after that.

Sounds like fun. Wait up a sec.

Good to meet you, Jonathan. You, too.

So... wait. You have the day off tomorrow?

How's your backhand?


I'm sorry. Good game.

Commiserations, McQuarry.

You develop a killer instinct, you'll beat the crap out of me.

You know, when these things first came out, I think I was a frosh at boarding school.

Geez, where did you get this thing? You steal it from Jimmy Connors?

What is it? Natural gut, hm?

No, it's a hybrid weave of natural gut and Kevlar.


Yeah, I should have 'em replaced. They're pretty frayed.

Those two girls were so pretty.

You don't get much, do you?

Do you mean sex? No, flood insurance.

How many women have you slept with?

I don't know.

Of course you know. Everyone knows.

Maybe four. Maybe four?

Alright. Four. What about you?

Me? I have no idea. You just said everyone knows.

I meant everyone like you. C'mon, hurry up. Let's go for a drink.

You can borrow something of mine. Ah. Guten Abend, Herr Kleiner.

This way, Jonathan.

Like it?

It's a Gerhard Richter.

Actually, Kleiner, the guy we just saw downstairs, he's a hotshot art dealer.

He hooked me up with this fantastic gallery in Munich.

I'll be back in a second.

Try this one.


C'mon, Jonathan.

You remind me of this guy, Jamie Getz.

I met him my freshman year at Princeton.

Oh, he was real smart. He was witty, too, when you loosened him up. But he had this... brown. Now you assume that he never scaled that wall.

The truth is he was the only one that got in.

What happened to him? Oh, he killed himself.


You're kidding.

Go get changed. Down here?

Down there. Second door on the right.


Okay, Jonathan, so just the four, huh?

Oh, come on. Now, look...

I've never been too adventuresome.

What's the lamest? Well, I once...

No, c'mon, c'mon, share it with the group.

I once phoned one of those sex lines.

Alright, now we're talking.

I talked to girl named Star for like half an hour.

I ended up explaining a Section 179 deduction on the new Escalade.

You paid to give tax advice on a sex line?

That's about the size of it.

Oh, thank you for sharing, Jonathan. That is pretty lame.

Oh, hello.

Do you... is she looking at me? Yeah, she's looking at you.

No, she's not. C'mon. Maybe it's the suit?

Listen, you don't think women have the same urges?

Successful women working their asses off to stay that way?


Well, let's just say there's a way that it can be taken care of.

You make it sound like a mob hit.

Had a good time tonight? I had a great time tonight.

I did. I had a great time. Whoa. I wasn't sure at one point.

No, I'm shy. But...

Thank you. And thanks for the tennis and for takin' me out.

It's okay. Tennis anytime. Particularly if you play that badly.

At the corner, please. The Waldorf Astoria.

I gotta go meet somebody.

Take care. Have a nice night. I'll call you tomorrow.


Any problems, you're gonna want to see Julie Levinson.

She's our Assistant Controller.

But, like I said, I don't anticipate any problems.

Never had any before. Okay. Thanks.

It's really nice out here. I usually just brown bag it.

You have to get outside. Those fluorescent lights will kill you.

I read about them.

(cell phone ringing)


Shit. No, I got it here. Hold on.

See if you can change it to the 6:30 out of JFK flight number four.

Right. Yeah.

Rutherford wants me to join him in London ASAP.

We're papering some finance with Lloyds. I tell you about this?


I'll be gone a couple weeks. Sounds sort of interesting.

Gonna be as boring as sin, but... Anyhow, I gotta get back.

Ready? Alright.

That's disgusting. I don't want to hear that.


That's repulsive. Don't ever tell anyone that. Ever.

You're the kind of girl that pees in front of men, aren't you?

What goes in the Xerox Room stays in the Xerox room.

(cell phone ringing) Jonathan McQuarry, hello.


Wyatt? It's me, Jonathon. Look, I've got your cell phone.

I guess, you've got mine. What a pain in the ass.

You're probably in the air right, so, if you get this, give me a call on your phone.

I'll speak to you later. Take care.

Mr. Lewman. Hi. Yes, hello.

Actually, Mr. Lewman, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.

Excuse me.

Hello? (woman) Are you free tonight?

Look, this isn't actually... Sorry, could you just hold on a sec?

Mr. Lewman, my bedroom... I think I have a leak.

I was hoping you could take a look. McQuarry. 631.

Oh, right. McQuarry. Yeah, I'll get to it soon as I can.

Hello? Anyone there?

(cell phone ringing)

Hello? (woman) Are you free tonight?

Actually, I am, but this isn't Wyatt. Sorry, I didn't get that.

Well, I am free, but... Could you be at The Dylan in one hour?

I guess so, but...




Are you waiting for me? Yes, I think so.

Would you like a drink or something? No, thanks.

I've got a conference call with Tokyo early in the morning.

Shall we go? Yes.


Have you been in this hotel before? No.

Look, the person who you thought you were talking to isn't me.

You're not who I spoke to on the phone? No, no... Yes, yes, I am.

But... What's wrong?

Are you not attracted to me? Oh, you're beautiful.

It's just you called me and I came here but I don't...

You don't? I'm not too sure what's going on.

You're not too sure what's going on?

Sit down. Sit down.


(cell phone ringing)

Hello. Hey, you're up early.

Hey! How's London? Rainy. So you got mine, I got yours.

Yeah, I must've grabbed it at lunch before you left.

No big deal. I already had my work calls forwarded here.

Oh, alright.

So, did I get any calls? Yes, you did.

And? Well...

What the hell was that? I knew it. You met up with someone.

I thought you would call me back. Oh, spare me. I woulda done the same.

So how was it? It was really amazing, actually. She...

Shit. I'll call you later. They want me in a meeting.

I want to hear all about it though, alright?

Alright. Hey as far as my phone, feel free to use it.

Okay. Thanks.


(woman) Yes?

Hello. Uh...

Yes? Are you free tonight?

(woman) Where? Where, right.

The Dylan Hotel. Perhaps The Park Avenue.

In the bar, half past eleven.



If you are who you don't seem to be, you're late.

Excuse me? Are you?

Late, or who I'm not supposed to be?


Yes, I am late, and I am who I don't seem to be.

Alright, then.

Could you put this on the room, please? Yes, ma'am.

I don't have a room.

You're rather new to this, aren't you?

The initiator is responsible for the room.

That's one of the rules.

Oh. So I should... Precisely.

Oh. Excuse me.

Frankly, I'm surprised whoever sponsored you didn't explain more.

Downstairs, you talked about a rule. Are there others?

No rough stuff. If that's your thing, take it elsewhere.

No business talk, and no names. Right.

How did you get into this? A friend of mine...

He introduced you to the list but failed to explain the basics?

Well, he had to leave town.

I'm doing something wrong here, aren't I?

It's not that. You just strike me as something of a stowaway.

If it wasn't for the $4,000 suit, I'd say you didn't belong here at all.

This is us.

Although, someone obviously thought you did.

And I'm a sucker for bashful boys.

Can I ask you something?

Why do you do this? For the same reason that men do it.

The economics of the arrangement.

Intimacy without intricacy.

I work past midnight almost every night.

The last dinner I had that wasn't business was about a year ago.

Hey, Wyatt, it's Jonathan. I haven't heard from you, but...

I guess you must be pretty swamped over there.

Look, I just wanted to say thank you.





Wait. Wait. Before we...

The thing is, I know you. I mean, not "know you" exactly.

We met before in the Times Square subway station. It had been raining, and you asked me if the train stops at Canal Street.


Wait. It just feels a little strange, that's all.

Why? Because you've seen me before?

Maybe. It's just... C'mon, what's the problem?


I guess it is a little bit of a gear shift.

Maybe some other time.

Oh, no, please. What I mean is...

By any chance... are you hungry?

Mm, you have a little bit of... of ketchup on your chin.

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm a messy eater. No, it's okay. So am I. Here.

There you go. Thank you.

You have a little piece of... Oh, what, onion in my hair?

So what do you do for a living?

I sit behind glass and I watch people pass like fish.

You work in a bank? I'm sort of an accountant.

I bet that's what you always dreamed of being when you grew up.

Oh, yeah, I'm livin' the dream. Feel free to leave now.

Still here.

But how about you? No.

No, no, no, I'm afraid that we're still on you.

Frank. Frank?

You look like a Frank.

By the way, my name is... Oh, sh.

You know the rules. No names.

Yeah, but the rules seem to specify no conversation either.

Okay. How 'bout I tell you my name, if you guess.

Oh, you're in real trouble here. You see, I am very good at this.

What are you very good at? Problem solving. It's what I do.

I'm very good at identifying hierarchical relationships and binary posits.

Is that right? Absolutely.

And this talent can be applied to finding anything.

For example, I know that your name begins with an S.

How do you know that? I saw your key chain on your purse.

Wow. Excellent work. Thank you. So, the things we know are A, your name begins with an S. B, you have a white coat.

And C...

And C, you do not know your way around the subway.

That's true.

Now all I do is extrapolate from these known qualities and your name... is...


Sophie. You're definitely a Sophie. Wait, with an "ie" or a "y"?

Either. Neither.

How about Syd, as in Syd Charisse? No, she was Syd with a C.

Yeah, but maybe you spell it with an S. I do not.

Sexy Steffi was lookin' for a train... No.

Sunbeam. Oh, God, do I look like a Sunbeam?


Well, then, that's it.

I told you I was good at this. I'm very impressed.

I'm crashing.

I'd really like to see you again. Not in a hotel.

Hm, well... we'll see about that.

Maybe tomorrow? It is tomorrow.



(cell phone ringing)

Hello? (Wyatt) Are you free tonight?

Hey, are you back? I wish. It's friggin' anarchy here.

(knocking at the door) Hang on. Hello?

Housekeeping. Uh, could you come back? Thanks.

Sorry. Where are you?

I'm in the Soho Grand. Soho Grand, huh?

Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself.

I have. I met this girl last night, and I broke all the rules and I had an honest-to-God conversation with her.

(Wyatt) That's extremely naughty of you. Who is she, Romeo?

I have no idea, really.

I don't know very much about her yet, but...

I'm gonna see her again.

I don't want to dampen your spirits...

What? You met her through the list.

She's different. Trust me.

So when are you back? Hard to say.

It's back-to-back bullshit here. But next week, I hope.

Well, good luck. I'll see you when you get back.

(Wyatt) You, too.


Hello? (woman) Are you free tonight?

I'm sorry, you have the wrong number.


Hello? ("S") Hey, are you free tonight?

Can you meet me in Chinatown, on Doyer Street? Say, eight o'clock?



I got you a present.

Thank you. It looks great on you.

Let's go. Yeah.

We'd like... we'd like one of these.

And... one of these... oh, and that.

Thank you.

What did you order? I have absolutely no idea.

How do you know we'll like it? How do you know we won't?

This is so not my life.

Ever since that night on the subway I haven't stopped thinking about you.

I'm not sure I believe you.

I mean, you're in a sex club. I'm not judging you. I'm in there, too.

But don't say you've been solemnly holding a torch for me for... long now, one month? Point taken.

I got you a present.

Oh, he is so cute.

Thank you.

Here. Thanks.

What is that?

Ginseng gum.

It's terrible.

I guess it does sort of taste like hairspray.

I think I got it now. I think your name is Suki.

What? What are you thinking about?

I don't want to complicate your life. No...

I want all the complications you've got.

Maybe you should go?

Maybe you should stay.



I know we decided not to rush, but...

Just for the record, I'm doing everything I can just to apply the brakes here.

Oh, me too.

Our parents would be proud.

But just say...

Say what?

If we acted... just suddenly tore off the rest of these clothes to consummate their deep... human needs in a frenzy of...

Fucking and sucking.

Beautifully put.

You were saying? Well...

Who could blame these two people? Who could possibly judge them?

Who would know?

I got it. Where are you going?


Oh, you gonna get some ice, huh?

There's a machine out in the hallway. I'll be right back.

I'll get the ice. You stay here, I'll get the ice.

Jonathan. Wait. No, I'll go.

Would you like some help?

I can manage. Thank you.

I can't get the card to work.






Sir. Sir!

(speaking Chinese)

Mr. McQuarry, Detective Russo.

How're you doing? Not too good.

This is Detective Burke. I need a background check.

Last name McQuarry, first name Jonathan.

And you don't know anything about her?

Where she works, where she lives, her phone number?

Like I said, all I know about her is her first name starts with an S.

Is she a prostitute? No.

I told you, she's a friend. A friend you met in a sex group.

Look, who else is in this sex group? I don't know. It's not like that.

It's anonymous.

You walked into the room and saw blood?

Yeah, I saw blood and then someone hit me, and when I came to she was gone.

And you didn't see who hit you? No, they were behind me.

They must've been hiding in the bathroom. Well, was there anything stolen?

Your wallet, or jewelry or anything? No, I have my wallet.

Look, Detective, please, you've got to find her.

We can't do anything until I understand what happened tonight.

I told you what happened tonight.

Have you ever had experiences like this before?

No. What're you talking about? We spoke to the desk clerk, and he only recalls seeing you check in.

And as for the blood you say you saw, we checked the room and found nothing.

In fact, the only blood we found is where you hit your head.

Look, I know it all sounds...

But I swear there's a woman in serious trouble right now.

A woman whose name you don't know.


Look, clearly, you had a tough night. I'm not crazy.

I tell you what. Go home, and if you remember anything, you give me a call.





Hey, Wyatt, it's me, Jonathan.

Look, something happened to me last night.

Could you call me back when you get a chance?

I really need to speak to you.

Can I help you?

I'm trying to get into contact with one of your attorneys, Wyatt Bose.

I know he's working out of your London office right now but I wondered if I can speak to his assistant or anyone that would know how to get in touch with him immediately.

Of course. Just a minute.

Are you sure that you have the right firm?

Yes, I met him here when I was working.

Wyatt Bose, he's six-one, he has black hair. Wait.

I have his... I have his card. You see? Look. Wyatt Bose.

I can assure you there is no one by this name working in this firm.

No, but I've seen him in these halls.

For Christ's Sake we smoked pot in the conference room.

Excuse me?

Wait! Hey, wait I'm trying to get hold of Wyatt.

Who? Wyatt Bose. I saw you talking with him.

You cracked jokes with him in the lobby. I crack jokes with a lot of people.

Are you trying to tell me you don't... Hey! Easy with the hands. What is this?

He said he was going to London with a Mr. Rutherford to paper a deal.

Mr. McQuarry, Mr. Rutherford is presently recovering from hip surgery.

In New Jersey.

Yes? I'm sorry. I'm looking for Wyatt.

Excuse me. Wyatt? Yeah, Wyatt Bose. He lives here.

Uh, in, in this building? No, I'm sorry, he must be new.

No, not in this building. In this apartment.

No, wait, that painting. It's a Gerhard Richter, right?


From the gallery in Munich that Herr Kleiner handled.

The art dealer downstairs.

Downstairs you must mean Mr. Moretti. But he's in the carpet business.

Young man, are you alright?



She's a looker. You weren't kidding.

I can see why she had you all hot and bothered.

Oh, Jesus Christ, it was you. Where is she?

God damn it, Wyatt...

I need you to listen. You're starting next week at Clute-Nichols, yes?

Who are you?

I'm your only shot at seeing her alive again.

I asked you a fucking question. Yes.

Have a seat. Sit down.

Now, as standard part of their audit you've temporary access to all accounts and wire protocols.

That's what this is about? Jonathan.

I want you to locate some accounts for me.

You're gonna move some money around.

I can't. What?

They're client accounts. There's safety...


I never said client accounts. I mean some sub-accounts that I know of, outside the realm of your audit. Masked accounts. Slush funds.

Typical insider stuff, you know. twenty mil or so, skimmed into a quiet account for a rainy day.

You don't think they'll notice when it's gone?

Eventually, yes.

But they won't do shit about 'em 'cause it's dirty money.

I can't. This isn't a negotiation, Jonathan.

Besides, we're friends, remember?

I'm warning you. Don't try and be a hero, 'cause people are gonna get hurt.

And you go to the cops, I'll make it look like you cut her pretty little head off.

Don't hurt her. Just do as you're instructed, and you'll have her back in no time. And why should I trust you?

Everything you told me was a lie. Oh, not lies, Jonathan.

That was foreplay. And now you're fucked.

I'll be watching.


(cell phone ringing)


You have one new voice message.

New message one.

Are you free tonight? It's me, Tina. I'm in town. I want to see you again.

Six months is way too long. I'm at the Rhiga, room 802.

You better show. You owe me. After all, I was your first.


Hello. This is the front desk. Your guest has arrived.

You can go on up. Thank you.

Who are you? What are you doing here? I believe I was invited.

You have the wrong room. You didn't leave me a message, asking if I was free tonight?

I must've dialed the wrong number.

Look, I meant to call someone else. I'm sorry.

I need to speak with you about Wyatt.

I just need to ask you a few questions, okay?

I'm sorry, I don't know any Wyatt. Bullshit. You left him a message, asking him to meet you here. I thought you said...

Who are you? How did you...

What? No! I just need a few answers.

My name is Jonathan McQuarry. I know you have no reason to help me, or even to believe me, but I need to know about Wyatt.

I told you, I don't know any Wyatt.

That's the name of the guy you called.

No, it isn't.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I'm really in trouble, and this guy, he's...

he's dangerous.

It was in Chicago about a year ago, at a private function sponsored by my firm.

He was attending as a guest. A guest of who?

A guy called Hollaway. Rudolph Holloway.

I think they played tennis together.

He told me he'd just moved from San Francisco and was in-between jobs.

He was extremely smart.

I know it sounds silly, but he had this way of making me feel close to him.

I found myself telling him things.

I told him about this.

You told him about the list.


There was something about him. Something terrifying.

So why did you call him again?

You know when it's so good you'd rather die than stop?

You want to kill someone.

You wanna kill the person you're doing it with.

Fuck it. Y'know what? He was a good lay.

Okay, so what's his real name?

Jamie. Jamie?

That's his name. Jamie Getz.

Jamie Getz.



NYPD Dispatch. How may I direct your call?

Central Records.


This is Detective Russo, Precinct 22, badge number 15421.

Go ahead, Detective.

I need all you got for a missing person. Last name Getz... G-E-T-Z.

First name Jamie.

(Officer) Not gettin' anything.

Wait. Got a hit on the San Francisco database.

You near a fax?

Yeah, uh...

Yes, send it to 212-555-0110.

Uh, Russo? That's right.

Send you all we got. Thanks.

You have two unheard messages.

It's Petersen. I heard you called in sick today.

Just making sure you'll wrap up Clancey tomorrow.

Call me if you need anything.

Hi, this is Mr. Lewman, the Super. I haven't forgotten about your pipe leak.

I'll have a look at it Wednesday evening. I assume you'll still be at work, so I'll let myself in. Thanks.

End of messages.

(phone ringing)



(Wyatt) I'm just making sure you can start Clute-Nichols on Wednesday.

I want her back. Two more days, and she's all yours.

No, not two days, I want her back now.

What? Yeah, 'cause I know all about you.

I know who you are, Jamie Getz.

I know all about your best friend Rudolph Holloway, and where you come from and your days as a two-bit hustler in San Francisco and three years at Avenal for insurance fraud, arson.

How did you uh...

Doesn't matter. What matters is what I know.

Now I want her back, unharmed... or else I tell your pathetic story to the cops. Do you understand?

Well-played, Jonathan.



Mr. McQuarry, you have a phone call from a Detective Russo. Line four.

The body came in a little while ago. She was found in a taxi.

The driver was in a coffee shop, came back and there she was in the back seat.

And she fits the description you gave us of that missing woman of yours.

And what's her name? Simone Wilkenson.

Let's go this way.

You want to step in, Mr. McQuarry, please?


Is this the woman you were with the other night, Mr. McQuarry?

Mr. McQuarry? Yeah.

Have you seen this woman before?

No, I've never seen her before.

Who is she? She's a Wall Street analyst.

And... and what happened to her? She was strangled with something.

Coulda been wire, even a string.

Lab reports show traces of Kevlar in the wound.

It's natural gut and Kevlar. Kevlar?

Kevlar? That should narrow it down for us.

You want to tell me anything else?





Morning, Einstein. Ready for your big day?

You know fuckin' shit.

You think because you know my name you know me.

You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Yes, I do. You murdered Simone, and you constantly try to set me up.

Not if you behave. But if you screw with me today what I did to her is kindness compared to what I'll do to your little girlfriend.

Why, you won't even recognize her when I'm through.

But her fate's in your hands.

If you don't go through with it, I'll kill her.

Yeah. But if I do, you'll kill me.

Yeah. It's a bit tricky.

But what do you care?

You were dead long before I met you, you just didn't know.

You got no killer instinct, Jonathan.

I'll give the instructions to you later.

You've got until 6 p.m. to execute them, or I execute her.

Now, remember, be nice to everybody on your first day at work.

First impressions are everything, don't you agree?


Mr. McQuarry. Follow me, please. Hello.

(controller) All of our C7 logs are on the system.



I just saw this in my in-box. It's for you.

I guess it came in a little while ago by messenger.

Thank you.

(Wyatt) Pay attention, Jonathan. This is what you're gonna do.

Look for a group of sub-accounts in the Liebling-Holloway Trust.

These are masked accounts. 48 separate line items with IBAN numbers ending with 6700.

You bundle these phantom accounts and set up a standard wire transfer to the Banco Nationale, Madrid.

An account's already been set up in your name.

Clute-Nichols is very particular about who accesses their private holding accounts.

But you have a level four clearance, and that's why you're my friend, remember?

At exactly 5 o'clock, you're gonna log in and begin a global fund exchange.

Once you're inside, you're gonna access the Liebling-Holloway Trust through Rudolph Holloway's private account.

You'll only have 40 minutes to locate the private trust accounts and manually consolidate all balances into a single fund wire.

Once you're done, you'll encode this fund wire for an end-of-day transfer to the Clute-Nichols office in Hong Kong.

The Asian market opens 15 hours ahead of us.

Thus, this transfer will be catalogued as Friday's business and won't flag on the Clute transfer log until end of business Monday.

That's four days after we're done, Jonathan.

That's plenty of time for me to fill out a withdrawal slip in Spain.

Hello, sir.


Hey, Russo. Simone Wilkenson spent the night at the Dylan two weeks ago.

The guy you like, McQuarry, paid for the mini-bar in the room.

Let's go pick him up.



It's not coming out of our pockets, is it?


That delivery. You didn't bill it to us. No, of course not.

Good. You guys charge enough as it is.

Is everything okay? Okay?

With the audit. Yeah, yeah. It's fine.

I... it seems to be going very well.


It's not exactly a spectator sport.

Yeah, well, I was gonna order in dinner anyway.

You want something? No, I'm fine, thank you.


(cell phone ringing)





Come on.





What happened? Probably a gas leak.

Which apartment? 631. Jonathan McQuarry.

Is there a body? Coroner's already taken it away.


(pilot) We should be arriving in Madrid by 6 a.m.

Excuse me, are you finished with that?

Please, go ahead. Thanks.

You on business? Yes, I am.

What do you do? I'm an accountant.

Do you like it? I love it.

Numbers know how to behave, right? Sure.

Order and symmetry. What else could a man need?

Jim Winter. Deutsche Bank.

Jonathan McQuarry, Worth and Berman. Nice to meet you.



What do you think?

You certainly look the part, Wyatt.

Whoa, Wyatt?

Who's Wyatt? My name is... Hey. Don't.

Yeah, the rules. No names, huh?

That's a nice suit. When did you get in?

Couple of days ago. Two days, huh?

Been enjoying Madrid? Been jet-lagged.

We need champagne. You want to order some?

No, I'm fine with this.

Then give me a beer. Holy shit, look at this.

Wow. I spoke to Mr. Ruiz at Banco Nacional de San Sebastian.

He's ready for us whenever we want.

You're about to be a millionairess, baby.

How about that? Little ol' you, huh?

From the corner of the street and here you are, to the biggest double suite.

Who's always looking out for you?

Oh, yeah. Suits and ties, I told you, they're the big game.

Hey. I'm paying you a million bucks for services rendered.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Nothing. Christ, I'm jet-lagged.

I do so hate to be crass, but you don't have "No, thank you" rights here.

You don't have to tell me that twice.

So, how did it go? Everything okay?

Perfect. You did a great job on him.

Yeah, that poor bastard was practically in love with you.

He said that? He didn't need to say it.

So, he just transferred the money, no questions?

Sure, he had questions.

He said he would only do it if you were safe.

What about him?

Is he safe? Well, he had a little accident.

What? The old routine.

You killed him? It was an accident.

You fucking killed him?

You fucking piece of shit.

You fucking lousy... lousy...

He knew my name. Jesus Christ, why do you care?

How long do you think he would've waited for you to show before he called the cops?

One hour? Three? I had no choice.

Alright? He would've found me.

Jesus Christ.

You were into the accountant.

You for real?

That was stupid.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

It just caught me by surprise.

You'll feel fine later with all that cash. Trust me.

Buy you a nice leather bag to put it in.

We'll take the night train to Paris. Have some fois gras at Le Bouclard...

then mosey on down to Nice. Work on our tans.

Buy a yacht. We can name it Jonathan.

(singing) My baby loves me, she always makes me feel fine.

She loves me, she lets me know that she's mine.

And when she kisses...

And then I ask her if everything is okay, I get my answer, the only thing I can say, I say "Yeah, yeah." Your turn.

Say it! Yeah, yeah... is what I say.

Oh, what I'm gonna do to you.



I have an appointment with Mr. Ruiz. Ruiz?

Ruiz, that's right.

Ruiz. I'm Jonathan McQuarry. I was told to expect you. One moment.


Okay, this way. Excuse me.

The young lady, she's also on the account?

No. She's my personal secretary. I see.

Well, only those on the account are permitted in Mr. Ruiz' offices.

I do apologize.

Would you mind if I waited here? Wait here if you like.

This way, please.

Mr. Lopez-Poline, our Bank Manager. He will take care of you now.

Mr. McQuarry. Buenas dias. Buenas dias.

I understand you wish to close your account with us today.

I'm afraid so. I require some extra liquidity.

Of course. I need to see your passport and you will need to sign a few documents.

Here you are.

Gracias. Gracias.

And tell me, will the co-signer be joining us shortly?

Excuse me? The co-signer on this account.

We will need his information as well before we can release the funds.

The co-signer. Yes, sir.

When this money was transferred there was a request for a co-signature to release the funds. I have it right here.

A Mr. Bose, Wyatt Bose, is listed on the account as well.

Wyatt Bose. Yes, Mr. McQuarry.

According to our records you yourself requested the co-signature when you transferred these funds.

Yes, I know I did, but it's just...

It's not a problem. I can sort this out.

Please tell Mr. Ruiz I'll be back shortly.

(bank manager) Okay.


Hello. (Jonathan) Are you free tonight?

Jonathan. I said, are you free tonight?

Yes, I am.

Hello, Jonathan.

My God, I'm a handsome devil.

The hair isn't quite right. You losing some on top, there?

Regardless, you look well. For someone you thought you'd killed.

I want half.

Careful. The suit doesn't make the man, Jonathan.

I stole 20 million dollars. I figure I'm entitled to some of it.

There are two signatures required to release those funds.

You thought of everything, didn't you?

Without me that money doesn't move anywhere. I want half.

Okay. Let's do it.

Señor Bose. Thank you.

Señor McQuarry.

Would you sign there, Mr. McQuarry, please?

Two suitcases, ten million each.

Well, everything seems to be in order.

Mr. McQuarry, Mr. Bose... please sign here and here.

Thank you. Please follow me.

All yours.


Well, here we are, Jonathan. Spain, a suitcase full of money.

A lot of people would give everything to feel what we're feeling right now.

I'm curious. How did you know you'd been played?

You made a mistake. I made a mistake?

The photo you sent me was taken a few weeks ago.

Before the pipe behind her caused the stain.

I knew she was in on it. No longer. She took off.

Where is she?

She really got under your skin, didn't she?

I'll give you half my share if you tell me where she is.

Is that so?

Let's go somewhere quiet and make a deal.

She fell for you, Jonathan. It's true.

I think she may have even loved you.

She's a very special girl, and I think she's worth more than half your share, but then again...

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.



Wait! Wait! I need to talk to you. No. Get out of here, Jonathan.

I came here hoping I would see you again.

You know nothing about me.

You don't even know my name.

So I was just part of the plan, is that it? Everything.

I wanted to call it off. That night in Chinatown.

I didn't know he was gonna try to kill you. I'm so sorry.

Don't go.