DeepStar Six (1989) Script

What did you say? I was on the ocean in a boat.

It was a dream.

That's the third time you've had that dream this month.

Do you think the new site for the missile platform is a lock?

Van Gelder thinks so. With any luck, we'll be home in a week.

That's good, I'm ready.

What are you gonna do when we get out of here?

Hang out with Laidlaw's family till I get a new assignment.

The Captain's got a great wife. Great wife, great kids.

The Captain, he's got it made.

How come you never got married?

It's too early for this kind of conversation.

No, really, why did you never get married?

I've never been in one place long enough.

We've gotten pretty close the last couple of months.

Get any closer, we'd wear each other's shorts.

It's different with you. You're like one of the guys.

Is your stomach still bothering you?

I think it's that dried-outjunk we had last night.

Have Dr. Norris examine you.

I'm just tired of the food. Me, too. I'd kill for a Big Mac.

Locking collar? Umbilicals? Clear.

Get ready to detach.

This is about the twentieth time I've read this magazine.

I'd like to see a new movie. How about breathing fresh air?

Six months at the bottom of the ocean is more than I bargained for.

Peace is our profession. Exactly.

There she blows. Transponder contact, 550 metres.

Reduce speed. DSRV-2 to Seatrak, come in.

- This is Seatrak. Go, Richardson. We're on the turnpike.

About time, the shift change was 20 minutes ago.

Good morning to you, too, Snyder. Put a candle in the window for us.

Work lights on, homing beacon activated.

Collar in place, umbilicals locked. Pressure steady. Airlock purge.

Hodges! Come on.

Time to make the world a better place.

See you later. Bet on it.

Welcome aboard. Always a pleasure.

Johnny, my man. What it be like? Another day in paradise.

I left something in your video. Are we talking Miss September?

Is it hot? Is it wet? Is it smooth?

Good morning. I see you've been very busy.

Snyder and I have drifted the missile sled over the site last night.

We just stabilized the platform. And I calculated the new trajectory.

Good. When you finish, have Collins and her men anchor the platform.

We have to do the sounding first. That's not necessary.

This area is stable.

But even the smallest geological defect can cause instability...

I don't want to see a stray missile hitting some nice house.

Very well, take some soundings. I'll get Collins to start excavating.

Wait till I get the soundings. I don't have time to wait.

You have your orders.

All set to go, Doc? Any time you're ready.

Snyder, secure that hatch. Securing the hatch.

DSRV-2 to Seatrak. We are secure for departure.

Morning, campers. Morning, Captain.

Snyder, would you slow down? You worried about my health?

You're making me sick. Weren't we out of oatmeal?

That's eggs. Not eating, Scarpelli?

No, I've got some work to finish.

I want you to take the day off. That's an order.

Great, after breakfast I could help you with a few sets.

No, you fix the leak in the docking bay.

And after that, you fix the starter in DRSV-1.

But after that... You report to me.

I said it was Scarpelli's day off, not yours.

That sound always gives me the creeps.

It's just adjusting to the pressure.

Snyder, call Collins for me. Can I finish eating first?

You just talked to her... Damn it, Snyder!

A guy can't even finish breakfast around here. Let's go.

Now he needs a day off. More like a month.

Bullpen, this is Deepstar. Please, acknowledge.

Go ahead. How's it going?

Switch to video, please.

She's all yours. I want a progress report.

Nothing to report. I've ordered Hodges and Osborne to stop digging.

Burciaga noticed some unusual soundings.

We think there's a cavern under the site.

Better take a look at it. No, I'm not going to waste time.

It's too late to change sites. The Navy would shut us down.

They'll do that anyway. You can't place a missile sled over a cavern.

Collapse it with explosives, and put the sled on top.

According to the soundings, the cavern is pretty deep.

I don't care how deep it is! Blow it up if you have to.

I want that missile sled in place before the end of the week.

I think he likes you, Collins. Have a nice day.

What ajerk. Seatrak to Seacat, come in.

Prepare an explosives package right away.

My eggs are cold. Put it in the microwave.

That doesn't sound right. The rotor's jammed.

Borrow that pen for a second? Help yourself...

There we go, that's got it. Here.

What was wrong with your pen? Nothing.

I don't stick it in garbage disposals.

Fuel report you requested. Thanks, Mac.

You have the duty roster, Snyder? It's on your desk, Captain.

Did you get your work assignments? Yeah, I'm on top of it.

What did Collins say? They found a cave under the site.

Did she give you any details? What was the depth?

She said it was big, Scarpelli, I don't know.

Snyder said you found a cavern. Yes, under the excavation site.

I'd like to take a look. I ordered them to collapse it.

This is my only chance to study it. Seen one cavern, seen 'em all.

In 1848, the English ship The Valiant reported that these waters contain...

...a mysterious creature almost ten metres in length.

That report is pure speculation.

In 1983, a sonarman aboard a US warship - reported sonar contacts moving with incredible speed.

Operation Deepwell tried to penetrate the Earth's crust right here in 1963.

They lost drill bits in the cavern, sent in four divers, no one returned.

We have no idea what type of marine life we're dealing with!

I'm too far behind schedule. My work is important, too.

Miss Scarpelli, you're young, you've worked very hard to come here.

Sometimes, in order to get what we want, we have to make sacrifices.

Once we can prove that a permanent colony can exist at this depth, - we will conduct research into all areas of marine biology.

Please, you'll have to excuse me.

You'll have to keep it dry. Are you kidding?

I'm in a leaky can at the bottom of the ocean.

I wouldn't have this shit if we went topside when we were supposed to.

I know it's a stretch. We'll go up as soon as the missile site's in place.

When is that? He's had six months.

Why do the Navy trust this guy to put up a base? He's not in the Navy.

He's under a lot of pressure. So am I. "Snyder fix this..."

What would you do without me? Probably drown. Get dressed.

I could stay for six months more, but when you sign on for four, - it ought to be four.

Give it a rest. You could do something.

Norris, get me topside. Please.

I'll try.

It's open.

Captain? I'll be right with you. Have a seat.

Your son? Yeah, that's my little Mikey.

The artist. I told him it was beautiful here. Flowers, trees...

Must be nice having a family. It's what keeps me going.

You anxious to get home? Yes, I am.

Now tell me why you came in here.

Could you talk to Van Gelder about letting me travel to the missile site?

Collins has discovered these unusual caverns.

But Van Gelder is blowing them up in order to place the missiles.

If Van Gelder doesn't get the platform in place this week, - the Navy's gonna close the book on Deepstar.

I've studied these waters for six months.

We must proceed with caution. Those caverns need to be checked.

Otherwise, we don't know what we're getting into.

To be honest with you, I don't care if they took a shovel to this place.

I have to make sure Van Gelder gets the site operational before we return.

I'm sorry. I still think it's a big mistake.

Come on!

Water rationing can be a bitch. Very funny.

You'll have to wait 24 hours to finish showering, - unless you persuade someone to let you use their card.

It's getting cold.

Let her down. Easy. I got it.

Easy. Easy...

You asshole.

Seacat to Seatrak. Last package in place.

Okay, give me some distance.

That's far enough.

Let her rip. Ready? Fire in the hole.

The sea floor is giving way. Back it up!

You guys all right?

Yeah, we're okay. When I scrape out my drawers.

Prep a remote. I want to see what you're sitting on.

Are they serious? You heard her. Prep a remote.

Remote batteries up to full. Motors up, guidance system engaged.

Camera's on. Launch remote.

Signal coming through. Seatrak? Stand by to receive remote signal.

It's like another world.

Under every deep, a lower deep opens.

What's that? Emerson.

Shit, we should be recording this! Seacat, I want to run a tape.

She'll want some stills next. Hodges, some stills too.

Start the VCR. Set the stills for five second intervals.

VCR rolling and recording. Port and starboard still cameras on.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

We lost the signal. See if you can fix it.

- We're not getting any signal. We're working on it.

Goddamn piece ofjunk! Better bring it up.

We lost the remote. Not again.

Van Gelder's gonna shit kittens when he finds out.

"You know how expensive remotes are?"

You wanna go after it? You mean, just go?

Standing by. Prepare to detach.

Detach. We're away.

Can't wait to show this to Scarpelli. She's gonna wet her panties.

Underwater volcanoes have been active here for a long time.

The cavern was probably formed by a lava bubble.

Could sea creatures have survived? It's possible.

So they could be thousands of years old?

Let's see what the guys have picked up on the remote.

They've detached. What are you doing?

We have trouble with the remote. Did you lose it again?

We're rectifying the situation. - If you lost it you're in trouble.

What? We're having trouble with the transmission...

If we get away with this, it'll be a miracle.

There it is. The remote.

Let's bring it aboard and get out of here.

You scared of a few ugly fish? This place gives me the creeps.

I just don't like caves.

Sonar contact, bearing 237. Sonar contact? Here?

Contact closer. 300 metres. 250... 150.

I don't see anything.

Holy shit, I don't believe it! Mayday!

Look at the size of that thing! Get us out of here!

What's wrong, Seacat?

Seacat, come in. Do you read? They're in trouble.

See if you can get a fix on them.

No contact. That's impossible.

Are you telling me they've disappeared?

No contact. You're sure?

Okay, I'm calling Laidlaw. Deepstar 6, this is Seatrak.

Deepstar 6, this is Seatrak, come in.


I got contact.

I don't think it's Seacat. It's moving too fast.

What is it, Collins? We've lost contact with Seacat.

- Get me the Captain. He's busy.

Get Laidlaw now, Snyder! - Yes, ma'am.


What the hell was that? Check the stabilizers. Mayday!

Deepstar, mayday! This is Seatrak!

Stabilizers are out!

Something is pushing us over!

Let me try the switch.

Here's the Captain, Collins. Put her over the speaker.

Say again, Seatrak. This is Deepstar, please acknowledge.

Shit! I lost her. Trouble?

She called and said she'd lost contact with Seacat, and now I've lost her.

The transmitter screwed up again. When is the shift change?

Fourteen hours. I'd better check it out.

All right, Sport, let's hit it. She's ready to roll, Dad.

Close us up.

Deepstar 6, how do you read? Loud and clear.

Pressure? 3.6 and holding.

- Oxygen? Oxygen is 4.0.

Fuel? 412 pounds. Pressure steady.

Locking collar? Umbilicals?

Check. Henway?

Henway ready. What's a henway?

About three to four pounds.

Very funny, assholes. DSRV-2, you are clear for departure.

Have a nice day, Snyder. I got your nice day right here.

My heart is still beating? I thought it stopped.

Let me get some of this off you. What is it?

My legs. I can't move them.

Bad, huh? I've seen worse.

I don't think so. Did you see what hit us?

No. I have no idea. I'll see if I can move this.

God, it's too heavy.

You've got to stay awake until help comes.

Someone's gonna come for us soon. You think I'll make it?

Yeah, hang on. Just keep talking.

At least one good thing will come out of it. We'll be going home soon.

Seatrak, DSRV-2 here. Do you read? DSRV-2 to Seatrak.

Come in, Seatrak. They've had hours to fix the radio.

They couldn't fix a toaster. Yeah. I think she's in trouble.

Collins can take care of herself. Are you ever going to marry her?

Me, marry Collins? Get outta town! She's a great lady.

Tell me something I don't know. First woman to graduate SEALS.

She's one of the Navy's finest. She don't need a submarine pilot - who's never had more than a week's pay in his pocket.

Apply to OCS. I've got some pull. You can make it.

Come on! Can you see me in an officer's uniform?

No way. I'll just moonlight till the oil business picks up.

This is for the birds. Fish.

Sonar contact. Bearing, 175. 600 metres, steady.

What kind of contact? I'm not sure.

What the hell's that, a whale? A sub?

I don't think... Wait a second, it's changing course.

New bearing, 135. 500 metres, still closing.

It's heading straight for us. What's our speed?

12 knots. Reduce speed to one-third.

300 metres and still closing. Christ, look at it move.

All stop. 100 metres.

What the hell is that? I think we're in big trouble, boss.

Blow ballast. 100 metres. Forward tanks, blow.

Kill the light.

Positive 80. 90... 100 metres.

It's gone. Oh, man!

I wonder what it was. Who knows.

We're on the turnpike. Bullpen at 500 metres and closing.

Seatrak, this is DSRV-2. Do you read?

Jesus, what a mess. Seatrak, acknowledge.

What do you think? I don't know.

Can we dock? The angle's wrong.

One bump and she's gone. Well, don't bump her, then.

Come on, baby.

Collar's in place. Umbilicals.

CO2 is way up. Electrical fire. She's leaking. Doesn't look good.

Have we still got a clean dock? Clean and tight. Pressure's holding.

My father told me, "Stay at home, help with the farm, son." Not me.

I had to join the Navy and see the fucking world. Ready?

Did you hear that? There it was again.

They're coming. I told you they'd rescue us.

Oh, God, thank you.

The hatch is jammed. I'm not getting a green light.

Looks like the motor shorted out. Wanna crank it?

I'll see if I can rewire it. We need power for the lights and instruments.

Should you be doing that? Do I tell you how to drive subs?

As a matter of fact, you do.

Maybe we should use the crank instead.

Thank God. Burciaga's legs are crushed.

He can't move. I'll get the rope.

Rope, rope, rope! Throw it down here.

Come on...

Ready, Mac? Easy now.

Come on, let's get out of here. Come on, buddy.

He's gone.

Move it! She won't hold forever!

You gotta leave him.

Come on! Give me your hand now.

Come on, Mac.

I'm getting the box! Forget it. My back is broken.

It's stripped. Get out, save yourselves.

The circuit's fried. Get out of here! Save yourselves!

That's an order!

No way, man.



You cold?

Here, put this on.

Put this on your legs.

It's good to see you guys.

Let's get her warm. Put this around her. How are you?

A little damp. Get some dry clothes.

Let's get you checked out. There's nothing wrong with me.

Will you be all right? Yeah.

I guess it was a stupid question. No, thanks for asking.

I know you and the Captain were a lot closer than everybody else...

I liked him a lot. I guess I just came here to say that.

I'm going to miss him. I know.

Hey, I thought you may want to have this.

I found that in some of his stuff.


I'll see you up top.

Hodges and Osborne lost the remote in the cave and went in to get it.

That's when they saw something. The remote, and something else.

Something that scared them. Then they screamed, then they were gone.

Did you see it? No, but the sonar picked it up.

Something very big and very fast.

Were there lights on the remote? Were the Seatrak's work lights on?

Yeah, why? Stay put.

Ever heard of photomigration?

It's a theory of aggressive animal behaviour associated with light.

Topside approved your request for extraction.

Get Snyder to secure the station and prep the DSRV for departure.

We're going home. Amen.

What was that?

That was our baby's heartbeat.

Well... I'm gonna go check on Snyder and Richardson.

Why didn't you tell me? I thought it was only my concern.

I didn't want it to be a problem. I can't believe you didn't tell me.

You always say you're a drifter, and you don't want to settle down.

What do you say if it's a boy we name it after the Captain?

Philip Laidlaw McBride.

I like that.

Well... Sorry to piss on your picnic, but Norris wants you on deck.


DSRV-2 is prepped and ready to go.

Pack your gear and tell the others to stand by for decompression.

What about the missile sled? I don't plan to do anything.

I just got the retraction order, the Navy can send a recovery team.

All I'm asking you is to secure the missile sled.

What's the procedure, Snyder? Only the Captain can order it.

I thought we were beginning decompression.

That's postponed until we secure the missiles.

It's not like people can steal them. Snyder, please. Just do it.

Fine. Do you want me to assist you?

I think I can handle it.



This thing that attacked you, was it a natural force, or aggression?

- I don't know what you mean. The computer wants to know.

It was aggressive action by a force unknown.

- Just get on with it. I'm just checking, okay?

Pardon my ass all the way to hell.

Okay, aggression.

EMERGENCY DETONATION What will you do topside? I'm heading right for Big Lew's.

Big Lew's Burger Barn. The greasiest hamburgerjoint in the universe.

I walk right in and order a double fistful of meat.

With cheese. Bucket of fries, and a very large chocolate shake.

I spent six months trying to keep you on a healthy diet.

You hear my arteries hardening?

Where's Van Gelder? Up gathering his homework.

Search release. Damn command directive...

It's not gonna be my ass, I tell you.

Seven, eight...

Okay, boys and girls, don't try this at home.

What the hell's that? What the fuck?

Oh, my God. Come on.

You idiot! What have you done? You detonated the missile sled!

I secured the missile sled! You signed our death warrants.

You know how much water detonating a 20 megaton warhead displaces?

What are those? Concussion waves. Jesus.

They're registering force 20. Here it comes.

Snyder, damage control! Get me the diagnostic.

Stand by! Switch to VSL overlap.

Binary status. Overlap.

FLP fraction.

Revert to load unit. System C!

I'm on stand-by power, good for two minutes only.

I'm losing the sensors. Try patching a bypass.

I got a fire over here. There's four warning lights.

Structural deficiency. Docking bay, aft.

I'm on it.

McBride, let's go! We got a leak. The main strut may go.

Bring it up! That's good.

Get the extender real quick.

Put it up there. Crank it up.

I'm switching on auxiliary. I'm on count.

Crank it up!

Pull it!

You've got to weld this to the base plate!

I got the flap!

Slow down. We're getting close.

Norris! Shut down the water main!

One more! About two inches.

That's good.

All right, it's done.

Run a diagnostic.

Crew's quarters are flooded, power shortage in section...

Hold it. The oxygen filtration system's wrecked.

So the air supply is gone?

The main lines to the decompression bay are ruptured.

So we're not going anywhere. How much air do we have?

Seven, eight hours maybe. Air is not the main problem.

The cooling primary to the reactor was destroyed.

It'll go supercritical soon. What happens when it does?

It'll explode. Welcome to ground zero.

Snyder? Can you fix the radio?

Sure, if I had the right parts, and a week to do it.

Why don't we use the escape pod? Because we can't decompress.

We can't leave the station.

Snyder will get in the Guinness Book of Records.

Causing two nuclear explosions in one afternoon has to be a record!

I followed procedure! You fucked up!

Look at this. Can't we repair the lines to the decompression bay?

They are too badly damaged. We might be able to run a bypass.

You mean seal the rupture here? Run a line from the medical lab, - patch it into the airlock pressure system... Bring up the blueprints.

BZN 17 through RTX 56. Yes. It might work.

We've patched that in from JVB-124, right?

It connects the decompression chamber to the lab.

Did you fit the converter coupler? No, I reversed the old coupler.

Clever, Snyder. When you've got it connected, give us a hand downstairs.

That ought to do it.

Be careful. It's a walk in the park.

McBride! Have you got the fitting in?

Leave it off until Richardson repairs the outside line.

Ready for a video check. Let's check the video.

Video checks out.

I need a hard copy of LH 34. Coming up.

Right, kids, let's make it happen.

Clear. Let's try it.

Richardson has to seal the leak here.

Then you patch in the bypass to the decompression chamber.

All set to get wet.

- I'm ready, let her rip. She's ripping.

I'm clear of the airlock.

I see the rupture. Where do I patch in?

Find ENZ 6538. Hook up at ENZ 6538.

I got it.

Is he patched in yet? Richardson, are you patched in?

Almost there. I think that's got it.

Hold it.

What's the problem, Richardson? I saw something.

Say again, please. What is this?

His transmission's broke up. Stand by.

Tell him to get back to the airlock right away.

Do you copy? Shut off the outside lights.

What about the lights on the suit? Not from up here.

Okay, up!

Relax, pal, we'll have you up in two seconds.

He's down here, pull me out!

There's something in the airlock. God damn it!


Close the inside hatch!

Snyder, the inside hatch! I got it.

It's blown! Scarpelli! Hit the override.

I got the plug in.

McBride, come on!

Jesus. Oh, God!

Stop, McBride!

Go! Come on, move!

Let us in!

What the hell are you doing?

It got Scarpelli. Oh, my God.

You son of a bitch! We ought feed you to that thing!

It's coming up!

You think the hatch will hold? Snyder, reactor status.

In four hours, eleven minutes and 45 seconds the place will blow up.

The escape pod is our only chance. Don't be an idiot. We'll burst.

Don't you call me an idiot! If not for you, we'd be decompressing now!

Knock it off! Listen...

It stopped.

We're gonna have to go back down there.

With that thing down there, we won't get anywhere near the bypass.

See what weapons you can find. I'll see to Van Gelder.

Let's go, Snyder.

There's a couple of M12's here. M12's ain't gonna kill it.

That thing was fucking big. We're just trying to hold it back.

That thing killed half our crew, I want it dead.

Fucking A nothing! You ran like a rabbit when it went for Richardson.

You saw that thing! What was I supposed to do?

We needed your help.

Look, I was scared shitless, okay? I wasn't thinking.

We're all scared.

Come on.

Here, hold this.

John, I've got to get those people out of here. I can't do it alone.

What can I do? Can you tell me what that thing is?

Some form of arthropod. But very big. I've never seen anything like it.

It might be one of Scarpelli's cave dwellers.

Can we kill it? I don't know.

You know how to handle those? Of course I do.

How you feeling? Fine. Thanks for asking.

You got the guns. Good. And the shark darts.

It's loaded with a CO2 cartridge. You stick the point in, - the thing blows up like a balloon.

Hold it. These cartridges expired six months ago.

The fucking thing's out of date. Snyder, it works.

I'm not going down with that defective piece of shit!

Okay, it works.

The whole place is filled. That thing could be anywhere.

The Navy. It's notjust ajob, it's an adventure.

What are you doing, McBride? Strobes.

Scarpelli said something about light. Photo something...

Photomigration. Marine animals are attracted to light as a food source.

It has a hard-on for light. So what? Don't you get it?

"Light means lunch".

He's left. Are you sure?

Yeah. I'll go patch in the bypass.

Almost got it.

I got it patched in. Let's get the hell out of here.

Close the door!

Did you see what happened to Van Gelder?

What the fuck are you looking at?

Are you all right? No, I'm not all right.

What happened to Van Gelder was not my fault.

You stay the fuck away from me! All right.

I did everything by the book! Get my kit.

We don't have time for this.

I didn't kill Van Gelder.

No one's blaming you. Yes, you are! For the missiles.

You blame me for killing Richardson, killing Scarpelli. Now Van Gelder...

What are you doing?

It's just to calm you down. No shots! No fucking way!

We have to calm you down.

No! Take it easy, I'll let you go.

I didn't kill him. I know.

It's gonna be all right. Come on. He's really lost it.

I'm not surprised. Is he going to be all right?

I hope so. I really do.

We gotta get going. I know.

We'll patch the escape pod and the decompression chamber.

You got some supplies? Yeah. Go on.

We'll meet you in the escape pod.

I have to pack some food. You sit right here.

Snyder. Snyder!

You bastard! You wouldn't even die!

Snyder, what are you doing? Stop it!

You have to decompress first!

Don't be a fool! You'll kill us all!

Look out!

Fuck it.

Come on!

The other way.

I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch. He's already dead.

The Command Center is completely flooded.

Shit, the system's shorting out. Can you pull up the reactor status?

In a minute.

Three hours and 43 minutes. Barely enough to decompress.

I can't catch my breath. The air's almost gone.

Will you marry me?

I'd marry anyone who'd get me out of this mess.


The decompression chamber works.

But without the mini-sub, we're trapped.

I'll swim across and bring the DSRV-1 to the decompression chamber.

There must be another way. That thing is still out there.

I've always asked for the strength to do your will, God.

And I need your help now.

I don't understand. I'm so scared.

Please let McBride make it.

Please let my baby live.

Damn it, McBride, hurry up.

He'll get the sub, I know he will. And we're going to get topside.


Will you visit me on my farm in New Hampshire? Sit on the porch, - listen to the trees.

Smell the mountain air.

Oh God, it's McBride. Maybe he's stuck.

Collins! Get in the decompression chamber!

It won't open. It takes 30 seconds to pressurize.


It's in here, I know it is.

We've got to help her! Take this, you sack of fish shit!


There's nothing we could have done.


McBride, wake up. It's time.

Hatch secured.

Ready to detach.

We better hurry.

Hold on. Shock waves. Impact in three, two, one...

Set stabilizers on full. Hard climb.

We're losing starboard drive. She's not holding.

We're taking on too much water. I'll see what I can do.

The ballast control circuit's dead.

All right, I'm gonna drop both tanks.

We won't be able to stay afloat. It won't matter if we don't make it.

It's working. We're rising. It's okay.

I think we're going to make it. I know we will.

We're here.

Abandon ship. My pleasure.

No! Don't do it!



Thank you.