Deepwater Horizon (2016) Script

Can I get everyone's attention?

Mr. Williams please rise.

Please raise your right hand, sir.

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Please, be seated.

Mr. Williams, can you please give us your best recollection of the event on the Deepwater Horizon?

I was on the phone around 9:30 with my wife.

That's when I heard the hissing noise.

I hear the engines start to rev.

The hissing turned into a full-blown roar.

Higher than I can even describe it.

And within seconds, there was a huge explosion.

Projectiles comin ' from everywhere. The heat was overwhelming.

Can you please explain to me how the Deepwater Horizon's alarm system is set up?

The general alarm is set up to inform the entire rig of, number one, fire, number two, combustible gas, number three, toxic gas.

Each condition has a distinct tone and a distinct visual light.

On the evening of April 20th did you hear any one of those alarms on the Deepwater Horizon?

No, sir.

Do you know why you never heard that alarm, sir?

Mr. Williams?

Mr. Williams!

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Passing through 3,000 feet.

Continuing down.

Gonna stick to the north side of this so far.

Scan on it.

'Bout 500 foot of riser left.

BOP's in view.

How's that wellhead surface looking?

Minor corrosion.

Not much more than I'd expect on wellhead of this age.

All right, mark it. Bring her up.

I just had the craziest dream.


Wow? Was I in it?

I was... No.

I was at a concert and then on the side of the stage there was this...

It was like a two-legged rabbit and...

I don't know what part of that is more terrifying.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

I would move...

And then it would mimic everything I was doing.

Oh, don't tell me anymore, because I know where this is going.

I think the rabbit was my... mother. Mother. Yes. I know.

Thank you. Now it's my nightmare.

Thank you.

It was hostile. Okay.

It was a hostile rabbit. Okay.

I got it.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

That's it?

That's how you're gonna leave me for 21 days and nights?

I'm lettin' you get your sleep.

Well, I need many other things than sleep.

You have to promise not to bring up your mother, though.

All right?

So you want the 30, the 60, or the 90-second love package?

Honey, I'm gonna take the whole 90.

Oh, the pressure!

The pressure, the pressure, the pressure!

Gonna miss that laugh.

Gonna miss that mouth. Aw.


Give me those eyes.

Love you!

This is not our deal, dude.

All right. All right.

You consistently overestimate your skills as a mechanic.

What was that?

Let's go, baby.

Let me drive. Mmm-mmm.

Let me drive! Nope.

Let me drive. Nope.

Pretty please?

Really wanna drive? Yeah.

Then sell that piece of shit and get a Ducati.

Loud. Bull in a china shop.


I only did not knock because I want a brother.

Okay. Well, that's disturbing.

'Cause you're not supposed to know anything about that.

You're supposed to just think babies are cute.

Loud. Will you sit down, please?

I really want a brother.

How's it goin'? Fine.

Honey, show Daddy.

I'm not done. You did such a good job.

It's showtime.

It's really great.

You can't look at me. Why?

Because it makes me uncomfortable.

My looking at you makes you uncomfortable?

Stop! All right.

My dad is Mike.

He works on a drilling rig that pumps oil out from underneath the ocean.

No, no, the Deepwater doesn't pump a drop of oil, okay, baby?

We're the explorers.

So my dad and his friends find the oil.

And then put in all the plumbing so other lamer crews can come in...

Don't say "lamer." They are lamer.

Okay, but listen, even those lamer dudes, they don't have to pump anything, remember?

Because that oil wants to come rushing up naturally...

No, no, no, shh! All right, all right.

Because that oil is a monster.

Like the mean old dinosaurs all that oil used to be.

So for 300 million years, these old dinosaurs have been getting squeezed tighter and tighter...

We get it. We get it. Just use two "tighters."

'Cause they got miles of earth and ocean pressing down on them.

They're trapped. Ornery.

Then Dad and his friends make a hole in their roof.


And these mean old dinosaurs can't believe it.

So they rush to the new hole. Then, smack!

They run into a big machine that he and his friends have down on the ocean floor called a Big Guy Preventer?

Blowout Preventer.

They run into this stuff called mud...

All right, get it in there. That they cram down the straw.

The mud's so thick and heavy it blocks the monsters from coming up.

And then they sail away to the next.

That's when all the lame-os show up all happy like they did something.

Don't say "lame-o."

But it was my daddy who tamed the dinosaurs.

Yeah! Yeah.

That was amazing. Stay ten forever, please.

Daddy, you need to get me a fossil.

Oh, yes. I will.

I wanna be able to hold it up and say, "My daddy tames the dinosaurs."

Tell Daddy what Maggie's dad did.

Her dad works at the zoo. And he brought a real penguin.

You can't do that! Brought in a penguin.

How do you compete with a penguin?

You get a fossil. There should be rules.

Oh, my God.

Honey! What?

There's only so much stuff in the can! Well, stop it! Stop it.

Buy gas to go to work to buy gas to go back to work.

To buy more gas to get to work.

Hey, you know the passwords, right?

Where the insurance stuff is. You know, call Schuman first.

What are you talking about? I just...

What are you on about? I just...

I just got a little spooked on the go-home chopper last hitch. It's not...

Gimme some of that.

Babe, the only time you start worrying about a Marine is when he stops bitching.

Don't use my lines against me. I'm using your line against you.

Don't use my lines. I just did.

All right, babe. All right, Fish.

I love you. I love you.

See ya in three weeks. Okay. In three weeks.



Good morning, Mr. Jimmy.

How we doin', Sarah? Good. How are you?

I'm good. You can place your bags on the baggage scale and step on the feet.

Where you headed today? Same place. Deepwater Horizon.

Where you flying out to? Deepwater Horizon.

And who you work for? Transocean.

Wanna know how much you weigh?

You know I do. 181.

What'd I tell ya? Yeah, you did good.

Keep it that way. All right.

Alrighty. Have a seat in the lobby and we'll call you when your flight's ready. Thank you.

Mr. Sims?

Mr. O'Bryan? David Sims.

My name's Jimmy Harrell. Offshore lnstallation Manager on Deepwater.

Buddy, thank you very much for taking us out today.

I know you guys are swamped and you didn't have to.

No, I had to. Listen, you mind losing that tie?

I would.

It's not the tie. It's... It's the color.

Purple? Uh... More magenta.


Well, magenta alarm on an oil rig is as bad as it gets.

That's worthy of superstition.

Good morning. Mike Williams.

Where you headed today? Deepwater Horizon.

All right.

What'd ya do on your downtime?

I started workin' on that airboat again.


I'm upping it from 600 horsepower to 1,200 horsepower.

And I got me a little, uh, Sensenich prop off that Super Cub.

Trying to make it fly? No, I just wanna make it go faster.

Loud and clear.

Roger. Got everyone.

Hey, Bosco, I got the Deepwater Horizon coordinates in the FMS.

492, your tail is clear.

Wind is calm. 2-1 is in use. Altimeter 2997.

Paris Control, this is Bristow 2 Bravo Gulf.

We 're headin ' out into open ocean. ETA 45 minutes to Deepwater Horizon.

Copy that, Bristow 2 Bravo Gulf.

What is it you do at BP, Mr. Sims?

Completions. Oh, shit, here we go, Jimmy.

Well, as you know, we... We a little behind.

Forty-three days. But who's countin', right?

What were you gonna do with your bonus, Mike?

Dig a pool. You? Fix my car.

You do know the first well collapsed on us?

Took us five days just to pull a million-dollar drill pipe out.

Whose fault was that?

What are you drivin' that needs that much work?

'69 Mustang. Fastback?

Vinyl top. What's up with it?

Today it was a rough idle.

Made the exhaust smell like gas right out of the pump.

You smell gas when it's not running? No. So it's not a leak in the tank.

Hey! Shit!

That was a bird strike, folks.

I ain't sayin' nothin'.

Deepwater Horizon is only a mile out.

We should be fine to land. We'll run a safety check there.

Well, anything that big oughta be made by God.

That's beautiful.

And you know it's not on stilts. It's not a jack-up.

Yeah, I do, and I still can't believe that thing's a boat.

Well, you can thank this very talented young lady right back here for that.

What the hell's the Bankston doin' here?

Who gave that order?

2 Bravo Gulf, permission to land, Deepwater Horizon.

Permission granted, 2 Bravo Gulf.

Beginning our descent. Roger that.

Welcome aboard!

You guys already done?

I don't know what to tell you, Mr. Jimmy.

Hey, you guys finished? I don't know what to tell you, Mike.

Somebody's gotta talk to Vidrine. What? Are you finished?

Hey, Skip. Yes, sir.

Logging team is leaving?

Yeah, Schlumberger's out. They're gone.

Briefing said they're supposed to be testing that cement down there.

Is it already finished? Mike, how you been?

Skip, are we done here? You gotta talk to Vidrine.


What'd he say? I can't hear him.

What did Mr. Skip say?

They were supposed to test to see whether the cement was holdin'.

I guess they left without doin' it.

What? Hold up, they didn't...

Those BP sons of bitches sent the Schlumberger guys home.

Seriously? Yep.

Kuchta, why is the Bankston here? Good morning to you, too.

What is the Bankston doin' here?

Morning, Pete.

Happy to see me?

I'm always happy to see you, Andrea.

Where's the pisser, Williams? Sign that says "toilet".

Skip say anything to you about runnin' a cement log?

He ain't call me. We win the war here and I'm just now findin' out about it?

'Cause I sure as hell don't know how they'd have the time to do the cement test, 'cause they're flyin' away.

Shit, Jimmy, I just drive the boat, man.

How'd the positive test go? Positive test went well.

We're in rig down mode. Rig down mode?

How we looking? Sitting at 166.

Winds are at 185 and around five knots. Seas are calm. That's good.

Holding great over our watch circle. Sitting right on top.

Are you still dating that itty bitty guy with the motorcycle?

Any issues with the thrusters?

Andrea? Yes, sir?

Get on the radio to Captain Landry on Bankston and see what he's doin' and why.

You got it, Mr. Jimmy.

Damon Bankston, this is Deepwater Horizon, over.

Deepwater Horizon, this is Damon Bankston. Go ahead.

The OIM wants to know what you're doin' here.

Well, I hear we gettin' off this beast and movin' on to the next.

You can call it a bitch.

When are we supposed to be leaving?

Well, I'm told to be ready to start taking on drilling mud about 1800.


I heard you had a positive pressure test this morning.

I guess they assume the negative test is gonna run just as smooth.

They told me to get ready to start moving on.

Who's "they"? BP company men.

Vidrine, Kaluza.

I don't know. I wait for the order and come pick up your mud.

Any other questions?

Nope. That's it.

So BP company men Vidrine and/or Kaluza are hoping that we have tamed this bitch and are ready to displace drilling mud 1800 hours.

Is that correct, Captain?

That is correct. Mornin', Mr. Jimmy.

All of a sudden.

Just like that.

Thank you, Captain.

And the goddamn phones still don't work, Mike.

Hey, I flew in with you, Mr. Jimmy. Would you do me a favor?

Run down to the drill shack.

Ask Jason if those Schlumberger guys did their job.

Did they run the cement log?

Roger that.

Thank you. Gentlemen, you couldn't perhaps enlighten me on this cement log situation, could ya?

Cement log? Mmm-hmm.

Do you know if they're planning it? Running it? Did it?

Mmm. Yeah?

Not really. Hey, Ronnie.

Might be an ignition problem with your Mustang.

I was thinking it was maybe fouled plugs.

Well, it could be a wire. Could be distributor.

Does it sound like it's skipping? Nope.

You know what I'm gonna do for you, young lady?

Keep thinking about all the expensive things could be wrong with your ride.

Gee, thanks. Hey, stick shift or automatic?

Do you know me?

Oh, you gotta stop grindin' shit out of that clutch.

I know that.

Oh, yeah. Says Mr. Toyota. Yeah. Uh-huh.

Attention on the rig.

Rig safety announcement...

Roughneck movin'.

Come to me, baby. Come to me, baby. Come on.

Bleed 400 barrels of mud.

Roger that. Beginning actuation.

Can I say...

♪ Trippin' pipe is lots of fun lots of fun, lots of fun"

Shut up.

Hey. Duck!

What up, Mike?

How you doin', Caleb? Hey, Mike, how you doin', man?

I was a lot better couple hours ago.

Why's that? I was asleep.

Yeah? Yeah.

We all got woken up and got us working over.

We got a lotta pipe to pull if we're gonna get out of here tonight.

What's up with street clothes? You look pretty.

Aw, man, Mr. Jimmy's pissed and wants to know if we got a cement bond log test.

I'm not sure. I don't think so.

No? Hey, Shane! Yeah?

Come here, boy.

Schlumberger run a cement bond log test?

I don't know. I don't think they did it.

I just woke up, so... Is that stupid?

I don't know if it's stupid, but...

It ain't smart. It ain't smart.

Look at you guys. Like synchronized swimmers.

I think you think too much, you gonna give him a headache.

All right, get the hell out of here.

All right, yeah. Up, up, up.

Okay, I'm watchin' our roughnecks.

Fellas. What the hell are you wearing?

Mr. Jimmy wants to know if the team from Schlumberger ran a cement bond log test.

A what? Cement job.

Test the cement job. Come on, man, work with me.

Who's that again? Oh, cut the shit, man.

Come on, Jimmy's pissed, man. Schlum-burger, you democrat.

Well, did we run the test?

No, Vidrine, Kaluza sent 'em home without testin' anything.

Why in the hell would they do that?

They never feel the urge to take me through their thinkin', Mike.

But I assume it's got somethin' to do with...

♪ Money, money, money, money

♪ Money!

Your phones are broken.


Hey, Mr. Jimmy.

Go ahead.

BP sent Schlumberger team home without running any test.

There was no cement bond log.

Thank you, Mike.

Mike, "A" chair just crashed.

Goddamn it. Blue screen o' death again.

Hey, Duck, is your chair still up?

My computer screen is shaky.

And my smoke detector's out.

How you doin', Mike? Shit.

I'm gonna dump my bags and grab my tools and I'll be back to fix it.

Doin' it all with Band-Aids and bubble gum, my man.

Every time I peel off a Band-Aid on this rig, I find three or four more.

Spit and glue ain't gettin' it done. One more time with the "money". Come on.

Come on, you been rehearsin' for weeks.

♪ Money, money, money...

No, no, the good part, man.

That is the good part! ? Money!

♪ I'd kill for that money

♪ Almighty dollar Hi, Hollywood.

Hey, Mike! What's the word, Dale?

What do you know? We done?

Not much. Could be.

Yeah, I'm going fishing tonight. Undercover.

I got a feelin' we're getting off this well tonight.

I don't think nobody's gonna be doin' no fishin'.

You gonna use your crane, man? Maybe catch a beluga or Shamu?

Good idea. Shit.

Wanna make a bet we're at the same spot next hitch?

Yeah, give me odds. 50-to-1.

Ah, shit. I ain't touchin' that.

30-to-1. Same spot. No way.

Mike Williams, you cheap bastard!

Patrick. What's goin' on, Mike?

What's the word? I heard we done.

You heard we're done? Yeah, I heard we're done.

Who'd you hear that from? I can't tell y'all that, Mike.

What do you mean, you can't tell me that?

I just can't tell y'all that, Mike.

Why can't you tell me that? I just can't tell ya.

But I can tell ya that Gordon's lookin' for ya.

Did Gordon tell you we were done?

No. What does Gordon want?

I don't know. He got somethin' to show you.

What do you know? I know we're done.

Were you in my shop?

No. Don't touch my shit.

I wasn't touchin' your shit.

All right, go fix something.

All right have a wonderful day, Mike.

Yeah, you too. Shit.

Hold on, baby, hold on.

Shh. What were you sayin'?

Great news. Chopper didn't crash.

Shit, I assumed and then I remarried.

Oh, yeah? He rich?

Remember what your mama always said, "Just as easy to marry a rich man, Felicia, honey."

Baby, if I had a nickel for all the dumb shit my mom said, I wouldn't need a rich man.

You gotta fix this by the way. You have got to fix this stove.

I'm gonna fix it as soon as I get home, don't worry.

Hey, come close to the computer.

Huh? Come over to the computer.

Give me those eyes.

How is it out there?

Same shit. Well from Hell.

You ready? Ready?

Three... One... Two... Go!

That face.


Oh, that's... That is focus.

That is determination. That is intensity. Drive!

Ah! I got you.

I hate losing to you. I hate it.

I'll see you soon, okay?

All right. See ya.

Why they touchin' my shit? T ouchin' my shit.

Touchin' my shit.

I can tell ya they want us to head to our next location.


Was this run by anybody at BP? Kaluza, Vidrine, anybody?

Vidrine ran it by me. This... This comes from Vidrine.

Bob, let me impose upon you what I think is most important here.

We need to go from Macondo to Kaskida by May 16th.

Kaskida is an uncommon prospect. Three to four billion barrels?

That's worth more than BP itself.

Do I look like fuckin' Santa Claus.

You do look a little like Santa Claus.

Coach Miles may have played in Michigan but that boy got Louisiana soul.

Versus Saban? Hey, just 'cause we win...

Roy! Sayin' "we" like you went to Bama?

Did you go to LSU?

When I was potty trained, I was taught to flush, wave and say, "See you at Tuscaloosa."

Hey, you boys working for the government?

Cleaning a clean room?

We're still finding mud from the last kick. Over 5,000 PSI.

Grab a mop! Whoo! That's just crazy.

Look what the pressure did to this drill string during the kick.

That's one for the trophy case. True dat.

Hey, Patrick said you got somethin' for me.

Yes, sir.

Before y'all took off last time, shaker four goes down.

After some pokin' and proddin', I finally found the source of the problem.

Check this out.

I been hidin' this for you since your last hitch.

Is that a tooth?

Oh, buddy!

You just made a little girl's year. And her old man's. Thank you.

I owe you, man. Oh-oh!

All right, boys, let's rig up the kelly.

Hey, Gordon.

Hey, fellas, I'm tellin' ya, it's gonna be a full-on shit storm once Mr...

They sent them home. Yeah.

Walk with me, Mike. Where we headed?

To murder some BP company men.

Shit, I got hammer, screwdriver. Excellent.

Say, Mike, did you brush your teeth this morning?

Ah, yes, sir.

Boy, did you floss?

Uh, no. No, why?

Save ya a lotta pain and money in the long run, I'll tell ya.

Shit. Jimmy's...

Oh, he's about to go off on the BP guys.

They never ran that cement log. They didn't run nothin'.

They sent 'em home without doin' shit, now we goin' after BP.

Hey! What's the matter? What, ya owe 'em a lotta money?

Come on, Mike, stay on my hip.

Shit! Get 'em.

Yeah, baby.

Don, look at line 51. Your ceiling cost variances.

I'm not showing 51.

Well, if it isn't Don Vidrine and Bob Kaluza.

Welcome back, Mr. Jimmy. Oh, yeah.

So, we got all 500 feet of cement poured, huh?


That cement's the only thing between us and a blowout.

And it's cured? Yes.

Had enough time, huh?

Takes time to do it right.

I mean, if that cement job is compromised then everything above it is too.

Well, it's not compromised. Houston doesn't have a problem.

So I assume Schlumberger guys said the same?

Cement bond log they ran said the same, yeah?

We are confident in the integrity of our cement job, are we not?

Oh, we quite comfortable with the integrity of that cement, that for true.

You guys are just like my granddad.


Well, you see, my granddaddy, he, uh, he never even went to the dentist

'cause he didn't wanna know all what was wrong

'cause then he'd have to deal with it.

You don't wanna know if that cement job on this well is shit 'cause you're 43 days and $50 million over budget.

You really should include yourself in that, Mr. Jimmy.

BP picked this spot to drill, Bob. Consequences of that's on you guys.

'Course, I gotta try to deal with those consequences, so yeah, I'm included.

The point is, you sent the testing team home before they could do their job, maybe give y'all some news y'all didn't wanna hear.

What would it have cost you to run that test, huh? 125 grand?

You're a $180 billion company and you're cheap.

That's why we a $186 billion company.

We worry about those bills. I worry about my rig.

My crew lives on it. You just rent it.

Don, you and I both know we need some downtime for maintenance.

Mike, how many of our machines need repair?

Uh, 390, Mr. Jimmy. Three hundred and ninety?

Yes, sir. Almost ten percent of all the machinery aboard.

Name a few for me.

A few? Mmm.

I would love to hear exactly what piece of mission critical equipment are down.

Shit, where do I start?

"A" drilling chair. Process Station 18. BOP control pods. Telephone system.

Pipe-racking system. GPS antenna. Direct TV system. Wireless lnternet.

Iron roughneck. Top drive rack back system.

Auxiliary draw-works control. Salt water service pumps.

Smoke alarms in the galley.

And the reason why you're sweatin' so hard is 'cause the compressor for the AC on this deck are down, too.

Everything but the toilets, huh?

No, no, you got problems there, too, but I don't do shitters. That's Engineering.

Who are you?

Mike Williams, chief ET.

I'ma tell you like I told your executives on the chopper ride in.

And how 'bout the timing of that visit?

We gonna properly secure this well before a production platform come in right after us and starts pumpin' oil.

Unfortunately, to do it properly takes time.

43 days? 44 days?

Keep countin', Bob.

45 days? 46 days?

Have a cookie, Bob. Oh.

Can't run a cement log.

I'll tell you what we gonna do now.

We gonna run the negative pressure test, before we do anything else.

If you really think we need to.

I really think we need one, Bob, and so should you.

Especially since we got no idea whether this well is stable or not.

Hey! Dial tone! Day's lookin' up.

Mr. Anderson, it's Mr. Jimmy.

We gonna run a negative pressure test. Start trippin' out 3,000 feet of pipe.

Thank you.

Uh, young man, pardon me.

Can you tell me where I could find a Mr. Mike Williams?

Yes, sir. He's in the ET shop on the second deck by the coffee shop.

Thank you much. Have a wonderful day, sir.

And you, sir.

Mr. Williams?

Mr. Vidrine, are you lost?

Not at all.

Just was lookin' to come by and visit with ya for a minute.

Well, how can I help you?

Seems as though you had something more you wanted to say in there.

And I thought I'd give you the time to say it.

Okay, so... This rig is broke? I didn't say that.

Sounded like you did.

Is there a reason you're in my shop, Mr. Vidrine?

We a big company, Mike, BP.

A very big far-reaching, complex organization.

Lot of movin' parts. Millions of movin' parts.

Thousands upon thousands of people.

And we all work very hard to ensure that all those people and all those movin' parts are functionin' properly as a means to an end.

A very profitable end for all of us. So they the big picture.

They the little picture, like you and the malfunctionin' shitters.

But you see, in point of fact, they all kind of interconnected.

They a flow at work here, Mike.

So if you off, it's off. Then I'm off.

Then we off. Then the whole damn train is off.

You feel me, Mr. Williams? You on medication, Mr. Vidrine?

I am merely tryin' to assess just how close this train is huggin' the tracks.

Okay. I hear ya.

You want my take? I mean, you really want my take?

I do. Okay.

I think you all tryin' to run out of fuel as the wheels touch down.

Runnin' out of gasoline as the plane lands is not smart.

It's flawed thinking. It's hope as a tactic.

Duly noted. And much appreciated, sir.

Just the opinion of the little guy.

That a catfish?

Yep. 65 pounds.

What y'all call that? Nibblin'?

Noodlin'. We noodle for catfish.

And you know, it's funny, 'cause when we go noodlin', my best friend Peanut and I, we go down there with a fifth of Crown and a lake.

Walk down the boat ramp.

We look for the biggest, darkest, blackest hole we can stick our arm in.

And we hope one o' them big ass sons-o-bitches bites down on us as hard as he can so we can rip his ass out of that hole.

We wanna get bit.

That's the plan.

Difference is, we're ready for that bite.

We are ready.

We're wearin' shoes, hats, gloves, skullcaps, sunglasses, and we are ready.

I don't stick my hand in that hole with that monster and hope for the best.

Uh-uh. Hope ain't a tactic, Don.

I thank you for your time.

Have a wonderful day, sir.

And you.

Piece of shit.

Attention on the rig, negative pressure test is about to commence.

All non-essential personnel, please stay clear of the rig floor, mud pits...

Bring her into the current.

Come right ten degrees. Lock heading at 1-7-6.

Coming right ten degrees.

Turning to 176.


Damon B. Bankston...

What is that, your fifth cup?

I'm just saying.

You go ahead and make sure everybody's up and fed and ready to get after it.

This might be the final test. Roger that.

Another negative pressure test?

Another. Another negative pressure test.

Is there a problem? We got a bad well.

They're all bad wells. We're in a tough prospect.

Got that sledge, Hollywood?

All right, we're in.

On station. Locked.

Locked at 1-7-6, Captain.

We came right ten degrees.

We locked in. Y'all can run the negative test.


Go ahead, Jason. Copy that.

Closing the annular.

Initiating negative pressure test.

Initiating drill pipe pressure test.

You really think this is the last test?

Shit. I hope so, yes. This here's the Well from Hell, girl.

Yeah, well, that ain't gonna last long.

That's all you got?


A hundred pounds per square inch.

That's okay. She's pushing back on us a little.

Just trying to keep us honest.

Hey, Don.

Did you get that bottle of wine I sent ya 'bout a month ago?

I did indeed. Thank you very much. I not only got it, I drank it.

Pretty good, huh? Very nice, thank you.

That's Super Tuscan, yeah? Mmm-hmm.

"Gah-jah," yeah? I know you like that.



Gaja, it's called.


I think they're about halfway there.

How much coffee you drinking these days, Hank?

Well, Captain, I gave it up several months ago.

I drink nothing but green tea now.

Stopped taking the coffee. Doing the yoga every day.

Two weeks now.

450 PSI.

This don't look good to me.

Pressure warning.

Nine hundred.

What the hell? Shit.

Pressure alert.


Pressure alert. Pressure alert.

Pressure alert.

We're holding at 1395, Mr. Jimmy. That's a lot of pressure.

Yeah. Enough to cut your car in half.

Opening the upper annular.

Hollywood, open up the drill pipe valve. We gotta bleed pressure.

Gentlemen, I hate to say this, but that is a bad test.

Not necessarily. Oh, Don. A good test starts...

Starts at zero. Stays at zero. Ends at zero.

Thank you. So there was pressure.

But there was no mud flowing up and outta that pipe.

Now explain that to me.

That's a confusing result, I'll give you that.

Kaluza and I have talked about this drill pipe, until we blue in the face.

There's something off with it.

He says it's a bladder effect.

Bladder effect?

Bladder effect.

He said Jason would know what he's talking about.

That one's set at no indication of flow, right?

Correct. Looky here.

Hey! We actually needed that.

Bladder effect.

It is a pocket of pressure, trapped around the annular, which reads like drill pressure because it is trapped right there.

It is sitting right there on the sensor.

If this was a legitimate pressure issue, then we would have mud flowing right back up and out of that drill pipe right there.

Now, how we gonna test this?

We gonna run that negative pressure test again.

But we gonna run it on the kill line.

Not on the drill pipe.

Obviously, our problem is with that drill pipe.

You cannot have 1,395 pounds of pressure per square inch, enough to cut your car in half, and not have any fluid being forced up and outta that pipe by that pressure.

Boys, you got a whole mess of drilling mud on your boots out there? No?

Hey, Don.

Gotten hot in the drill shack.

We have a problem with that drill pipe or with the sensor giving us a false reading.

Or any other of 1,000 moving parts down there.

Now, the way we gonna find out is run that negative pressure test on the kill line.

And if they zero pressure, Mr. Jimmy, then that gonna tell us all we need to know.

Are we in agreement?

I don't know about agreement, but never hurts to run a test.


How we doing in here, Mr. Jimmy?

Oh, we doing great.

Aren't we, Don?

Yes, we are.

BP's well.

It is.

BP's oil.


And we just the help y'all hire to drill a hole.

You are correct, Mr. Jimmy.

But we 50 days late.

And the hole ain't drilled.

Now, Mr. Jimmy, we have a issue in the galley.

What? Yeah, a whole buncha people.

It's a safety issue.

Yeah, won't take but a minute.

It's 43 days behind. Not 50. Simple mathematics.

Original completion date was March 8th.

It's April 20th today. 43 days. Yup.

Think you money-hungry sons of bitches at least be good at math.

All right, gentlemen.

Go ahead, Dewey.

Negative pressure test on the kill line.

Switching to kill line test.

Initiating kill line pressure test.

Bladder effect.

That ring true to you?

Well, nothing ever come outta Don Vidrine's mouth ever really rang true to me, but, yeah, I mean...

On its face? Yeah.

There's a logic to it.

It's got merit, but...

I don't know, applied to drill pipes and kill lines?

It's a little above my pay grade.

We should've seen some mud.

Pressure warning.

Mr. Jimmy!

Hey! Yeah, Mr. Jimmy! Good job!

Deepwater Horizon is receiving BP's highest safety award for the seventh straight year.

And it all starts at the top with the man you call "Mr. Jimmy."

Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Jimmy... Speech.

Held at zero, boss. It's a good test. No pressure.

Congratulations. Good test.

We still got 1,400 PSI on the drill line.

Drill line and the kill line should be exactly the same.

They should be all lined up.

We already agreed that there's something wrong with the drill line.

So why do you keep comin' back to it?

I don't know. Good oil field practice?

No mud. No flow. We got to go.

Now, how quick can we lock the door on this well?

I'm not doin' nothin' until Mr. Jimmy's made aware.

Is there a man among you? Is there an adult here?

You all got the paraphernalia.

The dip. The steel toes.

But it's all bullshit. We got zero pressure on the kill line.

You nervous as cats.

Afraid to make it work at every turn.

That will be my summary back to my bosses in London.

Bob? Agreed.

Again, you can call Mr. Jimmy.

And don't let me keep ya from your ice cream for another second. Thanks.

It's Mr. Jimmy.

Ran the negative test.

It was a good test. We got no pressure.

'Bout to start displacing. Wanted your blessing.

You sure about this, Jason?

Kill line was good. Sure of that. That's the only thing I'm sure of.

These guys are all over me. What do you wanna do?

Zero flow, correct? That's correct. No flow.

We good?

Well, looks like it's gonna be a long night.

You stay on top of it, Jason. I'll see you in about a half hour.


Okay, guys, good test.


Get ready to pull out 10,000 barrels of mud.

I think I'm goin' take a shower and wash my day off before I start my night.

Gonna be a long one, huh? Get some ice cream, Mike.

I gotta watch my figure.

Gonna go fix smoke detectors till I don't feel like poppin' somebody in the mouth.

That's a good idea.

Say "Hi" to Felicia for me.

Mr. Jimmy? Yeah?

We really need for you to leave with this.

Let's just get a... a quick pic.

Yeah, we'll take a picture. Mr. Jimmy.

Congratulations, Mr. Jimmy.

Hey, appreciate it a lot, fellas.

You got the picture?

Come in, Shaker House.

Go for Shaker House. Yeah, we got a good test.

We're gonna start sending you some mud to clean.

Transfer it to the Bankston.

All right, copy that.

"Nervous as cats." Cats ain't scared.

I had a cat named Oscar, used to try to mount my Labrador.

I'm opening the annular. Let's hope that monster ain't awake.

Mud pumps are on. Removing heavy mud from well.

Mud displacement. Holding tank two. Four percent.

Boys, we got a good test!

Aw, baby! Let's pump up all this mud!

We done!

Whoo! We're goin' home!

We're going home.

Bring the mud. Bring the mud.

Damon Bankston, this is Deepwater Horizon.

You are clear to approach and receive drilling mud.

Copy, Deepwater. Comin' alongside to receive heavy mud.

Reference units good. PDOP good. All to the norm.

Master of the Deck, prepare to take on heavy mud.

10,000 barrels.

Attention on the rig. Pressure tests were good.

Congratulations, DWH crew. We're gonna be movin' on.

Well from Hell's done, boys.

Oh, man, I'll be in the Basin soon.

Two, three days maybe. Be in my boat.

Drinkin' me a beer. Catchin' me some sakalay.

Yeah! You big, beautiful mud!

35 percent.

Come on, baby!

We're going home! To the house?

Thought you had plans? I thought you were goin' out.

Oh, rescheduled.

Oh, oh, oh. Sweat pants, Bud Light Lime, DVR time.

My fave. Hmm.

Mmm-hmm. Just a simple country girl.

55 percent.

Seventy-five percent.

Do it all again on the next.

Hopefully smoother.


I got a 20 barrel increase in active pits and increase in flow.

It's not slowin' down. All right, stop pumping mud.

Pressure alert. Oh, Lord.

Stand by, Shaker House.

They're shuttin' it down. They must not be likin' somethin' up there.

Hey, boys, I'ma go take a leak.

You guys good? I got you, buddy.

All right.

Pressure alert.

It's not stoppin'. Clear the drill shack.

Get him and him out of here. What is happening?

Gentlemen, what is the excitement? We stipulated there's something wrong.

I never should've let you push.

Now get your ass out of here before I push back.

That comment will be noted.

Hey, I'm ready to get the hell home.

Get me a six pack a beer and a steak in my ass.

What is goin' on?

Likely nothin', Mr. Kaluza.

Watch your step over here. Shit.

What you got, Caleb?

What the hell's he doin'?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, shit.

What the hell's goin' on here?

We got flow. Shit!

That ain't good. Jason, are you seein' this?

We got flow out here.

Warning. It's not stopping.

Hey, Jason, are you seein' this?

We got mud on the rig floor.

Are they not tellin' you to do anything?

Is she just kickin' or that...

Oh, shit! Clear the floor!

Holy shit! Jason!

Mike, what is that? Is everything okay?

I'm closin' the annular.

Duck, get in here now! Are you shuttin' it in?

All right, we're okay. I closed the annular.

We got 30 seconds.

Get off the floor now!

Duck, you okay?

Yeah, I'm all right. Get your finger on the EDS.

Get ready to cut that pipe.

This way! This way!



What do we do?

Caleb! What do we do?

Get on the drill pipe and let it bleed!

Right here. Right, right there.

No, I understand. I understand.

You know, I'm doing my best to accommodate everybody, but look...


Okay. Okay. We're all right.

We're all right.

Caleb, how you doin', buddy?

Did we cut the pipe?

No, we're good.

Annular took care of it.

It was just a kick.

That's the biggest dang kick I ever seen.

She put a whoop ass on Maggie and her penguin.

Get outta here!

She did. Huh?

And she did it all without this?


That is a genuine dinosaur tooth.

Gas alarm in the mud pits. Again.

Same one goes off every time.

I'll call down.

Roy? I got it! You got yours?

Pressure warning.

Pressure warning.

Shit. Jason!

Oh, shit!

Caleb, get everybody off the...

Bypass ain't workin'!

Damn. Holy shit!

Duck, close the second annular!

Annular failure.

Adam! Shane! Get down to the Mud Room now!


We gotta go, buddy!

We gotta go!

We gotta get to the mud pit! Caleb!


Get off the floor! Get off the floor!

It's Pump 2! Bleed it! Bleed it!

Caleb, close the drill pipe valve and feed the standpipe.

Divert everything overboard.

Jason, what do we do?

We got debris! Jesus Christ!

Oh shit! Caleb, clear the floor!

You all right?

The alarm didn't sound.

I'm gonna make sure everyone evacuates. You get to the lifeboats.

Go! Okay.

All stop.


Look out! Look out!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Get that! Get it! Get it!

What the heck? Damn!



Deepwater Horizon, this is Damon Bankston. Copy?

All right. BOP's not responding.

Duck, cut the pipe! Okay.

Right now!

Gas warning... Duck! Duck!

What happened? Jesus.



Come on, man! Get up! Roy! Come on, man!

We gotta go! We gotta go right now!

Gas warning.

Oh, shit. We got a gas alarm.

Thrusters are over-revving.

My thrusters are running away from me.

I'm not gonna be able to hold the rig in place.

All right. Just calm down.

Oh, my God.

Is it just me or it just get real bright in there all of a sudden?


Magenta alarms!

Gas warning.

The well is blowing out. What?


Mayday! This is Deepwater Horizon. We are in a...

What the hell are you doing? Did I ask you to call a Mayday?

I'll call you back, I'll call you back!

You don't know the difference between a kick and a goddamn blowout!

Why's the... You don't know shit!

Why's the monitor out?

Gas warning.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Deepwater Horizon.

Hang on, Duck. I'm gonna get you out.

God damn it! Dewey! Steve!

Down! Jesus!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is Deepwater Horizon. Rig's on fire.

We've had a major explosion.

We need assistance... Can't you see it's on fire?

I repeat, we've had a mass casualty explosion.

We need assistance immediately.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is Deepwater Horizon...

This is motor vessel Damon Bankston.

Deepwater Horizon has exploded and is on fire.

I say again, the Deepwater Horizon has exploded and is on fire.

We just saw a huge explosion.

Yes sir, we see the Deepwater Horizon on fire.

Okay. And everybody's off the rig?

We have no idea.

United States Coast Guard District 8 Command Center, Ensign Von Huene speaking.

Yes, there's an oil rig on fire.

About 48 nautical miles south of Venice.

Okay, an oil rig on fire. About 48 nautical miles south of Venice?

Yes, ma'am. I've never seen anything like it...

Okay, yes, sir. What vessel are you on?

What's the name of your vessel?

Coast Guard District 8 Command Center, this is Lieutenant Degan speaking.

An oil rig on fire? Sir, do you have a position for that?

Sir, I'm not exactly sure, I need to get some information from you first.

If that's all right. Can you give me your name, please?

Okay, sir, what is your location?

We got 100 miles south of Port Fourchon there's a vessel reporting a fire.

Where's your call?

Forty-eight nautical miles south of Venice.

I had a report from a OSV.

That's the lat/long. That's a confirmed position.

Sir, we got a satellite image of the scene.

Right here.

Oh, my God.

Listen, guys, we need to bump this up, okay?

Call land area. See what kinda float cutters we have in the area.

Divert 'em over to the area.

Air stations. I need to know how many bravo aircraft we have up.

Okay, get 'em goin'.



Evacuation procedure in effect.

This is not a drill.

Evacuation procedure in effect...


Dougie? Hey, Dougie, can you hear me?

What? Can you hear me, Dougie?

Huh? My little brother.


It's his birthday.

My little brother.

Your little brother's not here.

What about your legs? Huh? Can you move 'em?

My little brother. Look at me, Dougie.

You're gonna need to use 'em. We gotta get to the lifeboats.

I'm gonna get you up. All right?


Come on.

Evacuation procedure in effect.

Come on!


Thruster 2 failure.

I just lost four thrusters on the port side.

I only have four left, Captain.

What do we do? I need a damage report.

I'm gonna take manual control over the rig.

This is Kuchta on the bridge. I need a damage report.

Come on, baby. Where's the fire team? Now!

This is Damon Bankston to Coast Guard Rescue.

We have an incident on the Deepwater Horizon.

Bring her 'round 90 degrees starboard. Tell me that rescue boat's in the water!

Let's go! We need medical kits!

Where's the oxygen tanks? Empty out the supply house! Let's go!

Go portside!

Proceed to your assigned lifeboat.

Son of a bitch!

Hey! Hey!

He needs to get on the boat! Get back in line!

He's hurt. This man is hurt!

This man is hurt bad. I don't give a shit!

Did you hear what I said? I'm not trying to get on the boat!

This man is hurt real bad.

Do you understand me?

Calm down. Did anybody see Mr. Jimmy?

I saw him in Accommodations.

I'm goin' back for Mr. Jimmy. Make sure this man gets off this rig.

Okay? Everybody, calm down. Slow it down.

And smooth it out. All right? Okay, okay.

All right, let's go.




Hey, hey, hey! You're good?

I think so.

Where're you goin'? I dunno.

Muster. No, no.

You gotta go to lifeboats, okay?

Yeah. Go to the lifeboats.

Right here. Come on, we're gonna make a left.

Stay to the wall! Hey! Stay to the wall!


Mr. Jimmy?


Help! Mr. Jimmy!


Who's there?

This way!

Mr. Jimmy? Mr. Jimmy? Mike! I can't, I can't see shit.

I got... What happened?

We blew out, Mr. Jimmy. Aw, no.

Lot of secondary explosions, all right?

All right, we gotta... Shit's on fire everywhere.

Have we disconnected? Did we cut the pipe?

I don't know. But I don't think so.

We need to disconnect, Mike.

Help me get to the bridge. All right. Come on.

Gotcha. Gotcha.

Where are we?

Wouldn't recognize it even if you could see it.

This pipe is gonna break. Off station alert.

Come on, Mr. Jimmy. Come on.

If you find yourself in the water, you got a light and a whistle.

You understand?

If you get into oil or anything spilling it, swim away from the rig.

Should we wait till the Coast Guard gets us...

No, we need to go. Okay, we need to go.

Come on, let's go. Now, now, now, come on.

Water's on fire.

Who's coordinating the air assets out there?

ATC. Fixed wing, they have...

West Jefferson, East Jefferson and Tulane are prepared to take in multiple...

First engine start. Locked.

External power.

Coast Guard 1, area's clear.

There's people jumpin' in the water.

He's seen three people jump into the water.

Jumpers? You gettin' this? We have jumpers?

What's the ETA on the first on-scene helicopter?

Sir, it's gonna be like 35 minutes. That's about 30 minutes too late.

This is US Coast Guard B17 departing RRT6 en route to emergency distress call for Deepwater Horizon.

ETA to location, 25 minutes. Silence imposed on this frequency.

Get in! Get in!

Come on.

You good? Yeah.

All right, come on. Help!

Can you hear him? Call out!


Call out!

Is someone there? It's Caleb.

I need help in here. It's Wyman!

We gotta get outta here. There's methane everywhere.

Found him here like this.

He's hurt real bad and I can't get him outta there.

Don't look down, all right?

No. No.


Shit, his bone's caught on the metal.




Come on, we gotta wedge this open. We gotta find something to get it open.

Pull! Pull!

Keep pullin'!

I've lost power. All right, just stop.

Just gimme a second. Lemme think.

I'm gonna cut the pipe.

Hey, hey, hey. Andrea, get your ass back on station.

We don't have the authority. I'm gonna seal the well.

Do not touch that button.

You need to hit the EDS. We don't have the authority.

You ain't pushin' it.

Can somebody help me? Please?

Just go! Get outta here!

You're comin' with or without that leg.

Hold on! Hold on!

Hey, look at me. It's gonna hurt like a bitch, but just stay calm for a second, okay? Just stay calm.

Look at me, don't look down, look at me.

We got you. Hold on!

Pull! Pull!

Wyman, can you move?

Let's go.

You gotta get me to the bridge, Mike.

Coast Guard District 8 Command Center.

This is Lieutenant Degan speaking. Hi. Sir.


I just, uh...

I don't mean to bother ya' and I'm sure everything's just fine, um, but my husband Mike Williams is on the Deepwater Horizon, and...

Yes, ma'am. Right now we only have a couple confirmed reports of a fire on an oil rig. That's about all I can say.

There... On the Deepwater Horizon?

Because there are so many rigs out there.

You sure?

Yes, ma'am, it is a fire on the Deepwater Horizon.

That's all I can say, ma'am. I'm sorry, I really have to go.

What happened?

Ken, you all right? The derrick's gonna fall on us!

Dale, the boat's leaving!

My crane's gonna take the goddamn derrick out.

It's comin' down! Get on the boat now!

I gotta stop it or it's gonna kill us all.

Go, Dale!

Go, go, go!

Get him up the steps!

Ah, shit!

Go, Dale!

Dale, get outta there! Now!

Oh, my God.

Who's on the bridge?

Fleytas. Kuchta.

Let's go! We're full! Let's go!

Report to Muster Station 1!

Get your ass on the lifeboats.

Andrea, Kuchta, have we disconnected?

No. Andrea, get my hands on the EDS.

I'm gonna cut the pipe and seal this well.

We gonna choke this fire.

Right here, right here. No, no. Up, up!

Come on.

Is she still burnin'? There's still flow, Mr. Jimmy.

Oh, come on. Please. Please!

It's still burning, Mr. Jimmy. We gotta go.

This is the last for Lifeboat 1, guys!

Hey! Hey! Back up! We're first!

Room for a couple more. Get in!

We need to restore power up here.

We need to bring the standby generator online.

For the firefighting pumps?

No, we just wanna keep this rig on station long as we can so that pipe doesn't break.

That's all we can do. We can't save this rig.

All right, then it can't hurt to go try it.

It could very much, Mike. It's on the other side of that derrick.

I know it, I know it. I'm coming with you.


I'm coming with you. You sure?

I'm with you. Go on, Mike.

This rig, last we heard, is still burning.

There's something burning in there.

The gasoline, the natural gas or the oil.

Is that what you understand, Mike?

Uh, it is still burning.

This platform's about 20 miles south of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Hello? Natalie, this is Felicia Williams.

Our husbands work on the Deepwater Horizon together.

Well, I just called the Coast Guard and they could just confirm that there's a fire but I just was wondering if maybe you heard somethin'.

What did the Coast Guard say? Just that there's been a fire.

Shelly heard people were jumping off the rig.

What are you doing?

Not now, baby.

What's wrong? Not now, baby.

Oh, shit.

Come on.

Oh, shit.

Lifeboat 1, come on! Easy, easy, easy!

Make your way to Lifeboat 2!

Lower the boat! Let's go!

Oh, fuck this! Oh, shit!

Oh, shit! Shit! Put it out!

Ah, shit! Shit!

You got gloves? Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Get in, get in, get in! Get in!

Come here!


Shit. Mike, are you there?

Mike? Mike, bring up power.

You know your way around this thing?

Well, how hard could it be?

Come here. Rattle this shit off to me.

You gotta be shittin' me.

Come on! All right.

"Turn remote switch to 'local'.

System power switch.

Turn to 'on' position."

Okay. "Press main start button."

Red one right there.

I'm impressed, man. I don't know no roughnecks that could read.

Very funny. Very funny.

You know I had a full ride to UT architecture school.

The hell you doin' here?

Shoulda' listened to my mom. Yeah, you shoulda'.

Mr. Jimmy, you gettin' any power up there?

Should be it.

Gettin' any power?

We still outside the watch circle?

Yes, we're off station.

Bring us back slow. Okay.

Okay. Bring us back slow.

Come on, baby, come on!



Hit your start key. Turn to 'on' position.

We got ya'. We got ya'.

Watch his leg!

Wait for the glowplug light.

Come on. Come on!

That should be it.

Oh, there we go. There we go!

Mr. Jimmy, she get power again?

Bring us power, Mike. Come on. No. No.

Kuchta, can you help me?

Close the door. No! No, no, no.

Close the goddamn door! Get to the boats, Mike.

Shit! It's over.

We need to get off this. Jimmy, we gotta go.

Look out!

Ah! It's all coming down. We gotta get to the boats.

Come on, lower the boat!

Shut the door. We're full.

Let's go!

They left us.

They left us!


Emergency life raft! Somebody got a knife?

I need a knife!

I got one. Watch out!

Open it up!

Pull that shit!

Hold it straight. Get on the hand crank!

Shit! Come on! Pull the slack!

Come on, we gotta swing it out! Crank it!

I'm crankin' as hard as I can!

Come on, stay with me, man, come on!

Oh, shit!

Tie it off, tie it off!


Tie it off!

Come on! Come on, bring it in!

Injured first! Let's go!

Where's Andrea? Andrea, let's go!

Come on, Andrea!

No, wait! Wait!

There's too much fire. We can't jump from here.

We need to get up higher.

We need to get up higher. Come on!

Slow down! Slow down!

It's a raft!

Hey, hang on!

Come on.

Bankston Rescue!


Over here! We got ya'. Here you go.

Come on! We gotta get up.

Come on!

On the stairs, goin' high.

Ah! Shit!

Go! Ow!

Come on, come on!

Hey! Hey.

Come on.

The original V8 or a crate motor?

Huh? Your Mustang.

Original V8 or crate motor? It's original. Original.

That's cool.

You know, we might need to rebuild it.

Who's "we"?

You see anyone else here? Huh?

Me and you.

Now listen to me. Look at me!

We came up higher so we can jump out further.

Okay? We're gonna jump over the fire.


I can't.

Can't what? Rebuild an engine?


Trust me.

We're not gonna hit the fire, you hear me?

I don't wanna die. You're not gonna die.

Look at me. I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die. Our choice...

I don't wanna die.

Our choice right now is to burn or jump.

No, you let go of me! Okay!

Don't touch me! Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

You jump. Okay.

Do what you want.

You know what? I'ma do whatever you do.

My wife's name is Felicia.

And my daughter's Sydney. Don't put that on me!

And I will see them again. Do you understand me?

What do you think the odds of you gettin' off this rig alive are?

If you don't jump with me right now?

I'm gettin' off this rig. You hear me?

You wanna stay here?

You stay here.

Hey, what color's the Mustang?

Let's go!


If you hear your name, call out!

Albers, Shane! Here!

Holloway, Caleb!


Anderson, Jason!

Jason Anderson, are you here?

Is there anybody here from the drill shack?


Donald Clark, are you here?

Dewey Revette?

Shane Roshto?

Adam Weise?

Roy Kemp?

We got a medic right up top, okay?

Dale Burkeen?

Gordon Jones?

Karl Kleppinger?

Stephen Curtis?

Keith Manuel.

Thank you.

You okay?

Everybody take a knee.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

What's your name, sir?

Mike Williams.

All right, you just need to get some rest, and when you do, after you're done, you'll talk to me and...

Hey, hey, hey. Were you on the rig?

Yes, sir. My son get off the rig with you?

Rig? Did he get off the rig?

I don't know if he made it off...

Where is my son?

Where is my son?

Did he get off the rig? I don't know.

My son.

Do you know him? Did he get off with you?

Somebody better tell me something.

Somebody help me!


Will trigger an alarm.

Did you hear any one of those alarms?

Baby, it's okay.

I remember closing my eyes and, and saying a prayer.

Asking God to tell my wife and little girl that, uh, Daddy did everything he could.

And if I survive this, it's for a reason.

Please raise your right hand, sir.

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you're about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

We went to the next light that we saw in the water and retrieved that person, who was Andrea, the dynamic position operator.

I went over to the PA and made the last announcement and said that we were abandoning the rig.

Who, in your view, was in charge of the rig?

The OIM.

And that would be Mr. Harrell.

Is that correct? Correct.

There was a major explosion followed by a second explosion on the starboard side.

So after explosion, I call the rig floor.

No answer.

All the things that they told us could never happen happened.

Men lost their lives.