Deewaanapan (2001) Script

Pick up your luggage. Don't leave any luggage back.

Don't be lazy. Common quick, girls.

Get down quick. Common girls. Fast.

Don't make noise. Hurry up.

"Drink up people. You need an occasion to drink."

Where is the guide, Mr. Rain? R's surprising.

"I would say that" Hello!"

"That you should bathe in it. - Excuse me. - What is it madam? What?

Who is Rain guide here?

Raju guide is sitting in front of you and speaking to you.

And a very good morning to you madam. Now standing.

Everyone is waiting on the station for you and you're here Come on hurry up. This is the station madam.

The train is standing right behind you.

And you don't understand. Idiot.

Common girls. Hey girls look Patel Gangs.

That's Patal Ganga, the highest peak here.

Now sit down. Sit down.

Stop! Stop the bus my dear.

Listen to me. This bus will stop here for just 10 minutes.

And anyone who is hungry can eat.

And those who want to relieve themselves can do so.

In the meantime I'll get some water for my self.

God knows what kind I'll get here.

Thieves. I won't come to this area again.

They sell alcohol at such high rates.

Oh! Why are you sitting on the road?

What are you doing? If the bottle had broken.

Who would pay for it your relative?

Hey Sure}, where have you been?

I haven't seen you since the last two days.

The last two days. You are amazing, uncle Raju.

Why? - You were slashed yesterday at the bar.

I had to take you on my shoulder.

You took me home on your shoulder?

That's why I felt like I knew you.

Because I have been carried on your shoulder before.

But don't worry I am quite fit now. I can see that.

Do you have a big party on your hands now?

It's not a party. It's a group of girls from Mumbai.

And I have the contract to take them around here.

But where are you going now?

I was going to the city now, but my bike just conked off.

I don't know what's wrong with my bike.

I am going to take the girls around.

And I will show them such places that".

“They will be stunned. What are you doing?

Come quick. It's getting late. I'm coming.

She doesn't understand. Ok bye. We'll meet again.

Come on girls. Get in.

I hope there's no one left. Come on take a turn here.

Stop the bus. Stop the bus.

So she just missed her bus. Stop the bus. - Hey!

Stop the bus.

Please stop that bus. Please!

Please stop that bus Stop that bus. Help me.

I am here from Mumbai. Madam, I'm sorry.

I would like to help you but my bike.

Please get me on that bus.

If I don't get in I will never be able to go back to Mumbai.

My bike is.. - Please stop that bus.

Do you want to catch the bus? Yes.

Right now. - Yes. - Then don't regret this later. - Ok.

Then come on.

Help! Help I don't want to catch a bus.

Help! ls there someone around?

Help! Helpl Help Mel Help!

Help! - Bus.

Enough! The bus!

Kiran, where were you. Common.

"I am a crazy lover."

"You a girl like fairy."

"I am a crazy lover."

"You a girl like fairy."

"We met alone like that" beloved"

"A new magic just happened."

"I just felt my heart slipping.“

"The weather sang to me."

"I am a crazy lover."

"You a girl like fairy."

"We met alone.. beloved"

"A new magic just happened."

"I just felt my heart slipping.“

"The weather sang to me."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"What I'm feeling“ what is it?"

"What is this feeling."

"My love, tell me."

"Oh don't increase my restlessness."

"What I'm feeling“ what is it?"

"What is this feeling."

"My love, tell me."

"Oh don't increase my restlessness."

"The rain gods live in your hair."

"You have a stylish walk."

"You have a bloom in your cheeks."

"I am a crazy lover."

"You a girl like fairy."

"You have made me fall in love."

"You have made my heart restive.“

"Your lowered eyes."

"This style will take my life.“

"You have made me fall in love."

"You have made my heart restive.“

"Your lowered eyes."

"This style will take my life.“

"Your breath is fragrant."

"There is imp in your eyes."

"And fun in your talks."

"I am a crazy lover."

"You a girl like fairy."

"We met alone.. beloved"

"A new magic just happened."

"I just felt my heart slipping.“

"The weather sang to me."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

"A new magic just happened."

This is 'Yahan Gira' falls.

Come on going to the mountaintop.

And coming down rolling.

Go on up and come down fast.

Hey mister, where are you sending my girls?

This is a very famous spot. It is called the 'Yahan Gira' falls.

Oh! Look, she just fell clown.

Oh my God. Now that she feel here.

It will be called 'Yahan Gira' falls.

Fooll God knows where he's taking us.

Common girls we'll look around ourselves.

Idiot! Stupid! - This is a very nice spot- - Oh shut up.

Where are you going Kiran? I'm coming.

Just wait a minute. I'll come down.


Are you fine? Did you miss your bus?

If you have then I am at your service. - No!

You style of helping is different.

Thanks. Why are you thanking me?

I had fun too.

This place is very beautiful. Yes I call this place heaven.

But the guide Raju doesn't know how to show it.

Oh why are you blaming him? He just makes a living.

But if you want to look at beautiful spots like these"

.,.then I can show you around. Why are you a guide?

No not a guide, but the pride.

I know these locations quite well.

Look at it from my point of view.

What are you showing me?

The goddess temple here is very beautiful.

Would you like to see it? Yes why not'?

Let's go then. No, not today.

Do you see that mountain? Yes.

Behind that mountain a little below is the goddess temple.

It takes a whole day to go there. If you want.

Can we go tomorrow if you have the time?

Tomorrow What am I doing tomorrow?

Yes I'm free. So be ready at 5. I'll be there. - Ok.

By the way I'm Suraj. Kiran. - Kiran!

Hey when did you come here? Just now.

I was ready quite early. So I thought I'd wait outside.

Shall wel Common.

This is for you.

Do you know what did I ask for? Don't tell me.

People here believe that if you tell them your wish.

It never gets completed. Oh.

What are you thinking? - I was just thinking what you wished.

That she shouldn't take back what she's given me.

Isn't it? But you told me what you wished for.

Because it wasn't my wish. It was a prayer.

Then what was mine? A prayer or a wish?

Surajl Listen to me Suraj.

Kiran thanks your jacket.

No keep it. and then you have to go home too. - Ok.

Then I'll leave now. So early.

Have a cup of coffee. Actually I'm late.

And my parents must be wondering.

But about coffee, we can have it some other time.

But we should have that time too.

We are leaving tomorrow morning.

Are you leaving too? You didn't tell me.

If we speak of going before, then it hurts doesn't it.

Then why are you telling me now.

Because I want to meet you before going tomorrow.

Let's have that coffee.

Where were you?

Where are father and mother?

Go and have you dinner.

It must be cold already.

Father it was because I went to the goddess temple.

You can go anywhere. Have I stopped you before?

We are all into our work the whole day.

It's only at night that we want the family to eat together.

And share each other's sorrow and happiness.

I am sorry father.

Do you know how frightened your mother was?

You could have informed earlier.

You could have called saying you'd be late.

Then she wouldn't have been so worried.

You left early today. Look at the time now.

Do you know what thoughts we have?

I am really sorry father. Won't happen again.

Ok. Go and have dinner. You come too.

No I had dinner already.

I know none of you have had food.

Common father. Ok, let's have dinner.


Surajl Suraj wake up quick. What happened?

Your father is not well. Father!

What happened? I don't know what's wrong.

Call up the doctor. Something.

No nothing will happen to you. Suraj if..

Common mother let's take him to the hospital.

Common father. Slowly! - Careful!

Come on the girls are here. Kiran you too. - We'll be late.

Kiran, c'mon we'll be late. Common.

Common Kiran.

"Why do people fall in love."

You can meet him now. Thank you.

"The one who loves will know."

"Why do people fall in love."

"The one who loves will know."

"The one who loves will know."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"Why do people fall in love."

"The one who loves will know."

"The one who loves will know."

They took the first train in the morning.

They gave alcohol to last a month. Uncle Raju!

Come with me. What?

Come with me. But my drink! My booze!

Surajl Suraj stop.

Look if those girls had stayed in a hotel we could have“

...found her address, but they stayed in a private bungalow.

How can we get their address? Why can't you?

There will be a manager, or the owner..

...who could have their address.

The same thing again. You don't understand.

The owner stays in America.

And the keys are with someone in Mumbai.

Whenever people come here, he sends the key with them.

And then he takes back the key from them.

And these servants. The same thing again.

They come with the party and go back with them.

What can I do now?

Where did you bring me? Hey Surajl Suraj you don't understand.

You are a handsome guy. You can get so many girls.

Look, do you know what this is?

50 girls are coming here this evening from Delhi-.

This is the list of the girls with their address and pin too.

And I will give it to you, you can have fun with the girls.

And I promise from now on that no girl..

“Can leave Dal housie without telling me.

This is my promise.

See this.

Oh God what have I done. I think I drink too much.

I have to stop drinking.

This is Khan's letter.


Sorry my friend, it just flew off.

"When someone enters the heart without a sound."

"When someone enters the heart without a sound."

"A lover stays in the heart."

"Lighter than dew.." "Love! Love!'

"Thicker than colours." "Love! Love!'

"A cup of nectar.." "Love! Love!'

"A unique poison." "Love! Love!'

"Like the words of Tulsidas." "Love! Love!'

"Like the river Ganges." "Love! Love!'

"The most pure.."

"The most pure.." "This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"Love! Lovel" - "This craziness“ love." - "Love! Love!"

"This craziness" love."



Yes father you called for me. Come Suraj sit down.

Have tea.

I have been transferred. And I have to chose.. from Delhi or Mumbai.

'A group of girls is coming from Mumbai.'

'I have the contract to take them around.'

Mumbai Why Mumbai and not Delhi.

We have many relatives in Delhi.

And the boy we have chosen for Aasha is also from Delhi.

And then Aasha will not be far from us.

Look, if you want to be close to your relatives.

Then you should maintain a distance.

So tell me son why do you want to go to Mumbai only?

I will get admission in a college in Mumbai.

And it will be better for my career too.

Why didn't you say so before?

I would have you admitted last year itself.

You know I can't live without you.

Do what you think is right.

If that's the case then we are on to Mumbai.



First day at college. Yes.

You will have to do what we say today.

Right guys? - Right!

You can escape us but what about these girls.

You will have to come back to us. Isn't it? - Yes.

Hey what a guy.

Look at this guy.

Hey my bag. Bag I beg you. Please, please.

Hey what are you doing? Don't do this. - Fresher!

Please! Fresher!

Fresher! ..




...Fresherl What do you want?

Put this ball in the basket and go out.

Hey hit him on the head. Hit him. - Get the ball. Get it.

Get up boy. Get up. Fresher! - Fresher! Fresher!

So now you know. Common throw in the basket.

Common boy.

Come on boy.

Get him. Go from behind.

Fast! Fast!

Yeah Are you having fun, my dear?

Fresherl Fresherl Common get up boy.

Fresherl Fresherl Fresherl Fresherl Time out. Time out.

Time out. One minute.

Time out boys.

I like it boys I like it.

Come on, boy come on.

Come on, boy come on.


That was amazing.

Hey man. Common why are you so angry with us'?

This was just fun.

All this happened to us too. And me.

Me I fractured my leg. And this fellow..

...was in the hospital for a month.

But we are very good friends today. Yeah man.

So will you befriends with us.

Hey c'mon. Let's befriends. Common.

I told you we are friends. Common.

Rocky Billy Diana Ali Neil! Ronnie! Sam!

Surajl Boom!

Hey he's at home.

Hey Surajl Suraj! - Suraj!

Surajl Hey you're not ready yet. It's our team's selection.

And you're still at home. Common get ready.

Where are Sam and Billy?

We have to pick them on the way.

At least you come down. You go, I'll come.

Hey quick. I'm waiting for you. Reach there quickly.

Yes. You go I'll come.

Everybody here. Everybody please.

Come here. Who's in the shower? Come out.

So the team for this year has been selected.

Is everyone here?

All right. here is the team.

Rah“ Agama“ Yes sir.

Ronnie D'souza. Yes.

Gurmeet Singh. Hey.

Suraj Saxena. Yeah!

Asif Ali. - Yes. - Balwinder Singh Sabarwal. - Yes.

Amar Shah. Sir. - Aurindo.- Yes.

Ravi Kumar. Sobrato Roy.

Subodh Shetty. Paramjeet Singh. Babbi. - Yes.

Raja Vajpayee- Yes.

Jae-winder Singh. Ole-

And Sameer Rane. Yes.

Yeah Hol Hol I knew we would be selected when we played the match.

Suraj you gave such a good pass. Hey it was nothing.

Hey the pass, pass was a beautiful pass.

He's started it again.

If not for that pass then we wouldn't have passed today.

Great pass Suraj. Ah ha.

Yes you really proved you are our friend. Thanks buddy.

Hey no thanks in friendship. Sorry.

No sorry either.

Hey we should have a party today. Yeah! Yeah!

Yes my love.

Waiter! Yes ma'am.

What do you have in your hotel?

We get many things in the hotel.

I'll recite the menu for you.

A slap, that's not back handed.

A punch, with butter.

A kick without shaking your leg.


Hey Sam you always recite poems.

Why don't you recite one today.

Say something. Yes please do.

I not just recite a poem. I'll recite a couplet.

Look the sky is kissing the earth.

And the earth on kissing the sky is dancing away.

What a poem. Thank you.

I didn't have any other way.. know about you.

Father was transferred and we came here.

I was sure I would find you here.

After you left Dal housie, it felt so empty there.

And I looked for you in all those places we went to..

...where we spent lovely moments of life together.

You weren't there but I felt your presence there.

My whole life and goal had become you Kiran.

When you weren't there I had so much to say to you.

And now when you are before me.

I love you Kiran.

I love you very much.

What do you know about me Suraj?

Who am I? Where I stay, what family I come from?

Without knowing anyone, understanding her.

You are making a decision Suraj.

No, I haven't made a decision. I fell in love Kiran.

And if you feel that I am not worth it then“

I don't have the courage to hear you say no.

If you want.

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"Why do people fall in love."

"The one who loves will know."

"The one who loves will know."

"They talk but.."

"They tongues don't talk."

"This story“ is told with the eyes."

"Locking eyes.." "Love! Love!"

"Blooming flowers." "Love! Love!"

"The mirror of waves.“ "Love! Love!'

"Silent prayers." "Love! Love!"

"Thoughts of your lover." "Love! Love!'

"Your lover's heart beat." "Love! Love!'

"This craziness"

"This craziness"

"This craziness"

"This craziness"

"This craziness"

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

So the 18th of this month is fixed. Absolutely.

Hey you didn't have anything. Have some more.

No sis-in-law. Don't worry about it.

We'll leave now.

Wait for sometime. Suraj must be coming over.

Be Happy-

Look Suraj is here. Hey where are you going?

Come and sit please. You made us wait so much.

I am sorry uncle. I was late at college so“ No dear everything about the marriage has been decided.

The marriage is on the 18th. And Aasha will..

“Become a bride and come to Delhi.

That is such good news. Please do wait for sometime.

No son, we're late. We came from Delhi today.

We have to go back tomorrow.

We have to meet our relatives here.

Or they will be angry with us too.

Then we'll leave too. Fine. Come!


It's emPW-

You didn't marry yet and you're getting angry already.

Where were you till now?

Didn't father tell you we had guests coming over today?

Sorry! - Don't laugh or I'll break your teeth.

But I'm very happy today. Why are you happy?

Why am I happy? Because you are getting married.

And you'll leave this house forever.

And we'll have peace in this house again. - What?

Come. Catch me.

What did you say? Come here.

Hey Aasha,..

“What can I do if you are of marriageable age?

Don't butter me up. Ok.

Will there really be peace after I leave? - Yes.

Fine I'll go and never come back.

Do you feel like crying? Then why don't you cry?

Okl Here hit me.

Ah! Did it hurt'?

I will not tell you what I was going to.

You were going to say something. Yes.

So tell me.

Tell me. Please tell me. Please“ please. tell me.

Fine you slap me too.

I'm in love Aasha. In love.

Do you know Suraj, I made my father run like this too.

My dad is very nice. And your mummy.

She's no more.

But I regret that I didn't get to spend much time with her.

I'm sorry.

But dad never let me feel the absence of my mother.

He takes care of me.

So tell me when are you coming home?

Aasha wants to meet you. When you tell me.

On her engagement. Aasha says that till she doesn't.

...see the face of the bride coming home.

She won't get married herself.

She wants to see your face the first thing that day.

Then I will surely come.

So now tell me how much do you love me'?


I love you very much.

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

"The groom will give you a push."

"And you give the swing a push sometimes.“ Hey!

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

Where is Kiran. Have patience.

She must be coming.

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

"The groom will give you a push."

"And you give the swing a push sometimes.“

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

"The groom will give you a push."

"And you give the swing a push sometimes.“

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

"Hey bride, swing in the garden."

"The henna is her as a token.

"The henna is her as a token

"Hey, beat the drums.."

"Come let's dance.

"The bride's father dances."

"The brides mother dances."

"And look the bride's brother dances too."

"Come dance with us girls."

"Come dance with us."

"Come dance with us girls."

"Come dance with us."

"Take heed, my love."

"Take heed.."

"Take heed, my love."

"Take heed.."

"Dance and show me, lover. Lover"

"Look in to my eyes, love. Love."

"Dance and show me, lover."

"Look in to my eyes, love.“

"It's my sister's wedding."

'Come dance with me love.'

"Don't come close to me, lover. Lover!"

"Don't tangle with me, love. Love"

"Don't come close to me, lover. "

"Don't tangle with me, love."

"Stop this craziness, love.“

"Don't take matters further."

"Dance, dance. Oh dance."

"Dance, dance. Oh dance."

"Dance with joy. Dance! Dance!"

"Dance, dance. Oh dance."

"My heart says, fly away."

"And meet the rainbow.“

"Dance, dance. Oh dance."

"Colour like a diamond."

"And beauty like liquid gold."

"And beauties like liquid gold."

"And beauties like liquid gold."

"Don't lose this wealth of beauty, my lover."

"Don't lose it like that lover."

"Don't lose it like that lover."

"Hey go away you liar."

"Don't praise me falsely.“

"Go and give some one else.."

"Your heart.."

"Don't throw tantrums, lover. Lover."

"Don't be so proud, love. Love."

"Don't throw tantrums, lover."

"Don't be so proud, love."

"It's my sister's wedding."

"Come dance with me love."

"You are so tall.."

"But you don't have the brains.“

"A crazy lover. ."

"That's what your brother is.“

"You're brother is crazy."

"You're brother is crazy."

"Till you are single, my love.“

"You'll be a menace.“

"So now that we have the opportunity."

"Come let's get married."

"Make me your bride, lover. Lover."

"Get married to me, love. Love."

"Make me your bride, lover."

"Get married to me, love."

"if you want to get married."

"Wear the turban and come hey boy."

"Dance and show me, lover."

"Look in to my eyes, love.“

"It's my sister's wedding."

"Come dance with me love."

"Sitting in a palanquin sister's leaving."

"Look she's leaving her parents back."

"One who was ours has become someone else's."

"The one who grew up in our arms."

Come on son, let's go up.

You go I'll come.

Hey Surajl You are fine aren't you.

Leave me alone for sometime.


Common. Put him in the car.

Take him.


Look, I've been telling you..

Look why have I been forced to come here.

So that you meet these people.

This is Mr. SK Khanna. He is a big industrialist of the city.

He can buy anyone and see it to anyone he wants.

Do you know him? He is Mr. Kelkar.

The municipal commissioner. One order and the city's"

“water supply can be cut off.

Then people will yearns for even a drop.

And he is Mr. Raut. The police commissioner.

And he can send anyone out of this city and jail anyone.

He can either ruin someone or make someone's life.

He is Shri Patil, the home minister.

This is Mr. Gokhale, the biggest lawyer in the city.

He doesn't take time in making the false true..

“And the true false.

And he is the chief minister.

He is a very big man. People don't dare to look at him.

I don't need to say anything about him.

Whatever you said was not necessary too.

Why have you brought me here like this?

So that you know your status and limits.

Do you know who's Mr. Chaudhary?

Who Chaudhary? Chaudhary Ranvir Singh.


Shiva“ Shiva“

Greetings Mr. Chaudhary. Greetings Mr. CM.


Suraj Saxena.

Mr. CM you start your meeting.

Mr. Chaudhary will be there shortly. - Come on.

What relation do you have with Kiran?

What relation I have with Kiran?

That's my personal matter.

When other's get attached to our name then the"

“matter becomes ours not others.

Because Kiran is the only daughter of..

“Chaudhary Ranvir Singh.


Kiran is your daughter.

I didn't know.

Stand right there.

Mr. Chaudhary, the thing is that Kiran and I..

If you want to stay alive, then leave this city.

You have committed that crime where" can be punished with death.

I know people like you. You trap rich innocent girls.

And for people of your status love is just a game.

Just a deal. Love is not a move, Mr. Chaudhary.

It's just a bond that binds those in love. - Shut up.

Leave this city otherwise I'll make it..

...impossible for you to live.

Not just this city, I can leave this world too.

If Kiran wants me too. Hey stop talking rubbish.

I give you 30 days time.

If I see you in this city after 30 days then you alone-.

...will be responsible for the state of your family and you.

I have seen your power. Heard your threats.

And I know your status and aim too, Mr. Chaudhary.

30 days. in 30 days you will give me your..

“Daughter's hand in marriage.

And that's my promise to you. Shut up.

You must have heard of love.

But you don't know the courage love gives you.

And love rules the heart, not power and status.

You are very innocent.

You don't even realise what I can do.

You are very lucky.

Lucky that I'm giving you 30 days.

30 days.

Fine. 30 days.

This love is very odd. The more I meet you.

The more I feel myself going far away from you.

Love is like that. The mind doesn't hear“

“what the heart says.

And when the mind says something.

Then heart doesn't agree because the heart can break.


Hey! - Mother and Aasha like you very much-.


And what else did they say? Nothing.


They like what I like. And my happiness is theirs.

So are you happy? Come here.

Do you know Kiran from the time you've come to my life.

My life has become beautiful.

Whenever I meet you I drown in your lovely talks. - Really?

I love you.

Do you know my dad and you are similar? - Meaning.


My dad and you love me very much.

And dad is scared of my marriage too. - Why?

Because I will get married and go to another home.

That is why. But you have to..

Yes I know I have to get married someday.

I will have to go to another home.

This daughter is his life Suraj. You are my life too.

Common I'll take you to meet my father today, Suraj. - Today.

No not today, some other day.

Nowadays I see papa in an odd tension.

It's quite odd but I see the same thing on your face too.

Really, both of you are alike. Yes.

You have put yourself in a fix Kiran. - Why?

Two men who are alike in your life. What will you do?

Simple, I'll love both dearly. Isn't it?

I love you Kiran. I love you too.

I love you

"Yes my fascination. Fascination!'

"Was useful to me."

'Fascination I"

"Oh my fascination was useful to me."

"Oh my fascination was useful to me."

"You have my name on your lips today."

"You have my name.."

"Yes my obsession.."

"Was useful to me."

"Oh my obsession was useful to me."

"You have my name on your lips today."

"You have my name.."

"My wishes.. my heartfelt wish."

"You heard it.."

'l swear" my innocent love.'

"I feel for you when I saw you.“

"I was restless for you, many nights.'

"Not one night passed with peace."

"I needed you.."

"I wished for you."

"And I found you.“

"Yes my fascination. Fascination!'

"Was useful to me."

"Yes my obsession. Obsession!"

"Was useful to me."



"Tell me, oh please tell me."

"What intoxicant do you have in your love."

"I felt shaky without even drinking."

"What magic have you done?"

"Come into my arms.."

"Let me hold you."

"And take a lovely sip.."

"Of these lips."

"New restlessness."

"New love.."

"And new every joy."

"Yes my obsession. -Obsession"

"Was useful to me."

"Yes my fascination. Fascination!'

"Was useful to me."

"You have my name on your lips today."

"You have my name.."

Shankar is the tea ready. Yes sir.

Then go inside. Yes.

Kiran met Suraj today.

Om Shiva.

Om Shiva.

Om Shiva.

Om Shiva.

Mr. Chaudhary I don't think he wants to leave this city.

Om Shiva.

Om Shiva.

I have nothing to do with the boy.

But I have to get my daughter out of his clutches.

Deshpande bring about such a situation.

...that he is forced to leave this city.

Here take this sister.

Brother, how must is the ladyfinger for? - Rs. 20 a kg.

Give me a kg. Yes.

How much did he say? Here take 20 Rs.

200 Rs a kg for you. No, sir it's 20 Rs a kg.

Madam, I'm sorry but ladyfinger is 200 Rs a kg now.

Have you gone crazy? You just said it's 20 Rs.

Now you are saying Rs. 200 a kg.

Aren't you Ashamed?

Fine how much is the cabbage for? 400 Rs a kg.

Why are you answering me? Keep quiet.

My job is to say that whatever you buy is 10 times more.

Fine I will buy it at another shop.

You can go to any shop. The next or the one after that.

Go to any shop in the city. You will find the price..

“Increasing by 200 rupees.

What can be done, madam? Mumbai is an expensive city.

But if you want vegetables and everything else“

“at low rates then you will have to leave this city.

And if you do then Mr. Chaudhary will send free"

“ration to your house every month.

Chaudhary ! What do you mean by that?

Ask your son, Suraj who Mr. Chaudhary is?


Rock, I'm speaking to you.

Do you know what they're saying at home?

That you don't have to go to college.

What enmity could Suraj have with Chaudhary?

Whatever the enmity. Suraj is our friend.

And if anyone touches him then we'll cut off his hand.

Hey Ronnie, don't talk about your heart.

Use your brains.

Hey Rock who has the courage“ tangle with Ranvir Chaudhary.


Why don't you say something?

Are you finished? You have said enough.

You've said a lot today. I am tired of listening to you.

If you don't want to come, don't.

I will go to my friend. Rock!

You call yourselves friends.

Rock will go. He will definitely go.

Here you go sir.

Hey who are you?

Hey what happen?

Here take this.

Get lost . Hey my money ?

What is this? Hey.

Who are you ?

Why all this? We are you're well-wishers.

Mr. Chaudhary has employed us to harass your family.

But why? What have we done to him?

You have harassed Mr. Chaudhary's daughter.

And Mr. Chaudhary can't tolerate that.

Mr. Chaudhary's daughter. But I don't even know her.

What are you saying?

Suraj knows. And he dreams of marrying Kiran.

Kiran is Mr. Chaudhary's daughter.

Old man, you are asking for death by getting"

...into a fight with Mr. Chaudhary.

What is it, father? No, nothing son. Nothing.

I am coming.

Leaving this city is good for you health.

And the last resort too.

Otherwise you meet people like us often.

Understandl Now get lost. Hey!

Suraj! No Suraj. Let me go father.

No, listen to me son. It's dinnertime.

And I'm quite hungry. Come let's have food.

Come on son. Come on.

Come on Suraj. Dinner is ready.

Coming mother.

Suraj, come on dinner is served.

Look Suraj it's your favourite again.

Make something I like to sometimes.

Last month I made your favorites.

Now be quiet for another two months. - Two months.

You eat my dear. - At least the chapatti is my favourite.

What is it son?

Where are you going son?

I'll be right back.

Don't leave the table like that.

You are insulting food.


No, buts come and have food.

Come. Come and have food.

Come let's have candle light dinner.

Coming Whose is knocking on the door early in the morning?

Milkman Milkman

Dear Suraj, call the diary and order for milk.

The phone is dead.

Suraj, what's this? You haven't changed?

The match is about to start.

What's the matter?

Coach half the team will not play if I play today.

Who will play in the team and who will not play"

“it's my decision and not theirs.

Go and change quickly.

But Sir.. No, I don't want to hear anything.

You will change and come out in two minutes, all right?

Hi Surajl

Common Suraj, c'mon! Common, c'mon!



Pass, pass.

YES, come on, COME on.

What's happening?

By the time the game finishes..

“Both your legs will be broken, understand!

What's this? This is fowl!

Cheatingl Cheatingl Cheatingl Cheating!

Are you all right?

Common, let's teach them. Yeah!

Runl Runl Runl C'mon C'mon

Come on, yes, pass.

There.. - Take the ball, c'mon! Common!

C'mon C'mon Common Surajl

C'mon C'mon


What is this? This is fowl!

Common give it to Surajl Give it to Suraj!

Suraj go forward!

Common, c'mon.

Give it to Surajl Yes, yes, c'mon, c'mon!

Give it to Surajl Common Surajl Come on Surajl Give it to Surajl Common Surajl

Suraj, go! Common Surajl Come on Surajl Come on!

Give it to Surajl Give it to Surajl

Oh shill


Yeah Well done.


I'd have enjoyed if you had just played on the ground.

It was not your intention to play there.

Here, it's not mine.

You wanted to break my legs, isn't it?

Now the one who has both his eggs will walk out of here.



Ho! Yeah!

"We are crazy.“

"For love."

'We will never lose."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We are crazy.“

"For love."

'We will never lose."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"Nobody has won."

"Against us."

"Nobody has ever won against us."


"I swear, it's a challenge."

"We swear, it's a challenge."

"Nobody has won."

"Against us."


"I swear, it's a challenge."

"In the entire universe."

"There is no one like us."

"We are crazy.“

"For love."

'We will never lose."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We are."

"Not afraid of the world."

"Not afraid of the world."

"We will."

"Love always."

"We will love."

"We are."

"Not afraid of the world."

"We will."

"Love always."

"In the game of love."

"We will be tested."

"We are crazy.“

"For love."

'We will never lose."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."

"We will play."

"The game of hearts."

"We will play."

"0 my love."


Mr. Chaudhary, this time"


Have sweets.

And you too.

Dad, have sweets.

Very good, you have brought sweets.

This is very tasty.

It's tasty, isn't it? Yes.

But you didn't tell me why you brought the sweets?

Today my friend" won the football match.

Dad, he played fantastically.

You too would have been surprised to see his game.

The opposition team threatened to kill him.

But still he continued to play.

He struck goal after goal.

Dad, it was great fun and I enjoyed it.

Why are you not eating the sweets? Eat.

Dad, I am really happy.

I am throwing a big party for my friends.

I am going, ok. Bye. Ok dear.

Keep patience.

Nothing is left now.

You said you would manage everything.

Now you tell me what to do? Just a little rice is left.

It has become very tough now.

Wherever I go, Chaudhary's men follow me like a shadow.

When I go to purchase something, they snatch"

“the purse and all the money is given to the shop keeper.

I am upset. I don't know what to do.

You will have to do something.

If Suraj knows this, he won't be able to tolerate it.

Rock, at this hour? Come. I have a surprise for you.

Surprise? Common on guys.

What's all this? Hi Suraj.

Have you seen? Have you seen?

Have you seen? Have you seen?

How happy Suraj is seeing you all here?

Rock, I'll recite a poem for him.

And that would bring a smile on his face, dear.

Dear Sam, try to understand. Ok.

Rock, what's all this?

Chaudhary's men can stop you from purchasing.

“Consumer goods. But he can't restrict the city.

So, you all.. thanks dear. Look, no thanks in friendship.



Did you see that?

These children have come in the form God" tell us that goodness never ends in this world.

I am very happy“ to see there are better parents than us..

...who inculcate such good values to their children"

“because of which humanity is still alive.

Prakash Saxena. Yes.

Come, Sir has called you.

Morning Sir. Prakash Saxena. Yes.

You are under arrest. For what Sir?

Because you have exchanged some secret documents"

...of our country with other countries" are under arrest.

Sir, you are mistaken. I am..

With whom are you fighting?

If you had made your son understand"

“perhaps you would have escaped.

Now rot in the jail like a criminal.

But Sir, I haven't done anything“ I know Mr. Prakash Saxena"

A middle class man never earns money.

He earns only respect.

You have earned enough respect, isn't it?

Now distribute it in the market. Take him!

Move! Havel But-- listen" localn.


What have I done?

A son is successful when a father". known because of his son.

You have taught me this.

And I brought you shame.

You are being punished because of me.

If Chaudhary named our love as sin..

“Then papa, I have committed the sin.

I should be punished. Not you and my family.

Saxena. your son is right.

Neither have you committed a crime nor sin.

Yes, you have committed one mistake.

You are the father of that arrogant boy..

...who didn't obey my orders.

And Saxena, this is not the end. It's the beginning.

You don't have any idea of the end.

You could have made your son understand.

Perhaps your golden dreams were locked your mouth.

Your son crossed his limits and you supported him.

Today, I have snatched everything from you.

Your job, respect, self-respect, everything!

But Saxena, there's still time.

Make your crazy son understand, if you can.

Take him away from my daughter and this city.

I'll give you back everything, everything.

Just one nod can give your family the permission to live.

Till now, I heard of Gods and saw him in the form of idols.

But today I have seen him. Good.

You will give us the permission to live?

Mr. Chaudhary, you are under the wrong impression..

“That I have lost something and you'll return it.

What have I lost?

I have lost nothing before my family and my conscious.

You can't snatch anybody's self-respect.

I am not Ashamed for what my son has done.

He has loved someone.

He has faith in his love. And he has the guts" fight against the enemy of love like you.

I am proud of my son Suraj.

If there was a son like Suraj in your fate" too would have held your head high with pride.

It seems like the whole family has gone mad.

Saxena, the ego of poor man is not his weapon".

...but his death. And you don't know Ranvir Chaudhary.

It's enough Mr. Chaudhary. It's enough.

We know very well about" you and your power.

We are not egoistic. But we are confident.

And confidence can shake big mountains, then"

...a small hill like Ranvir Chaudhary is nothing.

You can't break us.

Neither Kiran is a mission for me, or any achievement.

She is my prayer and worship.

Nobody can snatch my right to worship, nobody.

Saxena, if I lose my sense, then there will be destruction.

Only destruction.

Before the time runs out, bring your son to his senses.

Or you will be a loser.

Give the papers of the bail application.

Here it is.

Pawn. Yes Sir.

Leave Mr. Saxena. Yes Sir.

Papa, forgive me. No dear, it's not your fault.

You are angry with me? Don't talk to me.

What do you think of yourself?

That you'll fight alone and win the world?

What do you want to prove? Tell me.

Tell me, what you want to prove?

That you are great? That you have lot of courage?

Kiran. Don't touch me.

I hate you Hate you.

Dad has been very cruel to you.

And you tolerated it silently.

You have a lot of patience.

You have suffered a lot because of me.

And you hid everything from me.

And you never thought of..

I tried to tell you many times.

But what to do? When I saw your love for your father“

“and how much you respected him.

How could I tell you, then?

I know Kiran, that there is a bond between.

...your father and you.

Suraj, what kind of bond it is?

I don't believe he is doing all this to us.

I will never meet him. Never.

Do you have faith in me?

Do you have faith in our love?

Then you'll have to respect.

...your father's emotions and love.

Suraj, I am scared.

I can't live if I lose you.

Crazy girl, I will never let this happen.

Suraj, you don't know him.

I know him, very well.

He loves you very much, isn't it?

And the a human having this emotion..

“Can't hate anyone forever.

Come, it's getting late. I will drop you.

You were two and half years of age"

...when I took this photograph.

That was your first day in your school.

And you were crying.

Deshpande said it is normal.

Every child cries on the first day of the school, because“ is for the first time they are separated from parents.

But I couldn't bear the tears in the eyes of my daughter.

I decided to open a school in our home.

And I sat in the school with you daily..

...till the time I saw smile on your face.

Dear, whenever I had to face anything challenging.

...I just had to look at your face.

I used to get power from you..

And every power of the world bowed before it.

Then why can't I see that face today?

Why can't I see the face which..

“Made Ranvir a Ranvir Chaudhary?

Dad, I am still standing there where I used to stand.

Then why don't I have that confidence, dear?

Dear Kiran, you haven't hidden..

“Anything from me till today.

Because you haven't done anything wrong till date"

...for which I should be Ashamed of.

But today you are standing with your heads down.

Suraj is that mistake that I can forgive even today.

Dad, love can never be wrong.

But the man can be wrong!

Dear, I have seen naked truths of life.

I have seen life.

I have seen all kinds of people.

I can see the right and the wrong more than you.

The one whom you are calling love and affection"

...that has got nothing to do with the truth of life.

I know, I know you won't be happy with Suraj.

And seeing you unhappy“

...I'll never be able to forgive myself.

I always wished you to have a good life, dear.

Then why I am scared, dad?

Suraj respects you a lot.

And he believes, a human having the emotions of love..

“Can never hate anyone forever.

If you keep love to yourself, it will become selfish, dad.

And my dad is not a selfish.


I am still there where I used to be before.

Good Mr. Chaudhary, very good.

Everyone has supported you.

Till the time you spoke, nobody dared to blink an eye.

Actually, I was very emotional.

I can't express the bereavement caused by..

“The earthquake of Gujarat. And I am very happy..

“That everyone contributed whole heartedly.

We have collected Rs. 20 crores.

Mr. Chaudhary. Yes.

Excuse me. Just a minute. Excuse me.

Yes. Suraj is leaving the city?

You are asking me or informing me?

But I read it in the newspaper that's why I am asking.

Which newspaper? Lok Jagran.

What's written in it?

It's written that when you came to know that.

...Prakash Saxena is in jail, you went to“

“meet him personally. What?

And you have even said that a patriot like him..

“Can sacrifice life for the motherland.

And can never think of betraying. Look.

Deshpande, Deshpandel Yes Sir.

Who is the owner of Lok Jagran? Mr. Taneja.

I told you thousand times, that my name"

...should not come in any controversy in paper.

Then how did this happen?

And that too in Prakash Saxenefls case!

Sir, I don't understand.

Deshpande, people have started raising their voices.

Mr. Chaudhary, that will be silenced.

Rock. Where are you since morning?

I called at your home, but nobody attended.

The room is locked since morning.

I don't know where father and mother have gone.

It has never been locked like this before.

I am afraid, that. Mr. Choudhary?


What are you saying?

I am comingl I am just leaving!

What's the matter?

Chaudhary's men have beaten Billyl Billy?

Where is he? In hospital. - Come.

No, no, you wait here, may be your parents will come.

I'll call you after meeting Belly. But you too call me.

Take care.

Where are my father and mother?

What did you do with them?

Tell me where is my father and mother?

Catch him!

Tell where are my parents?

I will not leave you

Save Mel Save Mel Leave him Leave him

Catch him

Don't beat Mel Don't beat Mel I'll not leave anyone I'll not leave anyone!

Surajl Suraj, what are you doing? He will die!

Leave him He will die Leave him He will die He will die Leave him Surajl - I will not leave him I will not spare anyone!

Suraj, listen to Mel He will die!

What did you do? Tell me where are my parents'?

Tell me where are my parents? Suraj!

Your parents are with Mel Suraj, your parents are with me! They are safe!

They are safe. They are safe.

What did you think? That you are alone?

The fight you have started outside I'll take it home.

Suraj, you are not alone. I am there with you.

I have searched all over the city. And you..

Kiran, let's go home.

Let's go home.

I love you

"The storm of love.“

"Nobody can stop it."

"The storm of love.“

"Nobody can stop it."

"The world may stop."

"But love will never stop."

Mr. Chaudhary, there is no trap for love. It's just a bond.

Mr. Chaudhary, Kiran is yours.

And today she will go with you.

But as my remembrance.

Which you.. you will return to me with your blessings.

“And with my nuptial thread.

Nobody can separate Kiran from Suraj.

No one.

What happened, Suraj? What are you thinking about?

The difference between the principles of life and truth.

Sam, I was sure Mr. Chaudhary“

...would understand our feelings gradually.

Whatever happened today was not right.

It shouldn't have happened.

Suraj, what will happen now?

I have lit a fire.

Now what will happen?

It will explode!

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"My love is a rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"My love is like a rainbow."

"My love is like a rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Seven tunes make the music."

"Seven tunes make the music."

"Seven skies and seven seas."

"Seven births and seven rites of marriage."

"Seven births and seven rites of marriage."

"I'll fulfill all the seven promises."

"I'll be there always with you, my dear."

"Colorful, rainbow."

'Hey Shiv!“

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"One, the colour of your love."

"The colour of your love is one.“

"One colour of my affection."

"One colour of this cruel world."

"One colour of our craziness.“

'Craziness craziness!'

"Craziness Craziness"

"One colour of our craziness.“

"One colour is rebellion."

"Rainbow, rainbow.“

"My love is a rainbow."

"My love is a rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"My love is a rainbow."

"My love is a rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colour my veil, 0 rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

"Colorful, rainbow."

Deshpande. Yes Sir.

I don't want to see Suraj here after in this city.

Understand. Yes Sir.

Go and look upstairs.

The room is locked!

Where is Suraj? I don't know, Sir.

You don't know?

Where is Suraj? Soon. Suraj.. I don't know.

His.. his bike is there. May be.. he is somewhere around.


Why are you damaging Sunni': bike?

What has bike done to you?

Where is Suraj?

What are you watching?I Beat the scoundrels

Runl Don't leave them.

Ronnie - Suraj, Chaudhary's men are looking for you!

Rock and Sam didn't tell, so they started beating them.

Run from here, Suraj! Runl Come with me!

At least tell us now, where is Suraj'?

You have come late and he is late to tell you.

No Deshpande, I came late and you are late to go.

Beat the scoundrel

Catch him Catch him

Where did he go? Where did he go?

Search for him there!


Search him and don't leave him What happened? Why you all came back?

Sir, he is not their upstairs?

Did you search thoroughly?

Did you search every room?

Where did he go? Did he fly somewhere?

Did he vanish into the air?

Catch him Catch the scoundrel There up! Come up

Beat him

Take out the scoundrel

Beat him and throw the scoundrel out!

Suraj, beat him Beat him!

Beat him Surajl Beat him!

Beat him

Suraj! Beat him

Deshpande, what about Suraj?

Mr. Chaudhary, I can't tolerate this anymore.

Mr. Chaudhary, you have won. I lost.

You want me to leave the city forever, isn't it?

Chaudhary, I am going.

But not alone. I am taking your daughter.

Come Mr. Chaudhary.

I knew" you would surely come.

Where is Kiran?

I am asking you where is Kiran?

What did you think?

That Kiran is with me?

Mr. Chaudhary, if I had to do this with Kiran..

“Then I would have left this city much earlier.

I have left her with you, isn't it?

Then you tell me, where is my Kiran?

Kiran is not yours!

Don't tell me that Kiran is yours! Understand!

Or shall I make you understand again?

"This obsession.."

"This obsession.."

Make him understand!

Kiran can't be yours! Never!

Because he is not eligible for her.

Where do you stand?

What is your status?

Tell Mel

Why are you quiet!

Tell Mel

You are not the Suraj who gives light to the universe.

And my daughter Kiran.. not the ray which comes out of you.

You are Suraj just for namesake.

And she! She is ray of my life!

You can never get her

Mr. Chaudhary, my son hasn't lost.

He didn't retaliate and that's the way I brought him up.

My son can't lose.

My son can't lose.

Dear Suraj, get up.

Get up dear.

Mr. Chaudhary, Kiran is my prayer, She is my worship.

She is my love.

That's my obsession.

Nobody can snatch her from me.

Not even you.

You.. can't do anything!

Today, you will have to give me Kiran.

Or you will give me death.

No Chaudhary ! No

"He will fight with the God. Love! Love!"

C'mon Shoot Leave Mel Shoot] No Chaudhary!

I said, shoot Mel I said, shoot Mel

"He will fight with the God. Love! Love!"

"He will fight with the God. Love! Love!"

"When he is adamant. Love! Love!"

"He will do anything. Love! Love!"

'The craziness! The craziness!'

"The crazy guy, the craziness, the craziness!"

'The craziness! The craziness!'

Kiran, did you see all this?

This is all craziness, my dear.

He is crazy! I never thought somebody else"

“can love my daughter more than me.

You were right daughter, you were right.

I don't have any more strength to come between your love.

Suraj loves you very much, go daughter! Go!

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."

"This craziness" love."


"Why do people fall in love."

"The one who loves will know."

"The one who loves will know."

"This craziness" love."

"The one who loves will know."

"The one who loves will know."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"The world is crazy after love."

"Why do people fall in love."

"The one who loves will know."