Deewaar (1975) Script

Ladies and gentlemen..

That medal will be awarded now...

...which every police officer desires to wear on his chest.

This medal is awarded every year to that officer...

...who not only does his duty...

...but who goes beyond that, and safeguards the law itself.

This year that medal is awarded to our upcoming, outstanding officer...

...sub-lnspector Ravi Verma.

Honourable Minister, my senior officers, and friends.

What l'm about to say, is nothing really new.

The awardee always states "l don't deserve this honour".

It's a different matter of course, that they don't really mean it.

But in fact, it's the truth.

The world honours and respects the man behind every achievement.

But behind that man there are others too...

...who go unnoticed, and not known by people.

Whose name is not printed in any book, paper or gazette.

Before accepting this medal, I want to name the person behind my feat.

That person is Sumitradevi.

Who, fortunately, happens to be... mother.

The feat for which I'm being feted is no doubt, done by these hands.

But the strength in them was my mother's!

That's why I'd like my mother be allowed to accept this medal.

Come, Madam... Let me take you...

"Long live Anandbabu."

Today is the 1 1th day of our strike.

But it seems, that our stone-deaf owners...

...haven't yet understood what we are demanding.

They think we want to deprive them of their wealth.

Not true. They think we wish to be rich like them...

...and make them poor like us. This is also not true.

We just want to point out that the labourer...

...who extracts coal from the mines searches for fuel for his own hearth.

And we also demand, that the dark nights...

...that have clouded our lives, for all these years now... done and over with, and let a new morn dawn!

Long live! Mr. Anand!

And that morning will dawn on that day...

...when the workers get the right and a proper share for their efforts.

A hospital to treat them, and a good school for their children.

If my voice is reaching the owners of these mines...

...then let them listen. We're not complaining about...

...why are the vases in their rooms full of fresh flowers.

We are complaining why are our tins in the kitchens empty?

We're not complaining why these coal mines...

...yield gold for them. We're complaining...

...why do we get just brass? If, at this moment my voice... reaching their ears, then let them hear.

That this strike will not be over... long as there's strength in us.

"Long live Anandbabu."

He's a good orator. Shall I shut him up?

No. Don't ever make that mistake.

If a leader dies an untimely death, he becomes a martyr forever.

His long life is his death. Then what do we do?

He can't be bribed either.

If not by money, something else.

Every man has his weaknesses. One weak point...

Put a finger on that and he's ready to sell off all his principles.

But the point is... what is Anandbabu's weak point?

Aren't the boys back from school as yet?

They'll be here, you get so upset if they're slightly late!

Brother stop.

Here they are.

Brother stop. Brother stop.


Come here, where were you? In school.

Come, come. Sit. Good boy.

How was school today? Our teacher said...

He said something about you. Really? What did he say?

He said, 'your father... ' No, no. He said, Anandbabu.

Yes, that you are a man of principles." Yes, father.

Is that true? - Can't say son. Run along. l've made 'Kheer' today.

Come on, go.

You should see their pranks! Either they read the paper like you.

Or they'll stand on the chain and lecture! You mean the world to them.

And who else do l have in this world except them?

Did anyone give pamphlets? Yes he did.

He was saying the same thing. That you're the only hope they have.

Yes. Tomorrow we're going to protest in front of the owner's bungalow.

Let's see what happens.

Agree to our demands. Give us our rights.

Please gentlemen... the owners are ready to discuss things.

Send your representative who'll talk on your behalf.

Come in.

Greetings, sir. Sit down.

I've all the papers ready for a compromise between us.

You made them ready, before talking to the labourers?

Read the papers first, and then sign.

Did you call me in, to play this practical joke on me?

I've already refused to sign whatever's written in this.

You haven't seen the full file yet. Turn another page and see.


I'm a businessman. I also don't like such gimmicks.

But sometimes people like you, force me to do them.

Where is my family? Wherever they are, they are fine.

Do you realize, sir, that you are committing a serious crime?

You can stop me from committing it.

Sign these papers, and tomorrow your family will return to you safely.

And if I refuse to sign?

Nothing much. l'll just tear this photograph into pieces.

Are you threatening me?

You don't know this man. His name is Bachchan Singh.

He has gone to jail twice. That too for murder!

Once for throttling a kid of 7... Listen, sir...

I'm listening. I...

I want my family. And I want your signature.

I've signed the papers concerning our demands.

I've agreed to all the conditions. What do you mean by that?

I've agreed that we'll all toil on the same pay scale.

I've also accepted that henceforth, if we go on a strike...'ll be illegal.

I've... I've sold you all to them.

Get down, all of you. If you utter a word about this... and your kids will meet the same fate as your husband.

I know. l know why you did it.

You did it for me, and for your children.

You were helpless...

Anandbabu is a thief.

It's on everyone's lip that Anandbabu is a thief.

Just some naughty boys.

You'll see, people will soon forget and forgive you.

You'll soon gain their respect like before.

Honestly, they'll all respect you.

Get these medicines, will you?

Don't look so worried. It'll be fine.

I'll go and get the medicines.

Anandbabu is a fraud.

Look! There goes the wife of our owner's pimp.

He really got beaten up! So? Must have made lolly too.

In dealing with coals, only the hand gets blackened.

His whole face got blackened. He's a bloody fraud.

He's a bloody fraud.

No! Oh No...

Tattoo my darling's name on my arm, will you?

Better think. For, once l tattoo, it'll never come off!

Look there goes that boy...

What's your name?

This is Anandbabu's son. Oh, l see.

So this is the offspring of that cheat, eh?

What's your name? Vijay.

And your father's name?

Mr. Anand.

Say "Thief"...

You say, what you tattoo cannot be erased, eh?

Then tattoo on his arm. What? - "My father is a thief."

What happened, son? Who beat you up?

Tell me, son. Why don't you speak?

"My father is a thief."

Vijay... my son!

We won't stay here now. They are all against us.

We'll go away from here. We'll go away!

How will we live here? How will we eat?

I'm here... Your mother.

Careful, my dear...

Vijay! What happened, mom?

Where's Ravi? He was here now.

Must be here somewhere. I'll see.

"The best place in this world is our India."

There he is, Mother.

"Our India!"

Why are you crying?

Then what shall I do?

I can't earn enough even to send you both to school.

You don't earn enough to educate us both, but...

...we both can earn enough to send Ravi to school. I'll earn too.

My son!

But you're just a kid. What work will you do?

Give me two race book.

And the 2nd race? In the 2nd race...

Royal Salute to Halla Gulla.

I see. We have a good chance there.

And the 6th race? - "Manga". Okay, but not for a long distance.

Meaning? - A horse which runs slow at first, is for a long race.

Once he speeds up, he leaves everyone else behind. - Done, sir.

Pay him.

I polish shoes. l don't beg. Pick up that coin and hand it to me.

Hear that, sir? Yes.

Give him the money.

What! Yes, give it to him.


That is a long-distance runner!

Did you see his arrogance? He won't shine shoes all his life.

The day he picks up speed in life, he'll leave everyone behind.

Mark my words. This boy will come up in life.

He will make a name for himself. He gets the highest marks in class.

Well done! Now go to your place.

Thank you, teacher.

Come on children. Open your books.

Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Are you blind? Do you own these bricks to break them like this?

Sorry, sir. - Sorry, my foot! She's so delicate she can't work!

Then go and do something you are capable of!

Mind your tongue!

Look at that. lt's a sin even to show pity these days.

She had literally begged for work. Now, she's drunk. How can she work?

Get lost from here. I've 2 small kids. Have mercy.

I've seen many like you, who hire kids, and beg around!

Now get lost! Go on...

She broke new bricks. I've to give accounts to the boss.

She's up in front for money, and when it comes to work, she's...

Blood! Whose kid is that? Catch him!

Why did he swear at you?

The poor have to bear everything.

If tomorrow l find some other work will I be given privileges?

Nothing will change with you throwing a stone, son.

What is written in one's destiny, nobody can erase.

Look at me. See how I bear all the nasty remarks silently.

Ravi is your brother but you both are so different.

Yes, that's true. We're poles apart.

And the biggest difference... this!


I won't go in the temple. What nonsense are you talking?

I don't want anything from God. I'm not going in!

If you don't go in, I'll never speak to you, nor give you food.

Excuse me, but don't force him to go in the temple.

For one prays with faith, not force. The day his faith awakens...

...he'll walk in, on his own. Now go in and pray.

Come, Ravi.

Tell me, Mom, what do you ask from God when you come here?

Shall l tell you? Joy for you, and peace for your brother.

Either you don't talk to Him seriously, or...

He doesn't take you seriously. That's why I don't get a job.

May be He's on the look out for a good job for you.

So that's how it is! Listen, be sure to tell Him...

...that I won't mind even if it pays me Rs. 250 or so, - Nonsense!

I fool around a bit. Else, I don't have a grudge against God like him!

It's been years now, but he... Why don't you talk to him?

Mom... you just see that he doesn't enter the Temple.

But you don't notice that he sits on its steps, daily for you.

Finished your prayers? Let's go. l've to go.

Here, have this, Take it. Here we go again.

She's giving it to you as a Holy offering. You eat it as a treat.

You both will be happy that way. Give it to him...


Me too. Look Mom, l'm the one who's getting fat eating this daily.

Even then l'm without a job! I'll go to the Employment Exchange.

If I'm late, l won't get a job. Bye, Mom; see you, brother.

How are you?

Fine, son. Till the new truck comes, we'll use this.

Careful there...

A new boy... He'll learn by and by.


Every day l mean to ask you, but I forget. About your badge.

My badge? Yes. What's the number?

786. Right. 786.

In Muslims this is a good omen. Like Hindus have 'OM'.

What does "786" mean? It means "Bismillah."

"l start in the name of God" lt's an auspicious omen, son.

It'll bring prosperity. Keep it on you always.

Take this load, will you?


Hello, uncle. Call me uncle, eh?

Not this way, son. Like this. Understand?

I was also of his age. When I became a porter.

How long have you been here? You must have seen a lot of changes.

Nothing has changed! l carried load before, today also, it's the same.

We had to pay the local ruffians some money, to earn a living.

Today, too, I pay them. People say, times have changed.

May be. l've just seen the people who extort us change!

Greetings, sir.

So, Peter? How's everything? Well, l hope.

Of course, sir! Will anyone dare not to give money to my men?

Today, it's pay-day for these porters here, sir.

Money will reach your office.

Give it to Rana. Yes, sir.

He'll give you your share. Here's some as pocket money.

Thank you, sir!

What's all this, uncle? Why are they taking money from us?

This is our 'bail' for being poor. What?

You're new here, but you'll learn.

They are a local hooligan's men. He takes Rs. 2 from us all.

But why do they take it? Why?

Nobody has dared to ask till now. You also don't question them.

Just pay your Rs. 2/-, and go. No!

Why should l give? No, I won't pay them.

Have l come here to earn for them? I've to send a M.O. Home.

My mother, and 2 sisters live there. If l send money from now...

...then only we can collect a dowry for them. Else, how will they marry?

No! And you ask me to pay them.

Why should l give them? I won't give.

Come on...

What are you staring at? Put your money in this. - No!

What? You won't give, eh? He's a new boy. He'll learn.

Come on, son, pay up. No! Why should I pay him?

You damn fool! He's taking my money.

Help me somebody. It's my mother's money he's taking.

He died in route to the hospital. And what for? Forjust...

Forjust Rs. 2/-? Why didn't he pay? We all do.

In this world, the poor have to hear a lot and exist.

And these are hooligans. Who'll question them?

You're right. Absolutely right.

I'm around 25 years now. l've not seen anyone refusing to pay.

Uncle, what didn't happen in 25 years, will happen now!

Another porter will refuse to part with his money next week!

Your name?


Ravi. Ravi what?

Ravi Verma.


You can say I'm a graduate. What do you mean by that?

I mean, l'm B.A.

Your height? 5 feet. 9, 10 or 1 1 inches!

What's this 9, 10 or 1 1 inches? 5 ft 10 inches!

That's the trouble. You get nervous. If you're like this with me... will you fare there? You didn't answer me confidently.

You get so jittery.

You are right. I get nervous...

...and then I talk all rot, and people think l know nothing!

But never mind.

This time I'll be so prepared that I'll stun them!

I'll look into my interviewer's eyes...

...and say... What will you say?

My name is Ravi Verma.

Your education? I'm B.A. And my height is 5' 10"!

I didn't ask you your height.

Oh, sorry sir.

If you have your certificates...

..let me have a look at them. Here you are, sir.

Good. Very good.



'So you possess these qualities also along with education.'

We wanted a smart man like you for this job.

Then, shall I think that I'll get this job?

Excuse me.


Good morning, sir. Good morning.

Speaking, sir. Yes, you had mentioned it.

Yes, I've met him. On your son's birthday... had invited me, too. I had met him there.

Of course it'll be done. Right, sir.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

That was the G.M. On the line.

About that job, sir. Job?

Mr. Ravi...

That job has been given to somebody else.

Given to somebody else? But you just said...

Yes, I know, but I just spoke to my G.M., you see.

His brother-in-law...

You see he is deserving...

You see. Yes, sir.

I can see.

Look, don't take it very badly.

No, sir.

How can I take it badly? It's me, who's bad.

I have a degree, plus other certificates.

But I don't have a letter of recommendation!

Thank you, sir.


Thank you.


Have you come here for an interview too? - Yes.

Do you have any relative as a G.M., or a Director here? - No.

Then you won't get a job here.

You wasting time here.

Better go home.

Oh come on, Ravi!

This wasn't the last job on earth! I won't even get that!

Look, my dear. It was fine till college.

We were in the same class, attended same lectures, and had tea together.

But this world is not our college. It's a chest of drawers, a cupboard.

It has different compartments. And you... - Daughter of D.C. P... right in the top drawer, and you are at the bottom! Right?

Yes! And why do you waste your time with me? What's your gain?

l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me.

And now! Whatever we get! Or we don't.

We don't have any regrets. l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me.

Not only is the cool shade but also..

..the hot sunshine is present on the way.

Whether there is sorrow or happiness..

..we have to accept everything with open arms.

Not only is the cool shade but also..

..the hot sunshine is present on the way.

Whether there is sorrow or happiness..

..we have to accept everything with open arms.

O unhappy man living in this world, don't you know this?' l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me. lf you are so stubborn then l will never complain again. l will tolerate all the sorrows with a smile. lf you are so stubborn then l will never complain again. l will tolerate all the sorrows with a smile.

Something that hurts you, l have never done anything like that. l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me.

And now. And now.

Whatever we get. Whatever we get.

Or we don't! Or we don't!

We don't have any regrets. l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me. l wished for you and l have got you.

You wished for me, and you have got me.

Where are you going? Put your money in there.

What are you looking at? Out with your money!

Are you drunk or something?

That porter has the guts to hit my man?

Today one man refused to pay. Tomorrow two, and so on.

You all go and get that bastard right here!

And beat the hell out of him. Go now!

Seen Vijay? No. l know nothing.

Where is he? Don't know.

You're here? Why?

Peter's men are looking for you.

Where are you going? Outside on the road. - What for?

Go out from the back, son.

Does the road belong to Peter? I won't hear of it!

Listen, you call me 'Uncle', right?

Son, please go from this side. Alright.

We didn't find him anywhere. I think he has run away.

He won't be back! Where will he go? We'll get him.

Don't spare him. Kill him!



Good you came yourself. I was looking for you.

You were looking for me, and l... was waiting for you here.

So that's how it is.

Keep these in your pocket.

I'll open this lock, only when I take these keys from your pocket.


Catch! Catch him! Beat him up!

Beat him!

Break the bastard's legs!

Get up!

You'll open the lock, eh?

You bastard! l'll open that lock.

Keep the keys back in your pocket.

Keep them!

Long live, Vijay!

Why did you have to fight them? There are other workers too.

Were you the "chosen-one"? You didn't think that...

...if something happened to you, what will I do? Those hooligans...

...they draw knives for nothing.

Oh Mom! lt's done now.

Shut up! You're lecturing me? If you're so clever...

...then share that with him who doesn't even let me die calmly!

When you knew they were after you, why did you go and face them?

Couldn't you have sneaked out?

You wanted me to run like a coward?

What was that? What did you say?

What did you say? Mom!

Let me go! No, mom.

What does he mean by that?

Whatever he did, was for us.

For all of us! So that we'd be alive.

We would live!

Manager, it's 1 1 o'clock. That boy still hasn't come.

What do you think? Shall we give him a chance? - Sure.

Look, we had decided on a salesman but I think, the job was yours.

Then do l get this job? You speak English well, don't you?

Yes, l suppose so. Then start from today.

Explain his work to him. Yes, sir.

Thank you very much, sir.

Excuse me, but I'm a bit late. Not "bit", but a lot!

I thought you won't come, so l gave him the job. Right?

Yes, sir.

Don't do that. l'm really hard up.

Actually, I didn't have money even for the bus-fare today.

I got late because I walked. Okay, but we've employed him.

But you didn't tell me how much l'll get, sir. - Rs. 350/-

What! I'd have got a job ages ago if I had accepted such petty pay.

Then did you expect Rs. 3,500/-? No, but even then... Never mind.

I don't want yourjob! Give him the job.

I say, sir. I'm...

Congrats! I'm... what can I say, sir?

It's okay. This world has become a 3rd class compartment of a train.

Less space, more passengers.

If I'd have sat, you'd have stood!

All the best. Thank you.

Haven't you slept as yet, son?

Go and sleep, Mom. What's this you're writing?

Whenever there are vacancies, I'm sending applications.

It's very late. Go and sleep. Look, it's nearly dawn.

It's not dawn as yet. The day will dawn...

...when everyone will have a home, a job, and nobody will be poor.

And the day will dawn when the labourers get their right...

And when that day dawns... Oh God!

That's the trouble with reading. A layman becomes an orator.

Okay, go to sleep now.

Nowadays train travel has become a nuisance!

I say, sir. Where are you going? I'm asking you, sir.

Where are you going?


Hey you! Yes, you.

Boss wants you.

Is your name Vijay?


Did you thrash Samant's men in their own house? - Who's Samant?

In whose safe goes the money extorted from the dock-hands.

Samant's my enemy too. lf you wish, we can help each other.


Get in.

Get in. Don't be scared.

Look upon me as a friend. Friends have names too.

My name is Davar. Start the car, driver.

Besides extorting money from dock-hands and mill-workers...

Samant and his men have fingers in other pies too!

Like liquor-dens; gambling-dens, smuggling...

...and looting other smugglers.

That's where you become foes!

My gold comes from Dubai. I don't know how he comes to know.

Samant and his men have thrice stolen my gold.

I need such a man, who, after the gold is unloaded, till it...

...reaches the godown, protects it from the police and Samant.


I need you. And I can take care of all your needs.

Do you agree? What are you looking at?

I'm looking at the pavement there.

A helpless woman, with 2 innocent kids.

Weak with hunger. And homeless.

I accept your deal, sir.


Today is your first day at your new job. Here, keep this.

Sir, many years ago, you attended the races.

And parked your car at a certain place and had your shoes polished.

Yes, why?

I don't pick up money thrown at me, even today!

Oh, I'm sorry.

Keep this file and cap on the table and don't forget that brief-case.

Hi, Veera!

Hi, dad.

Hello, sir.

Hi, young man. We're caught now.

Where were you, Ravi? What are you doing these days?

Why hide it from you, sir? I'm nowhere these days.

Nowhere? Then join the police. Police force? Me?

I'm not joking. We need young educated men like you.

Didn't you see the advert? You think he can become an officer?

Of course! But don't expect me to put in a good word for you.

You won't? Then I'll send an application tomorrow itself!

Best of luck. Thank you.

Make me a cup of tea too, dear. I'll change and come. Sit down, son.

Thank you, sir.

So! You'll be a police officer too.


In my last birth l must have been a dacoit! My father's in the police...

...and now you! Why is the police after me?

A shipment of gold will reach Versova beach exactly at 1 1 p.m.

You'll all be there. Vijay and Darpan Kumar...

...will be at a distance, keeping a look out on all sides.

As soon as the steamer comes, Jaichand will go to those people...

...and show this torn piece of a note to them.

The other half of this note will be with them. They'll join the pieces.

And give the gold to Jaichand.

Sir... l want to say something. The job that you've hired me for... to go about it, is also my job.

I don't get you.

You want gold. It'll reach you safely.

But there's a condition to it. Leave this job safely to me.

You want to do this job alone? Yes, sir.

You think you can do it on your own?

No, sir.

I know I can do it alone.


I'll try my luck with you. You'll do this job alone.

Take this piece of note. But remember...

The police will be after you and also, Samant!

Only my luck will back me, sir.

You won't need that. I want to talk business with him.

You want to talk business by stopping the lift like this?

I'm told that the walls of a lift, don't have ears!

Sir, if l tell you when, and where...

...Mr. Davar's gold is to land, how much will you give me?

If this is a joke, you won't live to enjoy it!

If you take it as a joke, then you'll live to cry later on.

The gold is worth 5,00,000/-!

How do you know all this?

You just eat the fruit.

Why bother about the trees? Tell me, what will be my share?

5,00,000/- But only after l get the gold.

Okay. Send your men there.

The steamer will be at the Versova beach at 1 1 p.m. Tonight.

And... take this.

You'll get the gold when you give this.

If you're lying, it'll be the last time you'll lie!

Because until we get the gold you'll be held as a hostage.

I'm ready. You keep the 5,00,000/- ready!




Yes, yes.

Okay. Okay.

Listen, park the van in the garage.

And bring the stuff here in an another car.

Your information was correct. We got the gold.

And now I must get my Rs. 5,00,000/-.

Of course. But...

You didn't say who you are.

My telling that will not lower the price of the gold!

The work is done. l want my money!

We got the gold. Now what if I don't pay you the money?

Sir, I knew a fairy-tale as a child.

A man had a hen, which laid a golden egg everyday.

One day he thought, "why not tear the hen's stomach...

...and get the eggs once and for all?

And he killed the hen! Think!

You want all your eggs today? Or...

I was just pulling your leg. I knew it.

Here you are All of 500,000/-

When will you inform me again? Very soon.

Come on, unload goods. Hurry up.

Keep your hands up! Thank you for all the trouble. took to bring the gold here.

Now l'll take it to Mr. Davar's godown from here.

Think. This kind of animosity with Samant will prove expensive!

When I buy such trouble, I don't care about the cost!

Face the wall. Come on!

Look the other way.

If anybody turns round before this van leaves the garage, l'll shoot.

And this time I won't aim the bullet on the hand!

Someone dies..

Someone dies for someone, it is never seen.

Let it be, l have seen the world too.

Someone dies for someone, it is never seen.

Let it be. Let it be.

Let it be, l have seen.. The world too.

Let it be, l have seen the world too.

Someone dies.. Someone dies..

Someone dies for someone, it is never seen.

lt goes like this.

You are crazy for me, that's great.

But this love is just for one night.

You are crazy for me, that's great.

But this love is just for one night.

Once the night passes away, the matter will end.

You will come to your senses again tomorrow.

Everyone falls in love.

Everyone is ready to risk their life for it.

But l have seen it only for a while.

Let it be. Let it be.

Let it be, l have seen.. The world too.

Let it be, l have seen the world too.

Someone dies.. Someone dies..

Someone dies for someone, it is never seen.

Everyday you desire a new gorgeous face.

Today you crave for her..

..but tomorrow you will desire someone else.

When you will see a new face, you will get restless.

You will change like the weather. l have seen many lovers earlier too. l have seen this game earlier too.

Let it be. Let it be.

Let it be, l have seen.. The world too.

Let it be, l have seen the world too.

Someone dies.. Someone dies..

Someone dies for someone, it is never seen.

Just a moment. Vijay, a call for you. - Me?

Thank you.


Vijay speaking. Congrats! That was a classic move!

Thank you. You started this game.

I promise, l'll finish it!

Good bye. Good bye.

Who was it? Samant, to congratulate me.

I see.

How did you get this hole on your jacket's pocket?

Samant's men took a shot at me. What!

Yes. But by chance...

...I had my badge in my pocket.

Badge No. 786.

So this thing saved you? Yes.

Very lucky. Come.

This is your share, plus the 5,00,000/- you brought with you.

All this money... Yes, it's all yours.

Come in, Mom. This will be our drawing-room.

Here, a small temple for you.


This is the kitchen, and...

...this, the dining room.

That room there, will be Ravi's.

Come on upstairs. I show you around.

But this house looks expensive.

Don't worry about that, Mom.

The people you're working for, will they give you such a big house?

Look Mom. The terrace that shall come here...

I hope you're not doing something which you shouldn't do.

No, Mom, l'm not doing anything I shouldn't be doing.

That's a load off my mind.

I think "load" is part of our fate.

It slipped from my shoulders to your mind.



Brother! It's fantastic!

What happened? Tell us.

Why are you shouting so? Why not? It's worth shouting for.

It's simple fantastic. Everything falls in place when the time comes.

I've been selected, and in 3 months l'll be a police inspector!

Brother, shake hand.

Bless me, Mom.

My blessings are always with you.

May God bless you both with success.

When will you reach, son? In about 3 to 31/2 hours.

Write to Mom, okay? - Sure. Will you come for the weekends?

If I write to you and also come for the weekends.

...when will I get the time for the training? And leave is...

Hello, Ravi. I'm so sorry for late. You know what...

This is my mom, Viru.


Mom, this is Viru. And this is my brother.


Mom, she's my class-fellow.

Shall we go. Mom? Let his train leave.

He's not a kid. He'll go. I'll drop you and then go to work.

Right then, Mom. Take care, son.


She's nice.

Thank you.

See how sad Mom is! And you? You even came late!

As if l came late purposely I thought I'd bring you some flowers.

Okay, let's not fight. Just one minute to go.

Say something sweet to me. Hurry now.

You're going?

No, I came here to pass my time. The train will go and I'll walk away.

Of course l'm going! What a thing to ask!

Why get so angry?

Then why do you ask such stupid questions?


Do you know how Sawant comes to know our moves?

You must have seen Dayal. He used to work for me.

He was Samant's man..


Yes, last night, while crossing the road...

...he was run-over by a truck

Sir, just as, Sawant's man...

...was amongst us as an informer...

...why not have our of our men in his camp...

...who'll inform us about his plans.

I agree, Vijay...

...that you outsmarted Samant once. But you don't know him. He's shrewd.

True. Samant never gives a job to anyone without sifting him!

Lt'll be very difficult for one of us to join him.

Suppose one man...

Today, what does Samant want most of all? My life!

So, if a man like say Darpan here...

Darpan should tell Samant, that tomorrow night at 10.30...

...l'll be leaving a particular bar, unarmed, and alone.

My car will be parked opposite, and as I go towards my car...

...Samant's men can attack me. When you don't leave at 10.30...

...Samant's men will... I'll leave at 10.30 sharp!

Then they will believe that Darpan is our enemy.

A foe of the enemy is a friend. That's why...

...Darpan will get a job there.

You're forgetting one thing.

If you do leave at the said time, then your life is in peril.

And they'll certainly go for you. I know, sir.

In this attack l may escape, or l may die.

But in both cases, your man, Darpan...

...will get a place in Samant's gang.

Why did you tell this to us about Vijay?

What is your benefit in it? l have two benefits Samant sir.

He's the one who got me thrown out of Davar's employment.

If your men kill him, I'll be more happy than you.

Secondly, if my information pleases you, you may employ me.

If you're telling the truth, I may employ you.

But if it turns out to be a trap you'll never walk again!

My information is correct. Tonight, Vijay...

...will leave that bar alone unarmed at 10.30 p.m. Sharp.

Jaggi, Rana.

l am burning in love, with a stranger.

Thank you.

No need to thank me.

I was looking for an excuse, to talk to you, anyway.

I was thinking, that at this very moment.

...nobody is as handsome, nor so alone, as you, in this bar.

Who wants to risk his life, and be with me at this moment?

May be you said that so that l'd leave you alone.

Else, you don't seem to be very disappointed with yourself.

This liquor is an amazing thing. Each has his own reason to enjoy it.

Someone's drinking because he's tired after a grueling day at work.

Some, because they did nothing the whole day, and are bored.

Others, because they are with their friends today.

And yet some, because they are alone, Right?

Why am I thinking?

Because you're awaiting someone.

And the ones I'm waiting for must be awaiting me outside.

Barman. Yes, sir.

For both the drinks.

Okay, sir.


Thank you.

Excuse me, did you forget something in the bar?

Were you waiting for these guys?


What can be the name of such a strange man like you?


Will you light a cigarette for me?


You didn't ask me my name? What's the point in asking?

Your kind of a girl changes her name Like one changes clothes.

Yes, that's true.

And it's also true that l'm telling a stranger; for the first time...

...that my parents had named me Anita.

I'm proud of you my boy.

You really had a close shave with death. But how did you escape?

I was once again saved by this.

Badge No. 786!

Vijay, Come here.

From today, you'll sit in this chair.


Let me relax a bit now, my boy.

And you're managing everything anyway. So why should I worry?

Best of luck.


Remember, Jaichand? This happened years ago.

You threw money at a shoe-shine, and he had refused to pick it up?

Yes, l do, - And l had said that one day this boy will go places?

I wasn't proved wrong. Vijay is that very boy.

Hello, Ravi. Bye.

There's a call for you from a girl.

Girl? Thanks.

You didn't call in 3 months and how come you're phoning like this?

Hello Ravi, how are you?

Vira, you are..

Vira, l am fine. l am coming back Vira..

My training is over and I'm posted in Mumbai. I'm coming today.

I'm so happy. I wish you were here when l looking l wish to see you!

So why are you scratching your nut? Just look up and see.

Oh my Vira! You naughty girl!


Look, he talked to one girl on the phone..

..and he is embracing another one.

Some have all the luck.

Shall l tell you? Yes.

Or should l keep quiet? No.

About what my heart wishes for?

What is it?

Shall l tell you, or should l keep quiet?

About what my heart wishes for? l will know it only after you express it. l will consider you as smart, l promise you that.


Shall l tell you, or should l keep quiet?

About what my heart wishes for? l will know it only after you express it. l will consider you as smart, l promise you that.

You have thought of just keeping on going.

To make a world away from everyone.

Am l right?

Then tell me. Shall l tell you?

Yes. l have thought of taking you off course. l want to trouble and scare you in a lonely place.

No, no.

No, no don't do that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Shall l tell you, or should l keep quiet?

About what my heart wishes for? l will know it only after you express it. l will consider you as smart, l promise you that.

You have thought of humming something.

Of dancing and making me dance with happiness. ls it correct now?

Then tell me. Shall l tell you? - Yes. l have thought of bringing you closer. l have thought of kissing your pink lips.

No, no.

No, no don't do that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Shall l tell you, or should l keep quiet?

About what my heart wishes for? l will know it only after you express it. l will consider you as smart, l promise you that.

Shall l tell you, or should l keep quiet?

About what my heart wishes for? l will know it only after you express it. l will consider you as smart, l promise you that.

May Police Officer Ravi Verma, come in?



What are you doing? Let go of me!

Why didn't you pen you were coming? I really thought it was a policeman!

You're great! Am I not a real policeman?

Yes you are looking. I'll be in Mumbai now.

You'll see my colours soon. Where's Vijay? - What can l say?

Ever since he has started business he doesn't get a moment's peace.

He comes in after midnight, and hardly eats, if at all.

He doesn't even sleep peacefully. He's forever tossing and turning.

Does money brings insomnia, son? It's both ways.

Having money brings insomnia, and not having it, brings deep slumber.

I think that's Vijay.



When did he come? - Just now, Mom says you come home late.

She stays all alone in this house. But I say the house looks great.

All this furniture, decoration... How did you manage it so soon?

Being a policeman, are you? Take a wash and change! Go on.

Okay, l'll have a bath. l'm very hungry, so serve food fast.

Vijay, you have a bath too. We'll eat together.

He's an officer..

..but he still talks the same way. Mad. l will serve the food, okay. Okay.

All the hardships we experienced were shared by Mom, I and Ravi

And after walking this long road, together, side by side...

...Ravi and l have drifted apart so much.

He's a police officer, and you...

I'm scared I may not have to hear, what you dread to utter, from Ravi.

What are you thinking about?

I was thinking you've given me this flat, this car.

You've bought for me whatever luxury you could buy.

Even that didn't surprise me, But today... telling me your life story you've really bowled me!


You are one of those who can share his joys, but not sorrows.

I'm surprised, that today, by sharing your woes with me...

...why have you honoured me so?

Don't know why, but I feel you can understand me.

Yes, sir.

Give me all the information about those the police suspect.

These are the names, but l'm sorry that I don't know much about them.

One is, Mr. Davar, to the public, he's a hotelier.

That's just a facade 17 years ago...

...he has served a jail-term for smuggling.

He was lying low for years, but now he's respected among smugglers.

There's another man with him.

..very interesting character..

Few years ago, he was a dock-hand But nowadays...

...he owns a very big garage l know...

...this garage is just to throw dust in eyes of law and police.

Actually I'm sure he's one of Davar's biggest partners...

His name?

Vijay Verma.

There are some other men who hang around there two Men like Jaichand, Santosh Mehta...

...Singhania. There are just small fish in the lake. Here, keep this Ravi, are you alright?

Yes sir, l am alright sir.


Give this file to some other officer.

I can't take this particular case. What?

What's the matter? Why can't you take it? l demand an explanation.


Vijay Verma is my brother.

He's my brother, sir.

Oh no.

I'm sure you understand my position, sir.

..l might not be able to carry out this responsibility.

That's why, please give this case to some other officer, sir.

l am sorry.

I can understand your feelings, and I also...

...respect your honesty for being so straightforward about it.

But even then, l'd like you to be in change of this case.

But, sir... Yes! I'd want it like that.

You've procured highest marks in every selection test.

And today, there stands before you the biggest test, which...

...a police officer has to confront very rarely. And you run away?

No, sir I can't go through with this test.

I can't forget he's my brother. Think it over for today.

If you still don't want to go ahead I'll assign somebody else.

But before making a decision, of any sort, just remember...

...that this is that disease which a police officer treats... overcoming all the personal feelings, like a doctor does.

Till today, no doctor has operated on himself!

But if you say so, I'll give it a thought today.

Thief! Thief! Catch him! Catch him!

Stop! Stop, else I'll shoot.

Stop yelling! l hit you in the leg. You won't die.

Tell me! What did you steal?

Just for a loaf of bread?

Salute, sir. Call on ambulance.

Your name? Chandar.

Where do you live?


May l come in? Yes, come in.

I'm sorry but I haven't recognized you.

We've never met.

Then you must be Chander's friend.

Are you his father? Well you see...

Chander's not at home.

I know. l know he's in hospital.

In police custody.

If you don't mind...

...I had brought a few things.

What is it?

You didn't say who are you.

Well, l...

I'm that officer, who had shot your son.

Get out! And take these alms with you!

Get lost!

What is this?

Law man, my foot! Nice justice you give!

Does yourjustice shoot only the poor? What had my son done?

He stole some bread for his parents. If you're such a legal-eagle...

...go and shoot them, who, hoard grain in their godowns.

Shoot them who are up to their ears in black-marketing.

I know nobody punishes them. Only we get shot!


Get out of my house! Get out!

I would like to apologize.

My wife's uneducated, so she... But I've no complain.

Whatever you did, was right.

Theft is a theft. Whether of a penny or a 1,00,000/-!

Actually Chander wasn't like this.

Maybe he couldn't bear to see us go so hungry.

But millions die of hunger in lndia. Should they all become thieves?

I've nothing against you. Whatever you did... was right.

What do you do for a living?

I was a teacher in a school. I retired last year.

Now l do a few tuition's.

I could've got such a lesson, only from some teacher's home.


Yes, Ravi? I'm prepared to take the case, sir.

Good luck.


Give Mr. Agarwal his check.

Here you are, sir.

Thank you.

Keep these building papers with you.

Mr. Vijay.

Now that this deal is done, may I say something?

You're buying this at a very high price. Had you requested...

...l'd have taken much less from you. Please don't mind my saying it.

But you can't do business.

It's you who can't do business.

Even if you'd have asked 1,00,000/- more for it, I'd have bought it.

Really? What's so special about it?

Twenty years ago, when this building was being built... mother had carried bricks on her head!

Today I'm giving it as a gift to my mother.


What's the matter, Mom? What is it, Ravi?

Vijay, l want to tell you something.

Today the Police department. Gave me a list.

It has names of those, who the police suspect... smuggling and other illegal trades.

One of those names... is yours!

Do you have anything else to say to me?

Sign this paper.

What's in it?

It says that you are willing to become an approver.

You'll tell them about your crimes, black money and name your colleagues.

I want your signature on this.

Do you remember the nights we spent on the pavement, starving, as kids?

Will you sign it, or not? Do you remember... mother had to labour to earn 2 Rupees for her medicines?

Will you sign, or not? D'you recall the abuse and rebuff?

Vijay, will you sign, or not?

Yes, I'll sign.

But I won't do it alone. I won't be the first to sign!

Else, get that man's signature who had taken my father's signature.

Or that man's signature who had thrown my mother out of herjob.

And that man's too who had got this tattooed on my arm!

After that... I'll sign on any paper you ask me to, dear brother.

One's sins are not lessened by talking of other people's sins.

Proving others' crimes doesn't alter the fact that you're a criminal.

And that fact, is a wall between us, dear brother...

...and as long as that wall exists, we cannot live under one roof!

I'm leaving this house. Now, this moment.

Come, Mom. - You can go, but Mom will not go. - Come, Mom.

I said Mom will not go! Mother will go.

No Mom. You can't leave me and go.

I know you love me Mom. You can't leave me. - I'm going.

No Mom, you won't!

Who was that man who made your father sign?

Nobody. It's the same with that man who abused, and fired me!

That man who tattooed your name on your arm was also a nobody.

But you? You were my son. My flesh and blood.

How could you tattoo on my head, that her son is a thief?

But I did all this for you. This bungalow, car, money, all for you!

It's all yours. And you're leaving me?


A true businessman, I see. May I tell you one thing, however?

Don't try to buy your mom.

You haven't become so rich, as to buy your own mother.

Let's go, Ravi. Come.

Twenty years ago, when this building was coming up... mother carried bricks on her head for its construction.

Today I'm giving this building as a gift to my mother.

Vijay, come in now.


Make me a drink.


Any cigarettes around? In the cupboard inside.

You wear saris too?

This is not a sari. It's a dream l carry in my mind.

Which was shattered a long time ago.

Dreams, like the waves on the seas...

...shatter on the rocks of life's realities.

Okay, Mom. I'm going to office.

Mom! Yes?

May I say something?

I can't bear to see you sad. If you wish to go back to Vijay...

...I won't mind. I'll drop you there myself.

No, Ravi.

I'll stay here.

With you.

Didn't you always ask...

...who was my favourite?

I'll tell you today. I've always...

...loved Vijay more.

But my love is not blind. It can see...

...what good, and what bad I've done.

Good evening, sir.

Ten minutes ago, cargo from the ship has been sent in that godown.

Two minutes later 2 black trucks have gone in.

That means...

...the goods will leave the godown in 5 minutes.

Damn it!

This telephone's dead! Go and get more police.

But what will you do alone? You don't even have your pistol.

We lost.

You better hurry while I wait for you here.

Stay where you are. We've surrounded this place.

It'll be better, if you surrender yourselves to us.

I don't want any blood shed. Thus l've come here to arrest you.

Before I leave...

If anyone tries to leave this godown...

...he'll be rained with bullets the moment he steps out!

So throw your pistols, and stand in a line.

How do we know there are police? Shankar, go and see.


Why don't you see yourself? Scared you might get shot?

Go! Open the door and see outside.

But if you get shot at, then, you'll be responsible for your death!


I'll give you a minute to think Are you ready... be just arrested, or do you want... leave this place as wounded, or as corpses?

Think it over.

We're ready to do whatever you say, inspector.

Give me your pistol.

Even you, quickly. Hurry up.

Get down! Come on.

Shankar, Shankar. Come on, join them.

So there are no police outside? If not, they'll be here soon.

This too is that Ravi Verma's job! This is his sixth raid!

Within 2 months too! lt's just too much. Davar, sir.

In our field at times the police win and other times, we win.

This can't go on like this. But what about business?

I had promised these guys, that I'd supply the stuff. But...

...thanks to Mr. Ravi Verma...

If you can't supply the goods.

...give us our money back. We can't wait any longer.

Mr. Mulchand.

lnspector Ravi Verma.

Did you see that? It's a simple matter, sir.

Bump off this police officer. What do you say, Vijay?

What's the point in killing him? Another will come.

But he may not be as clever as this Ravi Verma.

True. All alone, and without any gun on him...

...he caught my 8 men red-handed.

I still say, sir...

...send this officer to his Maker. Keep the stupid advice to yourself.

Relax, Viiay relax.

He just said what came to him.

But he must think about the consequences before speaking.

Every cop becomes a staunch enemy of a person who kills a cop!


Is this the only reason why you don't want him to be killed?

Isn't there any other reason?

What are you getting at? What nonsense! What other reason?

Well, Vijay, isn't there any other reason? Tell us.

Yes! He's my brother!

And if you ever talk about him, I'll have your tongue!

Thank God! l thought you would come even here, in uniform!

I'm not late, am l? Never mind.

Those who travel by car, are mostly late.

Do you know why I called you to meet me here, Ravi?

It's beneath you to come to my house...

...and it's against my principles to come to yours.

We could have only met elsewhere.

No, nowhere else, but here.

No matter how much we may drift apart.

Our childhood can never be separated from each other.

Today, when all the bridges are broken between us...

...This was the only one that remained.

This bridge... under which we spent our childhood.

Right here.

Before I say anything, l'd like to ask... This particular moment...

...who's listening to me? A brother, or a police officer?

As long as a brother will speak, a brother will listen.

When a criminal will speak, a police officer will listen.

You've made a lot of foes here. I stopped them today...

But tomorrow l may not be able to.

Take a transfer from here. Go some place else.

Is the criminal, after discarding the garb of a brother, saying this?

I think the wall between us, is much higher than this bridge!

You don't know what the outcome can be, of the path you tread.

The path I've taken, its outcome may be terrible.

But the path that you tread, leads to nothing but misery.

I've already played my card.

Now l may lose, or win.

But you still have the time. Go to some other posting.

No. My principles and, my ideals don't allow me.

Your principles and ideals! Of what use are they?

All your ideals and principles cannot feed you 2 meals.

Those ideals for which you're ready to stake your life...

...what did they bring?

A Rs. 500/- worth of a job. A hired quarter, and a jeep!

And this Khaki uniform. Look at me.

I'm that same boy, and so are you. We both had grown on this pavement.

But look where you've been left and look where I've risen.

I've got real estate, bungalows, a bank balance... a car.

What do you have?

I have Mom!

Hey, wake up. This is the last stop. The train won't go further. Get up.

Unknown? - What else can I say? The body was found in a train.

No sign of his name and nobody has claimed the body. Thus, "unknown"

But he was in a train, so he must be having some luggage.

This bundle with a few clothes. And this photograph too.

The 3rd body is a woman, Name Jamnabai. Age, 40.

You're not writing this down?

This body is not 'unclaimed'.

It's not unclaimed.

Is that you? How come you're early today?

Why are you standing? Go change. There's no water today.

What could l have done, there isn't a single drop of water..

..since the morning.

I couldn't even cook. We'll have to eat the left-over's.

What a headache! I didn't even light the stove today.

Is this how it should be? A man should die of thirst?


Mom... No! No, Ravi, No!

Don't say that, son.

Don't say that!

We've to do the final rites. Light the pyre. Where's the elder son?

Vijay, what shall I say to you?

Your brother left you. Your mother's angry with you.

Every time l told you... don't grieve about it.

But today... How can I say this to you today?

What has happened with you today? Nothing has happened, Anita.

My father had died 20 years ago.

Today he was cremated, that's all.

May I tell you something Vijay?

Get this removed by plastic surgery. Else you'll never forget.

If someone erases the lines from his palm, will it change his fate?

It's not just on my arm, but on my heart...

...mind and soul too.

From where, no plastic surgery on earth can remove it.

This can never be erased. Never!

Right then, Mom. You're leaving, son?

Had you been to the doctor? When will I go? - That's it!

I don't like this negligence! Keep all this. Relax sometimes.

The worry which eroded the heart, is no more.

Now it's nothing but rest for me.

Here you are. I'll tell the doctor on my way.

He'll come and examine you here. Who do you worry, son?

Have those calls been taped? Yes. Come with me.

This is the copy of all those calls made on these numbers.

Are you sure no calls were missed? This tape-recorder is automatic.

Any call made on these numbers, turns on this recorder.

Who are these guys? Obviously not decent people.

Nowadays even the smugglers have no work but to romance on the phone.

Sir, you keep on trying. Okay sir.

Sir, just a minute.

Jaichand? Yes.

Do you have the stuff?

Yes. Okay. Exactly at 4:45...

...leave your hotel Sun and Sea by your car.

En route, at any crossing, Dindayal's men... - 10 mins. Left.


Don't move.

May I coming, sir?

Come, Ravi. Jaichand has made a statement.

Very good.

I want warrants in the name of Mr. Davar, and Vijay Verma.


Mr. Davar.

I've a warrant in your name.

I see.

Can l phone my lawyer? From the police-station.

Get the jeep.

Inform the D.C.P. That l've picked up Davar.

Now l'm going to arrest Mr. Vijay Verma.

Sub-inspector Verma here, yes.

No information as yet?

Highways, Railway. Stations, airport Keep a strict vigil on all these.

Vijay Verma must be holed up somewhere in this city!


So the police are very sure that Vijay is hiding somewhere here.

That's what it says in the papers at least.

The police must not get Vijay. I must get him!

I had promised him. He had started the game...

...but l'll finish it! If the police catch him... will l keep my promise?

A very bad news, Vijay.

Mumbai's total police force, is hounding me, what could be worse?

Your mother's very ill. She's in the hospital.

l will go to meet mother.

There are police at every step. You'll never reach the hospital.



How's your mother now?

Vira, sometimes there comes a time in life...

...when one can't make out what is right, and what is wrong.

Sometimes I wonder how to get a son to see his mother.

But then I've also surrounded this hospital with police so that, If Vijay Verma comes for his Mom, he should be arrested at once.

You don't know, but in these veins along with my father's blood...

...there flows my mother's milk, and my brother's sweat too.

But after all this, is whatever I'm doing, right? ls it correct?

Thousands of years ago, Ariun had asked the same question..

And do you know what Krishna said to him?

I know, dear, l know.

But the one who heard the Lord was none other than Arjun.

And I'm no Arjun, my dear.

It's impossible for you to reach the hospital. I think...

The police suspect you'll come here. They've surrounded the place.

And Mom?

I had asked the nurse. She's very serious.

And I can't go near my Mom!

There's no way, Vijay.

Mom always said, when all the roads seem closed...

...there's only one way.

Today, I'll try that way and see.

Come on!

Anita, you wait here.

You must be very happy today.


The one who didn't climb Your temple's steps till today...

Who didn't bow to You till now...

The one who never folded his hands to You... is begging of You today.

You must be very happy today Happy that today... I came.

But You know, that as l stand here...

That woman, whose forehead has worn out Your threshold...

That woman whose prayers increased as her torments grew.

Who got wronged all her life, yet, kept your lamp burning. That woman!

That woman stands between life and death today.

And it's Your defeat! Yes!

It's Your defeat! What wrong has she done?

What sin, or crime has she done? That she's my mother?

That she gave birth to me? Is it her fault that l love her?

What crime is she being punished for?

We became homeless.

My father became a living corpse. My mother...

...became a widow, having a husband. Yet I never asked anything from You.

But today... I'm asking for something.

Don't punish my mother for the crimes I committed.

I'm surrendering myself to You. Do what You like with me; but...

Give my mother back to me.

Give me my mother.

Give my mother to me.

Anita! Hmm.

My mother used to come to this temple, every single day.

And we brothers used to go our own way from here.

But that our paths will differ so very much...

...I didn't know.

Before going home, son. I'd like to go to the temple.

Okay, Mom.

How are you now? Alright.

Your son had come here.

Not this one, the other one. He asked God to keep you alive.

Your mother's fine, Vijay. She's at home now.

Mom is alright now? Really? Yes.

That's good news you brought.

Now I don't have any worry. Yes. - Come on, have this.

C'mon! Cheers!


You carry on.

Won't you drink?

I've stopped drinking. Why?

I'm going to be a mother.

The mother of your child. But I won't force you to marry me.

Whatever may be... I'll give birth to this baby.

And I'll try to give such a life to my child...

...which, compared to my life, and yours too...

...will be better!

I'll marry you, Anita. Today. Right now.

After that l'll surrender to the police. Yes, my dear.

If we are to give a better life to our child, then...

...l'll have to sacrifice this. To make amends for my sins.

I don't want...

I don't want anyone to tattoo on my son's arm, "His father's a thief."

What's this, Anita?


How did tears flow today?

Come! We'll go to the temple.

Will you wait for some time? I'll just dress up and come.

My mother had given me a sari.

Mother's no more, but that dream... still with me even today. May I go now?

Go, Anita. l'll wait for you.


Who's speaking?



How are you, Mom?

I'm coming to the temple, Mom.

I want your blessings. After that it'll be as you say.

You will come to bless me?

Of course l'll come, son. Most certainly.


Mom... you...

Where's he? Who?

The one who has 'kept' you.

I don't know. Who's wanted by me and the police.

I don't know anything.

You don't know, eh? If you don't tell us...'ll die a terrible death! Where is he?

Everything's done. What's the time in your watch?

9 o'clock.

It's very late.

The boat is hired and we'll have to leave shortly from here.

By tomorrow, we'll be miles away from this place.

You all go.

I've come very far as it is. I'll have to go back now.




Don't leave me and go, love. I'll be all alone; so lonely.


Vijay. Yes, Anita.

We had thought of so many things short time ago.

Our child. Our home.

And now all our dreams are shattered. No, my dear.

Vijay! Yes.

Hold me close to you. Yes, Anita.

Closer, closer. Yes, Anita.

Don't be scared. I won't, Vijay.

I won't let you die. No l won't, Anita.

I had died... long ago, Vijay.

Today, it's kind of...

...a new birth for me. No... Just tell me who they were.

Who were they, dear? I'm scared...

I'm scared what you might do.

Please, Anita. Please.

I told... them... nothing.

No, Anita... No!




I want Samant. Where's he?

Giria palace, top floor.

What are you saying?

Are you sure it was Vijay Verma?

All this proves that he went towards Samant's house.

We'll surround Samant's house.

Yes sir!

Sir l promise..

Today the police will definitely catch Vijay Verma.

At any cost.

Yes, sir.

Today I want your strength and your blessings, Mom.

May God not tremble your hand, when you shoot.

You're going?

Yes. A woman has done her duty.

Now a mother is going to wait for her son.

Who is it?

Who the hell are you?

You! Why are you here?

Keep your distance, I say Don't come near me.

No Viiay!

No! No Viiay!

No Viiay, no.

Go up with your men. And you all, surround the building.

Viiay Verma..

The police have surrounded you.

You have no way to escape. Surrender yourself to the police.

Surrender yourself.

Brother stop!


Stop, brother. Else I'll shoot.


May God, not tremble your hand when you fire at him.

You'll come to bless me, Mom?

Of course l'll come, son.

Brother! Brother stop!


Brother stop!


Stop, Vijay.

I've come, Mom. See? l'm here.


What happened, son? What happened to you?

Tired... l'm damn tired, Mom.

Fighting it out with life... I'm very tired, Mom.


I'm feeling sleepy, Mom.


I want to sleep, Mom.

You... you're not angry with me, are you, Mom?

No, son. I'm not angry with you.

I'm not angry with you. Mother!


Remember, Mom? On the pavement...

You used to put me to sleep in your arms.

I could never sleep staying away from you.

I could never really sleep.

Today, yet again, my head... in your lap, Mom. Put me to sleep this once again.

No, son! Don't say that.

Don't say such things.


Everything will be fine, Mom.

You're not angry with me, are you? No, son.

Mom... Bless me, Mom.

Yes, son. I'll bless...


You can't leave me and go, son.