Defective (2017) Script

Good morning Rhett.

Good morning Rhett Murphy.

Friendly reminder that you currently have two strikes issued against you as well as two warnings.

Please monitor and keep track of these for your well being.

Please update calendar for further scheduling.

The State Enforcement Agency would like to remind you that there is a very important live address from Ora Green at 11 a.m. this morning.

Please tune in at your convenience.

For further information please a... the charts.

What the S.E.A. is offering is structure.

What the S.E.A. is offering, more importantly, is a hopeful future.

Yeah, but at what cost, the taxpayers?

Do they see the amount of money that's being spent?

Do they see the new Liberty death drones the S.E.A. is popping out?

It's not going to be a matter of waking up in the morning, looking outside and saying, geez what a beautiful day, let's go out and enjoy it.

It's going to be a preserver of the peace in your face saying yes, it's going to be a beautiful day.

Yes, you can enjoy it, under these guidelines.

I'm sorry but I have to disagree.

I think that people like to create fantasies out of situations like this when you...

Um, excuse me.

Are you in the right spot?

Yeah, I think so.

Is Catherine not coming in today?

Oh, uh, yeah, that.

I thought people knew already.




I'm sorry.

Alright, wonderful first impression.

Okay, let's talk in broad strokes here.

Alright, this is a safe place.

This is for those haters out there.

I think the penultimate choice we have to make as a body politic is to be united as a whole.

I really don't see any other way.

And that's the other thing, these things take time.

I mean this isn't supposed to happen overnight.

I feel like we have people out there losing faith in the system.

I mean when did it get to this point, seriously?

I'm asking you, when did we make the choice to stop having patience?

Scratch that, patience, well, it's not really the right word.

Belief, maybe?

Yeah, I don't know, but I know that there was a time when we would take things day by day knowing that the outcome would be worth the wait.

You just don't see that anymore.

Now, this is the point where I'll get people calling in bringing up these reports, right?

I mean, I should say alleged reports of violence and intimidation by the S.E.A..

This is non-essential Who are you?

Fear mongering by a group of people that actively fight change.

There's absolutely no proof to any of these claims.

I live in a condo complex on the south end and prior to this so-called intrusion by the S.E.A., we had weekly, if not daily, break-ins with several of the residents.

Now if we cut to now, we haven't had a single disturbance in at least two years maybe even three, I love it.

These preservers of peace set out to do exactly what they're here for.

I find them quite welcoming myself.

I mean, I take great comfort in even walking past them on the way to the bus stop, on the way to the station, on the way to the store, never...

Whoa, whoa.

Are you okay?

Hey, hey, it's okay.

I know too much.


I know everything.


I'm sorry if I came off like an asshole.

This Catherine, is she a good friend of yours?

Sorry, I just assumed that when someone gets canned around here it's like in a monthly newsletter or hanging off a fridge magnet and a bulk email.

I'm Pierce, office simpleton.

I'm Jean.

Nice to meet you, Jean.

Want to grab a coffee?

We're standing inside the governor's hall following the extensive council meeting with members of office and state.

Just moments ago, Ora Green, the newly appointed spokeswoman for the S.E.A. had this to say.

What the state, along with the S.E.A., has in force will ensure a safer tomorrow for this country.

12 more months and approval from the appropriate sources and we will be able to expand to another state, then another and another.

Crimes rates in the state are now 47% lower than when we started three years ago.

Now, imagine that on a countrywide scale, if not a global scale.

Please continue to support the State Enforcement Agency and know that your votes matter.

With the Washington Monument in the background, the President has just arrived off his helicopter, he's coming from Camp David to spend...

Bring in Rhett Murphy, please.

So, are you a transfer?


So what do you think so far?

Cubicle's nice, it's got that shit dull look like all the other ones, city's a bit bigger than what I'm used to, but I'll manage.

Uh, where you from, originally?

It's not even a speck of dust on the map.

How about you, small town or a city girl?


Very nice.

Very nice.

I gotta say, holy shit.

The coffee?

Yeah, that too.

The suits in this city.


Did you not have them where you're from?

Well, one or two, nothing like this.

They're fucking everywhere.

Like cockroaches.

I feel like the walls are closing in.

Uh, you can't smoke that in here.

Fuck 'em.

You know, I love that this little corporate plan is for a bunch of brainwashed assholes to stand around and look tough with guns, and it appears to be working.

And you know this State Enforcement Agency?

They've got their hands in every pie, this place too.

You know I've been living in this city my entire life.

I know what kind of threats are on the streets and I know what the suits have done, and I think they're helping.

Jean, wake the fuck up.


If that's the word we're going to use for aggressive acquisition then fuck me, right?

Who are you?

You have to put out that cigarette.

Come on, they're coming, the cigarette.

Yes, it is.

Citizen, unless posted otherwise, smoking is prohibited in this facility.


I guess I didn't read that in the welcome pamphlet.

Smoking is banned within all places of business.

You will put out that cigarette and hand over the rest of your pack.

Final warning.

Final smoke.


I'm not having it out.










I give.

But you know, I'm not going to lie to you, though, I was kind of curious what would happen at the end of that little countdown.

Please proceed to the enforcement station in the front hall for your warning and fines.

On your way.

Apparently I'm just a troublemaker.

Fear, it's what they want.

Don't be afraid.

Oh, my God.

Mr. Murphy, I'm Special Officer Jacobs with the State Enforcement Agency.

Two strikes have been issued under your name, all of which are for unpaid bills and six months delinquency on rent payment on your domicile.

You also have three other warnings against you.

Two for fights that occurred in the last three months and one for assaulting a preserver of peace.

It would appear that up until six months ago you had a pretty exemplary record.

You had also spent four terms of service in Ukraine before being honorably discharged.

I also spent a year there when I finished school.

What unit did you serve with?

Okay, well, in your time out of country you missed your state submission by the State Enforcement Agency.

Anybody deemed unfit or insufficient by the S.E.A. will be removed to a state prison facility for re-education.

But because of your military history and because I have a soft spot for people in service, the S.E.A. is willing to forgive this incident under the following provisions.

I just tried to save someone's life.

Is that a crime now?

Because what it looked like to me was public execution.

You'll be asked to see an S.E.A. ordered psychiatrist based on your condition.

In the event...

I'm leaving.

Leaving where, exactly?

Leaving the state.

You'll be removed from your current residence following an insurance investigation.

A preserver of peace agent will be there in about an hour to help you with the transition.

Failure to agree to these terms will result in another warning.

The state has changed and you need to change, too.

I sympathize...

I don't give a shit if you sympathize or not.

I know what I saw and my answer is still the same, I'm leaving.

Mr. Murphy, nobody leaves the state, not anymore.

The state thanks you for your contribution.

That'll be all.

I need you to make a house call.

20 minutes in Fairwood Estates.

Where's David?

Not available, and listen you cannot pull a stunt like that in the cafeteria again.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't doing anything.

I don't care, you get one warning here and you are gone.

What the hell do you think happened to Catherine, hmm?

Something very questionable is going here.

They are moving employees faster than I can keep track and I have zero protection from HR this term.

Nose to the grindstone.

That's all.

I saw the photo in the file.

I didn't think it was you.

Look at you, look at you.

You're leaving.

Where are you going?

Rhett Murphy.

Is that you?

How long have you been back?

Six months.

Six months?

I don't, I don't get what this is about.

I don't have a lot of time and, uh...


And you can't be here, you have to go.


Jean, please. No!

I'm not going.

You do not get the privilege of pushing me out of your life, if that's what you think you're doing.

You know they had to pull me from your room, practically kicking and screaming.

We thought you died.

What did they say happened?


What did they say happened to me?

Somebody said something about an accident but, other than that, there was no word, nothing.

Don't you remember?


Talk to me, please.

What happened to you?

Rhett Murphy?

It's time.

Time for what?

Collect your belongings and meet us outside for transfer.

Not without an official insurance check on the premises.

I haven't completed that yet.


By who?

The State Enforcement Agency, Mr. Murphy is now under our care.

Five minutes, starting now.

No, no, no, no this is bullshit!

You can't just pull him out like that.

He'll be processed for re-evaluation, we're done here.

What's going on?


I refused the offer.

I'm leaving the state.

I'm just going to pack my things and go.

That is a failure to comply with the guidelines of the S.E.A.

Mr. Murphy, you are now under restrictive law to come with us.

Failure to do so will result in another warning.

One more warning will equal a status as defective.

What the hell does that even mean?

You have 10 seconds.

You have no right to pull this right now.

Step away!



Just go with them I'll figure it out.

Eight. Let me go.


Six. Get out of here, Jean.




Step away.



Please, just let me go.


Immediate designation defective, punishment effective immediately.

Oh, God, what did I do?

They were going to kill you.

Why were they going to kill you?

They were going to arrest me.




This is all because of you, this isn't me!

Why didn't you leave?

Because you're my brother.

I gotta get you out of here.

And go where?

You have no idea what you have done.

You will not get away with this.

We are watching.

Here's a new one and it's hot.

Shake well before serving.

Ladies and gentlemen. Shh.

It's morning alright, hey, hey, hey, steady, steady man.



Move, go!

Don't look back, run!

Keep moving!

Go, go!


Miss Green?

Miss Green?

I'm sorry, can you repeat that last part?

I have to be protected.

My company's interests have to be protected.

Closing the borders is like trying to put a rattlesnake into a coffee can.

This was all discussed and planned five years ago.

You knew it was part of this phase of the operation.

It's effective, this is working.

Everything that we're doing is working.

This is an efficient, perfectly oiled machine and it's a machine you're willingly trying to fuck over.

Do not undermine me or go over my head.

I will destroy you.

Do not put yourself in that place because I will enjoy doing it.

Well, I've dealt with unmanageable people like yourself.

As for you, Miss Green, I don't mind saying, you can be a real irritable cunt.

I've been called worse, thank you.

Look, I know you have a full evening, but this is high priority.

He trusts you for the recent news about today's classic bungle, Rhett Murphy, Jean Harlan.

Of course, but before you ask I am preparing statements and diversion tactics.

Who do we have in the field for this?

We have you.

I'm too tired for practical jokes.

And I am too tired to joke.

Now you'll be receiving new information within the hour.

These two are officially fugitives of the state.

Track, catch and report to me immediately for final assessment.

You'll have as many preservers of the peace as you need at your disposal. I hardly think that...

No, no, this comes from the very top and they are starting to breathe down my neck, too.

I mean, your field work speaks for itself.

With borders shut down in just a few months I can't...


Turn this version of yourself off for a second.

These two need to be found.

Failure to do so and the repercussions, well, you know what they are.


Get this done, okay?

What's all that mean, then?

It means we don't sleep tonight.

Ora Green.

This is a far cry from the Ora Green I remember.

What can I help you with, Special Officer Jacobs?

I know we have an enemy of state situation.

No thanks to you or your station.

It was a misstep, for sure.

Please, let me help.

I've got people on it already, thank you.

I know I've made a mistake.

I'm not going to gloss over what happened between us.

But I hate that desk you've got me behind.

I'm overqualified and you've still got me pushing pencils for corporate bigots of the state.

I can't, it's demoralizing.

You just do what you do, stick to that.

I'm very busy, good luck to you.

Technically, you can't stop me from helping you.

Always a pleasure.

Come here.

I need a hospital.

The bullet just grazed the hairline.

The sound was worse than the actual damage.

These will take care of

the swelling and the pain, swallow.

You killed all of them.

They were going to kill you.

No, I can't do this.

Jean, come on.

Listen hey, hey.

What are you doing?

When you were young and you were scared you used to put your hand in mine.

You need help.

We both need help right now, okay?

And I just need a minute.

Yeah, okay.

If you need a minute to yourself then, hurry up.



What the fuck?

I don't give a shit.

Unit G17, please.


It's all good.

It's all good.

All set, just, uh...

We weren't here.

Man, I'm just a guy that works a minimum wage piece of shit job, okay?

All I care about is my games.

I didn't see shit.

You say you know someone at Border Control.

Do they know we're coming?


Please, these are important questions.

You didn't have to be here.


Okay, I'm trying to put the pieces back together, but something is wrong.

But you put yourself in this situation.

You chose to come to the apartment.

I told you to go, I did.

Shaun, they knew your name.

They want you.

Why even bother running?

I think it would be in our best interest to involve the S.E.A.

I know what they do.

They help people, they can help you.

You could probably stay with me in the city.

Please, Shaun, they're not just some faceless corporation.

They're in the business of...

They're in the business of killing people.

You saw it, too.

There's something going on here and we're not sticking around to see the end result.

If you want to trust in something, trust in me.

How am I supposed to do that?

I am doing the fucking best I can!

And how is that, exactly?

The two of us running like criminals?

What do you want me to say?

I want something other than whatever the fuck this is!

Christ, Shaun, I want to know what happened to my fucking brother!

I don't know!

Jesus fucking Christ!

Then what happens when we get out of state?


Say we do cross the border and I go with you.

Who am I leaving everything behind for?

I do remember the hands.

My hand in yours.

Look, if you have to leave, I can't stop you.

No, you can't.

I need you back.

I need my brother back if he's still in there.

And you need me.

I want to help you.

Will you let me?

Shaun, there has to be some other way.

Side wall.

Cover your ears.


Don't leave my side.

Try not to breathe.




Help us, please.

Oh, shit!

You have nowhere to run.

We will always find you.

I know that if I would have given you like another two minutes with that guy you would have totally had him.

Hey, hey come here.

Take it easy.

Get off of me!


You can come with me but we gotta go right now.

I can help you.

Do not move, stay in place.

Wait, wait, wait!

What the hell are you doing here?

Pulling my goddamn weight!

I'm writing you up for this.

We have one of them, the girl.

We also caught another, somebody trying to help her.

Do you have Rhett Murphy?

Still looking.

I'll get these two transferred to our Moore facility.

No, skip that, executive decision, immediate assessment as defective, punishment effective immediately.

That's what they're telling us to do, so do it, now.

Find Murphy soon.

Jesus Christ.

I don't even know these guys, okay, alright?

Just let me explain.

Just let me explain, okay?

You violated rule 1123, the aiding of a known fugitive.

What does that even mean?

I just work here.

Okay, that's it.

Just let me fucking exp...


Hold still.

Process this one.

What are you doing?


You have an executive order.

And I'm changing it, you shouldn't even be here.

Take her away.

A good preserver of peace is hard to come by.

They'll stand by my decision.

You don't know what you're getting yourself into.

It's better than what I have.

I'm good at this and you know it.

If you're so good, than where is Rhett Murphy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy, easy, Turbo, fuck!

You've been shot, I'm taking you to a safe spot and I've made a call.

Someone's gonna come patch you up, okay?

What the fuck?

Fuck man, you made a stand.

You made a fucking stand, attaboy!

Aw, man, that takes stones.

That little stunt at your apartment, they get people talking.

And talk scares the suits and it scares the ever-living shit out of the S.E.A..

Who are you?

Game changer, rule breaker.

Wake up, open your eyes.

It's alright.

You will do such wonderful things for us.

Alright everyone, she's up, move into position.

We need to be flying optimal.

20 cc's of diazepam, prepare the head.

Hold still, keep it still please, miss.

Just hold her.

Three sessions.

Here we go.

One, two, three.

Perfect, that's it, thank you.

Install bi-C please, hold for system start up.

Inject in three, two, one.

Excellent, system start up, please and thank you.

Cerebral re-orientation complete.

Cover for spectrum sensory reprogramming.

Okay, she's done.

Let's have her nap, please.

Bring in the next one.

Oh, God!


I got it.

We'll keep you here from being a stuck pig for an hour.

I've got a doc on the way.

I know what I'm doing.

That's good.

Oh yeah, good call.


Get a band-aid on that, moron.

Okay, so, uh, this is going to hurt like a real motherfucker.

What is that?

The name we've settled with was son of a bitch.


Perfect, here we go.


Fills the hole, plugs the veins, sources out the infection and puts a temporary block on it.

Couple shots of fentanyl and you'll be all smiles.

Please don't puke on me.

Oh, I gotta get out of here.

Well, good luck with that.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Well, for one, I may not let you.

Two, if the plan is to go get the girl, you're too late.

They scooped her up right after I got you.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

There's nothing you can do for her.


Not that it's going to make anything better, but, uh, they're not going to kill her.

I've got tabs in G60 lens on almost every suit in town.

These corporate fuck sticks have like a processing plant, it's a small outfit.

You know, put in the rejects, pop out the suits.

It's like a suit kitchen.

She's going to wish she was dead.


Well, it's not my finest work, but, it'll do.

You know me, I know you.

What is happening to me?

You should've stayed out of state, Shaun.

You get in familiar settings and it starts triggering memories, blank spaces.

It's a major fucking defect of doing a wipe.

It's like taking an eraser to pencil, leaves that lead residue.

You, Shaun, Rhett, you were a suit, my friend.

One of its first kind, too.

They didn't have any volunteers at first, so they just scooped up people out of the blue, used them up, dumped them.

But we got to you before that.

You used to work for the state and then you worked for me.

What did we do, exactly?

We started a revol-fucking-lution.

Hi mom, I miss you.

When are you coming home?

Let me tell you about my day.

I played and I watched TV.

I'm not looking forward to bedtime, but I am looking forward to see you.

I love you, mom, I'll talk to you later.

Hey sweetie, I got your little video.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I couldn't be home tonight I, I've just been...

Mommy's been very busy, but um,

but I promise you that, um...

Sorry, it's just I, I have Breckeridge on the line.

I'm busy at the moment.

I know, again I'm sorry.

He is insisting on a status report.

And I will call him back later.

He's new, isn't he?

A little green, we all start somewhere.

How's your girl?

She's growing up fast.

Does Francis...


Seriously, what are you actually doing here?

What stake do you have in this?

I already told you.

I made the same oath to God, country and state you did.

It didn't really get me anywhere.

Unlike some people.

I made a mistake that cost lives and put others in danger.

Your family, mine.

These people that think they're above everything that we do, it's never enough.

Just rodents in a cage, right?

Except this one managed to get out.

Your one rodent, Mr. Murphy, he got out.

If he's your mistake, why aren't you out there looking for him?

I don't need to.

And why is that?

Because you have the bait.

This place man, this state.

I don't know how they managed to get this far, but they did.

They counted on the public being sheep.

I have a little more faith than that.

Shaun, there's a movement, a resurgence of human will.

When the country folded and the S.E.A. took over they put fear in us.

Do this or that'll happen.

Be that or this'll happen.

They're putting the wool over our fucking eyes.

This, is a list, tax records, income reports, health statistics, phone records, internet records, dates, times, addresses.

Who you fucked, who you didn't fuck.

Every possible detail about every human living in the state.

Complete and total state surveillance.

This list reads like the fucking naughty list from Santa Claus, okay.

If you no longer live a certain lifestyle that the S.E.A. deem appropriate, you're defective.

Almost instant execution.

Word hasn't gotten out yet, but they've already started and they're doing at will in the streets now, too.

They've been building up to this the whole time.

Pushing people into the corner with fear and forcing them into acceptance.

Taking out the independent thinkers until their whole state is nothing but their perfect fucking gene pool.

Next thing, the country, maybe even the world.

It's not a city corporation like the S.E.A. pulling the strings anymore, it's something big, really fucking big.

And I'm not talking like Washington big.

We need to stop it.

With what, a couple of people, us?

Sometimes that's all it takes to make a fucking difference, man.

They have a defect, it's like a registry or a supercomputer.

Every little thing that they need in order to keep their operation running is on there.

If we can cripple it they lose control.

I've been working on this sturdy boy.

I haven't thought of a catchy name for it yet, but if that thing acts as a bomb, this is the fuse.

I hope.

Shaun, we used you.

You'd been a suit for a couple of years at that point.

You and I worked very closely together.

We needed superior inside access that we couldn't get our hands on.

That was you, man.

I just think, I don't know, maybe you saw too much.

Got you a new identity, got you out of the system.

What if you were meant to be here?


What do you think?

I'm going back for her.

They will kill you, Shaun.

This company is the devil.

You cannot win a battle against hell on your own.

You still have a chance at something else.

Let me give you a clean slate, a fresh start, call it my apology.

I don't want to sound like an asshole, but she's gone.

I think you're here for a reason.

The people, they need someone like you, a hero.

It's your call.

Tell me where to find my sister.

Human anatomy, shall we begin?

Rhett Murphy.

Enough, it's already too late for her.

If you're smart you'll let us continue.

It's good for her, it's a path to a better future.

Give yourself up willingly and we'll strike a deal.

Do it.

Enough, put the weapon down now.

Miss Green would like to see you.

You have nowhere to...

I need this.

I need this.

What made you come here?

I want my sister.

Your sister's gone, Rhett.

Jean, Jean, it's me.

Jean, listen to me.

Focus on my voice.



We've got to get you out of here.

We stick together, right?

That's right, come on.

Should we not be informing Breckeridge?

Not yet.

How much longer?

20 minutes.



What's wrong?

I need a minute.

I don't know how to use this.

One minute.

Jesus Christ.

What have you been doing since I've been gone?

You have to hide.

We have to run.

No, you can't, get inside.

We have...

Shaun, now!

Oh, fuck.

Shaun, are you okay?

The gun.

I'm out.



Drop to one knee, press the butt of the rifle deep into your shoulder.


Hey, nice job.

Where now?

A stitch, I just need a minute.


thank you.

It's just us now, come on.


Something's happening.

It burns, oh my God, it's burning!

What's wrong, what's wrong?

It's right here. Where?

Oh my God, it burns!

I can't see anything.

Cut it out, cut it out it's right there.

Okay, okay, okay.

Hold still, don't move.


I can't let you do it.

Please, help.

You have to give her to us, Shaun.

You two, don't move, stay where you are.

Excellent work, I'll contact the authorities.

I'll alert Breckeridge.


You have to die.

Rise and shine, long time no see.

Any ideas would be more than welcome.

Well, throw another robot probably wasn't the greatest idea.

What was I supposed to do?

What the hell happened to her?

Yo, easy.

What did you do to her?

I had to.

Shaun, do you have any idea who she is?

Let her go.

Fix it or I'll squeeze the fucking life out of you.

Okay, fuck it.


Let her go right now!

I can't do this without her.

We've been working together for the past couple years.

You should have stayed away.

And you could have stopped him.

You could have left him behind!

What's wrong with her?

Every preserver has a microchip implanted in the back of their neck.

It runs parallel to the nervous system.

They all run on its singularity.

You had one, too.

She didn't get the full regime, just basic instincts and principles.

We need one member from the State Enforcement Agency who's authorized and we need one preserver of the peace agent in order to oversee it.

Grab another one.

No, it has to be her.

We can influence her to do it, she's fresh.

Doesn't have any of the baggage like the other ones do.

I had to improvise.

Shaun, wait!

I'm taking my sister and we're leaving the state, that was the plan.

How do you expect to do that in her current state?

I'll improvise.

You won't make it!

And you sure as hell won't be able to cross the state line.

S.E.A. are locking down the borders.

It's their final phase, complete state control, nobody gets out.


Realistically, what's outside of the state for you?

Because if we don't act now this won't be the only state like this, and you and your sister will be hunted as far as you can travel.

I've done things I'm not proud of and one day I'm going to have to pay for those things.

I have a daughter.

I cannot have her grow up in this world and experience some of the things that I've had to see and do.

Shaun, whether you like it or not, your actions put something into motion today.

There's a core group of people out there, people that we know.

Once the system's down, they'll know.

One single act by just one of these people, one act of public defiance that doesn't even garner a reaction from the S.E.A., when the rest of the state sees that it'll be the start of something new.

With no working system in place the S.E.A. won't have enough time to respond.

But I can't do it without her, she's the missing piece here.

I understand this is a lot for you.

If you try and stop me.

Whoa, Ora.

Too much has happened to stop this now!

And frankly, this is so much bigger than you could possibly comprehend.

You knew that at one point.

You let us take her.

You help us, that'll help her, too.

And I will personally guarantee that you both leave the state.

On that you have my word.

What's it gonna be, Shaun?

Gonna help us out?

You ready?


No wait, wait, no, no!

This way.

Ora, what the hell was that guy doing here?

He wasn't supposed to be.

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.


Ora Green!


Just give the gun over. Shh!

The property's surrounded.

This is Jacobs 1186, we're good to go.

Copy that.

I told you, nobody leaves.

This subject is defective.

They're gonna kill you for this, you know that.

They're gonna kill your your daughter, you piece of shit!

Move, go!


We're recording their satellites and sending a program into their formatting.

Which means what, exactly?

I'll be a target, too.


I didn't feel that.

Here's that little SOB.

Just put that thing anywhere in the system and watch it work its magic.


Come on, come on.

It's worth it.

It may not seem like it now,

but it is.

Got it.

The fuck if it is.

Come on.


Come on!

Thank you.

Go get 'em.


I'm coming!



Ora Green.

Badge number 122386.

Initialize transfer to system room now.

Denied, two unidentified subjects detected in chamber.

Please exit and remove subjects.

Override, code 122480.

Code 196043, respond!


Please remain calm until removal from chamber.



Remain calm and wait for the authorities.

I've seen this before.

There are other species out there invested in our future.

What kind of future?

A future we don't want.

Shutting down the system, will it fix her?

You have to hurry. Answer me!

Yes, but we have to do this first.

Will it work?

Jesus Christ.

There are two command switches on the side.

I can't get us out of here unless I get this working first.

I promised and I'll stick to that.


How are we possibly going to be able to beat this?

All species rely on dominance.

Human, animals, everything.

How do you think this started in the first place?

We're just a devious science experiment in a dish.

We have our planet, they can keep their own.

Jean, place your hand on the panel.

That is an order.

I will not do that.

What's happening?

She's been reprogrammed.


Just wait.

Ora Green, you are beyond your office parameters.

You are no longer necessary.

Please don't do this.

We have to stop this.

Whoever is in control, whoever is listening, I am not the only one and you will not fucking win this!

You've been deemed defective.

Punishment effective immediately.

I'm sorry, sweetie.


Rhett Murphy.

Just listen to me.

You just get the fuck out of her right now.

Jean, it's me, it's Shaun.

We have killed many a parasite and you will be no different.

We will not stop until we have cleansed this populace and restored it to its proper state.

No, this will pass.

I will push your existence into darkness.


It's me.

I'm here.


Are you willing to kill her?

You are one and the same.

Your weakness is her weakness.


You can't be here.


I, I don't want you here.

I left you.

I left mom, I left dad, I left you.

I was a coward.

And I didn't even know who I was anymore but something kept pulling me back.

It was you.

Jean, I am so sorry.

Back away!

She will kill you and I will kill her.

You cannot stop this.

I can't, but she will.

And you will not get one more day to turn these people against each other.

And you need to fight, you need to reach in there and fight it.

You need to be smarter and faster than I was and fight!

I'm trying!

I'm not strong enough.

My hand in yours, Jean.


Shut this down.


Both of you will die down here!

No, we won't.


Get out.

Die with him.

Fight this.


I'm so sorry.



I'm so sorry.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Where are we?

Can you help me?