Delirious (1991) Script

Good morning. Hermes Cable TV. Can I help you?

I've been waitin' all morning for your guy. Where is he?

He's probably tied up in the field, sir. I'm sure he'll be there soon. Please hold.

No, wait!

What gives with this?

Look at the time.

What is this? Oh, this is ridiculous.

Hermes Cable TV. It's me again. He's still not here!

I'm sure he's on his way. He's one of our most reliable men. Please hold.

No! Don't put...

If you wanna get anything done, you gotta do it yourself. Come on, you son of...

Hermes Cable TV. Hello. Hello!

Please hold.

Are you still holding? I've got somethin' for you to hold, lady.

Sir, if this is an obscene phone call, we have ways of tracing it.

I want you to trace it. I demand that you trace it!

My address is...


Thank you!

Where the hell have you been?

I've been waiting over four hours!

Our cable went down on the West Side. I've been up to my ass all morning.

I waited three weeks for an appointment! You think I enjoy doin' this to people?

OK, it's not your fault. I'm sorry. Forget it, OK? There it is right there. OK?

Sorry. I am.

What have you got? I got a black bar on 2, sometimes on 7.

It's probably the connector.

You've been playin' with this, haven't you?

No, I haven't. Yes, you have.

No, I haven't!

You ain't got nothin' on here. HBO, Disney, nothin'.

Just a black bar on 2, sometimes on 7. You want 'em?

I can give 'em to you for... 50 bucks?

Nobody's gotta know.

Yeah. Give me the whole thing. I'll take the whole package. OK. Set me up.

Forget it. Don't do it. What?

I don't want it. They'll catch me. They will. I know that.

All right. Suit yourself.

You fixed it! How did you do that? It was the connector.

Pretty good, huh? Terrific. Oh, yeah.

Give me this. I wanna hear it.

What's the rush, Paul?

Rachel, your father is still in intensive care, and I am still his doctor.

I don't want you to go!

But, Rachel, your father could die!

We all have to die... Sometime.

Jeez, what a body! Laura is more than a body.

Laura? Laura Claybourne. She plays Rachel.

Sorry. You must really follow this shit.

No. I write this shit.

Yes, Mom, I got the brownies.

And the Mace. Mom, will you please stop worrying?

Everyone gets mugged here at least once a week.

Guess what. I'm going up for a part on your favorite soap.

Beyond Our Dreams. Yes, really!

Just a minute, operator. Hang on, Mom.

Oh, shoot!

I'll be right there, Mom!

I'm sorry. I didn't see you. Here, let me help you up.

Jeez. I am sorry.

Are those real?

I don't know what to say. Excuse me. I'm on a call.

These things happen, I guess.

I'm terribly sorry. I didn't see you.

I didn't see her. I just didn't see her!

Mom, you can't believe what...

Where have you been? You missed the run-through.

Monday's show is two minutes over. The Sherwoods cut a scene.

Without telling me? They said we'd discuss it. They're always doin' this!

Did you get that refrigerator for Laura? Yeah.

That should keep her happy for a week. Mickey, I know you don't like her, but she's very sensitive. She's got more going on than people think.

Is it visible to the naked eye? Jack, when are you gonna stop kiddin' yourself?

What are you talkin' about? There's nothin' goin' on between me and Laura.

I know that. But do you?

Mr. Sherwood, if you hold one sec... Jack! Please!

Nervous, huh?

Don't worry, honey, it's just a reading.

Not bad.

Hey, Jack. Hi. You got those eight by tens great.

Are you all right? I'm gettin' used to it.

I am really sorry.

Oh, no! What am I gonna do? I've got an interview in five minutes!

An interview? Oh, for the production secretary? I'll make sure you get it.

No, I'm not a secretary. I'm an actress.

What are you up for? The lesbian maid? No, Janet Dubois.


You can't be here for Janet. We're not using Janet.

Look, I don't know who you are, but I'm supposed to read for Janet.

I'm here to see the Sherwoods. The Sherwoods?

Yes. I knew it.

We agreed on no Janet! Now they're bringin' in Janet!

Goin' behind my back again. I'm the producer.

And you're not gonna get away with it!

Move! Come on!

Why is he doing this to me?

What the hell is going on? Why are you casting Janet? You're always doing this.

Jack, we're just meeting a few actresses. I mean, we might use Janet down the line.

But we agreed Janet wasn't interesting. She's dull.

All right. No Janet. Happy?

It's just that we should discuss these things.

We read your new bible. Some good stuff.

Oh, thanks. And some bad stuff, too.

You got the Hedisons losing all their money. What kind of bullshit is that?

Arlene, I don't like the hostility I'm hearing.

People like the Hedisons just the way they are: rich, ruthless, glitzy.

I just think the audience'll love that Rachel has to get a job!

Jack, I thought we already discussed this whole thing about Rachel.

What whole thing?

Oh, no! Rachel stays in the show.

Listen, boychik, Laura's contract is coming up. Do you have any idea how much money those mamzers at the William Morris office are asking?

She's worth it! Rachel works great and so does my new bible!

Jack, if you'll excuse me, part of your new bible works great.

We both love this Jack Gates character, this Wolf of Wall Street. It's brilliant.

Great character, great. But forget Rachel! She's out!

We got a good idea. Rachel is horseback riding with Paul. The horse throws her.

Goodbye, Laura. Goodbye, Morris Agency.

No. Forget it. Or we can give her a brain tumour.

Wonderful, a brain tumour! What's that, the third brain tumour this season?

So what? Jack, it's a long season.

Oh, I don't believe this!

Come on! This sounds like the kinda crap Arnie Fetterman would come up with!

You're bringin' in Arnie Fetterman, aren't you? He's gonna rewrite me.

Absolutely not.

Are we gonna bring in hamburger when we already have steak on the table?

You'll kill the show! You don't know what the hell you're doing!

How dare you talk to us like that? Do you hear the mouth he's opening?

I'm sorry. I don't like fighting and arguing. I just feel very strongly about this.

Who cares how you feel? This is a television show.

Arlene, he's talking feelings. We have to listen.

I'll tell you what. You think about Rachel and we'll think about Rachel. Is that fair?

I guess. So what's with the long face?

We'll work things out.

There's a lot of love in this room, Jack.

We love you. And we hope you love us.

Of course I love you. It's just I still... We'll talk Monday.

What about me? Don't you love me? I included you in that love.

He meant you. I meant you.


Ceil, get me Arnie Fetterman.

Yeah. Yeah, Arlene, I told you, I'll work the Janet character into the story.

I'm getting rid of Rachel with the horseback riding, even as we speak.

Now will ya stop nudging?

Quiet, everybody! Roll cameras.

Billionaire patriarch Carter Hedison, having recently recovered from a brain tumour, battles death once again as his ambitious daughter Rachel plots her next move.

Will she marry Dr. Paul Kirkwood, or will she learn of his affair with Nurse Helen Caldwell?

Which began, ironically, in the very bed now occupied by her stricken father.

Well, Paul? How's he doing?

These heart-lung-liver transplants are almost routine. He'll be as good as new.

That you, Blake? Come over here, son.


Now, you do what Nurse Caldwell tells you to, Daddy. I'll stop by later.

Blake, I'm so glad you're here.

You look good, Dad.

I don't want Blake to see my father any more.


If anything happens to the old fool, do you want Blake taking over the company?

You're playing a dangerous game, Rachel.

They're the only kind worth playing.

Cut it! Very nice. Was that big enough? I can give more.

No, no, Dennis, that was fine. Thank you. "Cos" I got more!

Am I good in this? Really, really good.

Feels perfect. I feel very strong. No, it was perfect.

It's strong. It's strong. It's not in the lines.

You've gotta play the moment. That's it. You had some wonderful moments.

I thought it was over between them. I think he just got his key back.

Good scene. Really. Great scene. Oh, you think so?

Oh, yeah. Do you have a minute, Laura? For you, always.

Thanks. I was wondering if you read the new bible. With the Jack Gates character.

Oh, yes. I love it. Really?

It's very good. Great!

It works beautifully for the rest of the cast.

Oh, thanks. The rest of the cast?

To be honest, I don't think the audience will accept Rachel as a working girl.

You said you wanted to do something with more depth. It'd be good for you.

I hope you're not upset.

You're so open.

You're the only one I can really talk to.

Oh, come on!

And I can't thank you enough for the refrigerator.

No problem. Are you kidding?

Jesus H Christ, Laura!

I thought you meant one of those little office ones.

Is something wrong? If it's gonna cause a problem...

No! No problem at all!

It's OK. It's a beauty.

When are you gonna buy a computer?

I gotta get outta here. Traffic's gonna be awful.

God, what is wrong with me?

I found this Nat King Cole on a farm in Pennsylvania.

There's only two left in the entire world.


Yeah? Hi!

What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Laura. I'll turn down the lights.

I hate myself for doing this to you, but I just had a terrible fight with Dennis.

It's over this time. Can we have dinner? I can't.

What do you mean?

I can't. I just can't. I'm goin' to Vermont this weekend.

They're having an auction on old records. You know my Nat King Cole collection.

If it's OK, I'd like to go with you.


No problem!

I just can't bear the thought of being alone.

Please. I won't be in your way.

She wants to go with me for the weekend.

What does she want now? A stove?

You know, when I think back about Dennis, you know what the truth is?

He doesn't like women. I swear, he does not like women!

What have you got in here? You know, we're just goin' for the weekend.


It's too late. We have nothing to say to each other.

Laura, I...

Honk on this, butt-head!

Mickey's right. I'm bein' a jerk about Laura.

Well, she's not gonna ruin my weekend. I'm gonna have fun!

Well, I'm glad to see you're up.

What the hell are you two doin' here? Hey, Dennis, knock it off.


What's goin' on here?

I'm Dr. Paul Kirkwood and this is Nurse Helen Caldwell.

What am I doin' on the set? Set?

Oh, I get it. All right. Yeah, Mickey. OK, very funny.

Wait. Now, hang on. Where's Mickey? OK, Mickey.

Joke is over. Thank you. Back to work, everybody.

Jesus! When did we build this? We're gonna go way over budget!

I don't understand. His tests were normal.

Maybe we should do some more.


Isn't a set, is it?

Set? You're in Ashford Falls Community Hospital.

Ashford Falls? That's right.

I can't be in Ashford Falls.

There is no Ashford Falls!

See for yourself.

OK, I'll bite.


This can't be!

I must be dead.

I am dead!

I'm in hell!

And my punishment is spending eternity on my own show!

Oh, no! You better get 20 milligrams of Valium.

Not on this show! Take it easy.

Please, not this show!

You said we'd go to the mountains.

I'm sorry, Helen. I've got to see Carter Hedison.


Or Rachel Hedison?

I'm OK. I'm fine.

I'm OK. I'm just nervous in hospitals, that's all.

I'm in Ashford Falls. I had a car wreck last night.

You're Dr. Kirkwood. And I panicked a little.

Follow my finger. Sure. See? I've never felt better.

Will you be quiet? OK, Doctor. Anything you say, Doctor.

Get your clothes on. I wanna see you in my office tomorrow morning.

No problem. I'll be in your dressing room... Your office at nine o'clock.

You better make it 10.30. I'm in surgery all morning.

Oh, sure. No problem. Bye-bye!

Thank you both!

He's operating on people? He's an actor! He's not even a good one!

I'm telling you, I can walk! And I'm telling you, hospital regulations.

You can walk when you're outside. Oh, this is ridiculous!

I'm gonna get your discharge papers. Just stay put! Boy, what a pain!

Are you ready for this?

Dr. Kirkwood is just stringing you along! He's gonna dump you and marry Rachel!

Lee, you think you got a small part now, how would you like a brain tumour?

OK, we're outside. Can I stand up now?

I had your things taken to the hotel.

But I didn't use your real name, just like you said in the letter. God!

This is kind of exciting. Letter? What letter?

I used the name that you gave at the hospital.

You know: Jack Gable.

That is my name!

We met at the office. Don't you recognize me? I ran into you.

I crushed your hand.

I've never been to your office, Mr. Gates.

Gates? You think I'm Jack Gates?

Oh, come on, let's get in the car.

Gosh, I am so excited. You're buying my father's formula.


He's in the study, sir.

Which one? The one to your right, sir.

What do you think, Blake? If we lose the daycare center and the playground, we can park much closer to our office.

Great, Dad.

Daddy! I found out who Janet Dubois is selling her father's formula to!

It's Jack Gates!

The Wolf of Wall Street?

I've been following Janet. She checked this guy calling himself Jack Gable into the hotel... Get to the point, Ty.

Well, I saw his bags, Daddy. They had the initials JG. JG, Jack Gates.

So they have the same initials.

Yeah, the same initials, and they're both from New York, and he was with Janet.

That doesn't make him Gates. Forget it, Ty.

We don't even know if Fletcher Dubois came up with that formula.

But what if he did, Dad?

It'd be just like Jack Gates to buy it out from under us.

I think you're on to something, Blake. Check into it right away.

I'm checking into it! I mean, why does it always have to be Blake, Daddy?

It was my idea in the first place! Lighten up, Ty.

You're just like your mother. Too thin-skinned.

I suppose that's why she committed suicide.

If it was suicide.

For the very last time, I did not hire Dash Andrews to kill your mother.

If she was my mother!

Another one of those headaches, son?

I don't care what you think. I am not Jack Gates!

And you are not Janet Dubois!

You can't be! You're an offstage character!

A what? We talked about bringing you into it, but frankly, you weren't that interesting. You're not even supposed to be here.

But I am here. I came back to visit my father.

Ah, yes, your father. Fletcher Dubois, the brilliant but unstable chemist who is developing a formula... Is developing a formula?

Mr. Gates, my father died four weeks ago.

Oh, yeah. We had to get rid of him. Because he couldn't remember his lines!

It's the Sherwoods! They did hire Fetterman. They're messin' with my bible.

What bible? What are you talking about? You agreed to buy my father's formula!

Oh, what's the use? I know you may find this hard to believe, but I'm a writer.

Now, I know this may sound crazy, but I created this whole town!

I see. You created this whole town. Yes!

I'm getting out of here. Where's my car?

It's at Len's Garage. It needed a new radiator.

Len? There is no Len. We haven't used Len in two years!

What is happening to me?

Oh, God! What are you doing?

This isn't a dream. I'm not dreaming.

Why are you playing these games with me, Mr. Gates?

For the last time, lady, I'm not Gates!

I'm a writer! Do you hear me? All I wanna do is get outta this stinkin' little town!

Well, then, do it! I mean, you say you're a writer. Then write your way out!

Operator? Yes, could you get me - this ought to be rich - Len's Garage, please?

What a mistake Len was. Boy, did we get letters.

Len here.

Len? Like I told Janet, it needs a new radiator.

It'll be a few days.

Hey, mister, I can't work miracles.

"Write your way out."

This is insane. Absolutely insane.

"Write your way out."

Fade in.

Interior, Len's Garage. Day.

Len finds a new radiator for Mr. Gable's car.

Len calls Mr. Gable to let him know it is fixed.


Len? What?

You found a new radiator for my car?

You did? You found it?

Len, no! I'm not laughing at you! No!

No. Thank you! I'm thanking you! Yes!

I'll be right over! It worked!

What the hell happened?

I don't wanna know. I just don't wanna know.

I gotta get outta here.

Hey! Taxi!

Hey, wait a second! Taxi!


Do I know you?

Is this man bothering you, Miss Hedison?

Men never bother me, Marco.

Pick me up in half an hour, I have to be at the Hunt Club.

I'm going riding with Dr. Kirkwood.


What's the rush? Where am I running?

Really, Paul, it's not exactly murder.

No. It's out of the question. I won't even discuss it.

But you're his doctor. Surely you could increase Blake's medication.

It's an experimental drug. It could have terrible side effects.

I'm sure Blake would try anything to get rid of those migraines.

But even if Blake were out of the way, your father will never leave the company to you. What about Ty?

I can always handle Ty. Rachel, I'm a medical doctor!

I can't do it!

You don't need your father's company. We have each other.

Let's get married as we planned.

I'm sorry, Paul, but I don't think I'm ready for marriage yet.

All right. I'll increase Blake's medication.

Come on. I'll race you to Winchester Cathedral.


Should be slow.

I'll make Rachel beg for me.

Let her suffer a little.

Let's see. She's going horseback riding this afternoon, so I'll...

Horseback riding.

Horseback riding. Oh, my God. Fetterman and the Sherwoods, they're gonna kill her!

And so no money had changed hands and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

That was told to me by a...

Stop! Oh, my God!

Whoops! Sorry.


Big fella. Settle down, now.

I believe you dropped your hat. Thank you. You saved my life!

Haven't we met? Perhaps.

And perhaps we'll meet again.

She's dyin' for me. I love this.

Come on, slow down, will you? Don't do that. Easy, boy.

Why didn't I write myself back to the stable? Easy!

Oh, please. Slow down.


Oh, my God! Jesus!

Help! Somebody help! Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my God! Help!

Help me!

Hey, help! Please, lady! Help me!

Whoa! Help!

Oh, no!

Are you all right? Yeah.

Yeah, I think so. Thanks.

Yeah. What's this?

Oh, no! You picked up a sickle thorn. What?

Bend over a little. Wait. Is it gonna hurt?

It might hurt. No, forget it. Just leave it in. OK.


Look at the size of that! Wow!

I used to come here as a kid. Oh, it's beautiful. It really is.

So, Janet, just out of curiosity, tell me more about your character - yourself.

There's not that much to tell. I got my PhD at Ashford Falls Christian Normal.

Good school. Then I went to Africa.

Africa? Where did that come from?

For the last two years I've lived there with a colony of ants.

You lived with ants? I do research. I chart everything they do.

Social organization, their movement, their mating habits.

Oh, I see. Like one of those National Geographic specials.

No, I'll never be on one of those. My friend Manu says I'm not big enough.

I don't have gorillas like Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall with her precious chimps.

Right. See, no one cares about ants, but once you live with them, you see their specialness, their individuality.

It's as though each one has a personality all their own.


What's the matter? Nothing.

Rachel, you know we don't discuss financial matters at the dinner table.

Father, I have the right to know what's going on.

I will not be shut out of the business by you or anyone else.

Yes, Ty?

When are you going to stop this madness with Rachel?

Nothing happened at the Mardi Gras. She's your sister!

All right, Rachel. We are working on something.

How would you like to eat whatever you want, then take a pill that speeds up your metabolism, burning off all the sugar and fat?

We have a pill like that?

My God, I'll make a fortune!

Or lose everything if someone beats us to the market.

It's possible that Fletcher Dubois figured out the Meta Pill ahead of us.

That's what Jack Gates is after.

But I don't understand why he wants to get his hand up your dress. I mean...

We all know what you meant, Ty.

Watch it, Blake, or I'll give you a headache you won't forget.

You lay one finger on him, Ty... Always protecting Blake, Daddy!

Sometimes I wish I wasn't your son.

If I am your son.

How are your headaches, Blake? Oh, much better.

Paul doubled my dosage. It seems to be working.

That's not the drug we're still testing, is it?

Paul feels it's completely safe, Father.

Leave it all to me, Dad.

I'll figure out just how far Fletcher Dubois got with his formula.

That's strange.

My gums are bleeding.

"With tears in her eyes, Rachel runs to him."

Too corny!

Hello. It's Janet.

Where are you? I'm in my father's lab, what's left of it.

What a jerk I was! I can't believe it! No wonder you didn't wanna buy the formula!

You were gonna steal it all along. What?

You're working for the Hedisons, aren't you?

What? Well, I'll burn it before they ever get it!

I think your friends are still here.

What friends? Well, they're gonna be sorry.

Janet, if there's someone there, get outta the house right now. Call the police!

I swear, I had nothing to do with this!

Janet? Hello?

Hello, Janet?

Hello? Janet?

Jesus! I didn't write any of this.

Of course. It's Fetterman again!

OK, you two-bit hack. Now we're gonna play some hardball.

Interior. Dubois lab.

All you have to do is show us your father's notes and we'll be on our way.

I'm telling you, he never even figured out that formula!

We'll see about that.

Give yourself a break, lady.

Where did that window come from?


Oh, my gosh!

What are you gonna do about this, smart guy?

Jack, watch out!

When did you start carrying a knife?

Let's get outta here. Come on.

I've never seen anything like that! Neither has anyone else.

Boy, these guys sure know how to tie a knot.

Hey, what's this? What they wanted. My father's formula.

I think it'll be safer in your hands, Mr. Gates.

Look, lady, for the last time, the name is not...

He's a master at martial arts, he's powerful and ruthless.

Who else could you be?

This could work for me.

Powerful, ruthless.

Yes! I am Jack Gates!

Then you'll buy my father's formula? Of course. Come on!

It'd be easier if you pulled out again.

Don't tell me how to park. There's a really big space over there.

Do you wanna drive? No.

OK, we're fine. Here we go, now. Yep.

Oh, yeah. This is fine. It's a lot closer than I thought.

You OK there? Oh, yeah.

She's beautiful, isn't she?


I went to high school with Rachel. Oh, yeah?

What was she like? Rich, pretty.

She was homecoming queen all four years.

I remember once she wore this beautiful white lace dress and this gorgeous crown.

When she came down that stairway, it was as if she were floating.

I wanted to be Rachel that night.

When did this place open? Oh, a couple of hours ago.

And I hear they serve a very good pastrami.


Pastrami on a kaiser and...

Lox and cream cheese on cinnamon toast? Get it outta here!

Yeah, you're right. It gets really lonely out there.

Sometimes Manu and I are alone in the bush for months at a time.

Thank you.

So are you tellin' me you never met anyone out there?

I did get involved with a Frenchman. He said he was an environmentalist.

Turns out he wasn't. What was he?

A poacher. They hung him.

God, I always choose the wrong guys.

Not me. I always choose the right women.

I just can't get 'em to go out with me, that's all.

But you're Jack Gates. You can have anyone you want.

Of course! I meant before I became ruthless and powerful.

So, maybe you'd like to come over sometime. I'm really a pretty good cook.

You don't wanna come. I didn't say that.

I understand. You're a busy person. You've got hostile takeovers to take over.

I understand. Do you want me to come over or not?

Yes, definitely. I'd love to.

I guess this is why I live with ants.

Lox, cream cheese, on cinnamon toast?

And you're actually eating that? Yeah.


The next item up is this lovely Amish quilt.

Not since Betsy Ross has there been such exquisite workmanship.

Who will offer $30?

$35. Do I hear 40?

Daddy, we're never going to reach our goal.

Rachel, I'm not buying any more of this crap.

I've been getting these hot flashes. Do you think I should cut back on the medicine?

Those gums don't look tiptop either.

Maybe you'd better stop. Just...

It's probably just allergies. Stay on this dosage another week.


I hope I'm not interrupting, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jack Gates.

You see? I told you it was Jack Gates. Be quiet.

You were right, Blake. What do you mean, he was right?

It was me, Daddy! Me! I'm the one!

I'm just a visitor to Ashford Falls, but I believe in a good cause.

Therefore I'm donating my Ferrari to your auction.

He certainly has style. Yeah. If you like a showboat.

We would like to thank Mr. Gates for his very generous donation of this classic.

The bidding will begin at $500,000.

It's the most beautiful car I've ever seen.

Do you want it?

$500,000. Thank you, Dr. Kirkwood.

Do I see 550? 550. Thank you, madam.

600? 600. Thank you, sir.


$700,000. Thank you, Dr. Kirkwood.

$700,000, going once.

$700,000, going twice.


My God!

He's bidding on his own car!


One million dollars.

Sold! One million dollars!

To the original owner.

Rachel, I...

So, the mysterious stranger rides to the rescue again.

Madam, this stranger knows no danger.

I am much stranger than you think.

Miss Hedison, may I drop you somewhere?

That's all right. I'll take her.

Oh? Do you think you'll have time?

Oh, my God.

I'm supposed to be in surgery.

May I?

I'll take Rachel where she's going, Mr. Gates.

Oh, really? I don't think so. Your car phone, sir.

Maybe you could use a lift after all.

Mr. Gates, are you aware that I'm engaged to Dr. Kirkwood?

Wouldn't you rather be in love? I'm sorry, Rachel.

I can't take you. I've got to get home. What is it, Daddy? Is something wrong?

The cable TV man is coming. But the stockholders' meeting.

You know how hard it is getting those guys to come out.

I've got black bars on 2 and 7.

Rachel, Blake'll take you to the club. I can't.

I've got to get my wheels balanced. Now? Why do you have to do that now?

I don't know! What the hell is going on around here?

Your grandstand play at the auction, Mr. Gates. What are you really up to?

You don't trust me, do you? No more than you trust me.

Let's play a little game. What kind of game?

It's called Trust.

Oh, this is so silly!

All right. How do you play?


I place my life in your hands.

Are you crazy? Come on, Rachel, what do I do?

Please stop! Why? I trust you.

Go to the right! Oh, my God! Look out on the left!

No, right! To the right!

Turn at the truck!

Don't! You'll never make it!

I'm begging you, stop the car!

Do you really want me to stop? Yes!

I thought you could take this.

Don't stop, then. Faster!

Sharp curve to the right.


Don't lose it now.


Yes! Harder!

Oh, this is wonderful!

Nice day for a drive, isn't it?

How long am I supposed to wait for these cable people?

Who cares about the black bar on your TV?

What about Rachel? She's with Gates. Isn't she?

See? It's definitely the cable. Look at the difference. Cable, antenna.

Cable, antenna. Daddy!

Dad! Daddy!

I've got terrible news. The cable man's not coming, is he?

I went through Gates' stuff at his hotel. He's got a deal to buy the formula.

So Dubois came up with the Meta Pill!

That does it. No, there's more.

Gates has all these crazy notes. He knows everything about us.

He knows about our phony drug test, your brain tumour, and even my... My...


What does that man want? Is he out to break us or to see us in jail?

If I can't have Rachel, I don't care about jail!

And I hope your cable man never shows up!

Oh, my God! Hi, Paul.

Dad, I did good. Right, Daddy?

Yes, you did. I'm very proud of you.

Good job, son.

Blake, I'm glad you're here.

Ty, fill him in. Blake will know what to do about Gates.


You can't keep doing this to me!

No! Ty! That's a Tang dynasty!

You can't even do that right, can you, son?

So he's a little late.

Maybe he stopped for wine.

Or flowers. Oh, God, it could've been flowers.

Or maybe he's just late.

Yes? Where were you?


You were supposed to meet me.

I'm Jack Gates.

Next time I'll write myself an automatic transmission.

Good evening. Evening, sir.

Janet! What are you doing here?

Look, about the dinner. I can explain.

Are you really Jack Gates? Of course I'm Jack Gates!

That's funny.

All my life, I've been Jack Gates.

Robert Wagner!

What are you doing in this part? You don't do daytime TV!

Of course! The Sherwoods hired Robert Wagner! It's Sweeps Week!

Robert Wagner! Wow!

This nebbish has been masquerading as me, and you believed him?

I should have known. I mean, gosh, the way he parked the car!

This belongs to you, Mr. Gates. Thank you, my dear.

Look out!

They're tryin' to kill me! Goddamn you, Fetterman!

Oh, my God!

It's real blood.

He's dead! It can't be!

He's Robert Wagner!

I can't let him die.

I gotta bring him back.

Don't worry, Mr. Wagner, everything's gonna be fine.

He even looks good dead.

Jack's hotel room.

This has gotta work.

I did it! It worked!

I brought him back! How're you feelin'?

A little dizzy.

I don't understand what happened. You don't have to. Goodbye, Mr. Gates.

"Goodbye Mr. Gates," he said.

Get me a cab! I've gotta go to the airport. But you just checked in.

I don't care! I gotta go to...


Jesus! I hate Cleveland!

You don't belong in Ashford Falls.

You're really a sweet kid. You'll be a lot happier back in Africa.


Jungle clearing.


No. Must be day over there.

Goodbye, Janet. Have fun with your ants.

He's supposed to be this ruthless tycoon.

But he seemed like a nice guy to me. Sounds like the poacher again.

You should've seen the way he rode a horse. Oh, it was so cute!

By the way, I nearly forgot. This telegram came for you this morning.

A telegram for me? Wow!

Do you think it's from Jack? Oh, I bet it's from Jack!

It's from Carter Hedison. "A matter of life and death."

You can't just toss me aside, Paul. Don't you see? Rachel's just using you.

She uses men the way other women use cotton balls!

It's over, Helen. Paul!

You've won again, Rachel.

But for the last time.

Paul, you're being childish. Jack Gates doesn't mean anything to me.

I wish you'd trust me. I do. It's just...

Then prove it.

Let's play a little game.

Please, miss.

Almost killed with the engaging thoracic surgeon was his philanthropist socialite fiancée, Rachel Hedison, daughter of industrialist and well-known socialist... Socialite, Carter Hedison.

From Ashford Falls Falls, this is your Ashford Falls reporter, Debbie Norden.

I had to be a big shot!

I almost killed the woman I love!

It's all my fault!

No, it isn't. No, it isn't!

I can only control what I write, right?


No, it's my fault.

Who's that? I didn't write that. Who wrote that?

Hello? Hi. I'm glad I caught you in.


My father's throwing a party this weekend and he wants you to come.

Oh, I'd be delighted. Jack, I can't talk long.

Your life is in danger. My father will stop at nothing to get the formula.

Bring it to me. It's the last place my father will look.

You really care for me, don't you?

Of course I do. That's why I didn't want you to come to the party.

My father's announcing my engagement to Paul.

Oh, why did you have to come into my life now?

Goodbye, my darling.

"My darling."

He'll be there. What about the formula?

He'll have it. Yes, but will we?

Good point, Blake. Is there something going on, Rachel?

It's never taken you this long to get what you want from a man.

I don't know what it is.

When I'm with him, it's as if I don't have a mind of my own.

He has this strange power over me.




Not mouse. House!

Watch the typos.

I'm gonna be incredible this weekend.

This time it's comin' straight from the heart. No blindfolds.

No trickery.

No flashy stunts. No.

I gotta be me!

Is he gonna play all night?

Miss Dubois! Hello, Edward.

Hello! Is Mr. Hedison here?

Oh, yes. Do please go in.

Janet! What are you doing here?

What's going on, Ty? Why does your father want to see me?

Golly, I've missed you. Remember the time I was gonna ask you to the prom?

And your father wouldn't let you. No, that's not true.

That was the time that I got... I got...

Amnesia, sir. Remember?

I thought you were announcing our engagement.

Why did you ask him to play the piano? I didn't.

I didn't ask him to sing "Send In The Clowns", either.

Paul. Hi.

Excuse me, sir.

Miss Janet Dubois is in your study.

Oh, my God.

Water, no ice.

You were the first one to drink a lot of water.

Now everybody's doing it.

So, Janet, while you're here, maybe we could go horseback riding.

I don't think so. Well!

Janet Dubois. How grown-up we are.

What's going on? What's all this about life and death?

We can discuss it later.

Ty, show Janet to one of the guest rooms. She can wear some of Rachel's clothes.

You can have my room, Janet. You're not gonna be in it, are you?

I didn't send that wire.

But if you didn't, then who did?


Thank you very much. You're wonderful. For me? Thank you!

You brought tears to my eyes. I know.

Oh, Jack!

Donna? Donna McKenzie, Lincoln High? Yeah!

I couldn't have been that drunk. What else did I write last night?

You were wonderful!

All those years, your locker was right next to mine and I never even talked to you. I know.

How could I ever have been in love with Greg Petula? Barf!


I was wrong about you.

You're not a jerk. Oh, thanks.

Lincoln High! Gimme an L, gimme an I! Lincoln High!

I just want you to know how much I enjoyed your playing.

Oh, thank you.

The elderly man exits.

Great! Now I got 'em talkin' stage directions!

What is going on around here?

The bartender needs more cold deer. Not deer!

Beer! It's a typo! Use your head, for Christ's sake!

Where are you going? I don't know!

My God, he's choking to death! I'll handle this.

You've got it backwards! What are you doing?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Heimlich maneuver.

You'll be fine now. You saved my life!

I know.

Is there nothing you can't do?

Excuse us. Thank you very much. Excuse us.

Paul doesn't know the Heimlich?

Well, of course I know the Heimlich. I know the Heimlich!

Jim, you know I know the Heimlich. Look, I love the Heimlich!

I'm always doing the Heimlich. It's one of my favorite maneuvers!

I'm a medical doctor!

I want you, Jack.

And you shall have me.

I don't know why I'm so thirsty.

Mr. Hedison. Blake.

I see you're still under Dr. Kirkwood's care.

What are you up to, Helen? I don't recall inviting you to this party.

Wouldn't you like to find out why you sent for Janet Dubois?

As Jack pilots his private jet to New York, Rachel nibbles on his ear...

Her long, supple legs wrapped sensuously around...

What am I doing?

I'm like a junkie with this thing!

I hate you!

Oh, my God, what did I do?

I'm not marrying Paul. I'm going to call off the engagement.

Later, Rachel.

All right, Helen. What is going on?

I had no idea. She's stunning.

What's she doin' back here?

Are you all right? Yeah.

I guess this is why I was never homecoming queen.

I think you look beautiful.

Do you hear bells?


Dinner is served.

Let me help you up. Here we go.

Thanks. OK.

Rachel! You know Janet.

Janet! How are your cockroaches? Ants! It's ants!

Jack, the hell with my father. Let's leave tonight. I'll just pack a few things.


I left in such a rush. We still have a deal, don't we?

Sure we do. I've got the formula right here.

I've got it right in my...

Actually, I gave it to Rachel. You what?

Just for a moment. Of all the people to give it to!

It's not what you think. It is what I think.

Jack, I trusted you. Janet, I'd like to see you in the library.

If you'll excuse us, Mr. Grates.

Janet! How could you have done this to me?

I believed in you! But, Janet...

Not Grates, it's Gates.

Excuse me, sir, dinner is...

Are you all right, sir? Can I get you something?

Yeah. How about a new typewriter?

You can't be my father! It's true, Janet.

When my mother was head nurse at Ashford Falls Community General, she accidentally switched you and Rachel when you were born.

Oh, I can't be a Hedison. I hate the Hedisons!

I'm sorry, Janet, but it's time it came out.

It's time Rachel learned that she's not a high-and-mighty Hedison.

That she can't just take what belongs to other people.

Paul is mine!

I'm glad that you're all here. Especially you, Janet.

Dad, you're not gonna stop me this time.

I realized tonight that I'm still in love with Janet, and that I always will be!

Of course you're in love with her! She's your sister!

Rachel, are you ready to... How about these?

No, no, Marie. Flats with that dress? Are you crazy?

I thought you were just taking a few things!

Are we going or not?

They're right about me.

I am weak!

I don't have Rachel. I don't even have my self-respect.

I have nothing to live for!

Jesus Christ, you almost killed me! Water!

Oh, my God! Look what I've done to you!

Forgive me, Blake! Forgive me!

It was Rachel! Rachel made me do it!


That slut did this?


Oh, no! What is it now?

I forgot my shoulder pads. Who gives a shit?

Daddy, don't try to stop me. I'm going to New York with Jack Gates.

I think there's something you should know. This is going to come as a shock, but you are not a Hedison.

Janet is my real daughter. Oh, for Chrissakes, that is the corniest!

It's Fetterman. He's goin' for that baby-switching crap.

This can't be true.

Oh, but it is.

Little Miss Tummy Tuck.

This house is mine now. So pick up your bags and keep moving.

Bitch. Look, you little anteater...

Janet, what are they doing to you? By the way, our deal's off, Gates.

The formula stays in the family and I get... 80 per cent.

She's a Hedison all right!

Hold it.

Now I get it. They're bringin' you into the story to replace Rachel!

Stay out of this, Jack. No! It's wrong! You're not like that!

Fetterman's trying to change you and I won't let him do it!

Paul told me all about it, sister!

Well, if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna shoot you first!

Gimme that!


Oh, shit!

Paul! Do something! Janet's been shot! Edward, help him.

I will call the paramedics.

She's wearing my shoes. Will you shut the hell up?

Can you stop the bleeding? Yes, stop the bleeding.

She's ruining the parquet floor!

You want bleeding? Huh? I'll show you bleedin'. You want bleedin', huh?

Is that what you want? 'Cause I'll give you some bleedin'!

Let me at her! Let me at her!

Whoever you are...

Promise me...

That you'll be there when I wake up.

I promise.

Nothing's gonna happen to you. I'm not gonna lose you now.

She's not gonna take away what's mine.

What's ours.

Just make sure Janet doesn't survive that operation.

But don't you see? If Janet is my sister, then I still have a chance with Rachel!

I'll make sure he's well taken care of! Don't bother.

Hurry! Every second counts! We've got to...

Good Lord.

I can't leave now. Go on. Go on.

Where the hell have you been? How ya doin'?

I'll tell you how I'm doing. I've got a black bar on 2 and 7. It's in the study.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry. Don't worry about me.

It's Janet!

Rachel is gonna make Paul kill Janet!

She'll never get outta surgery alive!

Are you ready, darling?

How am I gonna do this?

Look, I told you. It's shaped like a little boot!

I don't have time to come over there!

Just be quiet and listen to every word I say.

That little boot goes to your spacer.

Now comes the tough part.

There are three holes in that little black bar.

I see them! The one in the middle is a large one.

Attach the spring to the hole in the middle.


Don't touch the roller next to it. Repeat: do not touch the roller!

This is delicate work, you moron!

Stop yellin'! You're makin' me nervous!

OK, I've got the spring on.

Oh, shit, it's off again.

It's working! It's working! I did it!

OK, OK. So you did it. Who cares?

Where's the formula, my friend? What are you doing here?

I sent you to Cleveland! I should kill you for that alone.

I want that formula. Go do a mini-series or something!

Interior. Hospital operating room.

Nobody crosses Jack Gates.

Fine! "Nobody crosses Jack Gates." Great line.

Janet has a miraculous recovery. As her eyes begin to flutter...

Oh, you poor darling!

Just take it easy, Jack.

Stay away from me! You're gonna be all right.

Get your hands off me, you two-bit quack! Where's Janet?

If anything happens to her, I'll... It's all right!

You expect me to believe you? I know what you're up to, you goddamn bitch!


All you ever think of is yourself. You're sick!

How dare you talk to me like that? What did you do with Janet?

Jack? You OK? Somebody said you got hit by a truck.

Trunk! He got hit by luggage?


Yeah. You see, the trunk lid popped open and hit me in the chin.

It's all right, Jack. You must've been really out of it.

I know you would never talk to me that way.

Not my Jack!

I was so worried about you!

Of course!

I know your concern for others eats you up inside.

Good Lord, look what I've done to you.

You need a rest.

You gotta get away!

Don't you worry. I'm gonna arrange for you to take some time off from the show.

How much time?

Oh, my God!

You're going to give me a brain tumour! I've gotta go find Janet.

Jack! We have to talk!



Anybody want a refrigerator?

Marge, there was a girl here who...

What's goin' on here, Marge? Callbacks for Janet.

More passion?

Sorry. Sorry.

I saw the girls you called in for Janet. You're making a big mistake.

She's not glitzy or glamorous. She won't be!

She'll come in wholesome and innocent, as a contrast to the evil Hedisons.

Oh, I see. I see. Yeah.

First you set her up, then you change her, right?

Well, we don't have to do it that way. Where did you hear all this?

Believe me, I know where you get your ideas.

But we're gonna do Janet my way. Who says?

I do. Or we'll have the same bullshit we've had for the last five years.


You're calling it bullshit? We know more about this damn business than you'll...

Now look what you did! Get somebody, quick. Who knows the Heimlich?

I do. Well, help her out, for Christ's sake!

Not until you agree on Janet. Are you crazy?

All right, I agree. You wanna die on a sandwich you shouldn't even be eating?

Come on, will ya?

What'd you give in to him for? Because he loves me.

There's a lotta love in this room.

Hi. Is he in? He's in a meeting.

Thank you. May I have your name? Sir!

Arnie! Jacko! Long time no...

Mr. Fetterman! Mr. Fetterman, are you all right?

No, Mom, I'm OK. Yeah.

I mean, they just said they wanted somebody more glamorous.

Last night I had this crazy dream that I got the part. Yeah.

I really had a feeling that something was gonna happen for me today.

I love you too. OK. Bye.

Oh, shoot!

Number 31, pastrami on a kaiser!

Here you go, Jack. Thanks. Put it on the tab, will you?

Sure, Jack.

I can't believe this. Lox and cream cheese on cinnamon toast?

Get it outta here!

I'm the lox.

I know.

Manny, we got the ants back again!

No! Stop it! Leave 'em alone! Hey!

Oh, gosh, I'm sorry!

I don't even like ants! Yes, you do!

I don't know why I did that. I do. Have you got a minute?

Yeah. Where are we going? I don't know. I can't see.

Look, the part of the lesbian maid is taken, but I'm gonna get you Janet.

What happened to your body?

She got the part, of course. By the way, the show is doing great.

Blake undergoes surgery for his teeth, and the eight-pound tumour on his neck.

Ty has an accident at the sanitarium and is now wearing two eye patches.

We brought back Len, pantyhose and all.

He has a major operation and falls in love with Dr. Kirkwood.

And what did I learn from this?

The most important thing is that you're better off just being yourself.

Unless, of course, you get a chance to be Robert Wagner.

Oh, by the way, I must confess I did try out my typewriter just one last time, and I think it worked. Remember Laura, who played Rachel?

Well, she's turning letters on a game show in Cleveland.