Delirium (2018) Script

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take this little camera here, go down that path to the old Brandt house and stand on the porch, all right?

You hold it up. Show us you made it.

That's it? That's it.

And if you make it, you might be a part of the Hell Gang.

Screw you guys. I got a flashlight.

There better be a freaking house at the end of this damn road.

What the hell?

Oh, Billy, man.

Come on.

Do you really have to do this shit?

Oh, shit. Here we go.

Oh, damn it.

Oh, freaking A.


Oh, shit!


Oh, my gosh, I freaking hate spiders.

Oh, damn it.

What the hell? Guys!

Guys, it's not funny.

You playing games with me?


Guys, is that you?


What the hell?

A swimming pool.

What the hell?

Where am I?

Little girl? Little girl?


Sweetie? It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm sorry.

Oh, no, no. God no.

What the hell?

How did I get here? How did I get here?

Where's the pool? Where's the pool?

What the hell?

Dude, are we finally here?


You know, for a place that's supposed to be abandoned, this really doesn't look like it.


It's cool though, right?

But do you think this place is scary enough to keep sending people here for the Hell Gang challenge?

Dude, what kind of question was that? Of course.

It's probably terrifying at night.


Hey, what's up there?

Oh, that must be the pool.

Want to check it out?

No, man. No. Come on.

We're here to find Billy, and I can't get ahold of him. Are you serious?

Fine, let's find a place where we have service and we'll call him.

And you have footage of that anyway.

Austin, come on.

Okay, I'm coming.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Luke, smile.

Come on.

Hey, you're here!

It's party time, man. Come on.

Hey, new guy. Hey, dude, thank you so much for the invite, man.

I mean, this party is just supposed to be amazing.

You can't ask questions.

You have to be a member of Hell Gang first.

People have to like you. So smile.

But don't be creepy. You wanna be our friend.

But don't try so hard. So stand up straight.

You're slouching. Fix your hair. Your hair.

I like it, I like it.

You guys are really going all Oceans 11.

Of course, it's kind of my favorite movie.

Why is this a dudes-only thing?

Because it's Hell Gang only.

I suppose you have a tree house with a "no girls allowed" sign too.

We should get one of those.

Too bad.

Hey, Hayley.

Are you kidding me? I need to clean the lens now.

Do I always have to be your...

You love me? I love you.


We have yet to find someone to pass the challenge.

The only other person brave enough to try it failed.

Failed terribly.

So... so we remain Lucky 13.

Cheers, cheers, unless Eddie here makes it to the mansion.

To the mansion. Yeah, right!

There was a couple, the Brandts.

And Mr. Brandt would do whatever it takes to make his wife happy.

First, he made her a mansion.

But that didn't do it for her.

What made her happier than ever was kids.

And she was in labor with the 13th child.

And the baby chokes itself with its own umbilical cord... and rips her insides out.

He saw his kids differently.

He thought they were the very reason his wife died.

He calls them down one by one to the root cellar, and hangs them all.

And then he hangs himself.

So now the mansion's haunted with all their spirits, including Mrs. Brandt.

So you find yourself in the wrong place in that house, and you might hear a scream.

Hear kids running.

Or you might feel something on your neck.

Mr. Brandt... getting ready to hang you next.


I'm just saying, like, I would feel better if we knew what actually happened.

You want to know why no one knows what actually happened?

Because no one wants to.

Because that wouldn't make amusing little stories to tell your friends in front of a campfire, would it?

Thank you, buzzkill. Thank you.

Maybe we should just leave it alone then.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, buddy.

You're not giving up already, are you?

No. Dude, I'm good.

Then let's go. Let's go.

Come on.

It'll be okay. Come on.

Aah! Jesus Christ, dude.

You seriously left the party early to start editing?


You don't even have all the footage yet.

No, I know. Yo, is Eddie ready to go, though?

Yeah, we're all in the van waiting for you.

Okay, all right, just let me save.

All right, come on. Yeah.

Okay... all right, yeah. Coming.

Don't forget your camera.

Right. Good call, good call.

What about Billy? What happened to him?

From the video?

Is he still pissed at you guys, or what?

I hope not. We were just messing with him.

Didn't he say something about having to move again?

Move again?

Yeah, yeah. His dad is in the military.

He moves all over the place.

It's pretty cool. He even spent some time in Germany.

I think he said he was moving to San Diego, right?


Why do you think we chose him to do the challenge?

I mean, even if he made it, he'd only be here for a couple weeks.

We wanted to give him a chance, man.

I mean, you imagine moving every few months?

Having to make new friends.

It would suck.

So why'd you guys pick me?

I mean, I'm not moving around every few months, so...

Because we picked you. It doesn't matter.

You're cool, I guess.

I mean, if we're going to have anybody in the gang, might as well not be an asshole, right?

Cool. Thanks, guys.

Yeah, but don't get too excited, all right?

Okay, you're not going to make it anyway.

You're totally going to pussy out.

Hey, he can do it. Come on. You'll see.


What is going on? Beer run, bitches!

Oh, beer run. Beer run.

Actually, Chase, Chase, I'm definitely going to need a beer.

Follow them.

Hey, I'm actually gonna cut it.

It always trips me out when we go get beer.

It takes forever.

Muzo, that's you.

I got it. I got it. Talk to your boy.

Do you think he's giving up already?

Maybe. To be honest, even if he is, I don't blame him.

He better not. We need the footage.

Nothing's going to happen to you.

I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

I mean, let's be real. Even if he does it, are we actually going to let him in the group?

Probably not. Yo, look, I got to be honest with you guys.

I know I got a little hot earlier.

But I just... I really... No, I'm serious...

Keith, you're never hot, buddy.

Of course you're going to be part of the Hell Gang, man.

Something doesn't feel right about this entire thing.

Nothing feels right. All right, he's smiling.

You good? Yeah, let's do it.

Yeah, we're good. He's good to go.

His fake ID is terrible.

His ID's terrible.

It works.

Eddie, come here.


This is crazy, man.

Look, if I do this, I'm part of Hell Gang, right?


Dude, we have the common courtesy to reach around and finish all of our victims.

Don't worry about it.

Dude, stop moving.


What are you doing?

What are you... Ow!

I'm just making sure it's not going to come off.

It's not going to come off. Can we go, please?

All right, when you hop the fence, make sure this is facing your face, and turn this on.

Got it. You got it?

Yeah. Please, can we get this over with?

Eddie's ready.

Eddie, do you think you can accomplish this task?

Watch the barbwire.

Ooh. Look at him go.

Get up there. Pace yourself, buddy.

There you go.

Be here when I get back, okay?

Okay. All right, bro.

All right, guys. Do we think he's going to actually do it?

I think he's going to make it. Yeah, he's going to make it.

He's moving right along.

So should we release the hounds?

He heard that on the video. I have more than one.

Be my guest. All right, Muzo, just do it in profile for me this time so I can get a cool shot.

Yes, sir.

Awesome. Very, very good.

That was the best yet.

When he comes down, I want you to get him right when he's coming down the fence, okay?

Ah, damn it.

Not now. Damn it.

Just act normal. Don't worry about it.

Hide your beers. Can't get caught again.

Screw this. I'm going to the van.

Yo, just be chill.

What's going on tonight, guys?

We're just hanging out, officer.

This is the wrong place to hang out.

Hey, are you Dr. Pierce's kid?

Head of surgery at... Memorial Hospital.

Memorial Hospital, yeah. Hey, Officer King.

Turn the camera off. Right. Sorry, officer.

You guys back it up. Get back by the car.

How you doing tonight? I'm doing well. Yourself?

Good, thank you.

Yeah, it's a little cold out.

Are you going to stay warm?

Richie, Richie, take it.

Do not cut this camera.


All right, look, I know your dad and I like him a lot.

The man saved the life of Captain Miller not that long ago.

I remember him talking about the shooting.

Yeah? Well, I don't want to have to call your dad to tell him he has to pick you up downtown.

Do your parents know you're out this late?

They're at a conference in New York...

In New York. And why are you speaking?

I don't know.


I'm willing to overlook the underaged drinking, because there isn't much here.

But I can't overlook you guys trespassing.

So clean up and clear out now.

Yes, sir. Absolutely. Yup, okay.

Guys, we're going to do that right now.

If you guys come back down here, we will take you all in.

Got it? It won't happen.

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

Lock it up and clean up. Absolutely.

Officer, he's just... He's just being a clown.

Officer King, I'll take care of it.

I promise I'll take care of it.

This is on you. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Absolutely.


Thank you. Thank you. Have a good night, guys.

Please tell me you got that.

I told you I didn't have a good feeling about this.

Why didn't you listen to me?

No, we could have got in some serious trouble.

Just be quiet.

Honestly, what are we supposed to do now?

Are you guys... Are you guys coming back to get Eddie?

Of course we are.

As long as he doesn't get back while the cops are still here or while we're gone.

Yeah. He'll be pissed. No, he won't.

If we're back in time, he won't know the difference.

I'm going to take Richie and Shrock.

It's late and they're sketch, I'll get in trouble, so...

You're gonna bail? It's late.

You guys knew how late we were going, and Eddie's not back yet.

We all agreed to be here.

Dude, I already said I have to go.

My parents, okay? What about Eddie, though?

You're going to be the first one to be arrested anyway.

Let's get out of here. Yo, man, it ain't worth it.

Yeah, no, get out of here.

Go, go, go, go, guys. Are you serious?

Sorry we ruined your party.

So it's just the five of us?

You guys said that you were all going to stay.

Show us the video tomorrow.

We're not going to show you the video.

I don't know why we're arguing.

Everybody knew what they were getting into. This is stupid...

Hey, Keith.

Keith, will you take the camera?

I don't really trust anybody else, and I kind of want to be in the video too, so...

Yeah. Just real quick.

Just take the flashlight then. Yeah.

You got it? Yeah.

All right, cool.

I'm coming.

I trust him. I trust him with the camera.

Do you?

Wait, do you trust me? No.

That's enough being alone.

Really? Does he actually want me to answer that?

Okay, this is just too creepy.

Fuck! Damn, dude, did you have to park so far away?

Oh, is your head cold, little guy?

Dude, do you guys even see Eddie?

No, we don't see Eddie. I told you he'd do it.

Yeah, but how long is that road? Quarter mile? Half a mile long?

He's got to be back by now.

Eddie! Eddie!

Maybe he left already.

Dude, if he left with my rig, I'm going to strangle him until dead.

Guys, if he's still in here, we have to go get him.

Chase, you're out of your mind. I'm not going up there.


Yeah, just give him some time. He'll be okay.


Shit, guys. What? What? What?

I don't... What is that?

Get down, get down. Is that cops?

That's not a cop car. Dude, that's Jenny.

It's Jenny's car.

Hey! Shh. Quiet.

What are you doing here?

Are you guys kidding me?

Austin? Austin?

Austin? What?

Did you forget something? Like, I don't know, batteries?

Oh, my God.

Ah, yes. Thank you.

That will definitely come in handy.

Scared the crap out of me.

Hello. Hey.

Where's your car? I thought you guys left already.

Don't worry about it. How'd you get here?

Well, since we're already here, can we watch?

No, this is a Hell Gang thing.

I told you. What? Why not?

Come on, it's just us.

We're not like all the other girls at the party.

No, it doesn't matter. We're practically Hell Gang.

Practically isn't officially, so no.

You're just jealous, Lucas.

Yeah, I think she's right, Lucas.

I think you have a little third wheel syndrome going on.

Well, you have a little unusual syndrome going on.

Look, man, they're already here.

Just let them stay for a little bit.

Dude, Eddie's your friend, man. He's been in there way too long.

Why do you not care about getting him?

I do care about him, I just...

He's a big boy, and I don't think we need to hurry.

What, are you scared all of the sudden?

I'm not scared.

I just have better things to do.

Hey. Ow.

I'm not a thing.

But you can do me.

Oh, nice.

Austin. Dude, man, I'm serious. He's been in there way too long.

Just five minutes.

Can I shoot stuff on the camera while we wait?

Sure. Okay, okay. All right.

Five minutes, okay? All right. I got it.

I got it.

So you forgot this? Yeah, thank you.

I thought you would forget it.

I know, I know, I know.

Does Eddie have your rig on?

Yeah. It's...

How many times have I told you to buy a remote?

Then you can see where he is.

You know I got to save up for film school.

I mean, it's not that cheap.

Can we not talk about film school for a second?

It's not even going to be that far away, okay?

Yeah, but I'm going to miss you and it sucks.

Listen, we are going to be okay. Okay, this is boring.

I'm going to move on. Oh, really? Boring?

Shut up, Chase. Excellent.

I'm glad we're boring you with my life.

It's just my life. Chase, come here.

Listen, I really think that we should just wait out here for Eddie.

And when he gets here, we can leave and go home.

Keith, we're going. There's no point in us going.

Unless you want to be the only one out here by yourself...

You're done here. You're a dick. You serious?

Muzo, come on. Let's go.

Please don't go in there.

What? Why?

I don't know. It's... it's not a good idea.

Muzo, come on. We're waiting on you.

It's a fine idea. It's just Eddie.

Eddie's just trying to mess with us.

Tick-tock, buddy. We're going to be fine.

Guaranteed. You don't look so convinced.

You look scared.

I'm not scared.

It's going to be fine.

Use your head. I'm telling you, use your head.

So, can we go? Pretty, pretty please?

No. No, Jenny, no.

Come on. No.

Wow, seriously? Yes.

Seriously, we don't need you getting scared and, like, grabbing on to all of us.

Oh, that's for you.

I don't want you.

Okay, listen, listen, listen.

Girls, girls, girl.

We're just going in there. We're getting Eddie, we're getting the footage so we can post it, and we're coming right back. Okay. Cool. Go.

It's not a big deal. We'll call you when we get to the car.

Fine. Good?

Let's go, dude. Come on. I'm coming.

Are we going? Are we going?

I'll leave the headlights on until you guys go in.

Thank you.



Bye, babe. Love you. Let's do this!

Is he already over there? Get over there, Chase.

All right, you got it. I got this.

Do you, though? I do.

I got it.

It's like watching a bull trying to climb a fence.

Ha! A very agile bull.

Good job. Hey, Chase, Chase.

Chase, take the camera, because I'm going to do it, and I'm going to do it way faster than all you guys.

And I want that on record. Oh! Yeah, okay.

I'm going to cream you guys.

All right, all right, all right.

All right, you boys. Are you watching this?

Make it over, parkour-style.

All right.

Oh, yeah!

Look at you. Here he goes.

Come on, I'm stuck. No, seriously.

No, seriously, I'm stuck.

I don't think you made it over faster.

Is Kimmie going to get mad?

Are you... Is Kimmie...

I'm good.

Guys? Guys? Oh, come on.

No, just stop, please.

Just give me the camera. Just give me the camera.

No, no, wait... Keith, dude, Keith.

Feeling all right? All right.

Just... Here. Thanks.

All right, I got it.

All right, boys. Here we go.

Oh, shit.

Come on! Yo, watch out.

Hey, watch out, man. Come on!

It's so dark, I can't even see.

Yo, we are such dicks.

We didn't even give Eddie a flashlight.

You didn't me a flashlight, either.


Come on, Eddie!

Hey, Keith.

You okay?

Dude, let me ask you something. What?

Why'd you get so mad when everybody was talking about those ghost stories? 'Cause it pisses me off that you guys use the Internet to look at these stupid videos, but don't take the time to research what actually happened to the house.

Yeah, but you know that's just because it's more fun that way.

Those stories have been around a lot longer than the Internet.

Yeah, Austin, I get it, okay?

But I just feel like if I was the one living back then, I would have painted pictures on the rock wall of what actually happened, that's all.

Hey, dude. Me too. No doubt.

I completely agree.

But, like... but, like, you did research on it?


You know what happened? Yeah.

And haunted or not, it's not what actually happened up there that makes it so sick.

Yo, are you saying you know what happened in the house?

Yes. I just said that.

Yo, yo, guys! Austin...

Keith knows the truth about what happened in the house.

Dude, tell us. Yeah, what is it?

What's the story? Come on, man.

Yo, dude, you'll be fine.

Seriously? You had that light this whole time?

Yeah, dude. It was in my bag.

Austin, that's really bright. Can you turn it down?

Will you just go? Just go. Seriously.

All right, like I said, it's not a story.

It's just this thing I found on this website when we first started talking about bringing Billy up to the mansion. Okay, yeah.

So, what is it?

Just police reports and pictures.

And according to one of the police reports, Lady Brandt and her children went up to church every Sunday.

So, one Sunday when they didn't show up, you know, a neighbor of theirs got a little nervous because she was about to have her 13th child.

She was, you know, almost due.

And, uh, they had the cops go up there and check it out.

And when the cops walked in, they found Lady Brandt and her children dead in the nursery.

All of them.

You know, and they didn't have forensics and CSI like we have now, so they didn't know how she died or how long she'd been dead or who even killed her.

The only thing they knew for sure was that Mr. Brandt was missing.

And look, you know I've seen some really bloody murder scenes.

I showed you the... The Wonderland photos.

Yeah. You know?

Nothing compares to these black-and-white photos that were in this police report.

I mean, were they, like... were they hacked up?

I mean, like the kids?

I've seen the Lizzie Borden videos.

No, no, no. It wasn't like... And pictures.

No, it wasn't like that.

No, it wasn't anything like that.

It wasn't gory at all. There wasn't any blood.

It was like... what are you doing?

I'm just zooming in. Keep going.

It wasn't... There wasn't blood or anything like that.

There were wounds, you know, because they'd been murdered, obviously.

But there was, like... I don't know.

It was the sick bastard, he... it's like he killed... He killed his own family, and then he... And then he cleaned them up.

And the most disturbing part... the most disturbing part was that he, like... he posed them.

Posed them? Like mannequins?

Yeah, yeah, kind of like mannequins, man.

I don't know.

Lady Brandt, I mean, she was like in a rocking chair.

And all of her children were just sitting in front of her.

Kind of like remember when we were in Miss Carter's class when we were growing up, and she read us story time?

Sure, sure, yeah.

They were all sitting in front of her cross-legged, just waiting for their mother to tell them a bedtime story.

But instead of a book in her hand, she had her 13th child.

Sitting right there in her lap.


And you want to know the most disturbing part?

The umbilical cord was still attached to the baby and her.

I don't know if the baby was stillborn or if that sick freak left it attached so that when she died the baby died.

But I can't...

I can't get that image out of my head.

It's just, like. Burnt in there forever.

I mean, the looks on these poor kids' faces, man.

It's like they died really bad, you know?

Look, I don't mind that we're going up to the mansion.

In fact, I hope Eddie is okay. But I just... you guys got to promise me if we go in the house, I-I-I...

We cannot go up to the nursery, okay?

I can't do it. Sure. Yeah.

Promise me that, because...

What was that? What was that?


Get the camera. Guys, shut up.

Guys, shut up.

Dude, I think that...

Dude, I think it's kind of...

Damn it! Damn it!

Goddamn it, dude. Muzo!

God, you dick! I got you guys.

That was not cool, dude. That was not cool.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Guys, it was just a joke. Dude, no.

No, that was a dick move. Not funny, man.

Jesus Christ.

You know Keith is already freaking out.

Hey, I'm just joking. Dude, not a joke.

Keith, come on, man. Don't get too far ahead.

Come on, dude.

Hey, you know, I'm really sorry.

Hey, I'm going to need some help getting down there with this camera.

Here, hand it to me.

Yeah, I'd rather not.

Just give me a hand.

How about you turn that light back on?

No, it's killing the battery.

Hey, Chase, can we have a little bro talk real quick?


Um. What is up with you and Jenny?

What about her? Because she...

Dude. Damn, dude. Ah, shit.

Yo, are you all right, Keith?

Yeah, take the flashlight.

Are you good?

Yo, yo, check that out.

Are you getting this? Check this out.

Yo, dude, that's freaky.

That's freaky. All right...

We're getting close to the house, I guess.

All right, come on. Austin, is the camera all right?

Yeah, man, it's fine. Let's just get out of here.

I don't really like this place.

This place is creepy.

Dude, we have three flashlights.

We didn't give Eddie one. It's still pitch-black out here.

I feel bad for sending Eddie out here by himself.


I'm starting to feel really bad for Billy, man.

No one gave him a flashlight?

We didn't give him a flashlight.

We have three and it's still dark.

That was kind of a dick move on our part.

He had that light on his camera.

Yeah? Yo, guys, there's nothing up... Oh, my God!

Dude. Damn, guys. Okay, enough, man.


What the hell was that for? You're an asshole.

Enough! Stop. Stop. That's what I get for what?

Messing with Keith. Stop. Just stop.

That's enough, man.

How old are we? Shut up, Austin.

Dude... Stop. Let's go find Eddie.

You guys are acting like children, man. Let's just go.

Watch out for this right here.

Can you see anything? No, I can't.

It's really narrow. Watch out.

Keith, you doing all right?

Muzo, watch out right there.

You good? Yeah.

Dude, tell me if I'm about...

Oh, shit! It's Eddie!

It's Eddie!

No, no, it's not Eddie.

It's not Eddie. Shit.

What's going on? What? What?

Ow, my leg. You all right?

God, that smells terrible. Oh, that stinks.

No, dude, don't touch it. Don't touch it.

Yeah, dude. That thing's been dead for weeks.

I wonder what killed that thing.

Dude, we got to move. That smells terrible.

You all right? Ugh! Come on, Chase.

Come on, Chase.

I think I see something.

I think it's that pool.

You see that sign?

Dude, well we're either going in or we're not.

Well, they're going in.

I'm terrified.

Watch your step.

I always watch my step.

Careful. I'm sorry. Sorry.

Hey, Luke, slow down, man...

Austin, come check this out.

Well, it's kind of demonic.

I feel like I've seen that face before.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

It's creepy.

Are you cold? Yeah, yeah, I'm cold.

Dude, I'm not going over there.

You going? You going in?

I think I'm going to stay up here.

You sure? Yeah.

You want to take my flashlight? I'll take the camera.

Sure. Just be careful.

I will. Please?

Got it? Yeah, yeah. Got it.

Be careful.

Oh, my God.

Oh my God, guys. I think this is blood.


I think I just found blood down here.

That's totally blood.

Don't touch it! Don't touch it!

That's, like, fresh blood.

Yo, Keith, turn off my camera light, man.


All right. Come on, guys. Let's go.

Oh, there he is.

Hey, guys?

You know there's no way out.


Austin, come on.


Hey, come on, man. Let's go.

You okay?


Goddamn. Shit.

What? What is it?

Dude, don't pick up stuff, man.

We got to be getting close, right?

Oh, shit...

I want to go home.

Hot shower.

Yo, it is cold out here.

I think we're almost there.

Oh, shit, guys, guys, look.

Austin, this is the shot.

Shit. Come here and get this.

This place is... Whoa.

Did you see that?

Are you serious? That's got to be Eddie.

Why would Eddie be in the nursery?

Yo, I don't think Eddie would go in there.

Look how far back this house goes.

What the hell?

You see something? Dude, let's be real.

I'm exhausted.

I thought I saw someone walking around the corner.

You didn't see it? Probably just a shadow.

Yeah, I'm just tired.

Austin! What?

Look what I found.

Dude, is that my rig?

Yeah. Yeah.

Are you kidding me?

Muzo, come hold this.


Shine the light right here.

Oh, shit. The door.

Dude, what are you...?

You want to go in? No.


Uh... yeah, what?

It looks like it's still on, but the memory card's full.

Yeah, well it's probably because he, like, had it running the entire time, so he just drained the entire card.

And I didn't bring another one for that camera.

You guys want to at least watch what's on it?

We can, can't we? Not a bad idea.

Yeah, no, we can.

Chase, if you grab the monitor out of my pack, we can watch it.

Yeah, all right.

You remember how to do it, right?

I think so.

Ready? Yeah.

Dude, he looks terrified.

What's that?

Yo, rewind it, so we can see what scared him.

No, no, I want to see what happens to the guy.

Looks like he's running from something.

Yeah, what the hell is he running from?

I don't know.

No, no, no.

Sounds like he's being chased or something.

Yeah. Get off me!

Get off me!

Did he fall?

No, he's up here on the porch.

Yeah, he's on the porch.

Yeah, I told you he'd do it.

I don't understand. So where is he?

He's probably hiding around here somewhere just waiting to jump out and scare us.

No, that's the door.

He's standing right where we are.

Guys, I'm here.

Guys, I did it, okay? Guys, I did it.

I'm your number four...

What the fuck?

Oh, shit.

What the hell is that?

Um... uh...

That's it. That's all we have.

That's it? What does that...?

I don't get it. Where the hell... Where the hell is he at?

Yeah, um...

All right, you know what?

He probably just did this with the door and then held the camera like that and made it seem like that happened.

I mean... I mean, I guess that kind of makes sense.

Like, it was a little convenient how we just kinda found my rig like, in the middle of the open on the porch.

Exactly. Exactly. But, I mean...

Right? I mean, like, he said he was gonna mess with us.

Yeah. Yeah. Right?

Yeah, he did say that.

No, that's exactly what he did.

He was standing on the porch, he dropped the rig, and then he left it exactly where we would find it.

This little shit's trying to mess with us.

Yeah, he's good, but he's not that good.

Like, this is what we're gonna do.

Here, Austin, hold this. Take this back.

All right, all right...

You three go through the front.

Austin, you and I go around the back.

We'll meet in the middle and then try to scare him and get it on camera. Hell, yeah.

Wait, wait, wait.

Let's just go in there and get him and then go home.

That was the plan, that was the whole reason we came.

We're here, we might as well take advantage of it.

Chase, Chase, fine, get your footage.

But don't forget that we came here to get Eddie and go home.

All right? I'm done with this video shit, all right? I just...

We're going to get him, but, like, why not have some fun in the process and get some footage?

If it happens, it happens. Come on, you're gonna be fine.

Dude, you're going to be fine.

I just want to go home. No, I know.

We'll go home as soon as we get Eddie.

Austin, take this. Oh, yeah, thank you.

Come on, Keith.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The lights aren't working down here, man.

What? But the light was on upstairs.

I... I know.

What's going on?

Hey, bro. What?

Why don't you go, like, talk to him real quick?

He's really nervous.

Hey, Eddie...

I just don't think it's a good idea to go in there.

I think we should just... I think we should just stay out here.

Dude, we're fine. It's fine.

It's fine, all right? Look, we're together.

You have to remember it's just a house.

All right? It's just a house.

I know it's just a house, but you can't tell me that you think it's a good idea that we go in there.

It doesn't feel right. It doesn't matter how it feels.

It's fun. We're all together. It's an empty house.

Nothing's gonna happen, all right?

Nothing's gonna happen.

Muzo, come here.

Stay with him.

Jesus Christ.

Come on, Keith.

Just go around the back and just meet us in the back, okay?

Yeah, I know. I know. It's Keith.

Wow. Look at this place.

This is creepy.

Yeah, um, next time let's take the front door...

Dude, shine that light back over there.

Shine the light... Dude?


What are you doing?

I think this is the root cellar they were talking about.

Let's go down there.

No, man, come on. Let's go.

Why not?

Yo, I don't want to go down there, man. Come on.

You serious? Yeah.

It's so dark, I can't see anything.

It's unlocked.

Wow, look at this thing.

It's massive.

Yo, what, what is that?

Imagine having to chop down a tree and start a fire just to make breakfast.

Yo, just, just keep your voice down.

Chase, keep your voice down.

No wonder Mr. Brandt went crazy.

Chase, do you not hear that?

Oh, this is creepy.

Yo, what are you doing?

I think that's the root cellar.


Oh, it smells like dry rot in there.

Yo, I don't want to go down there.

Oh, it's like the rest of this house, but worse.


Come on. Are you serious?

Are you seeing this? Dude, dude, dude, dude.

Muzo. Dude.

I know. I'm sorry. Really? Are you serious?

Aren't we done with that shit?

I'm sorry. I'm done.

We were just trying to lighten the mood.

I know. I'm done. All right.

I'm done.

Thank you.

I'm so scared.

This house is getting to me too.

Look at this. Creepy.


Keith, have you seen Eddie? Look...

What's Keith looking at?

Will you grab the glow sticks out of my pack?


Hey, Chase, go ahead and break one of those.

Austin, check this out. Looks like an urn.

No way. Are you serious?

Yeah. Looks like Mr. Brandt's.

Come on. Can we just leave?

Put down the urn.

Keith, what'd you find, dude?

Austin, come get this.

Look, see that? Right in the middle?

That's Mrs. Brandt.

I don't get it, though.

I don't recognize a lot of the kids in the picture.

I mean, I will never forget the ones that I saw in the police report, but...

I mean, they're right... They're right in the front here.

But the older ones...

I don't know who the hell they are.

I mean, maybe it was like some sort of family reunion.

Just took a picture with all of the cousins.

I have no idea.

Well, anyway, Chase and I found the root cellar.

You did? Did you find anything down there?

No, I mean, we didn't actually go down there yet.

Yeah, we're going to check it out later.

Let's keep looking for Eddie.

Yeah, good idea.

Austin, come on.

Hey, look, everything's still here.

Yeah. A lot of them are medical books.

I don't feel good about this.

Keith, did the murders happen at Christmastime?

Hey, is this Lady Brandt?

Everything here creeps me out. What?

I don't know, man. That's creepy.

Careful. Just... Hey... Just, guys, just be careful.

I got it, I got it.


Muzo, move. Muzo.

I'm trying to get the shot.

Creepy. It's a closet. Okay, just go, come on.

Yo, Keith, chill out.

Guys, come on.

Come on, guys. Let's go.

You all right, buddy?


Okay, I'm definitely not going in there first. You guys go.

Someone shine the light in here.

I don't want to be last, either. Jesus Christ, Lucas!

Really, Luke? What's going on?

It's not funny. You know what? Just stay in there.

Seriously, dude. Dick.

Let's go. Guys, come on.

We're home.

What are you looking at?

You okay?

I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

There's a bathroom...

Oh, God!

Are you okay?

Where were you?

I was in the bathroom.

Dude, come on.

I just need to check something out.

Do you see anything?

Austin, I'm going, man.

Oh, shit! Shit!

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay...

Okay, okay, okay, okay...

You good?

Yeah, yeah. Why?

Yo, what are you guys looking at?

That light's still on.

Let's go.

Keith, did you see her?

Keith, Keith, what's the matter with you?

Chase? Man, I'm worried about Keith.

Keith? Come on, man.

Chase? Dude, there's something wrong with Keith.

I found another picture of Lady Brandt.

That must be Mr. Brandt.

Kind of looks like you.

Don't say that, okay?

I'm serious.

What is that noise?

Guys, who turned that light off?

I didn't do it.

This light was on when we came up the stairs.

Lucas tried the switches. The power isn't even on.

Where are you going, Keith?

Yo, isn't that the nursery? Yeah.

I thought he said he was afraid to go up there.


Keith, you don't got to prove anything to us by going up there.


Yo, this one's of the pool.

There's a dead body in it.

Swimming without adult supervision.


It's freaking cold in here.

Hey, Keith... is this where they found Lady Brandt and all the kids killed?

I feel like we should leave flowers or something.


Keith, Keith, come on.

We need to get Keith out of here.


Come on, buddy, let's go.

I wanna play.

What are we gonna play?

Is he coming? Just give him a minute.

He's still by that damn chair.

He's losing it, man.

I wanna play.

Can my friends come?



Keith, come on, man.

Keith, snap out of it!

It's Lady Brandt! It's Lady Brandt!

Keith! Keith!

Muzo, come on, man!

Keith! Keith! Open the door, now!

Guys, downstairs!

Go, go! Keith!


Keith, come on!

Help me! Get off of me! Please!

Oh, man, he's upstairs. Why are we coming down here?

Guys, shh!

Muzo, watch out!

Somebody was just in that wall.

You saw that, right? Right?

Austin, you saw that, right? Yes!

I mean, that was a person! What the hell was that?

A person? That was not a person.

I mean, maybe it was Keith.

People don't come out of the walls.

Walls don't move like that!

Just shut up and let me figure this out.

Hold on, shut up, shut up.

There's nothing to figure out!

How can you figure that out?

Austin, turn it off right now.

Guys, this is not helping anything.

Guys! Guys, shut up. It's not helping anything.

Turn it off. Turn it off right now.

Turn it off. All right. All right.

I saw Keith. I saw Keith.

I think he's dead, man.

I saw... I saw him get lifted up.

I saw him... Just because you saw him get lifted up doesn't mean he's dead.

We heard him downstairs after the door slammed.

I saw that Lady Brandt lady. Man, I saw her.

You think you saw Lady Brandt.

I'm not thinking anything, man! I'm not making this up.

Just because a door slams... No, man!

Yo, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! This is not helping anybody.

You don't listen to me ever!

I am listening to you! Shut up, dude.

It's not helping anybody.

Just because a door slams doesn't mean our friend is dead.

I know, but we don't know what's going on.

Guys, guys, guys.


That's Eddie! That's Eddie! I can't, man.

That's Eddie, man.

Look at that photo and tell me you don't see Eddie!

Tell me that's not Eddie!

Why did we come here in the first place?

That is Eddie.

That's impossible.

Stop, dude.

Stop. You're scaring the hell out of me, man.

Please. I promise I'm not making this up.

I promise I'm not making this up.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Lucas, we can go.

We're going, we're going. Austin, come on. We're going.

Let's go.

Make them stay.

No! No, you can't leave.

Hey! Don't you touch him!

Stay down. What the hell is the matter with you?

We are done! No! Hayley was right!

We are out of here right now!

Put the camera down.

Put the camera down.

Put it down!


Muzo! Muzo!


Muzo, what's wrong, man?

What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?

I can hear them screaming!

Calm down! What are you talking about?

We're getting out.

What the hell was that?

Open the door! Come on, Muzo, get up.

It's not opening. Pull harder.

The lock's busted.

I told you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, I got to get out of here.

I got to open this door. Try the window.

Stop. Stop. Just calm down.

We got to find a way out of here.

Screw this!

Come on. Calm down, man.

Calm down. What's wrong with you?

What's wrong? Screw this.

I just want to get out of here.

Holy shit.

Damn it! We need to find another way out.

What if they're all like this? You want to stay and do nothing?

No! No! She's inside my head!

I'm going to die! Muzo, just calm down.

Is she saying we're all going to die?

She's saying nobody leaves.

She's not going to let us leave.

Shut the hell up.

Dude, what is your problem? What is your problem?

Just stop, okay?

Just stop. Lucas, come on.

We're gonna be right back, okay? We'll be right back, okay?

I'll be right back for you. Can you just watch him?

That's all you got to do, is just watch him.

Are you here? Are you listening to me?

Yeah. Yes. Lucas, come on!

I'm coming.

Muzo, Muzo, what is she saying to you?

What is she saying to you?

She's saying we don't leave.

We're not going to leave.

Okay, have you seen her?

Have you seen her? Have you seen her?

I need to know. I need to know, man.

Have you seen her? No, I haven't seen her.

I haven't seen her. Come on.

Have you seen Billy? No! No! No, dude.

Just people just screaming inside of my head.

I don't see anyone. You haven't seen anybody?

I haven't seen anyone, okay?

I just hear them screaming, and I know we're never gonna get out of this house.



I need you to stay right here.

I will be right back. Just do not move.

You stay right here.

I'll be right back, okay?

Okay? Don't move. I'll be right back, okay?


All right, we checked all the windows, and...

Austin, where's Muzo? I don't know.

I left him right there. Where the hell's Muzo?

He's not here. I'm sorry.

I left him right here...

You promised. I told you to watch him, man.

Dude, what the hell were you doing upstairs?

Don't get mad at me right now.

You had one job. To watch him Muzo.

He was right there.

Yo, okay, why is it my responsibility?

Because I told you to watch him!

Don't yell at me, man.

Get your head out of your ass.

Don't tell me to do that.

You don't know what's going on with me, okay?

Then tell us what's going on!

I'm seeing things all over the place!

I'm seeing kids running around.

I'm seeing Mrs. Brandt.

I'm seeing myself places.

I'm seeing Billy in the pool.

I just saw Keith upstairs.

I am losing my goddamn mind.

So, I'm sorry if I lost Muzo.

Don't be sorry. This place is getting to all of us.

Okay? I don't know what you saw.

I don't know why we can't get out of this house, but if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it together.

I'm scared shitless, guys.

We all are, man.

Okay, let's just stick together and let's look for Muzo, okay?



Just stay together.

Come on. Let's stay together.

You all right?


He's probably dead.

Come on, we'll find him. He would have heard us by now.

Come on. Muzo.

What the hell?

Oh, my God. This can't be real. This can't be happening.

You got something?

The camera's showing something else.

What's it showing?

The murders.

Lady Brandt killing her children.

That's impossible.

Here, look.

There's nothing there.

What? There's nothing there.

No, it's right there. It's right there. Look.

Dude, I'm looking right at it.

There's nothing there.

Austin, is this some kind of joke, man?


Austin, look at me.

Look at me. There is nothing there.

We don't have time for this shit.

Chase, they're right behind you.

You killed them.

You killed all your children.

I want to be with my family forever, my sweet.

Keep them. Just please let us leave.

They are my family.

Nobody takes my family.




Muzo, where the hell have you been, man?

Come on, we're getting out of here.

Muzo, you okay?

Hey, hey, hey.

Something's wrong.

Muzo. Come on, man.

It's not him, Chase. He has a knife.

Muzo. Muzo.

Lucas, he has a knife. Muzo, you asshole.

I was looking for you.

No, no, no, no. No, come on, come on...

Muzo, just put the knife down.

Put the knife down. Muzo, stop.

Please don't. No! Put the knife down!

Put pressure on it. Put pressure on it.

Put pressure on it.

Muzo. Muzo, stop.

Chase, don't let him get the knife.

Muzo. Muzo, stop. Muzo!

Come on, it's us.

Muzo, it's me, Chase. Look at me.

Muzo, we've been friends since we were eight years old.

Come on, you're the toughest guy I know.

Fight this.

Chase, stop, stop. Look at him.

Look at your best friend. That's Lucas.

If we don't make it out of here soon, he's not going to make it, Muzo.

Look what you did! Muzo, fight this!



I miss all of us.



He's dead.

We gonna get out of here.

Come on, Lucas. Come on.

We're going to get you out of here.

We're going to get some help. Come on.

Come on, you have to help me.


Come on.

Give me your hand.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, Austin.


It is done.

The inevitable is happening, my sweet.

He is with me.

I want my family.

You tried to leave.

You tried to take my children.

You tried to destroy my family!

You've upset Mother.

Come now.

Return to the family, my sweet.

Stop calling me that.

Don't raise your voice to Mother.

Do you want to make Mother angry?

There, there.

There, there, my sweet.

That didn't hurt.

Why now? Why me?


All this is because of you.

We are all here because you came back.

I told the children that you'd be back, that Father would be back.

You tired to leave us, Father, but now you've returned.

With more children.

With our children.

We can be a big family now.

Don't run away anymore, Father.

You know this is where you belong.

That's why I saw it?

Stay with us.

Stay with me.

It won't take long. Just let go.

It will only hurt a little while, my sweet.

Hold it, hold it.

Come on.

All right, I got you. I got you. Come on.


Come on. Austin, come on.

Don't let them leave.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Go by the door.

Austin, come on, man. Come on.

What's wrong with you? Hurry up.

Austin, snap out of it. Come on.

It just picked me up, man.

Come on, get up, get up, get up.

Get up, come on.

Come on, stay up.

Oh, my God. The urn.

Get out the window, man! Stop!

Just go.

Lucas, come on.

Austin, help me, please. Just let go.

What the...? Chase!

Austin, help me!

Let him go! What? Help me!

Come on. Let's go, Austin.

Austin, come on!

I got the camera.


Austin, come on!

Austin, walk faster, buddy.

Austin, stop pulling me. Come on.


Austin, buddy, what's wrong?

Dude, we got to go! Come on!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Shit. Shit.

I can't leave him. I can't leave him.


Come on.

Austin, come on...


Oh, shit.

Austin, come on.

Please help me.

Oh, shit.


Wait. Wait.


All right, I don't have much time.

This was supposed to be a joke.

This was not supposed to be serious.

And... and there's something really wrong in this house.

Don't fight it.

Oh, my God. The pool.


Guys, guys, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


I'm sorry...

So, what's up, everybody?

This is Chase here, and this is the Hell Gang.

It feels weird to feel a muscle that I haven't used in forever...

You have to yell "Squanto" and throw the ball.

Whoa, that's not okay!