Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) Script

Let me see what's on cameras one and four.

Come on. I know you're here somewhere.

Three years I've been waiting to nail your sorry ass.

I think we might have something here.

Punch me up, please.

That's his bodyguard who's always with him.

And there's Cota.

Welcome to our little party. Page, Cota has arrived.

He's coming in now.

He's wearing a cape and a silver mask. Tell your men to keep their eyes open.

This is Page to all operatives. Cota is on his way in.

Keep him under strict surveillance.

Holy shit!

Get a load of the melons on the belly dancer.

Okay, now just keep your eyes on Cota.

Finally you get Cota outside San Carlos.

This is gonna be the biggest bust of the decade.

All right.

All agents are in position.

Page, tell your agents to move in. Now!

Move in. Repeat, move in.

Ramon Cota, you're under arrest for drug...

What the...

Who the hell is this?

Oh, shit.

We've been set up.

Where's Cota? Where's Ramon Cota, damn you?

I don't recognize you. If you can't show me an invitation, I order you to leave.

Agent Page, don't you know by now that it's not possible to arrest me or even disrupt my business activities?

But it is possible to annoy me and I should treat you the same way that I treated your colleagues, but life can be so unexpectedly short, Agent Page.

So, enjoy it while you can.

You laid the son of a gun, didn't you?

Something wrong? Hello, little lady.

Come here, bitch.

Are you sure? I was only teasing.

But our kid will have a loving mother and father, and all the advantages that I can give him.

Him? Him. You've already decided the baby's gonna be a boy?

With a stud like me, what else?

She could be a ballet dancer.

That's all I need, two wild women. That might be exactly what you get, too.

How do you expect us to eat this gook shit?

I see that look in your eye.

I'm not going to fight.

Listen, Charlie Chan...

You think you ought to help him?

Excuse me, guys. Let me help you up, Mr. Quon.

No, there's only three of 'em.

You were trying the wrong techniques against these skinheads.

No offense, guys. Who the fuck are you?

An elbow would've been a lot better.


Come here.

Personally, Mr. Quon, I think your food is great.

Don't you?

I didn't hear you. Yeah, yeah.

Then pay him and get the hell outta here.


When he left the table, didn't he say he wasn't gonna fight?

I didn't fight.

I gave a motivational seminar.

Miguel, I've missed you.

How was Rio? Fine.


Let me have the figures on the latest coca distribution.

We've had eight shipments intercepted by the DEA in one month.

There is a spy in the organization.

I will conduct the investigation personally, jefe.


This afternoon I want you to fly to Miami and see the distributors.

Stop right here.

Look at Papa.

Why is the girl not harvesting the coca?

She refuses to work. She fears the sun will kill the baby.

Well, put her to work.

Bad example for the others.

Okay, put her to work.

Give me the baby. No.


José. No, please don't.


No! My baby!

No! Stop!

José... José...

You want your baby?

Get in the jeep.

My baby... My baby...

Take her to my bedroom.

But first give her a beautiful bath.

While she's there, get rid of the baby.

General Taylor, Colonel McCoy and Major Chavez are here.

Good. Send them in. Yes, sir.

Colonel McCoy. General.

Major Chavez.

This is George Fogerty. He heads the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Major. And John Page, in charge of DEA activities in San Carlos.

A real pleasure. How do you do? Let's take a walk, boys.

Gentlemen, the flow of cocaine coming into the US is becoming a war.

That damn drug has this country in a stranglehold.

That's why we need you and the Delta Force.

The President has made this a top priority.

I am to do whatever is necessary to curtail this problem.

Gentlemen, Ramon Cota, the world's wealthiest drug dealer.

Cota is wanted for drug trafficking and murder in 17 countries.

We have no extradition agreement with San Carlos, but whenever he leaves, he knows we're on to him.

Why do they put up with that creep?

President Alcazar is a well-intentioned man, but he's hanging on by a thread.

The real strength there is this guy... General Olmedo.

Goddamn ugly son of a bitch.

He makes it possible for Cota to stay in San Carlos.

He takes a small share of the profits to the amount of several hundred million dollars a year.

What is it you want from us?

I have an agent in Cota's organization. I want you to tell him to come in.

Excuse me? Why us, sir?

He doesn't wanna be contacted by us, ever since the massacre of our agents in Rio.

You see, Cota was tipped off by one of our very own.

So, he wants someone from outside just to pass on his information to him.

That's why we contacted General Taylor and he volunteered you two boys.

I want you to tell him his life is in jeopardy if he returns to San Carlos.

How do we contact him?

There's a taxi waiting for you, sir.

We've been driving around for a half-hour. How cautious does he have to be?

If your butt was on the line, you'd be a little bit cautious too.

Listen carefully. In four days, Ramon will fly to Switzerland on a commercial flight to deposit his money.

Here's the details. Look, tell Fogerty this may be our last chance.

Since Rio, Ramon has stayed closer to home.

Fogerty wants you to come in. He says it's too dangerous.

Ramon trusts me like a brother. He'll never suspect me.

Hey, man, we're just telling you what Fogerty told us.

Hey, man, thanks. And I appreciate it.

Hey, by the way... Does this airliner fly over American airspace?

Oh, yeah. Just south of the Florida Keys, but only for a few minutes.

Ramon always buys out the first-class section, and he'll have two bodyguards with him.

I see that look in your eye.

Bobby, have you ever flown first class?

Oh, man.

I'm sorry, sir. This is first class only.

Can't I go to the bathroom? You'll have to use the one back there.

You're in the wrong section.

Tell them they'll see their boss in about 50 years.

What do we have here?

You don't wanna do this.

I'm Ramon Cota.

You're dead.

Okay, now what?

I've found 'em. Here they are.

I got contact on radar, General.

One minute to jump time.

Put this on. I'm not gonna do it.

It's a hijacking.

Skyjacking's the proper word. Now, put the goddamn thing on.


You can go with the parachute or without it.

You're bluffing.

Look, don't be a fool. I'll make you rich. Come on.

Millions. Come on, let me go.

Come on, let me go.

Let me go. Okay.

Oh, shit.

Come on, grab the son of a bitch. I know you can do it.

Running out of time.

Come on. You can make it.

Shit. Always the hard way.

I need a drink.

Your Honor, there have been so many violations of my client's rights, I hardly know where to begin.

Drug enforcement agents of the US are prohibited by federal law from participating in arrests overseas.

The bottom line here is that my client has been kidnapped.


I too am hampered, Mr. Ericson, by the top-secret background of this case.

But I am assured by George Fogerty that whomever delivered Mr. Cota to the United States was not a DEA agent.

Legal tradition denies American judges the power to question the arrest or treatment of a suspect before he enters our country.

Mr. Cota's rights have been perfectly respected by us.

Motion for release is denied.

Bail is set at ten million dollars.

That's pocket change to that scumbag.

Isn't democracy great?


We risked our lives for nothing.

Order. Order in court.

I said order. Order in the court.

Mr. Cota...

Mr. Cota, do you wish to press charges against this man?

No, Your Honor. I'm not one to hold a grudge.

Very well.

Court's dismissed.

Time to go, Carlos.

All right.

City play-offs, here we come. That's my little brother.

That was fantastic. It was great.

Bobby, why don't you and Scot go get the pizza? Alex and I'll set the table.

Then we'll see how much of the game you recorded with all of your jumpin' around.

How about me jumping your bones? Bobby, cut it out. Everyone's watching.

Let 'em be jealous. I got the most beautiful wife. Right, son?

You're crazy. For you.

Scot, will you get him outta here? Out.

You heard the boss, lover boy.

See you at home.

Bobby was jumpin' around.

Scot was beaming. Scot was beaming?

And I baked you a cake. Chocolate?


Great. I'll get that.

No, Rita.



Who are you?

Who are you?

This is the wife?

Get out of this house.

You're squashin' the pizza, Bobby.

What's goin' on?

No, no. Rita...


Come on, sir. Let me help you. No, no, no...

She's gone, Scott.

My wife.

My baby.

He's gonna die for it.

We'll get him again.

I'm not waitin'.

I'm goin' after him now.

I can't let you do that.

You would stop me?

I'd have to.


Why don't you come to my place and stay?

Yeah, maybe that's a good idea.

Come on.

We'll go see Fogerty tomorrow.

Argentina charging for the ball.

Martinez of Argentina takes a spill.

The umpire calls time.

Stop right there. All right, turn around.


You can see, ladies and gentlemen, why Raul Salinas is a nine-grader.

Last year, he was Arena Player of the Year.

Final score, San Carlos 4, Argentina 1.

Are you crazy, Major Chavez?

You are one very lucky SOB.

Page, what are you doing here? That doesn't matter.

What does matter is you're leaving and never coming back.

I could've had him. I was so close.

You were close, amigo.

We were all close, but we've got to do this thing right.

Take a seat, Miguel.

This is a very sad day for me.

I have been betrayed by one of you.

No, Ramon. It cannot be.

Name this scum.

I will order his execution.

It is not necessary. I have my own ways of dealing with traitors.

Miguel, have you discovered the identity of the one who has been informing the DEA of my operations?

No, Ramon, not yet.

Why is that, my brother?

Is it possible that you have not found the man because you are that man?

No, Ramon, no.

I love you like a brother.

You know I would die for you.

I am very glad to hear that, Miguel.

You were the only one I trusted with my travel plans.

Him, I loved.

They won't forget me, you son of a bitch.

You're gonna die.


André, UPI.

Any word on the DEA hostages in San Carlos?

They're alive. That's all we know.

Lucille, Washington Post.

What about the rumor that an officer in your top-secret commando unit tried to infiltrate into San Carlos and was brutally murdered by Ramon Cota?

I have no commando unit under my command, nor am I aware of the existence of any such force.


The DEA has received heavy criticism for its failure to slow the flow of narcotics into the US.

Do you believe that the army will have more success?

All right, listen up, ladies and gentlemen.

It's very difficult to deal with a country like San Carlos where a large percentage of the cocaine entering the United States originates, where the military Chief of Staff, General Olmedo, grows coca on a private farm the size of Rhode Island, where a drug king like Ramon Cota can live like an oriental potentate without any fear of extradition, and where President Alcazar is afraid to do anything about it for fear of a coup.

Good morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, General Taylor has slapped the face of every honest citizen of San Carlos.

Certainly, we have a narcotics problem in our country and we are struggling against it.

But if America accuses us of being a nation of drug pushers, then we accuse America of being a nation of drug addicts.

What's going on, General?

Ramon sent us a video tape.

Three of our agents in San Carlos, including Page, were captured by Ramon.

We have verification.

What about Bobby?

They won't forget me, you son of a bitch.

You're gonna die. They're gonna remember me.

I'd love to go after this asshole.


These are aerial recon photos of Ramon's compound made yesterday.

The fortress is unapproachable.

There's over one hundred armed men in sight in these shots here.

Take more than an infiltration unit to extract those agents.

Take a goddamn invasion.

Plus, there's only one road to the top of the mountain.

All switchbacks, heavily guarded on all three sides.

Most mountains have four sides.


But the fourth side of this particular mountain is a sheer wall of granite.

Straight up.

They say it's unclimbable.

I asked not to be disturbed. But you're wanted on the red phone, sir.

Back in one minute, Colonel.

That was the President.

He just viewed the video tape I left him of Ramon torturing Major Chavez.

He blew his stack.

He called President Alcazar in San Carlos and threatened to withdraw economic aid if he didn't cooperate.

All right.

Now, there's only authority to go in for one day and burn whatever drug crops and labs we can find.

What about the DEA agents Cota's got?

If we get our boys out or not, it's gonna be up to us.

President Alcazar washes his hands of that one.

When do we go in?

One week from today.

Gives us plenty of time to pinpoint all the fields, coordinate everything...

I'll be ready. Better put these away before you lose one.

Not fast enough. One more time.

Cover me.

Get down.

You did all right. You okay?


Take over, Major.

Feeling better now? Yeah, I do.

They don't.

The word on the operation has leaked.

The whole world knows we're coming. The only thing they don't know is when.

What are we going to do? We're going to proceed as planned.

The only hitch is, our boy Ramon sent a message to Fogerty.

He swears he'll execute all three DEA agents the instant any American military unit touches down in San Carlos.

Let me go in 48 hours ahead.

I'll get them out.

You mean you'll go up that mountain? I can climb it.

Operations. This is General Taylor.

Have you prepared that C-130? Affirmative.

We'll be at the hangar 0300 hours tomorrow.

Alice 1-7, this is Bookshelf. We have you on schedule.

Please acknowledge. Roger, Bookshelf. Alice 1-7 is on time.

At 0530 hours the day after tomorrow, we start destroying the labs and fields.

At 0730 hours, I hit Ramon's munitions warehouse.

Now you gotta be outta there by that time.

I'm gonna retire after this. You say that every time.

Come on. Let's get outta here.

I just might mean it this time.

Everything is ready, Colonel. Okay.

Your contact in the village is an Indian girl by the name of Quiquina Esquilinta.

We trust her?

Ramon killed her husband, murdered her sick baby, then used the baby's body to smuggle cocaine, and then he raped her.

You've got one minute to jump.

Probably be a good idea not to bring it up when you meet.

She might be a little sensitive. I'd think so.

Ready, Colonel? Ready, Major.

I'll see ya. Now remember, your objective is the DEA guys, not Ramon Cota.

I'll remember.

I'll bet.

Always the hard way.

Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm... Come.

Nice to meet you, too.

Hola, Quiquina. Hello.

Quiquina. Quiquina.

This is El Jefe. He knew you were going to come.

Welcome to our village. Thank you, Jefe. Where can I change?

My home.

Hello, sir. I'm Ernesto Flores. Who?

Ernesto Flores. How you doin'? Major Anderson.

Nice to meet you, sir. I have been appointed by President Alcazar...

Who? President Alcazar.

To act as an observer and to see that you adhere to the...

What does "adhere" mean?

To the agreement between our two presidents.

Yes, sir.

My people have used these lianas for centuries.

That's what I was afraid of.

Watch out.

Your backpack is too heavy. Drop it. Forget it, lady. I need this pack.

There must have been some fat Indians who had to get across.

Excuse me, Major, but what is the meaning of the different colors?

The red indicate drug laboratories, the green are coca fields, and the blue is an airstrip.

And how do you know that? Aerial photography.

Infrared cameras pick up the heat from lamps used to process the coca paste.

Coca leaves radiate irregular wavelengths, different from corn and wheat.

Wish my Polaroid could do that.

Espinoza del Diablo.

Oh, boy.

Can you climb it?

Well, anything's possible. At least, that's what I've been told.

Better get some sleep.

Hey, General, why are these soldiers here?

They're here to observe, Ernesto.

You notice they have no weapons?

Do you notice? I noticed.

Your family?

My husband...

And my baby.

I know what happened.

I'm sorry.

God be with you.

Thank you.

Look at this map. This one's going to the south.

This area here? Yeah. And those go to the north.

Hey, Ernesto...

All the big coca fields seem to be south of our corridor of operation.

I don't make the rules, General. I just follow them.

I can see that, Ernesto.

Isn't this General Olmedo's ranch?

This huge area right here?

It's about six miles from Ramon's estate, isn't that right?

Yeah, that's right.

So how far is General Olmedo's air base, Ernesto?

About 240 miles.


Now, listen, General.

San Carlos is a sovereign country. I know.

Not a puppet of the United States.

Do you understand? I do.

You will stay within the corridor defined by President Alcazar. Is that clear?

It's clear.

Lighten up, Ernesto. Cool down.

Excuse me. It's all right.

Let's have a cup of coffee and calm down, huh?

What do you say? Thank you.

How'd you get up here?

I was told that a parachute landed near here.

Who is the owner of the parachute?

Don't kill him. It isn't his fault.

An American came here, but he's gone.

If the American escapes,

I will have to kill everybody in the village.

I have just received this message.

This morning, at dawn, in a series of surprise military raids, the army of San Carlos, under the direct and personal leadership of General Olmedo, destroyed seven laboratories and burned 100,000 acres of coca fields.

What the hell are you talking about?

President Alcazar has informed your president there will be no American interference, General Taylor, my friend.

Your mission is canceled.

Hey, take it easy.

No hard feelings, my friend.

Take it easy. Here, this is for you.

General, what about the DEA agents?

What about Colonel McCoy?


Take personal charge of security tonight.

Tell them, shoot anything that moves. Yes, jefe.

No exceptions. No problem.

Any word from the President?

For security, all our calls had to be coded, then relayed through our base in Texas.

It's taking more time than I figured.

Time is the one thing we haven't got.

We decoded the relay from Washington.

The San Carlos army raids were a hoax. They burned the farmers' huts and fields.

Believe me, the President is pissed. Do we have a go?

We have a go. An aircraft carrier will pick us up ten miles off the coast.

Send the transport home, and get my men on my gunship.

Wait a minute. You don't have permission from me.

I must check with President Alcazar. Check with anybody you want.

All I know is, I'm gonna be in the air whether you're on board or not.

General Taylor, you can't leave yet. I haven't been able to contact anybody.

Why don't you come along for the ride, Ernesto? They're not armed.

Got it, sir? Let's go.

This is Wild Card.

Go ahead, Wild Card.

Stranglehold is a go.

I'm in. Affirmative, Wild Card.

Stranglehold is a go, boys.

So let's lock and load.

It's time to observe.

What? What is this "Stranglehold"?

My God.

What are those weapons?

You lied to me, dammit.

This gunship is armed.

General Taylor, what are you doing? Taking a detour.

You can't do this. Yeah, yeah, I know.


What's going on?



Hey, what the hell are those guys doing?

They're just stretching their legs.

Take her up.

Jesus Christ.

All right.

Red target one.

Two o'clock. What?

No, no. This is not red target one.

You are too far south.

You are outside the corridor.

Stop this now. You are not allowed to destroy property in the green sector.

Only in the red sector.

I prefer the drug labs in the green sector better.

Son of a bitch.

General Olmedo's residence.

The workmen will see you.

Well, let them see me. Maybe they would appreciate me more than you do.

General, it is the foreman at Field Seven. He says it's an emergency.

What? Shit.

Red alert.

Sir, General Olmedo's gunships have left San Carlos air-force base.

Estimated time of arrival, 26 minutes.

I'm warning you, General Taylor.

I stand warned.

Targets seven and eight. Vector 1-8-6.

Turn it south. Okay, sir.

Hi, guys. Colonel McCoy.

I was just in the neighborhood.

All clear. Make your way down the slope. Our guys are waiting there. And hurry.

What are you gonna do?

I thought I'd pay respects to our host.

How did you like the lesson?

You're not so tough.

My turn... To teach.

Lesson number one.

Guards. Guards.

You son of a bitch.

Lesson number two.

School's out.

Oh, very, very nice.

Glad you liked it.

Oh, yes.

I loved it.

Poor Carlos.

I thought that he was the best, but obviously, well, I was wrong.

Oh, the eyes, truly, are windows into the soul.

Yours reveal so much.

They tell me that you do not fear death,

as I do not.

So sad that we are on opposite sides.

We would have been such a beautiful team.

Not on your best day, pal.

You're nothing but a chickenshit weasel who thrives on the misery of others.

And when death calls, you'll be screaming like a baby.

Oh, we're going to discover who is going to scream.

Take him to the chamber.

The rest of you, find those other men.

Oh, my friend, now that you are awake, I will talk to you about what I have learned on my journey.

The arrival of death can be so comforting.

It is like the return of a very beautiful companion.

Its fire is soft and white...

And gentle.

And when it leaves, it frees the soul.

I see something I recognize.

Oh, my God. You are insane.

Ramon Cota is the most powerful man in this country.

Do you want to commit suicide?


Colonel McCoy.

I'll have you outta here real quick.

What are you doing here? I told you you'd need help.

You weren't wrong. All right, what do we do now?

Those stairs...

Should lead down to the garage. Start a car. I'll be right there.

We have the DEA agents. We're comin' in.


Look out.

I'll be damned. This sucker's bulletproof.

I guess Ramon did something right.

Eagle One to Nighthawk. Get ready to come aboard.

Come on.

Come on. Let's go. Move it.

Sir, Page and Colonel McCoy aren't here.

We can't wait. Let's go. Come on, let's go.

This is General Olmedo. Where is Ramon?

He's in the limo. We can't stop it because it's bulletproof.

You're never gonna get out of this alive.


I wonder what you're gonna do now.

My friend Olmedo is here.

Do you see him?

There he is, Colonel.

I want you to destroy the limousine.

Don't stare at me, you fool. Just do it.

Shit. Olmedo means business.

That's one hell of a friend, Cota.

Hang on. Hang on.

Okay, now. Let's hit him again.

Keep after him.

You two, come with me. Hurry.

I don't see him anywhere.

Look out, Colonel.

Son of a bitch. Now I'm gonna kill him.

Fire again.

Get out. Come on.

To the village. Let's go.

I am going to enjoy this.

Oh, no. Don't do it. Bye-bye, asshole.

Don't let them get away.

Move out, Page.

Watch it.

Pull her up.

I thought I'd never see you again. Clear the village.

There's no escape. They'll all have to die.

Page, put him in that hut.

Look out.

Eagle One, this is Wild Card.

Eagle One, Eagle One, this is Wild Card. Come in.

Go ahead, Wild Card. Where the hell are you?

In the village. We're in a bad way. I could sure use your help.

Wild Card?

My men are professionals.

Now... Even the children will die.

Yeah? You better keep your mouth shut.

I'll blow your head off right here.

Wild Card, give me your coordinates.

Wild Card. Get in the hut.

Wild Card!

Wild Card.

Goddammit. Hey, General.

I order you to leave San Carlos airspace at once.

Why don't you shut the fuck up?

Oh, boy.

Come on.

All right. Don't hit McCoy.



Page. You okay?

Never mind me. Cota got away. The girl went after him that way.

Help's here. All right.

Eagle One, Page is trapped in the hut at one o'clock. The rest is yours.

All right.

Let's get 'em.

Let's go.


Hold it.

You were so good in bed.

It was worth it...

To kill your husband and your baby for you.

Don't let him live.


You son of a bitch.

Kill me...

If you have the courage.

Hurry it up. Let's move out. Page, where's Colonel McCoy?

He went in the jungle after Cota.

Eagle's Nest to Eagle One. Enemy aircraft are 30 miles out. Return to sanctuary.


Sir, Olmedo's gunships, 30 miles out.

All right. Let's move outta here.

Major Anderson, let's go.

Wild Card, where the hell are you now?

About a mile north of the village.

You're coming toward me now.

Looks like a green carpet down there.

I can't see a damn thing.

You're near me.

You're above me now.

Drop two harnesses. I've got Cota.

Drop 'em.

Sir, radar reports gunships 20 miles out and closing.

Always the hard way, huh?

Stop. You might hit Ramon. Wild Card.

What's going on?

Pull us up. Pull us up.

Oh, shit. We're hit. We're hit.

Climb. Climb. Get us outta here.

There they are. Quick.

Kill him. Cut the rope.

Cut the rope. Cut the rope.

Stabilize this goddamn thing.

Sergeant, cut the rope. Cut the rope.

Over here. Hurry up. Cut the rope.

Pull 'em up. Pull 'em up.


Eagle's Nest to Eagle One.

We're now in position 12 miles off the coast.

The gunships are three miles from your position. We're ready and waiting.

Gunships three miles out, sir.

All right. Head out to sea.

You son of a bitch.

You're dead.

You remember your friend and his beautiful wife?

I think I'll kill you personally, like I did them.

Because you know I'm gonna walk out of that court, just like I did before.

And I think I'll double the shipments of cocaine to America next year.

And then again a year after that, until the cocaine flows like a river in your pathetic country.

And your government can't stop it.

You see, cocaine can buy anything and anybody at any time that I want.

You think so? Guess what.

Not today, asshole.