Demolition (2015) Script

D'you mind if I turn this down?


You're on with Phil.

Davis. Where are we with the lightyear deal?

The banks won't budge, you know.

They're claiming regulations as an excuse.

Same thing they did with Haskell athletic.

Yeah, yeah... What, they want more cushion?

Yup. 5%.

All right, very good. Is my daughter with you?

Hey, dad.

Hey, your mother's upset. Why aren't you talking?

That's between me and mom.

Well, you should call. She's hard-headed.

Well, I guess that's where I get it from.

Well, we'll talk it out on Sunday at dinner, okay?

Okay. Bye, dad. All right love. Bye-bye.

Have you looked at the refrigerator yet?

Huh? The refrigerator?

Yeah. The box in our kitchen that keeps things cold.


No. Uh, what about it?

It's leaking... it's been leaking for two weeks.

The refrigerator's leaking.

Please don't do that thing where you repeat part of what I said so I'll think you're paying attention.

I'm not doing anything.

The refrigerator's leaking, I didn't notice.

Can't you just fix it?

Your father gave you those tools.

I have tools?

Yes. From two Christmases ago.

"Not my chair, not my problem."

Is that what you say?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!



She's gone.

The machine over there? Uh, my candy's stuck.

It happens sometimes.

Do you have a key or something we can open it up with?

The machine doesn't belong to the hospital.

It's a vending company.

Davis, it's mom and dad.

We tried your cell phone but we...

We can't get a hold of you, and then...

Oh, honey...

We're... we're coming, son.

You have one saved message.

Hey, it's me, your mailbox was full.

There's supposed to be a package delivered, so if you beat me home, answer the doorbell, okay?


Oh, honey...

Yeah! Again! Again! Again?

Dear champion vending company, comma. a poor vending experience at St. Andre's...

No, wait.

In regards to vending machine number 714 located in the intensive care unit of Saint Andre's hospital.

I put five quarters in the machine, and proceeded to push b2, which should've given me the peanut M&M's, period.

Regrettably, it did not.

I found this upsetting as I was very hungry.

And also, my wife had died 10 minutes earlier.

I'm not saying that was your fault.

We were in a car accident.

Remarkably, I escaped without a scratch.

I'm not trying to dramatize my claim, I just wanna be thorough.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

I get up every morning at 5:30. so it's important to get an early start.

Not to imply that it's any more important than, say, a Baker or a toll collector.

Those are fine, respectable jobs.

I just mean that I commute.

I catch the 7:15 out of white plains.

It's pretty much the same crowd during the week.

John works the ground crew at Yankee stadium.

The first time we met, he asked what I did, and I told him...

Uh, retail mattresses.

Retail mattresses? That's amazing...

I don't know why. It just popped into my head.

I avoided him after that 'cause I couldn't stand his hot coffee breath.

Excuse me...

I think he knew.

I never thought I'd be one of those people who carried a briefcase.

It always reminds me of carrying a lunch box to school.

Do they still make those?

Mister Mitchell.


Julia's father is a founding partner at the investment firm I work at.

Nepotism in its truest form.

He started grooming me when I was 27.

I hate that word.

Monkeys groom.

Wavin' at you from over here. Can you see me, buddy?

It's a small firm, but we handle quite a bit of money.

'cause I think it would be inappropriate.

Just look over where the money is.

Okay, it's $6 billion.

Emerging markets, infrastructure, power plants, telecom, seaworld, windshield wipers... Mmm-hmm.

You name it. Doesn't matter what industry.

We buy 'em cheap, and we sell it for a bundle.

But none of it's real.

Nothing to hold in my hands.

It's all just numbers.

Computer codes being transferred electronically through the air.

Right in front of us.

The French poet, Paul Valery, was right when he said, "the future isn't what it used to be."

Phil Eastwood. My father-in-law.

F-i-l. Phil.

I think the acronym is hysterical.

I know Phil is spelled with a p-h, but it still makes me laugh in my head.



I met Julia at a party.

Who put that goddamn chair there?

Not my chair...

Not my chair, not my problem, that's what I say.

A mutual friend said she thought I was hot.

I like things with seashells and seahorses on 'em, like blankets and towels...

We had sex about three hours later.



I don't think Phil liked me that much at first.

I grew up in Jersey.

I didn't come from money.

And I puked on the ice sculpture at our engagement party.

Also, he told me once...

I don't like you, Davis.

Julia was a nice girl. A good person.

She worked with special needs children, she snorted when she laughed and cried every time they showed footage of the towers falling.

Other than that, I don't think I knew who she really was.

She always said I didn't pay attention.

Perhaps you'll find this information irrelevant in your deliberation of my refund, but I think you deserve the whole story.

Sincerely, Davis c. Mitchell.

You okay?


Morning, Amy. Is that me?

Yeah... that's it.

Great. Put this in the outgoing mail?

It's important.

I, um...

I didn't think you were coming in today, they said you weren't...

I am so sorry, Davis.

Thank you, Amy.

When you get a minute, can I get the revenue numbers on alderman international?

And can you push my lunch with Bob rice?

I got a lot of catching up to do.


I handed you people a billion dollars' worth of committed capital and all you can give me is 150 million dollars' worth of companies to buy.

Doesn't anyone like to shop? Should I call my mother?


They called the house. Told me you were up here.

They did? Okay.

I talked to Clayton brown this morning.

And I think I talked him off the ledge on that thing.

Look, why don't we go grab a drink?

I'm buried, Phil. Two weeks out from lightyear, and I gotta get some momentum going.

Davis, let's grab a drink.

You know, the cocktails run about 18 bucks a pop here.

I don't get it.

We haven't really talked, Davis.

Not since... everything.

I loved Julia.

So much.

It's a father's love.

A man loses his wife, he's a widower.

A child loses a parent, they're an orphan.

But losing a child...

There's no word for this.

And there shouldn't be.

But you...

You and I have to continue on.

I want you to know you've been a value to me, and not just in business, but in my life.

And, uh...

You keep your emotions close to the vest, that's good, that's strong.

I do the same.

It's the atmosphere.


That's why the drinks are so expensive.

You're paying for the atmosphere.

It just occurred to me.

Davis, listen, there's some other business that needs looking after.

It's the insurance policy.

I'd like to take her money and start a foundation in Julia's name.


A merit-based scholarship awarded annually to one student who's most deserving.

How much are we talking about?

About 2.6.

Steven's gonna get the ball rolling.

This'll be her legacy.


Dear champion vending company.

This is Davis Mitchell. Again.

There have been some recent developments in my claim for reimbursement, and I'd like to represent myself as accurately as possible.

First, there was a strange package blocking my garage.


I think it's a cappuccino machine.

I didn't order a cappuccino machine.

It was in Julia's name.

Then, my dad was fertilizing the lawn at 7:00 in the morning.

Dad! What are you doing?

It's the season, Davis.

You should do this. You need to.

Get the soil ready.

I have someone for that.

Do they know about gypsy moths?


Gypsy moths. They'll destroy your trees.

It starts as a caterpillar.

They eat the leaves, lay eggs...

And they're coming here, to this neighborhood?

Well, they don't know for sure, but you should tell your guy to spray.

And of course, the train incident...

I feel like I should tell you something.

Um, I'm in finance.

I don't know why I told you that I worked in the mattress business.

I guess I didn't expect to see you every day for five years.

You think I'm a dick.

I don't work for the Yankees anymore.

Got fired over a drainage issue in the visitors' bullpen.

I work security now at parade of shoes in midtown.

Fuckin' job. Excuse me.

My little prick of a boss. He's 30 years younger than me.

I just wanna go in there and smash his little prick face.


I didn't love my wife.

I know, it's sad... It's sad to say, but now that she's gone, I don't even feel sad or pain or hurt, or...

Well, what do you feel?

I couldn't tell you why I did it.

So that's when you pulled it.

Maybe because I was finally being honest.


And you knew that would stop the train, correct?

Well, I wasn't positive, but I was hoping.

All I can say is, it felt like a legitimate emergency.

His wife just died.

Davis, maybe you should come stay with us for a while.

Take it easy.

We have the extra room.

I could sure use help putting that gazebo together.

How's that sound?

Remember to tell your guy to spray.

Hello again, it's Davis Mitchell.

My parents left for Tampa this afternoon, and I stayed at the airport an extra two hours watching people walk back and forth with their luggage in tow.

I find I'm suddenly filled with... wait...

Overwhelmed by...

A growing sense of curiosity...

What are in these bags? can't do without for four days in buffalo.

I wanna go through every one of them and dump their shit in a huge pile.

And the national guard guy? I wanna hold his gun.

I wanna protect my country.

I'm starting to notice things I never saw before.


Maybe I saw them.

I just wasn't paying attention.

For some reason,

everything has become a metaphor.



I am the uprooted tree. No, wait...

I am the storm that uprooted the tree.

I am the cold front that collided with the low-pressure system.

Too much.

Morning, Amy. Put a stamp on that?

There's something else, dearest vending company.

It's been scratching at the inside of my head.

I couldn't take it one second longer.

The goddamn refrigerator was leaking.

Now, I wouldn't say I'm handy by any means.

Mechanically retarded would be closer to the truth.

But Phil said it himself, "if you wanna fix something..."

You have to take everything apart...

"...and figure out what's important."

What'll make you stronger.

Repairing the human heart is like repairing an automobile.

Just examine everything.

Then you can put it all back together.

Put it all back together...



Hello. Mr. Davis Mitchell?


This is Karen Moreno from champion vending company.

I'm with customer service.


I'm calling in regards to your complaint letters, mister Mitchell.

There's been four so far.

You're with the customer service department?

Yes, sir. I am the customer service department.

It's just me.

Do you usually make service calls at 2:00 in the morning?

No. Not really. Never.

I... I apologize for the inconvenience.

I was just venting.

I didn't expect anybody to read them. Sorry if...

Your letters made me cry, mister Mitchell.

Do you have anyone to talk to?

I... I'm gonna submit your claim to management.

In the meantime is there something else I can do for you, mister Mitchell?

Wait, wait. Karen Moreno, that's your name?

This is weird. I... I shouldn't have called.

I... I'm going to contact you at a more reasonable hour.

I'm sorry again, mister Mitchell.

This is so unprofessional.

Customer service is a profession?

Some people wallow through their grief.

My wife, she cooks.

This is delicious, Margot, what is it?

Did Julia tell you what we were fighting about?

I bought her these bath towels and she didn't like 'em, so she took 'em back without telling me.

And we hadn't spoken for three days.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

Hi, Karen.

How did you know it was me?

I have you programmed into my phone.

Oh, I see. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

There's something else I wanted to bring to your attention regarding your claim.


During our previous conversation, you implied that my job wasn't a profession.

Oh, well... I'm sorry, I didn't mean it as an insult.

I know. But it made me think, and I concluded that you might be right.

God bless con ed.

And there was light!

Yeah. I've gotta go. Thank you for dinner.


"Moreno" means brown in Spanish, did you know that?

Yes, I did, of course.

Do you have brown hair?

No, it's blonde.

Are you of Spanish descent?

No. Why do you ask?

I'm just trying to paint a mental picture.

Excuse me, is Karen Moreno here?


Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, but not Hispanic like her name suggests?

Hi, where are you?

I was there, in the diner.

I sat in a booth for a few minutes.

I even played a song on the little baby jukebox, and then...

I dunno, I got sad, so I left.


What song did you play?

Crazy on you, by heart.

That made you sad?

Not so much the song.

How are your pancakes?

Oh, I... I'm in the parking lot.


You're a smoker.

It's cannabis. I have a prescription.



You look younger than I expected.

Do you think you could come inside?

Oh, well, it's just that...

I have this nice image of you sitting there in the window eating pancakes.

Maybe that's all it's supposed to be, ya know?

Yeah, but my image of you is a shadowy figure smoking pot in a corolla.

You know what? I should go. Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go.

No, no, no, wait. I have another letter here for you.

Put it in the mail.

I think it's for real, Phil.

If their second quarter earnings are an indication of growth, even just two or three percent, then it's a risk worth taking.

Davis, do you need some paper?

Is there something you'd like to contribute to the discussion?

Yes, actually. But it's more of a question.

Would any of you consider crazy on you to be a sad song?

And that's from, you know, assuming that you're familiar with the heart catalog.

Going down.

Can I help you? Hi.

Oh, yeah. I'm looking for Karen.

I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Davis. I have a...

Customer service issue.

Oh, I'm Carl. This is my company.

What's the problem?

I really can't get into it, Carl.

There's way too much ground to cover.

But thanks for your concern.

Did you get the foundation proposal?

I'm gonna need you to sign off before we move forward.

Listen, have you thought about talking to someone?

Professionally, I mean.

I didn't go upside down!

Your father thinks I'm losing my mind.



I just dismantled a $2,000 cappuccino machine.

Why did you call me, mister Mitchell?

Why'd you answer?

There's something about your letters.

I'm re-reading one right now in my tub.

I'm not bathing or anything. I just sit here.

It's quiet, and I don't wanna wake up my son.

Did I mention I have a son?


Yeah, he's 15.

But looks 12 and acts 21.

So bright, but he scares the shit outta me.


I... I have to go.

You shouldn't have come to my office, mister Mitchell.

This sets a dangerous precedent.


Dear Karen, is it okay that I address you directly now that we've almost met?

I'll assume so.

I was on the train today, and I saw a woman staring at me.

There was something about her.

So I went and introduced myself.



I'm Davis.

Do we know each other?


I'm... I'm not trying to pick you up or anything.

I just... you look familiar.

Is it okay... sorry, I...

Tough day?

No. Not really, no.

My job isn't really that difficult.

It's the guys underneath me who do most of the heavy lifting.

I just take all the credit for it.


Most people wouldn't admit that.

I actually cheated my way through my last year of college.

I had this guy Edmond write all my papers for me, and sometimes, I'd give him ecstasy.

You know...

She was quiet, but for some reason, I wanted to tell her things.

I found myself mapping her face as I talked.

Somehow, she got me talking about my wife.

I really let her in.

Then, out of nowhere, she asked...

So why'd you marry her?

I dunno. 'Cause it was easy.


Next stop, Scarsdale.

I wanted to ask her name...

This is me.

But she disappeared so quick.

I spent the next 10 minutes kicking myself.

"the next 10 minutes kicking myself."

"What are the chances"

"I'd ever see this woman again?"

"Fortunately, she left her magazine on the seat."

I think you know who it was addressed to.

And Scarsdale ain't her stop.

No more games, Karen. I'll see you soon.

You. What are you doing here?

I'm here to see Karen Moreno. What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

Who the... What the fuck do you want?

Well... You don't have to swear, Carl.

I told you I have a customer service issue.


Carl, this is Davis Mitchell.

Yeah, I was supposed to call you.

Hi, Karen.

He, uh... he's having problems with one of the machines.

What machine?

Uh, number 714, in the intensive care unit at Saint Andre's.

Second floor.

You a doctor?

No. I work in finance.

Well, what...

Carl. Honey. I'll handle this. It's okay.

It's 11:00, Karen.

Why the hell are you at our house?

It's my house, okay?

Now go inside, or go home. I'll handle this.

It's okay. Come on.

I was in the neighborhood.

You shouldn't be here.

You know what? I... I'm with someone.

Carl. We're together.

I shouldn't have called you.

And I shouldn't have started following you.

It's very unprofessional.

What happened to you? Your clothes...

I wrote this in the car 10 minutes ago.

It's the last one.

Dear Karen. Fuck Phil.

You wanna tell me what's going on?

Nothing. I was supposed to call him. We sorted it out.

Are you having an affair with this guy?

No, I'm not. He's lonely, I think.

I don't know, he's just a little... off.

What time's your flight?

It's a good-looking city, Karen.

And you could go to tech school, like we...

Like we talked about.

I can... I'll open up a new warehouse.

Twice, two times the square footage...

And Chris, I mean...

He's struggling here, you know?

A new start could be good.

Dear Karen. Fuck Phil.

He called me into his office...

I pulled the plug on lightyear.

What? Why?

Gut feeling.

To be honest, your judgment of late has been questionable.

Well... how so, Phil?

Did you take apart the lighting fixture in our bathroom?

Yes. I did.

And your computer?

I assume you're responsible for the washroom stall.

That was my work, yes.


Well, that's a little harder to answer.

Mmm-hmm. Try me.

The bathroom stall, for example?

The door was squeaking.

And it had probably been that way for quite some time.

I just never noticed.

And now, I'm noticing all different kinds of things, Phil, and I wanna see how they work.

Like that clock.

Pure craftsmanship. Artistry!

That belonged to my great-grandmother. 1890s.

I wanna rip it apart and spread it out all over the floor.

And no offense to your great-grandmother, but I see a clock like that, and I wanna know what it looks like inside.


Davis. Mmm.

I want you to take some time off. and the way he leans on the corner of his desk like he's about to dig a ditch.

No more imaginary office ditches, Karen.

From now on, it's me and my tools.

I intended to drive home but accidentally turned for the midtown tunnel.

Ruby drive...

Maybe there are no accidents.

Anyway, it seemed like a good time to come and look for you.

Turn left on crystal Avenue.

I knew I was getting close when I found myself in a neighborhood where all the streets were named after precious stones.

And that's when I saw it.

Hey! You the insurance guy?

Oh, no. Not me.

I thought... you know, I just saw the suit, so I figured, you know...

Yeah, I was just driving by, and I, uh, saw you guys working. Looks like fun.

Yeah, fun.


What exactly are you doing here?

Well, we gotta tear the whole thing down before they rebuild.

Can I, uh, help you out?


I mean, you just, you know, you just tell me what to do, you don't have to pay me.

Come on, pal, don't bust my balls, all right?

Barry sent you over here to bust my balls?

No, I don't know who Barry is.

No, I... you know, I...

Actually, you know, I'll pay you, huh?

How 'bout, uh, 50... I'll give you 50 bucks.

No, no, no, I'm not a cop. I... I just wanna help.

You know what, I'll... You know, I'll give you, uh...

I'll give you $241.

Go on, take it. I'll work hard.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, no. No, don't use that, don't use that.

Here. Put these on, use this...

Now knock the wall down.

This guy's a fuckin' animal.

He's probably a crackhead.

Crackheads don't give people $200.

They suck dick for $20.

I mean, you should know.

Yeah, don't ask, it's embarrassing.

I, uh, closed the car door on my jacket, and your sprinklers turned on.

Then, the stupid lock...

It sometimes gets stuck... I couldn't...

You're high, aren't you?

A little bit...

D'you want some grilled cheese?

I needed some work overalls.

I guess I got a little carried away at the army surplus.

Your whole house is just lovely.

Aside from the appliances, it's the kind of house people dream of living in.

I hate this house.

It's just shiny stuff.

I can't have sex with you. It'd be dangerous.

There's that word again.

Is Carl really out of town, or did you just chop him up into little pieces and stuff him in your sock drawer?

That's ridiculous. I don't have a sock drawer.

Well... where do you keep all your socks?

In the same drawer as my underwear.


I just... You know, I just think a woman's underwear is deserving of its own space.

This is all I can handle.

That's fine.

Let's just fall asleep together.


Together apart.

I'm not in love with Carl, you know.

He's a good man. He really is.

He loves me. Probably more than he should.

But I dunno...

I'd like to be able to do what you do.

To be completely honest.

I think you just were.

Not even close.

You must be Chris.

You fuckin' my mom?

No, I'm not. We were just sleeping...

She's fuckin' crazy.

If you haven't noticed, she's a fuckin' pot head.

She calls it cannabis 'cause it makes her feel like less of a fuckin' pothead.

You say "fuck" a lot.


So you're just not using it properly.

The fuck does that mean?

That's what I mean.

"Fuck" is a great word, but if you use it too much, then it just loses its value.

And you sound stupid.

Fuck you.


I feel nothing, and you sound like an idiot.

Have a good one!

Who the...

Hi. You've reached Davis Mitchell.

I'm unavailable at the moment, so please leave a message.

If you're looking for Julia, I regret to inform you that she isn't with us anymore, which makes her also unavailable.

Davis, you've taken things too far.

I am deeply concerned with your well-being.

I'm trying to reach out to you, I'm trying to help, but you refuse!

If you don't wish to participate in the architecture of your wife's legacy, then so be it.

Just contact me so I can free you from this burden.

One more thing. If you have any respect for the memory of my daughter, you'll erase that fucking message.

This is Karen, customer service.

Hello, Karen, customer service.

Hello, mister Mitchell, what can I do for you today?

This might sound crazy, but there's a station wagon that's been stalking me for the past couple of days, and this does raise a number of concerns, including "a," why would anyone be following me?

"B," am I possibly in some kind of danger?

And "c," who the fuck still drives a station wagon?

This is where you get your prescription filled?

Okay, I lied. It's not a prescription.

Hey, ray. This is my friend Davis.

Hello, young man.

Ah, my favorite kind. Thank you.

And this is for you.

It grows wild in my garden. Don't ask me how.

I never touch the stuff. Makes me think too much.

How 'bout you? You need some?

Oh, no.

Oh, that beauty arrived in 1961.

From Paris.

You should've seen 'er. A real masterpiece.

Look at that, huh?

Ain't that a beauty?

But nobody wants carousels anymore.

They want roller coasters that go upside down and make you puke.

Would you believe we've got to tear it down?


Yeah. Too many repairs. Too much money.

Can I help you? I have my own tools.

You're very strange...


You got it! You got it!


Karen Moreno, ladies and gentlemen!

Julia loved the ocean.

We used to spend our summers at her folks' place in east Hampton.

That's where she wanted to be.

You miss her?

So. Where exactly are you feeling numb?

Sort of in this whole area right in here.

And how long have you been feeling like this?

Can't say...

Ten or twelve years.

Davis... not sure how to tell you this.

Come on. See for yourself.

Part of your heart is missing.

What? How did that happen?

Judging by the bite pattern,

I'd say gypsy moths.

Fuck me.

Excuse me?

Dear Karen, I keep thinking about my childhood.

When I was sick, and I would lay my head in my mother's lap, she'd run her fingers through my hair.

She'd kiss my eyelids.

And that made everything better.

Do you think it's too late for that?

Live here now or something?

No. Shouldn't you be in school?

I'm suspended.

For what?

Telling the truth.

Had to do this presentation in world affairs.

About our military presence in the middle east.

Yeah? What do you know about it?

June 5th.

During a routine patrol through the Helmand province,

lieutenant Dan Doviak's Hummer pulled over to the side of the road to assist a little girl.

To their surprise, she had 60 pounds of explosives strapped to her body.

Oh, shit.

The Hummer was engulfed in flames.

And the Afghan citizens chanted, "death to America."

Doviak and his unit were burned alive.

They suspend you for that?

I heard the dinner bell.

Did you have a good day?

Enjoy your little vacay?

I'm changing the music, baby.

Come on, lighten up. Tell me what you did today.

Did you hang out with that cute girl?

The one with the high-waisted jeans?

You know, not everyone can pull that look off.


Are you for real right now?

I spoke with your principal, miss... Tersian?

I found her to be very thoughtful and empathetic.

The good news is, she's letting you come back starting Monday.

You have to spend a few weeks with the counselor, but I think you're getting off pretty easy.

What's the bad news?

What do you mean?

What the hell are you talking about?

There's some random guy eating in our house while your boyfriend/boss is out of town, and you're bragging to me about a heart-to-heart you had with my dyke principal?

Would you just... Okay? Gimme a break!

Davis is a friend of mine.

We've been spending time together because that's what friends do.

You... you spend time.

You're so transparent.

The man's wife just died.

Have some compassion, you little shit!

I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry.

Your wife just died?



Massive head trauma, car accident.

Can you pass the salt?

I was thinking about what you said about how I'm not using the f-word properly.

Yeah? What'd you come up with?

Maybe you're right.

Fuck is a great word.

Fuck is a great word.

Fuck... Ahh!

Oh, man, that don't look good at all.

No, it don't.

You dumbass...

Oh, god damn that fuckin' hurt!


Shit, yeah!


Let's go. Get outta here.

Dear Chris...

I wish I could talk to you.

I miss how we used to be.

I miss holding you, kissing your face...

I miss my little boy.

Where did you send this from?

From the mailbox on the corner.

I thought the last one was the last one.

What do we do with a couch like this?

Mmm, kiss me!

Ooh, that feels good!

Okay, listen to me.

When was the last time you really, really cared about something?

Like, when you were a kid.

What was the most important thing to you?

Running fast. Yup.

We used to race on blacktop at recess, and then I was always so slow.

Just once, I wanted to beat 'em all, and blow 'em all away.

Have 'em cheer for me, and not Rick Russoman or Mike Barone, and those speedy motherfuckers.

Yep. I just wanted to run fast, more than anything.

I mean, more than break dancing.


Jesus! Can't I get a little privacy? Whoa! Sorry, man! I thought...

I thought you were back in school!

I'm taking a personal day.

What is that?


Let's see.

It's Carl's.

Ever shot a gun before?

Your turn.

Let's shoot something.

Like what?

I dunno. A deer or something.

I don't think there are any out here.

What about a squirrel?

Hold on a second.

You sure that thing's legit?

Yeah. I mean, yeah.

Ready? Yeah.

Want me to count down, or like...

I dunno, do whatever you want.

Okay, I'll surprise you.

Surprise me.

Safety's on.

Yup, it's on the left side.

Yeah, you gotta switch... Turn...

Ahh! Shit.

What'd it feel like?



It hurt, but in like a...

It's like a good kinda hurt.

It felt like someone was kinda, um...



You are... You are one fucked-up kid.

You're one fucked-up adult.

Don't ever do this again.


You're trying too hard.

And set to go.

Thank you, dude.


Excuse me! Sir?

Excuse me! Sir! Do you have an appointment?

No, Marty, I'm just swingin' through!

Oh, Mr. Mitchell. Sorry.

Hey, buddy.

Davis! Phil here?

Yeah, they're doing the interviews for the scholarship candidates!

Mister big! You better watch out!

Breathing. It's just me and the water, and...


Hey, guys. Excuse us.

Hey, Davis.

We're in the middle of something.

Mind if I sit?

Hi, Margot.

You okay, pal?

You look like you've been Steve. I got a fucking nail in my foot.

It hurt like hell, but I'm okay now.

So, Todd, you were saying?

Right. Um...

Lost my train of thought.

We won.

Oh. What'd you win?

Swimming. I'm a swimmer.

Ah. Do you swim?

You know, I used to do laps at the y and then I realized how many people must urinate in that pool on a daily basis, and that kinda ruined it for me.


I don't understand where this is coming from.

This contempt, this blatant disrespect!

Well, something doesn't feel right, Phil.

This whole thing, you know?

I wanna do something for her, but this just doesn't...

You are not feeling right!

We're picking the finalists today.

I want it signed on my desk by tomorrow, or you're done here.

I mean, we're done.

Why you buying all this shit?

Uh, the tools of the trade, my young friend.

What trade would that be?

Destruction, devastation.

I mean, haven't you ever wanted to just smash the shit out of something?

Davis, if I were to ask you a question, you'd give me a straight answer, right?

I mean, that's your thing, being honest about everything.

Yeah, that's my thing.

Do you think I'm gay?

I dunno, Chris.

Do you think you're gay?

I dunno. I think maybe. I figured you would tell me.

Okay. Let's figure it out together.

Do you like girls?

I dunno.

I think Jennifer hymen's pretty. She flirts with me.

And sometimes, I can see the outline of her bra through her shirt, but...

I dunno if I like her, or if I'm just fixating.

Jennifer hymen. That's really her name?

Yeah. That fuckin' blows.

What about the boys at school?

Is there anybody that you like, that you find attractive?

Maybe Andrew white.

He's a junior, and we have the same gym class too.

We have to get changed together.

Do you watch him when you get changed?


I have to try not to look. I have to tell myself not to.

Yeah, no, that's normal, you know.

I mean you're young, and you're curious, it's...

Sometimes, I imagine his dick in my mouth.


That's different.

Uh, I would say that you're probably gay.

I mean, you know, or you're bisexual.

But I mean, either way, you're gonna get tortured. Um...

I mean, my advice to you, would be to pretend that you like girls for the next few years, and then move into the city, you know?

Or San Francisco?

Or even Los Angeles, if you like warm weather.

Anything else?


Get in.



What are we doing again?

We're taking apart my marriage.


Fuckin' a.

Not bad. Keep at it.

Now hold it. Just like that.

Who's that?

Who the fuck still drives a station wagon?

No, I just wanna have it... I wanna take it back home, see what it looks like in the library or, uh, in the study.

Nope, not a peep out of him.

Lawyers are exploring other options.

We'll get him to sign.

Did you send him an invitation?

Oh, come on, honey.

Davis picked me up after school.

Hey. Uh, he was helping me around my house. Housework...


Thank you.

A bulldozer.

You know, you can buy almost anything on ebay.

I just hope it comes with a manual.

Hey... shit.

A manual and a warranty.

She was so young.

Hey, uh...

Phil would like to talk to you immediately.

I'll be right back, okay?


Hey there.


Why you smoking that garbage? I got something nice.

I'm Todd. Do you swim?

You dare...

Bringing another woman here? Tonight?

Phil, it's not what you think...

How fuckin' dare you?

Every day! I wake up thinking, why her?

It should've been you!


So, Karen.

Can I feel your tits?

Julia's mother and I, and her husband, would like to thank you all for sharing this special evening.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to be a part of Julia's life, you know what a wonderful person she was.

Yeah, everything's fine.

A beautiful soul.

So many memories.

Wouldn't even know where to begin.

But I do know this.

I would trade every one of them for one more minute with our daughter.

Julia brought out the best in people.

That was her gift.

Now, through the Julia Eastwood-Mitchell scholarship fund, that gift will be her legacy.

I'd like to introduce three young adults so outstanding in their character and academic achievements that we couldn't choose just one recipient.

So please welcome our first-year scholars:

Jennifer Williams.

Benjamin Howard!

And the backstroke record-holder himself, Todd Koehler!

Thank you.


Did she tell you she was pregnant?

Last year.

Did you know?

Why didn't she tell me?

You wanna know why?

It wasn't yours.

She was seeing someone.

And I took her for the procedure.

I wish she'd kept it.

Here's your refund.

Keep the change.



Hey. I'm sorry.

How is he?

They're not saying much. He's, uh, still in surgery.

It was six of them beating the shit out of him.

I feel like it's all my fault.

I had one fuckin' job.

Miss Moreno!

Baby? Hey.


Listen to me.

I won't let anyone hurt you ever again.

And I won't hurt you either.

I just want you to be who you are.

You hear me?

I'll do better, I promise.

And when you wake up, you are in so much trouble.

Thank you.

What's your name?


I know about everything, Michael.

And it's okay.

I just hope that you cared for her because she deserved that.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I was in the other car.

I was, uh...

Driving the car that hit you.

And I've been trying to, um...

I've been trying...

I'm sorry. It's okay, man.

I'm so sorry. It's okay, man.

"Not my chair, not my problem."

Is that what you say?

You got two minutes.

Thank you for meeting me, Phil.

I'm sorry.


There was love between me and Julia.

I just didn't take care of it.

I think the scholarship is...

It's good. I think that it's good.

I understand it. Um...

But I wanna do something else for her.

And, uh, I was wondering if, um...

You'd wanna be a part of it.

Could I...

Go ahead, have a seat.

Dear Davis, thanks for your letter.

I'm recovering slowly but surely.

Despite the ass-kicking, I must say, being myself feels good.

By the way, mom left Carl, Fyi.

Ten! Nine! Eight!

I have a little gift for you.

Seven! Six! Five! Four!

Be at pier 64 this Saturday at 11:00 A.M. sharp.

Three! Two! One!

Trust me.


P.S. Go fuck yourself.

Warmest regards, Davis c. Mitchell.