Demon City Shinjuku (1988) Script

So... What do you think of my incredible power?

The demon void is blessing me... I am their chosen one!

I have exceeded you, Genichirou.


My lord! Wait for me 10 years...

I shall prepare a suitable hell for you to claim...

A hell upon this very earth! Wait for it with pleasure!

In 10 years time, we shall meet again!

The mysterious earthquake, dubbed the "Devil Shake"...

...which destroyed the Shinjuku area of central Tokyo...

...while leaving the surrounding neighborhoods untouched...

...continues to baffle the world's seismologists.

But since that disaster...

...unusual incidents in that area have become the order of the day.


"10 Years Later"

And history is about to be made, ladies and gentlemen.

The man who, upon taking office as World Federation president...

...5 years ago at the age of 35 almost immediately achieved a... ban on nuclear weapons between the East and West...

...and then repeated that success by realizing a working...

...peace plan between Israel and the New Arab League.

President Kozumi Rama, called by many the modern messiah... arriving in Tokyo!

Touchdown! The president has landed safely.

History is made!




The crowd that's showed up here is wild with enthusiasm.

What a fuss. He someone important?

A little more important than you, Kyoya.

We should be seeing him any minute now.

This modern saint who's brought happiness to all humanity.

I'd be satisfied just bringing happiness to one girl at a time.

There he is! He's descending the stairs with his daughter, Sayaka.

Her coming with him for his first visit here is an additional honor.

Whatta babe!

A good-looking girl always gets your interest, doesn't it?

Oh well, that's one girl you won't be bringing any happiness to.

And now Miss Universe is presenting him with a bouquet...

Don't take it...


Okay, that's all!

You lack sophistication, Kyoya Izayoi.

You're hotheaded as well. Be more observant!

I think you're haunting the wrong guy, spook.

The art of Nempo teaches you to study human thought.

It allows you to tap your own spiritual energy to use as... almost miraculous power.

The power comes from the life energy which flows...

...between all living things in the cosmos.

Know that as the source of the flow.

Who are you?!

I assumed your father had taught you this.

You are far behind in your studies.

I am Ag'ni Rai. I was trainer to your father, Genichirou.

My father's...

Genichirou pursued his quest for Nempo with me.

I was led to believe he would pass the art to his son.

Well, he couldn't. He disappeared before he could teach me much.

I've been studying it on my own since then.

I see. If Genichirou were still alive, then perhaps you...

He's dead? My father?

He died 10 years ago, trying to save this world.

Stop rambling and start talking sense!

I speak the truth. His opponent was a man named Rebi Ra.

He and Genichirou were both students of mine.

They eventually exceeded even my command of Nempo.

I believe they finally achieved a unification...

...of their spirits with the cosmic flow.

But Rebi Ra was jealous of your father's superior skills...

...and sold his soul to the forces of evil in order to surpass him.

He then took on the powers of darkness.

It was a foolish act.

The creature who possessed Ra has a horrible plan... destroy our entire world.

Your father fought to stop him.

He couldn't completely defeat Ra's dark powers...

And so, a single city fell into his power.

Demon City... Shinjuku!


God, to think Dad was involved in something like that.

In 3 days, Rebi Ra will again try to summon the evil to this world.

Look for him in Demon City.

You are the only one who can possibly defeat him!

Kyoya Izayoi, follow your father's path and fulfill his dying wish!

And why should I believe any of what you've just told me?

You little--!

I'm not actually here.

My body is elsewhere, protecting the Federation president.

There I must remain.

I saw him on TV. Is he still alive?

Rebi Ra did it to restrict my movements.

I had no other choice but to come to you.

I think I believe you...

You may equal Genichirou's raw skill in Nempo.

No kidding? You're pretty observant, Pops.

But you still don't know how to use it.

I see nothing but defeat for you if you challenge Ra.

Wh- WHAT?!

How can you fight a stronger opponent?

How do we know he's stronger unless I try?

No. As you are now, I cannot see victory.

You're pretty frank, suddenly. That's not how you ask for favors.

I merely speak the truth.

Have your way. Offer refused.

I'm just not the world-saving type. I'm not my father!

I can see that. A true hero doesn't abandon a person in need.

Genichirou was a true hero, and you definitely aren't him!

Fine. If you see this Ra guy, tell him to come here.

I'll take him on anytime he wants.

Kyoya Izayoi?

You are Kyoya Izayoi? I'm Sayaka Rama.

Please, help save my father.

You're even prettier in person.

Master Rai says you're the only one who can fight Rebi Ra.

Please, help us!

But he said I couldn't do it.

Rebi Ra will destroy everyone. Somebody has to stop him!

Oh man...

Go to Demon City... You're our last hope.

Hold on! I'm just an ordinary high school student.

But he said you know Nempo...

I barely know it.

If my dad couldn't beat him, I sure as hell can't.

I'll go with you.

Oh, get real.

If you go into Demon City, you won't be coming back alive.

Jesus, don't you know anything?

I know how bad they say it is, but... but...

I can be brave!

Just stop it. I know how you want to help your dad...

...but this guy Ra is just too much!

I'm begging you! Try to be brave!

You can't beat him with just guts and bravery. Sorry...

Forgive me. I shouldn't have come to you like this.


Hey! Wait a minute!

You're not going in there alone, are you?

Don't concern yourself with me. I'm fast on my feet.

Fast on your...?


I don't believe this...



Forget me and go to Demon City.

I can't allow you to die. My only concern is to protect you.

But you're the only one who can stop Rebi Ra's plans.

Perhaps. But you, the man who is leading the world to true peace...

...must not be allowed to die.

Even if Ra is somehow defeated, losing you would...

...doom the world to repeat it's miserable past.

There is one we may hope in.

I'm gambling he can pull it off.

He's still young and unsure of himself, but...

He may yet fulfill the destiny to which he was born.


Excuse me?

Excuse me, do you know where I can find a man named Rebi Ra?

Never mind...

I know 'im.

I wish to see him.

Follow me.

You really know Rebi Ra?

Sure. He's my little brother. I'll call him for you.

What's wrong?

Stupid girl...

Stay back, or else I'll have to hurt you.

Dangerous little gadget you've got there.

But it won't be much use against me.

Stop it!

Leave her alone!


Whaddaya know, a knight in shining armor.

Hope my trembling doesn't make me look too bad.

Trembling? That's just from your drinking too much, buddy.

Take him!

That Magnum won't be much use against me.

Sobered up yet, pal?

So tell us where to find Rebi Ra.

I dunno...

Wait! There's an old woman who sells info at the Kabuki theater.

Anything that happens in this town, she'll know about it.

Thank you.

Thank you. I knew you'd come.

Oh, spare me! Do you realize you almost got yourself killed?!

I'm sorry.

I told you this was no place for you.

Help me!

Rebi Ra?

I hear you know what's up in this town.

For a price. You got cash?


This is all we have.

Put it in.

Come on, put it in! All of it!

Hold on a minute, I'll bring you a map.

Now go home and let me handle it from here.

I can't. Please let me help save my father!

Cut it out! Hasn't any of what's happened convinced you yet?

You'll just be in the way.

I mean it. First of all...

That woman!

You finished with your little walk?

Cut the sarcasm!

You'll get what you want; you'll just get it out here, instead.

You got a bad personality, you know that?

Okay, listen up...

The Dark Lord, Rebi Ra, is serious bad news.

It's because of him this town's the way it is now.

After the Shake, lots of government agents came in to snoop around...

...but none of 'em ever went home in one piece.

Cops or tank units, all the same.

After six months, the place was like a damned war zone.

All because of the evil that he set loose in here.

It twisted anyone still living in the city.

There's hardly any decent, normal folks left around here.

You can imagine what business has been like.

Get to the point.

I've never actually seen the guy...

...but I know where some of his goons hang out.

3 of 'em, all monsters.

Rebi Ra must've summoned them with his sorcery.

I hear they live in that glowing magic zone of his.

Where do I find them?

What're you gonna do if you find Ra?

Thought I'd give him a little attitude adjustment.

Okay, okay. I wish you luck.

They hang out at the west gate of the Shinjuku subway station.

Kyoya, what happened?


One of his monsters!

You're pretty fast; ever thought of trying out for the Olympics?

Get in here!

Go on!

Move it or lose it! Come on!

A demon from hell. How appropriate for this city.

You saved our lives. Thank you.

Never mind just SAYING thanks...

You want money for it?

Damn right I do. She's your girlfriend, isn't she?

Everything's money in this town...

Forgive us; we've used up all our money.

Don't think you can scam me just 'cause I'm a kid!

Kuro! Come meet our guests!

Pay up, if you don't want him to eat you.

You little--!

It's true, we have no more money!

I'm really sorry, but we just can't pay you.

You're hungry, aren't you?

Stupid dog...

He's an unusual dog.

Not that weird for this town.

He's like that because there used to be a genetics lab around here.

Personally, I think you two are the weird ones here.

Will this do?

An SP laser ring! Where'd you lift this from?!

Do you like it?

For this, I'll call us even!

Dangerous city. You think that monster's still roaming around?

Yeah. They like to eat people.

I dunno how many folks they've gotten.

At this rate, there won't be a human left in town soon.

Doesn't anyone try to fight them?

Get real. You can't fight those things.

Missiles can't even kill them; they aren't from this world.

I don't think that stick you're carrying will do much against them.

Maybe you're right.

Rebi Ra... You've found yourself quite a friend, haven't you?

What is it, Kuro?!


Get outta here! It'll kill you!



Young man!

Dammit, I'll get him for Kuro...

Come and get me, you freak!

Christ, this thing--!

Why you...


Now boy... I will kill you slowly and painfully.

The hell you will...


This is for Kuro!

That'll show 'im!

Are you all right, Kyoya?

Master Rai was right...

You have an incredible power within you.

Who is this? Who possesses this great power I sense?

Resurrection Day is only 3 days away.

We must put our affairs in order as soon as possible.

By your command...

It's a wonderful room. But I have no money--

Forget it. It's your change for selling me the ring.

Just make sure you don't get her pregnant.

You'll regret it.

Enjoy yourselves.

You little--!

I'm really sorry. For getting you involved in all this, I mean.

Don't be. I chose to crash this party myself.

What do you think Ra is planning?

In 2 days, he'll call the demon void above the city again.

That's when he'll try to summon the demons to this world.

With that power, he'll transform it into one they can exist in.

Our world will become like the demon realm.

Ruled by things like that creature we killed...

It'll be horrible. We have to stop him.

We have to...

But what can I do? I don't have your power.

I said I was brave, but really...

You can't back out now. Better start dealing with this.

You can do it. Beat Rebi Ra...

You think so? I hope I can. We've got two days, anyway.

Your dad, the president...

Bet he'd freak if he saw the two of us like this, huh...?

I don't believe this.


You fell out of bed; bad sleeping posture, probably.

Did you sleep well?

Not a wink.

What do you expect from a healthy high school guy in this situation?!

Yo, guys! How's things?

Good morning. Thanks again. I've never had a room as nice as this.

Sure, rub it in. God, she just doesn't get it!

Hi, kid. You know where I can find the west gate of Shinjuku station?

No problem. I'll take you there.

The demon void.

It'll cover the city by tomorrow.

Lemme see this thing. Nice wooden sword...

Young man?!

You have served your purpose.


Aw man, I wet the stupid bed!

Now I shall avenge my comrade.

Why you...!


There's only one of him; the rest are illusions.


You look like you could use a doctor.

I am Mephisto.

He's somehow made it through.

But he must learn in 2 days what it took his father 10 years to.

And how can he surpass his abilities in so short a time?

Don't worry.

With a little spiritual treatment, she'll be fine by tomorrow.

So, are you here on a crusade to kill the monsters?

Something's begun to stir in this town since yesterday.

Something big is going on very close to here.

Maybe it's starting.

There's a guy around here...

...who's trying to make the whole world like the demon realm.

How marvelous of him.

You can't mean that.

Oh no? People only live to kill each other.

This city isn't really so different from the outside world.

Year in and year out, people by the thousands die in wars, do they not?

This is a world of terror and despair. A world of demons... a more fitting home for mankind, don't you think?

Mephisto... Are you a demon?

Not quite one of those.

I'm just... Just a man who doesn't believe...

...there's anything in this world worth dying for.

I don't know if the world's worth it...

...but that girl thinks it's worth dying for, and so did my father.

I don't want to think that means nothing!

Just look at how things really are.

Mephisto, I don't trust you...

...but you're all I've got. Take care of her.

What about my bill?

Bill the Federation president... If he's still alive.

You're into younger men?

Any man, as long as he's charming.

How about me?

You'll do.

Shall we proceed then?

After you...

Hold me.

You're quite charming as well.

Thank you.

I find your figure especially bewitching.

It's no use...

Sulfuric acid... You want to add a little more to the mood, I see.

You're trapped.

Do you know what happens when you mix water with a strong acid?

It's been fun...

Angered by human arrogance, the gods tricked foolish Pandora...

...into opening a box containing all the evils of the world.

The myth may be repeating itself.

Serious bad vibes...

It's like something's freezing the inside of my head.

You sense the glory of the powers of darkness.

So you finally show yourself, Rebi Ra!

I sense Rai within you... Tell me your name.

Kyoya Izayoi.

Izayoi?! You mean...?!

Genichirou had a son?!

I see; you inherited your power from your father.

But it cannot defeat me.


What the hell...?

It would be easy to kill you...

...but that would be a waste of your abilities.

I may be able to trust them more than the demons.

Give up! You will soon be under my control.

In the meantime, sleep here...

...until the Resurrection Day ceremony is over.

Look forward to it, Kyoya Izayoi.

Time will settle all things. Now sleep...

An ironic turn of events, Genichirou.

Your son will become a servant of the dark forces.

I hope you wail in agony... and that you will hate me.

Curse me... Curse me, and join me in the demon realm.


Young man! You're all right?

I don't know what you're talking about...

...but you won't find your friend that way.

He's there.

I heard a guy with a wooden sword went in there yesterday.

Thank you.

It's dangerous; that's where the evil is strongest.

No one ever goes near it.

I see. I'll be careful. Really, thank you for everything.

The people who died in the Shake. Must've been worst around here.

It was once a park.

Yeah... I think they called it Chuuoh Park.


You're looking for your mother? You must be lost.

Poor dear. Try to remember where you saw her last.

She's probably waiting for you there.

You must be scared, all alone here.

Why you--!

Don't! She's just scared.

What the hell?!

Oh shit!

How did she...?

I've heard about this.

All the souls of the people who died in the earthquake or... this city are gathered together into a fire monster.

It hates living people so much...

...that it tries to take the lives of anyone it finds.

Then that little girl...

She's a wandering soul, looking for her mother...

Over here!

Play with us!

Please! Please!

Come on!


Don't, you idiot!

Snap out of it!

He's a goner! Get back here!

They're suffering... All those souls.

Because they all died so horribly.

You poor things.

You'll never rest in peace until you get over your grief.

Please, stop doing this!

It can't change anything!

The girl who's looking for her mother is in there somewhere.

Come out, and we'll look for your mother together.

You love her, don't you?

I'll take you to her...

Come with me!

Holy shit...


This is the power of darkness... God damn you, Rebi Ra!

Doing this to the souls of the dead--!

Can you walk?

When did that get there?

He must've had me out for a day. We're almost out of time.


Finished with the love scene yet?

Shinjuku station west gate is over here!

Let's go!

The one element he lacked was your daughter.

What started as a reckless plan has somehow become a possibility.

All we can do now is pray...

I await you, denizens of the demon realm!

Come! I summon you to this world!

Dammit! He's started!

What is it?

Part of the magic zone.


It's an extremely large one.

A proper setting for turning the world into hell.

He's somewhere in the center of this thing.

Thank you, Mephisto.

And why are you here?

Just to watch.

Count me out. I'm through tangling with monsters.


Very soon, now...

I feel like I'm about to witness Pandora opening the box.

Fool. You should have stayed asleep.

Rebi Ra, Master Rai grieves for you!

Why must you do this?!


She'll make a fine sacrifice for the ceremony.

Damn you!

Well? Aren't the dark powers magnificent to behold?

Your father was an amateur.

He couldn't master the truly ultimate power.

Always clinging to his precious Nempo...

He died as I ripped him apart!

Open your eyes! Don't make his mistake!

Join me, and possess true power!

I pity you, Rebi Ra.

Sell my soul to monsters for your power?

Don't make me laugh!

I'll show you!

That is the limit of Nempo.

Now, die as your father did!


Don't worry. Soon you--

No, soon ALL of mankind will join him!

Why? Why are you doing this?

Don't you realize the suffering you'll cause?

Exactly why I'm doing this.

Human suffering is the source of my wonderful power!

Dark ones, come to me! Come accept your lovely sacrifice!


What the devil?!

This power... Can it be?!

Ashura... Genichirou's sword, Ashura!

With his last strength...

...he must have transferred his life force into it... aid the one he knew would follow in his path.

It's a miracle...

Father's life force...

Believe in the power. But do not let it consume you.

Power comes from the life energy which flows...

...between all living things in the cosmos.

Know that as the source of the flow.


Great one! Now is the time to fulfill the bargain.

Bring forth the inhabitants of the demon realm!

Stay where you are!

Now watch as the world is consumed by the demon realm!

Now then, Dark Lord, I want to see a clean fight!

Yeah, and no more dirty tricks, either!

Father... Now to finish the job you began!

It was a pleasure meeting you, but we don't want you here.

Begone with you!


Thank goodness... Thank you...

They made it. A magnificent job!

Light has driven back the darkness.

Genichirou, your son has saved the world.

And your own daughter performed admirably.

Between the two of them...

...they smashed the darkness with an undeniable light.

Nice morning. I can get to like this. See ya!

I've had a bellyful of this place.

You'll be back.

As long as this city is here, as long as people exist...

...this will all happen again.

And when it does, you'll be needed again.

I see.

I just remembered... The end of that myth.

The last thing to be released from Pandora's Box of evils...

...was hope, I believe. Ah yes...