Demonic (2015) Script

I think again because of the brutality of the killing here, the circumstances...

Out top story tonight. A salvage murder in the 4th parish has brought the locals there..

...shaping up as one of the most disturbing story of 1988 so far.

Martha Livingston allegedly killed four of her friends before hanging herself... in what the authorities are calling a ritualistic murder...

... a cult related case. It's the biggest thing that happens since Lizzie Borden

5 young people killed as part of a bizarre satanic ritual...

WFAL7 Jean Stanton, is live at Lawford parish with that story...

Neighbors said they are puzzled that someone they described as quiet and who kept to herself could be capable of the.. .

Those around this area surely remembered the Martha Livingston murders that shocked all..

More than twenty years after the Livingston murders, some ... residence maintained paranormal phenomena played a role in those murders..

It's Grace's first time using a medium to cleanse a house of negative energy... but she is willing to try anyway... It's interesting because we'll do an open house and ...

...people would walk in and like: "Who lived here and why did they moved Did somebody die in here? .. Someone says

that ghosts are nothing more than lost souls who were stuck in their sorrows....

But whatever you believe about the afterlife, it's undeniable that something horrific happened in this house all those years ago...

I'll be there.

I said I'll be there.

Why am I in a bad mood?

Uh... Deb heard noises next door, wanted me to check it out.


Livingston House.

No, it's completely quiet.

I'll call you back.

This is probably a stupid question, but this is the best you got?

Very stupid question. Huh, ha, ha, ha. I'll take it.

Hello. Hi Detective. Sorry to bother you but I got a call about a disturbance from the 4 LaForte Road out by the section of the swarm.

We need immediately assistance and my closest officer is 20 minutes out.

Uh no. That's alright Margery, I'm 2 minutes away I'll take it.

Sorry, to bother you. I know you had a date tonight.

If only the bad guys respected my social calendar.


Goddamn it, Leonard. You scared the shit out of me.

You okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What the hell is going on? There's blood in there.

Stay here. Do not move. Yeah, yeah, yeah.



This is detective Lewis. Requesting backup and EMS vehicles at number 4 LaForte Road.

I repeat. I need backup and EMS vehicles at number 4 LaForte Road.

Copy that.


Margery, where...

Police! Hold it boy. Stop. I said stop.


Stay down. Stay down.

Alright. Alright, alright.

You okay?

Look at me. Look at me. Stay with me. You okay?

Alright. You're okay.

You're okay...

ONE WEEK EARLIER Are you okay?



Are you okay?

Are you gonna answer my brother?

Yeah. Sorry man, what was the question?

You were talking about what you saw in the house.

You said you were having visions of her.

I just want to clarify who the 'her' was.

Was it one of the victims, or uh..

-... the owner of the house? No.

No, it was my mum.

She died a few years ago, and uh...

I don't know. I just keep... seeing her in this house... but I've never been inside of it before.

She's... sitting there.


Telling me to let go.

She is younger than I remembered her. She's closer to my age.

And you've always had these visions?

No, only just started a few months ago.

This is a... This is really great stuff.

Bryan's going to love this.


Yeah, Bryan Purcell.

Hey. Hey, please don't walk away from this. I feel like we are actually getting somewhere.

-Why didn't you tell me that Bryan was involved? Because I didn't think it mattered.

You didn't think that it matter that your ex-boyfriend was coming along?

It's was three years ago.

Look. I was going to tell you, but I needed to know if you would come first.

Hey, look. Sam, I appreciate what you're trying to do man, but I uh....

I don't this stuff to cure my nightmares okay. Okay.

But visions like this aren't just going to go away unless we really hit them head on.

What does that mean head on? It means we go to the house.

Once inside of it, we'll evaluate your connection.

See if these visions have any sense of realistic within the structure itself.

Yeah. Bryan?

Bryan, Jules and Donnie would be there to evaluate the paranormal aspects..

They believe that where there were victims, there are spirits.


Bryan does not care about victims, or spirits, or anything going on with me, okay.

He is an opportunist who only cares about capturing ghost on tape, so that he can make as much money out of it as he can.

Which is why he is going to insist, we go with or without you.

Look. A lot of unexplained things happened in that house all those years ago.

I think that when your mother heard about it, it stucked with her.

I think those things haunted her. like they are haunting you.

But hey. Don't listen to me to me.

It's your mom. She's the one telling you to let go.

You haven't slept in weeks.

I understand your skepticism, and this might not work. But what if it does?

Just try it.


Her name is Michelle Chapman. We think she's the suspect's girlfriend.

No sign of her yet but we did find her purse inside.

Let me try to pull the prints from the murder weapon. Alright.

Don’t hang around on my account. Go find some prints. Yes sir.

Here, here, here...

How many are there? So far 13 cameras.

Almost the entire house is covered, but we're not seeing anything.

God damn it. Erased? No. Scrambled. Dead air.

There's recorded information but...

We got a mass murderer from that many angles, and you are telling me we don't have a single thing?

I have a good feeling about this. Henry, what are you doing with the freezer?

Sometimes freezing the drives helps the data recovery. Henry...

... there's going to be more murders if you screw up those drives.

I'm telling you right now.

Look. We'll bagged it.

And we'll try to defragment the data files and see if we can recovery anything but...

6 drives, 2 terabytes full of raw data could take sometime.

Hey, Percy. Hey, Percy.

His rights been read? Yes sir. Reeves got it.

How are you doing, John?

Have you found Michelle yet? Not yet, so...

Hoping you could help us with that.

He took her. He took her away. Who took her?

I got to go find her. 'Cos he couldn’t have gone far.

How many of you were there, John. 6? Were there 6 of you?

Are you listening to me?

You got to get out there and... find her.

We're looking for Michelle right now. I promise you that.

But what I need from you right now is... tell me who is missing?

John, look at these photos right here. And tell me who is missing?

Bryan Purcell. Bryan Purcell.

When's the last time you saw Bryan? I don't know.

You don't know? You said he took her. Where did he take her?

I don't know. Where?

It happened so fast. I don't know. Did Bryan Purcell kill these people, here?

Did he kill your friends?


It was the house.

It was the house.

The house did... did something to him.

"The house did something to him."

If that could hold up in the court of the law, John. You know...

Usually convicted houses in the state Louisiana.

This house is different.

What were you doing in the house, John?

They woke it up. They...

They try to contact to the other side and they woke it up.

They woke it up. They woke up the house.

I only did it for Michelle.

It's my fault. Please be alive. John....

Please be alive.

Listen to me John. I need you to stay calm, okay.

If it was Bryan.You have to find him. Before he hurts Michelle.

Okay. You have to find him!

We will. Please... Please...


Detective. No prints on the axe. Wiped clean.

There can't be any prints on the axe, Jenkins. The house did it.


Never mind. You want me to bring him to the station? I want you to keep him here.

We got two people out there, could be victims, could be killers.

Right now this guy is my only shoot at putting this thing together So I want him close to me, yeah. Yes sir.

Keep him here... Okay. Yes sir.

Dispatch. That's a negative on the transport.

Hi. Hey.

It's... it's me. You busy? Yeah, I'm busy being stood up.

I'm sorry about that, something came up. Two hours I've been waiting , Lewis.

If you could just let me get a word in.

I got a triple homicide here in the Livingston house.


Martha Livingston? Yeah.

Do you have someone in custody?

I do. I do. But uh...he's in shock right now. Says he can't remembers anything Plus I got 2 people who are missing, the entire force is looking for.

Oh. Copycat crime maybe. No, no... no maybe.

Kid saying they woke the house up. Huh.

Yeah. Okay, I'm on my way.

Alright good, it's a date.

No, no. It was suppose to be a date. It's definitely not a date.

Reeves. Yes sir.

Get everything you can on the Livingston case, okay.

Yes, yes sir.

Hello... it's Jules here. I'm in the car... waiting. So bored.

Bryan, say something. Uh. (car horn)

Where are they?

Speak of the devil.

Let's go, you lovebirds.




You didn't speak with real people today. You okay with that?

Don’t waste the batteries, Jules. Give me the camera.

Hey guys. Jules.

Good morning, Michelle. Good morning John. Hi.

You guys are perfect for each other. Matching haircuts and everything.

Oh... your's looks like a wet dog.

Truth. - You're the third John Michelle dated since she's been with me. So...

Truth.- It's so clear that you're not over Michelle, and it's really embarrassing for you, man.

Nice bangs (hair).

Hey. Even though you're not the first, but definitely the most interesting.

A honest to god, a haunted house in the mounts of Louisiana?

It's not a haunted house, Bryan.

Let's go find out. Bryan. Lay off.

Hey. Your eyes look great on film. Those aren't my eyes, Bryan.

That's something. Anything from inside the house?

Nothing yet. Still working on it.

Jenkins, where're we at on the background for the Purcell kid?

Should have it any minute.

Detective Klein just landed. She 's walking up.

Good, good, good, good.


Good excuse to miss date night.

Ha. It's called a phone call. I know.

I mean, assuming you can get this guy to make some sense.

Because right now he's just mumbling about how the house did it.

I'm sure you are very understanding about that. Seeing how I don't even like when you read my horoscope.

No, I'm not interested in talking about the house is a murder suspect.

So, where is he? What? Wait.

When this is all over. I still got a bottle of wine in my car.

I tell you what. I'll share that wine with you, if you let me read your horoscope. How's that?

Not a chance. Hm.



John. This is Dr. Elizabeth Klein.

She's the department psychologist.

Hello, John. I'm Elizabeth.

How're you doing, huh?

I'm going to let you two talk.

Let me know if you need anything. Okay.


You might be in a little bit of shock.

Henry, can you get me the blanket please. Of course.

After a traumatic experience like this, most people shut down.

So you are not alone.

But the thing that gets most people moving is to have a strong purpose Let me show you that purpose. Can you do that John?

Can you?

I never should have told her about this place.

Who shouldn't you have told that? Michelle?


She used to... hang out with them.

Before I met her.

'Hunting ghosts', they called it.

Is that what they were here for?

Hey, the police said you blacked out. It's probably from the shock.

Is there anything at all that you can tell me, that you remember?

I can remember some stuff from earlier today.

Why don't you walk me through what you remember. Maybe it'll help to bring something up.

I can try.

Alright. A little introduction here.

Samuel B. Chapman. Looking very serious and smart with his energy drink.

Jules Carter, our occult specialist / research guru.

I'm also a sexy bitch. That you are.

Donald Smith, technological connoisseur and resident mouth breather.

Alright. Alright...

Do it. Go...

Go. Put your meat in his mouth. He's taking it.

I'm waiting.

Damn redneck, hillbillies.

So tell us what's been happening with you.

Uh well...

The house that we're going to is in a small town where my mom grew up.

And... about 25 years ago, there was an incident.

I think they called it mass murder.

Yeah. The Martha Livingston murders.

But no one lived in the house since.

How you know the house?

Growing up, my mom was kind of friends with Martha Livingston.

The girl who lived there and, know..

Did she ever talked to you about the murders?

No, no. No one talk about it. I think the whole town just want it to go away.

You don't think this is real, do you?


I think we actually do the things that we can say we can do, right?

Bryan, easy up man. This is just an interview. Shut the hell up.

I just want to know why this guy always acts he's too cool for all of us.

Not all of you, Bryan.

Fuck. You know what I think. I think you're actually curious about this house.

You think there's some kind of connection that you can't fully explain.

You don't believe any of this, of course. Because we're all full of shit. And here you are.

So why don't you admit that deep down you hope that we can make sense of this for you.

Bryan, stop.

You don't have to come here with us. You know that.

They were gonna edit a documentary, trying to capture spirits on film.

So. Once you got to the house. Did you manage to capture spirits?

Oh. Alright.

Watch the mud. Yeah. Watch your shoes.

What are those?

I think they're Abilene chimes.

Suppose to beckon the dead. There's more.

Holy shit.

Am I crazy? I don't feel any wind. It's acting weird.


What. Are you okay? Aw.

What happened? Aw...

You guys... are so gullible.

Oh... my god. Ha, ha, ha. You make funny jokes.

What? No?

Come on.

You like it. No.

Tough crowd. Let's go.

Donnie, catch up.

Is this real?

Ah... Jesus.

At least this house isn't open to visitors. Why you say that?

That gas lamp dates back to 1800s.

Used to use as a few passing by on the road could see if the master of the house is home.

It was open for guest, when it was lit, meant it was. I promise we'll be good guest.

Let's uh... be up and running in an hour. Yeah.

Thing is going to take sometime, I don't really want to stay here longer than we have to.

What thing? It's an evocation. It's like a seance.

We try to summon the spirits to see if you could get the victims to communicate.

What if we summon Martha Livingston instead?

We won't, because among other precautions. We're only going to use good energies to summon.

Good energy.

Yeah. Alright.

So let me see if I have this straight?

You guys came to the house to do a seance to communicate with the dead.

And it's so happens that Martha Livingston and her friends also did a seance in this house 2 decades ago.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

It seems that someone intended to repeat the murders in exactly the same way.

That happened 20 years ago.

I don't know if it's Bryan Purcell, or someone else or you.

But the truth is if we don't to the bottom of this, you are looking at spending the rest of your life in prison.

And I've to tell you when that happens, I'm not going to be able to help you anymore.

I just... I just.... I want to remember.

All I care about is that they find Michelle.

And... And that she's alive.

So tell me. How did you get inside the house?

Oh my god, this place is awesome. Alright.

Shut off your phones, so I can read the house.

John, are you okay? Why?

You're bleeding. What?

Your nose is bleeding.

Does that happened to you a lot? Uh, no. No, never.

He gets sensitive to change in pressure. I'd see that happens before when spirits are around.

Congratulations. Popped your cherry.

It's a good sign.

Alright, let's get audio and video up.

Donnie set up the batteries and don't be afraid to tell people what you need.

It doesn't sounds good If things happened, we don't get it on camera.

Why did Sam Chapman think you had such a connection to the house?

So your mother knew Martha and the victims, but so what. What does that have to do with you?

I'm trying to understand that.

My mother...

She was inside the house, the night of the murders.

You mean Sara Matthews?

The one who escaped. That was your mother?

I didn't tell the crew...

... or Michelle. But...

Looking back. I... I should have.

John, hon. This is not going to look good in a court of law. You know that, right?

All I can do... is just tell the truth.

It's all I can do.

And the truth is you have visions.


Of my mom in the house.

Tell me that I... I need to let go.

Yo. Here's your walkie.


This must be the infamous Martha Livingston. Yeah.

She's kind of hot.

I would do her. Me too.

You know any of those birds?

It's a grackle. It's an important symbol to the people of the occult.

Said it was used as a messenger in the old world between the devil and his followers.

Oh shit.

You got to be careful. Don't tell Bryan.

I'm going to tell him.

It was an accident. I have to tell him.

You leave me no choice.

Okay dude. I think this is going to be the best room for evocation.

It's got like the highest reading.

No way.

What... Camera Glasses?

What did I say?

Don't touch anything. Chill there, Bryan.

Attic's clear.

I'm not getting a feed from your camera.

Okay, copy that.

Uh... it's almost. Yeah, that did it.

You got it.

I... want to put a baby in you.

Anyone here?

My name is Sam Chapman.

We're trapped inside the house. He's gone... crazy.

He's got an axe.

He's gone crazy. He is killing everyone.

I don't know what to do?

I just want to go home.

I just want to go home.


Oh my god...

How did you retrieve these files. How did you do this?

The uh.. the frozen hard drives sir.

Okay, get another freezer down here. I want you to freeze all these hard drives. Now!

Okay. Yes sir.

Just try, if you can. There must be something else.

Dr. Klein.

Excuse me for a second, John.

How's it going? You are not going to believe this.

Sara Matthews was his mother. Who is that?

The lone survivor. The one who escaped before Martha could murder her.

Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you.

Jesus Christ. The more I learned about this kid, the less I trust him.

Alright. Tell him we going through the footage, we can't get anything.

Go at him with that. See how he reacts. Okay, I will.

Also get the guys to look for some interview tapes from Sara Matthews soon after the murders.

Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm going back in. I think we're get somewhere. - (Alright)

Hey. John.

This is strange but um...

They can't get any footage from inside the house.

I don't understand.

You guys came all the way down here to document a haunted house.

And then, there's no documentation.

Nothing to show what happened in that house.

Can you explain that?

I don't know.

That's my point. I can't explain it.

I just told you what happened.

Can I just have a little more light?

Oh yeah.

Sorry, I don't want to get the wrong angles on those ghosts.

Yeah, that's right. Very picky. Diva ghost.

Everything we can do to get them out, alright.

Wait a second.

Can you check this camera. See there might be something...

It's tilting down or something. I don't know.

Oh yeah? Is that one totally broken?

I don't know. There's something wrong. It just keeps...

I don't know what that is.

That's the reason? It's a broken camera? I don't want to check it.

It's so broken huh. That what you want me to fix.

You really know what, exactly.

Are you messing with me? No, I didn't.

That wasn't you?


I am surprised this is happening.

Hey Jules. I think this room might actually be...

What the hell was that?

I... don’t. I don't know.

Something's here. Someone is just messing with us.

What happened? Are you okay?

Did you see that door just closed?


Shit. I definitely just saw that.

Give me the camera. Give me the camera.

Come on. You've just opened the door for us.

Why don't you tell us why you're here.

Why are you slamming doors?

Show yourself.

Someone just touched me. Somebody just touched my leg.

Do you see anything in the camera? I don't know.

Something just touched me. I can't see anything.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Everyone is clean except Bryan Purcell. Purcell was a stiletto issue.

Got expelled for threatening a professor during a disagreement Professor filed a restraining order.

And Chapman says "he"(male) in the tape, before he gets killed.

Narrows it down to 2. He also said...

He also said that they were locked in the house. But how can you be locked from the inside.

We found multiple prints on the doorknob. Yeah.

I don't know.

If you're lock inside of a house, Jenkins. How would you try to escape?

Um... Try to get out through the window.


Or. What about a laundry chute or something like that?


Milk chute.

What's a milk chute?

Old houses like these have them so that milkman could leave the bottles.


Jesus Christ.

A little tight to fit through huh.

If only these were the people we were looking for.

I want a picture of this. And I want a match on the blood type, right away.

Where is Michelle, John?

Where's Michelle? -I don't know.

Mark. You don't know?

What's that?

What... I don't know. You don't know what that is?

I think she escaped through that milk slot and I think you were chasing her, boy.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't know what I' talking about or you can't remember? Which one is it?

I'm trying to remember. You're trying.

Yeah, you try. You know what I thing. I think you murdered those people.

I think you killed them one by one just like Martha Livingston.

Only Michelle, she got away from you didn't she?

Just like your mom got away.

Fuck you. Fuck me?

I hope Michelle did get away. I would never do anything to hurt her Why's that? Because she is pregnant.

She's pregnant?

She's... she's pregnant. She's 10 weeks pregnant.

We weren't telling anyone.

You weren't tell any. Why didn't you tell me that, John?

I don’t know!

Oh, you don't know. You don't know anything, do you?

You don't know anything.

I think you killed them, John. Mark, can you give us a minute. Please.

Just give us a second, okay.


What are you doing? I was getting somewhere.

You know she was pregnant?

No, but please don't come back until you're invited. I really was getting somewhere.

So was I.


Okay listen, that's what he thinks. That's not what I think.

You should have told me was pregnant. I... I understand why now.

This place is so creepy.

Did you just turned that on?

No, I don't think so.

Uh, hey guys. The master bedroom.

What's up? What happened?

I just uh. I picked up this ballerina and...

-Come on man. I told you not to touch anything, right. Sorry man, I just thought...

Alright. No body asked you to think. Just don't touch anything.

Bryan. Don't be such an asso. He didn't know what he is doing.

It doesn't matter if it is a couch, a ballerina or my ex-girlfriend. I don't want you touching things.

Holy shit. Everyone, turn your Walkies off.

He says over the walkie.

Any other electricity in here besides us? No.

Sam, camera. Oh, yeah.

This is where it was before John moved it? I agree. - That was it.


So I'm just gonna... put it back.

Come on.

It's like she's resetting.

No, she's not resetting. She... She's pointing.

What's she pointing at, John?

The wall?

The rug.


Oh. So much for that.

Wait. What if that is not the rug where she's pointing at?

Donnie. Help me. Let's go.

Oh shit. Nobody step in it.

Guys. What is that? Donnie, give me your EMF.

It's max out.

What is this?

It's some kind of seal. But I haven't seen one like this before.

What do you mean. Aren't you suppose to know all that shit?

Just that, there are thousands of derivatives of seals. They all have different meanings and different variations. So...

I'm sorry if I'm not familiar with all of them.

We found the source of the house' energy.

This is obviously where they performed their rituals.

Which mean. This is our best spot for communicating.

They may have actually made contact with the other side.

Yeah, and then Martha went crazy and killed anyone.

The other side didn't make Martha do this, okay. Because nothing had to make her do this.

She was messed up long before any of this happened.

My mom used to always say this.

Growing up, she was constantly getting into trouble, getting into fights.

Nothing to push her over the edge. Martha was already way over.

Guys. Is that blood?

No. It's just wax. I see. Now the shit is getting good.

You ever seen this seal before, John? No.

But when the ballerina is pointed at it, I knew she meant something else.

Where is it coming from? Hold on, hold on.

Donnie, stay close.

Shit. Michelle, you okay?

She's fine.

Where is it coming from?


I got nothing on here.

Careful, careful, careful. Be careful.

Jesus Christ. What was it?

Did you see it, see it? What was that?

-Did you? No!

Oh shit.

What is that? What is it?

Check it out. Shit.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

The blood on the milk chute, matches Bryan Purcell's. It's B+. So he went through.

So he goes through the chute and he is bloody.

Question is. Did he go through as a victim or as a killer?

Why would he go through there, if he could just walked right out the front door?

He's chasing someone, Jenkins. He's chasing someone, maybe the victim.

So you think Michelle went through it and Purcell followed it through?


Which means we got to find them 2 before all hell breaks loose.

You go. Go, go, go.

Copy that. Reeves, what's your 20?

Let's talk about Bryan Purcell. You two obviously weren't close.

I've only met him a few times. He’s kind of hard to get along with.

So you didn't like him?

He was just... obsessed with this house.

And... he tends on taking things too far. That's what he did.

Come on baby, where are you?

I know you're here.

Where are you?

Okay. Have it your way.

Show yourself.

Come on.

What's taking so long? I don't want to be here all night.

Just need another minute. Got one last thing

Tha's it, right? Yeah.

What is that?

That's an incredibly sensitive microphone.

It picks up sounds and frequency that you can't normally hear.

Records 50 different channels. It's kind of like a human's inner ear.

How does it work?

What is that?


That's cool.

That's us.

Like our. Our heartbeats?

That heartbeat... it's...

It's like a fourth faster heartbeat.

That's a fifth one.


Seven, maybe more.

What? Someone was just in the room with us.

I swear to god. Someone was standing right there.

Oh shit! What's happening? Donnie, Donnie what've we got?

Oh shit. Shit, shit.

There's nothing.


What is this? What the hell just happened?

The painting burst into flames out of nowhere.

What do you mean it burst into flames? It just burst into flames.

How did you know where the fire extinguisher was?

I don't know.

Have you seen this room before?

Okay, without looking can you .. can you tell me what's behind you?

There's a...

There's a tear in... the wallpaper, and...

And underneath it is a drawing of a little girl.

That's weird.

What else?

There is a photograph of a man in suits and...

And seals behind them.

Holy shit.

There's something else.

There's a woman behind Jules.



Jules. Are you okay. Jules.

Come on. We got to get her up. Alright, we have to leave now.

Do you realize what just happen? It was crazy.

Oh, you realize it was crazy by her flying across the room in a shit that far.

I'm saying we should think about this before we jump ship.

I want to make sure you realize what we could be sitting on that...

I realized that you are out of your mind and we're leaving now.

This is what happens when you make a connection.

You pussy. This is why we're here.

No ! Stop it! Stop it! Jules knows this.

Jules. He doesn't get it, okay.

I'm not leaving.

What? Jules...

We get make fun all the time. People think we're crazy.

We get ridiculed. But this shit is why we're here.

What happened was crazy, but Bryan 's right.

I'm not leaving.


We are...Sam Sam.


You okay?

Do you really expect me to believe this joke? I can only tell you what happened.

And your friend just flew across the room? I wouldn't believe it either before this.

I do now.

Hey ! Hey! What're you going to do huh?

You go knocking the doors and: "Can you help us?

We're down the street breaking into a house.

We just really need a lift because our friends kept the car."

I know your mom was in the house the night of the murders.


Oh, you didn't think I would find out about that?

What is he talking about? Your mom was in the house?

I've never told anyone that. I'm sorry.

You know we have talked about this about a hundred times.

You never mentioned that your mom was in the house.

I don't understand? Why didn't you just tell me.

Something that screwed up... shapes everything.

Who you are.

How people see you. It's not something that you bring up.

It's something you pray people don't find out about.


Bryan, how did you find out? I do my homework, John.

I had to do a whole lot of searching on the internet to find out that the one survivor ...

Sarah Matthews had a son who... wait for it.

Whose name is John Mitchell.

So my mother was here, the night of the murders. So what?


I understand why you wouldn't want people to know about this.

Alright, I do.

But if it was her who brought you back here? To communicate.

And if you leave, you just gonna continue having the same nightmares and visions of your mom.

Or you can stay. Stay to have evocation.

Find out what your mother is trying to tell you.

I think she is in this house.

I think you know that.


Hey, I think I got something here.

Wait. Is that a camera inside the house?

Looks like a bunch of black. Just wait.

Detective Lewis? Yup.

Sir. We just got a report of a stolen vehicle about a half mile up the road.

2000 red Dodge pickup.

Why am I just hearing about it now?

Owner didn't know it was stole till he got in from work this morning.

I want you to put out an APB on a 2000 red dodge pickup.

Anywhere inside a 300 miles radius. Do you understand. Now!

So tell me what happened during this ritual, uh... the seance.

They recited some passage from one of Jules' books. That she said was used for communication.

I just wanted some answers to this stuff so that I can finally get some peace.

Alright. Jules, you want to walk us through? Yeah.

Okay. So there are a lot of theories about how to open these gates. .

The idea is that there are essentially these energy pockets...

Where the air is thinner between our world and the underworld.

Trick is finding them. So everybody join hands.

And we're just going to communicate with the spirits. We're not summoning.

And don't move and don't break the circle.

Because if there is a spirit is present, our sphere of energy would constrain it.

Does everyone understand.

Okay. Go ahead, Bryan.

If there're any spirits are present. Show yourself to us.

We mean you no harm or disruption.

Just indicate your presence.

Indicate your presence to us.

Hear me now, and indicate your presence

It's working. Everyone say calm.

What is it?

Just don't move. What?

Don't do anything. Why not?

Trust me.

If there are spirits here. Just tell us why you are here.

My stomach. What is it?

Is this suppose to happens? Just hold on and let it run its course.

No, I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't.

Whatever happens. Don't break the circle. What are you talking about. She's in pain.

Let's go. She's gonna unleash something.

Put it. Put it back. What do you mean don't know how?

Michelle. Don't...!

Let Go.

Mom? Let go, John.

It's time to let go.

Let go. Let go.


Get to the car.

Let's leave.

The door. What?

And then what?

Get me out of here, John.

I've lost her. Michelle!

I tried to find her, but it was dark. And...

I can hear people yelling and screaming.

And I just needed to find Michelle.




Everyone must die. Everyone must die.

Bryan, you alright? Everyone must die.

Everyone must die.

Bryan? Everyone must die.

So. You're saying Bryan became possessed.

Is that right?

The killer is filming the murders.

How is he holding the camera while he's filming that?

See those glasses on the table? We found those where they did the ritual.

Forensic, you still in the house? We're still here sir.

I want to see exactly what those kids were using during the seance. You understand.

I want it clearly marked and I want it in 15. Copy that.

My name is Leonard Abbernacky.

I lived just down the road. My wife called me, she wanted me to.. check...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Go back to Abbernacky footage.

I got up to the porch and there's some kind of noise.

Some distance off it.

Crash. Car crash.

No. The hearing distance can't be more than a few miles from here.

Meaning. We search every road around here.

That the front of the house or back of the house?

That is the front of the house.

He ain't pointing at the road, he's pointing at Jackson farm.

Did you checked Jackson farm?

No sir, it's private property. Alright, I want you to get everybody.

I want you to go down to Jackson farm. I want you look for a red pickup truck.

There are lots roads and lots of swamps. So get the dogs and spread out.

Jackson, Frederick.

Go back. Go back again.

I got up to the porch and there's some kind of noise.

Some distance off it.

Let's say that I believe you.

That Bryan became possessed or changed.

That still doesn't make him a murderer.

I know.

So. What happened next?

Bryan Purcell was attacking you with an axe?

He was wearing these glasses with... the tiny camera on them.

Are you telling me it was Bryan Purcell?

Yes, but it... it wasn't him.

Are you IDing Bryan Purcell? That's all I need to know.

I tell you he wasn't human.

I'll be right back.

That all of it? Yeah. This is all in front of the room.

Just in front of it.

Hey. Hey.

He just ID Bryan Purcell.

Said he attacked him with an axe and then went after everyone else.

Oh man. And he's sure? Yes, he's sure.


Lewis. You better come down here. We spotted something.

On my way, on my way.

Do me a favor. See if you can make anything of this.

Why me?

Because you're a doctor. And I was hoping you can read Latin.

Can you get me gloves, please?

Bryan Purcell!


Mr. Purcell. Can you hear us?

Can you hear me? I got a pulse.

We've got a 20i. About a mile north of LaForte Road.

Victim is seriously injured.

Stay with us buddy. Ambulance's on the way. You'll be okay.

Hey. Do you know what this symbol is?

I believe that is a circle.

What are you doing?

I'm doing research that already should have been done.

It is a circle painted on the ground. Those kids are crazy.

I know... those kids are crazy.

But it makes sense to someone. And we're trying to get into that someone's head.

Can you get me a computer, please.

Hey, Jenkins! Hurry!




Reeves! Hold on buddy.

Officer down. Suspect is on the foot. Jesus.


Seal of the Left Hand Path.

Holy shit. Call the... call the cops.

I can't talk right now. Okay, just listen then.

That Latin passage you wanted me to read.

It's a seance.

It's a seance to communicate with the other side.

It says stuff like: 'Come to us. Make your presence known."

It sounds kind of innocuous, but then I digged...

Elizabeth. Elizabeth. Wait. The symbol in the living room...

It's called "The seal of the Left Hand Path."

And it refers to certain places as prisons that hold demons.

Oh, man. This is crazy. Hey listen.

This isn't what I think. This is what the research says.

In order for a demon to be released from a prison, everyone involved in the seance has to die.

And then it can leave through a pure human soul.

Alright. Tell me how this helps me? How does this help me?

We're trying to get inside Bryan's head.

And if Bryan thinks everyone has to die for a demon to be released from the house.

Then he's trying to kill everyone. He's delusional and he's trying to kill everyone.

All available units, we have a possible robbery in progress...

We need to re-establish contact.

I'm sorry that this is happening. I shouldn't have left Reeves alone.

Listen to me. Re-establish communication. Let them know Purcell is inside. You understand.

Then get back to the crash site. We need to find Michelle Chapman.

Bryan Purcell. My name is Detective Lewis.

And this doesn't need to go any further. You understand me?


You still have time to explain yourself.

I want you to get your men ready. In case this doesn't work. You understand me?

Yes sir.


They found Bryan Purcell. What about Michelle?

No, no Michelle yet. He knows where she is.

You got to get her from him now. They will.

I'm going to have one of my men sent in walkie.

They're going to come up to the door and they're going to slide a walkie.

Here it comes.

Pick that up, Bryan.

Pick it up, Bryan.

Do this anyway you want to. But you have to talk to me, Bryan.

What the hell is Bryan doing?

He's stone walling. Wh... Michelle could be bleeding to death.

John relax. We're handling it, okay.

Tell us where she is at! John, stop!

Say something, Bryan! Stop!

(Stop!) (Say something!)

God Damn it, Klein. You get him off that walkie.

Tell us where she is! Tell us where she is!


Say something!

...thing inside of you. I'm just... John!



What happening? He's having seizures.



Alright, talk to me. What've you got.


Mark... Mark, you need to stop Bryan.

He's going into a cardiac arrest! We need to get these cuffs off of him!

Bryan is trying to kill John.

Mark, do something!

Do something!

Check the clerk.

Bryan. Look at me son.

Where is Michelle.

Tell me where Michelle is. Is she alive?

Is Michelle alive?

Heh, heh, heh...

What'd you do? Is she with God?

Is she with God? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

Tell me if Michelle is alive. Shake your head.

Bryan! Bryan!


Son of a bitch.

You might want to look at this. The reason he couldn't talk.

He's missing his tongue.

Oh. Jesus Christ.

What the hell happened back there? I don't know.

But when Bryan started to go crazy. John just lost it. And then.

I don't know how to say this. But that guy just flew across the room.

What are you talking about? I'm not kidding. He flew across the room.

Jesus Christ.

Hey. You got to listen to me. I can't, I can't. I think Bryan told us where Michelle is.

Klein, you read? Go for Klein.

Do you still want to see that Sara Matthews footage?

You son of a bitch.


Jenkins, get a medic. We got her.

Damn it.

Hey. You're okay. You're okay.


You're alright, you're alright, you're alright.

Okay. Okay. You're doing okay.

Medic! Get a medic.

Jenkins, I need help. Get people up here.

What've you got?

Sara Matthews. John's mother.

Something happened with Martha during the seance.

And then after. She wasn't herself.

She just kept... saying that everyone had to die.

Everyone had to die so she could be free.

Now look at this.

She's pregnant. Baby okay?

Too early to tell. We have to get her to the unit.

Wait, wait, wait... He's killed them.

What're you saying now? Same room.

What room?

Same room. Same room.

We have to get her to the ambulance. Okay. Go, go, go.

Let's go.

Officer. Can you re-cuff the suspect, please.


Stay close, I just need a minute alone with him. Sure thing.

I heard them. Michelle alive. She's going to make it, right?

I don't know John. Do you want her to make it?

I like that very much.

It was you. It wasn't Bryan.

Everyone must die. Everyone must die. For me to live.

You manipulated this whole night.

But it didn't work. Because everyone didn't die.

Michelle is still alive.

So, is there anything you want to tell me before you go to prison for the rest of your life.

I'm not going to prison, Elizabeth.

I'm leaving it.

Okay. Maybe you didn't hear me.

But, everybody didn't die.

Your little ritual didn't work because Michelle is still alive.

And you're still alive. You're wrong.

Jesus Christ.

Everyone must die. Everyone must die. Everyone must die for me to live.

Everyone must die. Everyone must die. Everyone must die.

Everyone must die.

Everyone must die. Everyone must die for me to live.


The ritual is working.

Open the door.

Open the god damn door! Move!

John's mother was my vessel, but she escaped.

Now Michelle is my vessel.

And once she crosses the seal, I'll be free.


Elizabeth. Elizabeth.

That's okay. Alright. Alright. You're okay. You're okay.

He's gone. He's gone.

He disappeared. He disappeared. It was him. It was John.

He killed all of them.

And I know you're not going to believe me. He became possessed.

He's dead. He's in the house. So I know he's dead. He's hung himself.

He's in the house and he's hung himself. No, no, no...

He's dead and I'm telling you I just saw it. No, no, no...

I just saw it.

He was just sitting there... and I started choking.

Look! Look at it!

Look at this. Look.

See. See.

I don't understand.

You guys came all the way down here to document a haunted house...

And then there's no documentation. Nothing to show what happened in that house.

Can you explain that?

How do you explain that?

I can't.

I can't

I just...

I just felt it kick.

Is this the first one.

Just gonna get a quick listen to your baby, alright.


You don't have anything to worry about. Your baby is going to be just fine.