Demonlover (2002) Script

In short, I think that negotiations are well underway.

They've shown losses, but we'll analyse them.

I think they can be written off.

They have a potential for development which they can't finance.

That's why they need a partner.

My decision is subject to examination of the information they've provided us.

It needs to be analysed.

We're walking a fine line, a very fine line.

But we remain within the limits of the law.

Sleep well?

Not bad.

I took some Valerian. It works well.

Oh, yeah. And you?

Volf doesn't sleep on planes. So, is it a deal?

Everyone wins, right? It will require legal acrobatics.

I'll look over the file again and let you know.

Can you do it soon? Yes.

I'm seeing Volf for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Good morning.

We'll have the report from the Japanese lawyer.

Want a ride back with us?

No way. I have my jet-black Audi TT that I bought last week.

You left it in the parking lot? Of course.

Did you sleep? Not a wink.

Not in economy. No leg room.

Next time you'll go business. Next time you won't need me.

Did you try the Valerian? I took three.

You take too many pills. You want a ride?

Karim is coming. I have to drop this off at the office.

Good morning.

Are you OK?

I'm sorry...

I'm feeling a bit weak. It must be the jet lag.

We didn't sleep much in Tokyo. Here. Thank you.

That's true. I didn't get much sleep.

Hello, Madam. Good morning. How's traffic?

It could be worse.

Had a nice trip? Yes, thank you.


...say hello to your jet-black Audi TT.

I need cash. We'll talk later at the office.

Hello. Hi.

Thank you.

Good morning. Good morning.

Bye, girls. No clowning around today!

Give your teacher a break. Goodbye.

Have a seat.

You know, they found Karen in the boot of her car in a parking lot in St. Denis.

She'd been inside it for 18 hours.

I just spoke to the hospital.

She's OK, but she almost suffocated to death.

She'll stay a few more days then take a week to rest.

The briefcase?

Oh... vanished.

It's not so much the files, we'll have copies by tonight, it's the message.

We have competitors who'll do anything.

Which ones?

Who cares? There are several.

They know we're in negotiation.

They want our information to make a better offer.

Would the Japanese follow?

If the offer's good, and if it's better than ours, why wouldn't they accept it?

Coffee? Please.

So we have to act faster than them.

Karen's out of commission.

You'll take over the case and close the deal.

I don't just mean the Japanese venture.

I mean the entire operation.

Are you willing? I'm willing.

Get ready to go back to Tokyo next week.

What are you doing? Copying your appointments.

You have them at the office. Not all of them.

Are you OK?

Can I help? Come close to me.

Jean-Paul didn't come? He's in Chicago.

When is he coming back? Next week at the earliest.

Who's watching your daughter?

Her father's sister.

Does she know? No one does. I lied to everyone.

I feel dirty... disgusting.

Like I was raped.

It's not the same thing.

Not knowing who did it...

You weren't raped. I was.

You're shelling out to Ericom again? No, my client's off. I'm stuck.

London is giving a press conference on Friday.

Mr Volf will explain the real estate operation in Qatar.

Yes? Do I warn Mr El Hamadi?

He already knows. He wants to be there.

He's in his jet somewhere between Cairo and New York. You have his number.

Send me a report and I'll decide.

For Mr Olek.

Here are the Japan files, plus the list of stolen documents.

Put them down.

What about Karen's other files? Give them to Hervé.

I can manage with some of them.

Don't manage with anything. Do as I say.

She's getting on my nerves.

Did you give Karen a call? No time.

She's better. Not 100%, but her Audi TT is unscathed.

I'll call tonight. Yeah, you do that.

What do you mean? She's lousy and you can't stand her.

Come on, the office isn't wired. It suits us both.

Is anyone home?

Yes or no? Yes.

Thanks for your trust.

I need the Japanese lawyer's report.

Don't you have it? I saw it on your desk.


Elise, what's this pile of Karen's stuff?

I'm busy. Can't you deal with it?

I intended to. Diane said not to.

Why? I have no idea.

Take them. If you don't understand, ask me.

And Diane? Don't worry about her.

You don't like her much. Not much. And you?

Me neither. She's cold, inhuman. But I respect her.

I can't wait for Karen to come back. Don't count on it.

Diane's staying? You'd better get used to her.

She's better than Karen. And Volf protects her.

I'm exhausted.

I'm out of shape and I smoke too much.

I received Karen's briefcase. The Japanese file is airtight.

Perfectly legal. We can't do a thing.

Volf asked me to finalise the contract.

Instead of Karen?

I'm impressed. Isn't that what you wanted?

Do what he tells you. We have no choice.

Go over the contract with a fine-tooth comb.

If there's anything fishy, we'll act.

If not... If not?

If not, I don't know.

I need to think. Wait!

The money was wired to your Swiss bank.

Sorry, I can't talk.

I'm having lunch with the French people.

All I want is to get out of here. I'm bored to death.

A typical business lunch. A real bore.

No, it's not Karen.

Her name is Diane.

A real ice queen.

He has a Sylvie Vartan poster?

Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday are old news.

Can he sing us his favourite song?

Let's toast to the success of our venture.

Of course, cheers.

Tell Mr Ishegawa that what worries Mr Volf and our legal department is the issue of the models.

The models? Yes.

We want to know whether your artists base their work on photos of minors or have minors pose for them.

Not at all. We've never done anything like that.

No models.

They're fantasy characters in a fantasy world.

What's illegal in Europe is illegal here.

TokyoAnime has been making films for ten years.

We are the world leader in adult animation.

With the Internet, we've grown by 60%. We can't take such risks.

This is the film currently in production.

You know the basics: Ai and Mai are two ninja sisters who use sex magic to fight monsters in a parallel universe.

This series does really well. It's a big hit in the States.

She's in a tight fix.

I said she's in a tight fix.

Forget it. No need to translate.

A film like this is already outdated.

We'll keep producing them for two years at the most.

Then we have to move on to 3D animation.

Or else it's simple: we go out of business.

It's state of the art.

It's what consumers know.

It's what consumers want.

It's the wave of the future.

But it's still very expensive.

It's motion-captured with 12 cameras.

We have the best artists, technicians and skills.

But we need you to help TokyoAnime move into digital 3D...

...and control our worldwide distribution.

Volf will call at 6pm, Paris time.

What time here? 1am.

Where will he call? Your hotel room.

It's almost a done deal. You think so?

There are no obstacles.

Too bad for Karen.

You'll reap the benefits. What benefits?

No, thank you.

Volf's trust.

Karen will be back to the legal department, maybe to real estate law.

So her getting mugged benefits me?

Doesn't it? So what?

Nothing. Don't put words in my mouth.

I'll go get drinks. What do you want?

Whisky. Diane? Vodka.

I didn't like your sense of irony. Tough luck.

You didn't lay it on a bit thick?

You're oversensitive. I could find it suspicious.

When someone's listening who doesn't know your irony, you're right, I'm oversensitive. I...

No, don't play games with me. I told you!

Karen is history and I'm glad.

So you think... I don't think anything.

I couldn't care less. Stop hounding me.

Relax. It will do you good.

I'm going back. I booked a massage.

The driver is waiting for you.


Not at all.

I was watching TV.

CNN. It sucks.

Yes. I know.

Volf's secretary called. He's stuck in a meeting.


London again. Real estate again.

He faxed us a memo. Do you have it?

I haven't received anything.

No? It was sent an hour ago. I'll go check.

Thank you.

Do you want a drink? No, thanks. I've had enough.

Maybe some water, please.

It's not finished. It's still coming through.

It's a draft for a contract with TokyoAnime.

Want to see it? No.

I made a copy of the memo. He won't call.

I'm going to sleep. Slip the contract under my door.

4522? Yes, 4522.

Good night.

I'm not going to the office. Me neither.

I'll go in early tomorrow.

When do the Americans arrive? In the morning.

That's why I want to work on the case.


Please leave a message after the beep.

It's me. Are you hiding behind your answering machine?

I'll wait.

OK, you're not there. We should talk a little.

Outside the office. What do you think? Tonight?

I can, but late.

At 11pm in the bar of the Raphael?

Leave a message.

I didn't hear from you. I'm going to the Raphael just in case.

I'll wait there a while.

If you come, great. If not, see you tomorrow.

Have they arrived already? Not yet.

Thank you.

Where's the Demonlover contract with Volf's notes?

Purple folder. Has it been here long?

I re-read it yesterday. It's all good. And did you inform anyone?

I re-read it and called to have it picked up.

What more am I supposed to do?

Can I talk to you? Now?

Yes, now.

When I ask for something, you do it, no "maybe", not "sort of".

Why was this still downstairs?

I had to take the Americans to their hotel.

I made sure...

Of course, you'd rather drive them around and lick their boots than do your job, which is a lot less fun!

I can't be everywhere at once. Sorry.

I've been here since 7:30am.

I'm working on a case. I need the info on my desk.

I don't have time to get it myself. It's ridiculous.

Everyone's here. I'm coming.

What happened? Bitch!

Nothing. She can't stand me. It's mutual.

You two should try talking someday.

You think so? She's OK.

You have to be a little patient.

The lawsuits you're referring to concern the sites and Lara Croft,

Can you describe these sites?

These sites are legally distinct from and have no bearing on our discussions.

You don't have that in France? Not yet.

It does well. Very well.

It's huge. Huge!

Since Eidos is suing us for 30 million dollars in damages, it's preferable to temporarily suspend the service until we get a ruling.

What have you heard? The Asian buyers are thrilled.

The Seibu chain in particular. That's what I heard.

The editor of "W" flashed me a big smile.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, I'll be just a minute.

Do you know this?

Who gave you this?

You didn't come last night.


You didn't call either.


I have to go. Don't leave me like this.

Tokyo was Tokyo. It's different here.

That's no reason to avoid me. Leave it at that.


I'll take the receiver and the MiniDisc.

There must be interesting stuff on it.

If you can, just copy the files. If not, take her computer.

And get the transmitters. Here's the card.

Mangatronics is paying you a lot. They want results fast.

For them, it's a question of life or death.

Tuesday, 7pm.

I'll be at the Barbès metro station.

You didn't hear me come in?


You seemed engrossed.

What was it? Hellfireclub.

I thought so.

You know it? I go there once in a while.

Does it turn you on? Not really.

It fascinates me. You like that feeling?

Very much so. Don't you?

You followed me. I didn't.


You've been followed for a while. You know it.

Followed and burgled. Exactly.

Found what you wanted?

I don't want anything. You want something.

And you seem to have found it.

Not just me. Volf did too.

I came to warn you, but I'm too late.

Too late for what?

To help you.

Did you send Elise to help me too?

You're negotiating with Demonlover. You know the codes to Hellfireclub.

You're a risk for them.

A risk? A risk they must control.

I don't see how.

Watch this tape. Call me afterwards.

It's a copy. They have the original.

Who gave it to you? I've been with Demonlover for a while, though I'm not of much use anymore.

I'd stay until she comes around. I know.

I don't know what time.

Work it out with the babysitter.

If you're back by 9 o'clock, it's fine.

I'm at the office.

I'm going into a meeting.

I'll call you later if I can.

I waited for an hour. I tried your mobile.

Mangatronics hasn't heard from you. They're nervous. So am I.

I don't know what you're up to...

Diane? Yes, she's here.

No, I can't bother her.

She's sleeping.

She's fine. Just fine.

But she won't call you back.


...she no longer works for you.

Who decided? Me.

Close the door.

Of course. I'll prepare the file for tomorrow.

I'll have the plane tickets sent.

Perfect. Talk to you soon.

We've never gone out before. Shrimp tempura.

You mean, the two of us?

I'd rather have avoided it. What do you mean?

I know what you'll say. You don't want to hear it?

I thought... It's too late.

That's not the same thing.

It means that at some other time... Tokyo? Maybe.

You intimidated me. I still intimidate you.

I felt you were there but not there.

I was there. I'm not sure.

Did I say no?

Did I reject you? No.


You control everything you do.

You seem present, but you watch and calculate.

I'm not in control of anything.

Another one, please.

A beer, please. A large one.

I saw you move. I saw you with Volf.

What did you see? The way you operated. I admire you.

You didn't see anything.

No one sees anything.


They watch... but they don't understand.

What do you admire?

Go on... say it. I'm listening.

You set a goal and made it there.

Where am I?

Tell me. I'm interested.

When you're pressed for words, it becomes murkier.

But judging people with rambling generalities...

...yeah, sure... it's easier.

That's not what I meant. Yes, it is.

I'm calculating. I have no scruples.

It's what excites you... and what scares you.

But you have no idea.

You don't know me.

That's what I'm saying.

So in Tokyo, you didn't trust me.

No. I wanted you.

But you had doubts.

I still do.

You're right. It's better not to push.

Very good tempura.

Stop looking at that girl. I'm not.

I see her eyes in the mirror.

Kaori came back to my room anyway.


You screw her and worry she'll be jealous?

I didn't know you knew. It was obvious.

Fortunately Kaori doesn't have those scruples.


Meaning when she's with me.


In her car.

In a restaurant bathroom.

At her place, in the bathtub.


Do you prefer women?

I don't know. What do you think?

I don't believe you.

So I didn't sleep with her?

No, nowhere. Not in a tub, not on a rug.

You think I'm testing your reaction? I think so.

Objectively, it's a disappointing reaction.

Maybe, but you know how it is.

Doubt remains. Still.

Now I have to look at you differently.

That was sort of the point.

I still don't know what I see.

So look more closely.


I wanted to tell you something, but...

But what?

I don't know if you want to hear it.

Say it.

I hope you had a lovely evening. Thank you.

Finished? Yes. Some more sake?


Elise works with me. I mean, Elise works for me.

I don't understand. Yes, you do.

And you let me talk?

You were observing me.

I thought I liked to be in control, but... do so more than I do.

You don't seem to like it. No.

Why did you do it? I didn't have to tell you.

I wish you hadn't.

I find it...


The sake.


Humiliating. Because you don't deceive people?

I'm going home.

I'll drive you.

Wait... wait!