Den Brother (2010) Script


ANNOUNCER ON PA: Good afternoon, everybody.

Hans McKenlooper here, voice of the Lemon Oaks Ice Hounds.

It's been end-to-end action all afternoon.

As always, our Ice Hounds are down, plagued by penalties and sloppy mistakes.

The Hounds trail their sworn rivals, the Norsemen, four to two.

The question on everyone's mind: why is Lemon Oak's superstar player sitting on the bench?


ANNOUNCER ON PA: Alex Pearson is back in the game!

Goose! I'm open.

ANNOUNCER ON PA: Gustavo passes to Pearson who takes in the puck and forces the action up the ice.

Pearson feints right, then powers up the center, skating like the Greek god of hockey!

-And he lines up the shot... -Pearson, up your guard! Come on!

-ANNOUNCER ON PA: And he scores! -Yeah!


ANNOUNCER ON PA: That's three goals and a hat trick for Alex Pearson!

Earning him another Ice Hound record!

Oh, no, no, no. Thank you. It's a team effort.


That's three for you! We don't deserve you, Alex!

Pearson does it again, but we're still down by one, so let's use my pressure offense. They'll never expect it.

-Alex! -(GRUNTS) Sorry, man. Titus is all mine.

Hey. Work the puck to Alex.

Let's go, Hounds! Let's go!


ANNOUNCER: Hounds are still down by one. Why can't every player be as good as Alex?

-Come on, buddy, come on! -Pearson calls for the puck.

-Come on, Alex. -Gustavo keeps it.

I got it. Dude! What are you doing?

They seem to be fighting over the puck...

-(BOTH GRUNTING) -...and, oh, they go down in a heap!

Nowitzki has a break-away...


...and scores the winning goal.



Well, and that's the game.

The Ice Hounds lose five to three.

And it's another crushing defeat for our beloved Hounds.

But stellar play by Alex Pearson, nets him another hat trick. So, go Alex!


What are you so happy about? We lost!

(SCOFFS) Goose, hockey is not all about winning and losing.

It's about... challenging yourself to be the best you can be, and I played great.

Uh, you're coming along, too.

(STAMMERS) I am sorry about that little bump.

No problem, I know I was too slow.

But, seriously, Alex, I think we should've won this game!

(SIGHS) Goose, Goose, Goose.

Let's try to be a little Zen about this.

We are a 500 team.

We're never gonna make the playoffs.

But if I keep playing like this, I can make the high school All Stars.

I'm just saying, maybe you should think about the Ice Hounds.

I am thinking about the Ice Hounds.

Think of the notoriety it would bring the team if I was on the All Stars.

-So, you wanna game at my house? -Yes.

Yeah. No! No! No, no.

There's something I have to do. I told you. What was it?

Uh, taking care of your sister or something. Yeah.

Yes! Yes! Uh... Well, she's been fed and watered recently.

She'll be fine, right? I can probably come over for one level.

Go home, Alex.

-Half a level? -GOOSE: No.

-Lemonade? -GOOSE: No.

-Something? -GOOSE: No.

Hello, Alex.


(CHUCKLING) Hello, Mrs. Jacklitz.

You're looking very... spry today.



Okay, so, then you just take that three and you carry it over to the next column.

But that's not how they showed us at school, Dad.

Maybe not, but it'll work in a pinch.


In a pinch, it'll work.

All right, I am home. Let the celebrating begin.

Finally. Alex, where have you been? I've got a lecture in 12 minutes!

Well, what's the big deal?

Think of it as more quality time with Emily.

Besides, you could've left. Ingrid is right here.

All right, for one thing, Ingrid is our housekeeper, not our babysitter.


And for a variety of reasons, I want you here watching Emily. All right?

I had a game, by the way, Dad.

Thanks for asking.

Yeah, I know you had a game and I'm sure you were great.

And you know I'd be there if I wasn't teaching five classes this semester.

I know.

Dad, I'm sorry, but can you make it to one game or... or try?

-Of course. -Thank you.

Okay, uh, frozen dinners are on the counter.

Make sure your sister eats at least some vegetables.

Oh, and make sure that she does her homework before television.

All right. Oh, uh, this is going towards my car, right?

Oh, I'm gonna be at the university all day tomorrow, too, so don't forget to pick up Emily from her Bumble Bee meeting at school.


Okay, so, uh...

Don't forget Mrs. Jacklitz is always home if there's an emergency.

ALEX: Yeah! I'm sure she'd be as big of a help in a crisis as Ingrid would be...

-No offense, Ingrid. -(INGRID GRUNTS)

No, no, no. There's no way we're watching Bunny Friends Forever.

But it's a new one.

No, it's not! I've seen this one.

And don't start with the doe eyes because today we are watching Extreme Sports.


First corner, everybody gonna make it through?


...loses control.

Now the fun starts. Everybody...


-No! Ah... -Give it, Alex! Alex!

-Alex! Please! -Uh-uh... No!

Please... (WHIMPERS)

I control the plasma.

I am getting my way.

Volume. There it is. there now. Just, uh, five remaining here.


MAN ON TV: He's afraid to give the front. There's a lot of...

Here at the end of this straightaway, four huge leaps.

The top two riders have been racing...

Wouldn't popcorn be great right now?


EMILY: We've been together forever.

You'll just have to study the handbook on your own, at home, until Bumble Bee headquarters can assign you to your new troops.


Whoa. What's up, Mrs. M?

They're shutting us down.

Troop 57 is crashing down all around us, even as we speak.

Izzy's dad was lucky enough to get a new job in Chicago and we're leaving right away.

I've talked to all the other moms and they can't do it.

No one seems to be able to take over.

-(GIRLS GROANING) -It's not happening!

We've been together forever.

But you are still Bumble Bees!

You're just going to be split up and slipped into existing troops, doesn't that sound great?

But me and Abigail and Ursula and Tina, we formed a troop because we're all best friends.

What about me?

And Rachel is sort of our friend, too.


-ABIGAIL: What are we gonna do? -Guys!


All right! Enough with the shrieking.

Girls, don't freak out!

One of your mothers is gonna volunteer eventually.

My mom is a long-haul trucker. She's away a lot.

I have four brothers with self-control problems.

I didn't say it was gonna be easy, I just said it can be done! But...

Well, you're probably gonna have to guilt them into it.

So, let's see your sad faces.


Those seem a little forced.

Oh, no. No, wait. Wait.

Everyone copy Rachel.

I wasn't doing it.

Well, even if they can dig up another Den Mother for us, it'll take so long, we'll never get into Camporee!

-GIRLS: Oh, yeah... -I forgot about Camporee.

(CLEARS THROAT) "Camporee"?

Camporee is only the most important Bumble Bee event of the year.

And they don't let you just waltz in.


There's all this stuff you need to do to qualify for it.

Sounds like a real hoot.

Girls! I am so sorry but I have a... situation, -and so the meeting is cancelled. -(TROOP 57 GIRLS COMPLAINING)

Alex is going to stay with you until your parents show up.

What! No, no, no. I have like a hundred cool things I gotta go do.

(CHUCKLES) Izzy, come with me. Girls...


I will see you all at the goodbye brunch, if it happens.

GIRLS: Bye. We're gonna miss you.

-RACHEL: I'm gonna miss you. -URSULA: It won't be the same without you.

-Bye. -I'll see you soon.

Alex, can you please run the meeting and not just babysit us? Please?

-No. -Please! Please!

TROOP 57 GIRLS: Please! Please!

No! No! No!

No, there is no way that I'm going to be your designated...

Den Mother.

This meeting of Troop 57 of the Bumble Bees will return to order on the account of...

Uh-uh. When you talk, you have to use the Troop 57 Talking Flower.

It means it's your turn and only you can talk.

(EXHALES) Hmm...

Emily is out of uniform. She's not supposed to wear a princess tiara. It's against the rules.


It's not against my rules.

Maybe she's a...

A Bumble Bee Princess Girl or something.


Then can I be a Bumble Bee Vampire Girl?

What? Yes. (STAMMERS) I don't care.

You girls can wear whatever you want.

-You don't have the Talking Flower. -Okay...

Okay, new rule. The Talking Flower is now moot.


There is no more Talking Flower. It's not even over there. Don't look.

Now, whatever you girls were doing before I got here, do that.

We weren't doing anything.

Mrs. Moffat took forever to tell us she's dumping us.


Well, what do you wanna do? Uh, Tina?

Okay. Anybody else?

We could look at pictures of cute boys!

-Sure. -Okay.

No. Uh, no. I don't... I don't think so.

Oh, well, we could do a Go-For-It.

-TROOP 57 GIRLS: Yeah. -Oh, yeah.

A Go-For-It is when we go and try a new activity, craft or skill.

All right. Let's go over this one more time.

You give 100 percent! You never back off.

You never back down. Now, let's go!


Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Hustle up, hustle up, hustle up...

Emily, you've gotta catch up. Or not. Or not.

Come on. Go faster!

Okay, uh... Uh, you're going way too slow.

Hockey is a fast sport. You have to be fast.

Oh, it's right there.

What are you? What are you doing?

All right, come on, girls! Come on. Come on, come on!

-EMILY: Okay, okay! -ALEX: All right. Emily, you got this.

Abigail, okay... Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. All right, now work behind the net, Abigail.

There it is. There it is.

All right, someone take a shot! Take a shot.

Go. Go, go, go, go. Shoot! Shoot!


Good effort, girls. Now that's how you run a power play.

I'm cold.

-You okay, Tina? -Mm-hmm.

All right.

You're all right, Rachel?

Ow. My feet hurt.

What's that?

ALEX: Uh, that's a Zamboni.

Uh, look, girls, those are all indicators that you're playing correctly.

Why can't we do something fun?

Becoming great hockey players is the most fun thing in the world!

And how would you know that, dork?

Don't tell me. Titus.

Do you really not want me to tell you?

Well, what do we have here?

Some new Ice Hounds?

They are definitely a lot tougher than the guys you got now.

Definitely a lot tougher than you.

-EMILY: Get him, Alex! -TROOP 57 GIRLS: Yeah!





Does it hurt, Alex?

(SCOFFS) Only when you talk.

Or stare at me. (CHUCKLES)



-You know what? -(SNIFFS)

Today was the best Bumble Bee Girls meeting ever.


If Mom were alive, would she bring me to the meetings?

Of course, she would, Em.


I'm glad you're here to take me to the meetings.


-Did you just get that yesterday? -Oh, that's great.

Seriously, why her?


You're like a psychic detective, you know that?

Dude, some genetic twist of fate has made you good at hockey in the one town that would actually care about that.

That's like having a free date-anyone-you-want card! Why Matisse?

-Okay, yeah, she's pretty. -(LAUGHS)

So what? She doesn't like you. All right.

There are a ton of pretty girls who would love to date you.

She's... she's really smart.

Yeah, we know that from the fact that she won't go out with you.

(SIGHS) Correction.

She's not gone out with me yet.

I made eye contact with her at the game.

I think I'm really starting to wear her down. Watch.

Yeah. It changes a lot.

(CHUCKLING) What happened to you?

This? It's... It's nothing.

I ran into a couple of bad guys, had to put the hurt down on them.

You know how it goes.

Oh... I thought maybe you got it in your last game.

You know, when you stole the puck from your friend and ended up on your butt while the Norsemen scored the winning goal?

(CHUCKLES) Well, you saw the hat trick before that, right?

You never give poor Goose a chance on the ice.

You've made him your personal driver.

I swear I don't even know why he's your friend.

Whoa, whoa. It's not a big deal. He doesn't mind being knocked around.

It's just friendly in hockey.

When you check someone, it's like saying "hello."

(LAUGHS) "Hello"?

And goodbye. It's like...

It's kind of like aloha. (STAMMERS) Matisse, I just wanted to know if maybe this Friday night we could do...

I'm busy.

Sss... Doing what?

I'll find something.


(EXHALES) I'm just keeping it real. I am a highly pursued date at this school, and you should just jump at the opportunity to date me.

I'm just saying. I'm trying to help you.


Can I just say something to you, in hockey?

-Yeah. -Aloha.


By the way, that was an aloha goodbye, not aloha hello.


I don't have a car. That's the problem. That's why she won't date me.

Uh, Alex, (CHUCKLES) your old man is never going to get you that car.

Oh, my pessimistic little friend, there is always a solution to the exceptional person.

You just have to think... outside the box.




ANNOUNCER: Slight delay in getting started, folks.

However, we are looking forward to a great game between the Tigers and the Ice Hounds.

You're enabling him, Gary.

Come on, Neal.

He just likes to make an entrance. The crowd loves it!

Well, love it or not, if he's not on the ice in ten seconds...

ANNOUNCER: And now, a big Lemon Oaks welcome to everyone's favorite Ice Hound, Alex Pearson!


Alex wanted me to let you know that he is sponsored...

Sweet Jehoshaphat! Moses' Roses Fine Floral shop.

CHORUS: Moses' Roses! Moses' Roses!





Alex, this is just... It's too much.

NASCAR drivers do it!

(STAMMERS) This is good for everyone.

It's what I call the win-win-win scenario.

Moses' Roses gets advertising.

The crowd gets information as well as a show. And I get...



Neal, please. Don't suspend him.

I'm not going to. You are.

Either you control your player or I'll bench your entire team for the rest of the season.

Alex, go collect your things.

Coach, you can't let him suspend me like that.

It's out of my hands.

I'm afraid you really blew it this time, son.

I am so disappointed.

So am I. How am I supposed to make the All Stars now?

In you, Alex. I am disappointed in you.

What, for my initiative? Dad, let's face facts here.

You are just as guilty in this situation as I am.

You're the one that told me I had to help pay for the car.

You forced me to take drastic action.

What I said was, if you pay for your own insurance, I would consider buying you a car, if your attitude improved.

All right.

Well, there's nothing to do except for use this time to rest up and wait for the Coach to lift the suspension.

Oh, no, no! No, no, no, no...

No, the whole laissez-faire parenting, that stops right now.

You're going to work.

(EXHALES) Dad, I couldn't in good conscience take a job knowing I could be put back onto the team at any second.

You're gonna work here.

Yeah, it's about time somebody trimmed those hedges back into shape.

The whole yard needs weeding.

The sprinkler heads need replacing.

And it's high time you learnt to take a little responsibility, Alex.

Maybe then we'll talk about a car.


-I just need to borrow you for a minute. -Wait! Whoa! What are you doing?

-Go... Go down. -(WHISPERING) What?


The parents want to see that there's a responsible Junior Helper at the meeting. So, look responsible.

ALEX: Can I go now?

EMILY: Just two more cars.

-Hi, Rachel. -Hi, Ursula.

Hey. Maybe I should bring Ingrid out here, so that all the parents can see there's adult supervision.


Yeah, I'm sure that'll fill them with confidence.

ANNOUNCER ON TV: ...hard to stop, no doubt here on this play.

-(CROWD CHEERING ON TV) -As long as he has time for the throw, -you can guarantee... -Alex?

Alex, are you busy?

Yeah. Dad gave me like a hundred million chores to do.

You're playing video games.

No. Part of my mind is playing video games.

My subconscious is formulating a plan.

Oh, oh, oh. Ooh.

No! No, no, no! Hey, Bee-free zone!

Guilt didn't work. None of our parents cracked.

And so, we still don't have a Den Mom.

Can you walk us to the community center?

There's a Buddy Troop activity.


-This is a basket-decorating party. -Yeah.

If you have a buddy troop, why don't you ask them to take you?

They might help us. Lorna's sister Matisse is their Junior Helper. She might take us.

-(GIRLS CHATTERING) -She's nice.

Wait, wait, wait! Rachel, (STAMMERS) did you say a basket-decorating party?

-Yeah. -That is... That is completely different!

Why didn't you say that from the beginning? I am in!

What is he doing?

Good job, girls.

-Now we can form a chain. -(WHISPERING) Okay. Grab my hand.

Come on, let's form a chain.


Matisse? (CHUCKLES)

What are you doing here?

Um, I'm a Junior Helper for my sister's Bee troop.

No way! I'm a Junior Helper for my sister's Bee troop.

And before you say anything, it's...

I know it's not a very guy thing to do. So...

(CHUCKLES) Let me have it. Where's the making fun of me, the jokes...

I... No, no, it's great.

It's, you know, kind of surprising.


Less talking, more working!

Uh... You should grab a seat and get gluing.

If you want to make baskets that are easily sold, just follow directions and do as you're told.

(LAUGHING) I love that part.

Clippings are not to be left on the floor!

They are to be placed in the middle of the table for easy recycling later.

-(SNICKERS) -WOMAN: How many times...

Seriously. You should get your girls working.

WOMAN: I feel like a broken record. More glue, more glue.

-Hey, Matisse. -Hey, girls.

-(GIRLS GREETING) -Do you like my princess basket?

Wow, it's great. It's super princess-y.

It's really different.

-EMILY: Thanks. -What about yours, Alex?

Mine's not really ready for... public display yet.

Really? Well, I guess I'll just have to come back and check on your work. See you later, girls.

-Bye, Matisse. -RACHEL: Bye.

Excuse me, Bees.


MOSES ON PHONE: Moses' Roses. Nothing says "I'm sorry" like flowers.

Uh, Mr. Moses?

-That's me. -Yeah, it's Alex.

Oh. Hi, Alex.

Uh, you make baskets, right?

Mother, do I have to use the flowers, too?

Of course, Gemma.

Three of each color flower. Follow the directions.

It's not fun at all.

Why can't we do it like they're doing it?


Here you go, son.

(GRUNTS) Thank you, sir.

(CLEARS THROAT) I don't believe we've met.

Alex Pearson. Junior Helper, Troop 57.

(CHUCKLING) Oh, well, now I understand.

The lack of leadership explains these...

(LAUGHS) Whatever they are.

Well... Troop 57's baskets are a little different than the other girls, but I've told them they can make them however they want.

(CHUCKLES) After all, it's not like everyone is gonna wanna buy the same kind of basket. Right?

Wrong. Everyone does want the same kind of basket.

They want perfect, beautiful baskets!

Okay... Well, let's just say that Troop 57's baskets are a little different.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no... Let's not say that, because there is no Troop 57.

With Mrs. Moffat gone, you do not exist.


No offense, ma'am, but there is a Troop 57 and we're them.

Well, I'm not going to argue with you, because I'm right.

The Bumble Bee Charter clearly dictates that every troop's Den Mother be present.

-And at this time, I'm afraid... -Oh, no, no, no! Hold on, hold on.

And you just assume that we don't have a Den Mother, 'cause you don't see a Den Mother?

Oh, oh, we have a Den Mother.

I don't see a Den Mother!

Well, maybe that's because our Den Mother, Mrs. Zamboni, is at home.

-GIRLS: (WHISPERING) Who's that? -She's sick, she has strep throat.

All right, fine.

Tell Mrs. Zamboni that I look forward to meeting her at the next Bumble Bee group meeting and I hope she feels better soon.

Of course.

I'm onto you.

What was that all about?

I thought you were about to start hitting each other.

Well, she did start it.

Alex, this isn't a hockey rink.

You have to be more...

Bumble Bee.

I mean, have some Bumble Bee pride.

-(TROOP 57 GIRLS GASPING IN AWE) -Now, is this Bumble Bee enough for you?

TROOP 57 GIRLS: Look at the bumble bees!

Wow, Alex... It... It's beautiful.

I don't know what to say.

I'm really impressed.

I'll go put this with the finished baskets.

When did we get a Den Mother, Alex?

There is no Mrs. Zamboni, dingbat. He made that all up.

Well, we're doomed now.

It's just a matter of time.

Relax, girls, I'll find you a replacement Den Mother.

And in the meantime, you do have a Den Mom.


(SIGHS) You have me.


(SIGHS) Coach, I am impressed.

When you're in my store, Alex, I'm not the coach. I'm just Gary.

Well, Gary, that is the most perfectly sharpened hockey skate I have ever seen. You are the... (SNAPPING FINGERS)

Michelangelo of skate sharpening.

I'm sorry, Alex. I can't do it.

What are you talking about?

I can't reinstate you.

Reams made it pretty clear this had to be a serious punishment.

You know, I put you back in now, he benches the whole team and...

Hey. What were you thinking?

You put a patch for Moses' Roses on your jersey.

So what?

Neal Reams' family owns Fantasy Flowers.

The only other florist in town.

Whoops. Well, how long am I gonna be suspended then?

Well, you know, in theory, it's up to me, but... two weeks at the very least.

I got to play it by ear to see when Reams cools down.

Two weeks!

Coach! Remember, All Star team?

I have to be on the ice to make the All-Star team!

Alex, Reams isn't just the ref, he is the All Stars coach.

It'll take a miracle to win him over.


Uh, yeah, camping?


Oh, thank you... Oh, it's you.

Guilty as charged.

Well, I bet you know why I'm here. (CHUCKLES)

Yes. Of course, I do.

Don't want to wait till the last minute to prep for Camporee.

Absolutely not! That would be plain irresponsible.

I am an early Camporee preparer, for sure.

-Me, too. -(BOTH LAUGHING)

So, Matisse. I was just wondering if maybe you and I...

Oh, I see where this is going.

And the answer is yes.

Really? That's... (STAMMERS) That's great! Right on!

(LAUGHS) It's not a big deal. It's just a ride.


You wanted a ride to the Bumble Bee Leadership Powwow, right?

(CLICKS TONGUE) Yes. That's right. That's...

That is exactly what I was going to ask you about.


-Alex, wait! -What is it, munchkin?

We need you for the meeting.

ALEX: No, no. I already waved off your parents.

What else do you need me for?

But you're our Den Mother.

Yes, I know that, but...

I have a previous engagement, and... it's not like you're alone. Ingrid is here.

But a Bumble Bee's word is her vow. Especially a Den Mother.

All right, let's say that I'm your Den... Brother. Uh...

And a Den Brother is more of... a big picture type of leader.



Mm, where do you think you're going?

The library.

Do you even look at my schedule?

It's on the refrigerator.

-I will make a point to from now on. -No, no, no, no. No...

I have got office hours all this weekend. You have to watch Emily.

Yeah, no, no, no. Dad?

No, no. Plus you wouldn't be able to get out of here anyway.

Not with all of these you have to do.

All right. If you're serious about that car, you got to work for it, right?

-I have been. -I know, I know.

And I appreciate you taking Emily to her Bumble Bee meetings, but I am not looking for blind obedience.

I'm looking for change, here...

I do push-ups every day.

I'm talking about your attitude, Alex.

Do the chores.

And do 'em right.



I have to at least look like I'm trying to do some or I'll never see that car.

GOOSE ON PHONE: What you really need is a bunch of magical elves to do the job for you.

Or some worker bees.


All right, all right, you win.

I'll help you girls out with your Go-For-It. But just this once.

No, that's all right. We thought of one.

We're going to make bird feeders out of recycled milk cartons!

Wow! That's great.


I was going to give you one a little more challenging, but that bird feeder idea seems more your speed.

This Go-For-It requires... strength and motor skills...

We can do it.

TROOP 57 GIRLS: Mm-hmm.

You can talk?

Uh... Uh, well, since Tina feels so strongly about this that she's willing to make a sound, I'll give you girls a shot.


ALEX: All right, let's go!


Go, go!



Wait. Where's Tina?

TINA: (MUFFLED) Under here!



MALE COMMENTATOR ON TV: ...taking it to the net...


(CLEARS THROAT) Alex, I'm sorry, could you put that on pause for a second?


"'Sup?" I'll tell you 'sup.

The yard looks...


(CHUCKLES) Thanks, Dad.

Uh, it was no sweat.

No, you went above and beyond!

I mean, was it hard to get that work done and watch Emily at the same time?

She was great. Uh...

She's actually in the living room goofing around with her friends right now.

(CHUCKLES) That's...

What's the big surprise, Dad?

Alex, I am proud of you.

Not only have you been great with Emily, but you didn't just do the chores, you took 'em seriously, you did the best possible job.

And a deal's a deal.

Wait. Are you serious? Today's the day?

I knew you'd shape up, son. Deep down, you're a good kid.

Dad, this is... This is amazing. You're the best!

What do you think?

It's pretty awesome, huh?

It's quite a car.


And not that it's not a great car, but...

(GRUNTS) Oh! Jeez, oh!

But I was thinking of one... with a whole engine.

Don't worry. The rest of the engine's in the trunk.


This is the best way for a young man to learn about cars.

-By building one? -Yeah! Yes!

That's how I learned. Ah, let me tell you, the car Granddad got me makes this one look like an Italian sports car.

Fixing up one of these is like being thrown into the deep end of a pool.

Well, thanks, Dad.

You know, son, I'd been selling you short.

You've shown that you're capable of much more.

And so, here is a list of chores more in keeping with your abilities.




Uh, what do you mean, "No"?

We don't want to do another Go-For-It.

Especially a clean-the-gutter Go-For-It!

Why not?

First of all, it sounds hard and not at all fun.

And second of all, we have more important things to do.

Like what?

Like earn badges, Alex!

We need them for Camporee. And we're super behind the other troops.

Oh! Uh, badges. I...

I didn't know we were ready for that. Where do we... Where do we start?

The build-a-fire badge is first. Can you teach us?

Of course, I can teach you.

Only problem is that we're not zoned for that, which means we'd have to take a bus to a campground or something, which is fine with me, but...


Well, that'll just cut into our badge time.

Uh, you girls could earn four badges

-in the amount of time... -GIRLS: (GASPING) What? would take to earn one lame build-a-fire badge.

But that's cool. We can do that.

No, no, wait. Did you say four badges?


The internal combustion engine is a miracle of modern science, but after you complete this task, you will know more about it than most Americans do.

Alex, I'm almost done with the...

Catalytic converter. What comes next?

Um... Why don't you ask Dina.

(CHUCKLING) Why would we ask Dina?

'Cause she's coming up the sidewalk right now.

What? Uh...

She's going to want to see Mrs. Zamboni! What do we do?

Um... Rachel, go and stall her! Now, quick!

And everyone else, come inside with me! Quick!

(EXHALES) Hello, Bumble Bee. Can I see your Den Mother?

Do you know the Bumble Bee password?

Bumble Bee password... Uh...

Let me see now, I think, oh! Integrity.


-Oh, fidelity. -No.

Wait a minute, there is no Bumble Bee password!

-You're right. -(SIGHS)

Only a real Bumble Bee would know that.

Right this way.


Are you Mrs. Zamboni?


(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Yes! Yes. Yes, that's me!

Mrs. Z! You must be Dina.

(CHUCKLES) Yes, you're just as lovely as Alex said you were.

(LAUGHS) That's... You can't see me.

Oh! No, I can't.

But I'd recognize that lovely voice anywhere.

What's wrong with your voice? It's quite low.

Ooh, uh... Just a little cold. (LAUGHS)

Nothing to be worried about.

Uh, probably not contagious, I hope. (COUGHS)

Mrs. Zamboni, what exactly is going on around here?

(STAMMERS) Uh, well, we're having... a home spa Go-For-It.

Yeah, is that salad dressing?

(LAUGHS) Yes, it is.

It's great for my complexion. I have terribly dry skin.

Would you like to try some?

It's supposed to work wonders on reptilian skin.

Mrs. Zamboni, with all due respect, I don't think this is the kind of skill we should be teaching...

I agree, I agree.

But the children insisted.

Why don't you sit down. (CHUCKLES)

Uh... Oh! (CHUCKLES) Will you be attending the Bumble Bee Leadership Powwow this Thursday?

Oh, deario, I'll try, but with this cough. (COUGHS)

Uh, my Junior Helper, bless him, will be attending in my place.

The nice Matisse Burrows is gonna be taking him.

Mrs. Z, I hate to be a stickler for the rules, but... Oh! (CHUCKLES)

TINA: Cucumbers?

Uh, thank you so much, Bumble Bees, but I am afraid I have to dash.

-(SIGHS) -Toodle-oo, Dina.

And one last thing, Mrs. Zamboni, watch Alex Pearson closely.

I don't trust him.

Don't trust Alex?

Why, that's absurd.

The sweet lad is as honest as the day is long, or my name isn't Edna Mae Zamboni.

All right! That... That's so disgusting!


You have a date with Matisse Burrows and you didn't think it worth mentioning to me?

(STAMMERS) Well, it's not really a date, it's...

Are you two going together?

Then it's a date. (HUFFS)

You guys, Alex got a date with Matisse and we only have till Thursday. What do we do?

It's not enough time.

She's way out of his league.

Wait, no, no, no, wait, no, I don't need any dating advice from...

Alex, you know a lot about hockey, right?

Well, we know a lot about girls.

Now keeping in mind about what Matisse thought of you up until now, will you let us help you?

Good answer.

TINA: Alex, stay still!




Uh, no, no, no! What are you doing?

-We have to vamp your hair. -You have to what my hair?

Look at this, Alex. See these cute boys?

They're superstars!

And they either play vampires on the screen or rock the vampire hair.

(GIGGLES) Oh, here we go.

What are you going to talk about?

Um, I know this.

Her! You're gonna talk about her.


Emily, Rachel wants to dress him like a biker.

This is so cool!

All right, well, let's take a vote.

Here you go. All right, everybody, biker shirt?

Okay. Ah!

Cute boy shirt?

Cute boy shirt it is.

-Do I get a vote? -TROOP 57 GIRLS: No!

-Oh, my gosh, you guys! We have to go! -Get going, this'll have to do.

But, wait, wait, no, hold on, hold on, she's picking me up. It's fine.

(SCOFFS) Not anymore.

Let's get going!

GIRLS: Go, go, go, go!

Button it. Go!

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa...

What? What, what, what, what?

Turn around...

My dad owns a custom auto paint shop.

Have fun. And open her car door.



Beautiful car, Alex.

(GASPS) Mrs. Jacklitz, you have a very light footstep.


Your Bumble Bees did a great job on your wheels.

They are very diligent.

It's part of their... code.

Just like integrity, fidelity and readiness?

You know, the code also applies to Den Mothers.

Interesting little trivia tidbit, Mrs. J, but... if you'll excuse me, I have something I have to be doing.

MATISSE: Thanks for driving.

I love your new look. (CHUCKLES)

Uh... Oh, yeah, the hair.

Uh, Emily and her friends did it.

I know they kinda went a little overboard.

No, no, no, it's cute. Uh, It's, uh...

It's even cuter that you let them do it.

Um, here, let me. (CHUCKLES)


So, were you a Bumble Bee?

Oh, um, yeah. (LAUGHS)

I know it's kinda dorky, but, um, I love this stuff and, um...

You know, I think it's really great for girls. That's...

That's why I didn't want Lorna to miss out just 'cause our mom is busy.


I think it's wonderful of you to do this for your sister.

Yeah, well, uh... Emily shouldn't miss out on all the girlie stuff just because...

Well, we lost our mom.

And it's not like I had to join the army, or anything, right?


Troop 22?

1,700 boxes.


Troop 71?


(SIGHS) Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies.

Do you see these? The only way to get a golden badge is by being the champion troop of Camporee.

But you're never even going to have the opportunity to lose to my troop, if you don't sell enough cookies to attend.

Troop 18?

Uh, 3,000.

Not bad, Matisse.

You're halfway to my troop's total...

(LAUGHS SMUGLY) far. Troop 57?

(STAMMERS) Uh, I don't...

I don't have the exact figures, that's Mrs. Zamboni and she's at home.

She's sick with a case of the Gretzky's.

Well, I hope that clears up quickly.

Could you just give me an approximate number?

I sense that our troop is slightly behind.

Of course. (SIGHS)

But we're doing a big push at the mall this Saturday.

-DEN MOTHER: (GASPS) -Oh, no...

Excuse me?

Uh, Troop 66 sells at the mall.

Just Dina's troop? Why?

It's just tradition.

That's bogus.

-Junior Helper... -(DEN MOTHERS GASPING)

Did you just say something?

Uh, no. Sorry, Den Mother Dina.

Uh... (STAMMERS) But don't the Bumble Bee Girls represent America?

Uh, didn't the pilgrims come to this great nation so that King George couldn't tell them which mall they could or couldn't sell their cookies at?


I move to say that Dina's mall monopoly is un-American!


Well... You know, I mean, if all the troops sell at the mall, it will be pandemonium, Junior Helper.

Uh, but why does Troop 66 get the gravy?

Why? Why?

We should have a contest to see who gets the mall concession.

Yeah! Whoever wants to sell at the mall on Saturday can.

Yes! Just a... A cookie blitz, if you will.

Whichever troop sells the most cookies, gets the mall for the rest of the season.


All in favor of a cookie blitz, say aye.

ALL: Aye!

All opposed?

Well, um, good night.

Thanks for the ride, and the hair show. (CHUCKLES)

-No problemo. -(CHUCKLES)

What you did tonight was... great.


Uh, you made a stand for all the Den Moms who've been... too terrified to stand up to Dina for years.

I was wrong about you.

Emily's lucky to have you for a brother.



-Thanks, Alex. Bye, girls. -ALEX: See ya!

TROOP 57 GIRLS: Bye! See you later.


All right.

(GRUNTS) Okay, 57.

This operation separates the men from the babies from the Bumble Bees.

You know what to do. So, get in there...

Em, what are you doing?

I thought I should look more like a real Bumble Bee Girl.

No, no, um, you are a real Bumble Bee Girl.

And a princess.

And a vampire, and...

And whatever you want to be, but... you guys know what to do, so get in there, be yourselves and sell some cookies.





Thank you.

-Thank you so much for coming. -Best of luck.


Hi! Welcome. Oh, thank you. That's wonderful.

Thank you.






Oh, thank you. Here you go. Here you go. Yeah.

ALEX: Thick Mints are the best.

You are so wrong! Peanut Butter Buttes are to die for.

DINA: I would like a word with your Mrs. Zamboni.

Uh, she's not here... (CHUCKLES)

Not here, is she? Bumble Bee bylaws clearly dictate the Den Mother must be present. I'm afraid your troop is officially...

No, no, no, no, no. I just meant she's not here, right now.

She's in the mall, obviously.

(SIGHS) Well, where?

She's just taking advantage of the 50% off all control-top jeans at Big Beautiful You, you know, sale's going on. I'm sure she'll be back soon.

Well, I don't think I care to wait.

Better sell a couple of these myself.


Excuse me.


ALEX: (IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Oh! Darn it, these are quite tight!

(HUMMING) If I can just tie these together...

Mrs. Zamboni?

ALEX (IN A CHANGED VOICE) Yes? Is that you, Dina?


(EXHALES) That one was way too small for me.

Don't you just love this store?

I don't shop here.

Oh! There's nothing to be embarrassed about, dear.

Big-boned gals need pretty frocks, too.

That one was the wrong color for my complexion.

Yes. Listen, don't you feel that you should be out there with your Bees, making sure that they're in uniform, things like that?


Don't you think you should be out there with your girls, dear?

Maybe if you spent more time encouraging them

(IN NORMAL VOICE) and less time obsessing about us...

(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Uh, we wouldn't be handing you your bottoms on a silver platter in this little cookie race, now would we?

You will be sorry you said that, Mrs. Zamboni.

Just keeping it real, dog.

As the kids say.

Did you find Mrs. Zamboni?

DINA: Unfortunately, yes.

Uh... Mrs. Zamboni?

I'm Matisse Burrows.


Yeah, Alex talks about you all the time. How lovely.

I feel like I know you and... and if I... wasn't dealing with this... slim-fit body shaper, I'd come right out there and give you a great, big hug.

Alex... Alex talks about me?

Oh! Oh! Yes. What a lovely lad.

If it wasn't for him begging me on bended knee, Troop 57 wouldn't even have a Den Mother.


Yes. And any girl should consider themselves lucky to be Alex Pearson's girlfriend.

Uh, well, I better get back to my sister. See ya.

TROOP 57 GIRLS: We won! Alex, we won! We won!

Whoa, whoa. That's great!

I knew you girls could do it. Uh, hive-fives, all around!


And if we win here, we can win anywhere!

We'll keep selling cookies until we get into Camporee!


What are those supposed to be?

-My badges... -Wow.

Did you guys make them yourselves?


Look, they all have them.


Well, well, well. It looks like your Junior Helper has been playing a little trick on you, 57s.

No, they're independent study badges. They count, look it up.

Alex, not all the badges can be individualized, just one or two.

What's this one for?

I, uh, made Alex and his friend sandwiches.


Bumble Bees?

More like wannabes!


What did you do for this one? Clean your brother's room?

Oh... Now, girls, we mustn't giggle.

Oh, I am so sorry for you, 57s, but qualifying for Camporee is more than just selling cookies.

These badges will not count towards your eligibility.

(CHUCKLES) Too bad there's no gullibility badge.


Oh, my! Come on, little ones. (LAUGHS) This is wonderful.

MATISSE: How could you?

I can't believe for one second that I actually...

(STAMMERING) No, no, no...

Em? Girls, come on, we're going.

Come on.


Hey, I thought I saw you out here.

Good game, Goose.

Yeah, yeah, our fourth win in a row.

Yeah, lady luck is really shining down on you guys.


Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, you came to watch us play. It means a lot.

Emily hates me.


Yeah. A bunch of the other Bumble Bees made fun of the badges I made for the girls and now they're all bent out of shape.

I see.

So, you didn't come here to cheer on the team, you came here for you.

Don't you think that, just maybe, that's your problem?

The problem is that...

Well, aside from the fact that Emily being mad at me makes it a drag to watch her, Matisse... Matisse thinks this whole losing Camporee thing is... is my fault.

It is your fault. It's totally your fault!

You're absolutely right.

Oh, I gotta fix this.

I gotta look like I'm trying to fix this, right?

Because if I don't, Emily's always going to be mad at me, -forever, and Matisse won't date me. -No, Alex, that's not...

You're right. When you're right, you're right.

You're right.

Alex, no, you're... Alex, you're missing the point!


All right, guys, let's review what we agreed on in the Bumble Bee chat room last night.

Nobody is going to talk to Alex, right?


We need to be mean, but not too mean, because we still need him.

I can't believe I have an organize-Alex's-closet badge.


Hey, guys, look at this.

EMILY: Binoculars?


And a map?

I smell a rat.

I have a rat.

This smells way more like your brother.

Come on, let's go.


Wait, which way do we go?

That way. That way.

EMILY: I see Alex!

-You guys, right there. -(GASPS)


You've all now officially earned your orienteering badges.

Here you go, Em, girls.

Nice trick, Alex.

It still doesn't make up for what you did.

I'm sorry about that.

Uh, I really am.

Uh, but you still need five more badges for Camporee.

I dug up all the stuff you need and I brought it here, so what do you say?


You got it! Keep going! Five!

-Five, six... and seven! -GIRL: Seven and eight!

GIRL: Nine!






Wow, thanks, Alex. I can start a fire.

Yes, you can. And we know you're only gonna do that in a fireplace or officially designated campsite.

No unsupervised fires... ever.

Mm, got it.

Now, the good news is that Troop 57 now has all the required badges for the skills you'll need to compete in this year's Camporee!


ALEX: Yeah, oh... But hold on.

The bad news is that we're a little short on our cookie sales.


Now the cookie sales are how we pay for Camporee.

Well, how short are we?

Well, it doesn't really matter how short we are as cookie sales have closed.

Maybe we could sell something else?

Like our blood!

Muffins! Everybody loves muffins!

They're just like cookies, but without all the packaging!

And we could make them ourselves!

GIRLS: Yeah!

We have a big kitchen at my house. We can make them there.

Okay, well, if we baked muffins, we'd have to sell like...



We have to sell 415 muffins?

Each. For a total of 2,075.

We can't do that. No one can.

Now, wait a second. You guys didn't think you could earn five merit badges that quickly either, did you?

-No. -Hmm. We should at least try.

-Or not? -RACHEL: We can do this.


Now, supposing we do make muffins all day.

Ideally, we wanna find a big group of people that are all jammed together or hungry and if they were cold, that would be a bonus, 'cause the muffins would be hot.

Oh! What about the big hockey game?

TROOP 57 GIRLS: It's perfect!

Don't remind me of the hockey game.

My team doesn't win this game, we don't go to playoffs then I don't get on the All-Star team.

Alex, we should go to the hockey game.

Stop! I don't wanna talk about the hockey game.

Well, now where can we go where there's gonna be a big group of people who are cold and hungry?

-The hockey game. -EMILY: That's right.

EMILY: The ice rink is so perfect.

The Ice Hounds fans all love you.

Having you there will be like a commercial.


Em, no one can know that I'm with you.

Why not?

Are you embarrassed to be seen with us?

No! No, no, no.

That's not it all. I...

I just think that Mrs. Zamboni! Mrs. Zamboni should be there.

At the ice rink, we're bound to run into a Den Mom or two.

They might tell Dina.

Maybe we should just pick another spot.

But it's the best place to sell our muffins!

What if Mrs. Zamboni is there?


This is ridiculous. How do you know how to do this, again?

I love Halloween like some people like Christmas or... sunlight.

I've been doing my old witch makeup for years.

It's won awards.

Well, it feels awful. (STAMMERS) What is that made of?

Latex facial appliances, just like they use in movies.

Em, is there any chance this will actually work?

Well, it will be pretty dark out there.

And this is not gonna be a face that people will want a closer look at.


I can't believe Alex wrote it like this. We're not babies, you know.


Look! Oh! So cute!

What are you raising money for, little girl?

Oh, well...

(IMITATES YOUNG CHILD) Oh, well, we're trying to go to the Camporees. (LAUGHS)

Thank you.


-Oh, yeah, thanks. Here you go. -Here. Yeah.

Hello. Hello. Sweetheart, hi!

It's Emily, isn't it?

And I suppose that your troop is here with your brother?

-Um... Well, not exactly, but we... -Really?

So, you don't even have your Junior Helper along with you this time?

Ooh. I am afraid the Bumble Bee regional office will need to be informed of this final, and I'm afraid fatal, breach of rules.

I must report Troop 57 is A-W-O-D-M.


Abroad Without a Den Mother.

Headquarters? Serious situation.

It appears that Troop 57's Den Mother is...

-(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Right here! -Oh!

Dina, you have Bumble Bee Headquarters on speed dial?

Don't you think that's just a bit extreme, dearie?

Mrs. Zamboni, what are you doing here?

Just being a good Den Mother, and being a loyal supporter.

Go Ice Hounds! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

What are you doing here, dear?

Well, if you must know, my husband is required to attend every game, and I just wanted to make sure that everything was in order.

How sweet!

Well, now that you know everything is "in order," why don't you toddle off and watch the game?


Okay... We have to sell like crazy and we have to spread out.

Just go up to anyone and be like, "Get your muffins here! Hey! Muffins, muffins, muffins."

Very... Just anything like that.

Oh, like Tina could do that.

Maybe I could just re-stock everyone else?

Tina, we all do things that we never dreamed of doing.

I, for example, I am dressed, in public, as a middle-aged to old granny-type with... a pillow in my control top.

And besides that, your whole troop is counting on you.

-Tina, you can do this. -TROOP 57 GIRLS: Yeah. We believe in you.

Rachel, great job on the makeup.



EMILY: You did do a good job.

(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Fresh muffins! Butter available!

-(BUZZER SOUNDING) -Come on! Where is the D?

You're blowing it, guys!

Oh... Uh...

(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) I mean, try harder!

Yo! Hot muffins, just three dollars for a hunk of heaven!

Hey, blue hat, I got chocolaty goodness for you! Coming in!

-Oh, thanks. -Over here!

Hey, lady! I got some tasty oat bran with your name on it!


Hey, I'll take a blueberry one.

Sure thing, sister.

Oh! Hey, Matisse.

Is that you, Tina?

Um... Yeah.

I don't know what came over me, but I kind of like it.

I think I've found my summer job.


ANNOUNCER: Minus Alex Pearson, the Ice Hounds are tied at two and struggling to find a spark that will lead them to victory.

Honestly, without Pearson, I'm shocked we even got those two.

(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Troop 57 thanks you.

COACH: For the love of pizza!

How can we be losing this game?

We could be in the playoffs for the first time in years, if we could just score a stinking goal!

Why don't you put Alex in?

Thanks a lot... grandma, but he's not here!

And if he were, I would end the suspension and I would put him in right now!

Done and done!

ANNOUNCER: The Ice Hounds are making a substitution and sending in, I'm not sure, but it appears to be one of the player's grandmothers?




Who is that?

She steals the puck, skates around and...

And scores!

-(CROWD CHEERING) -What? Is he crazy?

ANNOUNCER: Hold your horses! That's not an ordinary grandma.

-(WHOOPING) -That's Alex Pearson!

I should've known by his silky, smooth moves and nose for the goal!

Alex, you are one in a million!

CROWD: (CHANTING) Pearson! Pearson!

Buddy! What do you think about that, man? We won!

No, Alex, you won.

You won!

Goose? Dude, come on, man!

Oh... Emily? I...

Emily, Troop 57! Wait, I didn't...

Uh, I didn't mean to... Oh, wait, wait. Wait, no, no, no...


Uh... Nothing on but your dumb show.

It's even a new one, I think.

Things to do, huh?

I'm DVR-ing it so you can watch it later then.

I was thinking about making popcorn.

FYI, the DVR is definitely working, so you'll have it.


Um, are you busy?

I mean, I know you're busy, but... But can you talk?

Or are you gonna give me the silent treatment, too?

No, Alex. I'm not giving you the silent treatment.

Well, Emily is. And it's not very mature. So, could you just...

You want me to make your sister talk to you so you'll feel better because you let her down terribly?

Well, when you say it like that it doesn't sound too great, but...

Yeah, could you?

(EXHALES) All right...

(STAMMERS) I've done wrong and... and I deserve punishment.

(SIGHS) Feels good to admit that.

Let 'er rip, Dad!

Any time now.

Don't hold back.

Fine. I'll start.

"Alex, you are grounded for... for two weeks!"

No, that's too little. Four weeks!

Six weeks?


I'm not grounding you, Alex.

Hard labor it is! Uh, I'll... I'll put up a new fence.

I'll paint the house. I'll re-sod the lawn.

I'm not going to punish you at all.


If I punish you, when it was over you'd feel like you made up for it.

Instead, I want you to feel the consequences of ruining things for Emily and her friends.

Ten weeks grounding, I'll put up a new fence and I'll paint the house.

-No. -Dad!

There's got to be some way I can make this right. How can I fix this?

You can't.

I've got work to do.


Well, thank you.

Mrs. Zamboni.

It's a pretty small town, Alex.

You better come in.

Please excuse me for a second.

Are these your badges?

And my daughter's and granddaughter's.


No way.


I... I know this photo.

We... Well, we have it at my house.

That's my mom in the middle.

JACKLITZ: She was in my daughter's troop.

Integrity, fidelity, and readiness.

Do you know the rest, Alex?

(CHUCKLES) Responsibility.

A Bumble Bee does what she's supposed to

and is accountable for her actions.

Your mother was an excellent scout, Alex.

Yeah, well, she should've been Emily's Den Mom.

Anyone would've done a better job than me.


I could use some help around here.

The house needs a coat of paint, the floors need refinishing.

But it depends on who will actually do the work.

I will!

I... I swear by the Code.

Then you've got yourself a Den Mother.



There's some cold air in here, someone turn up the heat.

(SIGHS) Okay. I get it.

First off, I just want to say that...

I... I was a real jerk.

A serious jerk!

Biggest jerk of all time!

Huge jerk.


All right, guys, he knows that he was a jerk.

No, no. Em, it's okay.

I deserve it.

Girls, you have to understand, I...

I never meant for you to get in trouble.

You have to believe me! I...

I... I'm truly sorry.

(STAMMERS) I... I wasn't a good Den Brother.

And, Em...

I... I wasn't a good real brother, either.

It's too bad that "I'm sorry" won't get us into Camporee.

No. No, it won't.

But I found someone who can.

(SIGHS) Mrs. J?


-TROOP 57 GIRLS: Whoa! -Girls, this is Mrs. Jacklitz.

She is going to be your new Den Mother.


Hi, girls.

Alex, may I have a word with the girls alone?

ALEX: Yeah, sure.

Girls, who can tell me the qualities exemplified by the Bumble Bee Code?

Integrity, readiness, responsibility...


Um, fidelity.

Do you know what "fidelity" means?

-Loyalty. -That's right.

Now, I know Alex wasn't the perfect Den Mother.

He was a liar!

He lied to us, he lied to everyone.

But you knew the truth about Mrs. Zamboni, too.

So, you can't blame it all on him.

Let's start with a Go-For-It.

What are we going for?

How about...



ANNOUNCER: Good evening, Ice Hound fans!

The Hounds' hopes are high, as they prepare to meet their dreaded rivals, the Norsemen, following the heartbreaking, last-minute defeat when last they met.

(SCOFFS) Enjoy the snow cone?

Looks like you're not so hot without a granny wig on.

-(BUZZER SOUNDING) -Alex! Alex, come on!

Whatever, Titus. Have a good game, man.

Yeah, "whatever" to you, too, Alex!

All right, all right, all right.

So, thanks to Alex we are in the playoffs.

Game plan.

As per usual, everybody passes the puck to Alex whenever he thinks...

Uh, Coach, can I say something?

Yeah, of course you can.

Listen up, guys. Alex is gonna speak.

All you guys deserve an apology.

I... I've been a real jerk.


Goose, you're the heart and soul of this team, man.

I want you to be captain.

Not me.

Alex, I don't want to be captain.

I want you to be a good captain.


Well, then as captain, I'd like to implement a little play I call the pressure offense.

And by I, I mean Goose.

Well, I say...

Let's kick some butt!


Let's see your moves, Alex.

I'm sticking to you like glue.

ANNOUNCER: Pearson wins the face-off and...

Fades back?

Oh, he doesn't have the puck!

A trick play!

Ice Hounds score!




Hounds lead with just seven minutes left in the first period.

Pearson has the puck.

He passes it, and... Oh!

He gets leveled!

The Norsemen are all over Pearson.

All right, he does run off again.

-CROWD: Oh! -Ooh!

Human decoy Alex Pearson leads the Norsemen on a merry chase.

-He passes it... -(GRUNTS)

Oh, ho, ho!


You know, Goose, when you first brought up the pressure offense, you failed to mention that I get crushed.

A lot.

(CHUCKLES) Did I? My bad. Sorry.

ANNOUNCER: Tied three to three, just seconds left.

Pearson comes out from behind the net and this time he doesn't pass!

He drives up the ice, moving past the Norsemen like a knife through butter!

Alex Pearson is back!

Pearson closes in on the Norsemen's goal. He's got a shot there, and he passes to Gustavo, who scores at the buzzer!

-(ALL CHEERING) -Ice Hounds win!

I'm a genius! Best coach ever! (LAUGHS)

That was Coach Reams! Dude, I'm so sorry!

(CHUCKLES) What, for making the All Stars?

It should've been you. My game plan kept you in the back.

No worries. No worries.

What the heck was that last pass for? You should've taken that shot!

I knew you had it.


Get out of here.

Hey! And don't let all this go to your head, it's not always about you.

TROOP 57 GIRLS: Alex, Alex, he's our man!

If he can't do it, nobody can!

Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?

Alex! Go Alex!

And Dad?

Um, I thought you were too busy.

Yeah, well, the girls needed a ride.

And after they told me what you'd done, how could I refuse?

You made it to this game?

You didn't even get to see me at my best.

No, I'm pretty sure I did.

Uh... Em, uh, girls, what are you doing here?

Wait, wait, wait. Camporee is tomorrow. You should be preparing.

Do you have everything you need? Uh, tents?

Uh, sleeping bags and air freshener?

Don't worry, we made a list. We have almost everything.

We don't have our Den Mother.

Uh... But Mrs. Jacklitz...

Alex, Mrs. Jacklitz is a really nice lady.

But... we all talked about it and, well... even though you were kinda selfish and sneaky at first, we never would've gotten here without you.

And we want our Den Mother back.

Well, then, what are we doing here, girls?

The Camporee's tomorrow!


BUMBLE BEE GIRLS: Fly away, Bumble Bee! Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Bumble Bee! Camporee! Whee!

Troop 57, reporting for Camporee.

Okay, let me go find your sign-in sheet.

Girls, remember, you have to decide what you want to do right now, okay?


How are we doing on that...

There seems to be a problem.

There's definitely a problem. What did you just do with that little girl?

You can't sign in Troop 57 because there is no Troop 57.

No Den Mother, no troop.

Mm... I'm their Den Mother.

(READING) "Allowable with written permission from the parents and/or guardians of the Bumble Bees in question."

I believe you'll find them in order.


Not so fast!

You forgot one tiny little detail.

All Den Mothers participating in Camporee must be in full dress uniform.



TROOP 57 GIRLS: (CHANTING) Alex! Alex! Alex!


What? You've never seen a Bumble Bee troop before?

Let's go, huh! Come on, girls!


I never imagined I'd hear myself say this, son, but it fills my heart with pride to see you in that Bumble Bee Girl uniform.

Yahoo! Bumble Bees!

Honey, what's all the commotion?

That boy is making a mockery of Camporee!

Go do something about it!

-Okay. I think I will. -(SIGHS IN EXASPERATION)

-(BUMBLE BEE GIRLS CHEERING) -I'd like a word with you, son.

This is quite some stunt you've pulled here.

This takes a lot of guts!

Shows real leadership.

That's just the thing I'm looking for on the All-Star team.



-What? -I got one open spot. You interested?

Of course, I'm interested! But...

Well, I'd have to check the troop schedule

'cause my Bees come first. Right, girls?




ALL: (CHANTING) Alex! Alex! Alex!

DIRECTOR: B mark...




EMILY: We're doing a home...





Oh! Let's...

-Go! -You know!

ALL: Bumble Bees!

(GRUNTS) That one wasn't... Oh, that's the wrong one, is it?

(CHUCKLING) I fell over! Sorry.

Go, Alex!

You're gonna need a steak when you get home.




ALL: Muffins Yeah!