Den utrolige historie om den kaempestore paere (2017) Script

Have you heard about the town of Sunnytown?

It's the best town in the world because the sun always shines - and everyone who lives here is really happy.

Our story begins here in Sunnytown.

It's about the town's beloved mayor.

His name is Jeremiah Severin Bartholomew Olsen.

But we just call him...

JB! Good to see you! You too!

Mr Mayor, this is going to be the pride of Sunnytown.

How many times do I have to I tell you? This new town hall would block out the sun.

- Twig is the vice mayor of Sunnytown. We'll have even more sun! Look!

All he wants is to build a big new town hall.

Hi, Sebastian. Are you coming?

Twig, we'll continue this meeting later.

Shall we get going, my friend? Yes, I think I've got it all.

The paintbrushes too? I'm glad you came, Sebastian.

Twig just keeps talking about that town hall.

This is my house. This is where I live with my best friend, Mitcho.

Are you ready to paint? Yes, I'm ready!

Just climb up. I'll hold the ladder.

Let's move the ladder, Mitcho. No, it's okay.

Be careful!

I've got it under control.


Oh Mitcho, what are you doing?

It will wash off, Sebastian.

The house was my great-grandfather's.

He was a great sailor, who disappeared at sea many years ago.

Your turn, Sebastian. Here comes the winning roll.

Come on, a pair of fives. Boo. Next time.

Your turn, JB. What do I need? A full house.

Here it comes.

It looks like Twig's town hall.

Oh no, I forgot about our meeting. I'll be back soon.

Don't forget it's still my turn!

But JB never came back. He disappeared that day, and no one knew where.

It was terrible! Not only had we lost our mayor -

- we had also lost our good friend.

Where could he have gone? Such a mighty fine man.

Everyone in Sunnytown helped to look for JB.

And we looked everywhere.

But although it was the biggest search in Sunnytown's history, it was in vain.

JB had vanished.

Eventually, Vice Mayor Twig chose to end the search.

If that's the way it's got to be.

As long as JB was missing, Twig was in charge of Sunnytown.

Higher, higher!

The first thing he did was to build a new town hall.

And now Sunnytown was no longer sunny.

Isn't it amazing?

Sunnytown had become a shadow town.

All hope of getting JB back was gone.

Until the day Mitcho caught something.


What did you catch, Mitcho?

A message in a bottle! Ew, it's wet!

Open it, Sebastian!

Come on, pull!

It's a letter.

I'll read it. I was the one who caught it!

Give it to me! Oh Mitcho, look at it now.

It doesn't matter.

“To whomever finds the message. I am stranded... on the Mysterious Island. Please save me."

"But be careful of the cruel... pirates...

-...the dreadful... -...sea dragon...

-...and the Pitch-black... -...Sea."

"In the bottle there's a small gift."

A gift!

Come on, get out. It IS a very small gift.

"Plant the seed. I hope everything is well in Sunnytown."

"Your mayor, JB."


Mitcho, it's from JB! JB is alive!

Really? He says we must plant the gift.

It's from him! Crazy!

Let's plant it right now! No, let's show it to Twig!

In the name of rhubarb pie! Get it up!

JB is alive! He sent this message in a bottle!

Pirates... sea dragon... On Saturday I'll become the new mayor of Sunnytown!

So I don't have time to play “message in a bottle"!

No! No! What is it you don't understand?

It needs to be higher up! Much higher!

But we aren't playing. Higher!

There, there. Easy now.

Bull's eye! Okay then.

Come on. Get growing, little seed.

"To whomever finds the message."

"I'm stranded on the Mysterious island."

The Mysterious Island?

But, I have...

What are you doing? It's my great-grandfather's chest!

It was here when I inherited the house. JB mentioned the Mysterious Island.

I think I saw a picture of the island in this chest.

Let me show you. Sebastian, did you see these'?

It's got to be here somewhere.

Here it is. Is that your great-grandfather?

You look a lot like him. I think you'd be a fantastic captain.

I doubt it, Mitcho.

Rumour has it that he saw the island - on one of his first voyages as a young sailor.

Really? Yes, but the island disappeared.

That's why it's called the Mysterious Island.

He spent his life searching for it, but he never found it again.

And he never returned to the house. Oh?

The only things of his that are left are in the chest.

Sebastian, we'll find the island and save JB!

No, we can't. Why not?

My great-grandfather spent his life looking for it and never came back.

He found it the first time.

I can't swim, you hate water, and we aren't sailors.

That doesn't matter. It does. And we don't have a ship.


What does a sea dragon look like? I don't even want to think about it.

Do you think your great-grandfather fought the cruel pirates?

I have no idea.

What do you think will grow from the seed?

I think it will be something really special.

See you tomorrow.

Mitcho, wake up. What's going on?

We're under attack! Oh man!

Don't go over there! We'll call someone!

Oh no. It's gigantic!

Did that really grow from the tiny seed?

This is Professor Glucose of the Atomic Institute.

It's Sebastian. We've got a problem, Professor.

Say no more! The Institute is coming! Come here, you naughty little telephone.

Our house has been destroyed by a pear.

Look, there he is!

The Institute has arrived! Hello.

It's wonderful to be here. It's a great honour.

That's a giant pear.

Did you see this? Yes.

Oh no! Our house will be destroyed! It's fixable.

It can't be fixed! It's completely destroyed!

Where did this pear come from? A message in bottle.


The Atomic Institute will build you a new home.

Can you do that? The Atomic Van can fix anything.

We're homeless! Take a look at this.

A laser. And a plunger.



No, wait!

No, wait!

Oh dear.

A pear with a penthouse. All yours, my friends.

Sebastian, look! We're living in a pear!

Exactly, it's pure luxury.

This is the worst day of my life. You have guests already.

It is prohibited to store fruit of this size without a permission!

It was in the bottle from JB. You must take me for a fool!

Hello, Twig. It's too big! It's prohibited!

Even if it's juicy? Juicy?

Yes, it's very juicy.

I'll show you juicy!

Is it me, or is the pear rolling? Come back!

Mitcho! Sebastian, grab on!

That's even more prohibited! Follow that pear!

How do we brake? We can't.

Don't let them get away! I don't have a driving license.

I do.

Oh dear.

Pull over! It's not even our pear!

Go ahead and wave at the police. Excuse us Mr Officer!

You won't get away with this! We haven't done anything!

What was that?

Step on it!

You're going way too fast! It was JB's message in a bottle!

Last chance! We're going to crash!

I'll handle this!


Closer, closer! Right up close!

Oh no!

What a ride!

Okay, that was a bit too close.

Stop that pear!

They're firing at us.

Listen, Vice Mayor Twig...

Acting Mayor! Well, you're acting like a maniac!

Shooting at a pearjust because it fell in the water is no way to behave!

Stay out of it! On Saturday the new town hall will be ready - and then I'll be the new mayor of Sunnytown!

Now let me go!

Just you wait!

We should never have planted that seed.

Our house is in ruins, Sunnytown is destroyed, and it's our fault.

We'll go to prison. We'll be sailing around out here forever.

We'll sail in our ship!

Sebastian, the pear is a ship! Exactly. A juicy ship.

We can sail to the Mysterious Island and save JB!

We don't know where it is. I can build a compass.

My great-grandfather had many compasses, and he still disappeared.

It's too dangerous. That island is mysterious.

There's a special compass that can be used to find mysterious things.

I could easily build us one, even without my Atomic Van.

Don't look at me, I'm just doing my job.

Please, Sebastian. What if we could get JB back?

Do you have a tent? Some sheets? We could make a sail.

We may as well try.

I might have an old sheet we can use.

I think it's in the closet.

Can you find it? Yes.


Go ahead and reel it in.

I've got it! One, two... Three! Oops.



You've ruined my TV. This is how you make a compass.

That's not a compass. It's a Barylic Compass.

It's not doing anything. Exactly. It needs two C batteries.

Where do you keep them? Compasses don't use batteries.

The Barylic Compass doesn't even turn on without them...

The torch!

Where did you put it? You played with it last.

No way.

Well... Wait, what's that?

Yes! Did you find it?

Come on...

Come on. You're joking!

What's wrong? The batteries are dead.

Oh no.


Oh no!

I almost drowned!

I didn't mean to... I'm a cat. Cats hate water!

But I can't swim... Hate, hate, hate!

Then why go on this trip? There's water everywhere.

To find JB! How? We can't without batteries.

Because the stupid compass won't work without them.

What's happening? Just duck!

It's the cruel pirates! Oh, that's unfortunate.

We'll clobber them! No, Mitcho! We'll surrender!

Ha! We'll never surrender!

Step out with your hands over your heads or we'll shoot!


We might shoot you all the same.

We're the cruel pirates.

Glucose of the Atomic Institute. Hello, my friend.

Hello, my name is Sebastian.

This is so annoying. We're the cruel pirates!

Why is he repeating himself? I don't know. Maybe it's important.

Yes, it's bloody important! We're pirates! Cruel ones!

What do you have to plunder? Everything except our pear.

Yes, we'd really like to keep that.

I'll be damned. It's a giant pear! It's a deal!

The giant pear is ours!

Release my crew! Who's that?

Oh no, Mitcho...

Find cover! That's just not okay.

Sink that giant pear!

Look, batteries.

I've got something in my eye!

Oh my. Don't aim at people's heads!

What kind of vegetable is that even?

If only we could get the batteries. Are you ready?

Water melons! Have a taste.

But it's full of seeds!

Water melons! I think I'm going to be sick.

Best taste in the world!

You can't even taste the seeds.

There are just so many of them.

Look! Eat around them then!

Okay. But I know I won't like it.

You're not allowed to say you don't like something until you've tried it.

It's so gross!

Think of all the things we've eaten for the past 37 years. Eat!

Come on! Eat! Eat! There's a good pirate.

It's good!

We've eaten shoe soles.

- Soles! And cannon balls!

Come dance! And a cook and his mum!

I don't even dance!

We almost choked on her as her legs were full of hair.

Water melons!

Better than ladies!

Water melons!

Best taste in the world!

Let the cannon roar!

Can't I just watch?

Hands off! Get your own tape recorder.

We just need the batteries. Batteries are super duper brilliant.

We need them to find the Mysterious Island!

The Mysterious Island? That's madness.

I'm going to have nightmares now.

No one who's ever searched for the Mysterious Island has returned.

Can we stop talking about it?

Watch out!

Poor chap. Look what you've done.

Go back to your little pear boat!

Wow, that was insane!

Mitcho, the Melon King! Take that, pirate! And that!


What are those? C batteries!

Wow! You're brilliant, Sebastian!

Yes, well...

Let me show you how a Barylic Compass works.

Easy as pear pie. Look, Mitcho. It's working.

I've placed a rock chip from the new town hall in the holder.

So now we're connected to Sunnytown.

At the opening of the town hall, just fire one cannon ball.

When that's done, I'll be the new mayor of Sunnytown.

Is that really necessary?

Can't you just cut a ribbon? No!

I want the cannon ready and polished for Saturday.

Saturday? If we don't find JB before then, Twig will become mayor!

We'll never make it.

What do we do? We just need a rock from the island.

The Barylic Compass can't show the way without one.

What do you mean? It needs a rock. Just bring me one.

We don't have a rock from the island. No one does.

Really? That comes as a surprise.

Oh no.

What do we do? Hold onto something.

Oh my, it's very dark in here.

That's actually too bright for me.

Are we dead? Welcome!

Is that God? No, it's Mozart.

What kind of strange place is this?

I think we've been swallowed up.

What's that smell? It's the smell of metallic dragon.


A dragon?

I want to go home. Hey, wait for me!

What a lovely home.

You can see the ocean without getting wet!

I wonder who lives here.

What's this? Oh, it's shaking.

I put the kettle on after I saved you from drowning.

Huh? Who are you?

Sit down. Have a dragon chocolate. Thank you.

I hope you like it. I don't serve real Darjeeling to just anyone.

It's very scrumptious. Just wait, my friend.

There's nothing quite like my dragon dip.

The curry gives it that extra... It's definitely scrumptious.

Dragon dip? Isn't that dangerous?

I'm Ulysses Karlsen. I've looked forward to meeting you.

It's lovely to be here. Isn't it'?

How did you know we were coming? Because I was looking forward to it.

We're grateful that you saved us from the storm, Mr Karlsen.

Do you know when the storm will end? We have something important to do.

We're searching for our mayor, and... We use saucers here.

He's missing, so...

Now everything is perfect.

He's not even listening. Mitcho? Where are you going?

Sit down, or I'll throw you... I'm just looking.

I suggest you have another cup of tea.

Is your dragon single hulled or double hulled?

There's no other boat in the world like my dragon.

Why did you build it? Why are you sailing around in a pear?

Are you on the run from an apple?

No, we're searching for the Mysterious Island.

The Mysterious Island?

But we'll never find it. Don't worry about that island.

You're here with me now.

It's important that we find it. But we can't without a rock.

That's odd. Because I have a rock from the Mysterious Island.

That's just the sort of rock we need. Can we see it?

Where are you going? Come with me.

Is that it? Of course.

Is it from the Mysterious Island?

Where did you get it?

It was given to me by someone with a trunky thing like yours.

So only someone like you may hold it.

_ Huh? _ Lucky you eh?

Thank you so much, Mr Karlsen.

Wouldn't JB be excited if he knew we were on our way?

I can't give you the rock, of course. It was a gift from the trunk-man.

But then we can't find the island. No. I saved him from drowning too.

He said he'd found the Mysterious Island.

This rock is quite extraordinary.

Thank you. I'm very grateful.

No, without that rock, I'll never find the island again.

We'll be comfortable here for the rest of eternity.

Now I'm going to make a big batch of dragon dip.

But... I have to get out of here.


I've got a present for you too!

Maybe it was my great-grandfather. Yes, maybe.

I have a welcome present for you too. You do?

How do we get him to give us the rock?

It's just a little thing.

A brooch! How considerate!

What do we need these for? Thanks.

I told you it was nothing special. But there's more.

Yes, I've spared no expense.

Help yourselves. Nothing is too good for my best friends.

Best friends? Have you forgotten that I saved you?

A cheese dragon! Delicious!

It's munching time!

I'll go dump the pear in the sea. What?

We don't need it anymore. Yes, we do!

Don't worry so much. Then we can't save JB!

Afterwards I'll whip up a spicy batch of dragon dip.

Then we'll be comfortable here for the rest of eternity.

Did you hear what he just said? Scrumptious!

What are you doing? He told us to eat. It's delicious.

He's going to dump the pear! That simply won't do!

Tell him we need it! He's a bit difficult to talk to.

We need to get into the pear. But he's dumping it right now.

Perhaps I can delay him. Are you sure?

It's a mechanical dragon, and all things mechanical are exactly the same.

Isn't that dangerous? I'll just fiddle with it a bit.

There, this will be easy to fix. Let's get the rock, Sebastian.

Exactly, and then hurry to the pear!

Is he there? No, the coast is clear.

It's time for the dragon to say goodbye to the pear.

And the last button...

What now?

Why didn't it shoot out the pear? This always works.

And up you 90---


And there goes the light. A fuse must have blown. Super annoying.

Mitcho, the master thief, prepares for the heist.

Just grab the rock, Mitcho!

Oh no!

My friends! I apologize for the problems with the light.

Would you like to see the rock again? Oh no! What do we do?

I'm sorry!

Where are you going?

There's no need to run around like that!

Slow down, my friends!

The rock? So you couldn't wait, eh?

We'll make the dragon dip now then. I'm excited too.

Oh, what's the rock doing here?

The key is to add just the right amount of red curry to the dip.

Huh? Where am I? The cheese dragon?

It's so much fun to cook together. Yes...

Dip with no flavour is just not dip. You'll have to trust my dip expertise.

Spicy, isn't it?

What do you think? More curry? It's not quite red enough.

See. We're having fun already. Dragon dip is just another word for friendship.

Sebastian, grab the rock!

The rock!

Now you and I are dragon dip friends!

I'm very fond of the dragon brooch. I'm glad to hear that!

You know, life under the sea is very inspiring. We'll have a great time!

We already do! Definitely.

There's so much to look forward to. Oh, would you like to join us?

Everyone gets a chance to stir the dip!

Come on, Sebastian! That's a bit too hot!

I've got it!

What did he do? Glucose, are you in here?

Sebastian, could you push a button? What if I press the wrong one?

Just pull the big lever.

You should hurry, the pear is on its way out!

Hurry! My friends! No, stay here!

Grab hold of the sausages! What if they break?

Those sausages are our last chance!

Sebastian, now! Okay!

These sausages are amazing!

No, no, no! This is all wrong. Come back!

We're going to live here!

Don't leave!

Where are you going?

But we're friends. Aren't we?

Best friends.

What if we'd had to stay down there forever?

Exactly! We'd better leave.

Mitcho, bring me the rock.

It's working. Straight from the Mysterious Island.

It looks mysterious. Set sail for the Mysterious Island!

I never thought we'd succeed! Let's celebrate!

The sausages! Let's have a party!

Good morning.

I'm in terrible shape.


Sebastian? Where am I?

Come here. I have to show you something.

It's as though the night is sailing on the ocean in the middle of the day.

The Pitch-black Sea! No, we'll get lost in there!

We'll never find our way out! Yes, we will.

We have the Barylic Compass to guide us.

It can't guide us through that. I think it can.

What's happening?

It would almost be cosy if it weren't so scary.


What was that?

I don't want to do this anymore!

Come on!


What a surprise. Great-grandfather?

Can I take her for a spin?

Yes, I suppose so.

Let me show you something, my lad.

The Pitch-black Sea isn't really black.

Not everything is as it seems.

But what is it then? Well, that's what you'll find out.

This is the juiciest ship I've ever seen.

Well, it is a pear.

Yes. You're the bravest elephant I know.

No, I'm actually afraid of almost everything.

You're about to leave the darkness. Look.

There's always another way to do things, Sebastian.

If you look - you will find a way.

What way?


Are we there yet?

Is that it?

Is that really it?

The Mysterious Island!

Mitcho! Glucose! You have to see something!

Where? There! Look!

Wow, there it is.

We found it. Hooray for our pear!

We're coming, JB. Do you think JB will be there?

I hope so.

Is it night-time? Ow, my elbow.

JB? Are you here? Hello? Is anyone here?

JB? Where are you? This place is amazing!

Hey, look at this. I've found a strange hole.

You certainly have. Are you coming?

Yes, certainly.

Very strange.

How exhilarating! Do you think we'll find him?



Those all look just like our pear! How curious.

JB, we've come to save you!

Where could he be hiding? JB, are you home?

JB? We're here now!

Hello? It's us!


JB? Where are you?

Sebastian? J B?



Over here!

Where are you? Hello?

It's... Sebastian!


Mitcho! Glucose! How wonderful!

There you are!

I never thought it possible! We found the letter! I caught it!

But Twig thought we'd made it up.

It's so good to see you again! I thought I'd be here forever.

But how did you even get here?

Remember when we played Yahtzee, and I'd forgotten my meeting?

I hurried to meet Twig and ran along the pier - but then I fell and hit my head.

Everything went dark, and the next thing I remember - is drifting along on the ocean in a small dinghy.

Suddenly I was swallowed by a huge whale.

I splashed around on its tongue while looking out of the blowhole.

It swam underneath such dangerous things.

Just like I wrote in the message.

When it became light, the whale spat me out here on the Mysterious Island.

You sailed in a whale! Well, we sailed in a pear-ship.

You sailed here in the pear! What a fantastic idea!

I can't wait to get home to Sunnytown! Where is your pear moored'?

We can't sail home in it. It's completely destroyed.

It's done for. How do we get home then?

There's always a solution. We'll just build a new pear ship.

How about you?

Too juicy. Yes.

Oh, much too juicy.

There's a lovely smell here.

No, not once you've turned it over.

I won't even look at that. It's not happening.

Hurry! I've found it!

Is that the one? It'll be superior to the last one!

Can you really make that into a ship? Easily!

Well, it would be easy with my Atomic Van.

Without it, it might take a bit longer.

How much longer? Well, let me think...

12 minutes, nine weeks, 11 months...

And two years. That's it.

We only have until Saturday, and that's tomorrow!

That's the reality. Without an Atomic Van, pear-ship building takes...

Three years... Five at the most. We're stranded. It'll take time...

You don't get it! If you're not home tomorrow, Twig will become mayor - and that will be the end of Sunnytown!

It'll be all right. No! He's built a huge town hall!

It casts a shadow so big that the sun doesn't shine on Sunnytown anymore.

I... I didn't know that.

We'll have to figure it out. We can't!


Sebastian, where are you going? To fix that pear myself!

I'll fix it, because we're going home! Right now!


We're never getting home.

You Barylic idiot.

There he is. Sebastian!

Glucose might have another idea. Sebastian, come over here.

Sebastian! Are you okay? How do we get him out?


Hold this. Sebastian, I'm coming!

The vine! It was a bad vine.

Are you okay? Yeah.

What kind of place is this?

The most dangerous island in the world.

Whoa, it's a gigantic motor.

I don't think it's that dangerous.

At least we have a fire extinguisher. What's happening?

Sebastian, hold on!

My fire extinguisher!

Sebastian, don't let go!

We need to get out of here! Sebastian, look!

Over there!

Jump, Sebastian! Okay!

What's that? It's Mitcho and Sebastian.

Be careful!

Wow, that's a long way down. Yeah.

JB! Glucose! Come take a look! Hold on, my friends!

Let's go, Glucose!

What is all this? I don't think you should touch it.

No... Mitcho, I think we should wait for JB and Glucose.

Come on, nothing is going to happen. Nothing...?

Things are happening all the time, and that's what I don't like.

I think the island can sail. Wow!

Let's set sail!

It's time to take JB home.

Mitcho, let me have a go.

I can't believe we're sailing, right Sebastian?

I know.

Why, I never... The island is a ship? It's mechanical!

Sebastian, will you sail us to Sunnytown? Yes.

Set the course for Sunnytown!

We'll tighten this... It's Sunnytown.

This is so boring! Salute your future mayor!

Look, I'm waving at you! Dad, why is he so ugly?

Don't forget to wave, Recoil. Silly balloon clown...

See you at the mayoral inauguration!

There will be shrimp sandwiches and free badges!

Twig is... This is terrible.

Can we sail any faster? Yes.

Mitcho, it's time!


The Mysterious Island... That's why it was so hard to find.

Hello, Great-grandfather. Nice hat, lad.

Thanks. Now we just have to get to Sunnytown.

Aye-aye. Captain!


That's my great-grandson down there.


Trunk-man, why did you leave me? I thought we were friends.

I don't have time right now. We have to get JB back to Sunnytown.

I forgive you. You brought dip!

Excuse me... You don't like chips?

Get out of the way! Don't you have a dragon to steer?

No need to worry, my dear friend.

I could survive on nothing but chips.

One, two, three. Are you ready?

You're not even looking! I am. That was a beautiful jump.

Are you going to look now? Of course. I'm completely focused.

The Mysterious Island!

Did you hear that? It was probably nothing.

I'll be damned! It's the cruel pirates!

You have a TV on your ship? Brilliant!

- Who's that'? Dear Sunnytown...

When the cannon goes off, I'll take over as mayor after JB -

- all honour to his memory.

That little chap will be mayor? Yes, unless we hurry.

Hungry? Thirsty? Snacky? Quiet!

Some of us are trying to watch this! I'm a bit snacky.

And then I will officially be the new mayor of Sunnytown!

Ready to fire? It's part of the job I guess.

Fire? Did everyone try the chocolates?

Man, it's so delicious! You should try his dragon cheese.

Can I have another piece? One for each hand.

Scrumptious! What does that mean?

It's if you dip it in the juice. Ah yes. Scrumptious.

Look, Sebastian. It's the town hall.

Yes! We're home!

Oh no! What's happening!

No, no, no! Come on!

Maestro, strike up a cannonball tune!

This old piece of junk is breaking down.

According to my calculations, we'll be a little bit too late.

Luckily we can watch it on TV. Totally!

We have to tell Twig that JB is on his way before he fires the cannon!

There's nothing we can do. Twig is going to be mayor.

You have to get back to Sunnytown! We're so close...

No need to be so negative.

Where did that come from? The fire extinguisher?

There's always another way to do things, Sebastian.

If you look, you will find a way.

We'll just send a message in a bottle! Of course...

Give me that. Okay, "JB..."

Can I add a small greeting? No!

Do you even have the address? It's for Sunnytown. Come on, Mitcho.


Be careful with the mechanism.

Where are we going? Just come!

We're sending a message through the air.

It's our only chance to tell them that JB is alive.

In one shot, we'll get the party started.

In one shot, I'll officially be the new mayor of Sunnytown!

Come on, run! Don't do it!

We're running out of time. Stop, it's about to collapse!

Grab hold of my legs! Now!


I'm going to be a great mayor!

Duck and cover! Prepare for battle!

What's this?

A message in a bottle!

"JB... alive."

"JB is alive." Who wrote this? It doesn't matter!

I've got you, Sebastian!

Don't let go! No!

A message in a bottle doesn't count! It counts that JB is alive.

Recoil, fire the cannon, now!

I'm not in the mood. I'll do it myself then!

He's got to chill out with the cannon.

Where are they? Sebastian, Mitcho?

I could have been mayor long ago!

Feast your eyes on your new mayor!


We got you!

My TV!

Wow, this is exhilarating! We seem to be hanging from the rail.

I think the island is about to explode.

No need to worry, my friends.

All aboard the dragon!

Mitcho and Sebastian are down there. They won't make it.

The sun! There it is! Where did that pear come from?

My new town hall!

We saw you on TV! Let the military through!

Inside the TV! I know them. Yeah, me too!

But I fired the cannon!

It's JB! He's alive!

You saved me. Even though you hate water.

Well, you can't swim, can you? No.

The message was a great idea.

Oh JB... Is that them?

Sebastian! Mitcho! There you are! There they are! My little friends.

Everyone in Sunnytown was happy to have JB home.

And we threw a big party.

And Sunnytown did get a new town hall.

But it wasn't exactly like the one Twig had in mind.

Let's try the pear. Cheers.

Cheers. Say, where are the chips?

Even though JB was a bit put out by the mess Twig had made - he still let him keep his job as vice mayor.

Excuse me, cannon-man? Oh, is that dip?

What do you say? It's home-made.

And if Mitcho should catch another adventure with his fishing rod -

- I wouldn't mind coming along.

Because it's not that scary when you're with your best friends.

Subtitles: Sara Sjölin Oneliner