Derailed (2005) Script

2 00:00:36,416 --> 00:00:39,647 Get ready for yard

Get ready for yard.

Fuck you! What's his name again?


He's some kind of tough guy, man.

Ready for yard, gentlemen.


Yard line.

Come on, let's bail out. Gangway! Move it!

Move out!

13 00:01:13,420 --> 00:01:15,888

15 00:01:27,734 --> 00:01:30,464 Go in and out, man! In and out!

I ain't even sweatin' you, man!

Fuck 'em up, man! Come on, feed me, man!

Fuck you!

20 00:01:53,627 --> 00:01:57,028 Always good!

You're just a little punk, baby.

The morning it all began, began like any other morning.

25 00:02:44,444 --> 00:02:46,708

27 00:02:50,417 --> 00:02:53,045 Oh! Oh, Bernie.

29 00:02:57,023 --> 00:03:00,424 Dad, I need lunch money and a note for gym.

And you promised to help me with my book report, remember?

32 00:03:09,336 --> 00:03:10,928 The author devotes a lot of time to developing the characters, and he seduces the reader by...

Seduces? Yeah. He, uh, draws you in, you know?

You wanna know how it ends. But I already knew how it ended.

OK, so write it was predictable.

No, Dad, I mean I've seen the movie. Oh. Right.

Come on. You got to eat.

Can稚 you think of another word?


"Lntrigues." Thanks, Mom.

You're smarter than Dad, you know that?

Yes, God help us if he finds out.

If Mom's so smart, maybe she should help you with your book report.

See what I mean?

I have a meeting, Dee. Yeah, I have meetings too.

Amy, your book report, your call. Me or him?

I choose option O where you two get me a tutor.

Yep. We've been through this.

Oh, jeez.

Where is it? It's over there.

It's the hospital.

Yep? Is this Mr. Schine?


I need to know if Amy's levels have changed.

No. No, the levels are the same. We need the latest results.


I値l fax it over when I get to work.


You going to the ATM?

Who wants to live forever, right? You have to stay positive.

At least it's not going up. It's not going down, either, though.


Amy, your bus'll be here soon.


Bernie, you stay here.

You used to kiss each other goodbye in the mornings.

Shut up.

Come on.

The author intrigues the reader by twisting the narrative so you never know what's coming next.

How's that?

Lt's all right.

The train on platform two is the 7.50 Red Line service to Chicago Central.

Calling at Central Street, Davis Street, Main Street, Rogers Park, Ravenswood, Clyburn and Chicago Central.


Oh, shit.

I meant to get one at the station. Nine dollars.

Oh, gee. This is embarrassing. And it's only Monday.

My wife, she, uh, emptied my wallet when she left for work this morning.

Oh, so it's the wife's fault, is it?

Yeah. I'm trying to explain. It's nine dollars.

Pay up or get off at the next stop.

It's that simple.

I値l pay for him. What?

No, no. You don't have to do that.

Don't worry about it.

One lucky guy.

No, really. It's my fault.

It's all right. I paid, didn't I?

Here you go. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Just so you know, it wasn't an act or anything.

It was a shameless act, and I'm a born sucker.

Just drop it.

I don't want you to think... OK. I don't.

I mean, there's an ATM at Union if you're getting off there.

Tomorrow is fine.

Of course, there is a ten percent interest charge overnight.

Interest charge. Plus the handling fee.

107 00:07:27,961 --> 00:07:30,088 Never met a woman loan shark before.

You break legs too? Just balls.

Oh. You're a lawyer.

I'm a financial advisor.

I cheat clients.

I'm a commercial executive.

I con housewives.

Where do you work?

JMD/March. It's a midsize place.

We've got some semi-decent accounts. You?

Avery Price. It's a big place.

We don't do semi-decent accounts.

This your usual train? Why?

So I値l know how to pay you back. Nine dollars. I think I値l survive.

No, I gotta give it back.

I'd feel ethically impugned if I didn't.


Well, I wouldn't want you to feel impugned.

126 00:08:47,173 --> 00:08:52,475 So... if you take the same train tomorrow, I値l pay you back.

It's a date.


Hey. What up, Chaz?

Ooh, yo, I got a good one for you.

Seven players, 40-plus home runs, with 11 letters in their last names.

Yastrzemski. Yastrzemski.

You got to spell that for me. Morning, Charles.


Barry, I need a cash check.

How much and what for?

12,000. Location fee for the Amerispend One shoot.

Don't forget to sign the receipt this time.

For you, Barry, I値l sign it in blood. Heard that.

OK, that's one. I need six more.

Um... 144 00:09:48,368 --> 00:09:50,700 Petrocelli. Petrocelli?

Oh, Charles. Eliot's looking for you. P-E-T-R-O...

Oh, come on, yo. That's only ten letters.

What else you got?

Come on, Chaz, you got 'em all last week. I need this.

Oh, gee.

All right, Winston, any of these guys National Leaguers?

I thought it was Major League or Minor League. What's the National League?

You don't follow baseball? No. Hockey's my game.

More gore, less bore. Where'd you get the questions from?

This cop I know gives 'em to me.

Actually, he's like my uncle.

He's obsessed. Loves challenging me.

Said if I get it right, I get 100 bucks, and you know I gots to make that money.

Wait. You don't know the answers?

No. Duh. That's why I come to you, Chaz.

162 00:10:31,844 --> 00:10:33,334 Where you been? You're late.

Come on. Sorry.

This is not a lady who likes to wait, you know.


Charles. Hi.

I guess you're here to raise our commission, eh?

We have some issues.

We feel like no matter how much we talk to you, we just don't get heard by you people.

This last commercial is a case in point.

We agreed on a strategy. We signed off on it.

Then what happened?

You went off in all these other directions.

The cut you sent us, it's nothing like how we said it should be.

Look, Susan, the directions I took were, you know...

I've been doing this for ten years, OK?

I'm sorry.

I値l do it however it is you want it done.

The time for apologies is over.

What we need now is change.

You don't want me on the account?

Uh, Susan appreciates all you've done.

You have different visions.

186 00:11:58,731 --> 00:12:00,665 You might have backed me up in there.

Backed you up! Susan Davis is a $130 million client.

She's a bitch. She's the worst kind of bitch.

She has a point. You're in a rut, my friend, and you know it.

Forget Susan Davis.

Get a new account, get back on your feet, back to what you do best.

Goddamn it.

Talk to me, tell me what's going on, maybe I can help.


That's a word, isn't it?

197 00:12:31,164 --> 00:12:32,654

199 00:12:33,800 --> 00:12:36,769 Shut up, Bernie. I live here. Amy, please!

Bernie, cut it out.

202 00:12:40,706 --> 00:12:43,573 You're late. Sorry.

How was work?

Work was...

...fine. You? Guess who's decided to monitor me this week?

Ethan Jeffries. Oh. The asshole.

He always throws a fit when I stray from the lesson plan.

There's a lot of that going around.

So, what did I do?

Handed out an English composition in the math hour today.

He chew you out in front of the kids?

The title for the composition was "Why We Like Principal Jeffries."

216 00:13:14,540 --> 00:13:17,065 Uh, Jerry called. There's a message on the machine.

Where you going?

I have a PTA meeting. It's been on the calendar for six weeks.


Amy needs to be quizzed for her history test, and Bernie needs to pee.

223 00:13:34,193 --> 00:13:36,184 Name the act that banned alcohol.

Volstead Act.

What year? 1919.

Huh? 1919.

Yeah. Do you think we can turn this down a notch below deafening?



231 00:13:55,481 --> 00:13:58,473

How long...?

234 00:14:16,369 --> 00:14:19,702 How long did Prohibition last? Fourteen years.

236 00:14:47,033 --> 00:14:48,660

238 00:16:16,389 --> 00:16:17,515

240 00:16:26,866 --> 00:16:28,663 Pay up, buster.


I looked for you.

Yeah, right. Gimme my money.

Really. I did.

Is that your daughter? Yeah.

Amy. Oh.

Mine's a few years younger.

What's her name? Amber.

Oh, she's adorable. Yeah.

They make it all worth it, don't they?

Nice briefcase.

It was a gift... from my wife.

Oh, jeez. Guess I should get one for my husband, huh?

"Lf lost, please return to Charles Christopher Schine."

Charles Christopher Schine. Isn't Schine a Jewish name?

Rabbinically. Christopher Schine.

My mom was Catholic. I got all kinds of guilt.

Oh. How's that workin' out for you?

Fine. I had a lot of therapy when I was a kid.

You're kinda funny, aren't you? You're an easy crowd.

What's your name? Lucinda.

Lucinda Harris.

So we came here when I was little, just me and my mom.

We were only gonna stay a year. Mm-hm.

How about you? Oh, all over.

I was an Army brat. I grew up everywhere and nowhere.

My address changed every six months, and so did my best friend.

But, then again, I got to change too.

If I screwed up in Fort Hood, Texas, they didn't have to know about it in Saratoga, New York.

I could just be this whole other person.

That happen a lot? You screwing up?

Mm-hm. Yep.

I was the consummate rebel against authority.

Oh, is that what you called it? No, that's what my parents called it.

I called it gettin' lit.

But then I got my act together when I got out of school, and Dad really wanted a lawyer.

He settled for a banker.

The next stop is Chicago Union Station.

This is the end of the Red Line.

All passengers, please disembark at this time.

Thank you.

Busy day?

Oh, in finance, every day is a busy day.

Oh, I bet you're getting a lot of angry calls with an economy like this.

Well, if you consider death threats angry.

Tell me about it.

Clients, they love you when times are good...

No, no, no, when times are good, you never make them enough money.

There's always some cousin or brother or grandmother whose stock split 64 ways, and why can't you sell 'em one of those, like I got some crystal ball or something.

Tell me about it. I got fired off my biggest account.

My boss didn't even warn me. Supposed to be a good friend of mine.

That bastard. Do you want me to yell at him for you?

Give me his number, I値l crank-call him.

Some people just don't know how to appreciate what they've got.

Morning, Charles.

Yes, sir.

303 00:20:25,070 --> 00:20:26,697 What up, Chaz? Hey.

You all right? You look a little sick in the face, like you got the bug. No.

It ain't contagious, is it? It's nothing.

That's what Dick Lembergh said. Who's Dick Lembergh?

Ain't nobody now. That motherfucker dead. Winston.

Come here. Let me ask you something.

This about the computers? No, no.

I appreciate what you did for me.

Forget about it. Buy me a beer sometime. This is something else.

Go ahead. Shoot for it.

Say you went to the movies, but you forgot your money, and someone offered to buy your ticket for you.

In Chicago? I'm just saying, hypothetically.

It's only right to talk to them, isn't it?

I mean, thank them. Show you appreciate it somehow, right?

This full price or matinee?

That's the difference between five or ten bucks, man.

You know what?

Never mind.

Hey, yo. I asked that cop about those questions, and three other players were National League.

I'm still working on that.

I need those answers by tomorrow to get that moola, baby.

We're cool about the computers, right? Yes, Winston. We're cool.


We're cool about the computers, right?

333 00:22:00,332 --> 00:22:01,492

Avery Price.

Lucinda. You mean Lucinda Harris?

Yeah. Could you tell her it's Charles Schine?

I値l put you through to her office.

Charles. Hey.

We have this beautiful house in Lake Forest, just the kind of house I dreamed about as a kid.

What's your husband do?

He golfs. For a living?

He wishes.

No, he's a broker. We met at Stanford.

He's up at 3am so he can be in the offices when London opens.

We also have an apartment in the city.

He stays there during the week to avoid the commute, and of course, the weekends are for golf.

So when do you see each other?

The usuals.

Birthdays, Christmases.

We communicate mainly via Hallmark.

But hey, I have a beautiful, wonderful baby girl, so there.

355 00:23:06,065 --> 00:23:08,431

357 00:23:17,876 --> 00:23:19,275 Deanna!

Amy. Amy!

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me, sweetheart?

Breathe. Breathe, Amy.

Breathe. There you go.

Daddy's here. It's OK.

Everything's OK. Daddy's here.

There you go.

There you go, sweetheart.

Stay with me.

There you go. There you go.

It's OK, sweetheart. It's OK.


Amy. There you go.

It's all right, baby. There you go.

Diabetes? Type 1. Worst kind.

We took out a second mortgage on the house to get her one of those mobile dialysis machines so she doesn't have to go to the hospital every day.

Can稚 they, um...? Can稚 they give her a new kidney?

They have. Three times.

Her body keeps rejecting them.

There's this new anti-rejection drug coming out, supposed to be amazing.

Has to be approved, but they say it's got a 99 percent rate of success in the tests so far. Expensive?

Like you wouldn't believe.

And, of course, insurance won't cover it.

Sure. Probably cheaper to let her suffer, right?

We're OK.

We've been saving for years.

So now we just sit around and wait for the call.

390 00:24:50,035 --> 00:24:52,663 Hi. Amy, don't let Bernie out.

Hey. You home?

Yeah, just now. What's wrong?

I just got out of Eliot's office.

He slammed me with some big new account.

I'm gonna be home late, so, uh, don't wait up.

All right. How come you're calling from your cell phone?

Amy, your bag's in the back.

I don't know.

I'm just down the hall and wanted to let you know as soon as possible.


I'm sorry. It's been kind of hectic lately.

Um, I gotta go.

All right. See ya.


Yeah. All right, honey.

408 00:25:39,318 --> 00:25:41,786

Excuse me.

Same again?

I'm drinkin' you under the bar, mister.

Really? Yeah.

I bet I can do it in three drinks. You like to gamble?

Lt's not really gambling when you never lose.

I got a bet. Really?

I値l bet you $20 that I can kiss you without ever touching your lips.

Kiss me? Without touching.


What do you mean, how? That's the bet.

OK. Let me see the 20.

Worth every penny.

What are we doing?

I've never done this before.

Me neither.

All the years I've been married, never lied to my husband.

Not once.

Bartender! Johnny Walker Black Label, no ice, please.

Excuse us, please. Oh, there she is. Hello, beautiful.

Can I buy you a drink? I have a drink.

Can I buy you the bar then?

Do yourself a favor, buy a better line.

Excuse me, we're talking here.

No, buddy, we were talking, you were just...

You were standing looking like a fag.

OK, Charles... Charles, you run along.

The lady and I are gonna get acquainted.

Where you goin'? Get your hands off me.

Fine. Relax. You stupid whore.

Take it easy, buddy.

Can we get some ice, please?

443 00:27:45,377 --> 00:27:47,368



447 00:28:28,387 --> 00:28:32,323 That one? No. My husband meets clients there.

Hey, how about that one?

You OK? Yeah.

Stop the cab, please. Sure, lady.

I can't, Charles. I'm sorry.

Keep the change. Thanks, buddy.

Good luck with her.

I know, I know.

456 00:29:24,643 --> 00:29:26,110

458 00:29:53,772 --> 00:29:56,263 How much for a room? Forty-six dollars.

You want to use the hotel safe? Lt's an extra ten.

No, just the room, please.

It's that way.

463 00:30:20,699 --> 00:30:23,293 ... 45 minutes waiting for you to come upstairs.

I was stressed. I had a drink.

What do you mean, stressed, a drink?

467 00:30:30,041 --> 00:30:33,204 What about me? What about me?

Just shut the fuck up! What is wrong with you?

I won't shut the fuck up. It is 3:00 in the morning.

471 00:30:53,665 --> 00:30:54,893


474 00:31:54,526 --> 00:31:56,357

So, what do you think?

You wanna stay, or you wanna go?

I don't know.

I think, um...

I think I wanna fuck you.

481 00:34:31,449 --> 00:34:35,283 You make one sound, I値l blow your fuckin' heads apart.



...chain your door in a place like this.

But, hey, thanks for the invite.

I値l give you all my money.

"No sound" means you shut the fuck up.

Please don't hurt him. You get that?

Give me your fuckin' wallets now.

Come on, give me your wallet. Come on, come on.

492 00:35:12,991 --> 00:35:15,482 This doesn't look like her...



That stupid fuck doesn't look like you, neither.

Lucinda. You two fuckin' around, huh?

Slummin' it, ain't ya?

You're fuckin' slummin' it, you piece of shit.

Isn't that exciting?

Please, just take the money.

Chuck, I already took your money.

You see this? This was your money, and I took it. Now it's mine.

I promise we won't go to the police. I know you won't

'cause you look like a nice guy. Ain't you a nice guy?

You look nice to me.

She looks kinda nice. Are you nice?


Oh! No!

Let her go, please. Come on, come on.

Please. How can I let her go, such a fine piece of ass like that?

Look at that.

Me and fuckin' Lucinda, we gotta do a lot of things together.

All kinds of shit.

Oh, man.

I could make you scream, you know?

Ls she better than your wife at home? Ha.

Look at that.

520 00:36:40,845 --> 00:36:42,813 Aah!

What'd you say, Charlie?

I can fuck her? Well, thanks... Charlie.

I knew you were a nice guy.

Whoa! Where you goin', Lucinda?

You gonna take it from him, or you gonna go for a whole lot more?

527 00:37:07,105 --> 00:37:08,572


Check this out, Charlie.

Championship fuckin', right here.

Twelve rounder. No.

533 00:37:24,923 --> 00:37:26,857

Oh, please. Shut up!

Yeah, you don't wanna miss this. No!

537 00:37:45,009 --> 00:37:48,843 Please. No, please. Please.

539 00:37:53,451 --> 00:37:56,511 Hey, Chuck, fuck her like that.

Come on, Chuck. Don't fail me, man.

Round four coming up.

543 00:38:07,031 --> 00:38:09,625 No, stop, please!

I値l take you to a hospital.

I'm so sorry.

I値l call the police.

No. No.

We... We gotta give a description.

Stop. Stop it.


The police are gonna wanna know what we were doing here.

So we tell them.

We have to.


Oh, my God, my family.

Well, what do you want me to do?

Tell me what to do.

I just want you to get me out of here.

560 00:40:40,184 --> 00:40:43,119

55 East Erie, please.

563 00:41:15,353 --> 00:41:16,945

Holy shit, Chaz.

Oh, my God! Looks like you got hit by a train.

I'm OK. I'm fine.

I just had a little accident. What the hell happened?

I got mugged. Jesus.

I've just been to the hospital. Doctor said I'm good. No permanent damage.

You get a look at this guy, Chaz? No.

You call the police?

They're gonna call me if my wallet turns up.

Maybe you oughta go home. Did you call Deanna?


There's just, um, a couple of things I gotta do.

Um... cancel my credit cards.

Call the DMV. Charles.

Don't be stupid.

Go home. OK?

Goddamn city.

I hate it.

I work in the city, Dee.

I can稚 just quit my job. What would I do?

You could teach again.

You used to be a great teacher.

My job is what allows us to save for Amy's drugs.

How do we do that on a pair of teachers' salaries?

We could sell the house.

We've already got two mortgages on the house.

Selling it doesn't do us any good.


Yeah. Hi, sweetie.

594 00:43:17,775 --> 00:43:19,072 Deanna, can you get that?

596 00:43:21,512 --> 00:43:23,878 Dee! Excuse me.

Just give me a minute.


Hey, Charlie.

Charlie? Can you hear me?

What do you want? How did...? Well, how's your busted nose?

Still hurtin'? Why are you calling me?

Just checkin' out if you were keeping your promise about the police and all.

'Cause after all, a promise is a promise, huh?

Hello? I got it. It's business.

A business call. Honey, for God's sake.

Excuse me. Who's this?

Well, this is Mr. LaRoche.

Mr. LaRoche, my husband's had a rough day.

Can this wait? What happened?

He was mugged. Charles, I had no idea.

Please, I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell me so?

Honey, can you hang up, please?

OK, hon.

So you haven't told her. Huh? Have you?

You haven't told your wife you're fuckin' Lucinda.

You listen to me, you fuckin' asshole!

You go near her again, I swear to God...

I need a loan, Charlie.

I really hate to ask, but I'm a little short, and since you canceled your credit cards, well, you know what? I need 20,000.

That's ridiculous. I don't have 20,000.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, you're a big fuckin' executive.

I don't have that kind of cash just lyin' around.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, man, I just don't give a shit about your cash flow.

I want 20,000 now, you hear me?

OK, OK. I値l get it.

What'll you get?

I want to hear it because, you know, My English is not very good.

I値l get you the 20,000.

OK. Well, thank you, Charlie.

Corner of Western and Parkway, noon, Friday.

Don't ever call me at home again... Au revoir, Charlie.

637 00:45:17,695 --> 00:45:20,721


You OK?

I haven't seen you on the train all week.

I've called in sick the whole week.

I can't eat, I can't sleep.

So he called you. I think we should go to the police.

No! No, Charles. You're not understanding me.

If my husband finds out that I had an affair, he will file for divorce. He will do anything.

What do you mean?

He'll take my daughter.

Really? Yes.

You don't know him. He's not like you.

Now this is all I can spare without my husband noticing.

No. No way. No. I値l take care of it.

I just wanted to make sure you're OK.

I don't think we should see each other anymore.

I'm sorry.


I want to see you.

I can't, Charles. I'm sorry. I can't.


662 00:47:10,875 --> 00:47:14,003

Where you goin'?

Come on, we're talkin' to you.

666 00:47:31,395 --> 00:47:32,862 Goddamn dog.

Fuck you don't watch where you goin'? Sorry.

Sorry don't pay the bills, white boy.

Sorry don't stop world wars or feed the poor.

As far as I'm concerned, sorry's for shit.

I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Charlie, is it?

Your name Charlie?

Yeah. Call you Chuck?

# Chuck, Chuck, bo buck

# Banana fana fo fuck #

Where's LaRoche? I値l take you to him.

Fuck you think I'm here for, conversation?

Look, why don't I just give you the money?

Hey, you're not givin' me shit, you understand?

You gotta see Frenchie.

Up against the wall, and don't fuckin' move!

So you write commercials, huh?


I made this demo for this coffee commercial this one time.

It was a fine piece of music.

Really? Yeah.

What'd they say?

They said people who drink coffee don't like rap.

That's ridiculous. That's what I said.

So, uh, if I get somethin' to you, you give it a listen, uh, see what you can do with it?

Yeah. Sure. Huh.



Man, you look like shit.

Nice briefcase, though.


Thanks, Charlie.

701 00:49:38,555 --> 00:49:41,456 That's for canceling your credit cards.

It is a nice briefcase. It is a nice briefcase.

Keep your head up, homey. 704 00:50:19,163 --> 00:50:21,529 I don't often go into the city.

But when I do, I find comfort in the knowledge that my Amerispend One card...

Ameris... Amerispend One...


I... I... What's...

Susan Davis calls this retro avant-garde.

I think it's more retro avant-crap.

Eliot, I'm in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

I cheated on Deanna.

You never cheated before? No.

Everybody cheats. You know what? Everybody gets over it.

No, this is different. Everybody says that too.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. There's this man...

I don't want to know who it was with.

Look, buy Deanna some flowers. Talk it over with her.

Try not to get caught next time.

Now, for God's sake, will you help me fix this piece of crap?

725 00:51:16,487 --> 00:51:18,978 I don't often go into the city.

727 00:51:20,357 --> 00:51:21,119 You think I should? Yeah.


What up, yo? Hey.

Ah, man, welcome back.

How long has it been?

High school.

High school.

Man, the best three years of my life, man.

All the pussy you could imagine, 4.0 GPA, everything good till they locked my ass away.

What were you in for?

Me? I was what they call a recreational drug user.

And that's it?

I was also a recreational drug distributor.

You know, a little H, some dope, digi.

So how was it?

Man, nothin' but the best.

I sold a pure commodity at a fair market price.

No. Prison.

Prison's like walkin' a tightrope.

You try not to get involved.

Actin' like you're blind 24 hours a day.

This shit takes a shitload of concentration.

I mean, when I first got in that joint, man, I was prime meat.

I was what they call unaffiliated.

So, what'd you do?

I got affiliated.

I had to stick a shank up in some kid.

What, you killed him?

Your back is up against the wall, and it's you or him, you gotta do what you gotta do.

762 00:53:08,999 --> 00:53:10,830 Yeah. This is Charles.

You ever get a little sidetracked, Charlie?

I need another loan, Charlie.

Now listen. Listen to me.

I've got no more money for you.

OK. OK, man. You win.

You want me to leave you alone, I値l leave you alone.

No problemo.

For $100,000, though.

Fuck you.

Tsk. You ain't that smart.

Anybody ever told you that?

How'd you get this number?

That's it. Keep thinking like that.

How did I get your cell number?

It isn't listed, is it?

You called my wife.

Ah, no. Guess again.

OK, I値l give you a clue.

On this phone, it's speed dial number eight.

Hospital one, doctor two.

You're number eight.

You don't even rate in the top five.

How does that feel, Charlie?

Oh, Jesus!

789 00:54:39,289 --> 00:54:40,722

Oh, yeah.

Hey! Here's my man.

You OK? You look like you ran a marathon.


What did you say to him on the phone?

Well, in our business one has to know how to light a fire under people.

It's the best way to get things done. Do you not agree, Charles?

What's going on here? Mr. LaRoche needs you to sign off on that thing he called about.

Oh, gosh.

Did you think I would not come? No, I thought you got the message.

I'm sorry. I'm confused.

But you look so out of shape, Charles.

Sit down and catch your breath for a second.

I値l pour coffee. You don't know how many times I told him to join my tennis club. What?

You know Charles. He prefers to follow sports, not play them.

But one has to keep fit in today's world

'cause you never know when you'll need to be at your fighting best.


He's right. You might have been able to outrun that mugger.

Oh. Well, from what Charles told me, that thug had a jump on him from the very start.

This is crazy. You never had a chance, did you?

I'm gonna get him back.

You're not getting anyone back. You have a family.

You're so right, Deanna, so right.

You wanna protect your family 'cause at the end of the day, this is the most important thing in the whole world.

Mom, have you seen my sketchbook? Get back upstairs.

Go do your homework. Charles.

Amy, this is Mr. LaRoche. He works with your father.

Come here, beauty.

824 00:56:19,923 --> 00:56:23,950 Lt means, "like a little stone that's rolling down the river."

So cute.

May I kiss you? Mm-hm.

You know, we were looking at your drawings.

They're lovely. Truly beautiful.

Thank you.

Such a talent.

You know, when I first came to this beautiful country, I spent quite a lot of time in New York.

And if you allow me, of course, I could show these to some very prominent art dealers.

That sounds great.

How about we go sign off on this contract?

Oh, yes, business is business, of course.

Bye-bye. Bye.


She's so cute.

I値l be up soon, honey.

How old is she?

You get the fuck out of my house. What did you say?

Get out. I beg your pardon.

What'd you say?

847 00:57:18,949 --> 00:57:20,974 You don't like that, huh?

You upper-crust motherfucker. Huh?

You got it all, and yet you're ready to fuck it up for just a bit of pussy?

Fuck... Shh, shh, shh, shh.

A hundred...

A hundred thousand dollars, and I just might give you back your balls, bitch.

You hear me?

Say it. OK? OK?

Yeah, nice boy.

OK... OK.

Well... au revoir. Thanks for having me.

Au revoir. I値l see you soon. Bye.

861 00:58:02,659 --> 00:58:04,217 He seems like a lovely guy.

Why didn't you call me when this whole thing began?

Why didn't you call me when this whole thing began?

I'm supposed to be your first call, Charles.

I don't need a lecture, I need to know my options.

Look, she's gotta come forward.

I told you, she can't do that.

We need a statement on the record. Jerry, he was in my house.

With my family.

He didn't break in. He didn't touch them.

He didn't threaten them. Jerry. He broke my nose.

OK, show me the police report.

Did you go to the police when you got beat?


So you've done nothing about this for six weeks, and now suddenly you want me to file a complaint?

You've got to get her to come forward.

Anything else is just... pissing in the wind.

What are you doing here? I spoke to my lawyer.

We have to go to the police. We can't go to the police.

Listen to me.

We didn't sleep together. It's the same thing.

Because we didn't fuck doesn't mean we didn't cross the line.

We went to the hotel. We started to do it.

And we didn't stop out of the conscience of our hearts.

Exactly. We were attacked.

I had an abortion, Charles.


Why didn't you tell me?

I... I could have helped. I could have done something.

Done what, Charles?

What could you have done?

Oh! Snap his back, man!

Smack him! Referee, that's a penalty!

Sorry, you know I get zoned to this hockey shit, Chaz, man.

OK, I'm listening.

So, what do you think I should do?

Shit, I don't know, man. But you see how it works, though, right?

He lures you in with 20 grand. Folks like you could pull together 20 grand if you had to, right?

You think, 20 grand, bong, and he's gone, right?

Nah. It's not about that.

He wanna see if you're the kind of asshole who pays.

Then after that...

...slap the big dick on you, hit you for the real cheese, the big bucks.

That's what this game is all about, Chaz.

Thanks, Winston, I feel much better now.

You're a wild cowboy, yo.

Well, can you pay him?

Technically, yeah, I have the money.

Shit, yo, so pay him, man, be done with this.

I can't. It's put away for something else.

It's years of savings. Can't touch it.

I don't know what to do. I'm going out of my fuckin' mind here.

It's there everywhere I turn. Calm down, Chaz.

Look, man, drink your beer.

Shit, that ain't even strong enough right now.

O'Malley, let us get a double Scotch and hold the rocks.

Let me tell you something.

I spent five years in the joint with motherfuckers like this.

The first thing you must understand about a rapist is that they pussies.

They weak. They prey on the weak.

So, what do you think I should do?

Listen, man, I like you, 'cause you're different than the rest of them.

I don't like to see you in no position like this.

So I'm gonna do you a solid.

I'm gonna scare this pussy off your back for you.

No. No, no, no. Listen, I owe you.

You caught me stealin' those computers, you coulda dropped a dime on me, I'd have been locked up for three more years.

Winston, you owe me nothing. Look at it this way then.

Let's make it a business proposition.

Instead of you giving this motherfucker 100K, you could pay me, say, ten percent?

Yeah, $10,000 in cash, and I値l scare that Pep Le Pew motherfucker all the way back to France.

Hurry up.

Thank you! Happy birthday.

Look at this one.

That's nail polish. Nail polish? Ls it?


What's that one? Here.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Charles, this just came in for you.

Does it involve fast cars?

Yeah, fast cars, all the good things.

We'll see you tonight. Yeah. Bye-bye, pretty girls.

Good morning, JMD/March.

No, I'm sorry. That's OK.

OK, no problem. Goodbye.

Yeah? Barry. It's me.

I need a cash check for this aspirin spot.

Another one?

How much you want this time? Ten thousand.

You come down here, and you sign for it yourself, yeah?


Hey, yo, Chaz.

You know what my favorite song is?

"Get Money." B.I.G. And Lil' Kim.

My favorite artists?

Eddie Money, Al Green and Johnny motherfuckin' cash, baby.

Oh, let me tell you my favorite reverends.

Frederick Price and Creflo Dollar. Yes, Winston, I have your money.

Who's talkin' money here, Chaz?

Just tryin' to make conversation, man.

You OK, Chaz? Yeah.

Let me turn this up for you, baby, get a crack on this motherfucker.

974 01:04:01,985 --> 01:04:04,249 Uh-oh. Ching-ching.

976 01:04:06,856 --> 01:04:08,915 Love the smell of fresh money, yo.


You're gonna shoot him?

I ain't gonna shoot him. I'm gonna scare his monkey-ass off your back.

It's not even loaded.

But it's like an old gangsta proverb, yo.

You ain't gotta use force, but you gotta project strength.

Project strength. Right.

Got it. Chaz, my good buddy, it's time you got affiliated, man. Come on, take that.

Is this the one you used...?

That's the one, yo. That's for good luck.

I'm gonna run inside this joint first, scope it out.

When you feel comfortable, you come on in.

We got maybe a hour before this bastard shows up.

You're gonna be close, though, right?

I'm gonna be close. Don't worry. I got your back.

It's like in the movies and shit, the bad guy is always one step ahead, right?

So we gotta be two steps ahead of this crazy motherfucker...

997 01:05:07,250 --> 01:05:08,740 Charlie...


This doesn't look like 100 to me.

God almighty. You killed him.

You brought him, you fuckin' piece of shit, and this isn't good for our relationship.

Oh, Jesus.

1005 01:05:43,920 --> 01:05:46,047 Asshole! Fuck you!

You coulda been coming instead of going!

Want a date, hun?

Hey, you. You by the car.

You lookin'?

No. No, I-I'm fine.

What about him?

Maybe he wants a date.

I don't think so.

What's wrong with him? He drunk?

Yeah. Yeah, he's... he's drunk, OK.

You got a light?

I... I don't smoke.

You don't smoke, you don't drink, you don't fuck. What do you do?

Get outta here. What? Hey, screw you!

Don't tell me to get outta nowhere.

What's up, Candy? Hey, Joe.

Hey, Candy.

Keepin' safe? You know me.

I'm careful these days.

Hey, you! Conducting a transaction with Candy here?

No, officer... No?

What? Somethin' wrong with her?

No, she's great. Great, huh?

You married? Yes.

Your old lady know you're trolling for hookers?

I-I'm not. Look... How 'bout your buddy? He married?

He's drunk.

If he's drunk, what's he doing behind the wheel?

Hey, buddy! Hey, you there!

He's sleeping it off, sir.

1038 01:07:14,844 --> 01:07:17,608 The two of you were out trolling for hookers on a Wednesday,

and neither of you were doing business with Candy here.

I'm sorry, I... Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't apologize to me.

Tell her you're sorry.

Freezin' her ass off out here, and you two jokers don't even give her the time of day.

1046 01:07:41,404 --> 01:07:43,497 I'm sorry, ma'am.

We'll call it a deposit. Huh?

Believe this guy?

We're on the clock. We're gonna circle the block.

I come back and you're still here, I'm gonna take you and your buddy in.

See ya, Candy. Take it easy, Candy.

See ya, Joe.

1055 01:08:55,344 --> 01:08:56,504

1057 01:09:29,412 --> 01:09:31,346

1059 01:10:18,694 --> 01:10:22,562 I'm tired of you, Charles. I need that receipt for the aspirin spot.

I said you'll get it today, you will. Today?

Yes. Lunchtime.

Well, you better... Oh, shit!

You OK?

Folks in the mailroom asked me to bring this up to you.

Franklin Church. Chicago P.D.

Where is...? Winston?

He was murdered last night.

What'd you say? That's right.

Midnight, under the highway.

Killer tried to dump him in the river.




I liked Winston. We were friends. Yeah. I liked him too.

We were like brothers.

He's... Well, he was sort of a relative of mine.

Are you the baseball stats guy? Yeah.

Yeah, that's me. Baseball freak.

Even played in the minors '79 to '82.

You know, I see these losers every day.

Dopers. Crooks. Gangbangers.

Law doesn't care much for losers like that.

Winston was different. He coulda got out.

The brother was no loser.

I'm sorry.

You own a gun, Mr. Schine? No.

Smith & Wesson 5906?

What, you think I did this?

Oh, no, of course not.

But we have to ask everybody. I mean, you know how it is.

So where were you last night?

Here. Work. I was at work.

Anyone... with you corroborate that?

1095 01:11:59,528 --> 01:12:02,361 Do you mind? No. No, no, I値l wait.


What did you think? You could fuck with me, you miserable piece of shit? Huh? No.

I've got your girl here.

Do you understand me? I've got your little whore right here.

Oh, God. Stop, please... Where are you?

Shut the fuck up Dex, take care of her.

No problem.

I don't like killing, but if you're not here in 20 minutes, I'm gonna put a bullet in her brain. Don't.

And then one in Deanna. And sweet little Amy too.

I'm gonna kill all your women, do you understand?

Lt was a mistake, a big mistake. I'm ready to do what you ask now.

Do you have my 100,000?

Yeah, yeah, I do. I mean, I will. Just...

Just tell me how to get there.

Uh-huh, 55 East Erie, apartment 4010. Got it.

Twenty minutes, Charlie. Next time I visit your wife it ain't gonna be for a cup of coffee.

Thank you very much.

Is there a problem? I'm sorry. I have... I gotta go.

I have a meeting. I値l call you.

Ten, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100,000.

Are you sure you want to carry all this out with you, Mr. Schine?


What's up, Charles? Come on.

Come on in. Don't be scared.

1125 01:14:08,491 --> 01:14:09,515 Way!

Dex. You think I should count this, or... just trust him?

Sure. Why not?

He looks like a trustable guy.

You fuckin' move, I値l kill you, bitch!

1131 01:14:25,074 --> 01:14:26,439 One motherfuckin'.

Two motherfuckin'.


I gave you the money! What?

No, you didn't give me the money. You fuckin' made me kill for it.

Keep something in mind, Charles.

I値l always be one step ahead of you.

Always. Well, my dear Dexter, I think it's time to relocate.

Yeah. Relocate.

Au revoir. Mm-hm.

Congratulations, Charlie.

You just bought your life back.

1147 01:15:13,556 --> 01:15:15,023

Are you OK?

I don't even...

They must have just followed me.

I didn't even... I don't know... They just... pushed their way in.

It's OK now.

Are you sure that they're gone? He's gone.

I paid him.

I paid him everything.

But your daughter...

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I should have... I think it's over now.

You're safe.

My family's safe.

1163 01:16:45,080 --> 01:16:46,638 Hello?

Charles, is that you? Hello?

See you, Sean. See ya.

Take care, guys.

You're a hard man to track down.

You're not at work, you're not at home...

This is where all you bored executive types go to drown your sorrows.

I've been meaning to call you.

I'm sure.

You know, ever since he was a kid, Winston never could seem to catch a break.

You know who he always reminded me of?

Bobby Bonds.

Unluckiest player to ever step up to the plate.

Bobby Bonds struck out 187 times in 1969, more than any other player in a single season, except one.

You know who?

Bobby Bonds. Bobby Bonds.

Following year. 189 strikeouts.

Now, that's unlucky.

This is my new buddy. Sean owns this place.

Hey, Sean, Scotch. Drop the rocks. Comin' up, Frank.

Sean says you and Winston had a drink here recently.

Mind telling me what you were talkin' about?

Hockey. Hockey. That's it?

There was a game on.

Now, I still need to know where you were last night.

I told ya. I was workin'.

No one at your office can confirm. I was alone.

OK, Mr. Schine.

Maybe you'd be more comfortable talking to me with your lawyer.

Why don't the two of you come by my office tomorrow morning?

And just so you know, I'm gonna crucify the son of a bitch who killed Winston.

See ya, Sean. Detective.


Amy sleeping?


I've made a horrible mistake, Dee.

The money we put away for Amy...'s gone.

Gone? All of it.

What are you talking about?

I'm so sorry. Well, where is it? Where is the money?

I値l figure it out. Figure out what? What's going on?

I値l find a way. What have you done?

Tell me what you've done.

Seven years of savings.

You fucking explain yourself! I値l tell you, Dee.

I値l tell you everything.

And it's not just about the money.

Ah. Come on, we're late.

I have to tell Lucinda first, Jerry.

No. I've called this detective twice already this morning.

He's a real hard-ass. I have to.

You think this guy is fuckin' around? I値l meet you down there.

So, what am I supposed to tell them? Help me.


Lucinda Harris, please. She's not in her office.

Oh, shit. Oh, wait. Here she comes now.

No. No, no, no. Lucinda Harris. Yeah?

No, you saw us here. Together.

Twice. Remember? I saw you with her temp.

Temp? Sure. You know, answered her phones occasionally, took long lunches, always late. A temp.

Jane something. She quit last week.

I'm a financial advisor.

I cheat clients.

And it comes fully furnished, just like you see.

What we call our lived-in look.

May I help you, sir? Is this place for rent?

Yes, would you like a brochure?

Lt was rented. I was here.

Well, it's available again now. Are you interested?

You rented it to a woman.

No, no, it was a couple. A woman and her boyfriend.

They left unexpectedly. Very nice couple.

You know them?

They make it all worth it, don't they?


I do.

This is the end of the Red Line.

All passengers please disembark at this time.

Thank you.

The train on platform two is the Blue Line from Cottage Gate. This is our final destination.

All passengers please disembark at this time.

Thank you.

Hey. I'm sorry. Are you OK? Yes. Good.

I have to run, I have a breakfast meeting.

You do. Will you call me?

I will. I値l call you very soon.

You promise? I promise.

I gotta go. See you later. OK. See you.


What? I'd like to get into the car.

Half an hour! Oh! Half an hour?

You're sorry? I promise.

May I?

Thank you.

Hey, Dex! Yo, Frenchie!

We outta here.

1269 01:24:13,628 --> 01:24:15,653

I want a room.

Top floor.

1273 01:24:34,583 --> 01:24:35,914 Charles. Jerry.

Good. So I talked with this detective. He's got nothing on you.

He's just fishing. Thanks.

Tell him everything. It's the only way out of this.

What happens to Amy's money if they find him?

It's gonna be state's evidence. And I never see it again?

No, I have to take care of this myself. It's the only way.

What are you talking about?

Jerry, I have to get Amy's money back.

Charles, wait. Charles...

1284 01:25:24,132 --> 01:25:27,898 Uh, hi. I-I'd like a room, please. Forty-six dollars a night.

You wanna use the hotel safe?

Uh, no, thank you.

1288 01:26:06,908 --> 01:26:08,307


I think it's this way.

1292 01:26:37,506 --> 01:26:39,974

1294 01:26:46,214 --> 01:26:49,149

1296 01:27:59,621 --> 01:28:01,088

1298 01:28:18,773 --> 01:28:21,606


Hey, what's goin' on?

You can have my money. My wallet's on the table. Take it.

I don't want your money. They do.

They want it all. You're in a scam.

What? A con.

These two were gonna take you for everything you've got.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Who are you, and what do you want?

You met on the train, did you?

By accident. Just happened somehow.

And she was fuckin' sweet...

...and smart...

...and you couldn't believe how attracted she was to you.

She was just too good to be true.

She showed you this picture of her daughter.

Everything this bitch told you was a lie.

Not everything was a lie, Charles.

He was just about to rob you, and then rape her.

Only it wouldn't have been rape, would it?

I don't understand. Why would he rape her?

Because it makes you feel guilty you didn't stop it...

...that you didn't protect her.

Later on, she may even be as sick as to tell you she had an abortion.

So you don't go to the police. I don't want any part of this.

There's a man waiting. I have to leave...


1327 01:30:02,110 --> 01:30:04,840 Boy, you're getting better, Charles.

I'm kind of proud of you. 1329 01:30:13,088 --> 01:30:16,717 I want... my fuckin' money back!

I want everything you took from me.


I don't think that's gonna be possible, Charlie.

Just give him his money, and let's go.

He's a fuckin' mark, for Chris sake.

That sweetie pie is worried about that little girl of yours.

Oh, stop it! She didn't look that sick to me.

Just stop it!

1339 01:30:51,059 --> 01:30:53,755 Let me outta here! I'm gonna get outta here now!

I'm telling you, move away from the fucking door!

I'm gonna shoot! Get outta my way! I'm leaving Ah!


1345 01:31:18,453 --> 01:31:19,420

1347 01:31:27,462 --> 01:31:29,623 I'm gonna kill you, motherfucker!

1349 01:32:16,144 --> 01:32:18,578

Step by step, what did you hear?

Sir, there's no ID on the white male. Prints people are on it.

All right. See if he's on the register. Check what's in the hotel safe.

Yes, sir.

Sorry about that. You were saying?

I heard the shots, I saw the security guy run past, so I just... closed the door.

You did the right thing.

You don't know how may wannabe heroes I ship off to the morgue each week.

OK, Mr... Sheen? Schine? Schine.


All right, if we need anything more, we'll contact you.

1364 01:33:06,561 --> 01:33:08,722 Hey. You seen Jones from Homicide?

Yes, sir. Yes, the, uh...

Vince, can we get the happy snappers out of here today?

I'm losin' the will to live.

Frank. What are you doing here, Frank?

Where is it? I値l show you.

Heard you found a Smith & Wesson 5906.

Yeah, Ballistics has it. What a mess.

Yeah, pretty straightforward.

A woman and the suit are having a thing.

They get mugged, security tries to help them... everybody gets shot.

I'm interested in that gun, so please call me when you get the ballistics report.


Thanks. OK, take care.

Vince, can we get everybody out of here?

I need a statement. Gonna take long?

Couple minutes. I don't got much time.

Keep it comin'.

I was standing here.

You got a lot in that safe.

I, uh...

I believe that's mine.

Nice briefcase.

OK, what else you got?

1391 01:34:42,824 --> 01:34:45,054 Back it up there, back it up.

No sign of it here, either.

All right, thanks.

What the hell is this?

All the years I've known you, I never figured you for a thief, Charles.

You want to tell me about the $10,000 for the aspirin spot?

Lt was an emergency. I was gonna pay it back.

Pay it back?

What am I, a bank?

And now you're stealing from it.

If I were to write a bill for what you owe me, what should I make it for?

Lt was just the once, I swear.

Well, Barry'll be the judge of that.


...tell me what was so important that you had to do this.


I can't tell you.

I want to, but I can't. I'm sorry.

Fine. You wanna play it that way, I値l start proceedings.


He suspends you while we conduct an investigation.

Just pay it back.

The most you'll get is community service.

Keep stonewalling us, pal, you go to jail.

Hi there.

Heya, teach. Hank, isn't it?

That's good.

I hate it when people don't remember your name.

Go on through.

It's Charles, by the way. Right. Charles.

Did I ask you what you're in for yet? Embezzlement.

That's not a bad deal.

Six months teaching cons for ripping off your boss.

You're Puerto Rican, right?

What the fuck is that?

Puerto Rico, how do you spell it?

OK, guys.


There's a quiz on your desks.

It'll probably take you as long as it takes me to read your homework, so...

Let's go.

How do you spell that?

1435 01:38:08,829 --> 01:38:11,389 "The morning it all began,

began like any other morning.

Charles was running late, and as a result, he missed his regular train.

Championship fucking.

Twelve rounder.

I need a loan, Charlie.

Charles had made him kill.

Charles was to blame.

He was a murder suspect.

Lucinda turned out to be this whole other person.

Charles wiped his prints and ran away like he was never there, back to his shitty little life.

But when he finished reading the story, he went to the laundry room."

Yeah? I need to use the bathroom.

I値l alert the media.

1454 01:39:53,768 --> 01:39:56,100 You lookin' for a daddy?

What the fuck you lookin' at, homey?

1457 01:40:16,757 --> 01:40:18,088

1459 01:40:22,396 --> 01:40:23,795

1461 01:40:39,347 --> 01:40:40,905

I hope you liked my story. -

You never checked if I made it out of that hotel alive, did you?

You're so predictable, Charles.

It takes more than one bullet to kill me.

Much more.

But you took something from me, Charlie, and that ain't right.

It's my money.

Fuck the money.

You killed her. You're insane.

I loved her, Charlie...

...when you just wanted to fuck her.

What do you want?

I want you, Charlie.

I'm gonna fuck with your life because I can.

By the way... your daughter still a virgin?

You don't know how happy I was to see your name on those notebooks.

It's like if you begged me to find you.

Man, you ended up in the wrong prison, Charlie.

LaRoche. Yeah?

I chose this prison.


OK, Mr. Schine. You're free to go.

You take it easy now.

I met him a few times a while ago. Here he comes. All right, thank you.

What did you tell them? The truth.

I went to use the bathroom, and this guy jumped me with a shank.

Well, that guy was the asshole who killed Winston.

He killed two people in Paris, one in New York.

You expect me to believe that you overpowered him?

I guess I got lucky.

You brought that shank in with you, it's premeditated murder.

Law don't care who you kill.

I guess the law didn't care much for Winston, either.

1501 01:45:25,733 --> 01:45:27,496 Bye. See you guys later.

OK, sweetheart.