Des Pardes (1978) Script

''Mother, it's sufficient! My stomach if full.''

Eat some more. Tomorrow you are going.

You won't your mother's Rotis in the foreign country.

''And daughter-in-law, pack some boxes..''

..of prickles and sweets in his luggage.

He won't get these things there.

''Father, these days we get everything in UK.''

''But you won't get Lassi, will you?''

''We get Lassi too, but we don't get homemade Lassi..''

..and definitely not the Lassi that you make.

Veer! Where is Veer?

Veer said that he has some work in farm.

That's why he asked us to come there after lunch.

''Brothers, you are here only for three months in three years.''

''Can't you stay here for some time? No, Veer.'' l have already booked my tickets. lf l don't go tomorrow l will get a call from the factory.

But before going you decided with sister-in-law..

''..if you want a boy or girl this time, hadn't you?''

With God's grace she will have a baby boy this time.

As if you are too bothered about it if it's a boy or girl.

The moment you sit on the plane you forget your family.

Do you know how hard l work there?

Just to make some money and take all of you there.

This time you will have to swear on Gita..

..that you will take us there as soon as possible.

Show me your hand.

What are you doing? Wear this ring. l hope this ring reminds you of us.

''One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight..''

''..nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen.''

Get up. Get up.

The train is coming. Hear the sound of train.

''Uncle, we can also hear the sound of train from that pole.''

Come. Let's go.

''Gita, don't touch that pole. lt leaks current.''

''Don't go, Gita. Veer, stop her.''

''Gita, stop! Stop!''

Gita. Gita.

Thank God! l can't forget that day when two kids died..

..near this pole due to current.

''Gita, never go anywhere where there is this sign.''

Assume that there is death near that sign.

There is death near that sign.

Did you get me? My darling!



We will get happiness here. lt is our Motherland.


We will get happiness here. lt is our Motherland.


''lt's same story, but in a new land.''

''The path, the destination is the..''

..and it's the same sky.

lt's a dream. lt's our dream.

This is a foreign-land.

l am not alone. l am not alone without you.

Your memories are with me.

''My only wish that the flowers of different colors..''

..blossom together.

''lt's neither yours nor mine, but it's ours.''

This foreign-land.

''So you are back, my friend Sameer.''

Even if London's Bing Ben stops ringing..

..but our cheers won't stop.

''Like old wine, old friends are also very intoxicated.''

''To your health, sir! Cheers! Blesses, my lord!'' l heard that this pub is on lease. l'm thinking of buying it.

''Not only this pub, but the hard-work that you are putting..''

..within a few days all the pubs of west will be yours.

Sit down. There is a chief reason for buying..

..this kind of pub. Five years ago when l came to London..

..l was sent out of an English pub because of my color.

And since then it's my ambition..

..that Sameer Sahni will have to be the owner of a pub..

''..when white, black, right, poor..''

..where everyone would sit together and raise their..

''..glasses and say, cheers. Cheers, my friend Sameer.''

''They are giving this pub on lease for 35,000 pounds.''

''l have 10,000 pounds less. l have applied for a loan..'' the bank. l will get an answer next week.

''lf l give you 10,000 pounds, without interest..''

..then what will you give me?

Give me a little bit of working partnership. Just a bit.

Whatever you want.

''l, my girlfriend and her daddy your friend, Mr. Burns..''

..we've such a good influence in British government..

..that we will make a hell of a profit within a few days.

''Then let's join hands, Gurnam.''

Let's two lndians do something in London.

''lnspector Martin, you speak English so well..''

''..that if you are in lndia, then anyone will believe..''

..that you are a Kashmiri Brahman.

''Kashyap, in London lmmigration department..''

..he can speak to lndians in their own language.

But you can even talk to me in Punjabi.

''Mr. Sameer Sahni is here, sir. Right.''

Send him in immediately. The watch may run slow..

..but not Sameer. l don't have such a courage.. come late when police calls me.

''Mr. Martin, Sameer and l are old friends.''

Yes. From those days when we first came here.

''l wanted to meet you since a long time. - No, thank you.''

You are popular among your countrymen and you are also..

..the leader of the lndian workers' association.

That's why to improve the relation between..

..the government and lndians you can help us. - Yes!

Many people came here with fake passports.

''These people come here from Dubai and Persian, Gulf..'' Europe and there they wait on the ports..

..till they get a chance to reach England..

..through some illegal routes.

And these are the few people who defame the lndians here. l completely agree with you.

This illegal immigration can be stopped..

..but the people who come here illegally..

..don't get the help of their fellow countrymen.

And Scotland Yard has given us the responsibility to..

This is not only police's responsibility..

..but it's also our responsibility to stop such a racket.

You will have my full co-operation.

Give me a puff. Oh! lt's so cold!

Out you go! Out! Come on. Come on. Out.

Come on. Out you go! Come on. Get out. Out. Fast.

The police patrols roam here in every half hour.

Come on. Out.

Let us stay here at least till the sunrise.

''Hey, this is foreign-land. Sun rarely rises here. Come on.''

''Then, brother, at least give me a cigarette.'' lt will at least make us feel a bit warm.

My responsibility was to bring you to foreign-land..

''..but not buying cigarettes for you. Hey, make it fast.'' lf anyone knows that lndians are coming to London..

..from Europe without passports..

..then you will go to jail and you will also take me there.

''Friends, walk fast. lf you stay back, then you will stay there.''

Put your passports in this briefcase.

You won't need them again.

Put them in the briefcase.

The eight-one is not there.

Where's the passport of the eighth person?

How can we stay in foreign-land without passport?

And how can you stay here with fake passport?

British Government has given the stamp on it.

How can it be a fake one?

What's your name? Bhuta Singh.

What's your name in the passport? Avatar Singh.

What if the police know about your identity?

Can you see this photo? ls there anything wrong in this photo?

Do you know whom you are talking to? ln Dubai we took money from you to just bring you here..

..and to get you a job here.

And in Europe also when you got on the boat to Dover.. agents made it clear to you..

..that your passports will be taken away from you.

Passport! - Don't want to stay in foreign-land?

''Hey, get me a bidi.''

Now listen to me very carefully.

Your mouths will be shut. You came here like thieves..

..and you'll stay here like thieves.

Assume the work that you will be given to you as fortune.. your fellow countrymen who're surviving of our mercy.

''Ok, now give me my commission.''

''Dilawar, bus conductor, 12.50 pounds.''

''Patel, cook, Playboy club, 10 pounds.''

''Ramaswamy, waiter, 10 pounds.''

''Gurdayal, aircraft cleaner, 12.50 pounds.''

''Singh, airport cleaner, 10 pounds.''

Talk to them before giving them the money.

''Ok, but pay your money first.''

''Murarilal, bus-conductor, 12.50 pounds.''

''And he is my brother's son, who died last month.''

You got him a job in motor garage.

He is a cleaner and he gets just 10 pounds.

He also goes to school. l request you not to take 50o/o commission from you.

We can't survive in such a small amount.

He got a job because of my recommendation..

..or else they don't give jobs to kids.

He will have to pay 50o/o commission.

5 pounds!

''Talk to him. What's the matter, Gangaram?''

My friends want me to talk to you.

When did you become their leader?

They selected me to ask you that for how long..

..will we have to pay your commission of our salaries?

Till you get salaries. But your promise was that..

..we need not pay you commission for too long.

Why do you think that it's the commission..

..of getting you the job? You will have to pay some tax.. stay in this country without passport or with fake passport.

But how can we survive with 10-12 pounds per week?

Do you know how many rupees is 10-12 pounds?

''More 200 rupees? That too not for a month, but for a week.''

None of you would have got a job back home.

But you are like our guardian. Think about us. lf we weren't your guardian you wouldn't have been here. lf we weren't your guardian then you'd have been in jail.

''Being in jail is better than your claws, Mr. Gurnam.''

Mind your language or else you won't be the jail either.

''Forgive him, sir. He gets angry just like that.''

''Gangaram, bus-conductor, 12.50 pounds.''

All of you give your commissions.

''And let me tell you, we alone don't take this commission.''

''Whatever you put in this hat, Mr. Tupper gets two-third of it..''

..because of whom we are surviving here.

Here is the collection of this month.

''Mr. Tupper, the police has become alert..''

..and the danger increased.

We request you to raise your commission. lf the business increases l will raise your commission also.

''Just keep on watching, Mr. Tupper..''

..we will bring double the people from lndia..

..who are working with us right now. l am going to lndia tomorrow on my annual tour.

''Gurnam, what do you want me to bring for you from lndia?''

''Buddy, bring nice girl if you find one.''

Are you fed up of Sylvia? Sylvia is just business..

''..and that too old business, but bring a beauty from lndia..''

..which would have both spice and youthfulness..

..then we can fix the price for bringing her.

How much will you give me? lt depends on the girl.

''lt will be anything between 1 to 2,000 pounds.''

''lf the girl is good, then you can get even more. - Done!''

The deal is fixed. Ok.

''When Bhuta opens this, it enters his enemy's chest.''

''l am hungry since two days, Bansi.'' l decided that today l will kill you and get myself hanged.

Who asked you not to work?

You don't do what your friends do. l didn't come here to sweep or clean the dishes.

Then do you want a job in Queen's palace?

''Do you what you promised me, Mr. Bansi..''

..or else the whole world will watch our cinema.

Keep it inside. l will get you a job. l will keep you with me. l won't do just any job. l will do a respectful job.

A person like you deserves a respectful job.

''Gurnam, take him with you and give him a job near you.''

The flight to lndia has been announced. l shall go. Bye!

There is an urgent call for Mr. Bansilal..

..passenger traveling on Air-lndia flight 1 1 ..

''Gurnam, attend my call and whoever it is..''

..tell him that l went to lndia. Bye!

This is Tupper here. ls Bansi gone?

Bansi boarded the flight to lndia.

''Listen, that Sameer Sahni is about to shout..'' lndian Workers' Union Hall.

We came to this foreign-land and with our sweat and toil..

..each one of us has made a place for ourselves.. some place or other which we call home.

We should love this home as much as the British do.

We shouldn't put so much burden on this country..

..that its financial condition deteriorates.

There shouldn't be so many guests in this house..

..that there won't be any food for the owners of the house.

We need to stop the uninvited guests to come to this home. lf knowingly or unknowingly you have given shelter..

'' any illegal immigrant, then l request you..'' hand him over to the government. l also know that the number of illegal immigrants among us.. pretty high. But remember that one bad fish..

..spoils the entire pond. And we should throw that bad fish..

''..out of this pond, so that we could live here with respect..''

..and expect equal rights from British Government.

''Look at this! On every paper, on every front page..''

..Sameer Sahni's speeches are being discussion.

He is arousing the people. lf this is not stopped right now..

..then not only our business will suffer..

''..but he will you, you, and me and our company arrested.''

''l caught Sameer's weakness, Mr. Tupper.''

''lf you give me a free hand, then not only our business..''

''..will flourish and this person will be in our hands, but also..''

''Gurnam. Come in, Sameer. Come in.''

''l was so happy in lndia twenty years ago, Sameer.''

You know Sylvia's mother was also a Hindu.

She used to go to temple like you.

Oh daddy! You always play the stupid lndian programs.

The old man will take this to his graveyard too.

''Hold your tongue, Gurnam. Don't fight.''

Today it's a great occasion. We got the pub. - Really.

Here are your partnership papers.

''And Sylvia, your lawyer made this title deed. Mr. Burns!'' lt's all because of your blessings. l have also taken a new house on rent.

Now you will have to stay with me for a few days.

Where is your bag? l will pack your luggage.

''l always pray for you, Sameer. lf l had a son like you..''

Even then you would have loved me as much as you do.

Treat me as your own son.

And also now we became a family. We bought the pub.

''Sylvia, read out loud the partnership letter.'' ln fact translate it in Hindi or else Gurnam won't..

..understand what lawyer has written in English.

''What do you say, Mr. Burns?''

''For Gurnam's investment of 10,000 pounds..''

..Sameer has given him 35.5 o/o working partnership.

''Mr. Priest, today l want your blessing a bit more.''

Whatever l earned in this country..

..l invested it in a business with my friend.

We bought a pub together.

Now very soon l will bring my family to London.

''My blessings are with you, son.''

Cry more! Your father hasn't written a letter..

..since four weeks. lf l don't get his letter this week..

..then l will go to my father's place in my village..

..and you go to ask your granny to take you.. your father to London. Why are you getting upset?

He might be busy in his work.

That doesn't mean that he doesn't miss you.

''lf he missed us, he would have written to us.'' l wonder if he even thinks about us.

Tomorrow afternoon he is taking to you on radio..

''..from London, isn't he? lt's been one month..''

..since he wrote that. He wrote it in the letter.. start BBC channel at 1 O' clock..

..and he would talk to me on a Hindi program.

''lt's already been one month, mother.''

When will tomorrow come?

Each day is like a year.

How much time does it take to write a letter?

Sameer Sahni.

Sister-in-law will definitely get shocked.

''Brother Veer, your tractor's clutch is damaged.''

''lt will take some time to repair. Ok, l will wait.''

What are the noises from Dayaram's shop?

Dayaram's cousin Bansi came from foreign-land.

He is telling the tales of the foreign-land. - Really?

Now take Rooplal of our nearby village for example.

''He took just two lungis, two shirts and one pant from here.''

Do you know how he is living there?

He is living like a lord over there.

He also married a foreign lady.

''And he roams in the costliest car, Rolls Royce.''

And he also sends money to his family here.

We know that. His father has got his house reworked.

..and he has also done a lot of decoration in his house.

That's what happens when a person goes.. the foreign counties in search of money.

There is no dearth of money over there.

Money rains over there.

You too go out. Try your luck.

''But sir, how much money will it cost to go to UK?''

Mr. Dayaram will tell you everything about it. l made him the agent of this place.

Also tell them how big is your travel agency?

His agency's branches are spread in many countries.

''Berlin, Dubai, France, Holland, Belgium, everywhere.''

That means his company is traveling all over the world.

lf anyone of you wants to go to the foreign-land..

..then come inside and sit on the chair. l will get all your work done.

The fees that you will have to give..

''..l will get the ticket, passport and permit with that money.''

That means three benefits for one fee. - What is a passport?

This is the passport. This is the identity card.

''Your name, your address, your photo..''

..and government stamp are there in this.

You can use it and go to any country.

But passports aren't sold in shops..

..nor do you get them so easily in government's offices.

Don't fall for their tricks.

Why do you show false dreams to these villagers?

''Mr. Bansi, he is Mr. Veer. His brother also lives in England.'' l see. What's his name? Sameer Sahni.

Sameer Sahni? You might have heard about..

..lndian Workers Association's president.

Yes. Who doesn't know him? He is our chief man.

He started a business with my friend in partnership.

''Brother didn't write about it till now, but he will write about it.''

Nice to meet you.


lt might be your father's letter.

''Yes, it's your father's letter, but it in father-in-law's name.''

''Ok, read it. lf he's his son, then he is also your husband.''

How does it make any difference if you read it first..

''..or he read it first, what's important is it's his letter.''

Read it aloud so that l could hear. l shouldn't have read this letter. l was apprehensive about it.

But read it for me. Let me know what he has written.

These brothers write so fast. l understand nothing.

Come here. Read it aloud for me.

''l won't read it, mother. l won't.''

How would l know what's there in it if you won't read it?

Take it and read it aloud.

''Dear father, l wanted to tell you something..''

''..since a long time, but l didn't have the courage.''

Actually l fell in love with an English girl here..

..whom l already married.

Read it further.

l know that mother and you won't like it but l am helpless.

Please hide this matter from your daughter-in-law. l will write it to her personally.

l will go to my father's place.

Please tell father-in-law and get my ticket.


''Sister-in-law, you fell for that!''

''Mother, l am giving your daughter-in-law a new name.''

Cry-baby! Sister-in-law cries when she doesn't get..

..letters from brother and she cries..

..even if she gets letter from him.

''Your brother has defamed us. Read this. - Mother, l can..'' with my eyes closed what l've written in that letter.

You wrote it? So you played this prank on her?

Can any other person dare to play prank on my sister-in-law!

''Mother, everyone in the house knows and sister-in-law also..''

..knows that my writing and brother's writing is identical.

And just look at this envelope. See how old it is.

''Sister-in-law fell for that, and you too fell for that, mother?''

Tear that letter and throw it on his face.

You must punish your brother-in-law for this. - Get lost.

You always fool me.

He's the captain who handles a tank in battlefield..

..and he is also the farmer who runs the tractor in the farms.

Both are great! - But you are forgetting the might of..

''..Kissan Veer, Colonel.''

''Yes. After whose bullets are over, you use it as a gun.''

''Mr. Sahni, l can't forget battle of 1971 .'' lf you want to make anyone a fool..

His head on bang is famous.

But you were winning the medals.

''lf you weren't under me, then how would l have won..''

..those medals. Now take this farm's medals for instance.

Since you are working in our farm we already won..

..two medals. - We will win the third one this season. lt will be hat-trick.

''And then Kernal sir, brother Sameer will send tickets..''

..from London and l will bid you goodbye.

What happened about my passport?

You get the ticket from London and l will get you the passport.

Your application has already been submitted.

''Veer, it's already 1 O' clock. l forgot it.''

''Attention everybody, l am playing BBC, London radio.''

We will hear brother Sameer's voice.

This is BBC World Service's Hindi program.

According to today's program some lndian brothers..

..were about to talk to their families in lndia.

We are sorry to tell you that we can't broadcast..

..this program today. The same program will be aired.. week. Thank you. l know it will never happen.

Your father is not bothered about us at all.

There's a present from a dear one.

''lt's from the person who is crazy about you.''

There's a present from a dear one.

''lt's from the person who is crazy about you.''

There's a gift..

lf you'll stay upset..

''lf you'll stay upset then l swear l'll stop talking to you.''

''Now don't stop the smile that is about to come to your face.''

''Smile, there's a gift from your sweetheart.''

There's a present from a dear one. lt's from the person who's crazy..


''Sometimes even separation is important between the lovers..''

''..for increasing the fondness for each other.''

''The paths of love are always difficult, crooked and strange.''

''Don't worry, the time for waiting over.''

There's a present from a dear one.

''lt's from the person who is crazy about you.''

There's a present from a dear one.

..someone sent a gift of love.

A gift..

You eat it.

You always trouble me. l try to make you laugh. l can see brother writing a letter to you.


''l can guess whom you writing letter to. To you darling, right?''

Yes. - Also write that your Godfather Burns..

''..sends his blessing to your family. - Sure, Mr. Burns.''

Today you are looking so good in this gray suit.

That's why l took your photograph.

''Today we are getting that pub, that's why today..''

..l have organized for a Havan (inunction).. that there would be also be some cleaning today.

Gurnam and Sylvia are waiting for me there.

You too come with me. l won't come today. l will come there to give you good luck..

..the day your pub will be open for the public. l will drink with you.

''See this. Thank you, my Burns.'' l will come home at 7 O' clock. We shall drink at home today.

''We shall not drink beer today, but l will bring champagne.''

Exactly at 7 O' clock. Wait for me. Then we will do cheers.

Sameer might be on his way here.

''Darling, read it and tell me which clause..''

..did you increase in Sameer's and my agreement.

''lf Gurnam or l, Sameer, dies then the other person..''

..will be the sole owner of the pub.

Sameer Sahni! After a lot of practice l am able to..

..forge Sameer's signature.

Now you will have to handle Mr. Tupper's lawyer.

He is also my lawyer. And everything is prepared.

This is my glass and this is your glass.

And this Mr. Sameer's glass.

Sameer will have a sip and sleep forever.

''He will go to heaven. O, l love you, darling.''

''Hey, Gurnam! l heard that you opened a big pub.''

Now come out once.

''Hey, Gurnam, come out.''

Today you shouldn't take away your support.

You gave me courage to talk to my friend.

Uncle jumped into the water.

''Hey, Gurnam, come out if you have courage.''

Give us our right or else your deeds will be made public.

A journalist from Daily Mail comes to our factory everyday.

He was drinking coffee with me yesterday.

He is my friend.

''lf you don't come on track, then l will tell him..''

..about you and he will write about you in the paper.

''Stop your illegal earning, Gurnam. l am taking to you.'' l will tell them that you are into fake passports business.

You threaten your countrymen and take away their..

''..hard-earned money. Where are you hidden, you mouse?'' l am talking to you..


''Gurnam, don't assume that you can escape..''

..after committing murder. l am not running away. l am going to my room. lf you want to call the police..

..then there is a telephone upstairs too. Come upstairs. lt won't help you in anyway if you cut the telephone.

The eyes have seen and the ears have heard it.

Even after coming to the foreign-land.. are nothing but a scar.

You rob your own countrymen. You suck their blood.

You show them dreams back home..

..and here you throw them in the dark.

''l won't let that happen, Gurnam.''

Why don't you say that l am doing them a favor.. bringing them here? No one can enter this country..

..without a passport. They would have died by hunger.. our country. We got them jobs here.

They must be thankful to us. Gurnam!

God will never forgive me for making a person like you..

'' partner. l will think about later, but first l will..''

ls Mr. Sameer there? Mr. Sameer is not here.

Please come here after sometime.

But he gave me an appointment.

You can come when he comes.

Right now we are cleaning the pub. Cleaning!

Please. - Close the other doors and windows too.

''Gurnam, the scars of my blood will reach my country..''

..and then there will be such a fire of revenge from there..

..which will burn down culprits like you.

Keep quiet. Come upstairs.

lt seems that someone dropped his letter.

Someone might have written to his daughter or mother..

..or his sister or his wife. Poor guy!

''Ok, l will post it.''

He is still alive.

''Uncle! Don't cry, son!''

No one should know that this happened with us.

Stop all that and take him to some doctor.

We will be in trouble if we take him to some doctor.

He will inform the police and they will know..

..that we are staying in this country without any passport.

That means we will stay mum if tomorrow..

..someone kills one of us? Shut up! Someone might hear.

Turn back the boat. Let's take him to Gangaram.

No one should know that he is stabbed.

Thank God we left the boatman at the coast..

..or else all of us would have been in trouble.

You start the boat. - l will take revenge of this from Gurnam.

''Hurry up, Sylvia. Hurry up. Someone is there.''

''Who's there? Sir, it's me, Bhuta Singh.''

You came here so fast. l bought all the requisites.

So l came back as soon as l bought them. l brought all the requisites. Mr. Sameer! Mr. Sameer!

Mr. Sameer didn't come yet. He must have left the house.

''Yes, l called him, but he already left the house.''

No problem. l will keep it here.

''Mr. Priest, start the inunction. l will bring other things.''

''Gurnam, may be your partner Sameer..''

..might have met with an accident on the way.

And we may read about him in the newspaper tomorrow.

Uncle Veer! Uncle Veer! There's a letter from father.

''l will also read it. Sister-in-law, is there any private matter..''

''..that we shouldn't read. No, there's nothing like that.''

Read it aloud so that mother and father could also hear.

Dear Rama! Do you know why l didn't write you a letter..

..till now? l wanted to give you some good news.

A dream of mine is fulfilled here. l became the owner..

..of a Sharabkhana which is called pub in English.

The days of our separation are over.

Now the girl will go to the foreign-land.

You will have to go there like an English lady.

''Uncle, l will also go there with mummy.''

''What do you say, madam, will she also go with you?''

Now read it further. He has written in further..

..tell Veer that he will also have to come here.. help me out in the pub. How will l have help him.. the pub! l will drink free wine and be always drunk.. Khadak Singh of our village.

Read further. Father is getting retired.

What will he do there? l think l should bring father and mother here.

What do you say? l won't go anywhere at this age.

''Well, l will definitely go to foreign at least once.''

He also wrote that he has an English Godfather Mr. Burns..

..who treats him as his son. He sends his love to our family.

''Postman. - Sister-in-law, now bring some sweets.''

Whose letter is that?

''This is also from foreign, but it's not from brother.'' lt's for you. Open it and read.

See what's written in it. lt's from Mr. Kashyap.

''Mr. Sahni, you don't know me, but l'm a good friend of your..''

''..son, Sameer. He is missing since a couple of days.''

No one knows where and why he's gone.

And a strange mystery is surrounding this incidence.

l am a police inspector in Scotland Yard.

And being a fellow lndian it's my responsibility..

..that l must tell you about your son.

This letter was posted on 25th and sister-in-law that one.. lt's been posted on 22nd. That means it has been posted..

..3 days after this letter has been posted.

Thank God! l can't forget that day when two kids died..

..near this pole due to current.

''Gita, never go anywhere where there is this sign.''

Assume that there is death near that sign.

There is death near that sign.

''What's the matter, Veer? What are you thinking about?''

''What's the matter, son? Nothing, father.''

May be brother might have gone to some friend's place..

..for a couple of days. l will make a trunk-call..

..from Dayaram's shop.


''Hello, overseas operator?''

''Yes, Mr. Sameer Sahni. Yes.''

You want me to hold on? Thank you.

Why are you playing the same old lndian songs!

Play the BBC of London.

After going to foreign-land l am enjoy those programs more.

''Yes, operator, Sameer's phone is ringing? Thank you.''

''Hello. Hello, is Mr. Sameer Sahni there?''

Sameer? He will return at 7 O' clock in the evening.

At 7 O' clock? That means he is there in London?

Sameer didn't come home since six days.

But he said that he will return at 7 O' clock.

He will return just now. l am waiting for him.

And then l will say cheers. Hello!

He didn't return home since six days. - Veer! Go to London..

..immediately and find out about my son. ls it so easy to go to London?

Where will we get so much money from?

''l will give all my ornaments, but my son should be safe.''

Take away whatever l have. l will kill myself if someone happens to my husband.

You were saying that my brother started some..

''..partnership with a friend of yours, right? - Yes, l heard..''

''..something like that before coming here, but why?''

Who is he? What does he do?

Did you get any information about him these days?

''You were talking to London just now, right?''

Was there any bad news?

According to London police.. 'ln London BBC's..'

'..Hindi program some of our lndian friends..'

'..will talk to their families in lndia.'

'''Mr. Sameer Sahni, during the BBC's program..'''

'..for the non-resident lndians.'

'''Rama, father, mother, Gita, Veer..'''

'..l am absolutely fine in UK.'

'Don't get tensed if l delay writing letters at times.'

'l miss all of you a lot.'

'''l will give you good news soon, within a few days.'''

'Till then lots of love from me.'

'''And Rama, give our daughter kisses from me.'''

'Now Mr. Vijay Bhatnagar will talk to his family.'

''These programs are recorded, right?''

''Yes, may be they were recorded a week ago..''

''..or even earlier. - Father, l'll go to London immediately.'' l can't waste even a single day.

You people go to home and l will talk to the Kernel..

..about the passport.

''Mr. Kernel, l want passport for UK.''

What's the matter? Has your brother sent the ticket?

''He didn't send me the ticket, but he called me there.''

And if you give me some money as advance..

..then l will work for you for free for the rest of my life.

What's the matter? Are you in a rush?

You seem to be in trouble. We got a news from London..

..that brother Sameer is missing..

..and l must go there immediately.

''Ok, then. Sit in the jeep, let's go to Chandigarh.''

Tomorrow you will get your passport.. soon as they open the office. Ok.

''Hello, Mr. Veer! Bansi wants to talk to you urgently.''

lt's something private.

May be you don't passport and even if you get.. may get it so late that you will be too late.

Luckily l am here and l think it's my duty to help you.

''How can you help me? lt will take just 10,000 rupees..'' reach London. l will get you the passport and ticket.

What kind of passport will that be? lt will be yours and it will be on your name.

''And no government will doubt it, neither ours nor theirs.''

''lf you have my passport, then you can depart..''

..from tomorrow evening flight. My agents are there in Delhi. l will give them a call and your seat will be booked. lt would be better for you if you go from tomorrow evening's..

''..flight, because the moment you arrive London airport..'' will meet the person is closest to your brother.

''Gurnam, the person about whom you were asking me..'' your brother's business partner..

..and tomorrow evening's Air-lndia flight.. which his newlywed bride is also going..

..will be received by him in the London airport.

And he is your brother's closest friend.

''l will take your passport later, Mr. Bansi..''

..but first of all l will send you to the jail.

What's this! l am trying to help you and you are..

''Dayaram, let's go. What happened?''

''And Dayaram, you are also an agent in his illegal business.'' l will throw you out of this village.

'lt'd be better for you if you go from tomorrow evening's..'

'''..flight, because the moment you arrive London airport..'''

' will meet the person is closest to your brother.'

'..and tomorrow evening's Air-lndia flight..'

' which his newlywed bride is also going..' lf l get the passport from Chandigarh..

..then l should depart from tomorrow evening's flight.

''May l offer you some juice, madam?''


Vegetarian or non-vegetarian? What?

What would you like to eat? l brought my food from my house. What's the time now?

7:30. Oh! lt's my prayer-time.

You were crying while praying?

When l left my house my parents were crying.

Then why did you leave your house in the first place?

''We needed money, sir.''

You got married just recently? l was made a bride yesterday itself?

And where is your husband? l got married without him.

He is in London. He will receive me there..

..but l don't want to meet him.

''Why? - This is not a marriage, but this is a business..''

..because of our poverty. My mother is ill and we owe..

..a lot of money to the landlord.

What else could my parents have done? l have brought a great match for your daughter.

We will send her to the foreign-country.

She will become the wife of a very right businessman.

Your daughter will have a great life.

''And what is his age? Not too much, just 50 or 55 years.''

''What did you say! No, father.''

''Mother, l won't leave you.''

''But girl, where do we have money for dowry..''

..that someone would marry you.

''Mother, there is no need for any dowry.''

My friend will marry your daughter..

..and he will give you money in return.

With that money you can repair your hut..

'' can pay your debts, you can pay the doctor's bills..''

..and you will also get your bulls back.

So you want me to sell my daughter? No.

She will get married. Your daughter will go to London.. a newlywed bride and when she will reach there.. her husband she will be adorned with ornaments.

Take this.

Take this 5000 rupees. Take it!

With that money my parents' problems will solved.

That's what l thought and agreed.

''But my heart never accepted it, sir.''

''Will you help me, sir?''

''ln marriage ceremony there are bands, a bridegroom..''

..and the both bride and groom take vows near fire..

''..but there was nothing over there. l was sold, sir.''

''Please help me, sir.''

'May l have your attention please! Air-lndia announces..'

'..the arrival the flight 101 in Delhi. Thank you.'

Go and change your dress.

''Brother, we need to go to this address.''

Which bus should we board and from where?

l posted this letter. Sorry!

Nothing. l may be wrong.

Do one thing! Get on the airline bus from that stop. lt will be better for you.

Let's go there.

Let's go back. ls it Mr. Veer Sahni? Mr. Veer!

Captain Veer Sahni!

''Who is chasing us? Come, l will book a room for you..'' that hotel.

Please sign here.

''Follow me, sir.''

lt's so surprising. There's no one over here.

''Your keys, sir. O, thank you!''

''l hope nobody is following us. God, save us.''

''Third floor, in room no. 31 .''

You stay here and l am going to my brother's place.

No. l will die with fear if l live alone.

And you won't be afraid to stay alone with a man?

You saved me. Why would l be afraid of you?

Do you trust me that much? l trust my God. And God sent you for my help.

But there is only one room and we both are here..

..and there is not even anything between us.

There a sari. We can hang it here.

There is someone here.

Hide here.

Greetings. l am Anwar and l clean London Airport..

..and the most interesting thing is that..

..whoever comes from East meets me first in the West.

''Brother, don't be afraid of Anwar.''

He also knows that there is someone with you.

But assume Anwar to be your friend. Anwar?


What's your name? Anwar Saeed!

But how did you come here? You might remember it..

..during the days of ceasefire on lndia's border.. put me in ambulance when l was injured.

That ambulance threw me in military hospital.

And after that when lndia and Pakistan exchanged..

''..the prisoners of war, they send me to my country.''

But l guess l was destined to come to White people's land. l guess l was destined to come here.

After l came out of the army l came here.

''Stop kidding and treat me as yours. Take it, dear.''

This Veer helped me during the Bangladesh war.

And l swear l can do anything for him in London.

''Excuse me, sir, l want to meet Mr. Sameer Sahni. ls he in?''

Sameer will come after 7 O' clock. l will do cheers only after that.

Mr. Burns! - Burns will open the door for Sameer.

This is his house.

No one else can come inside.

''l will wait for you, my son.'' l will drink after you'll come.

This is Sameer's last letter to his home.

He's mentioned your name in this.

''l am Sameer's younger brother, Veer.''

''Yes, this is the same letter which Sameer wrote..''

''..on that table itself, in front of me. Come. See.'' lt is his photograph that l took when he left.

Sameer used to look very smart in grey suit.

He told me that he will return at 7 O' clock.

Where did you go all these days? l will say cheers when you will come. l will drink neck-full in the celebrations of your pub.

''Which pub, Mr. Burns? - Ask it to Gurnam. He will tell you.''

''Gurnam? - Yes, Sameer and Gurnam are partners.''

Sameer will tell you when he comes. Sit down. Sit down.

Sameer is like my own son.

He brought me to his house. He kept me with him.

And Sameer went out for that club's ceremony.

We went out at morning 10 O' clock and you know..

And you know who came in Sameer's place.

''Gurnam and my daughter, Sylvia, his fiancee.''

Now l too have right on this pub as much as you do.

But why are you shouting! Because if you betray me..

..then l will also not keep quiet either. l don't have any faith on you. l too don't have any faith..

..neither on you nor your honesty. lf that's the reason then leave me. l leave you.

Meet Tupper and that lawyer yourself. l will see how you will get the pub's papers. You'll be sorry.

''Darling, we are fighting unnecessarily.''

Let Sameer's matter be solved..

..and later we can solve this problem too.

''Sylvia, leave Gurnam. Gurnam is an evil man.''

When will you die?

Now you have got nothing to do with you. - Sylvia.

Let me go. Sylvia.

Get out of my way. Leave me alone. Sylvia.

Leave me. Leave me. Sylvia.

Let me please. Sylvia.

''O God! Lord Jesus, forgive us.''

Mr. Burns! Do you know why Gurnam came here?

Gurnam came to meet.. You or Sameer?

Did he come for something?

Did he take something from here?

No. l didn't let him touch anything.

He was looking here and there. He was searching.

What was he searching? He was searching some papers. l said that if he touches Sameer's belongings..

..then l will call the police and then he left.

And after that did Gurnam come here again?

''Yes, he came here. He knocked the door.'' l said that l won't open the door. l said that l will open it only after Sameer comes.

This is Sameer's house.

See this. l have hidden Sameer's key. - Why?

Gurnam was asking for this key.

He said he wants Sameer's documents.

''What kind of documents, Mr. Burns? See here.''

Sameer keeps all his documents here.

He tells me everything. See this.

What are these papers?

These are Sameer and Gurnam's partnership letter.

''Yes, Gurnam wanted these papers only.'' l will tell Sameer about it.

He will return at 7 O' clock and then we will say cheers.

''Yes, l wrote this letter.''

We are sorry that we couldn't find out Sameer till now.

''Mr. Kashyap, what do you think?''

Where might have my brother gone?

''Look, there are only two possibilities.''

Either he might have met with an accident or he's killed.

And in both the cases we should have got his body.

But police didn't get Sameer's body yet.

That's why we can say that he's missing. lt's surprising that l talked to your brother that morning..

..and he invited me to inunction in the pub..

..and l rang the pub's bell at 1 1 O' clock sharp.

Sylvia opened the door and said that Sameer..

..didn't come yet. She said that they were cleaning the room..

..and asked me to come sometime later. l was waiting outside.

''The priest for inunction came, but Sameer didn't.''

Then l called inspector Martin and we're sitting in the pub..

..for Sameer till the dawn. Gurnam was also there.

Do you think that Mr. Gurnam who's my brother's partner..

..has got anything to do with my brother's missing?

How can we say that? No one saw anything.

But from what l gathered from Mr. Burns.. seems that Gurnam know it.

Don't assume that we our department is sitting idle.

We are keeping a vigilant eye on Gurnam.

But we must get some evidence. lf the incident had happened in the pub..

..then we must have got Sameer's body. lf that was the case then they might have taken him..

..out of the club or they would have thrown his body in lake.

After Sylvia stopped me l was roaming out of the pub's door..

..and l saw none coming out.

And the river-police are saying that they've searched..

''..the lake, but they didn't get any body.''

lf you came just for your brother..

..then don't waste your time and money.

This is Scotland Yard's job and our police very capable.

For these policemen this might be one is thousand cases..

''..but he is my only brother, Mr. Kashyap.''

Being a fellow lndia promise me that Gurnam..

..doesn't find it out from the police..

..that Sameer's brother is in London.

''That we promise you, Mr. Sahni. We are with you.''

''Thank you, sir. Thank you.''

Did you find your brother? No.

Will you find him? That's what l came here for.

What did you tell his name whom you're about to marry?

Gurnam. l have his photo on which his name and address..

..are also written.

''S. Gurnam, Sam and Nam pub. Pub!'' ls he the same person? l was praying the God..

..and my God said that you helped me..

'' l should also help you. How can you help me, Gauri?''

Two are better than one. l will go with you wherever you'll go.

And what if Gurnam comes in front of you?

He can't harm me at all. You are with me now.

But you will have to change your appearance? - Yes.

Hello. This pub seems to be empty. lt used to be full of British and when any lndian..

''..used to come here, people used to look at him with anger.''

And since Mr. Gurnam has bought this pub..

..neither British nor lndians are coming to this pub.

''Mr. Gurnam, hire some beautiful chicks for service.''

Then it will be fun drinking here. People will also come..

..and your business will also run well.

What do you want? Two whiskeys.

One large and one small.

''Yes, please.''

Can we take the drinks outside?

''Ok, but come soon.''

''On the black mare the dark young men are riding.''

My brothers are very brave.

''The clerk is smiling in the open window.''

''The clerk is smiling in the open window, l am telling you.''

''The clerk is smiling from the open window....''

''Friend, this is a nice pub. Who is the owner?''

Haven't you seen the board outside? lt's Sam and Nam.

That's what l am asking. What is its meaning?

Sam for Mr. Sameer and Nam for Gornam.

Gornam? lt's Gurnam. The names change..

..when people come to foreign-land.

But Mr. Sameer is always Mr. Sameer. Where is he?

He's been missing. Where has he gone?

''lf you ask many questions, then l will say only one thing.''

Finish you glass and go out. The bar is closed.

''l already told you to get out. Don't get angry, friend.'' l am also your countryman. Can l not get a job here.. this bar? - Pray God that he turns you into a girl.

And my sir will give you the job. Bhuta Singh.

''Look, tomorrow girls are coming for interview.''

Make sure that madam doesn't hire any ugly-looking girl.

''Don't worry about it at all, sir. l won't even let the ugly girls in.''

You are very smart. Good. Take this.

''Lot of thank you, sir. Gurnam is the same person..''

..who was trying to trap you is the same person..

..who might have something to do with my brother's missing.

And to find out this job it's necessary..

..for me to get a job in this pub. So?

''l won't get a job here, but you..'' l am ready to do anything to find your brother. l will.

The plan will work if we put you between..

..Gurnam and his fiancee Sylvia. Yes.

We have to find out the secrets.

We have to find out who is who..

..and what's behind their minds.

We have to find out everything. Yes.

Before coming to the interview you will have to..

..take some training. Ok.

''Do cheers! Just do cheers, don't drink it.''

''Do it, fast. The pub is about to be closed. - Don't drink it.''

Where do these people come from!

l am drunk.

Take the ticket. Say thank you. What?

Thank you.

''Yes, sir. Yes, sir.''

''No, sir. No, sir.''

''Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.''

''Say it again. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.''

''No, sir. No, sir.''

''Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.''

''Now tell me if you are a boy or a girl. - Yes, sir.''

''No, sir?''

''lt won't work. Thank you, sir.''

''lt won't work. Thank you, sir.''

No thank you. lt won't work.

You will have to keep your mouth shut.

You will have to go there as a dumb girl. - Dumb girl?

''Yes, dumb girl. Or else you will get caught and you won't..''

..get that job and are plan will be ruined.

But l am not dumb. How can you make me dumb?

''No. No. You are not dumb, but you'll have to act like a dumb.''

''Act? - Yes, l mean you have to pretend like that.''

And you will have to become a foreigner. - Foreigner?

See there.

See what that girl has worn.

O lord! Shameless!

This shamelessness is fashion here.

But we don't wear such kind of dresses in our village. l won't do this fashion.

''Ok, don't do it in your village, but this is foreign-land.''

No. l feel shy to wear such dress.

''Be a foreigner when you are in foreign-land.''

''Be a foreigner when you are in foreign-land.''

''O girl, stop blushing.''

''O girl, stop feeling shy and get ready fast.'' l don't want to be like that. l don't want to be like that.

''How strange in this city and how strange are the people?''

''O lord, everyone is so shameless.''

''You tell me God what l shall do now.''

''l wonder why l am afraid of doing anything.'' l shall not remove my veil.

''Now stop feeling shy, girl.''

''Now you got a chance to change yourself.''

''What's the need to feel shy, girl, get ready fast.'' l don't want to be like that. l don't want to be like that.

''Cover your heart, girl..''

Covering your body is of no use.

''The flowers which don't blossom are useless.'' lt happens the first time.

''Take some strength from me on lease.'' l won't lie to you.

l fear if l will fall.

Keep your hand in my hand.

''What's the need to feel shy, boy, get ready fast.''

You got it right.

''Be a foreigner when you are in foreign-land.''

''Be a foreigner when you are in foreign-land.''

''O boy, stop blushing and get ready fast.''

Excuse me.

Please turn.

Not you. You!

Wait. l am coming.

''Mr. Gurnam, whom should l take upstairs for interview?''

Give me my glasses.

No one is that good. The middle one is a bit better.

We will get hundreds of girls like her.

Send them away. We will get some new tomorrow.

Don't worry. l will give them some beers..

..and send them away.

You will not say anything. You will have to stay mum.

Wear your spectacles.

The interview will be tomorrow. Today our sir isn't well.

The interview will be tomorrow. Drink beer with me today.

''Look, today you will drink with Bhuta Singh, all lndia King.''

''God, please save me.''

''Bhuta Singh. - Yes, sir. Bye-bye, girls. Meet you later.''

Can't you see her? Take her upstairs for the interview.

''Yes, sir. Welcome. Welcome.''

You should have come straight upstairs.

What are you doing downstairs?

Come here. You will also get a good salary.

You will get 20 pounds per week.

According to lndian currency it's 350 rupees per week.

And you will also get tips. You will give us 50o/o.

What's your name?

Name? l am asking your name.

Are you deaf?

Are you dumb?

Since birth?

So it must have happened in an accident. l must tell you that God can't make such a big mistake.

''Sir, she can't talk. She is dumb.''

We are not hiring her for doing opera. lt's better for us if these girls don't open their mouth.

Take her upstairs. Ok.

Come upstairs.

Go inside.

Go inside.

''Your name? - Madam, she is dumb, but she can hear.''

Tell her your name.


Do you know what you have to do hear?

Are you an lndian?

Where are you from?

From Uganda! l see.

''Madam, she is dumb. Give her the job.''

Sir won't even talk to her and customers will be happy.. drink from her hands.

Did you tell her about her salary? l told her that she will get 20 pounds per week.

Ok. Tell her about her work. Alright.

Come here.

''He is our sir, Mr. Gurnam. He is a very kind person.''

He takes care of everyone who works with him.

Just look at me for example.

''Look, work here carefully.''

Your job is to keep everyone happy. That's what your job is.

What are you staring at? Tell her what she should do. l will be with her today. Stay with her.

''Gangaram! Gangaram, if we won't call doctor even now..''

Then go and call the doctor.

Go out and tell everyone who you are..

..and for whom the doctor is needed.

First the police will come here and then the doctor will come.

We are illegal immigrants.

We are no better than dead bodies in this foreign-land.

We can neither live with peace nor die with peace.

Uncle! - Don't shout! Stop crying. You can't even cry.

Hide his body in a shawl and bury him somewhere.

Do you know who Murari is? He is a Hindu.

You are taking about burying him. We will have to do..

..the last rituals. We will have to burn him body.

Then burn him and the whole world will watch.

Today he's dead and tomorrow..

..everyone of us will die along with him.

Do you all want to die in the jail?

l swear we will take revenge of your murder.

''Gurnam, we will not leave you alive.''

We will burn his pub. We will burn his pub.

And then? - And there was a great anger on Gurnam.

People were so angry that they wanted to kill him.

Which people? Some kids like in my house.

They were talking among themselves.

Accidentally l listened to them.

But they won't tell me anything if l ask them.

But they are anger at Gurman for something. lf you wish l will introduce them to you.

''l will meet them, but think a plan which will give me..''

..a place in Gurnam's pub.

One beer please.

''Hey, a big whiskey, Miss. Neat.''

ls that what you call whiskey? lt's rubbish!

l asked for a Patiala-peg. Patiala!

''Hey, Mr. Patiala! lf you want Patiala, then go to Patiala.''

''What are you doing here? Mister, l asked for whiskey..''

..but not for salad. - Aren't you ashamed to defame Punjab..

'' a foreign-land! He beat me, rascal.''

''Now what do you say? You.. - Don't worry, Mr. Gounam.'' l have dealt with such people a number of times.

My job was to teach these people some lessons.

l will cut you into pieces. Where's my knife?

Now come to me.


Where are you running?

''Surrender! Surrender! Ok, you won. You won.'' l am waving the white flag. You won. - Good!

Yours is a strong punch. lt's as hard as a stone.

''My nose is broken. One whiskey, Mr. Gournam.''

His nose is broken. He deserves a drink.

Drink it and remember Patiala.

What's the price? One that he dropped and one.. gave right now. - Six shillings for the previous one..

..and six shillings for this one.

That's all l have. The bus charge.

''lf l did anything wrong, then please forgive me.''

''Sir, he is very cunning person.''

Yesterday he came to me if there is a job here.

He is just doing show-off. He is a very cunning person.

''He can't be more cunning then me. Hey, young man!''

How long has it been since you came here?

As a few days ago. l am searching for a job.

What kind of a job do you want?

''l want a big job, but right now any job will do.''

''But if you give me a job in your bar, then l'll be useful for you.''

No one can dare touch you. Where are you from? l am a Punjabi Christian. Name?

Tony. Tony?

Tony Takkar. lt's a strange name.

Earlier when l was in army l used to have Takkar(fights)..

..with people for every small thing.

And people gave me the name Takkar.

But my head on bangs are very famous. You can see it.

''lf l like your work, then l will make your job permanent.''

''And the salary will also be fixed then only, ok?'' lf l don't make your pub busy like a bee..

..then you can fire me without giving me a salary.

You drink and live.

You live and drink.

''When you will drink in winter, friends..''

''When you will drink in winter, friends, it will become a coat.''

And it will give you calmness.

''lt will make your dreams colorful..''

..when it will reach your eyes.

''And you will find your soul-mate somewhere nearby.''

Why are you roaming alone?

''Why are you roaming alone? Just look at the carnival.''

Come and enjoy the life.

''Never sing alone. Never live alone. A great poet said so.''

''Above and below. Forward and behind there is craziness.''

Drink and live.

''He's Gujarati, he's Bengali..''

''He's Gujarati, he's Bengali, he's crazy and she's crazy.'' l am eastern and your western..

''..but still we heartbeats are similar.''

''He's Madrasi, he's Punjabi. There's a key for every lock.''

''Everyone is a slave of love, both and white and black.''

''Even if it's a worker or the owner of the mill.''

''Even if it's a worker or the owner of the mill.''

''He's thirsty at night and hungry at day.''

Come inside. Don't worry.

''Don't take anything on credit. Bring money along with you.''

Still this shop is open.

''This is my first sale. l shall sell everything for low price.''

Drink and live.

l miss my family a lot.

''lf you miss your family or your eyes get moist.''

''Look at me, how l drink and smile.''

Ask me how people hide secrets.

Some fool others and escape.

The world will shake..

''The world will shake and the torn pocket will be stitched.''

Come here and become the king.

Never mess or fight with others.

Come and dance with us.

''Be careful, this ship shouldn't sink.''

Drink and live.

Tony is saying this.

''Hey, come on!''

''Come on, mister, buck up!''

''Ok, girls. Come on, sister. Cheer up.''

''Hey, Gornam, we will burn your pub.''

''You are not selling liquor, but you are selling our blood.''

You became fat drinking our blood.

Today we will take your new girl.

Come here. l will get you bathed.

This one is for Allah!

Take this in your mouth. Come here.

''l came here to have a drink, brother.''

But where's the money for the drink?

''lf you do this again, next time your dead bodies..''

''..will go out of here. You are very brave, Tony.''

From today onwards your job is permanent.

''Thank you, Gournam. - lt's ok, dear. l don't mind if you job..'' permanent. But l am the one who will benefit from this.

lt seems that you got the name Tony after coming here.

''Here it's lndian name, Veer Sahni.''

You don't worry at all. l will never reveal it to the world. l am not bothered about it at all why you came here..

..for whom you came here. l am only bothered about my commission.

How much is the commission?

The amount you think is right for hiding this secret.

And from now onwards l will take cash for..

..keeping my ears and my eyes shut. l can give you.. much money is there in my pocket and other than..

Don't worry. Other than that l will take half the money..

..that you earn in the bar. 50-50.

Bhuta Singh doesn't allow others to work in this bar.

''You won't betray me, will you? Betrayal?''

''Friend, if you wish you can test me.''

This letter seems to be Bansi's letter.

'l came to know that you didn't get Gauri.'

'l left her in the airport. l am sending her photo..'

' the bride taken on that particular day.'

'Get the enquiry done.'

Her name is also there in passenger list..

''..of Air-lndia flight no. 101 , Mrs. Gauri Gaurnam.''

And this is her photo as a bride. l married her just a few days ago in lndia.

And you passport officer is saying that he checked..

''..the passport of a girl like her. Yes, sir.''

This is inspector Martin of Scotland Yard speaking.

''An lndian girl age 18 years, height 5 feet 4 inches..''

''..fair-complexioned, dark haired, good looking, slim..''

..and dressed in the attire of a newlywed lndian bride.. absconding. Anybody knowing the particulars..

..of the whereabouts of this girl or anyone having spotted..

''..this girl, please report immediately to Scotland Yard.''

This is the photo of the absconding girl. lf anyone finds her hand her over to the police.

She came to UK as wife of Mr. Gaurnam of Sam & Nam.

The key please.

This is my photo. Here's the key please.

Thank you.

The police must have advertised that photo.

''What will happen now? O God, please save me.''

''Yes! - Do you mind, sir, if l could see your passport?''

He wants our passport. Sing prayers in high pitch.

O lord Krishna.. Let us finish our prayers.

Kindly let us finish our prayers.

''O lord Krishna.. Keep on singing. Don't stop.''

''O lord Krishna, please listen to our prayers.''

O lord Krishna! O lord Krishna!

''O lord Krishna, please listen to our prayers.''

First l will get down and then you will come down.

''Help us, O Almighty.''

O lord Krishna!

''O lord Krishna, please help us.''

O lord Krishna.


Help us!

O lord Krishna!

''Be careful. ''O lord Krishna!''


Thank you.


Heading in the direction of King's Royal.

Request to be following.

''Next to lndian YMC hall, 41 , 5th Royal Square.''

Anwar's house is there behind it.

Let's hide in this hall to escape from the police. lt seems that some lndian program is going on.

Brother and sisters! Ladies and gentlemen!

Brothers and sisters! Listen to me please. Please!

Your favorite singer Naseem Bano couldn't make it.. the program because of plane's delay.

We apologize for that. Now her program will be conducted..


Today we are presenting you our local artists..

''Hey, you! We didn't buy the tickets for the local artists.''

We want Naseem Bano. Naseem Bano will..

''..definitely come, but she will come tomorrow.''

Her plane is late. Every time you announce..

..lndian artist's name and you rob the public.

We want Naseem Bano.

We want our program for which we paid the money.

Or else return our money.

We got the tickets in advance booking a week ago.

Beat them. Let's lock them in the jail.

Bring your friends here who tried to fool us.

Give us way! Naseem Bano is here.

Let her go on to the stage.

''Please come here, Miss. Naseem Bano.''

Naseem Bano! Bring a garland!

Pretend to me that famous singer. Bring the microphone.

Here is the microphone. She sings on hand-microphone.

Friends! Friends! The program organizers were right..

..when they said that Naseem Bano's plane was delayed.

But Naseem Bano is also kept her work.

She got down the plane and chartered a helicopter.. that her delay shouldn't upset her fans.

Look! l didn't even change my dress in the hurry. lt's a lie. This person is a liar.

He is the bartender in Sam & Nam club. lt seems that you are so drunk in the pub..

..that you still didn't get over it. - Don't trust him.

He was in the bar. - Get over the drink and enjoy this drink.

''When restlessness goes beyond limits, it's called punishment.''

''And after promising, when one comes late, it's called style.''

Naseem Bano!

''l pray to God that such a day never comes..''

''..when you call me l couldn't come.''

How can l reach the destination..

..till you are not there with me?

''l pray to God that such a day never comes..''

''..when you call me l couldn't come.''

ln the world of romantics a..

''..true romantic has come now.''

''Today l came here to make you intoxicated..''

''..with the drink served by my eyes.''

''Staying in control after drinking..''

..isn't possible for you.

How can l reach the destination..

..till you are not there with me?

''Be careful, the arrow of..''

'' is aiming you.'' lf my eyes injure your heart..

..then don't call me a killer. l made my move very carefully.

''l am not going to get defeated in this game.''

''l pray to God that such a day never comes..''

''..when you call me l couldn't come.''

How can l reach the destination..

..till you are not there with me?

Who's there?

''Veer, it's you? - Anwar, once you said that if ever needed..''

''..we can stay in your home. Yes, l did.''

''Hey, you didn't go to duty? You can't escape now.''

''Hey, you, step back. l will kill you. What's going on?'' lt's not their mistake either. Till now Mr. Gurnam's problem..

''..isn't over, so this kind of things are common.'' l got it. lnstead of going to duty they went to the pub.

''You might have got your lesson, right?''

You should have seen my nose before messing with him. lt's still paining. You messed with Veer?

Veer is my brother and she is my sister. Come in.

What's going on over there? What do you think?

Let's keep an eye on them.

They stay with me. Those who are sleeping work in first-shift..

..and the second-shift people are behind me.

When the first-shift people go to duty..

..the second-shift people come and sleep on these beds.

''Don't worry, buddy. Till now there were 12, now it'll be 14.''

''Girl, you are my sister. You can sleep on my bed.'' l will arrange everything for you.

You sleep upstairs and Veer and l will sleep downstairs. l heartily apologize for whatever happened in the bar.

We are leaving you because you are brother Anwar's friend.

We will deal with you later. Shut up!

You give me one pound per week as rent..

..but you talk as if you bought the entire London.

''We won't do anything, but Gangaram's gang..''

..will not let you go easily.

''Hello. Gurnam, you son-of-a-bitch.''

Come to the battlefield. Now our fight has started.

We will see you when Basni and you will come.. take your commission!

Do you understand?


Who do l send to take the commission?

''Thank you, six shillings, six shillings.''

Lager. You want scotch? One scotch ahead.

One second. One second. Six shillings a can.


''lf someone gives you a tip, don't get excited and squeal.''

Just keep on watching.

''Don't forget that you are dumb. Yes, sir.'' l don't mind if you are pretending to be dumb. l just want my 50o/o. Tony!

''Coming, sir.''

''Look at me once in a while, girl.'' l am also from the same place where Tony is from.

''Only money won't work, dear.''

Some of our customers are dispersed in London..

..who owe us one week's rent.

And all of them will come to this place.

And this is the list of the money they owe us. Ok?

''Go and get it, just like a good boy.''

'Who are these people?'

Tell me your names. Last night his attitude..

..was very different.

Gurnam didn't come? Gurnam sent me on his behalf.

So you are his assistant! Do you give him commission..

..or do you take commission from him?

We won't give you any commission.

''Yes, we won't! We won't!''

And l too won't give any commission.

''Yes, we won't! We won't!''

Call Gurnam here. Today we will decide we need to..

..give him any commission or not.

Today we will take the final decision with Gurnam.

''Gurnam is a thief! Yes, he's the thief.''

Gurnam is your caretaker. He provided you jobs.

He fooled us and brought us here.

Gurnam didn't force you to come here.

''lf he wasn't there, then how could you have entered..''

''..this country, and now you are revolting against him?''

What was the need to come to another country..

..and do as you wish? You are an outsider here..

..and you will be an outsider here. ln fact you should be thankful to Mr. Gurnam..

..that till now you are surviving here.

Let's bash him first we will deal with Gurnam later. - Ok.

Let's teach him a lesson. He is trying to lecture us.

Don't forget that no one will even lend a hand.. your dead body if you die.

That day he killed my uncle and today he will shoot us.

''But l spit on you and on you too, Gurnam's dog!''

He will kill me. He will kill me.

Save me. They killed my uncle first and now they will kill me.

No one wants to kill you. ln fact l want to help you.

Tell me who killed your uncle and how did he kill him.

No. No. You are lying. You are Gurnam's man.

Neither l a liar nor am l am Gurnam's man..

..but whatever l said there on behalf of Gurnam.. because Gurnam was right behind the window.

Forgive me! You might be thinking that l am troubling..

..this kid. But l am lost in this foreign-land..

..and l am in search of light.

''l saw a ray of light in this kid, so l chased him to here.''

''Anyone can come to the temple, right?''

''Yes, son. Tell me what you want.'' l want to assure this kid that l am not his enemy.

lf you can tell me about your uncle..

..then l swear on God that we can help each other. lt was Saturday morning.

We were roaming on boat and we came across..

..Gurnam's pub.

My uncle swam across the river and went to meet him.

But Gurnam killed him.

We took him out of water.

His body was filled with blood.

''Gurnam killed your uncle, on Saturday?''

That was also Saturday when l went for inunction for Sameer.

You know Sameer? Sameer Sahni? That day Sameer..

..was standing right there where you are standing. l never saw him that happy.

''He said, Mr. Priest give me your blessings..''

..and l am about to bring my family to London.

''Sameer's family is in a lot of trouble, Mr. Priest.''

''His father, his mother, his wife, his kids..''

..his brother is very troubled.

He wants to know where Sameer is.

''And if he's not there, then who's the reason behind it.''

''Mr. Priest, l came thousands of miles away..'' search of my brother Sameer. You..

You are Sameer's brother? l was also waiting for someone from Sameer's house.. that l could remove the burden on my heart.

That was also a Saturday when Sameer called me.. his pub for inunction. l reached there..

..but Sameer didn't. Or he reached before l reached and..

l set the fire in the urn.

My heart also feels that Sameer is murdered..

..and Gurnam knows about it.

''Son, Sameer's soul is roaming without peace in this land.''

And his soul will wander till someone from his family..

..comes here.

''Sameer's soul has brought his brother here, Mr. Priest.''

And till he doesn't destroy the sin..

..for which Sameer's soul is wandering without peace..

..his dharma will be incomplete in this birth.

Give me your blessings! May God give you strength.. fulfill your duty towards your brother.

Don't assume that you can escape from us.. hiding in the temple. Gurnam ran away..

..but we won't leave you. Come out!

Come out!

Don't misunderstand him. He is not Gurnam's man.

''You scoundrel, you fooled this kid and Priest also.. - Stop!''

Don't step forward. l have given blessings to Veer.

''Don't stop them, Mr. Priest, or else l can't make them..''

..believe me.

Who's the person who will hold this fire.. that l could give you the proof of my honesty?

Till you don't believe that l am your friend..

..and Gurnam and Bansi's enemy.. hand will be one this fire.

And before my blood puts out this fire.. will also have to swear along with me..

..that we will fight together till death..

..against Bansi's and Gurnam's atrocities.

l assure you on my friends' behalf that we are with you.

Then l need you commission that you give to..

..Gurnam and Bansi every week. We won't!

We won't! We won't!

You betrayer! - You will have give this commission..

..for the last time l swear. We are with you.

''Friends, give him your commissions.''

This is the place where l found that letter. lt was 2 O' clock in the morning and it was Saturday..

..because every Saturday l buy articles from that shop.

''Your job is done, Mr. Gurnam.''

Here is your list.. Good.

..and here is your rent. Very good.

What happened to your hand?

''You have also seen it, some of them were revolting..''

..but too gave them the taste of their own medicine.

''Tony, is that injury too bad? l was in army, Mr. Gaurnam.'' l got worse injuring than this. lt's nothing.

''Your value has increased in my eyes, Tony. Take this.''

''Mr. Gauran, there is no need for this.''

''But if you permit, then l would like to have to drink.''

Sure! Why not! Assume this to be your own bar.


''What do you want, Tony?'' l saw you alone and l thought of asking you..

..if you need a drink. lf you have any work..

..then l will do it for you. Like see these walls..

''..they lost their color, except this wall.'' lt seems that you varnished it just a few days ago.

O yes! We started painting but since we were busy..

''..we left it in the middle. Ok, l will paint the room.'' l will make it brand new again.

This varnish has a great smell.

Don't touch it! ls this is the same knife?

lt's the same varnish that you used for this wall.

The cross was drawn on the envelope with the same knife.

Tony! l am thinking how it would be if we paint red color on it.

''l got the idea, madam.''

My brother was killed in that particular room..

..and on the same Saturday when Murari was killed.

What was the time when Gurnam stabbed Murari..

..and threw him in the river? Around 10:30 am.

''Exactly at 10:30 am. Yes, it was exactly 10:30 am.''

That means brother was killed after 10:30 and before 1 1 :00..

..because according to Mr. Burns brother departs..

..from the house at 10 O' clock and it takes around..

..30-45 minutes to reach the pub.

Mr. Kashyap reached there exactly at 1 1 O' clock..

..and Sylvia stops him from going inside..

..and exactly at the same time Gangaram got a letter..

..below the window. May be your brother's dead body..

..was also thrown in the river just like Murari's body.

''No, according to the police they didn't get any body..''

..till now in the river. May be he was taken outside..

..and buried somewhere. The body didn't go outside..

..because Mr. Kashyap said that he didn't see anyone..

..coming out of the pub. When he was stopped by Sylvia..

..he waiting for Sameer right in front of the pub.

Then what does it mean? The body is neither in the river..

..nor it came out of the pub.. That means the secret of..

..the body lies in the pub itself.

Bansi has returned. l saw him coming out of the plane from lndia.

He will reach Gurnam first of all and he will reveal..

..Gauri's and my true identity.

We must stop them from meeting and talking.

l have a plan.

We will have to kidnap Bansi.

''lf he goes to Gurnam's house, then kidnap him there..''

''..and if he reaches the pub, then first Anwar and l..''

..will stop him.. He can never reach Gurnam.

And some of you'll wait for my call in the nearby restaurant..

..and the moment you get my call you will enter the pub.

And then the next drama will start and its heroine..

..will be Gauri. Listen to your part carefully.

Do you have courage?

''You will have to come to the police station, Mr. Sahni.''

''You go there. What happened, Mr. Kashyap?''

We doubt that the girl whom you who is with you..

'' Mrs. Gaurnam, who we are searching.''

She is not Mrs. Gauram..

..because she never got married. l saved her from a villain's claws.

''lf she is not Mrs. Gaurnam, then that means she came..'' with on the fake passport of Mrs. Gaurnam.

We will have to arrest her also.

Will you please bring her along with you?

Does Gurnam knows that she is the girl..

..who came here as his wife? No.

We don't want to tell this to him yet.

We have to do some more investigation.

''Mr. lnspector, l am about to expose a big conspiracy..''

..and that girl is a part of my plan.

''lf you give me some more time, then l will not only..''

''..find my brother's murders, but l will also..''

..unmask a big racket for which your entire police force..

..working since a long time.

Leave us for one more evening.

And if l can't find out the truth till tomorrow..

..then l will accept whatever punishment..

..the government gives me for kidnapping a girl.


''Good morning, Mr. Gauram. Good morning, Tony.''

Today you came before me. l got the bus sooner. lt seems that Bhuta.. Here is Bhuta.

''Good morning, sir. Morning.''

Come. lt's so cold.

Wow! Today l am the first customer in this pub.

''Miss, get me a nice drink.''

''Are you again in the Patiala mood, friend? - Not at all.''

That day l said Patiala and you broke my nose. l heard that Mr. Gurnam's pub is running well.

Yesterday l got my salary and l thought of having a drink.. the morning. One double Patiala and one soda.

''Mr. Gaurnam, where are you? l heard a lot about your pub.''

''Bansilal! You made me wait for too long, friend. - Veer?''

Welcome! Welcome! The buddies' buddy is here.

Give him a drink. He crossed seven seas and came here.

''Friend, you are working here? Mr. Bansi, all are friends.''

''Take double Patiala, you are from Punjab. - lt's enough.''

You are our friend.

''Not only your, but he is our friend too.''

Do some inunction for him.

''No evil eye should fall on us, friends.''

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

''No evil eye should fall on us, friends.''

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

''We met in our village a few days ago.''

''And now we are meeting here in an English pub.''

''We used to smoke hukka with a turban on our head.''

''Now we are talking in suits and boots.''

''Memories and promises.. Dreams and intentions..''

''Things that we forgot.. Let's get nostalgic about them.''

''Our old topics.. Are still waiting for us.''

We missed you till now.

''lt's an old tradition that the thief scolds the owner.''

We accept it.

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

''Think twice before stepping forward, it's a valley of fire.''

''lf you want to meet friends, then meet them with love.''

There you have a life-partner..

'' you change life-partners everyday.''

''lf that's right, then this is also right. To each his own.''

''The flowers, the anklets.. The dot and kohl.''

''Neither there is veil.. Neither is there a sari.''

''The clouds of British beauty vanish now and then.''

''lt's very hard to win the hearts of both east and west.''

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

''One day you sent me, but whom did you send now?''

''l have already suffered, but what did you come here for?''

''Say something about our farms where you came from.''

''Here we feel suffocated due to the smoke.''

''Come to us. Call them all.''

''Wake up.. ..those who are sleeping.''

''We do things.. ..very frightened.''

''We escaped death by a wink so many times.''

Eat and drink and enjoy the life.

''This life won't come again. Then get me a drink.''

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

''No evil eye should fall on us, friends.''

The pub is full today..

''l fear these fair ladies might lose their hearts.''

Chase those goons. l will call the police right now.

''Mr. Gouram, l will chase those goons..''

..or else we can't find out Bansi.

And while they were running l got this newspaper from.. of them and l doubt that this girl is none other than..

''..Shabnam, whom police is searching.''

Close the pub and don't let her leave this place.

Don't worry. Do as l said.

l will tear your clothes into pieces..

..if you won't tell me your real name.

But if you behave properly and say everything to me..

''..then darling, l love you, so don't be scared of me.''

Tell me what your real name is.

l said tell me your real name.

''O God, save me. l see, so Shabnam can also speak.''

''Dear, have some more whiskey.''

''Buddy, he drinks whiskey every day.''

Today he came to Anwar's house.

Get him Punjabi liquor.

''Mr. Bansi, forgive me for this inconvenience..''

..but you are kept here for your welfare only..

..or else they would have throw you.. river Thames by now.

Behave yourself. He brought you people to a foreign-land..

..and got you a job and you are misbehaving with him?

He will have to stay alive.

''Because he won't stay alive, then how will he speak!''

l will dial a number and you will say..

..what l will write on this paper.

''Ok, l will tell everything.''

Tell me or else l will beat you so hard with my hunter..

..that you will have scars on your body forever.

A person who calls himself Sameer's brother..

..forced me to act like a dumb girl. - Sameer's brother?

He wants to know about this pub..

..and he also want to know about Sameer who is missing.

Sameer's brother? Tell me further.

He told me that if l don't help him then he'll get me arrested. l ran away from him after l got down from the plane.

Who is that person? What is his name?

Where does he stay? His name is Veer.

Veer? Tell me further. Yes. And he lives where l stay.. a old Gujarati's lady house.

''The address is 20, Farrar Rd. Goldars green.''

''Gurnam speaking. - Gurnam, l escaped from their claws.''

But l came to know about a big conspiracy.

Sameer Sahni's brother Veer Sahni is living in London..

..and came for the partnership in the pub.

He forced Gauri to work in your pub as dumb Shabnam.

''But.. - He is living in old Gujarati lady, Mrs. Dinshah's..''

'', whom l know very well. Right now l am..''

..speaking from her house only. The address is..

''20, Farer Rd. Golders Green.''

Come here immediately. That rascal isn't here now. - Listen.

''Don't ask me any question, Gurnam.''

And try to reach here immediately..

..or else you will have to lose your pub..

..and you will have to go to jail as well.

''Take the address again, Mrs. Dinshaw, 20, Farrar Rd..''

..Goldars Green.

''l love you, darling. l won't leave you. l will tie here down.''

Take some more pain for me. l too suffered a lot for you.

Come downstairs.


No. - l will not leave you. l will tie you here.

lf he buried the dead body somewhere..

..then this letter will take him there.

The only thing is that he should get this letter.

Let him come here. l will take care of the rest.

Mrs. Dinshaw. Mrs. Dinshaw! l want to meet Bansi. Bansi went out for cigarettes.

Come later if you want to meet him.

''Hey, what are you doing! You came in without..'' permission and closed the doors. What do you mean!

Bansi is my friend and my name is Gurnam.

''Gurnam! Yes, Bansi was telling me..''

..that if Gurnam comes ask him to sit inside.

Please sit down. What are you staring at?

Do you live here alone or anyone else lives with you?

What do you mean? l mean does anyone else..

''..lives with you? No, l used to live here alone.''

But since l took the two paining guests..

..they made my life a hell.

See what they made of this house.

''This girl is a nice person, but that boy is a jerk.''

He's a big scoundrel. l already told Bansi..

..that Veer Sahni will use Gauri and then leave her.

See what the condition of the room is.

See how he keeps his room. He's such a dirty person.

He hasn't even given me the rent since he came here. l doubt him a lot. Sometimes he looks this way..

..and sometimes he looks that way..

..and sometimes he looks at me.

''Sometimes he hears that way, sometimes he hears this way..''

..and sometimes he hears what l speak too. lf he comes today l won't even open the door. l will call the police and get him arrested. l will sell his clothes and l will give him nothing.

Nothing at all! Balbir Singh Sahni.

''Excuse me, aren't you ashamed to read..''

''..others' letter. - Old lady, don't you want live more.''

'''Respected father, you will be happy to know..'''

'..that l bought a pub here and l've given my friend Gurnam..'

'..33o/o partnership. There is no guaranty of one's life.'

'And since l am living in foreign-land..'

'..l have hidden my will's paper in Fleet Street's..'

'..Loyard Bank's locker no. 55.'

'''lf something happens to me, then you will get the keys..'''

'..of the locker in my Grey flannel coat's pocket.'

'lt's the same court that l am wearing in this photo.'

lt's his writing and the date is also correct.

l should get the papers. Then no one can even touch me.

And then l can get rid of Sylvia.

She always lied to me that the pub's paper..

..are along with lawyer Smith. l will get the key from his coat's pocket.

lt is the same coat that he wore that day.

So the keys are hidden there.

You people stay here and don't let the old lady..

..go anywhere else. lf Bansi comes tell him..

..that l waited for him till now.

Catch them. Don't let them go out.

''Sir, it's me, Bhuta Singh. l was roaming riverside..''

..and l came here. l am working inside.

Don't let anyone come inside. Don't worry at all.

You helped me a lot in the pub. Take this.

''Thanks, Mr. Gurnam. You go in without any worry.'' l won't let even the air pass in.

You brought a bride from lndia and all these days.. have been promising me to marry me?

You will have to pay for betraying me.

What will you take to leave me? Give me the pub.

What if l don't? - Then don't forget that Sameer also had..

..a copy of the partnership papers of this pub..

..which the lawyer knows and he is my lawyer.

''Ok, do whatever you want to do, but leave me first. Out!'' l can take you to jail for forgery. Out! l will get you hanged for Sameer's murder.

You will be hanged. lf l will be hanged..

..then you can also not escape.

''Mr. Gouram, you put me in trouble.''

''lf you will get hanged, then how will we survive?''

This murder secret should be hidden carefully.

What are you doing here? You were asked to stay outside.

''Miss. Sylvia was here, so l thought someone else..''

..may also come here. And the back door is also open.

''l thought l should guard here. Ok, take this.''

Take all the money and stand outside. - All the money!

''Mr. Gaurnam, what will just 50-60 pounds do!''

When the time for business came.. started kidding with Bhuta.

''Mr. Gauram, you pub should also survive..''

..and you should also stay away from murder charge.

For such loyalty the money should also be good.

''Ok, take this. l don't have more than this right now.''

''This amount won't work, Mr. Gouram.''

''lf you want Sameer's share, then you will have to..''

..give me you share. What share? l didn't get you. l trust your word completely.

You tell me if you will give me or not. l trust your word.

''Take the decision fast, Mr. Gouram..''

..because you might not know but your enemies..

..have reached London to take revenge from you.

What's the guaranty that you will keep it a secret? l am ready sign on the stamp papers.

''Ok, l do agree. You will have to guard the pub.''

Stand outside and don't let anyone come inside.

Don't worry at all. Till Bhuta Singh is here..

''..even air won't come inside, let alone people.''

''But remember one thing, sir, the moment you will come..''

''..upstairs, l will make you sign the papers.''

''Ok, no one should come inside. Don't worry at all.''

Bastard! l will see you after l come upstairs.

l came to meet Mr. Gouram for something important.

Has he gone to cellar? There is no need to talk to..

''..Mr. Gouram, Veer Sahni. Talk to me now because..''

..l am also a partner of this pub.

Now no one will find where you disappeared.

''Be patient for some more time, Gauri.''

Now stop it! l can't see anything.

Leave me. Leave me.

You won. - Now tell me is there any other way..

'' go inside. Yes, there is a way.'' l broke the bars of the window in the cellar.

You know we have to do all these things.

You can go from there.

The key was in the coat's pocket.

''Your death has brought you here, Gouram.''

You have fooled the law for a long time.

Now your time is over. Tony?

Assume that Sameer is back to take his revenge.

l won't let you come outside. l have the electric wire that can burn you down.

The electric wire will go into water..

..and there will be current in the water and you will die.

Throw the pistol since you have seen that..

..these wires can't do anything to me..

..because l am standing on rubber and dry wood..

..and you are totally drenched.

Will you throw the pistol or not? l will. l will throw the pistol. Throw it in my direction.

''Stop it, Tony. Stop it.''

Right now there are two bullets left in it.

''Forgive me! l will make you super-rich, Tony.''

''Super-rich? How will you return my brother, rouge?''

You are Sameer's brother?

''You dug his grave, but now you will go into the grave.''

''No! - None other will cry again, but everyone will..''

..celebrate that an evil person like you died.

''lf you will go to the grave alive, then you'll know what death is.''

'Below this letter if l had written Sameer's name..'

'''..instead of Veer's name, then you would have assume..'''

'''..from Sameer. Sameer isn't alive, but he isn't dead either.'''

'Because he who fights from truth is always stays alive.'

'''And Sameer's father, his mother, his wife and kids..'''

'''..shouldn't cry, but they should be proud of him..'''

' that his Sameer's soul should be immortal.'

'Those who wanted to kill Sameer and his thoughts..'

'..are destroyed and they are in police custody now.'

'And the dream that Sameer had in the foreign-land..'

'..has come true.' l am not alone without you.

Your memories are with me.

''My only wish that the flowers of different colors..''

..blossom together.

''lt's neither yours nor mine, but it's ours.''

This foreign-land.